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“I shouldn’t be this close to you…”

“But you are… Why?”

Dauntless couldn’t take her eyes off his own, she hesitates and pressed her hands to his chest. Why? Why did she stands so close to him?

“I don’t know…” Her voice was quiet and broken.

Merlin placed a hand on her head, smoothing her hair down, his hand moved and took hers. She let him, twining her secondary hands fingers with his, this was wrong and she knew it… But she couldn’t stop herself.

Merlin squeezed her hand slightly and gazed at her with his bright, stunning, hypnotic blue eyes.

“I want you here,” He says quietly “, Stay with me.”

“I will… I want too.”

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A soulmate is someone who is willing to grow with you, who chooses to be with you until the end, and will love you through good and bad. It’s not about sunshine and laughter, it’s about mundane moments filled with unknowns.

T.B. LaBerge

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actually can also be for all fic writers!!

i want to let you know that i love you guys so much and i wanted to thank you guys for always makes up our day! i always love reading these things, especially the ones that always makes me really flustered!!  i just want to appreciate your hard work! we love you guys so much!!

Keep doing your best!!! <3


we can always count on you to cheer us up!! :D

Stay safe everyone!!

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gekkoo ni inochi shi ni yuku hito to neru

in pale moonlight
I lie beside a man
whose life is vanishing

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Originally posted by monkeyinthemirror

Ok y'all this Playlist is literally the besttttttt. It’s great to listen to with your siblings or little kids, great for car rides etc. It’s literally got funny music 🤣

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Colores opuestos

Lluvia sobre un papel del que brotan palabras entrelazadas,
vida llena de contradicciones, circunstancias,casualidades.

Caminos que se encuentran y a la vez se alejan ,
Senderos llenos de flores, convertidos en tallos, de colores grises pálidos.
Momentos e instantes de cielos brillantes ,convertidos en tormentas, de palabras opuestas;
Verdades, mentiras
Alegrías, decepciones
Valientes, cobardes
Inocentes, culpables
De más y de menos …
Y te miro, pero no te veo
Y te busco, pero me escondo
Y me protejo, pero te toco
Y aunque creas que estaba, nunca estuve
Y aunque creas que era, nunca fui.

- ¿ pero sabes qué? Nunca, quise herirte
Y busque el equilibrio e invente una balanza , disfrazada de falsa confianza.
Pero aún así, esto , para mí, siempre fue sinceridad.

Vida; diferentes sensaciones, sentimientos, pensamientos.
Y es que todos somos libres, de elegir, de qué color pintamos cada momento,
solo eso.

rebktd vk
Para Blog (siir-poesia)

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1) Make sure it develops naturally

A lot of novels make two people fall in love way too fast, it’s so unrealistic it isn’t believable and a lot of people won’t be able to relate to these characters. People usually need to know each other to develop their romance into something more than a fling and this still applies to fictional characters. 

2) Don’t make the characters too compatible (Opposites Attract!)

Characters that are too similar and never have any conflicts within their romance makes for a pretty boring story. Make one adventurous and one reserved, don’t be afraid to add fights into their love story, this makes it much more of an interesting read. 

3) Be aware of the characters ages

Romance will be different between a 15 year old and a 30 year old because they are at different stages and possess different goals in life. Make sure the relationship challenges and successes are appropriate to the character’s ages. 

Hopefully these tips have helped. If you like this be sure to like or re blog this post & follow for more. And as always happy wriitng <3 :)

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“You… You were dead!” Your (former) best friend hisses, taking a step back. Their eyes widen in shock.

You smile ever so slightly, marvelling at the irony of the situation. “Only because of you.”

“I-I can explain!” They stammer, eyeing the weapon gripped tightly in your hand.

You raise it just a bit, “I’d rather you not.”

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Originally posted by animated-disney-gifs

So excited! Going into my Disney Playlists!!! So this Playlist is literally the REAL deal ok, I spent HOURS working on this Playlist. It has every animated Disney movie in it, (only singing songs, no instrumental) But it’s over 16 hours worth of fun.

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