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So I told myself I would take a break from writing to read more. I bought 5 additional books after reading a couple that were heavy in philosophy and took several months to read.

What ended up happening was deep conversations with my mother. After all of these years we’ve been able to grow so much in a short period of time.

She began to share with me books that I’ve never seen but she has had since the 90’s and/or before I was born. Still, I’m the age she was when she got this one.

It just so happens to be FULL of poetry from poets and ….I’m overjoyed.

Hope you enjoy this one, fellow poets.

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From @thatgreygentleman

“We will fight you with every breath that George Floyd didn’t get to breathe.”

Make this your battle cry. Make this your war chant. Scream it until you can’t no more. We cannot stop. This cannot be some trend that goes away after a month. Don’t throw away your shot. Help in anyway you can, you have a place in this, so find it. Find where you can help in all if this. Mourn your black brothers and sisters, cry out their names. Scream them, don’t let them forget who they’ve killed.

Never forget.

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A Different Word for Fate:

Another night in the bathtub

just to feel warmth upon my skin

desperare for that sensation

I can find no more of from within

Every time I close my eyes

I see your smiling face

when they open all that’s there

is this familiar empty space

I’ve found inside some clarity

yet insanity does not yield

I’ve entered new contentedness

and yet desperation I still feel

I cannot tell if I’ve found myself

or if I’ve lost what little I had

I could smile for all eternity

and I’d never stop feeling sad

I’ve been searching for my Destiny

with each new rise and fall

though the thought that now concerns me

is if I ever had one at all

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Symbiotic doomsday devils

dance in the sorbet-brisk bath

of Merlot and honey-combed crackers.


Scuttles on the moonlit awning,

basking through the window of

summer’s opaque glass;

Princess Crass, rudely anointed

sitting in the blood bath

beyond borderless enemies

and caged shadows.


“Sedition is corrupt!” she proclaims.

Anarchist’s anachronism

placed dishonestly in a molten

multitude of tristful tales.

Soul’s sold, desperate and bold.


Cavalry of brothers scraped sharp

by pitiful protests designed by

greedy pedophiles and sadists,

laden with neurotic dispossession.


Amethyst calamity, crown-slayer’s obey

false annuities cooked diligently

over stewed Press.


A wonderwall wallflower,

discreet with conceit.

Respite convulsions and Tetris gambles.


Kaleidoscope scavenges and

fortuitous splendours arise from

infinitesimal cohesion of deities

and our species, united under

shining stars and comet-struck hooray’s.


To undress, seething beneath

Phoenix-born metanoia,

Ryzen performance

and outflanked demand:

Normality congruent with insanity.


Curious nimble beings:

Aeonian aliens of stardust lineage,

inklings of visions demonize patrons

who paint seas of pirate-parades.


Strapped by Japanese anchorage,

Buddhist principles victimize the

carnal affluence, wealth’s deprivation.

This is all just dystopic imagination,

“alleged affirmation.”


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that may or may not have happened

• It’s early morning and she’s sitting at her family’s kitchen table. She’s made a cup of tea, not to drink but to let the warmth seep into her hands. She stares absentmindedly at the floor, wondering when she will have to get dressed and go to the funeral home.

• She’s sitting in her bathtub wearing nothing but an oversized sweater and a gold pendant engraved with her dad’s fingerprint. The porcelain is icy against her bare legs. She’s drinking a glass of red wine and her head begins to spin. Maybe she’ll sleep in the bathroom tonight, she thinks, in case she needs to throw up.

• The high and lonesome notes of an old rock song seep through her headphones as she lays on the kitchen floor. Her eyes fill with tears and she rolls onto her side, curling in on herself like somebody kicked her in the stomach. She cries the way babies cry, open-mouthed and messy with her eyes screwed shut, but doesn’t make a sound. The artist’s low and gruff voice is singing something about saying goodbye.

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Basorexia ~

Double Trouble (spop) x reader

Warnings ⚠️: it’s a little suggestive, this is DT after all

(n); the overwhelming desire to kiss

A/n: I noticed there is a lack of Double Trouble (She-Ra) x reader so I decided to make one,mm yes very self indulgent shit

Their tail was wrapped along my ankle as they were spooning me, pressing my back into them. My eyes could barely stay open as the movie droned on. “Aww, is my baby doll tired?” They suddenly spoke with a teasing sing song tone. I said nothing as I couldn’t form words as my eyes drooped. I could feel them start poking my cheek and pinching it. “Babyyyy~” they teased. “ if you don’t talk to me I’ll make you~” they winked. I could feel my eyes slowly close and their gaze fell upon my face. “Ughh, you’re too cute my little kitty. Now I have no choice but to smother you with affection!” They exclaimed moving their position to on top of me. I was suddenly very awake and aware of a weight on top of me. I opened my eyes to see lidded yellow orbs focused intently on my form “can I kiss you baby?” They asked trailing their finger over my collarbone. I nodded. That didn’t seem enough fir them. They needed verbal consent. They always are considerate. “Yes.” I got out. Then they were a blur and I felt them start kissing my neck softly but aggressive in the amount. I let out little whimpers as they continued. “Hmm, does my baby doll like that?” They asked with kisses eyes as their tail swished lazily. “Mmh, I’m too tired for this DT.” I mumbled. They stopped immediately. “Can we make out then? Oh please? You’re making it hard to resist.” They begged. I knew I could handle that. I was tired but I wasn’t exhausted. I also wanted to make out with them as well if I’m honest.

The only thing in the room that could be heard after that was lips moving in slow succession together. Lazily smacking together. Just lovesick sighs on both parties. Their lips were connected to mine and didn’t leave. Their hands in my hair, mine on their neck. They licked my bottom lip asking for entrance. I gladly gave it to them. They connected our mouths fully just sluggishly moving their tongue. In that moment I didn’t want anything else.

A/n: how does one write make out scenes 😫

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