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#writers block
collectionzofchaoz · 5 hours ago
i’ve been less a bit less active the last few days. you probably didn’t notice since i was never super active to begin with, but that’s okay!
i’ve been going through a bit of a rough patch and have been trying to find my way through dark times/thoughts.
i’ve not had much motivation to do things such as write or create anything really and haven’t in awhile. that was part of why i created this account — i was hoping to find some motivation but i’m just. stuck.
i hope everyone’s doing okay. i love you.
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jchnmulany · 7 hours ago
A “Riz & Adaine being lowkey besties” fanfic
The morning after they rescue Adaine & Aelwyn from Calethriel Tower, after she restores Aelwyn’s memory to before she was captured, Adaine is sitting at the back of the Van trying not to spiral. Riz joins her, and they have a little chat. 
(This is the first Fantasy High fic I’ve ever written & the first fanfic I’ve written in a hot minute so I’m sorry if it’s not the best but I needed this to exist because I love Riz & Adaine’s friendship sm.)
    The songs of the Treants danced through the air around Kei Lumennura as Adaine sat at the back of the van with the doors open wide. Her sister was curled up and unconscious inside, restored back to her unfortunate past self. There had been an abundance of pain seeing her sister weak and broken and vulnerable, but there had also been hope. Hope that maybe this would be a new start for the sisters. Aelwyn had spoken to her in a way that made Adaine finally feel like her equal, finally feeling like she wanted to care for her instead of casting Ray of Sickness at any chance she got. But the world was cruel and unforgiving, so the walk through Aelwyn’s mind had torn her heart out and then had given her no time to grieve. 
    The old Aelwyn was back, her father was possibly dead, and her mother was working for somebody who definitely wasn’t good. The anxiety was mounting, quickly. She’d taken her meds upon waking up this morning but that just took the edge off enough to keep her from being incapacitated by her panic attacks. Holding Boggie tightly to her chest, she was lost in her own thoughts as the rest of the group carried on. After some time, she was interrupted by a familiar voice. 
    “So… It’s been a uh, wild few days, huh?” She lifted her eyes from the spot on the ground they’d been focused on to see Riz standing in front of her. 
    She scoffed lightly and nodded her head, not saying anything. 
    Riz didn’t say anything else for a long moment either. He moved to lift himself up and sit beside her in the back of the van, his legs swinging slightly as they dangled over the edge. There was a heaviness in her chest. 
    She wanted to be back home, with Jawbone there to help her through any crises she may have, or at least to have her group therapy once a week to keep her grounded. She wanted to be far away from Fallinel, far away from those who had captured her and were most likely going to execute her. Adaine missed Elmville terribly, and she missed the comfort of familiarity and regularity that it brought to her just as much. 
    “I’m really glad you’re back,” Riz finally spoke again. He rubbed the back of his neck and turned his head to look at her. “We weren’t really sure what was happening to you, or what they were going to do with you, and that was…” He sighed, “The not knowing was scary.” 
    “I’m pretty sure they were going to execute me.” Adaine said quietly. 
    Riz’s brow shot up in surprise. “What?!” 
    “Yeah. I mean.. I was basically given a choice. Either stay and be their Elven Oracle and do everything they told me to do.. Or they were going to kill me, so the gift of the Oracle could be passed on to somebody else, somebody who would stay in Fallinel and do what they wanted.” The weight of the words leaving her lips fell on her shoulders like boulders. She felt too numb to cry. 
    “Holy shit Adaine… And your dad was fine with that?” 
    “Of course he was, Riz. He’s a foul little worthless excuse of a man. We already knew that.” She spit the words out venomously. 
    Riz said nothing in response, just pursed his lips together and nodded his head silently. 
    Boggie let out a soft ribbet as she held him in her arms. 
