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f10werfae · 13 hours ago
I Need you More ☁️
Tumblr media
Pairing: CEO! Chris Evans x Nurse! Reader
Word count: 1,900
Summary: A CEO gets admitted into hospital with mild amnesia, only to find himself falling in love with the only person that can heal him
Warnings: Age gap ( Reader is mid 20s, Chris is 40)
Requests are open!
Likes, Comments and Re-blogs are appreciated♥️
«────── « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ » ──────»
(Y/n's P.O.V)
A clipboard was shoved into my hands by Dr.Thomas, my current mentor and supervisor.
“A middle aged man has come in, he’s been in a terrible car accident which right now we assume has lead to him having mild amnesia and multiple broken bones. I’ve given you the duty to look after him so long as it takes for him to fully recover, are you up for the challenge Y/n?”
Desperate to show Dr.Thomas good work, I nodded enthusiastically hugging the clipboard to my chest watching as he nodded and walked on. Slowly letting out a deep breath I looked at the information of my newest patient
Name: Chris Evans
Age: 40
Emergency Contact: None
Injuries sustained: Multiple bone fractures, Back injuries, multiple bone breakages etc
“Jeez he must be in a lot of pain” I said putting the clipboard onto the desk, grabbing a new pair of latex gloves and putting them on. My fellow nurse and friend Lucy came over, snooping at my newest patient.
“Why? You know him?”
“Yeah how can you not? He’s literally like the richest man ever and still single. He is so fricking dreamy, but i’ve seen from magazines that he never even gives a woman a second glance”
“Sounds like an asshole” I said chuckling a little, picking up my board and bidding Lucy a bye, before heading to his designated room. A private room, as expected.
Taking a deep breath in front of his door, I walked in to see him still unconscious. Bandages covering the top of his head, his arms and legs either in casts or also bandaged. I felt sorry for him, he has to be the worst patient i’ve seen ever since I joined this hospital a few months ago.
I walked over to the side of his bed, hanging the board onto the hanger.
“Hm, you know you’re actually quite handsome. Shame you sound like a pain the ass from what i’ve heard”
“Excuse me?” Shit, jumping back a little I realised one of his eyes had opened, clearly he had just woken up.
“Oh Mr Evans, you’re finally awake let me just go call a Doctor” I said trying to smile as nicely as I could, trying to brush over my comment.
“Wait no, what am I doing here?”
“Uh well, you kind of got in a car accident Sir, do you remember anything?”
“Uh no? I mean I know who I am, but I don’t remember anything other than my company or my name”
“I see I see, let me just consult a Doctor, i’ll be one second” I replied walking out the door, when I heard him groan loudly
“Ow fuck!”
“Mr Evans are you ok? What happened?” I said rushing over instantly inspecting his body for any further injury.
“Yeah i’m jus playin' with ya, you’re cute”
“Not funny Mr Evans, not funny at all” I scoffed actually leaving the room, not wanting to hear anything else he had to say. Does he really think it’s okay to joke around like that in a hospital? Especially with a nurse that’s only new and is terrified of their mentor.
I walked into the staff room, finding Dr.Thomas drinking his coffee, “Dr. Thomas, Mr Evans has just woken up”
“Ok thank you Y/n, i’ll come see him now” He said putting his flask back into his bag and following me to Mr. Evans' room.
“Hello Mr. Evans, i’m Dr. Thomas and i’ll be your consultant throughout your stay here. Which from our estimate should be around 2-3 weeks if you make good progress, however when you go home you will still be healing physically in terms of bones and fractures. Our main focus right now is helping that head injury of yours, which we suspect has lead to some mild memory loss. Nurse Y/n here will be assisting you throughout your stay, any requests or queries you have just ask her.”
“Oh sweet, the cute one” Mr. Evans said smirking as he tilted his head to peek at me, causing me to scoff and fold my arms.
Dr. Thomas turned around slightly smiling, “Well Y/n looks like you’ve got yourself an admirer” Before walking out of the room leaving us two alone.
“So got any family members coming to visit you or do you have anyone you want me to call? A girlfriend maybe?” I said taking my notepad and pen out.
“Uh no, from what I do remember i’m a lone wolf. So no, no visitors for me” He said smiling, but I could tell he had deeper feelings about this lingering. Deciding not to push the topic any further, I walked over and sat beside his bed.
“So Mr.Evans what do you want to do?” I said leaning onto the side, my head in my palm.
