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Free editing, revising, and rewriting services

So, some of you may know I’m a writer and I offer, editing, revising, and rewriting services from my website (which I won’t link here, because Tumblr hates showing posts with links in tags. It’s the first link on my blog, or you can just go to ezravogel(.)com).

It’s easier to get people interested in a service if there’s a sample of it, so I would like to post a PDF sample of the results of each of my writing alteration services. To do so, I’ll need some short, sample writing in someone else’s writing style that I can alter. That’s where you guys come in!

I just made a news post about this and I know that my blog is set to automatically share my website’s posts, but I wanted to specifically post here about it, because no one likes a post that reads like an advertisement from someone who has never actually set foot on Tumblr dot com.

So, anyway, if you’re interested in having some free editing, revising, or rewriting done, go check out my most recent news post on my website. It has all of the information about what I need and what you get out of it there. If you’re interested, don’t contact me about it here. Follow the inquiry instructions from the website post.

I hope to hear from some of you!

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A fresh stage is set and I’m stamping this day
as the day I finally cleansed the clouds
and crossed your name.

You’ve taken a fall from your pedestal
and I see you now,
with your domino on the ground,
my fair-weather friend (that’s a kind way to put it),
my boiling point can’t cook up a better fit.
I’ve played your ruthless game for the longest stretch,
I let a fucking decade slip through my fingers;
and I’ve still lingered,
for the sake of something I can’t recall anymore.
Your betrayals are the mindless hand to an hourglass
and I’m counting the sand you spilled.
No sea of apologies can wash away this wreck.
I’m done with pointing fingers and holding daggers to your neck.
I’ll lay my shield and armour down, and walk you out.

A fresh stage is set and I’m stamping this day
as the day I let your hand and my grudges go
and asked your ghost to stay.

s. y. kalindara.
Copyright © 2021 by S. Y. Kalindara. All rights reserved.

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Rant incoming!!

I know people are probably sick of seeing writers go on about this but it needs to be said over and over!!


Yes likes are all good but likes do not let more people see our works that sometimes take days to write.

I looked at four random Jax Teller fics I wrote and the like to reblog ratio is just ridiculous!! I’ve not even looked at some of the other I write for and I don’t know if I want to.


Honestly it’s making me think about posting my original story (falling for red) as I’ve spent so fucking long working on it and still am working on it, I’m pouring my heart and soul into it, I am so fucking proud of it but this is disheartening.

And before anyone comes at me saying “you shouldn’t write if you are only doing it for the reblogs and comments” I started writing nearly a year ago when the UK first went into lockdown, writing is just like my car it’s my escape from all the shit going on in real life. So I don’t do it for the numbers but I have noticed a difference in tumblr since I first starting writing and I don’t know how I feel about it.

We are human and we all love praise ect, reblogging is basically the same as your boss at work telling you that you did a good job, or someone complimenting you on a meal you cooked ect

So will I continue writing? Yes I will but something needs to change!

I feel this is where my lack of inspo has come from for the fandoms I write for and why I’ve been so focused on writing falling for red.


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happy birthday to the absolute best writing buddy! It turns out, cuddles are an essential part of the writing process 🤷🏻‍♀️

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“Collapse Into Me”

I want to survive with you and love recklessly until the end of the world.

We’ll make love in empty houses and spend our mornings looking for new places to create art.

You’ll dream up a mural with leftover paint from an abandoned hardware store.

I’ll write our love story inside spiral notebooks and scatter them around the ghost town.  

Just you and me,
loving each other like nobody’s watching.

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I keep hoping that you would come through. No matter how long it’s been, I always save a spot for you. You let me down time and time again. Why can’t I see that that I need to start looking after myself and stop hoping?

My dad brought someone to pray over me, to “heal” me from my mental illnesses. Honestly it didn’t help. It just made me feel worse. What stuck out to me was the man told me that I was such a good person, a really good person. I just overthink a lot. What happens if one thing happens, but then what about if something happens because of what just happened?

