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juneacademia · 2 days ago
“you’re so pretty,” okay write poetry about me then.
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screnwriter · a day ago
''there's only one bed.''
''i'll bandage you up.''
''who did this to you?''
''i didn't know where else to go.''
''can you be my date to the wedding?''
''you're my best friend. i've always loved you.''
''shut up.'' ''make me.''
''i would never fall for you.''
''then why did you do it?'' ''BECAUSE I LOVE YOU''
Tumblr media
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error-404-code9 · a day ago
Something about Character A, who’s had a hard life, learned to trust no one except for themselves and overall just doesn’t feel worthy of love, meeting Character B, who has no sense of personal space.
B, who hits people when they laugh, cackling and tapping A says “oh sorry” and A goes, “no, you’re fine.”
B, who slams a high-five into A’s hand and shouts, “That was awesome! You were so good! I can’t believe you did that” And A just looks down and smiles, “thank you, thank you.”
A, who sees B just laughing and talking with the bad guy, not knowing, and has to slowly drag B away from them
When B’s friends tell them that their being obnoxious and making people uncomfortable, B stops being so loud and affectionate. But A has none of it. B walks past A and their like “Ayo what the fuck? Where’s my hug.” Like genuinely offended.
B tells A what they were told and A is like “oh okay so they have a death wish. Well let’s go have a chat with your ‘friends’”
It’s pretty common AND YET I EAT IT UP EVERYTIME.
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syrma-sensei · 2 days ago
Me, a writer, looking at my wips and work in general:
Tumblr media
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microsff · a day ago
"This party is full of fascinating people!" "Mm-hm." "So who might you be?" "I'm an International Being of Mystery." "Don't you mean 'International Man of Mystery'?" "Giving away both gender and species? Then what mystery would remain?" "Ah, saying that tells so much!"
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gaiablogsworld · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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sailing-on-moonbeams · 2 days ago
When Taylor swift sung "But you’re untouchable, burning brighter than the sun" and Hozier sung "My lover's the sunlight" and Dante wrote of "The love that moves the sun and other stars" and Madeline said "He smiled and his face was like the sun" and Cassandra said "The stars will go out before I forget you" and Jandy wrote "I'll give you the sun", and Monet painted "Impression, sunrise" and I stayed up all night thinking it had always been about you.
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champagnev3nus · 2 days ago
when you find
the right person
it changes
the direction
of your life
in flighting ways
hard to describe;
love vibrating
off the balls
of your feet
so remember to
follow your path
and don’t let it merge
too close to theirs
make that walk
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writing-prompt-s · a day ago
"No! Go away! I can't let you go near me when I turn into a werewolf!" "Don't worry, I will love you always, even if you become a monster." "No, I'm just stupid as all hell when I turn. I'll not hurt you, but I am sure as hell not ready to show you me barking at a lamppost for the whole night!"
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sadiahakim · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Don't judge me by the choices I make when I'm overwhelmed by this peopley world. And I'm almost always overwhelmed by this peopley world.
Sadia Hakim
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screnwriter · a day ago
things i want to see more of prompts
forehead kisses
''i didn't know where else to go'' scenes
characters giving each other love letters
the I LOVE MY WIFE guy (the bar is in hell i know but like. ok)
the guy who refuses to listen to anyone expect his wife (bonus if she isn't his actual wife)
characters promising to live for each other as opposed to dying for each other
asking the person you're in love with to stay the night because you don't want to be alone
the character who goes from I'LL DIE FOR MY LOVER to I'LL DO EVERYTHING TO MAKE IT HOME TO MY LOVER because their lover cried over them being a martyr
inviting your best friend on a honeymoon because ''i know we're not married and thank god for that but let's celebrate our friendship'' or something
''i don't understand why u can't platonically propose to ur friends tbh.'' take this ring bitch it's a token of my love and appreciation for you
the female character who looks like a total cinnamon roll but is absolutely the person capable of slaughtering you the most
best friends cuddling with each other because ugh life sucks or ugh i'm touch deprived or ugh cuddling is nice ok
character who takes one good look at their love interest and decide it's the love of their life (but of course doesn't overstep any boundaries)
friends to enemies to lovers
lovers to enemies to friends
the character who refuses violence until one of their loved ones are in danger
characters trying to wingman their friends but it ends in disaster
rom-com male dumping his love interest when she refuses to communicate with him
genuine friendship between a man and a woman without it turning romantic
childhood best friends to lovers
villains who made being bad their hobby ''i thought i told you to get a hobby.'' ''i did.'' ''killing innocent people isn't a hobby.'' ''it is it to me.''
