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kuristyn · a month ago
Tumblr media
There is nothing wrong about me. It shouldn’t be my problem if their shallow minds can’t understand how the human body works. I didn’t spend years trying to figure out how to love my own body just so I can hate it again.
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kuristyn · a month ago
We’ve met multiple times in different faces and unexpected moments. I have seen you in the face of my first love that lasted a decade and just when I had the courage to tell her how much I have fallen in love with every part of her, you shattered me. You tear my heart into pieces every time I found a girl who I assumed to be the love of my life and the mother of my children. How many times must my heart break to find you in someone that wouldn’t destroy me? Because I am so tired of being hurt over and over again when all I wanted is someone that will give me the love I keep giving the world.
– a message to love.
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kuristyn · a month ago
Tumblr media
I think there is not enough love from others that can validate us as much as the love we have for ourselves. When we know deep down that we are enough, no matter how much people think, be it too less or too much, their validations wouldn’t matter.
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maryapollo · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
PARALLEL UNIVERSE Let's create our own universe where no one can hurt us. ••• Illustration by bigtimedragons •••
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a-soul-named-city · 2 months ago
This has to be a great shower of crystal drops
Formed in the dire fullness of the dark, heavy clouds
Highly awaited, come quick, awaken the land!
Gently embrace the monsoon and reclaim the crown
Behold, the drought of the daffodils has ended
The withering leaves as well as the sprouting ones
Have both witnessed the melody of the moment
Dry and weary fields becoming greener for once
Alas, the leaves sprang, “I, the Wind, speak in command:
The soul of the land was entirely in your hand
Following, I danced in your garden of fervor
My early days in the sun were tranquil and true
Delighted by the hue of our cerulean blue
“How unplanned—oh dread, oh woe—the balance has gone!
Your identity went vague, plague from lack of plan
In the surface resembled was your inner scorch
Leaping with your cracked root, you ran to blame the sun
But halt—the great, great dance is now to be foregone!
“Oh white cypress, what a waste to fort you instead
In my midwinter's hut to stand a peaceful stead
Shouldn’t have, wouldn’t have, couldn’t have let you dread
Drowning with your flask of ailing apprehension
Twirling in the cadence of your ruination”
Tumblr media
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harviekeith · 4 months ago
on belongingness
Some may never understand why most people long for a feeling of home, seeking belongingness, but as you might not know, it is actually a psychological need of every human being.
In Maslow's hierarchy of needs, the needs lower down in the hierarchy must be satisfied before we can attend to the needs higher up. And Belongingness comes third in this five-level theory right after Safety. And our basic needs such as food, water and rest, called Physiological Needs, being the first and at the bottom. The first four levels are often referred to as deficiency needs and the top level as growth needs.
  Deficiency arise due to deprivation and motivates people when they are unmet. And the longer the duration they are denied of that need, the stronger the motivation to fulfill it becomes.
As I said, some may not understand why  most people seek belongingness. This is because others are able to satisfy their needs and find belongingness easily in their own home, while most aren't, or it may just not be enough. That’s why we take the chances outside, to other people.
  If only it is as easy as checking out on shopping apps, or searching on google maps. If only it is as available as those over-the-counter medicines, maybe more of us are less lonely. But unfortunately it is not. What makes it harder is that belongingness may also depend on other people. And not everyone is as sociable as others. It may feel like being in a deep cave and not hearing your echo back, or being a wishing well where no one throws a penny at.
The more we are denied of that need, the more eager we become to find it. Because only then, will we be able to feel seen and have love for ourselves. We're living things after all. And like all living things, we just want to grow.
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a-soul-named-city · 5 months ago
the most wonderful thing about being a parent is that you get to actually name the little thing you just brought to life
and then we have the writers
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a-soul-named-city · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
It's pretty hard to get by in a voyage using other traveller's map with my broken compass. At some point, I had to gaze up and follow the direction of the stars. So I did. And the stars never failed me yet.
Photograpped by @rndvesvlla_
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krishdoeslit · 11 months ago
the morning he left
i hope that i can start a new day
with you by my side
and not worry that you’ll disappear 
when I close my eyes.
but if you choose a different bed
to wake up in
and a different person
to wake up to,
i will gladly wake up alone,
turn to the deserted spot beside me
and hope.
hope for the moment when you realize
that the empty space in this bed
and in my heart
is your home.
when that moment comes,
i will be here waiting.
open arms.
Tumblr media
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mononyym · a year ago
We let go of words
as if they don't mean anything.
As if they won't hurt anyone.
As if they won't matter at all.
And most of the time,
we forget how powerful regrets can be.
And regret begins the moment
we've finally let the words slip from our tongue,
and realize we can't them back anymore.
- Juju, Regrets
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mononyym · a year ago
The waves of life always keeps me away from your shore
And as I try and resist its force,
I always find myself being carried on to a different island
Opposite to that of yours
Maybe this is the universe talking to me
And this is its way of telling me
That you're really not meant for me
And that we're really not meant to be
But darling
If the universe says,
I'm meant for someone else
Can you still be that someone else?
- Juju, the universe says
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neilwastesink · a year ago
Tumblr media
Welcome to my Blog! Now that it's Pride Month, I'm going to start writing some of my experiences as a gay person, from childhood to adulthood. For starters, I'm 20 years old, and live in the Philippines. This country is mostly tolerable of gay people, but it still isn't exactly always a fun experience for gay kids living in it. That's why I've only felt so much freedom as an adult, because I really controlled myself around people for so long. I came out to my family at 17, and there's still a bit of acceptance issues going on. (Especially with my father.)
I guess I'm deciding to write about my experiences so I could show to other kids that it's going to be okay. Some of them might be feeling misunderstood. I know I felt that way.
The kind of adult I wanna be is the kind of adult I needed as a kid. If you're gay and feeling misunderstood, please know that you're not alone. I get it.
Happy Pride, everyone!
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