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don’t you know how perfect you are .
you star , speeding through my race car heart
with smarts . yet so much oblivion in that
wanderlust , daydreamer mind of yours .
are you fonder now of where you are ?
have you realized you are made of space dust -
no need to trace & retrace mistrust , like
chalk outlines on the sidewalk of dead dreams .
the universe screams your name every night ,
if only you’d stop to scream it back .
understand you are the universe , & you must
let your worth echo in & out of yourself ;
believe in your power to change your life -
& fall in love with yourself as much as i have .

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kmn // the absence of her presence pt.1
And late at night when you roll over, and you reach over to wrap your arm around her and pull her close to keep her warm; there will be nothing but a cold empty place. You’ll realize that where she used to lie, she is no longer there; the bed that used to seem so small with the two of you in it will suddenly become so large. The absence of your significant other will begin to creep over your shoulder each night and will drive you crazy.
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God, tell me why

He could be having dirt under his fingernails
Or could be transparent
There had to be a reason
He said
The world was always so large
He said
Anything could be possible

God, tell me why

These windows must have frosted over
With your ear against the Earth
You could hear it breathe
And every theory of gravity exhales
There were whispers
Coming from the other side of the edge

God, tell me why

Every question
Leads to ten more
And nothing is ever proven
It could be possible
He said
In another life
He said
We could break every bond

God, tell me why

Why mathematical theories
Can’t prove where he went
Why he’s still here
But different

God, tell me why

When every theory of gravity fails
We still are flightless

//Every Theory of Gravity By: Alec Prado//

Photo Courtesy of: thephotosociety on Instagram

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Empty garage

Memories come


back to life,

jump the line

to the real




like before.

I recall,


in an empty garage,


the horizontal door


onto an uncaring




looks in from.

It is early

in the memory,

two years


we face

a probable death.

Not knowing

is my crutch.

But my sobs


something is getting



The pervasive

emptiness of loss


the empty garage.

The presence

of absence


to the real



is a filler,

the air

we breathe,

the soul

we inhabit.

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we are like
dispersed dreams,
iridescent, floating
spinning in our own galaxies.
soft for each other
like these quiet
October nights that only
grow warmer.
scented with desire -
that has outgrown the heart,
that has leapt out
and found purpose
inside stillness, growing
anything but still.
knowing we’ll find each other
through the fog.
dreaming we’ll be holding
each other’s faces
when the mist lifts.

© SoulReserve 2020

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The shades of night hang

like a damp cloak on

these shoulders slumped

under dim street lamps

the river’s edge quite close

They pass in silent cavalcade

a parade of fear and doubt

spreading like pale mushrooms

across an ill-defined patchwork

of glistening oily streaks

draining away into dreams

of night and the solitude

of foreboding

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The Purpose of Change

decades of silence have been rebuilding inside strengthening your voice

you’ll need unleash it so that others can support the changes you bring

‘cause now is the time to demonstrate the purpose for which you were born


3in1 haiku #265


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