rivals being locked in a confined space together
best friends to i don't care if we get married to other people we'll still be buried together
fake dating
morally grey female characters
two completely platonic best friends moving in together and adopting a dog
two best friends who are individually intelligent but complete chaotic disasters when together
established relationship, characters doing mundane, domestic stuff
found family (dysfunctional but we love each other anyway) and no focus on romance
best friends to enemies to best friends (platonic version)
characters who don't date/becomes single without ending up in another relationship
a character being single/become single without ending up in another relationship
not clumsy anti-heroes, but reckless ones. anti-heroes who doesn't understand why they can't stack their victim in the closet and get rid of the body the next day. who forgets the murder weapon is in their back pocket
a slow burn kissing early on, then denying their feelings for eight months
enemies to lovers but i actually stab you this time, although you have nowhere to go so now i have to bandage you up
couples ending their relationship the night of their wedding 👁👄👁
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samuoni · a day ago
i love how each one of the yeom siblings is relatable but in completely different ways. and relatable not in the "i do this (sometimes)" sense but "it feels like someone ripped open my chest and looked inside" sense.
there's gi jeong with her irrational fear of embarrassment, driving her to the point of faking an accident. nothing makes me feel more seen than the visual representation of me wanting to get hit by a truck every time i feel like i've been perceived. why can't you, the world, shut your eyes off to me existing? feeling tired to the core, all day every day without a valid reason to back it up. wanting to take off your arms and legs for a moment, wishing for someone to carry you and scrub your back. analogies that never sit right with anyone. i'm sorry i told you that i would pick up my lover's severed head, do you still think i'm hot? guilt soaring so high in your system that you're on your knees, bowing down to what? you don't know yourself. but bowing down nonetheless - i'm sorry i'm sorry i'm sorry - as the moonlight creeps in.
chang hee with his lack of direction in life, living from one day to the next in itself can be be a chore at times and he's felt it. how do you expect me to peer into the future when i barely managed to survive today? why can't that be enough? realization dawning upon you that you might be the very thing you hate and wanting to slap the wits out of yourself because of it. in constant search for an elder male figure to validate you because you never received any from the one whose blood and bones are your very own. tell me i worked hard. tell me to rest. giving up on persuing romantic interests because you know, just know, that you will not be enough.
and mi jeong. mi jeong my beloved. no character has touched the inner workings of my soul as much as her. not feeling like you belong in public settings, forcing yourself to smile and nod because that's what they've told you will make you worthy of acceptance. wondering how people living on top of the world don't just jump off, thunderstorms making you comfortable because all you've ever wanted is for the world to end. never finding the strength in yourself to fight back, never being able to free yourself from the familiarity of attachments, never feeling complete. she's exactly what the personification of daily life existentialism would look like, neither happy nor sad, stuck in a repetitive state of being. how do you not want to coddle her in your arms? frogs getting torn to shreds, bad-mouthing your senior at work, biting into the flesh of what you adore - discovering that loving is listening, loving is saying out loud whatever comes to mind.
i will take this reassurance - you, too, can live the life of a main character - down to my grave.
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coldcoffeecigar · a day ago
Tumblr media
-Debasmita, @coldcoffeecigar
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heartofmuse · a day ago
The way I look at you is so unique. What you see in the bottom of my eyes staring back at you, the shine, the warmth, the deep pool of clear, honest love, the multitude of sincere feelings, the thousand unsaid words. You fill me to the brim, eyes, heart, and soul. There is room for nothing more.
e.v.e. ( Letters to my love)
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microsff · 22 hours ago
"Have you heard, they've found out magic is real!" "I heard." "Anyone can learn, it's all logical, like programming." "Yeah." "Aren't you excited?" "I'm a programmer. I wouldn't trust any programmer with magic." "Hang on..." *gzirp* "Here." "Coffee? You conjured coffee? Show me!"
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pinespittinink · 10 hours ago
community self-esteem boost time: reblog, reply, or send me an ask with a line from your writing that you’re proud of. not anything super long— i’m thinking a sentence to a paragraph at most. there doesn’t need to be any context to it; just that you’re proud of your work!
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thefallenauthor · a day ago
this is a friendly reminder that we should support all artists, of all kinds, who are currently alive. this is because they need help and love for their art more than any other. just reading and sharing a book still not very famous or any new work of art and so on to warm the hearts of these emerging artists and encourage them to continue on their journey. the artists who are no longer alive have been fantastic, it's true, but the artists who are alive now need more support and appreciation than the previous ones.
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saccharineguilt · a day ago
Tumblr media
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champagnev3nus · 2 days ago
we were meant
to be
and made
of passion
my darling
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