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#writers corner
limitlessend · 27 minutes ago
Information is not Knowledge. This is the difference between Intelligence and Wisdom.
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scriptwriters-network · an hour ago
If you are serious about becoming a scriptwriter, make sure to participate in programs designed to further your career in writing,  network with those pursuing similar goals and check out our events to learn the art, craft and business of script writing.
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These bones are cold, tired and beaten down. 
The storms seem to happen daily now. 
To be honest I have lost count.
It's a whirlwind of emotions.
Darkest of night.
Blackest of black.
My solitude is my comfort.
All I've ever known.
No hand to pull me out of this hellfire.
I do that all on my own.
Every evening it's more if the same.
Watch me drown.
See me go insane.
No one is coming to rescue me.
I feel it's too late.
I must save myself again.
Maybe one day,
I will leave it up to fate.
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cryingrose1 · 5 hours ago
This pain is breaking him.
Little by little.
Hope by hope.
I wish you could see.
His disappointment .
Whenever he talks about you.
His father.
As the male figure.
Who raised him.
You have responsabilities.
Little by little.
Hope by hope.
You let him down.
Now you want to be that.
Good father who deserves kisses and presents.
Yet you are that.
Good father who was never there.
Good father who hits their child.
That's there parent you are.
Despite of what we want.
Despite of what you want.
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midnighttales27 · 9 hours ago
Winds bellowed thunders roared
The darkness was insane
Pearls rolled down the clouds
And people called it rain
Flowers bloomed, trees glowed
Chirping was every lonely lane
Engulfed in happiness they were
Under the beauty of rain
I lay unfolding the mysteries of rain
Staring through the sparkling dew
Were these just magical drops?
Or were drops clouds shedding tears too?
They may have emotions buried in their heart
Feelings hard to hold on to
And when it would become so heavy
They would part with few
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homeofthedamned · 10 hours ago
To surround a relationship - romantic or non-romantic… Through the metaphor of a household really does wonders in asking yourself if it’s a place you want to stay living in.
Sana Zia
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sffrh · 11 hours ago
Love is a complicated piece for a 4 letter word.
One day, you'll wake up and meet a person out of nowhere.
The next day, you'll wake up again realizing you want them to be yours forever.
But then unexpected happens, you'll wake up again knowing it's over.
--June 14, 2021--
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xo-abeatingheart · 13 hours ago
Numbness, a feeling I know all too well. It is an old friend of mine. When the trauma consumed my joy and my anxiety no longer hid, a sorrow began to arise. The pain so intense it eventually just killed my emotions inside. Anger, bitterness, and hurt were all that I could feel. I was breaking and turning cold into a savage mind. One day I snapped and was released from my torment. No feeling, no joy, no hate, no sadness, just internally numb. You see from that point on I occasionally rose like sun, but my endgame showed that warmth was just for a time. You see, being that bright burning star was all a charade. Reality was I was just like the moon, going through phases until I disappeared and yet again I was consumed by my savior, numbness.
Perfectly Imperfect
Janessa, a beating heart ♡︎
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ruins-of-heart · 16 hours ago
Treasureing Small Things
The stars gleaming in dark night,
Street lamps passing by.
The yellow colored butterfly,
That you caught for me.
All those bed time stories,
All full of adventure.
The sketch that I've kept,
That you made of me.
From broken crayons,
When I was drawing stupid houses.
All those time we used to go,
To eat sugar cookies secretly.
The lingering smell of cigarettes,
Mixed with wood and metal.
I can still smell it,
When I think about you.
Your wrinkling skin,
And graying hair.
All embedded in my mind,
With that joyful smile.
My love for treasureing small things,
Was taught by you.
Be kind and generous to everyone,
Was a gift I learned from you.
I remember your last breath,
The last time that I saw you.
The last time you touched my head,
And wished luck for everything.
I was a bit upset then,
But I'm happy you were free from all pain.
And I'm sorry if you were disappointed,
When I almost destroyed everything.
I hope your proud now,
That I'm still blooming.
I'll always cherish your memories,
For my whole life time.
Cuz there are parts of me,
That are nothing else but you.
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snspoetry · 17 hours ago
The queen loves a dead man.
She runs to Lethe with dust-thighs,
Eyes with sighs of sad old age,
Toes that curl at each stab of thought,
Thumbs that break their own skin
Each time the sun turns to sleep.
Claws clutch the gray knob
With a dread all caught girls know.
A fire eats the moist air
And she mulls over her hair as a noose.
It's dark and long as a night-made tunnel;
It's what he went for first.
No fat hands, no aged mush-brain -
Just a strait to fame and gold.
He was suave in his youth,
A bright shock of worth and words,
A man who bore love
Like so much soft breath.
He sent her choice jewels,
Fine furs, ten trunks of French silk,
And black quill tics on cream scrolls.
Only a fool would close her legs
And keep her kin from a rich rise.
She bears a sharp crown
Topped with wise lies and smiles,
Thoughts sent to God on raw nights,
The shame you bear when you're born
Made for growth and babes and cold charm
And to serve the ones who break you
Like a dull pawn-steed.
She knows to lose him is to die
In soul and skin both.
Her wise words go stale
As the wind shifts its ways
And his mind with it.
God is mum; the bed chills.
Her tears are borne of speech
He cares not to hear
And she knows that sprawl of grief will grow to burst
And steep the poor man's stage
With her swift mule-blood.
He lifts his lips to the white swan neck
He will slice in mere months
And a chill rides the length
Of a spine stiff with the sight
Of days that will drip
Like the wax from the light of a wick.
It will go out with a hiss
At the wish of a man ruled by rage.
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insomniac-hearts · 18 hours ago
I told my story
To someone new,
And didn’t even
When I told them
Of your indiscretions.
What does that say
About me?
Cold hearted,
Or simply
Frozen towards
I’d like to think
The glaciers
Of my heart
Are only steeled
Towards you.
Because for him,
My heart
Is the bubbling brook
Of spring.
So I know,
Without a doubt,
The problem was
Never me.
It was always
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darkinthoughts · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
A new post as I will consider but yeah it’s just my hobby to write and let the world decide how are my thoughts!
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An angelic goddess, wrapped in devil wings. 
She’ll hold your heart between her teeth. 
Her lavish charm could entice any curious soul. 
Just one touch of her heavenly hand can plummet you into the depths of rapture. 
She is the ideal combination of scandalous and sweet. 
Curves like the back roads of the country.
Eyes as honey gold as citrine jewels.
Her beauty can not be matched.
Once she has you under her spell, there is no turning back. 
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khkreates · 20 hours ago
As the hour struck 11pm as I lay my head.
I feel into a deep sleep on a pulled out front room sofa bed.
I awoke to shouts and cries.
I looked outside and witnessed what had once been warned by the wise.
The fire blazed and souls grew their wings.
Perhaps after 4 years, we can see some justice begin.
Tumblr media
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