“Well for one, don’t call me Mr. Evans, Chris is fine. Two, tell me about yourself, you’re a mystery to me”
“Well you did only meet me a while ago” I said laughing, now sitting up straight smiling at him.
“Yeah, usually i’m able to read people, but I cannot read you at all”
“It’s the Y/n magic, what can I say” I said shrugging standing up, when I felt him grab onto my arm.
“Wait don’t go, don’t leave me alone please, I mean if you’re not busy”
“I wasn’t leaving, I was just getting you some water Mr- Chris” I corrected myself just in time, walking over pouring him a glass of water.
“My arms don’t work, will you do it for me sweet cheeks”
“Haha very funny, lucky for you this is part of my job” I said grabbing under his chin and gently putting the cup to his pink lips and watching as he drank half the glass.
Pulling the glass away, I instinctively wiped the bit of water that dribbled onto his chin, making eye contact with him when suddenly he winked at me.
Causing a rush of warmth to rush up my body, my heart already going a million miles an hour. Can you tell i’ve never had a flirty encounter before, and the first time I do it’s with a sexy CEO.
( Day 5 )
These past few days had been, different to say the least. Chris had definitely made progress on his health, his memories were more or less back. Although I couldn’t help but notice that when they did return he did seem a bit more down. So I tried my best to cheer him up even a tiny bit, and our first session today was his physio.
“Well hello Chris, are you ready to work on your legs today?”
I asked cheerfully, walking into his room, hanging up my bag and coat in his cloakroom.
“Ready as i’ll ever be beautiful, as long as you’re the one doing it with me”
I smiled at him, walking over and slowly helping him sit upright, putting his legs over the side of the bed. I bent down retrieving his plaid slippers and placing them on his feet. Getting ready to stand back up, I couldn’t help but notice the bulge that had formed in his grey sweatpants, causing us both to clear our throats awkwardly.
Ignoring it, I held onto his forearms and helped him into his temporary wheelchair, “What would I ever do without you Y/n?” Chris asked sweetly, tilting his head back up to look at me. I laughed before bending down, “I don’t know Chris, you needing me would mean you’d be in hospital. I don’t know if that’d be a bad thing”
( Chris' P.O.V)
“I don’t know Chris, you needing me would mean you’d be in hospital. I don’t know if that’d be a bad thing” Y/n whispered into my ear, causing a shiver to run down my spine.
Little did she know, over these past five days she has been the person i’ve needed the most. Not in terms of my health, but i’ve found myself needing her attention, her touch and her care. Is this normal to feel?
(Day 8)
(Y/n's P.O.V)
Walking into Chris' room at 6:30am, I expected him to still be asleep under the covers. When I saw him standing? by the window?
“Chris?! What the hell, you know you’re not supposed to be standing without support just yet, not for another week anyway”
I rushed out running to his side, instantly wrapping my arms around his torso to try and stabilise him in any way how then leading him back to his wheelchair.
“I know I know, but the sun rise looked too beautiful to miss, and i’ve been cooped up in here for so long”
“Ok I have an idea, let’s get your coat on, and no telling Dr.Thomas ok?” I said biting my lip, grabbing his trench coat and helping him get his arms through. He nodded at me, smirking mischievously.
Wheeling him out of his room, I pushed us as fast as I could to the elevator pressing the top floor's button. Once out of the elevator, I tried to avoid all the common areas, slowly leading us to the door that lead to the rooftop.
Pushing open the fire escape door, I wheeled him out to beside the bench, which is where I used to eat my lunch, that was before I started eating my lunch with Chris everyday. He had become someone I learned to need.
I sat on the bench beside Chris' wheelchair, “isn’t this better than your window Chris?”
Not hearing a reply, I looked over and saw him with glossy eyes.
“Chris? Are you ok?”
I asked standing in front of him, bending down a little to cup his face in my hands, his beard cushioning my hands.
“Yeah, I uh, I just, i’ve never had someone care for me this much. You are amazing Y/n, you’ve made me feel something no one else has ever made me feel. I need you Y/n. Not just in this hospital, but out of it too”
Looking into his eyes, slowly the gap between us closed, his slips slotting with mine. With Chris instantly taking the lead in the kiss, him taking my hands off his face and instead cupping my face. Pulling me closer, deepening our kiss causing me to gasp; he took this opportunity to slip his tongue into my mouth. The butterflies starting to erupt in my stomach.
We both pulled away from the kiss, our noses touching as we just smiled lovingly at each other.
“I need you too Chris Evans, more than you need me”
(Day 14)
“Ok babe you ready to go home?” I asked Chris, folding all his clothes into his duffle bag, watching him tie his shoes.