    “They tortured my sister there for so long… She was like a shell of a person when I found her. So broken and helpless… When she woke up here she asked me if we escaped or if we died and honestly, I’m not sure which answer she was hoping to hear from me…” She was silent for a few seconds before continuing, “Then I thought maybe we’d have a chance to really get to know each other, for the first time like… ever? Maybe we could be on the same side for once… But now that version of Aelwyn is gone and she’s back to being exactly who I always hated her for being.” Adaine let out a shaky breath and pulled her feet up, crossing her legs criss-cross beneath her. 
    “Does that make me a bad person? For wishing she could be in pain again, and wishing she could remember what she went through these past few months just because it hurts me more if she doesn’t?” She turned her head to look at Riz. 
    He laughed and she furrowed her brow at him. 
    “Sorry, I’m not— I’m not trying to laugh at you.” He shook his head and turned to meet her eyes, “It’s just funny to me that you think you could ever be a bad person.” He offered a small smile.
    She held his gaze for a moment, searching his face and finding nothing but genuine care and honesty. They’d talked about her family before. She’d told him bits and pieces about her parents, about how they were growing up, about her sister. There had been times when she’d even confided in him how she wished she and Aelwyn could’ve been close. He’d heard her say that it didn’t matter how much she hated and resented her sister, there would always be a part of her that wished things had gone differently. There would always be a part of her that longed to be close with her sister, and a part of her that loved her. 
    Riz knew what she struggled with. He knew how hard she tried to be the opposite of what her parents were, of what they’d turned her sister into. And he’d always been quick to reassure her that she was far from resembling anything close to them. 
    Adaine sighed softly before she looked out over the elven sanctuary, taking it all in. 
    “Are you okay?” He asked after a few more moments of quiet between them. 
    She scoffed again. “My shitty dad might be dead. I didn’t even get to have one nice day with my sister after saving her from being tortured for months on end. My mom is working for the Nightmare King or Kalina or whoever it is exactly that we’re dealing with. I almost got executed while I was in Elf prison and now I’m basically a fugitive, so,” She shrugged, throwing her hands up a bit as she did. Riz grimaced and she sighed heavily again, dropping her hands onto her lap. “I’m fine.” 
    Riz looked at her, skeptically raising his brow.
    “You don’t seem fine.” He challenged. She turned her head and shot him a look, opening her mouth to say something, but he continued before she had a chance, “You don’t have to talk about it. I’m not here to be a dick, I was just worried about you. I was really worried about you while you were gone and I thought maybe that I’d feel better now that you’re back with us but… I’m still worried.” It was his turn to shrug, lifting his shoulders and letting them fall gently back down. 
    “I don’t know what’s gonna happen with you and your sister or you and your family and these fuckin’ elves. There are still so many things we don’t have answers for and I don’t.. I don’t like not having answers. But when you weren’t here it just became so much more clear to me that nobody—” He stopped himself short, scrunching her nose in thought for a moment before continuing, “We can’t— I can’t do this without you.” He adjusted the hat atop his head. “This isn’t gonna happen again. I won’t let it happen again.” 
    “Well we seem to have taken down Calethriel Tower so I don’t think it could even if you wanted it to.” She said teasingly. 
    “Yeah I wanted to ask what happened with all that but there hasn’t really felt like a right time?”
    “Oh, Fig played her bass and it cracked a gem that made the whole thing come crumbling down. It was kind of rad, honestly.” 
    Riz chuckled softly. “Wild..”
    “Yeah, but I didn’t really expect anything less.” Adaine laughed along with him. 
    Another silence, comfortable and soft, settled between them as they looked out into the sanctuary, Fabian still dancing as the rest of the group encouraged him. 
    Still looking forward, Riz spoke again, “I’m sorry you got kidnapped and held as a prisoner, Adaine. We should’ve protected you so much better than we did. I wanted to come break you out sooner but we had some hang ups when we first got here, a bit of culture shock that set us back longer than I wanted and then the usual nonsense that set us back even more. I didn’t want you feeling like we were partying and having a good time and enjoying ourselves while you were being tortured or whatever... It felt fucked up.” 
