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badwritermedia · a day ago
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glasswriter1 · a day ago
OTP Prompts for July Camp NaNoWriMo!
"It's hard for me to look away from you sometimes."
"You remind me of a full moon."
"Is there anything I can do to love you better?"
"Sometimes I wonder why the universe let me have you and then I see you tripping on your way to the kitchen..."
"I don't know how to cook, but I'll learn just for you."
"I wish I could braid your hair with the stars."
"Your hands look so small in mine," A points out. "It's perfect."
"Please tell me I'll see you every day for the rest of my days."
"I spotted a constellation from my window last night and I took a picture because I thought you'll like it."
hi, i hope you liked the prompts! please feel free to drop me asks about writing
or if you want me to write on a little prompt for you, I'll do that too!
i hope you have an awesome day/night ahead <3
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peachieprompts · 2 days ago
Dialogue Prompt #239
“We can have this conversation a thousand different ways, I’m never changing my mind.”
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panicpanicpanic · a day ago
little small rant->NOT directed at anyone !!!!!
I ain't never felt such irritation then when the writer has said this post is a "inclusive piece!!!!!!!" and then explains Y/N blushing 10 times like dawg.......do I have news for ya ! And same for washing their hair in the shower in 5 minutes and going on with their day........This is nowhere near inclusive. POC/just people with darker skintones cannot show that they're blushing (-god not even sure if i myself, can tell when if I'm blushing). Also not everyone can wash their hair out in a few minutes, or turn "pale as a ghost"...........🙂🪦 It's rather annoying since it seems as if you're already coding your writing to block out people who don't fit that image sadly. ESPECIALLY when you add photos like-this is what Y/N is supposed to be wearing: *skinny ass white girl shein 10 dollar dress*. Just because I might be skinny, doesn't mean someone/EVERYONE reading your post is skinny ! I'm no professional writer for gods sake, but here are some examples I like to use for my own personal writing, if I wanna show that someone is rather embarrassed or flushed by something that was done/said than just fucking blushing:
Fidgeting with accessories/hair
Somewhat stuttering with words (I will put my hands around your neck, if you don't think this one out clearly /j)
Glancing everywhere around room/place !
Thank you for coming my little angry rant, you will be seeing more of them in the future ! :D
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maehemthemisfit · a day ago
why can't my WIPs just write themselves 🙄 like damn i gotta do everything in this shit
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skriveting · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
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introvert-unicorn · 8 months ago
The Language Of Flowers
Acacia: Hidden love, beauty in withdrawal
Amaryllis: Pride, a hard won success
Anemone: Vanishing hopes
Bells of Ireland: Wish for good luck
Carnation: Fascination, love and distinction
Daffodil (Narcissus): Honesty and truth
Dahlia flower: Warnings and change
Daisy: Innocence, loyal love and purity
Delphinium: Open heart, ardent attachement
Gardenia: Symbol of secret love
Gladiolus: Remembrance, faithfulness and sincerity
Hyacinth: I'm sorry, please forgive me.
Iris: Eloquence
Lily (general) : Purity of the heart and refined beauty
Lily of the valley: Return of happiness
Marigold: Passion and creativity
Orchid: Beauty, refinement and love
Peony: Happy marriage
Lavender: Love at first sight
Red rose: Love, respect, courage and passion
White rose: Purity, secrecy, silence, innocence and charm
Sunflower: Good luck and ambition
Tulip: Irresistible love
Violet: Faithfulness, modesty and delicate love
Zinnia: Lasting affection, daily remembrance and good memories
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heywriters · a year ago
{video description: a man standing in front of an abstract painting in-progress.
"One time I told a friend that I enjoy painting, and his response was, 'Oh yeah? Are you any good?'
And I was stymied in the moment, and I just today realized why.
Pretend instead of painting, I had said, 'I really enjoy going on walks.'
And then he had responded, 'Oh, are you a pretty skilled walker?'
What?! That doesn't follow. People go on walks to feel good not to be good. Not everything is about improvement or skill.
If I wanted to be good at painting I'd have to worry about composition, color theory, texture...taking care of my tools instead of just dumping them into a milk jug of water that I never rinse out.
I'm bored just listing that sh*t, let alone doing it.
If I had to be good, I would quit.
