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autumnsunshine10 · 18 hours ago
Bitten to the Quick
Staying up past late
Tasting a well-worn name--
Nibbled to tatters
Not hearing how the heart
Shatters--cursive writing it
In the blood spatter
With a sputter seeking to cure
Affliction of affection, fight
To adopt a flat affect
When asked what is the matter
No matter what never quite master
Screening the blistered sore
Bluster of the scorned
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consciousprose · 19 hours ago
Umma was the first word -  I learned to speak. Our roots - my mother’s tongue.  Flowed so easily, from my lungs to air around me.
Umma, my mother,  The woman who gave me - Everything I was,  Everything I am, Everything I am to be. Carved by her love.  Her comfort. Her struggles.  The pain she swallowed cradling me softly.
Umma, the first word - that comes to mind, which defines my fight, to breathe the aroma, relish the harvest of her American dream.
Umma, the face that haunted me - The days ignorant slurs and mockery splintered my love  for my identity - Distorting the beauty with ugly bigotry. Severing the threads connecting me to Umma - who gifted me everything I am and everything I seek to be.
- Aleta Jay
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a-tour-to-self · 23 hours ago
The Entangled Freedom
A sparrow sprinkled her heart before me, And I saw the long-lost tales of Man’s map. Those who play in the profound valleys of love, Ridiculously fail to live the meaning of love. The most ancient of emotions is love, Loyal; as pure as Divinity is love. When history was missing, known was love, With all His oneness, God manifested His love. Dimensions uncaged, time unbound, and love Was created with all its ingredients with love. With a secret effect of freedom were blended— Honor, respect, honesty, trust, friendship, care, Sanctity, simplicity, sincerity, softness, Truth, grace, forgiveness, oneness, and more— All the noble ingredients of sweet love. Alas! A few unfolded the sweet secret, For most love mostly remained a mystery. The secret was called the Entangled Freedom: In love the lovers were meant to grow and know Themselves in the light of time and soul, space And place, heart and mind, and oneness of being; Each becoming a step for other, supporting Their expansion towards a journey greater. One going away just to hold other’s hand, And never going away to abandon the other— So gently intimate in their lovely freedom.
—A. T. S. ©
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kidgillis · a day ago
Stuck in this dark space with stars in my eyes, I wish upon myself. Orbiting in the midst of my mind, the promises that I owe my unborn children and within the core of my heart, the prayers for a future that I owe my younger self, too. I will leave this place and become a great light, a beautiful warmth, a glorious star, and marveling sun. Leading those in need home as a becon of hope.
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infernal-insomniac · a day ago
She said that my love Was the most sensually intense         It wasn’t intense enough She said that my love Touched her the deepest than anyone         It wasn’t deep enough She said that my love Was so much more than enough for her         But it never was enough Such are the ways of Love
— Infernal Insomniac / Such Are the Ways of Love
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iwatchsky · a day ago
I don't know how people manage to even own bookmarks. I don't have any. I just remember the page number. Sometimes I find an unused pen and slide it above the page I left. Sometimes my bookmark is the torn paper who lost its efficacy in the academic world. Now it is stuffed between two pages of a heavy old novel, bridging academics and literature, reality and fiction, life and dreams.
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followcb · a day ago
Undercover Lovers
secrets kept
held like a candle holds a flame
continuously, steadily
vigorously with ease
clandestine lovers
shadows moving discreetly
surreptitious lovers
embrace their taste for darkness
undercover lovers
undisclosed hush-hush
underneath a mysterious moon
luminous, ominous
fateful and portentous
fireworks exploding
rockets, rockets
blasting off, exposing
kept secrets
©️ @followcb ☆ June 14, 2021
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followcb · a day ago
Now You Know
something was said
because something was felt
emotions flooded
a river ran wild
hearts raced amid whitewater
rapids roaring out of control
feelings flying into the sky
you and I,
eye two eye two eye
superconductors, supernovae
exploding elements
life cycles, love circles
interplanetary, extraterrestrial
spirits on human missions
creative visionaries
forge and form . . .
ashes to art
dust to starlight,
you'd left behind a black hole
until you reappeared
there, I said it . . .
so, now you know
©️ @followcb ☆ June 14, 2021
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purgatorypoetry · a day ago
today I’m still twenty years old, eight-hundred miles away from home and learning how to find family in strangers - we work together by day, forming errors from failed ethos and fumbling for our own respective pieces of forever, by night we drink and haul in the fruits of the brackish waterways of the gulf - I lost my soul there in the undertow watched it drift out to sea and made no attempt to save it I pray one day it may wash up on some shore to let someone know we shared the same love of the same emerald waters,
tonight I’m still chest-deep in the calm waters of a moonless night and backlight by a series of small fires upon the shore, we celebrate nothing in particular with small feats of great destruction and we write our stories in the sand - I watch the shadows of the little blue crabs skitter across the surface of sea-glass glitter and consider for a moment just floating out to never return to never return but I never did,
I came home with missing pieces the voids they left behind filled with the memories of people I will never see again.
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iwatchsky · a day ago
You accidently look at sky. Its beautiful and then you realize you are seeing the sky after a long time, almost as if you forgot to look over your head. And then it lands on you that you only look up when you are desperately in search of happiness and the easiest way is to look at sky.
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delightsofmysoul · a day ago
A realisation
Much of my life I have been afraid Scared of rejection, being ridiculed, found wanting And those calamities have found me At times overtaken me Until all I can hear are the voices in my mind repeating the episodes of failure Pointing out alternatives that had I chosen I would not find myself in my current situation I used to look at those clever teenage girls Who were invited to all the right parties Who at every school formal wore exactly the right dress with matching accessories Their hair and makeup perfect I wished for a peaceful life A tranquil existence I wanted to sail through life with no fear No sadness As time has passed I realise that is not possible To truly live you have to have to take risks You have to see people as they are Not how you project Or wish them to be So much of the disappointment in my life could have been avoided had I not imagined people to be whom I thought they were Heartbreak and fear and disappointment while not joyful Nor something I seek Have taught me empathy and compassion Allowed me to be real To be able to provide comfort and understanding While I wish my life had not given me all the tragedies it has I would not be me without them.
Delightsofmysoul 14 June 2021
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dolores-hazy · a day ago
I am not owed
Time, words
An explanation
Tied up in a neat
Bow, that would only be
Lip service I know
Though a goodbye would be nice
I will make my own
You have every right
To become a wall of cold
Stone; I will not attempt
To breach, to chip away,
To tear you down
But I have the right
To build a fortress against you
Don't reach for me again
Chance after wasted chance
To have my love yet wasn't these walls go up
You cast the first stone
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heartweary-writing · a day ago
It’s not in my nature
To be a swallowed sun.
It’s more in my nature
To be a shooting gun.
I know life’s worth living,
I know I’m not done.
You’re the one that’s quitting,
And me? I’m on the run.
J. K. L
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