    “That’s because it probably was a little fucked up.” She said, an ever-so-slight grin on her face as she teased him. 
    “I know,” He sighed, not completely acknowledging her teasing tone, “I couldn’t enjoy any of it. Fabian’s grandpa is too much to handle, honestly, and I thought the trees were kind of a nice vibe but then they started singing and it’s just…” He shook his head, clearing his thoughts and refocusing, “I’m just glad you’re with us again… This whole thing,” He gestured around to the rest of the party, to the van, to their surroundings, “Isn’t the same without you.” 
    She pursed her lips and gave a small smile, nodding her head slightly. 
    “I’m here if you ever want to talk, you know that, right?” He turned his head again to look at her, holding eye contact with her. 
    “I know,” She parroted the words he’d said not but a few seconds before, but sounding much gentler. “Thanks, Riz.” She smiled at him. It was a saddened, anxious, and broken smile that didn’t quite reach her eyes. 
    “Anything for my best friend.” He replied, giving her a small smile and nudging her side gently with his elbow.
    After a few more seconds of silent eye contact, communicating thoughts of understanding and concern and care that Adaine felt too exhausted to have exchanged out loud, they both looked forward again. Sitting in silence, no longer alone, the comfort of Riz Gukgak’s presence beside her helped her feel like maybe she’d be alright outside of Elmville for a little while longer after all.
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prompts4merlin · 7 hours ago
“Today was a good day.”
“We got captured by bandits…”
“…Today was a good day.”
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booksfoxesandcoffee · 7 hours ago
Writer’s block is the cat in your head not allowing you to write.
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autumnvintagesoul · 7 hours ago
i've been so blocked lately. anyone else start liking someone & it affects their writing??
am i only creative when i'm sad. what is going on! i'm definetly feeling a lot so i'm so annoyed
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magniloquent-raven · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
b r o
im. im tryna post 😭
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candiedsour · 9 hours ago
Zhongli's SFW alphabet
Hola! This is the author here ˙˚ʚ(´◡`)ɞ˚˙ I apologize for not being to post as much as I used to as of late but tysm for over 100 followers! (。>‿‿<。 )In literally so happy that so many people enjoy my content! (´༎ຶ ͜ʖ ༎ຶ `)♡ Feel free to send suggestions for a special into my inbox because my brain ain't coming up with anything atm ╥﹏╥
Tumblr media
A= Affection (How affectionate are they? How do they show affection?)
He's not very affectionate in terms of touch and such but he likes to show his appreciation to you by gifting you little trinkets or food he knows you would like.
B= Best friend (What would they be like as a best friend? How would the friendship start?)
He would be one of those friends who you'd still stay close to even after you haven't talked to each other for months.
C= Cuddles (Do they like to cuddle? How would they cuddle?)
He doesn't mind cuddling if you desire it but it's not something he would usually ask for.
D= Domestic (Do they want to settle down? How are they at cooking and cleaning?)
He would love to settle down with you. He's also exceptionally good at cooking Even if his dishes are sometimes complex you often found yourself amazed by them and his cooking skills.
E= Ending (If they had to break up with their partner, how would they do it?)
If he had to end your relationship he would try to be come off as gentle as possible but still act a bit cold to not give you false hope on getting back together.
F= Fiance(e) (How do they feel about commitment? How quick would they want to get married?)
12 years into your relationship he asked for your hand and marriage. So go figure.
G= Gentle (How gentle are they both physically and emotionally? )
He's legit the face of a complete gentleman. Even when fighting he looks elegant.
He's very gentle on people's emotions and is very careful to not offend them in anyway.
H= Hugs (Do they like hugs? How often do they do it? What are their hugs like?)
Not really a hug person. I think he hugged you that one time you were bawling your eyes out but I think that's it.
I= I love you (How fast do they say the L word?)
The first time he said it, it was on your 4 month anniversary, he took you out for a picnic under the Nantianmen big Tree.
You had to do a double take because you thought you would have to be the one who would have said it first. You were a blushing mess once you fully registered it.