I paint because it takes me out of myself. The end result doesn't even really matter.
I'm sure some of you relate. That's why we get along. Thanks for listening, see you tomorrow!"
via @ abrahampiper on Tiktok}
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creweemmaeec11 · 9 months ago
Insult names to use instead of "idiot,"
None of these are actually meant to be hateful, if any of these have truely offensive meanings (such as the r word) that I was unaware of, please tell me so I can remove it! Tried to avoid cursing, but it contains some!
Pea Brain
Dull Pencil
Mole Rat
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glasswriter1 · 3 months ago
daily reminder that if you create it, it’s art. it doesn’t have to be perfect. it just has to have bits of you in it <3
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alphafemalecarla · a year ago
When I write three sentences on my WIP:
Tumblr media
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hokkyokuro · 6 months ago
Character mannerisms to consider!
Mannerisms, in this case, are the little details that are unique to each character of your story! These are perfect ways help the reader know more about your character’s personality without needing to read through multiple sentences of description or dialogue. Mannerisms also become incredibly useful when you need to convey things like social status, upbringing, mental health status and how they interact with the world/people around them.
There are hundreds of unique ways to use mannerisms, for example linking one character to another despite their lack of interaction in the story. The dialogue and description might point to Character A having never met Character B, but they might share the same mannerisms, which would hint to some kind of past link between the pair.
How much space do they take up? Do they spread out when they sit or stay curled-up? Do they flail their arms to gesture? Do they speak loudly or quietly? Who listens when they speak up? Do they make a sound when they move?
How does your character sleep? What position? Do they sleep restlessly or soundly? Do they prefer covers, or do they sleep without?
How does your character greet people? Are they welcoming or reserved? How genuine are they being?
How much do they mirror others? Do they mirror everyone? (Mirroring is a subconscious behaviour where two+ people in a conversation will copy one another’s body language. This usually means there is a connection of some kind being made. Lack of / exaggerated mirroring might indicate towards a mental disorder or other (ex: personality disorder, neurodiversity, anxiety etc)
Which part of their body is the most expressive? Does your character use their hands a lot or do they tuck them away? Do they need movement to ground themselves (swaying, rocking, fidgetting…)?
Who would your character turn to in a group of people for comfort? Would they acknowledge that person more? Would they engage in a conversation with only them or would they just glance their way?
Do they have a re-occuring habit to indicate a mood? Do they crack their knuckles when excited? Do they bite their lip ring when angry? Do they look at their hands when sad?
How do they gesture? Do they speak with their hands? Do they point, nod or use their eyes to show something? Which movements are conscious, and which aren't?
Do they have a comfort item or person? Is there something they always think of? Is there something they hold with care? How much do they value that thing more than others?
How would they react to another person’s misfortune? Would their eyes light up? Would their heart hurt? How genuine would they feel? How genuine would they act?
Is there anything that makes them OOC (out of character)? (This is a good thing! One tiny OOC aspect can make a huge impact on that character) Perhaps they’re cruel but love cats? Perhaps they’re known for being the kindest but smile when they think of something tragic? How often do they act strangely? Do they do it in front of anyone? Do their actions indicate this or solely their thoughts?
I hope this helps you develop your characters! If you have anything to add, feel free to do so!
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frostbittenbucky · 6 months ago
Sometimes the kids like to make fake ‘Bruce Wayne for mayor’ campaigns and videos
Tim’s voice: [black screen] “Bruce Wayne, father, playboy, rich man, single, depressed, pale, possible cannibal, these are the description for Bruce Wayne, your future mayor”
The video starts with Bruce sitting in his office surrounded by paperwork, Bruce is dead asleep and drooling on his desk
Tim’s voice: “a hard working man that dedicate every minute possible to making sure he runs his business properly”
Camera zooms onto Bruce’s hand where he’s holding onto a rope toy
Tim’s voice “and a man that can multitask, finding the time in his cramped work days to spend with man’s best friend”
Bruce: [snores]
Film of Bruce sitting at the table playing battleship with Duke
Bruce: “you’re definitely cheating”
Duke: “how can I cheat at battleship?”
