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white-poppie · 11 days ago
How to write Panic and Anxiety Attacks
TW: Mention of mental illness, anxiety and panic attacks.
I have had several anxiety and panic attacks. I know how terrible they are. Hopefully, this may be helpful
Tumblr media
(Credit to the owner of the image)
One of the major differences between anxiety and panic attacks is that anxiety attacks are caused due to the disease called anxiety while panic attacks are sudden and may happen to a person who has never ever had anxiety.
Keywords: -Panic attacks: Sudden -Anxiety attacks: Prolonged and Gradual (easier to control)
Pain in chest
Breathing difficulty
Shaky Limbs
Mild Dizziness
Slight nausea
Need to go to the toilet
Hot flushes
Severe nausea
Dark spots in vision
Extreme trembling
Suicidal Ideation
Dialogues you can use (mostly for panic)
"I can't breathe!"
"This is not normal! NOT NORMAL"
"I don't know what's happening!"
"My chest hurts"
"I feel like I am going to puke."
"I don't want to die."
"Help me."
"You are doing amazing!"
"I am so proud of you!"
"Breathe for me, please"
"You are okay, you are safe"
"You can get through this."
"Concentrate on your breathing "
"I want you to look at me and forget everything else"
"Focus on my voice."
Remember that oftentimes a person having a panic attack does not like to be touched, so it's best to ask for consent first
"Can I hold your hand?"
"Is it okay if I envelop my arms around you?"
"Are you comfortable? "
"I am going to put my hand around your ears, is that okay?"
The most common grounding technique for anxiety/panic attacks is the 54321 method. In this, you identify…
5 things you can see
4 things you can feel
3 things you can hear
2 things you can smell
1 thing you can taste
Hope this was helpful
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bleehhhhgirl · 2 months ago
Letter to every girl out there.....
People are annoying,
Elders think you are kids who know nothing.
Youngers think that you got no shit of your own and that you have to be there for them when they demand it.
Boys think that they can treat you like shit, coz everyone does it.
Girls think they are supposed to hate you to be something more than you, to be at a higher status, a higher level than you.
Friends think that your only job is to listen to them and not talk about things they aren't interested in.
Enemies think that your life revolves only around them and that you hate them cause you're jealous of them.
Parents think they need to make you perfect so that you can fit the social norms.
Siblings think that you took away something that only belonged to them by just being born
My dear Girl,
Everybody around you just wants to change you. Mould you in a way they'd be comfortable with.
So, you gotta look out for yourself when no one does, cause in the end u only got yourself when no one is standing beside you.
One day you'll find yourself on a street crowded with people you know, but you realize that you don't really know them. You just know what they want you to know and see what they want you to see, because all they have done is control you, your whole life.
So, take a stand for yourself. Don't be afraid of anyone cause you are enough for all of them. You are stronger than them. You just never knew it, cause they hid it from you to keep you tied to their fingertips so that they could control your every move.
But now's the time. It still isn't late. You are yet alive. Do whatever you want to do. Be what you want to be, cause you just broke your puppet master, not just the threads by taking a stand.
Walk up those stairs and be your own minister and decide what you want to do, or who you wanna be, cause the body, the heart, the soul everything that makes you only belongs to you.
You don't have to be thin or fat, tall or short, fair or dark, you just have to be yourself.
Just kick society in the crotch and show the world your real strength, you'll see the true beauty that isn't accessories or makeup or a dupatta or a skirt. It's you and what you choose to be, cause girl you are the most beautiful creature God has ever created.
Don't be afraid to change. Welcome it with open arms and accept it.
Eat whatever you want to eat, wear whatever you like to wear, do whatever you wish to do be it dance, sing, write, paint, study, join a band, ride a bike or fly high. Whatever it is that you wish to do just do it. NOW!!!
Don't let society hold you back. Cause you don't have forever, live your life instead of just surviving. Do what makes you happy not what makes others happy.
Just open your wings and take the flight you've always dreamt about. And if someone tries to hold you back just spit in their eyes and punch their nose. Show them what you're made of and that no one can tie you up any longer.
Fucked up, teen girl.
I love you and will always support you.❤
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wtfvaidehi · 3 months ago
Two lovers in the 17th century. A pure, beautiful human girl and a mysterious, brooding vampire. An unique collision of two worlds. She would handwrite letters to him and so would he to her. In her letters, he would read about sunshine, pretty skies, her garden and her pets, and how much she missed him. He would write to her about how much he ached for her and that he would marry her someday. His immortality and his abilities were still unknown to the innocent lass.
Centuries later, he had realised how much of a curse his immortality actually is. She had passed away hundreds of years back and he spent all of his days in agony, drowning in his sorrows. To him, these were the longest centuries and perhaps the hardest to live through. Everywhere he went, he carried a piece of her with him. A piece of her light. The only things he had of her were her letters to him and the memories, and in a way she was immortal through them. He knew that he would forever continue to love her and hopefully they would meet again. In another lifetime.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
original work ♡
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hitmyheadsohard · 5 months ago
and just when they were about to touch the stars, the sun came up,
it left burnt scars on their hands,
and that's when they became one,
for their scars were the same
and they both loved the sun.
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iwatchsky · a month ago
Beautiful Moments Happen In The Past.
You didn’t know sleeping in best friend’s lap was beautiful until she moved in a different house, in different city, in different country. You didn’t know touching his face was beautiful until you separated your ways to never see each other again. You didn’t know pushing your head in a soft pillow was beautiful until you landed in a new city, clueless, on your own. You didn’t know the hug you gave that person was beautiful until he died. Comfort is in the past, reminisced in its absence. Warmth valued in the grip of frost. Love known amid those fondled by apathy. Until worst mastered you don’t know what good is and until the death clasps- life.
