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#writers block
aliens-and-shiz · 2 days ago
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bison-writes · a day ago
Hello! I saw you were asking for requests! I love the way you right Din! So I was hoping I could request for him. I’ve been having a really bad few days. I just have been feeling down about myself and I just want Din Djarin to hold me and tell me everything is gonna be ok. Thank you so much!
Notes: Dear Anon - Thank you for this request to get me out of my writers funk. Sadly, I am not really happy with it. I think my block is worse than I thought. I hope you will still enjoy it to some extent though.
Fandom: The Mandalorian Characters: Din Djarin & Reader Rating: Free for All Warnings: Having awful days
Worse and Worse
In hindsight, it should not have surprised you that you couldn’t hide your mood from Din. He was a trained bounty hunter and because of his helmet he could watch people without them noticing that they were being watched.
It had started small.
Some of the ration packs had gotten bad because, apparently, they had to be stored in a specific way – which you had not known - and you had landed on the next backwater planet to get some more supplies.
As soon as the ship had touched the ground an alarm had sounded. Problems with the fuel tanks, it seemed.
Until the problem was dealt with you and Din were forced to stay at the town. Even though he didn’t like it you had convinced your shipmate that divide and conquer was the best way to get off this planet as fast as possible.
While you had gathered supplies that could not turn bad – such as bacta spray, medical supplies and others – you had been puked on by a very drunk Gungan in the street. You were the first to arrive at the shitty hotel room and took your time in the fresher.
But of course, that was not all. Stepping out, you slipped on a tile and landed on your butt with an undignified squeal, spraining your wrists in the process.
Din found you minutes later, only clad in a towel, cursing like a space pirate, your hair still wet and clinging to your skin, hand swelling. You were fighting back tears and cursing the shitty days you’ve had.
You blushed, not having realized that Din had entered the room and saw your temper tantrum.
Knowing better than to argue, you sighed, ran your uninjured hand through your wet hair and plopped on the hard mattress.
“Breathe for me, cyar’ika”.
When had you started babbling and hyperventilating? You didn’t know, but Dins presence calmed you in a way that you didn’t know you needed.
You only realized that he applied the freshly purchased bacta on your wrist and wrapping it in a fresh bandage when he was almost done.
“I should have gone with you”, he said. “Apologies.”
“I can take care of myself, Din”, you sighed, hating that you sounded just a bit like a brat.
Instead of answering, the Mandalorian sat down next to you and awkwardly put his arm around your shoulder.
He wasn’t used to affection and he didn’t want to press you against his cool beskar.
“What troubles you so?”
You shook your head.
“Nothing. Just a hard couple of days.”
“D-Do you not wish to travel with me anymore?”, he asked and the tone in his voice broke your heart.
Din was so new to the concept of having someone around who cared about him for who he was – and while having a friend was not really new to him, having someone that was constantly with him was a change for him.
“No! No, Din that’s not it. I just…”
“It’s my fault that we’re stuck on this planet for the next few days. It’s my fault that the expensive ration packs went bad and don’t think I didn’t notice that you’ve turned down high paying bounties since I’ve been on board. I just – I don’t want to be a bother to you.”
The beskar was forgotten and you were squished against Dins plated chest, his gloved hands rubbing soothing circles on your back.
“It’s going to be fine, cyar’ika. You just need some rest.”
Blushing, you decided that you could enjoy this embrace for just a few moments, before you retreated.
“Get dressed and get some sleep. I will get us some food. The world will look brighter tomorrow.”
While you got changed and hoped that the Gungan Puke on your robe was not going to leave a nasty smell, Din decided that he had to tell you soon how he felt about you.
But maybe a day like this was not the best time to tell your shipmate what her undressed state did to him…
Notes: Conquering a writers block is HARD !
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ficwip · 3 hours ago
Reblog and put in the tags your least favorite part of the writing process
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heywriters · 8 months ago
{video description: a man standing in front of an abstract painting in-progress.
"One time I told a friend that I enjoy painting, and his response was, 'Oh yeah? Are you any good?'
And I was stymied in the moment, and I just today realized why.
Pretend instead of painting, I had said, 'I really enjoy going on walks.'
And then he had responded, 'Oh, are you a pretty skilled walker?'
What?! That doesn't follow. People go on walks to feel good not to be good. Not everything is about improvement or skill.