Tim’s narrating: “a family man at heart, opening his home and wallet to a fuck ton of children that desperately need therapy from their traumatic experiences”
Old film of Bruce helping young Dick with his homework, then changes out to him and young Jason playing with clay
Tim: “a man who knows how to have fun”
Bruce in the kitchen in only his underwear baking garlic bread while listening to Lil Nas
Footage of Tim sitting in a fancy chair appears. Tim is in a bright blue tux with way too much gel in his hair. The camera zooms in slowly to his face, he doesn’t move a muscle, not even a blink
Tim: “vote Bruce Wayne, he needs more stress”
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skriveting · 8 months ago
when you finally realize why your wip is going nowhere:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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fixing-bad-posts · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
[Image description: a tumblr text post, edited blackout-poetry stye to read, "do not give up writing. there will be a story."]
do not give up writing. there will be a story
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em-dash-press · a month ago
Plot Devices to Complicate Your Story
You're excited to write an upcoming story, but the plot seems pretty simple from start to finish.
How can you make it more complicated to deepen your themes, lengthen the story, or leave your readers with plot twists that make their jaws drop?
Try a few of these devices 👀
Add motivation to your instigating action
When the princess gets kidnapped at the start of your story, your hero will rescue her, but what's the antagonist's motivation for kidnapping her? If they're in love with the hero and take their jealousy to the extreme or secretly know that the princess asked them for an escape plan to avoid marrying your hero, the plot is much more compelling.
You could add this detail anywhere in your plot, even in the first chapter.
Layer a second motivation underneath an action
After the princess is kidnapped, the hero starts their journey to rescue her. The reader finds out in the second chapter that the hero is being blackmailed to retrieve the princess and return her to their kingdom's biggest rival to start a war.
Amplify the original problem
Your protagonist rescues the princess and brings her home, only to find out that she's had a twin brother all this time who has been taken hostage by the antagonist in retaliation for the princess' escape.
Introduce a second, more evil villain
The antagonist has kidnapped the princess for their own motivation, but the reader discovers in the middle of your story that they serve a more evil villain who holds a personal grudge against the princess' father and wants his whole kingdom to suffer as revenge.
Create conflict that brings your protagonist to their rock bottom
The protagonist rescues the princess, almost reaches their home kingdom, but she escapes. The king sends the protagonist to prison for their failure and sentences them to death in three days. The reader will feel the hopelessness along with your protagonist, which is where you can create something that injects new hope into your plot (like a dramatic jailbreak thanks to the protagonist's best friend).
Make a character betray another
The protagonist reaches the princess with the help of their best friend, but the princess stabs the protagonist in the back by trading their best friend for herself through an unbreakable vow
Reveal an unreliable narrator
Your protagonist agrees to rescue the princess for the sake of the kingdom, but the second or third chapter reveals that they are really on a mission to kill the princess for personal revenge against the king.
Reveal that the villain has known everything the whole time
Your protagonist and princess escape, but the villain factored that into their plan to start a war and have their forces waiting outside of her castle when they arrive home
Introduce sudden regret that changes a character's arc
The protagonist has to leave their best friend behind to ensure the princess' escape, but in leaving them, the protagonist realizes they've been in love with their best friend the entire time. Regret motivates them to head back for their best friend and risk their life twice as soon as the princess is home safe.
Temporarily kill a character
The princess kills the villain with some help from your protagonist, so they think they're safe. On their way back home, the villain sets a trap for them in the woods because they actually survived the attack.
Try using Chekov's gun
Before leaving for the princess, your protagonist gets a potion made by a family member. The directions? "Use it in your moment of greatest need." The protagonist uses it later when they're facing the villain or after hitting rock bottom, so the potion becomes a plot device that instigates your second or third act.
Accelerate the plot
Your reader thinks the plot is all about rescuing the princess, but she returns home in the first 100 pages. The real plot begins by choices or actions made during her rescue, which unravel into a much larger story/world event.
You likely won't be able to use all of these plot devices in a single story. You may not even have the first plot for more than one.
Consider what you're writing and what dynamics your characters/plot present to decide if any of these tricks could enhance your writing.
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badwritermedia · 19 days ago
Tumblr media
the elusive 7 act Structure
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xrorosworldx · 6 months ago
I don’t get art/writers block. I am in a constant state of art/writers block. I just get very very brief, very very rare moments of art/writers clarity.
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