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asparklerwhowrites · 26 days ago
Unpopular writing advice <3
Tumblr media
As always, I don't mean to offend anyone!! This is just the way I think, feel free to (constructively) criticize and disagree with me.
#1. Force yourself to write
When you're in a slump, and you just don't want to write - you have to FORCE yourself to. Even if its just a paragraph, and its a terrible paragraph, you have to FORCE yourself, because technically, it's the only way you'll find motivation to write again.
#2. First drafts are not as good as you think they are
Unless you're a writer with years and years of practice with editors who help you out, your first drafts aren't gonna be that great. Even if you STUCK with your outline and characters - you're going to need to rewrite it. I know that it's a bit of an 'older' ideology or whatever, but just editing your first draft and not rewriting and scrapping parts isn't going to help your story and craft get better.
#3. Thinking your writing is completely perfect is not okay
A lot of writers go through this- you think that your writing is absolutely out of this world, until you learn that your writing actually isn't going to get better. Until you start critquing your own writing, and understanding its flaws instead of turning a blind eye - that's actual growth.
#4. Your wip may not ACTUALLY be found family
Found family is used so laissez-faire-ly nowadays that half the books aren't even ACTUAL found family. The essence of the trope is being lonely and completely lost, without an actual family, and the people you meet and befriend become your dysfunctional family instead. While my wip has elements of found family, I won't claim that it is a 'found family book' because it doesn't fulfill all the tropes.
#5. Writing fluff and filler is a-okay
Fluff and fillers add such a sweet content that absolutely matter and shouldn't be cut out fOr tHe pLoT - its so underrated okay.
#6. Accepting criticism is a must (if you want to grow as a writer)
It's really hard - but its genuinely the only way to improve if you wanna become better! Other people's perspectives and feedback are a great, great way to improve your writing. You don't have to do it right away, or when you're not ready - but someday, oneday you'll have to.
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bleehhhhgirl · 2 months ago
She reads countless books on anatomy, but none with an explanation on why an empty heart feels so heavy but a full heart, so weightless.
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literoyally · 13 days ago
And the day you rise like a Phoenix instead of "falling" in love, that's the day you should consider having found a love.
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stormwithheart · a month ago
I don't care who comes into my life anymore or who goes out of it. The only thing I know is that I have been with myself longer than anybody else ever going to be. I know where I am coming from, what I have been through, how I cope up with everything when no one holds me up in bad times. I know what feels right to me what feels wrong. So I am not gonna let somebody else destroy this relationship I have with myself. And if anyone coming into my life they have to respect my boundaries, respect who I am instead of changing me into someone who they are.
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idunnoknowwhattodohere · 2 months ago
When I look at your face, there’s a certain fondness. I feel a sweet memory, An old attachment to it. The same sentiment you feel when you look at a childhood favourite toy. Only this time I hadn’t known you since childhood and there’s an unfettered live spark in this new unfamiliar yet old endearment.
When I look at your face, I just want to keep you close, And never let you be untucked from my arms. As kids did we ever let go of things easily? Did we share? As stubborn as we could be, but what was ours was ours. It’s the same again.
When I look at your face, I want to admire the beauty. Unknown to others— A face just for me. I want to lovingly stare with sleep-filled eyes; chin on my hands and. I want to appreciate your black eyes and full lips like wine with some cheese. Get drunk on it. Maybe caress your cheek and brush that stray lock to its place. Yes, it’s an excuse to touch you.
When I look at your face, The first thought running from my mind to the tip of my tongue is a sweet confession, innocent and pure. And when I look at your face, I just want to keep saying it, without a breath, without a pause; forever and ever, as long as it lasts, as long as I can.
i wrote this when I was young and stupidly falling in love, even though i had stubbornly decided ages ago not to. things didn't go well (of course), but i still really like this piece i wrote for him :/
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escapadeist · 23 days ago
To Be A Writer
I count myself among those,
the esteemed few who can say,
truthfully what's inside of them,
is out on paper or glass display.
Yet as I sit about, pen in hand,
words never do seem to come,
if this isn't what i'm good at,
then what's the point, is it all scum?
I think and think till my brain rots,
and i feel like i can't feel at all,
where are those showers of emotions
I lay in when to sleep I fall?
They should be around here somewhere,
i say as i swim to the deepest ends,
i find none to prove my worth,
and in chaos my agony blends!
where are they now when i need them,
those words that blind me from myself,
that make me doubt every single thing,
I've ever known and will ever delve.
in broad daylight i feel alone,
yet when to write i turn around,
they do escape, those wretched lies,
my mind tells to keep me hellbound.
could i then perhaps be wrong,
to have taken this path so rough?
when easier was it to sit at a desk and screen,
And die when it wasn't enough?
should i begin to bleed then perhaps,
for i can't find my own worth in me,
they'd laugh and say look at her,
oh what an utter fool could this woman be!
eyes wide awake as the world sleeps,
she screams inside for voices to stop,
where else can one hide their shame,
but in pillows stained as her tears drop.
next morning she wakes and tries again,
in hopes that one day she makes.
words that half the world can feel,
while the rest will almost always fake.
so i sit again, and glare hard,
at this piece of paper before me,
hoping i'd figure it somehow,
to write some recklessly sharp poetry.
- B 🎈
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chaosbring-er · 2 months ago
what is home anyway?
for me it's never been a place, definately not a person, home is a feeling, because everything besides feelings can be deceptive. feelings you can count on.  home is peace, it's dancing in the pouring rain, it's the moments between all the fighting, it's cold winter mornings and warm bread. Home is comfort, home is safe and home never hurts you.
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