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#writing ideas
5 + 1 Fic Prompts
5 times Person A woke up without Person B and one time they woke up together.
5 times Person A thought they were in a relationship with Person B and one time Person B finally catches on that their own pining is definitely not unrequited.
5 times Person A calls Person B by a pet name and one time Person B finds one for Person A.
5 times Person A and Person B correct people about their relationship status and one time they just accept it.
5 times Person dreamed about Person B and 1 time it wasn't a dream.
Enemies to lovers
5 times they were on opposite sides of a fight and 1 time they fought alongside each other.
5 times they told each other they would hate them and 1 time they finally told each other the truth.
5 times they thought they were complete opposites of each other and 1 time they realized how much they had in common.
5 times they disagreed with each other and 1 time they were on the same page.
5 times they thought the other one was the enemy and 1 time they found out they were not.
(Found) Family
5 times they see other people’s family rituals and one time they create their own family ritual.
5 times they have to explain to people that they really are father and daughter and one time everyone can see that they are family.
5 times they look at photos from the father’s childhood and talk about his childhood memories and one time they create a photo album of their own memories together.
5 times Person A has to save Person B and one time Person B returns the favor.
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casualwriter · 2 days ago
Dialogue Prompts: “On my way…”
1. “I’m on my way!”
“Yes I know, I’m asking where.”
2. “Don’t move, I’m on my way.”
“…because clearly I’m in a position to move right now.”
3. “I’m on my way.”
“No, go back. Trust me.”
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writing-ideas-inc · 2 days ago
“And how would you kill me, villain? One of your lackeys pushes me off a building? A piece of rubble collapses on top of me? I choke to death on poison? Something that brings me low. A pathetic death, the ultimate victory. Am I correct?” the hero asked dryly.
“Of course not,” the villain said, brows furrowed with intent. “We have fought too hard for too long for me to waste your death on pettiness. You deserve more. I’d kill you myself, and your death would be intimate. It would be my knife between your ribs, but I would hold you, stroke your hair, whisper sweet nothings until you drew your last breath and your blood had cooled on my skin.”
“You speak as if you are my lover and not my killer.”
“Are they not the same? I have never known love without death.”
“You’re depraved.”
“And yet I saw the want in your eyes when I described how I’d embrace you as death does. No one ever comforts you, do they hero? Always the savior, never the saved. Even in my cruelest moments, I still care for you more than anyone else, and you crave it.”
- Lynn
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delilahfairchild · 2 days ago
I'm sick. So I want to request A taking care of Sick!B. Dialogue prompts and regular ones. Thanks you for your work.
hi anon! thank you for supporting my work. i hope everything is going well for you and i send you all my love and support 💖💜 i hope these are good enough for you <3
taking care of a sick person + prompts
B tries to get out of the bed, but their legs buckle, and A is right there to catch B before they touch the floor
B is quiet and empty when they are sick, and A is doing everything to cheer their love up, no matter how ridiculous they must be. they just need to see B's eyes glowing
B has to get an MRI but they are claustrophobic, but A is there holding their hand all the time (a/n: i know this is not 100% realistic but i have done this before so trust)
B doesn't want to take the pills, so A is convincing them to take it "you just need to close your eyes, then shallow them. i am right here"
A gets up in the middle of the night to regularly check on B, and change the forehead-wet-blanket (??)
the classic B gets up after being unconscious and finds A sit-sleeping by the side
A becomes B's personal servant, while B insists that they can deal with the sickness alone, but A would hear none of it
when the sickness starts to be too hard to bear, A would carry an exhausted and crying B in their arms
A is B's emotional support teddy bear. they let B playing with their hair, their hands,...
conversation prompts:
"i told you to stay in bed, and you wouldn't listen. fortunately, you have me on your back [B's name]"
"i am sorry for not being the strong partner you hope for. i get sick to easily" "don't say that, you are enough. always enough"
"you don't need to stay here" "i actually don't mind taking care of my loved one"
"let me stay here with you. let me care for you. i don't care how disgusting the vomit is or how moody you are when you are sick. i want to be here for you"
"hold my hand and everything will be fine. we will be fine."
"if you take the pills it will be better. i promise"
"please stay here with me, i don't want to be alone" " i don't plan on leaving you alone while you are weak like this, my love"
"i want tea" *gets tea* "i want french toast" *gets french toast* "i want a chicken soup" *gets chicken soup* "i want an emotional support frog" "i will dress up as a frog. emotional support 101 is here for you, always"
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homefreeptx · 2 days ago
Imagine Your OTP #302
Person A and B in the shower together, B wrapped up in A's arms and the both of them standing under the warm water, letting it fall down their bodies as they hug in complete silence.