J= Jealousy (How jealous do they get? What do they did when they're jealous?)
Not jealous at all. He has enough faith in you to not be jealous even when somebody is trying to kiss you. Though, if he sees something is wrong he'd step in, of course.
K= Kisses (What are their kisses like? Where do they like to kiss you? Where do they like to be kissed?)
Say it with me; Forehead kisses.
He thinks they're just perfect. Since he's taller than you he can just sweep down and give you a little kiss whenever he wants.
L= Little ones (How are they around children?)
He's surprisingly horrible around children. His intimidating appearance scares kids off and but he tries his best.
M= Morning (How are mornings spent with them?)
Every morning you two would wake up early, go out for a walk around Liyue and when you're done you would brew him some tea whole he makes the both of you breakfast.
N= Night (How are nights spent with them)
You would usually cuddle up in bed before you eventually fall asleep. Some days when you're tired and fall asleep early, he'd stroke your hair while reading his book.
O= Open (When would they start revealing things about themselves? Do they everything all at once or wait a while to reveal things slowly?)
Even after being with him for a while there's so much to discover about him. He's never boring.
But sometimes it causes some mistrust so he tries his best to tell you what he feels comfortable with.
P= Patience (How easily angred are they?)
He's a very patient person, it's ridiculous how patient he is. He just likes to sit there and observe without feeling much.
Q= Quizzes (How much would they remember about you? Do they remember every little detail you mention in passing or do they forget everything?)
This dude has god level memory (pun intended). He manages to remember every little thing you mention weather it be your favourite colour or favorite viewpoint in Liyue.
R= Remember (What's their favorite moment in their relationship?)
That time he saw you taking a little nap during golden hour and the light made you seem like a literal goddess.
S= Security (How protective are they? How would they protect you? How would they like to be protected?)
He's not protective per se. But maybe it's just because people are just too intimidated by him whenever you two are together.
He wouldn't step in because he knows your an handle a situation but he'd death stare at the person until they're gone.
T= Try (How much effort would they put into dates, anniversaries, gifts, everyday tasks?)
He doesn't really put in that much effort into normal dates. Since both of you are satisfied just each other's presence, not much Mora and effort is needed.
If it's something special like an anniversary or birthday though, he'd arrange something that will make that day one of the best days in your life.
U= Ugly (What would be some bad habits of theirs?)
Forgetting his wallet. Now this wouldn't be a problem with someone like Hu Tao or Childe and you wouldn't have mind either.
V= Vanity (How concerned are they with their looks?)
He's not really concerned with looks since he can literally change it anytime he wants to.
W= Whole (Would they feel incomplete without you?)
Yes, even after losing so many people over the course of over 6000 years, whenever Zhongli loses someone he can't help but feel incomplete and hope to one day see them again.
X= Xtra (A random headcannon for them)
He throws Boulders at Venti whenever he's drunk in Liyue territory. They're giant, like the size of a literal meteorite.
And he always gets annoyed when Venti destroys them while trying to dodge them.
Y= Yuck (What are some things they wouldn't like, either in general or in a partner?)
People who can't keep promises. Even as the mortal Zhongli, he despises people who cannot commit to what or who they have given their word to.
Z= Zzz (What's a sleeping habit of theirs?)
Since he's trying to live as a normal person in Liyue, he's also trying to sleep at night.
At first it didn't really work out and he kept waking up every 20 minutes or so and kept staring at you or the ceiling until he falls asleep again and repeated the process until you had to sleep in different rooms for a whole because she kept waking you up.
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askpokemoncrossover · 10 hours ago
Well, it's official: I just hit a writer's block and I can't think of anything to proceed with the main story at the moment. Well... that and my hands are tied with work. I've got a couple ideas but I don't know if they work or not... The ask box is still open if you wanna ask one of my character's something, feel free.
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ablockforwritersblock · 10 hours ago
Writing Prompt #336
"State your name and your business!" It was an understandable request for the posted guard, really. If only you could remember either of those pieces of information...
