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paradoxicalpenman · 3 minutes ago
Manifesting Love (A nonet)
The knot of love easy as breathing when entangling,
But as hard as forgiving when its unravelling,
Love comes with the burden of expectations,
But my love turned into devotion,
Does not even require you,
Company even in recluse,
Grant one wish,
Benign bliss,
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wolfstarrysky · 3 minutes ago
Remnants of a Broken Sky
I cannot explain what this poem is about, I wrote this at a very transitive period in my life, so I leave the interpretation up to you guys, I hope you like it
To be floating above it all
The waves and the raging fires
The translucent veil of denial
The light trickling through the cracks
Eyelids fluttering to the breaking sky,
I’m too preoccupied trying to find a place to hide
I don’t know what to say whether to lie or to confide
Words are a gust of air, clawing my insides.
My being, a heap of dried leaves;
Withering in the light of noon.
Screams and crashes, blood and tears.
My eyes are covered, wires wound around my beating heart.
I’m too preoccupied trying to find a place to hide.
To look beyond the veil at the remnants of a broken sky.
When the words stop, and the world is full of sorry sighs
That’s when I feel it, the silence gnawing at my insides
Scratching and scraping, ripping and tearing.
I can’t look, not in the mirror, not in their eyes.
All I see are strings hanging loose.
I yell profanities in the void, hoping it would stitch me back
Hoping it would release the angry little person running wild.
All that happens is that I lose control, a sorry little sack.
I lose myself. I turn into a nightmare, fucked up and vile.
We’re all nothing but masks.
We’re echoes of artificial laughter and forced smiles.
But, I don’t see a thing.
I am too preoccupied trying to find a place to hide.
To look beyond the veil at the remnants of a broken sky.
@adoginthemanger @mydogisgaytoo @rustycoffemachine @starviki @edgar--allan--h0e @simposexual @jugn00
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devinetheory-2 · 19 minutes ago
I wish you understood
what I meant when I talk.
How you gonna try harder
the farther that I walked
I wish I didn't feel
like a martyr to our cause
I wish... I wish ....
I wish I would I could have held on longer
I wish I was stronger
I wish I had more wisdom
And we didnt become victims
to all of the shit thats hidden
Within our thoughts
I wish happiness
didnt seem so far off
Heart hardened and starved
From the pain of our wrongs
I wish we practiced
Loyalty and honor
in our walk
I wish I could find peace
From the weakness
Brought by all the secrets
that shes keeping
And our mysteries
That arent solved
Regardless of our loss
A real mother fucker
Not afraid of the hard talks
Heartless and scarred
From the darkness of our flaws
And It gets so dark
And I don't know what it means
I can hear God calling me
As Im falling apart at the seams
Cuz I no longer see you
in my dreams
Cuz our stars are so far off
Cuz maybe we didn't handle
the shit the smartest
And Im still feeling like a target
And its never been harder
To face all our flaws
Nobody that I know
Is sewn with our cloth
In a zone with my loss
And she on social media
Trying to show off
And im alone at home
With this chrome
trying not To go off
Tears drop from a blank face
While I listen to our songs
at the bar gone
I cant breathe
As im crushed by the weight
Of our wrongs
That's nailed to our cross
I been carrying for so long
I try to fly off... But im frozen
Crack the sky open
When I unload my mind
Trying to focus
But im blind
Ready to turn my lights off
and ive been MANY things
But Id give anything
for just 1 more moment
With my mom
Been grinding and surviving
So long
my minds gone
As I hold on tight
To this cliff that I'm on
And all the shit
life has to throw at me
I can feel your pain
Even when youre not close to me
And I can heal the pain
Thru thru my  poetry
I may be insane
I can hear God calling
I'm too busy to respond
Cant help myself
I'm Fallin
waiting for her to notice me
Before Im lost....
Sign off
Anything to turn these thoughts
in my mind off...
- Devine Theory
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archanamalabarik · 52 minutes ago
Be you'll think differently!
