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moonlit-sunflower-books · 3 months ago
writing should be fun.
make oc playlists. spend hours on moodboards that have no purpose. write self-indulgent fluff that’s never going to be published. scribble three lines of poetry in the back of your history notebook. draw fanart of your own characters. write stupid dialogue that your publishers might hate. start new wips that you might never finish but write those three chapters that make you happy because if you don’t write them, who else will?
writing shouldn’t always be about “will publishers like this” or “i have to reach this word count” or “how do i get the most likes”.
have fun with your writing.
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thatwritergirlsblog · 2 months ago
Tips for Writing a Difficult Scene
Every writer inevitably gets to that scene that just doesn't want to work. It doesn't flow, no matter how hard you try. Well, here are some things to try to get out of that rut:
1. Change the weather
I know this doesn't sound like it'll make much of a difference, but trust me when I say it does.
Every single time I've tried this, it worked and the scene flowed magically.
2. Change the POV
If your book has multiple POV characters, it might be a good idea to switch the scene to another character's perspective.
9/10 times, this will make the scene flow better.
3. Start the scene earlier/later
Oftentimes, a scene just doesn't work because you're not starting in the right place.
Perhaps you're starting too late and giving too little context. Perhaps some description or character introspection is needed before you dive in.
Alternatively, you may be taking too long to get to the actual point of the scene. Would it help to dive straight into the action without much ado?
4. Write only the dialogue
If your scene involves dialogue, it can help immensely to write only the spoken words the first time round.
It's even better if you highlight different characters' speech in different colors.
Then, later on, you can go back and fill in the dialogue tags, description etc.
5. Fuck it and use a placeholder
If nothing works, it's time to move on.
Rather than perpetually getting stuck on that one scene, use a placeholder. Something like: [they escape somehow] or [big emotional talk].
And then continue with the draft.
This'll help you keep momentum and, maybe, make the scene easier to write later on once you have a better grasp on the plot and characters.
Trust me, I do this all the time.
It can take some practice to get past your Type A brain screaming at you, but it's worth it.
So, those are some things to try when a scene is being difficult. I hope that these tips help :)
Reblog if you found this post useful. Comment with your own tips. Follow me for similar content.
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leave-her-a-tome · 2 months ago
Microdosing on writing by opening a google doc
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writeness · a year ago
one of the best pieces of writing advice i’ve ever gotten:
if a scene isn’t working, change the weather.
it sounds stupid, but seriously, it works. thank u to my screenwriting professor for this wisdom
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leave-her-a-tome · a year ago
I don't have "abandoned" or "on hiatus" wips. I just put them on simmer for a bit. Indefinitely.
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froglesbianwriting · a year ago
Tumblr media
congrats if you’ve ever written a fanfic over 110k words you’ve written an epic 
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ninasdrafts · a year ago
People tend to forget to tell each other how much they love or miss you or need you, and even if they do remember, sometimes they're just too shy, too scared, too certain it's the wrong thing to say or the wrong timing. But it's not. It never is. Say it before it's too late. For all we know, it could all be different tomorrow.
just say the word before it’s too late / n.j.
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bebx · 7 months ago
*me writing fic*
me to me: don’t use the word eyes, you just used it in the previous sentence. use something else
my inner me to me: no, don’t call eyes orbs, it’s cringey
my deeper inner me to me: call them face balls
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the-writers-bookshelf · 11 months ago
Hey, you! Yeah, you! That thing you’re writing? It’s really cool and someone is gonna enjoy the heck out of it! Keep writing!
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thewriterswitch · 7 months ago
My writer brain: Write something
Me: Which wip?
My writer brain: None of them.
Me: Do you have a new wip idea?
My writer brain: No
Me: Then what am I supposed to write?
My writer brain: Write something
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aelenko · 10 months ago
when it comes to writing with the goal of finishing: set systems, not goals. don’t burn yourself out trying to hit a self imposed deadline without a solid, regular system in place for achieving it. it is not worth it to burn out over something that’s supposed to be fun.
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fluoresensitive · 6 months ago
okay, here are all my short stories available on my website! i’ll update the list as i publish more!
WHAT WE OWE EACH OTHER; horror, werewolves and mean girls, a fun cross between ginger snaps and russian doll. TRIGGER WARNINGS: suicide mentions, vague implications of sexual trauma
MIA & MAYA; horror, doppelgangers and balance. a woman is confronted by a unnervingly familiar face.
INGRID’S BODY; horror, a body after hours.
PICTURED: MARY MAGDALENE AT THE TOMB; drama, a mother faces the after effects of sainthood. TW; self-immolation, mentions of self-harm
THE WATER WOMEN; horror, a town’s strange tradition and the woman who follow it. TW; drowning
CHERRY WINE; horror + romance, a not-so-sweet sweet love. TW; violence
IT’S WARM IN HERE; gothic horror + sci-fi, the ship needs a heart.
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thewriterswitch · a year ago
Writers during quarantine: Yes! Free time! I’ve been longing for this my whole life. I’m gonna get so much writing done
Also writers during quarantine: Procrastinating so bad that you’re writing less than you did before quarantine.
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