If I wanted to be good at painting I'd have to worry about composition, color theory, texture...taking care of my tools instead of just dumping them into a milk jug of water that I never rinse out.
I'm bored just listing that sh*t, let alone doing it.
If I had to be good, I would quit.
I paint because it takes me out of myself. The end result doesn't even really matter.
I'm sure some of you relate. That's why we get along. Thanks for listening, see you tomorrow!"
via @ abrahampiper on Tiktok}
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thewriterswitch · 6 months ago
Me: Opens document with unfinished writing
Me: Yep, it still exists *closes document*
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creweemmaeec11 · 28 days ago
Pet names to use instead of "Darling,"
Got tired of always using either "kitten" or "darling" so I came up with some more and decided to share ♡
Good lookin'
Eye candy
North Star
Fruit cake
Jelly bean
Cherry Blossom
Sweet Cheeks
Dream Boat
Bumble bee
Lady Bug
Angel Cakes
Pretty Boy/Girl/One
Angel Face
Mocking Jay
Golden Boy/Girl
Solar Flare
Cutie Pie
Lamb Chop
Hot Stuff
Baby Doll
Pudding Pop
Cinnamon bun
Sweetie Pie
Pussy Cat
Gum Drop
Bear Cub
Teddy Bear
White Knight
Dew Drop
Cuddle bug
Sweet pea
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sparkles-and-hens · 6 months ago
On Writing for Yourself and Not for Notes
AKA How to Enjoy Writing for the Sake of it
Get off social media! I know it’s tempting to blabber on about a WIP to get those hella cool notes, but doing so only reinforces that writing’s only fun if it gets you attention. We all need that boost now and again, but too much of it will whittle away your self-reliance. Close your laptop, leave your phone in a different room, and sit down with a notebook if possible and if you need to. You’ll get to know what enthralls you personally about your story.
Don’t write for an audience for now. Tumblr likes to do this thing where it says “blah blah blah X is problematic in media” and while it’s well-intentioned, internalizing too much of this can make you feel like you’re trying to write through a maze and constantly failing at it. Forget about your audience–you can flag and catch problematic stuff in edits after tossing it to the betas.
Remember what made thirteen-year-old you lose their mind? Yeah, write that. Once you’ve let go of writing for an audience, you won’t worry about being “cringey” anymore, and that’s when things start to get real good and real fun. You don’t have to show your writing to anyone, or even tell them you wrote it, so just go buckwild! Trust me, it’s so liberating.
Your inner critic is useful–but not now. Shut that bitch up! Your job when drafting is to make something. If you did that, you win, so your critic’s opinion is worth squat here. However, if you try to fight her {I always envision mine as some bitchy middle-aged woman lol} she’s just gonna get louder. So tell yourself you can be as critical of your writing as you want during edits. You’re not working for perfect, or even good right now. You’re working for existing.
Remember that this is a process. Companies like tumblr are investing a BUNCH of cash into getting you to stay glued to their platforms, and if you’re a creator this might manifest in your feeling like you need to live your creative life online. You don’t. But retraining your brain isn’t easy. Remember that divorcing yourself from the validation of online noise takes work and time and a lot of discomfort and redirecting, especially for folks like me who thrive on routine. And don’t discipline. Redirect. Negativity has no right to be in your creative space ♥️
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clean-prompts · 7 months ago
Dialogue Prompt
“Dude--we talked about this!” 
“Yeah, and about a hundred other things--I’m stressed, okay?!” 
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stardust-written · 2 months ago
They're = they are
We're = we are
You're = daydreaming your story while listening to your playlist instead of writing again
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moonlit-sunflower-books · 5 months ago
writing should be fun.
make oc playlists. spend hours on moodboards that have no purpose. write self-indulgent fluff that’s never going to be published. scribble three lines of poetry in the back of your history notebook. draw fanart of your own characters. write stupid dialogue that your publishers might hate. start new wips that you might never finish but write those three chapters that make you happy because if you don’t write them, who else will?
writing shouldn’t always be about “will publishers like this” or “i have to reach this word count” or “how do i get the most likes”.
have fun with your writing.