That was the only good thing that’s happened because of you. Other than that, things were still the same. So I held what they said close to my heart and strive to be as kindhearted and empathetic as I could be.

Someone read my aura and told me the same thing. I didn’t know how they did it just from my post but I kept that close to my heart too.

What I’m trying to say is, I can still be the person that I wanna be but I also need to remember to save some energy for myself and not waste it on people who keep hurting me. I struggle with establishing boundaries and I need to start doing that. For my own sake.

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The Structure of Story now available! Check it out on Amazon, via the link in our bio, or at




One of the key components of a meaningful story is that it have some sort of change. When we see something change, can identify the cause of that change, and see whether that change is rewarded or punished, we extract meaning about whether we should seek that change or avoid it.

Often the most meaningful change we can add to a story is that of a character arc.

Recall that a character’s worldview is their approach to life. A character’s worldview is their approach to life. It consists of their beliefs, opinions, and value systems.

Broadly speaking, a character arc occurs when a character changes or adopts a worldview over the course of a story and is either rewarded or punished for that change (which creates meaning).

In Casablanca, Rick goes from a standoffish man who won’t help others to someone who will sacrifice for a greater cause.

In Finding Nemo, Marlin goes from controlling others to having the ability to surrender and trust others to live their own life.

We can also think of a character arc as a sort of morality arc. While not always the case, a character who arcs will typically shift from either moral behavior to immoral behavior (i.e. a “positive” character arc or redemption arc) or will shift from immoral behavior to moral behavior (i.e. a “negative” character arc or corruption arc).

Recall that a moral weakness is behavior that negatively impacts one’s relationships. A moral weakness might arise as a defense mechanism to deal with pain from a past traumatic experience (i.e. a ghost).

A character’s arc may be the journey from having a strong moral weakness that they may not even recognize, to understanding their moral weakness and adjusting their behavior in order to become a healthier person. This also typically revitalizes a character’s relationships.

Of course, not all morality arcs are positive. A character may actually *adopt* a moral weakness over the course of the story. They may become *immoral*. This is the case in corruptions arcs. Walter White in Breaking Bad is a perfect example of a character adopting immoral behavior and moral weaknesses.

We also previously discussed how a character will often have a strong belief about what will bring them happiness. And this may be a false belief. The thing that will *actually* bring the character happiness is different. What they want is not what they need.

When we look at a character arc from this perspective, we can say that a character arcs when they go from prioritizing their “want” (i.e. what they *think* will bring them happiness) to prioritizing their “need” (i.e. what will *actually* bring them happiness).

A character arc is an important part of creating a meaningful story. It’s not the only way to make a story meaningful, however. Recall from our discussion of thematic roles that it’s actually the community of a story world that can change instead of the protagonist. In this type of story, it’s typically the protagonist that acts as the influence character and helps the community shift from one worldview to another.

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I woke up this morning feeling super happy. I have 2 kudos now on my League fanfic via ao3. I got a new comment on it as well through Wattpad. And I have 1 new follower for the same story via ffnet. This was awesome news, and motivates me to feel proud in what I’m doing.

So I’m getting back to work on my wips. Feeling out of sorts though. Anyone else feel super motivated to write but when you go to pick up where you left off your brain is just like “meh”?

I’m thinking about starting either a discord or gc on here to just have fellow writers to bounce ideas off of and get some support. I hate the “REBLOG FOR MUTUAL” threads. Both here and on twitter. I’ve tried them, they suck. Seriously, they seem to work for literally EVERYONE but me.

Guess I’ll just have to build a writer community from the ground up that feels as left out as I do. Or maybe that’s just my social anxiety talking. Either way, I don’t want to feel like this anymore. 