“The question is are you ready to come home with me?” He asked playfully, coming up behind me wrapping his arms around my waist and placing kisses all over my neck.
When the door suddenly opened,
“Ok Mr. Evans your discharge papers are all ready to g-“
“Oh D- Dr. Thomas” I stuttered, slightly pushing Chris away.
“Ah I see what’s happened here, did Y/n get herself a boyfriend?” Dr. Thomas asked playfully, looking between Chris and I.
Before I could even reply, Chris pulled me closer to him, “Can you blame me Dr. Thomas? She’s absolutely perfect”
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trustonlystars · a day ago
All those stories I’ve heard about fighting for love have turned sour now. I no longer admire love stories that fought battles just to prove their love. I no longer aim to have the courage to fight against anyone to keep my love. Isn’t our love, all ours already? Why throw it into the courts of judgments, why tame it down, and why cage it into earthy definitions? Love is a divine connection and nothing can pull down a relation like that. My love, was never meant to tie you down, neither I can, neither I want to. My love doesn’t see any boundaries, neither does it see any limits. Our love doesn’t promise me a lifetime, but it promises me a forever beyond that. Our love doesn’t need to fit in the right and wrong, just like how we don’t. And all that’s ahead seems uncertain, but I do not want to fight for our love, I believe it doesn’t need any more efforts. Everything about our love happens ever so naturally, I don’t feel the need to fix anything.
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soulless-sultry · 2 days ago
The Tree
Once there was a seed
Dreams to become a strong tree
Suddenly the bird takes her away
And flies into the skies
A strong wind blows
And the seed falls to the ground
The skies become dark
And the heavy rain comes
The seed swept away into a faraway land
Sprout in the middle of a field
And her companions are the weeds
Little as she grows
A farmer wants to pull her out
Thinking she's one of the weeds
But her roots holds firm to the ground
Days and years pass by
The tree become taller and wider
It gives shade to rest and fruit to eat
That gladdens the farmer's heart
She produces more little trees
Sprouting on the ground
Until one day the farmer
Tumblr media
decided to cut her down
Out of the tree, the farmer build a home
To shelter his family in heat and storm
And that's the last time
The tree seen standing on the ground..
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queerism1969 · a month ago
What stereotypes should I avoid when writing a trans woman? What should I take into account when writing them?
Obviously, don't make her entire existence or personality based around her gender, but be sure to actually represent it instead of pulling a J K Rowling and claiming she's trans without ever actually representing it.
Most trans people won't talk about being trans unless it's to discuss issues we face or if the subject is brought up. It's no different from writing a cisgender woman 😊
AVOID DEADNAMING HER. I see authors doing this quite a lot. Unless it's relevant to the plot in some way or the character was closeted/hadn't transitioned yet. TBH, the readers don't need to know that Kylie used to be a Kyle.
Avoid harmful tropes and stereotypes. There are SO many stories where the only queer characters end up dead or some other form of suffering. We rarely see queer and trans characters getting happy endings, so it would be really nice to see.
Research and understand methods of transitioning
Trans women are often stereotyped as predators, so try to avoid villainizing trans characters while also making sure you're not writing unrealistic characters with only positive traits as well.
Tumblr media
Another thing —— I'd really recommend is actually talking to trans women! Hearing trans people and listening to their stories is one of the most informational things you can do in this kind of situation. You could also look at how other people have written trans women in books and television, etc. but be sure to check that the characters are accurately written like POSE, EUPHORIA.
Terms to Know:
Trans: an inclusive term that includes all who are transgender, non-binary, or otherwise gender-nonconforming
Cis/Cisgender: someone who is not trans
AMAB: Assigned male at birth — someone who was marked as male on their original birth certificate
AFAB: Assigned female at birth — someone who was marked as female on their original birth certificate
Gender Binary: the one-or-the-other way that most societies view gender; one is either a girl, or a boy
Non-Binary: Someone who doesn’t identify as either male or female. They can identify as both, neither, fluctuating, or somewhere in between.
To Pass/Passing: Appearing outwardly as the gender one identifies with. This can include clothing, voice, and mannerisms, and it implies that any stranger who comes across them will see them as the gender they identify with without question.
Misgendering: Calling someone by the pronouns (he/she/they/etc) of the gender that they do not identify with. Most often, this is calling them by the pronouns generally used to refer to people of the gender they were assumed to be at birth — AFAB people called “she” and AMAB people called “he”.