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manonamora · 11 hours ago
Fourth Week (End): Change in Style CSS nightmare
After going through the trouble of having a finished product done in one week, I realized that it was merely a prototype at the end. It wasn't really polished, even with the formatting I had previously done. Not that it should look like a professional game, but it looked dark and basic. This did not really fit the theme of a light-ish slice of life type of game. I also wanted a sidebar menu on the side and give people the ability to save their game to come back to it later.
Twine as two codingsheet aside from the build your story mode: Java to add specific macros not included in the program, and CSS for changing the look of the game.
I could have just started directly on the CSS Stylesheet by adding my own directives. BUT... I do not know anything about CSS and it scares the shit out of me. I am sure it is not that complicated when it comes down to it, but oh boy does it not look that way.
Before giving up on it, I went around a checked some different Twine game and blogs of people who have developed them. Some games looked really cool to me and had what I looked for: a sidebar. Thankfully, one of the author mentioned in their blog using Twine too, but a different format called SugarCube.
SugarCube is also included in the Twine program when you download it. It has similar function to Harlowe when it comes to coding variables and pages. However, it does not have the formatting button and it does not differentiate in colour the main text to your variable. The coding is slightly different as well. It also has an extensive manual and easily found answer on Google.
Thankfully, there was no much to convert between the passages to make them work. I think it took me about a day to update the 50-odd passages with correctly working code in SugarCube. I was a bit saddened to find that my user input pop-up had to disappear and make place for a text box instead.
Then came the thing I was not looking for: editing the stylesheet. Unlike Harlowe, SugarCube has built-in stylesheets that are easy to modify. Well, easy after looking into it and googling it, let's be honest. But I was able to change the font, colour, background, borders, etc... It was a lot of back and forth between the style sheet and testing the story to see how it looked. It is a bit annoying to do, especially if the code you are modifying is in the middle of the page (there is no look-up function as far as I can tell).
Editing the sidebar was the worst thing. I wanted to add an image to it, but it just would not work. I had managed to do it in a passage but nowhere else would it appear. Editing the stylesheet changed nothing. The title would not change either. There were many times when I wanted to just throw my laptop at the wall, I was so frustrated by it.
Resolve was found when looking at Passage Name. If your passage has a special name, it will override the stylesheet or add something you could not add anywhere. I could finally add my picture above my title, and learnt how to make a game folder with outside files like pictures to be shown in the game. I was able to make everything look somewhat decent.
Pulling my hair out of my skull stage was finally over. I was happy with the game and how it looked. It's not perfect but I made it my own. I update it on itch, deleting the old version in the process.
And that's how I made my first ever game!
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chaotic-godd · 12 hours ago
if anyone was wondering what the best cure for writers block is: put on a classical music radio and vibe. don’t force anything just relax and let it flow.
this has been a psa
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ginnysbabymama · 12 hours ago
god, I hate when I get the biggest writer's block just when I am about to write a good thing. Literally, brain empty no thought
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alirhi · 14 hours ago
chapter 5 for my one and only reader lol
Title: Winter's Frost Chapter: 5/? Fandom: MCU Rating: R to be on the safe side Pairing: Loki/Bucky Summary: Loki never told anyone the real reason he became so obsessed with Midgard. Much better to let them think he wanted to hurt his brother than draw their attention to the one thing in the universe that makes the God of Mischief truly vulnerable. WARNINGS: m/m, m/f Notes: lord I got so stuck so many times on this one XD sorry if it's crap.
They'd destroyed the room. Her throat was a bit sore, but Loki still couldn't help the giggle that escaped her as she stretched and glanced around. It looked like they'd smashed just about everything that could possibly be broken as they slammed each other into things and fucked on every surface in the room. She was covered in bruises, but she'd never felt so relaxed and sated in her life!