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honeyscribbles1 · 2 days ago
Tips for overcoming writer’s block
Credit: @tawus on tumblr
Set a word target for the day: 200 words, 500 words, 1000 words and type until you reach the target. Write, write, just write. Even if you think it sounds bad, just write!
Repeat these 2 mantras: “Anything is better than nothing” and “It’s always better to have something to edit than a blank page”.
Read through what you’ve written for the chapter so far, instead of trying to start from where you left off. Even if you make a single edit to your existing draft — it’s progress. And reading through what you’ve written gets you in the flow of the story and can carry you forward from where you left off.
Read your draft aloud! Read it with emotion, with fervour, like you’re on stage. Think of authors who gathered their friends in one room and read out their writing to them. Imagine that! Plus this technique can also help you make the best edits, as you catch things that you wouldn’t normally through silent reading and you also catch parts that don’t flow well.
If you’re stuck in a scene or can’t figure out a character’s reaction to a situation, talk to yourself. Literally discuss with yourself how this scene should go in your opinion. Ask yourself these questions: so what would you feel if you were in this character’s place? What would happen next?
Another technique is walking. The best ideas can come when you’re taking walks. Even more amazing if you put the music that fits your scene on your phone and go walking outside. Tell yourself: “Today I’m gonna figure out this specific scene or write this many words.”
READ BOOKS! Reading books forms new neural connections in your brain — neural connections are like a bank of resources that your brain reaches for when it encounters a situation relevant to what you have stored. In more practical terms, reading books can relax your writing style by showing your brain what’s possible. If you’re ever feeling unmotivated, turn your reading into a system, i.e. decide which books you’re going to read this month, divide the pages up by the days in the month, and read your daily page quotas. Essentially, remove the element of choice. If you have to choose to do it, it burdens your willpower (proven).
Learn new vocabulary on the daily. When you’re reading books, you’ll inevitably run into words you don’t know. Look up their meaning at the time and jot them down. Those words will eventually accumulate; start from one end and take 5 words and learn those 5 words until the end of the day. Then, form sentences with those 5 words to memorise them better. Then the next 5 words the next day and keep going like that…you can even set the 5 words for the day as your lockscreen so that you keep seeing them throughout the day. It also really helps to write a word or two of association in brackets next to the word, for example: decanter (wine).
Take a few days’ break. Our brain has this proven ability where if you give it a task or a problem that you really care about, it will continue working on solving that problem in the background without you even consciously thinking about that problem anymore. If you’re stuck in a scene, think intensely about it once and then step back. Your brain now received the problem it needs to solve. A day or two later, your brain can give you the solution.
When you’re eating, instead of watching something, open your work in front of you and silently look through random parts of the draft. You can make small but important edits this way and regain interest in your own work.
Almost forgot — roleplay with yourself! Plant yourself in the situation and explore your own realistic reactions to the situation, or to what the other character said. This helps with moving a dialogue forward in a realistic way and also with exploring emotions that would arise in intense situations.
Write for yourself! Getting stuck in the thoughts of what would please your readers can feel depressing and uninspiring, and it can make you forget why you started writing in the first place. Focusing solely on what would please your readers can restrict you from exploring your true strengths and that unique literary style you may possess. Some people are strong at creating fantasy worlds, others are best at writing witty dialogues, yet others are more interested in exploring emotional twists and hardships of characters etc. Explore what’s yours! Make your work please you, make your work satisfy you, make your work your own favourite! You should be the biggest fan of your own work!
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writingadvice365 · 2 days ago
i always find it hard to write. i always want to write but as soon as i write a single word, my head turns blank. Do you have any tips on how to prevent that?
Here are some ideas that might help you get the words out.
Give yourself permission. At the top of the page in big letters write "You Hereby Have Permission To Write Something Crazy" or "Permission to Be Melodramatic: Granted" or whatever message rings true for you. Make it Official(TM) that you are allowed to write whatever you want, no matter how dramatic or silly.
Write what you already know. Start writing down every single thing that you know 100% FOR SURE about your story and characters. Write down everything, even the most basic obvious information. Often times you know more than you think you do and writing everything out allows you to connect the dots between ideas.
