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writing-prompt-s · 2 days ago
A new designer drug, aptly named "Skip", allows people to go about their work day completely zoned out. You simply blink, and suddenly your shift is over. It worked great, until one day you woke up to all of your coworkers dead and a knife firmly gripped in your hand.
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theescapismproject · a day ago
How to impress a non-writer: Write a sentence with a rarely used word.
How to impress a beginner writer: Write with metaphors and great descriptions.
How to impress an advanced writer: Write.
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thewriterswitch · 2 days ago
Types of Fanfic Writers
The spontaneous writer, who has no idea what their fic is about or what happens next.
The planner, who has a very detailed outline about everything and anything that happens in the story.
The patient writer, who will finish a story before posting any of it.
The abandoner, who keeps posting new fics but never finishes them.
The multitasker, who works on multiple fics at the same time.
The fix-it writer, who shuns canon and shoots it in the face
The angst writer, who stabs the characters in the gut, twists the knife while it’s in them, and murders everything good in life
The hurt/comfort writer, who annihilates everything good before stitching it back together
The fluff writer, who loves the sweet and cute moments of their OTP.
The romance writer, who will make sure the characters get a happy ending together
The porn writer, who will ensure the characters get their much needed sex.
The dark writer, who takes angst and levels it up by 1000 before dragging the characters deep into the abyss
The tragedy writer, who makes the hurt/comfort writer look kind
The slow burn writer, who will put their readers through the worst kind of agony that exists
Which ones are you?
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Angsty Sentence Starters
"You're all I could think about."
"I shouldn't have left."
"No, this can't be real!"
"We tried our best."
"I wish it was all over."
"Please, let me in."
"I'm tired and I'm scared."
"Can't you not understand why that hurts me?"
"Some people don't want to be saved."
"I asked you not do this, but you did it anyway."
"Please, don't leave me alone."
"Don't touch me!"
"It was all I had left of them."
"We could have died."
"I just can't!"
"You never really knew you."
"I've always been alone."
"It hurts, but I'll live."
"Please, tell me your ok."
"I didn't miss you as much as I thought I would."
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writingdotcoffee · 20 hours ago
To finish is sadness to a writer — a little death. He puts the last word down and it is done. But it isn't really done. The story goes on and leaves the writer behind, for no story is ever done.
John Steinbeck
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academi-aesthetics · a day ago
Hello! Sorry to bother you but I was wondering if you're still doing aesthetics posts? If so, could you do mine? I enjoy languages and reading. I love nature and wild animals, dark colors (black, gray, navy, deep green) unless it's in art. Then, the brighter the colors, the more it catches my eye. I lead an active lifestyle, enjoy rain, old books, cold winters, and learning about art. My ideal Sunday is rainy and spent at an art gallery. My dream is to hike the entire peaks of the Balkans trail.
Heyy! No no it's completely fine !!✨
Well yours is a combination of Classic Cottage core and Dark academia.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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pjotvshownews · 11 hours ago
The Percy Jackson TV Show: What We Know So Far
This post is as of December 7th, 2021. All posts like this will be under “#what we know so far” on this blog.
What We Know
It will be a live action series on Disney+
Rick Riordan and Becky Riordan are heavily part of the process, including overseeing the series with their production company, Mythomagic, Inc. and as members of the writer’s room.
Season 1 will cover book 1 and will be 8 episodes.
Planned to start filming in June of 2022 in Vancouver.
Currently planning to be released in 2023.
While the show still does not have the official green light, prospects are looking good and Rick expects that the show might get that green light at the start of 2022.
Casting process began in April with a worldwide open casting call for Percy, searching for actors of any ethnicity who can play a 12-year-old boy.
They have already started looking at callback videos.
The casting process for Annabeth and Grover began in October, also looking for actors of any ethnicity.
Executive Producers: Jonathan E. Steinberg and Dan Shotz
Pilot Director: James Bobin
They hope to use a similar filming process to The Mandalorian (Industrial Light and Magic’s “Volume” stage: 360-degree virtual technology) (video on how it works).
