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writing-prompt-s · a day ago
A new designer drug, aptly named "Skip", allows people to go about their work day completely zoned out. You simply blink, and suddenly your shift is over. It worked great, until one day you woke up to all of your coworkers dead and a knife firmly gripped in your hand.
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Writing Prompt #1784
"You think that all made me stronger?" He balked at the idea. "All it ever did was teach me how to walk on broken bones and hide my problems. Don't act all high and mighty about my pain. You don't know the first thing about strength."
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belovasbrat · a day ago
OKAY OKAY OKAY but imagine Bratty!Jealous!Reader who hates when Daddy!Bucky has to babysit another little... So she acts out but Buckys rly soft with her and kinda kills the brattiness [🙄] by babying her and coddling her
this is the cutest thing ever omg i’m melting i’m a puddle on the ground
Tumblr media
“honey…” bucky croons from the other side of the room; you’re sitting with your back to him, pouting, as bucky takes care of wanda whilst nat and steve are out for the day.
“go ‘way.” you huff, crossing your arms over your chest indignantly. “don’ wanna talk to you. stupid daddy.”
“come on, honey. that’s not nice now, is it?” he creeps up behind you, his scruff scratching the crook of your neck as he murmurs love words into your soft skin. “come on, my baby. daddy wants to cuddle…”
you squirm and wriggle under his grip, holding back the grin that threatens to push to the surface.
“my angel…” he continues, “daddy misses you. daddy misses his favourite girl.”
“daddy!” you elbow him, rolling your eyes at his antics. “know what you’re doin’.” you grumble.
“i don’t know what you’re talking about baby. i just want to spend time with my pretty girl.” he chuckles, the deep voice reverberating through your body, only intensifying your urge to press yourself against his broad chest.
“dis isn’t fair.” you huff, turning around to face him.
“hi, princess.” he laughs at your frown and the creases in your forehead intensify. “c’mere, pretty girl. daddy needs you.”
“what you need me for?” you murmur against his chest, cheeks squished as he holds you close.
“this, baby. need you to snuggle daddy…”
“why, you could jus’ snuggle wanda.” you retort sourly, clearly jealous of all the time he’s been spending with her.
“wanda has her mommy and daddy. she doesn’t compare to my baby.” he coos, kissing your forehead as you finally allow yourself to sink into his embrace. “‘atta girl.”
“daddy.” you hum melodically.
“baby.” he replies.
“my daddy.” you grumble.
“yes, baby. yours only.”
you giggle, pushing your face into the crook of his neck and inhaling his scent. “forever and ever, daddy.” you chime.
“forever and ever and ever, my baby girl.” he grins, cradling you to his chest and kissing all over your face. you giggle, swatting at his chest playfully.
“you so warm, daddy. warm an’ cuddly.” you murmur, clambering into his lap like a kitten. “don’ move ever again. gotta stay here with you.”
“alright, princess. we’ll stay here and cuddle.”
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adamantseal · 2 days ago
I bite off a piece for you
and put it in your mouth
the familiar warmth of tongues
riding high off a broken wing
in the dark
you were fire
when I longed for the stars
and I burned
like a lit cigarette
becomes ash
down to dust
with us
and all the words in my mouth
I could choke
on the missing years
who was I in the sun
but a snapped twig
all sharp teeth and brittle bones
crackling in the flame
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tatsumi000 · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
༄—『 souyas such a naughty boy, morning wood incident 』
Tumblr media
summary - souya can’t help but mindlessly dry hump your back as you sleep peacefully:(
warnings- dry humping, fem!reader, morning wood, guilty pleasure.
Tumblr media
angry knows it’s wrong, a sin not only to him but you, it's unfair to rub on you at such an early hour without you knowing. yet the desperate boy had no control in his morning wood, he awoke with his cock aching to be touched by you. you were being spooned by him, which if I may add doesn't help one bit considering every time you moved in your sleep your ass brushed against his swollen cock. sadly you were fast asleep. he unconsciously started to stroke onto you for more of the sensational feeling. his cock has a mind of its own, his senses told him to stop but it felt too sweet. teeth-gritting and eyes closed shut, he aimed to grip onto your waist as softly as he could without rousing you up. he understands that when you two cuddle he shouldn't be grinding himself onto your bareback but accepts that right now you probably wouldn't mind. the fabric of his boxers that covered his dick rubbed against the boy's tip which made him sensitive. poor baby, he knew he shouldn’t do it, god he knew too well but— you just felt too promising. he could only visualize what your pussy would feel like as he sunk into it.
a/n- requests are open!