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<div> —  <i>yin & yang</i> / n.j. </div><span>Every now and then, I see your face when I close my eyes at night. I guess it’s because the guilt has stayed with me all these years. Because even in my dreams, it’s clear that things are not like they used to be. I remember when it was you and me against the world. There’s an abyss between us now, even under the cover of night. It’s not the first time that we’re not on the same page, but after everything that’s happened I don’t think we can move past this. There’s no coming back from breaking cleanly in half. I told you I’d be there for you, always, and in the same breath I said something I have come to regret. I can’t take it back now just because you didn’t like hearing the truth. The words might have been honest, but they cut you so deep that you couldn’t staunch the bleeding for weeks. I should have seen it. I should have noticed, but I was too busy being right. And now birthday after birthday passes and I don’t call or text. Not because I forget the date. I never would. Not because I am scared of reaching out. I just don’t think I can take plucking up the courage to tell you that I miss you to have it thrown back in my face. It’s been too long, I guess, and the hurt went too deep. Some things just don’t last, but a part of me still wished that we had. We swore we would, after all.</span>
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i could be


at the top

of my lungs

but you

wouldn’t hear

any of it

-nereum // mar.1.21

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Find all of my writing projects here!



young/new adult, contemporary. a college freshman trying desperately to support her struggling dad while mending her own wounds and discovering new things.


young/new adult, contemporary. two siblings separated by an entire ocean and circumstances, learning about themselves and each other.


young/new adult, contemporary fiction. a discouraged college senior finding love and self confidence while destroying the walls her community made her believe she needed.

these are all technically part of the same “universe” but can be read as separate projects.

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Thanks to @booksnotbookies for the tag!

rules: congrats! your book has been adapted into a movie or show! what background character are you going to play for your cameo? and what visual medium would best suit your book?

I’ll do Spies and Dolls for this one!

I would appear as an unnamed contact who works for W.I.V.E.S. found in a darkened alley, with no lines save a murmured code line. 

As for medium, I think it would be best suited to a movie format given it’s structure. However, if one wanted to drag out the adventures of the women of W.I.V.E.S. and cover all the years that passed before the events of the book, it would work as a television show.

Tagging @danger-writes, @farrradays, @linariouswrites, @pen-of-roses, and anyone else who wants to participate (make sure to tag me!)

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writing and abi: the week in review

21st - 28th February 2021

words written: 9507


i’ve managed to hit a few goals this week! the second draft of my main WIP, To Be Holy, has hit 30,000 words, and i’ve managed to rework a scene i had a lot of problems with in the first draft. i also posted another extract which was a bit of a step for me as i’m pretty shy with who i show my writing to! mostly. i’m just trying to build my confidence in joining the writeblr community more instead of lurking as i am now. 

i’ve also began work on a new WIP because working on one can cramp me up  a bit as a writer. for now, i’m nicknaming it modern wonders. i’m also spending a lot of time on my practical research module for university, and hopefully i’ll be able to begin the first draft of that next week. 

goals: post another piece of writing (maybe poetry from my poetry module at university?) and begin the first draft of my research module. hopefully hit 35k on to be holy’s second draft

and abi

it was my sister’s birthday this week! so we’ve been celebrating at home. unfortunately, i’ve also had a small relapse into depression and anxiety, which is nothing new but is making my life a little harder. it also resulted in me skipping my lecture on friday, which isn’t great. overall, my mental health could be better but since help is pretty limited, i think i’m doing the best i can. in slightly more cheerful news, the dog my family and i adopted almost two weeks ago has settled in properly, and he seems to be very comfortable and happy with us! so not everything is bad. 

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Sorry I Went M.I.A. Last Week

Sorry I Went M.I.A. Last Week

A lot was going on in my life last week and I had no mental energy to spare for a blog post. That being said, after a quick respite, I’m back on my A-Game!

Updates in the life of Emma:

My agent is shopping a children’s book I wrote out to publishing companies and if you guys could send me some positive vibes and luck that would be greatly appreciated!

