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#writing ideas

Concept: summoners who summon demons to purify them.

You’re a summoner who’s been working for days on a single ritual. It all goes to shit once you trip and fell on a candle and the summon starts.

Unfortunately, it’s Lucifer who answers the call instead of a low-level demon. You go on a journey of sassing Satan into purification.

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Time Distortion Prompts

1. “I didn’t mean to,” the immortal whispered when the protagonist finally found them. It took years. Centuries, even, moving through a time that was thick and frozen until they found the center of the blast. They hadn’t known what to expect — only that they had to fix it.

Now, the issue of time was chased from their mind. The protagonist slumped against air that wouldn’t part, for the first time unsure of what to do.

“I just didn’t want to say goodbye.” The immortal didn’t look up, eyes fixed instead on the person they cradled, watching their all too mortal chest rise ever so slowly.

2. “You’ve never seen snow?”

They shrugged. “I prefer summer.” They had never stepped outside of summer. They skipped winters, stocking up on them, storing them away. It was almost aggressive, how much time they hauled into their vault, far more that the couple stray minutes an average person tucked away. “And when all the FullYears pass, I’ll still have a hundred summers left.”

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random thought. [scenario]

You are a florist, new to the area. Character A and B are opposing people (CEOs, Mafias, Kings, Rulers, etc.) fighting for land/space. You managed to get a shop/stall open in the neutral zone - people are moving out because of the fighting - and don’t understand why people are giving you pity looks when you first start up.

Character A comes in one day, wanting the worst bunch of flowers that essentially mean ‘f*** you’. You don’t ask any questions, helping A to pick out flowers. 

A then thanks you and asks you to mail it this an address - B’s address. B comes in after he receives the flowers, asking you for bad flowers too. 

That’s when you started to become almost like a messaging chain.

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Your magic ability isn‘t something as simple as summoning fire or speaking to animals. Instead it guides you through dangerous situations in life. Once someone tried to rob you and suddenly all your belongings stuck to you like very strong glue. Another day, when you were returning home from a friend‘s party and those creepy young men just wouldn‘t stop following you, your body turned into a deafening siren, drawing the attention of the whole neighborhood to you.

Now however you‘ve been invisible for almost two years. Today you slowly start to realize why.

Have fun!

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Writing Prompt #1418

I kept waiting for the sun to rise, the clock to tick, my heart to beat—anything to make sure that time was passing and that I wouldn’t be stuck here forever.

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Theo was unsurprised to hear that Hogwarts did not have the budget for Christmas decorations the year after the war. The castle was still badly damaged, various parts still covered in rubble, he’d come back for eight year expecting a gloomier worn out version of his old school and was not disappointed.

He’d expected things to be different.

What he hadn’t been expecting was to find Luna Lovegood sat cross legged in the middle of a corridor surrounded by glitter.

“You can’t sit there” he blurted out and she turned up to look at him

“No” she agreed, smiling, “but I haven’t mastered floating yet. I keep hitting the ceiling." 

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My favorite trope is the intimidating, cold s/o that looks like and has the presence of someone that couldn’t give a damn about anyone else’s existence, but turns out they have a polar opposite s/o that they’d give the world to.

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Following up on this post, thinking about Adora paying Catra to basically be her friend because she’s lonely…

  • Adora’s the young heiress to her family business, and as a result has very few friends (Glimmer and Bow are there, but they live in another city and they’re busy, and Adora is busy, and how are they all so busy when they’re only twenty-five?)
  • Catra’s twenty-four and trying to work her way through grad school after aging out of the shitty foster system. She works in one of those restaurants where people’s outfits cost more than a year of tuition
  • They meet when Adora has dinner there with some business-type people. Catra happens to be working the area they’re sitting in, and picks up a lot of the conversation going on. It’s dead boring business stuff
  • The business people are obviously going to stiff Catra on the tip, but Adora stays behind to leave a two-hundred dollar tip. In cash
  • Adora returns again a few days later with a colleague, and is again in Catra’s area. And again, she leaves an insanely large tip
  • Repeat a few times until Catra finally catches her and asks what her deal is. Adora says she doesn’t have a “deal,” she just knows these types of jobs are shitty. Catra is suspicious
  • They talk a little while Catra is cleaning around Adora’s table, and she makes a joke about cutting out the middle man and just paying her for her time, if that’s what Adora wants. Adora is inspired
  • She stays until Catra’s shift is over, buys her dinner, and tells Catra about her idea (sugar daddy but emotional companionship instead of sex is how Catra sums it up)
  • Catra is highly amused at first, before she realizes Adora isn’t kidding. She also knows she’s made more in tips off Adora in the last few days than she gets in an entire paycheck. And they establish that there’s nothing physical involved, so what’s the harm, really? Get a cute rich girl to spoil her in return for spending time together. Sounds great
  • It’s great until Feelings start happening
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