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isuuki · 2 months ago
Me having great plot ideas and stories:
Tumblr media
Me realizing i have to write ALL OF IT DOWN:
Tumblr media
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writingzawn · a month ago
Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Writing
saw lots of people doing this and I thought it would be fun so here are some tips I wish I knew before I started writing! // @writingzawn on instagram
Stories should be fluid
When I was younger I just used to write lots of random scenes that were only really snapshots into my characters' lives, shove them together, and call it a story. But scenes should feel connected, building towards some ultimate, shared purpose.
Outlining is very useful
I know it doesn't work for everyone, but I always used to get stuck halfway through a project and then end up writing dull, pointless scenes for the sake of getting to the end. I wish I'd known that the stage before you start writing can be really useful if you take it seriously and put the work in.
You have to enjoy the story you're writing
I always used to aim to make my stories 'meaningful' and forget about making them enjoyable. This meant I didn't enjoy writing them, so I never finished them. But something can be 'meaningful' and still fun. Sometimes you just have to let go and write something you're going to have fun writing, because something can be both enjoyable and have depth: they're not mutually exclusive.
Don't try to be like anyone else
I'd often start a project that was similar to whatever book I was reading at the time and try and imitate the author's voice and style. I don't think there's any problem with that in itself as it can help you to grow - as long as you aren't actually committing plagiarism - but it meant when I finished reading whichever book my project was inspired by, I lost interest and stopped working on it. I think it's really important to know what you enjoy writing, how you like to tell a story and what's important to you. Now I know the stories I like to tell, the genres that suit me best, the types of themes and characters I love, I manage to sustain motivation for longer.
Don't get too caught up on writing advice
There was a time when I was taking in so much advice and getting really stressed about following it to the letter that I stopped enjoying writing. I took each tip as a law I had to obey and it really restricted my style. Now I read writing advice to see how other people do things, to see if there are useful tricks I could benefit from, but if I don't think it fits how I like to work I let it go.
Follow your interests
I love ancient history, so I decided to set a book in ancient greece and ancient persia. If there's something you're really interested in, you'll probably have fun writing about it. Also, treating writing as an opportunity to learn about topics I'm interested in helps keep me motivated.
Work instinctively
I benefitted so much from reading writing tips online, but learning that there were lots of circumstances in my writing where they didn't apply was important. You know your story best so you know if it's better to use an adverb there, for example, or to include a character-focussed scene that isn't important to the plot. Follow your gut.
Don't do something just because everyone else is
Lots of people in the writing community write fantasy, which is really awesome, but that's not a genre that suits me particularly. I used to feel I had to write it, though, because that's what everyone else was writing. Now I know realistic/historical fiction is what I prefer to write, and that's really helped me sustain motivation.
Be ambitious
When I tell people the level of research I've had to do for my current wip a lot of people say 'well, why don't you write about stuff that you already know about?'. I used to feel daunted by historical fiction, so I wrote characters based upon myself set in the real world. I know for lots of people that's really rewarding to do, but I didn't find it enjoyable or healthy to completely focus on my own experiences in order to write a story about them. It takes a lot of time and effort to write historical fiction set in a time you know nothing about, but it is possible to get to a stage where you know enough about it. If you're feeling daunted by a project but really want to give it a go, I say go for it. If you put the work in, I'm sure you'll be able to give it a shot.
The process is much longer than you think
I used to aim to finish projects in a matter of months - I thought I could write a novel in the space of a year. But it's better not to rush the process. It's about the end result, not finishing it as quickly as possible. I've been working on my current wip for over a year and am yet to finish the first draft because I've been researching and outlining and daydreaming. But all that is only going to make it sweeter and a more successful story when I do finally finish.
Sometimes it's better not to set a goal than to set an unrealistic one
I find I can write to a much higher standard when I'm in the right frame of mind, so forcing myself to write 1000 words when I was exhausted from school just meant I ended up with tons of lifeless scenes that I cut anyway. Allowing myself to go with the flow and not pile tons of pressure on myself when I work more slowly than I would like has been really beneficial. Yes, you can always edit bad words later, but I've found striving to write good words in the first place keeps me motivated and enjoying the process. I know that's a bit controversial, but it's worked for me.
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creweemmaeec11 · 17 days ago
Insult names to use instead of "idiot,"
None of these are actually meant to be hateful, if any of these have truely offensive meanings (such as the r word) that I was unaware of, please tell me so I can remove it! Tried to avoid cursing, but it contains some!
Pea Brain
Dull Pencil
Mole Rat
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