From me, Alisha Barik
Tumblr media
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purgatorypoetry · 55 minutes ago
if you’ve ever stepped onto the porch to smoke and watched the exhaled plumes build on the horizon, heard the hungry birds fall silent, felt the pressure drop like a man in a noose, if you’ve ever felt the cacophony of a forest die and a storm rise out of nothing but five minutes time then you know, you know the feeling of your fingers on the pulse of the world and the center of a churning universe the sensation of feeling the rhythm fall still and for a moment for a moment you know the power of a god bridled within a beast you are infinite and immortal until those winds release,
when the rain breaks free and sheets sideways against your rattling home when the trees bend their better parts down low in submission you know best to do the same, and when that storm subsides the light piercing the cracks on high will shine in something resembling daybreak in a mirror,
you will see things clearer than ever before and the birds will return still hungry and somehow still here, you will step out later to smoke again and hear thunder building in the east
@cherokeeghostwriter post storm prompt
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sincerelysharon · an hour ago
Not a line of elegance, not a trace. Twirling a beer bottle in her fingers, shifting sunlight in her eyes, leather soft hair, a smile barely bracing. Water falling, fire spilling, earth crackling. Nose bridge high, ankles crossed, twinkling earrings. Soft and tender Love never did like wine and never did like the pain. Clasping the bottle neck to her lips, allowing the amber liquid to trail down her throat, she swallowed and coughed violently. Slivers of stories, first meetings, endings, beginnings, and all the hurt and love in between... scalding. Bittersweet, blackened armour and thick smoked ash residue trails from her mouth. Stinging, wounded, a little drunk, Love calls for another bottle. Shaking, she drags the second bottle to her mouth, barely reading the label this time, her body already tremor ridden in anticipation, and lets it begin all over again.
Love, an alcoholic, slurping away on the love stories of the world condensed as beer, in a small bar in Seattle // s.g. 
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graff1980 · an hour ago
I love rainstorms, for their percussive rhythm that is relaxing, and freeing in hearing and seeing the soft trickles these full clouds are releasing.
I loved rainstorms when I was younger with a vengeful glee cause I got to see the children who picked on me disappointed. While I was free to sit and read anywhere, they could not go outside cause it was wet out there.
I love a storm cause my grandpa would sit and watch it for a bit while I watched him draw circles on the pavement and see raindrops painting dark wet shading.
I love rainstorms because I can easily fall asleep, but if I go deep, they also keep me safe by keeping others at a distance, making it so I don’t have to visit anyone.
As a first-born son of a terribly angry woman, a lady of violent outbursts and verbal degradation, I love the rain cause I feel safer when the lightning fractures the night sky than I ever felt when my mother was nearby.
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followcb · an hour ago
Diamond (That You Are)
your glow will never dim
bright light, brilliant star
appearing in the sky tonight
like the diamond that you are
shine fiercely, shine on . . .
with your dance-filled, musical
life lived in passion's groove
you're every move
beamed with kindness
ferocious exuberance
compassion and joy
empathy for others
joie de vivre
caring expressions of love
sparked hearts
ignited emotions
incited smiles
comfort us here in the dark
in these finale moments
when saying goodbye
feels close to impossible
only you and your angelic ways
will serve to remind us of beauty
and the most magical days
when your radiance
filled every tiny space
with an innate happiness
that best describes your face
a fantastic, forever reminder
live from heaven's eternal stage
©️ @followcb ☆ June 19, 2021
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hazeltoheraugustus · an hour ago
The Blue Eyed Angel
I fell for you
The day you came
All blue eyed, curled hair
You lit up the whole room
We had some good times, didn't we?
Oh, but how much I wanted to see
More of you
My dear William Herondale
I will always be catastrophically in love with you.
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scribblersobia · 2 hours ago
‘My favorite person.’
You know what, things just end, Today I woke up and there was no good morning text from my 'favorite person,' I didn't get to hear how 'their' day went, we guys don't share our problems anymore, I will never get to laugh and cry with 'them,' there will be no long video calls and chatting for hours, there will be no good night texts from 'them,' there will be no mistakes and apologies after a fight, there will be no I love you, there will be no I miss you, there will be no future plannings, and I will never get to see 'them' again, my 'favorite person.'
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devinetheory-2 · 2 hours ago
I want you.
All of you
and I can hear
your body calling through
from behind those concrete walls
that seem so tall to you
I would drink you
to your core
and swallow you
if you fell
into the depths
of my hell
I would follow you.
