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luck1998 · 16 hours ago
I know you’ve been hurt.
Years of your emotions being dispersed.
Hardly handled with care.
All your fears being amplified from a significant that’s suppose to crystallize your worth.
Instead they impede your growth.
Leading you on when they have an unquenchable thirst.
Dragging your feelings through the dirt while they plant seeds all across the earth.
Soul ties from holes you never been expose to.
Now you’re all vulnerable.
Hiding behind a blunt or a few.
Taking shots to escape the view.
Blacking out so you can’t feel what you been through.
Your pain is visible.
I can see it all in your eyes.
It’s okay to let it out
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darkacademia07 · 18 hours ago
i told my friend about my desire to kill myself, and she said she didn't believe it since i always found an excuse to stay longer. so i realized that my biggest crave was to be alive but sometimes ending it all seemed the best option because of the pain i carry in my chest, the one who stops me to do what i wish the most: live.
— 𝘈𝘵𝘩𝘦𝘯𝘢 (𝘮𝘺𝘴𝘦𝘭𝘧).
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kungfuslipper · 20 hours ago
hallways of old buildings,
I catch an acrid smell, a sterile grey prickling that creeps along my nasopharynx like a spider creeps along a painted Linoleum floor. Upon which you can only walk the furthest right-hand side, so close your shoulder might almost be touching the wall. Not so close that you can’t salute,
of course.
Finding the bathroom or the stairwell was a tortuous game of hide and seek, since everything was white and grey and ancient as the Navy itself. You’d think it would have been blue. It was not.
All the doorways looked exactly the same: marked only by deliberately meaningless though progressive numbers, and the amount of anxiety you felt hoping you’d picked the right one. The whole place was meant to imitate a ship. Such a specific and deeply ingrained memory: an imitation
The not-real ship berthed me back into the world a new person. I was mostly gone and I looked quite similar to the agent of change: meticulously lined one-way directions, trick doorways, and ambiguous locations. I was lost, but it was a very orderly lostness.
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khan-ae · a day ago
your body isn't any more precious than your dreams
if your dreams die
that is DEATH as well
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half-a-writer · a day ago
There's no magic in those three words. Once in a while your heart won't beat to them, once in a while you will find yourself saying them aloud, only to hear them reverberate in the emptiness within you. Love is beyond those three words, it's magic burning in the pit of your stomach and it's smoke rising like that of an incense stick to fill every inch of you till you breathe out love. You learn the language of silence, you speak with no words.
Tell me how do the mute say that they love?
Tumblr media
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sunken-bird · a day ago
I've come to understand under the speed of it all spinning,
It's no longer about winning,
Days come and days go,
Hot summer days change to snow,
All that matters in this life,
Is how you balance it all on the blade of this knife.
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sunken-bird · a day ago
:: The Mist ::
To be like the mist,
Fleeing like mice when the cat hissed,
To exist merely within the air,
Floating along without a care,
Bringing comfort to those in need,
Then being overlooked like a common good deed,
Summoned from and yet carrying your home,
Forever uncertain where you may roam,
The sun's heat and light will help you though,
As they are certainly your number one foe,
You're no longer welcome here,
Yes... Return to the waters... Disappear.
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luck1998 · a day ago
We’re so evolved but so primitive.
Powerful but still so broken.
A part of us still stolen but it’s like we chosen to forget.
Masking it with hate and anger.
Our spirit is in danger.
Corrupted by different pigments or higher shades.
We are caged.
Not with bars but in our minds.
Boundaries higher than the Everest climb.
They would hate to see us at our prime so they attacked our pride.
Then cast a gaze over our eyes.
And we think we’re alright cause we have fabric from different lands or material from deep within the land.
Unknown that we’re in quicksand without a branch .
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sunken-bird · 2 days ago
Title: The Dark
My own heart seems to be swelling, the capacity of it's holder can not grasp the quick filling. Seeking to find a cure, seems to be an impossible feat. I watch as my chest seemingly grows as though a slowly inflated ball or balloon.
In mere moments however, I can see there is a hole that forms, it allows the inflation to pour out, entering the world and my immediate surroundings. It is met with a poison that we are all so used to. Society has punctured my heart, allowing the bleeding. To be human shows that I have lost already... Though to defy causes nothing more than more of the hissing noise that comes from said hole.
I trudge onward, my body weakening, my mind trying to find the peace I desperately seek. Quickly from the edges of my vision, darkness ebbs away at the light. Each step taken causes my erosion to quicken, I can not fight this.... Smile... Just smile....
Smile as the vision fades... Smile as the voices become distant... Smile as all fades... Smile until the nothingness embraces all... Finally... The muscles relax... I am smiling without required thought.... All is well..
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luck1998 · 2 days ago
Anxiety, enlighten me.
Why are you always attacking me?
When I’m at my highest, you bring me down to my lowest.
I fall to pieces.
My thoughts in shambles.
Inside me, uneasy.
Please take it easy.
You been apart of me for so long but do me so wrong.
You’re so toxic and you don’t even hide it.
Proud to belittle me since I was little me.
I want to hide with in me but I’m so silly, that’s were you always meet me.
You’re so needy.
Becoming more and more greedy.
Appearing when I make appearance.
Room full of people and I see you glaring.
Waiting for my emotions to start flaring.
I wish we can start sparring, I’m tired of this feeling.
I need some healing.
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