"I'm starting to have doubts," she teased, rolling over to flop across Bucky's bare chest and give his nipple an affectionate lick. She still couldn't believe she'd actually gotten him out of his clothes; the first couple of rounds, he hadn't bothered with more than just opening his fly. It was kind of hot, honestly. "I'm not sure I want to let go of this version of you."
"This might be the only 'version' left."
Shocked out of her post-coital daze by the depth of emotion thick in his voice, Loki braced herself up and stared down at him. The eyes staring right back at her were Bucky's, full of immeasurable pain and glazed with tears. "Oh, James! Don't. No, no, no, don't do this. Don't pull at it!"
They both sat up, Bucky leaning back against the footboard of the bed and Loki framing his face with both hands, frantically stroking his jaw as if she could soothe away all of his pain, just like that. "Don't go down this road, Sergeant. I saw the turmoil it put you through last time. You're not ready."
"Why do you keep calling me that?"
She choked on a sound that was somewhere between a laugh and a sob, suddenly unable to meet his gaze. "I need to differentiate between the soldier and the love of my life, and you need some barrier between who you are and what they've turned you into."
"...Loki?" Reluctantly, she lifted her head to look at him again, and her heart shattered at the lost, desperate look in his eyes. "What's my name? Who am I?"
"James." Swallowing past the lump in her throat, she traced his trembling lips with her thumb and told him slowly, gently, "Your name is James Buchanan Barnes. We met in Germany, i-in 1943, and we fell in love. You are the warmest, kindest man I've ever met, with the most brilliant moral compass. This... This machine your enemies have turned you into... This is not you, do you understand? You are not a monster. You are not a killer. You're better than this."
"Am I?" He sounded so hopeless, so utterly broken, and she couldn't take it.
Better than me. You always have been.
"Get dressed, Sergeant," she told him, patting his chest as she stood up. "I fear our stolen moment is over. We've had longer than I expected, but someone will be along shortly and notice the broken door."
As she moved toward the bathroom to get cleaned up, she felt arms around her waist and flinched in surprise. Apparently misinterpreting her reaction, Bucky immediately released her and backed up. She turned, about to hug him and assure him that everything was fine, but once again the look on his face stopped her cold.
"What is love?"
That did it. That broke her beyond bearing. Heart shattering in her chest, she turned her back to him and dropped her head into her hands. How could she even begin to answer him? How could she possibly describe it to him, if he couldn't feel it? "Don't you ever tire of making me cry?"
"Well, you're just so pretty when you let yourself break just a little."
Loki went rigid, a shock running through her at the familiarity of both her own words and his. She didn't dare look at him, terrified of what she could possibly find in his eyes now, but she didn't resist when she felt his arms wrap around her again, and she melted when she felt his soft, open-mouthed kiss on her shoulder.
"I don't remember you," he murmured, "but I know you... But... But not this you. The other one; the way you looked before."
He sounded confused as usual, but at least it was lighter; perplexed, rather than an existential crisis. Loki snickered, leaning back against him. "I've never shown this side to you before. I told you, once, that I could do it, but you..."
"I what?"
"You told me..." A thought occurred to her, and she snorted. "You know, I could tell you anything I want right now, and you'd have no way of knowing if I'm telling you the truth."
"I trust you."
You always have, and that is the greatest gift you've ever given me. With a soft smile, Loki turned, shifting back into his male form as he moved. Draping his arms over Bucky's shoulders, he reminded him, "You told me that nothing about me was a flaw to be hidden or fixed; that you didn't understand it, but you didn't have to. You loved me and wanted me, anyway." With a somewhat bitter shrug, he added, "And then you insisted on hiding me from everyone you ever knew, but that was an entirely different issue."
Bucky sighed, pressing his forehead against Loki's. "How did I get here?"
"I don't know." Someone was coming. Knowing they would never be dressed and gone in time to avoid being seen, Loki simply put up a quick illusion of the room and its door being back to normal. Everything intact, and no occupants to be found; just in case, he clapped a hand over Bucky's mouth until the footsteps outside passed them by. "We must go."
