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ANOTHER QUOTE😂but this is from my book “1969”!😁Enjoyyy✨✨#wattpad

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Here’s a quote from my book “The Missing Knightwalker”! I hope that you enjoy reading it!📝📝📝📝😄✨✨#wattpad

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Take your time, alright? Everything that starts, ends eventually. Happy or sad, good or bad, tragedies that you have.

Life is stages, levels and scales to walk on, dance on and rise in. There’s no wasted time unless you are not learning. There’s no wasted effort no matter how much you felt that. It’s not the case.

Things change constantly and endlessly. If you lose something that’s precious to you, you’ll be given much better when you never expect it.

Don’t worry from the change you make everyday even if it’s small. You only grow and keep growing when you fall down, crawl on the floor, bleed from the scars of yours and heal on your own with the will you get for yourself.

Pain creates power and consistence. You only live better when you know how to survive first.

I purple you 💜

—naesthetica 💜

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I got back my senses. I got back the art of lyrics and music when listening, when sensing the rhythm as my thoughts flow along with it.

These days, I remembered the korean rap songs I’ve been listening to and my favorite rapper got new fire songs that I fell for him and them again. Can’t relate more with all the lyrics. It’s luxury to me.

These days, again, are not that much of my best. But I’m proud of myself because I’m dealing with pressure the right way. Not sleeping enough and belonging to a 5 am club.

Such songs help me relieve my stress and have more power to keep it up. Bitchy songs are mine to take and relate. My taste of music sucks to many and that only tells how much special my standards are in everything too.

I am glad that I do cope up with my own rhythm. Kicking the world off and live the way I create it for me. Happiness is me.

—naesthetica 💜

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It is so scary that not all of us are recognized as a worthy human. We don’t identify each other as a person with a different set of stories, experiences or personalities. And I know what most of you are thinking, that it is impossible to do that there are so many people. And true, it is impossible, so we just pass each other as just a nobody when even breeze makes us feel more. Wouldn’t this world would be a lot less lonely and even ourselves if we just have the patience or time to look around us, talk to strangers and see people for not just mere fellow human but for a whole functional world with different thought patterns, somewhat surprising too because maybe you never thought like that. 

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abandon me casually
no skin off your back 
you poisoned the food you fed me 
and the room turned black 

silence is my worst enemy and you knew that
you played the game to find a victor
but there’s no victory
not when you play like that.

- b.d // home, a collection of poetry in the works

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Don’t try to please everyone, there will be people who’ll always find a way to criticise. You be sure of what you are doing, be true to yourself. Perhaps listen to them and be mindful if you want to keep that advice or not. After all, your thought process matters more than their opinions.

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Let’s sit with two bottles of beer and open our hearts to each other. He said , you can’t even have one. I smiled and said I can gulp in those beers cause you know what the only thing bitter than beer is truth.

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“Do you write?”


“Write me a poem, then.”

“That’s not how things work, bitch.”

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The strong and tall tree

His roots are planted deep with in the earth

He tried his best

But the world wasn’t so kind

He made some mistakes

But I haven’t learned how to forgive and forget yet

My dear father,

I hope he knows

I see his fragility and the dreams he sees

And that I know the things he gave up

Just so we can have a better life

Maybe he didn’t do everything right

But at the end of the day

He’s just as human as I am

And what is a human if not a creature of clay and mistakes?

~an ode to the immigrant parents

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I posted my new fic just to test waters and gather some audience before I start updating it regularly, but the views are growing each day more and more and it’s stressing me out that I can’t bring myself to write and update so I think I’m just gonna unpublish :))))

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