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writing-prompt-s · 23 hours ago
You're a superhero with the ability to control sand. Unfortunately, you've recently been called to battle in an area without easy access to said material. That's when you remember what one of the main ingredients in glass and concrete are.
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somewhatsomelikepoetry · 21 hours ago
Do you want your love back?.
Even if I’d want my love back, sometimes it’s not for the best. Some things need to happen in order for one to grow and heal. Even though it sucks and really isn’t what you want. Things happen for a reason, but I’m a strong believer that if you are meant to be with someone you will be eventually.
And everything will be okay in the end even if it’s not what you had planned for. Time can heal the deepest wounds
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writing-prompt-s · 20 hours ago
A doctor got trapped in a fantasy, yet medieval world. Their knowledge of medicine outperform the Goddess of Light's clerics in healing the masses, and now the doctor was tailed by The Hero's party because they are "a threat to the goddess and the world"
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written-to-death · 14 hours ago
Hello, love your writing! You are a true inspiration. If you have time, would you mind doing a snippet where two villains who can fly, are high over the city tossing the hero’s lover around between them (like you would do with a ball or something, but not dropping them to their death) and the hero, who can’t fly, is standing on the top of a nearby skyscraper yelling for them to stop?
Lover clutched at Villain’s chest, scrambling to find any sort of stability.
If they were religious, they might have tried praying. Even if they did, though, it was difficult to think of anything but Villain’s arms and the wind and the ground that was so far away…
“Oh, you’re not scared of heights, are you?” Villain said, a grin in their voice. “It would be a shame if you slipped.” They loosened their grip for a moment just to let Lover slip down an inch.
A small scream tore out of Lover’s throat, and they clutched even tighter onto Villain’s shirt.
Villain looked up and over at someone else, saying, “I don’t know if we’ll be able to have our fun, they’re holding onto my shirt tight enough to tear it if I let go.”
Someone else laughed, a cruel sound that quickly got lost in the wind. 
Lover dared to peek up and around, almost vomiting when they saw the tops of the skyscrapers around them. 
On the top of a shorter building near them, a small figure ran out, waving their arms wildly. 
“Dear, I think our hero wants to say something to us,” the other villain said, flying over. “Shall we go hear what they have to say?” 
“They might want you back,” Villain said to Lover. “But they’d better ask nicely- I’m considering not letting you go. You fit in my arms so nicely, it seems a shame to give you up just like that.” 
They squeezed Lover just a little tighter, and as much as they hated themselves for it, Lover leaned into the safety. A slight tilt and the wind went rushing through Lover’s ears again, and then they were in front of Hero, hovering fifty feet away.
“Did we take something of yours?” the other villain called, flying slightly below Villain and Lover. “Do you want it back?” 
“Give them back!” Hero yelled. “They haven’t done anything, please just give them back.” 
“And here I was really hoping you’d say ‘let them go’,” Villain pouted. “I was really looking forward to doing this.” 
They opened their arms and jerked back, pushing Lover off of them. They flailed, their voice ripped out of their throat for one excruciating second before they crashed into the arms of the other villain.
“Hello dear,” Other Villain said, smiling down into Lover’s wide eyes. “Bit of a shock, yeah? Don’t worry, you’ll have fun with it eventually.” 
Their head spun, bile rising up in their throat. 
Hero was screaming at Villain, begging them to let Lover go. Lover even heard a few “take me insteads”, but Villain just laughed at those. 
“We’re having such fun with them, though,” they said, dropping down next to Other Villain. “And it’s not too often we get opportunities like this- for all your strength, Hero, you’re quite helpless to save your love. What a lovely metaphor, don’t you think?”
“I’ll do whatever you want me to do,” Hero said, “just please put them down. Gently.”
If Lover were a little less terrified, they might have told Hero not to make any stupid promises. The thought had gone through their head before, and they’d had conversations with Hero about this exact possibility- but right now the only thing in their head was the need to cling onto whatever was keeping them up. In this case, the other villain, who looked very amused by Lover’s fear.
“Do you really mean anything?” Villain asked. “That’s quite the promise, Hero.” 
Lover glanced up, making a millisecond of eye contact with Hero. 
That was a mistake.
Any doubt in Hero’s eyes vanished when they saw the complete and abject terror on Lover’s. “Yes, please, anything, just put them down safely. They haven’t done anything! You’re hurting them for no reason!” Other Villain frowned. “I wouldn’t say we’re hurting them at all! Are we hurting you?” they asked Lover, who was too lost to respond with anything other than a shiver. “We can come back to that question,” they said instead, chuckling slightly. 
Villain landed on the roof just in front of Hero. “If you try anything,” they warned, “just remember that Other Villain has Lover, and I’m not up there to catch anyone who falls.”
Hero nodded. 
Villain turned to the still flying pair and said, “I think we can go from here. Why don’t you take Lover a bit higher, we don’t want them getting any stupid ideas about walking away from a fall from this height.”
Other Villain obliged and went even higher, until Villain and Hero were specks on top of a building. 
Eventually, Other Villain mumbled something through an earpiece, said “that sounds reasonable,” and flew down with Lover. 
“How did they do?” Villain asked. “Still alive and everything? Good.”
Other Villain landed on the roof, letting Lover go. They stumbled, falling into Hero’s arms. 
Hero stumbled back, barely keeping them both upright.
Lover looked up at them, eyes wide in horror. “What did you do?” 
“Just what I had to do,” Hero said. “You’re worth more than some superpower, Lover.”
“Oh, your hero didn’t just give up their powers,” Villain said. “They gave up everything. We should have kidnapped you years ago, if it gets problems solved this quickly.”
Hero wouldn’t meet Lover’s eyes. “I gave them me. Everything about me.”
“I told you-”
“I told you, Lover, you’re more important to me than anything else. Even this city.”
They still couldn’t look Lover in the eye. 
“I’m sorry.”
By the next morning, the city belonged to the villains.
also! here is a link to Luminol’s masterlist! It’s always good to branch out and find new writers. happy reading!  
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unshvded · 3 hours ago
We all crave safe spaces, no matter how old we get. Perhaps, there's something inside us that wants to be loved despite all wrongs we've done. In the times of fear, a single hand of warmth is what we seek and the ferocious storms, darkest moments and deepest oceans seems just a walk over.
by @unshvded
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writing-prompt-s · 21 hours ago
An immortal is cast into space in a final attempt at execution. After passing through the void for a while, he discovers he is far from the first to receive this treatment.
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v-a-k-u-r · 21 hours ago
Kaldırdım bu gün seninle aramda olan tüm engelleri,
Beni sana ulaştıracak olan tüm yollar "Aşk Koksun" diye..
Dokunduğum her şey "Sen Koksun" diye..
Tumblr media
Aşkla Kalın, Hayırlı Geceler..☕
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heartofmuse · 13 hours ago
Everyone feels fragile and insecure from time to time. I am no exception. During those times when I desperately look to the outside I close my eyes and remind myself it is not outward validation I need but the inner one in me. So I look back and reflect just how far I've come, all the pains and obstacles that I have overcome thus far, and I reflect upon how I have been tempered through the burning embers and the cold ice. I feel the memories in me renew my strength once more, for what once was for destruction now has been rendered for the light, for what was once a bleeding wound has now become a garden where flowers bloom.
Tumblr media
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writing-prompt-s · 19 hours ago
You must convince the evil warlord not to open a portal to your world. Not because their army might conquer it, but because the army back home might conquer this realm.
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No voy al gimnasio para superar una relación tóxica que tuve con alguien, voy al gimnasio para superar una relación tóxica que tengo conmigo misma
desde hace mucho tiempo.
— 99r
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