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ninasdrafts · 21 hours ago
The biggest mistake I've ever made was thinking time didn't exist for me. I was young and stupid and convinced it would bend to my will like reeds bend to the wind. I kept the words that could change everything lodged under my tongue, too scared, too shy, too embarrassed to say them out loud. I thought I could put it off another week, at least. Or a month. It didn't really matter, did it, because maybe it would come naturally, without me having to make myself appear vulnerable and turning myself inside out for you. But time placed its noose around my neck and pulled taut and in the blink of an eye you were gone. You were gone before I could utter a single word. Gone before I could curse time for not being enough. You would never read the words I wrote to you. Not in a week, not in a month.  I'm done waiting now. And I'm so devastated you had to pass for me to understand that some things cannot wait. If you love someone, let them know.
no more waiting / n.j.
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writing-prompt-s · 2 days ago
"You shall fall dead on the day of your first child's birth!" Was the curse that young, inexperienced witch put on you. Little did she realize that, to an asexual like yourself, she'd essentially given you immortality. Every year, on the anniversary of your curse, she tries to "fix" things.
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bluebxlle-writer · a day ago
Hero x Villain prompts
masterlist. main navigation.
@bluebxlle_writer on Instagram
Tumblr media
These can be taken as both platonic and romantic!!
1. Villain realizes that Hero's superior had been abusing them, and decides to take matters into their own hands
2. Whatever tf Doctor Doofenshmirtz and Perry the Platypus had going on
3. Villain aims a gun at Hero and fires. Hero flinched, only to realize that Villain shot the other villain about to strike them from behind.
4. Hero has Villain on knifepoint, but stabs the blade into the wall beside Villain's head instead.
5. Villain sneaks extra food to Hero's cell when they were being held captive in the main villain's lair
6. Villain had once saved Hero’s life when they were kids but has no recollection of it, while Hero immediately recognized Villain as their childhood savior.
7. Hero and Villain runs into each other during a normal day while grocery shopping, and both aren’t sure what to do, because are we supposed to fight?? But it’s our day off and we’re not in a mission tho?? But that’s my enemy right there, I can’t just stand here and do nothing?? But if I attack first it’ll seem rude-
8. Hero and Villain being ex-childhood friends
9. Even worse better, EX-LOVERS
10. Villain helping Hero escape from the evil lair, but then getting punished and tortured by the main villain for it.
11. Grumpy Hero and sunshine Villain. That’s it.
12. It's always badass female hero x morally gray male villain WHERE TF IS OUR SOFT MALE HERO X MORALLY GRAY HOT LADY VILLAIN
13. Or just make them the same gender and let the gays win
14. Or just yeet gender and make them non-binary that works too
15. Hero and Villain looking so so similar that people always mistake them as siblings, which enrages them both
16. “I am NOT related to this idiot-“ // “WELL AT LEAST I DIDN’T TRY TO DESTROY A WHOLE CITY”
17. “…and that’s how my mom abandoned me and I ended up in the evil side.” // “Ight screw prison, I’m taking you to therapy. I got the bills covered dw.”
18. Villain burning Hero’s home like their boss ordered them to, but then changing their mind and dragging an unconscious Hero out of the burning house at the last minute while cursing to themselves
19. “You shouldn’t have helped me.” // “Oh, so you want me to throw you into your burning house again, you ungrateful bish??”
20. Villain sacrificing their life to help Hero survive and escape, but Hero never knew about it because they weren't there and nobody had the heart to tell them
21. Hero and Villain having the same religion and somehow going to the same church/temple/mosque, therefore always meeting there and it takes every ounce of their self control to not start a brawl in their praying spot
22. But they fought once anyway and they were permanently banned
23. Hero and Villain bonding over a common favorite animal
24. But the fighting again a second later over who's gonna adopt the animal
25. "What do you MEAN you wanna adopt this cat- you're too busy protecting the city and shiz, you won't have time for it!" // "Well at least I don't rob banks for a living-" // "WELL AT LEAST I CAN BE USEFUL AND ROB SOME CAT FOOD FOR IT AND BE A GOOD PARENT"
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Writing Prompt #1783
It was a feeling I had rarely felt for others—pride and joy. I swiped the tear from my eye before anyone could notice, but it was harder to keep the smile from pulling at my lips.
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stuckinapril · 13 hours ago
i want a love that thrives on irrationality. writing you letters even though you live 15 minutes from my house. going on night drives that take us nowhere. watching bad romcoms at 2 in the morning. buying you a gift even though it’s not your birthday. writing me a poem even though it’s not mine. taking me on a 45-minute drive to the fringes of the city to watch the stars, despite the fact that the earliest star shower in our area is scheduled for next month. i want us to do things just to do them, because when i do them with you, that’s all the rationale i really need. 
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moonlit-sunflower-books · 6 months ago
friends to lovers never had a bad track. “scared i’ll ruin what we have” SLAPS. “friendship cuddles while secretly dying inside” BANGER. “teasing each other and holding eye contact for a little too long” KILLS ME. and don’t even get me STARTED on “screaming i love you in the middle of a heated argument.”
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