They are working on locking in concept artists, VFX producers, line directors, etc.
The Writer’s Room
Writers: Daphne Olive, Monica Owusu-Breen, Joe Tracz, and Rick Riordan and Becky Riordan
Assistants: Xavier Stiles, Zoë Neary and Stewart Strandberg
Scripts for episodes 1 and 2 have been submitted.
Working on outlines/scripts for episodes 3 and 4.
The outline for season 1 is done.
It is still very early in the process. Until the next post like this (aka, when there has been enough new information to make a whole new post), I will be posting updates of what news and little tidbits of information we get as they happen. Follow here and/or on Twitter.
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writing-prompt-s · a day ago
Ghosts can only interact with objects that were significant to them in life. Unfortunately for the people who just killed you, your grandad's 12-gauge Remington was very near and dear to you.
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definegodliness · a day ago
Write this a poem💗
Tumblr media
Two Sisters
Two sisters live inside her war-torn mind; An anarchist, and a liberator, Who find their voices in one truth aligned: You drown in everything you cannot burn. Her inborn anarchist ignites raw wrath; Zealous she turns in warmonger contempt, Till liberty lights a more solemn path, Redirecting the flow of violence. Her lenses of rage, worn in discomfort; Obtained to bulwark her eyes, black and blue From absorbing humanity's hate and hurt, Reflect ire inward, alas, it's true.      She opens her window, then leaps to fly;      Inside her war-torn mind, two sisters die.
--- 6-12-2021, M.A. Tempels © "... thanks for the prompt, @fifty-shades-of-apathy!"
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thewriterswitch · a day ago
Writing Advice is Mostly Bullshit
As a writing advice post, and as someone who is known for posting writing advice, the irony of that statement is not lost on me.
You can follow all the writing advice you can find, but unless it’s direct feedback about your writing, writing advice will never be made for you. It cannot be curated to your writing style, your voice, your personality. It cannot be curated for you and your writing, and that gives it a lot of room to be bad advice.
That’s not to say writing advice is bad. On the contrary, I think writing advice can be incredibly helpful if you go in knowing when that advice does not apply to you. You can instead use advice as a tool, a sort of guide to aid you along in your writing. Not as something that you follow down to the very last rule, but as something that you can use as inspiration or help when you feel you need it.
Writing advice can give you a lot of ideas. It can give you insight. It can give you knowledge. It can be paramount to your ability to write.
It can also hurt your writing. It can make writing harder. It can restrict your ability to write the way you write. Any piece of writing advice can be detrimental to one person and immensely helpful to another. It all depends on who the writer is and whether the advice fits for the writing you do.
One thing is certain, though. No matter what the advice is about, unless it was direct feedback about your writing, the advice is not made for you. It is made for everyone, and that means the advice is bad for some and good for others, but only you can decide whether a particular advice is something you should follow.
This applies to all the advice I have ever given and will ever give, this post included. It’s always important to know when advice doesn’t apply to you. Writing should first and foremost be about having fun. You can read and implement all the “how to” advice in the world and still your writing can end up lacking.
You can and should still refer to writing advice, of course. Just know that writing advice isn’t what makes you a good writer. It can certainly help with the process of writing if you’ve stumbled upon advice that works for you, but it will not help you become a good writer. So just have fun and write all the self-indulgent writing you want. There’s no such thing as good writing anyways.
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academi-aesthetics · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Art museum Aesthetics
Staring at paintings for hours, heels on marble, the perfect wing of eyeliner, a million canvas tote bags, mesh shirts with paintings on them, quoting things all the time, always existed, holding hands , feet sore from walking all day, deep conversations, literature buff.
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moonlit-sunflower-books · 6 months ago
friends to lovers never had a bad track. “scared i’ll ruin what we have” SLAPS. “friendship cuddles while secretly dying inside” BANGER. “teasing each other and holding eye contact for a little too long” KILLS ME. and don’t even get me STARTED on “screaming i love you in the middle of a heated argument.”
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