Nobody would bother you
While we're walking through
Extended clip on the top
With the optical
Clothes optional
Enough bullets
And money
ANYTHING is possible
but wont let you
disrespect me
who is you talking to...
and I love you too
you got a long journey
ahead of you
but dont worry
Baby girl
ill always
be next to you
Sexually incredible
My candy coated raindrops
Get that thang rocked
Put you to bed
With several sessions
Of edible
Talkin bout
what you wanna do
Tappin out is
what you gonna do
been in bed with the devil
sellin at federal levels etc
but the blessing
fixing to come thru soon
Me without my sunlight?
makes me one blue moon
but words can kill people
like guns do too
I dont do people
like some do you
baby id rather die
than undo you
but there are 1 or 2 things
i just cant love you thru
...and I forgive you
but that doesnt mean
I get to forget too
and I refuse to stress you
instead putting that pressure
imma just let you do you
heal those injuries
learn how to live
so you can learn
to forgive you too
- Devine Theory
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slowselfsacrifice · 2 hours ago
if you love me
you don't love me in a way i understand
if you love me
i do not feel loved by you
if you love me
i feel so lonely in your presence
if you love me
if you love me
if you love me
if you
bold of me to assume you ever did
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p0intless-p0et · 4 hours ago
I think I believe in second chances
I think
But the thing is
The thing is there has to be a line drawn
One which cannot be crossed
consequence free
But the thing is
The thing is you hurt me
before I was old enough to hold the chalk
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tabootri · 5 hours ago
Nobody cares
Nobody cares
So why do I share
I’m obsessed with
But no body listens
And I’m just put
Back on the
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dancing-on-the-waves · 7 hours ago
You say we are dirty, unclean, unwashed While you pollute our lands Soil our rivers Rub dirt in our faces and hands
You fly above the moon To the great Valhalla Unknown Your sheep believing your illusions While the outcasts into the sun thrown
You say we are barbaric, inhuman, cruel While you bomb our  homes, villages and cities, Burn our women and children From the air determined by cowardly committees You walk across the land Preaching your rightness Like titans of old Ignoring your wrongness
You say you are generous, giving, and sacrificing While stealing from our people Raping our women and children Erecting tombs with steeples
From your self absorbed, gilded podiums You sing your praise Spewing forth your grandeur Like volcanic ash creating a poisonous haze
We do not want your vain platitudes We shun your arrogance and lies Or your two faced attitudes Hidden beneath your benevolent guise
Destroy not our lands, our people, our heritage Rape your own, Pollute your own land,  But leave us alone.
K. C. Barry
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ohnonawal · 7 hours ago
I cannot lie
I miss you
I haven’t written about you in so long
Maybe that’s why I’m worried about you
I hope you’re happy
Every year you come and go
Every year I’m in love
Or at least think I am
You’re painful
You hurt a lot more than you did the last time
I can’t remember what happened before I slept last night
Or anything from the last 3 months
Or even the last 3 days
Still, when I read everything I wrote about you,
It all feels like yesterday
June feels like it was yesterday
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mega2wheellife · 8 hours ago
of songs sung low
she loved she loved
Morrison of the Jim kind
& I
was more into Van the man
that Celtic melancholy
biting deep
while she felt Jim’s words
sinking his lizard king lyricism
hook right in
& we
were wasteland kids
born in dark years
of a love fleeting & gone
like our very own
two years & done
& to think of then
becomes more
of songs sung low
the clinging together
of separate souls
shipwrecked on rocks
created in another dawn
not of our choosing
neil benbow
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jamesofjess · 8 hours ago
I'll be at my father's soon
And he'll wash my messy aim
with water balloons.
He'll trash my treasures
Then snatch my trash
Then tell me that they're flash bangs- splash.
But he should know his son is setting soon and bright.
An early ghost upon the hills deciding it was noon tonight.
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lebuc · 8 hours ago
outliers & the left-behind
* high among the best known non-fiction plot devices...
the rags-to-riches tale:
thee against the world - unfurling billowy ribbbons of hope & faith streaming through the mindspace
of millions of well-meaning minions, that they too may rise & shine, amidst all opposing opinions
against all odds found exalted on an altar, prevailing to gird themselves with the champion's belt & a felt sense of fate's favor to savor.
yet that pathway, that foray toward fortune & fame is a burning ember, a flame that does not remember the strivers left-behind, unnamed
the also-ran & running personkind vying for their piece of a poisoned pie, should they fall short by the wayside,
left to wither on the vine of anonymity with a dearth of breathless tributaries to their worth, carrying undue weight,
as does excess baggage or freight for lagging behind expectations, congratulations, thanks you can't bank
as their mentations don't merit dispensation or a rank in the teeming fruit-veiled station
with the other left-behind passengers waiting for the s.s. success express
seeking to reap a measure of largess from the quantum leap, more-or-less indicative of the outliers - for sure - but not the phantomed rest. * 6/21 - lebuc - outliers & the left-behind
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