He looked like he wanted to argue, but all he did was nod and reach for his clothes. A thought occurring to him, Loki stopped him with a hand on his arm.
"Do they let you shower before they put you back on ice?" No answer, only a sort of vague look of confused contemplation. He rolled his eyes and pointed to the bathroom. "Go shower, you Neanderthal. I'll clean your clothes for you. Go."
"What's a-"
"Wash yourself, you grungy cave man! No more questions, only soap and water! Shoo!"
"But what's a shower?"
Loki whirled around, not sure whether to weep for how much HYDRA had stripped away from the other man or slap him upside the head in the hopes of jogging at least some basic memory, when he saw the cheeky grin on Bucky's face and stopped. Hand poised in the air with one long finger pointed at him, mouth open to explain, he took in that damned smile, so familiar it made his heart ache, and he laughed. Bucky laughed, too, and the sound was the most glorious music to his ears.
He waited until the soldier disappeared into the bathroom and he heard the shower turn on, and then he shook his head, grumbling to himself with a smile, "Cheeky. Cheeky amnesiac monkey."
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more-than-a-princess · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
@despairfiles​ said:  [ PROTECT ] /w Shirou
[ PROTECT ] : having witnessed the receiver get hurt by someone, the sender kills their assailant in order to PROTECT them.
It had supposedly been a trial. A test, to see if after so long the Queen of Novoselic could be allowed out in public without incident. A decision Sonia herself had pushed for rather heavily, though the parliament and Royal Council alike were befuddled by it: she'd declined every suitor permitted into Novoselic Castle and, for all intents and purposes, it looked as if any attempt of a social or romantic life for the Queen was nothing but a fantasy in the minds of most Novosonians. The ones who barely knew her, anyway.
The Castle staff knew differently. But thankful for their employment and not wishing to earn the Queen's ire, they kept silent about how one member of her security team seemed to earn preferential treatment. Including day out beyond the grounds and into the capitol proper. She'd insisted that since Shirou was, technically, her security, she was not in need of additional staff for the venture.
A decision that Sonia now had come to regret. She'd only wanted a real recreational outing with Shirou: it seemed every instance they'd come to know one another was within the Castle or otherwise occupied with their official positions. How was she supposed to know if they could, should, be married if she didn't come to really know him on even ground? Going on dates was now a thing of the past, at least for now, but that didn't change the fact she could at least take him into the city. To small cafes and culinary shops that, perhaps, might inspire him creatively. And to parks and rebuilt city squares, calming and pretty areas of the city that might inspire him emotionally. It was the latter they'd ended up in, a small shopping bag at her side with fresh ingredients: independent farms and bakeries had finally begun operation again, an opportunity she wasn't about to let Shirou miss.
But their being out in the crowd left another opportunity: to make her into a target. It had started off with a bang, quite literally, when a smoke bomb had been thrown into the square they'd decided to rest in, on a bench near the elegant fountain that, once upon a time, was rumored to grant wishes if one threw in a coin. Now it simply brought chaos, citizens running to escape and Sonia, struggling to see as she coughed, felt the blade slice into her side before the pain and the blood that blossomed forth, staining the pale blue blouse she wore deep red. Bag forgotten, she cried out and immediately applied pressure to the wound before shouting to him that they needed to assemble police to lock down the area, and fast, before calling in medical teams.
Except he didn't seem to notice. Or listen, that was the proper term: as Sonia tried to steady her breathing and not panic, once the smoke had begun to clear she realized she had every reason to: Shirou appeared to be unharmed, but the same couldn't be said for the man who lay on the ground, bloodied knife discarded a foot away from his hand: he was dead. And by the looks of it, it had been done swiftly and without any remorse at all.
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"Shirou!" She cried, sitting on the edge of the fountain with one hand pressed against the stone to steady herself, "The...the protocol is to bring assailants in for the previous assassination attempt is not repeated...and the police are given a better idea of...who is mobilizing them. Not...not to kill them!"
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