I have finished my edits on Seer and now…

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So then,

I guess I’d better introduce myself and this blog to you all, I’m BB and I’m a writer, and I’m currently editing Season 2 of my free fiction #CaughtInTheBalance which is kind of a mash up of styles if I had to describe it - mainly queer fantasy and sci-fi, little bit of romance in there, standard internet OC fic stuff. It’s one of those, You’ve Just Got To Read It, You Know? type things. It’s NSFW but there’s content warnings on the original site I posted, and I rated it mature on wattpad, so all good if you’re okay with that.

I’m here to find my people. That means other writers, content creators, whatever it is you make, if you’re into my stuff I want to know you, especially if you’re out here starting fresh like me. Or even if you’re an OG on here and you have advice, whatever. Where is the community? I want in.

Anyway. This blog is about doing all of that. Check out my stuff, show me yours, point me in the right direction, let me know where to go. Help me off of this dry-ass basic feed.

Thank you kindly!

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ड्राई हेयर को सिल्की करने के टिप्स
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To: Faye, with love.

Her name was Faye
It means, I think,
In some language. Some dialect
Russian, I think.

When I first approached her
It was with, “doesn’t your name mean faerie?”

Her face exploded into fireworks—a shower of stars—as she told me,
“Yes! It means faerie! In Russian”,
I think she said.

She went on to telling me that how
I am the first person she’s ever met
Who knows this.
She said she knows me.
That how in every class, she’d see me
Responding to the teacher, always in glee
Never holding back my personality.

Like the brightest star in the sky

She was always there. While I was always me.
I’d play with the thought that
Something for us was meant to be.
Each time she smiles was an ocean reflecting the day’s light
Her specs magnetized her eyes to becoming two moons.
Glancing over your spirit. Waiting. Observing.

I wanted to make her happy
But the problem is, she was already happy.
Whether because of him, external of him
Just around me.

But I guess that’s not really a problem?

We didn’t go through much together
But what we had held so much.
We went through so much, in one moment.
I’m talking: me cleaning up her vomit with my bare hands
Receiving drunk texts late in the night
When her friends abandoned her in the bar,
Lowering the bar.
Sitting in a library room, talking her through it
Until she let it all out
“Here, take my jacket.”
“It’s cold outside”
“You’re in no shape to drive”
“Spend the night”
Arms around my shoulders. Supporting her.
As we take the long walk, stumbling, to my on-campus apartment.

“You can take the bed,
I’ll sleep on the floor”

Wait what?! No!!

Are you sure?…

At one point in the night,
She told me I was the perfect friend.
The bestest friend
That how no quality of friendship surpasses what I had to offer

I wonder if she’s already forgotten me.
I wonder if she knows
Her existence has already been deleted
From my phone.
That because the last few times I had texted her,
The friendship wasn’t really there, anymore.
That maybe what we had didn’t want to overstay its welcome
So it left.

Someone said, in the Kingkiller Chronicle,
We know how the story will end.
It’s just the process. The path there. That keeps us engaged.

I knew nothing was going to come out of us.
I do a great job of burying myself in the moment,
But if I had taken my head out
Look to see what’s ahead—
I knew it wasn’t us.

My star shined bright in her universe, for that one night.
When she was needing someone to reach out to
So she messaged the last person she had texted—
Which I’m sure wasn’t me
In that one night, I was the brightest star in the sky.
So, of course, the messages followed the path to me.

A whole friendship
With not too many in-depth connections
No substantial intimacy
Built for that one moment. That one night.

I wonder if she still remembers
I wonder if the story is being told, in places only the wind knows.
If the establishment we had built. For only that one night.
Has been visited by her.
Since we’d continued down our separate paths.

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starting to realize i need to finish my wip for the benefit of my 🎀  𝓂𝑒𝓃𝓉𝒶𝓁 𝒽𝑒𝒶𝓁𝓉𝒽  🎀

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