Dead Name: Also known as birth name, this is the name one was assigned at birth. Offensive/incorrect terms for it include real name or legal name.
T-Slur: Tr*nny is an extremely offensive term that refers to AMAB trans people. It should not be used, ever, even to make a point, unless it is handled very carefully.
Tumblr media
Sorry for the rambling! Hope this helps. Most trans people are very open to questions like these, so if you have any questions, I'm sure someone will be willing to answer them. 😊❤️
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itsmegallene · 26 days ago
“Bring me your suffering. The rattle roar of broken bones. Bring me the riot in your heart. Angry, wild, and raw. Bring it all. I am not afraid of the dark.”
Mia Hollow
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hazeltoheraugustus · 2 months ago
She stood there, six feet away from me. Oh, how much I wanted to take those six steps and scoop her up into my arms. The wind blew and I wanted nothing but to become the hair that vined around her neck. And the moment she looked at me and smiled the smile of half angel, half satan. My heart broke into thousand pieces and the brightness in her eyes glued those pieces back together. And that was the moment I knew how fragile my heart was.
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the-bartender · a month ago
i want to live. i want the rush of missing my bus stop home on purpose and having no idea of what corner of the city i'll end up in. learn with a friend how to dance like they did in fancy ballrooms, hand flowers to people i'll probably only see once in my life. go outside just to get lost, and laugh without caring how loud my happiness is. fall in love with strangers i pass by in the street, sing to myself when im washing dishes and smile at little things. learn to cook properly to hear the hum people let out when they taste something nice and hear them say i should share the recipe. have my heart broken a thousand times to mend it again and again so that every time it grows bigger and warmer with new people and things i find beautiful. i want to drown in coincidences, stupid mistakes and decisions i havent really thought through
and fall in love with life.
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f10werfae · 24 days ago
A Proud Boyfriend ☁️
Tumblr media
Pairing= Henry Cavill x Flight Attendant! Reader
Word count: 1,254
Warnings= inappropriate touching? Implications of smut
Summary: Henry and Y/n are on two different flights, although Y/n knows better than to question the fact that Henry always gets his way
Requests are open!
Likes, Re-blogs and Comments are appreciated♥️
❀•°❀°•❀ ❀•°❀°•❀ ❀•°❀°•❀ ❀•°❀°•❀ ❀•°❀°•❀
(Y/n’s P.O.V)
I looked into the mirror straightening out my pencil skirt, fixing my name badge and the tiny scarf around my neck. My suitcase lying ready at the foot of our bed as my boyfriend Henry was still in the bathroom getting ready.
“Henry babe, you’re going to miss your flight and i’m going to be late for work if you dont hurry up!” I said shouting into him slipping on my black heels giving me a height boost of a few inches, yet somehow Henry still managed to tower over me.
“I’m coming lovely, don’t worry we both won’t be late or is my name not superman” He said shooting me a cheeky grin before grabbing my hand and my suitcase, before leading me out of our bedroom and down the stairs.
“Are you sure you’re not on my flight babe?” Henry said bringing us outside and putting all of our luggage into the trunk of his car.
“I’m sure babe, i’m attending a flight to New York and you’ll be on a flight to L.A”
“Can you not ask or something to get you changed?” Henry said finally closing the trunk whining slightly before opening my door for me and then getting into the driver’s side.
“As much as i’d love to work on your flight bub my schedules already been confirmed and checked” I said adjusting his growing hair behind his ear before grabbing his stubbly chin to look at me, as I pressed a kiss to his lips.
“Ugh Y/n you got lipstick on me didn’t you?” He said grumbling, harshly rubbing at his lips in the car mirror.
“Hey you weren’t complaining about the lipstick last night bear” I said smirking at him before turning to look out the window.
[At the Airport]
With Henry’s luggage on a trolley and mine in my hand, it was unfortunately time for us to go to different sides of the airport.
“Alright baby, you know how it goes: stay safe, text me when you land, call me when you get to your hotel and don’t miss me too much” Henry said winking at me before placing small kisses on both my cheeks, and then my lips for a little longer.
“Sir, yes Sir” I said jokingly saluting him before pulling him in for one more massive bear hug. His huge arms engulfing me instantly into a cocoon of warmth and love.
“Such a shame, I wanted to see you working in this uniform too” He said clenching his teeth before subtly giving my ass a slight grab, his other hand cradling the back of my head clearly not wanting to let go of me yet.
ANNOUNCEMENT: *Can all passengers on the flight 247 to New York, please find their way to gate 18*
The speaker said overhead, cutting me and Henry's time together even shorter.
"Alright bear, it's time for me to go now, I love you okay?" I said pulling away to look at him while cupping his cheeks, bringing him in for one more final kiss.
"I love you too gorgeous and i’ll miss you so much”
Taking the handle of my suitcase, I started walking towards the direction of my gate, occasionally looking back at Henry to see him still watching me leave until I was out of sight.
[On Y/n’s Airplane]
“Y/n what are you doing here?” Captain Shields said looking up from his seat as I walked into the cockpit.
“What do you mean? I’m on this flight it said on the schedule” I said tilting my head a little bit, feeling confused at their confusion.
“Ugh, did Rachel not tell you?”
“Tell me what?” I said walking further into the room.
“She asked to take your shift today on this flight, something about meeting her boyfriend in New York. Your new shift is on a flight to Los Angeles, flight 826. Is that okay?” Captain said looking at me, clearly in pity seeing that I had walked all the way over here for no reason.
“Yep that’s fine, when does that flight depart?”
“I’d say another 15 minutes so you better get going
Walking back to the main part of the plane realisation hit, that was Henry's plane. Looks like the cheeky bear does get his way after all, guess it’ll be a nice surprise for him.
I grabbed my luggage and headed back towards the corridor connected to the plane, and down the main link corridor of the airport walking to my new gate. Gate 34.
Walking towards the gate, I realised I was the last one to board. Heading through the staff lounge, I boarded onto the plane and set my luggage by the stewardess cabins. Before once again fixing myself in the mirror and walking out to the main area of the plane.
Well what do you know, my one and only boyfriend is right at the back of the first class seating area, I could tell he was shocked by the way his eyes widened when he saw me.
My fellow attendant Sam told me to go down the lanes and make sure everyone’s seat belt was fastened, and everyone was compliant except for of course one.
“Is your seatbelt fastened sir?” I asked Henry trying to stay professional despite the smirk growing on his face as he looked me up and down.
“I actually don’t know how to fasten these type of seatbelts” He said smugly acting dumb.
“Come on Henry don’t be difficult” I said pouting slightly knowing he was going to get his way, once again.
“Why don’t you show me how to buckle it?” He said leaning back a bit, watching me as I leaned down and bucked his seatbelt for him. Feeling his eyes on me the entire time as he discreetly placed a few kisses on my neck.
Standing back up I continued my way down the aisle, and back up again feeling his eyes on me constantly, he would definitely be bringing this up in the bedroom.
[2 Hours In]
I was about to walk about the plane when I realised a certain someone had fallen asleep, grabbing a blanket from the shelf I walked over and gently tucked him in. Luckily all the seats surrounding Henry had been empty due to not so many people flying during the pandemic.
“Thank you baby” I heard him say sleepily, making my heart melt as I leaned down and kissed his forehead.
[After The Flight]
I picked up my luggage and headed towards the exit of the airport when I felt a hand intertwine with mine.
“I loved seeing you work baby, makes me so proud to be able to call you my girlfriend” Henry said holding my hand as he directed me towards the conveyer belt filled with luggage.
“I must say, you are one troublesome passenger Mr Cavill, getting me all hot and bothered” I said teasing him watching him pick up his three suitcases placing them onto his trolley.
“Mhm i’m sure you were, now how long are you in L.A for my dear?” He said now standing in front of me, his two hands holding my waist, him staring deeply into my eyes to a point where I blanked out a little bit.
“Hmm i’m here for around five days I think? Then i’m back home for a week or two” I answered unsurely not remembering my timetable.
“Well until you’re back on a plane, I want you on my bed”
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its-all-write · 15 days ago
no because being a writer is actually so frustrating because
my brain: here’s a fantastic plot and absolutely immaculate vibes and very detailed daydreams that end with signing books in your favourite bookstore. writing it will be easy peasy because you love this idea SO MUCH
also my brain: words?? who’s she??? i don’t know her?? just stare blankly at the screen for a few hours and maybe you’ll see sense
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aszmxm · 19 days ago
ستشرق الشمس مهما طال الليل.
The sun will rise no matter how long the night seems.
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wildflowersinme · a month ago
I don't think there's a name for what we were. We weren't friends. We weren't lovers. But we made each other smile in a way that didn't make sense to our rational brains. I guess we made each other happy, until one day, we didn't.
- augusta, until one day [part i]
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introvert-unicorn · 17 days ago
Tumblr is the sanctuary of every introvert on earth, you just can't prouve me wrong.
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