Write about what interests you and gives you joy! The whole point of writing is to HAVE FUN and if you are having fun then naturally you will want to do it. Try this exercise in this previous ask to generate some ideas that you will for sure enjoy writing about.
Write about how you cannot write. Literally. If you sit down and your fingers don't move, write something along the lines of "I cannot write more than a single word. I am lying right now. I can write more words, like this and this..." And then keep writing down your thoughts as they come. It does not matter if it makes sense or has anything to do with your story. Just write down whatever your thoughts think and prove to yourself you CAN write and that you DO have words.
Do some free writing. If you need a bit more structure, write the phrase "I remember the color blue..." and write down whatever your thoughts and memories come up with. If you run out of blue thoughts, write "I remember" again but use a different color.
Change your writing medium. If you usually type, use pen and paper. If you use pen and paper, use colored pencil instead. Write on the back of an envelope or on a cardboard box. Change your font style to something fun. Change your document background color. Do anything to change the look and feel of how you normally write to help shake things up.
Hope some of these help! =)
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pizza-and-figs · 2 days ago
"Here." Hero says throwing a small box of band-aids Villain's way. "You should patch up, see you next time."
Opening the box Villain finds that it's designed with cute cats.
It started with a small box of band-aids and then it became a stuffed toy and then it became a want for a real cat. Going to the pet store they bought one and named it Hero junior in memory of the band-aids, whenever they got beaten up they'd talk and cuddle up with it. It relieved pain just like a band-aid did.
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youneedsomeprompts · 4 hours ago
Hii, can i get "Old Couple" prompts?
Oooo this sounds sweet! Hope you like them :)
Tumblr media
15 old couple prompts
Feel free to use and reblog!
#1 - wordlessly following their small rituals
#2 - not needing the other's verbal assurance to know they agree on something
#3 - indulging the other's quirks
#4 - only feeling as if they themselves are getting older but not their significant other
#5 - watching their (grand)children grow up
#6 - reliving special memories by revisiting certain places
#7 - not being majorly bothered by problems/arguments/complications because they managed several hardships already
#8 - enjoying watching young love blossoming together
#9 - feeling that a life without the other is harder to imagine/bear with every passing day
#10 - having a fulfilled day as long as they get to spend it at their partner's side
#11 - while playing with the grandchildren always telling how the kids' 'charming grandma/grandpa' was the same when they were younger
#12 - watching their children fight about the same irrelevant disagreements as they had done when they were younger, and now realising what a waste of time it is
#13 - always doing things together out of convenience
#14 - developing a sweet tooth in their age and the other is indulging them with little treats here and there
#15 - remembering the same experiences from years ago, thinking the other has surely forgotten about them by now
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writing narrative foils
[@/moonit_sunflower_writes on ig]
elias veturius and helene aquila invented narrative foils in this essay i will-
hey y'all! today we're going to be talking about narrative foils and why they're such an awesome literary technique + how to use them when you write. most of this knowledge is from english class last year combined with my own experience reading and writing. i hope this helps!
disclaimer: i am not a professional writer, just a student who writes for fun, and everything here is a combination of research and experience. i'm always open to debate and/or constructive criticism!
what are foils? why use them?
narrative foils are essentially two characters that have contrasting personalities and values. when a character and their foil are in close proximity, it makes the characters' contrasting personalities and attributes. essentially, it makes the differences between the two characters stark and makes them seem more dramatic.
foil v/s antagonist
an antagonist is someone working directly against the protagonist, who tries to hinder the protagonist's progress and ultimately propels the plot forwards. a foil, on the other hand, exists purely to emphasise the protagonist's character traits. they don't necessarily provide more conflict or opposition.
how to use foils
one of the main ways in which foils are used is to show the different paths that characters can take. for example, in an ember in the ashes, elias chooses to run from blackcliff while helene remains to serve the emperor - the two paths they take are direct contrasts and show the different futures that someone from blackcliff could possibly have.
foils are also used to show different choices that characters make. in the musical hamilton, the songs "my shot" and "wait for it" are direct contrasts to each other. in the former, hamilton talks about how he will go looking for opportunity and not pass any up, while burr talks about how he will wait for his time to come and not make stupid rash decisions.
coming up with foil characters
like any trait, the fact that the character is a foil should not be their entire personality. the fact that draco and harry* are foils isn't their entire personalities - they each have their own unique motivation and subplot as well, but the fact that they contradict each other gives their characters more depth.
also, don't contrast every single character trait. for example, if your protagonist is loyal, confident, and naive, don't necessarily make your antagonist untrustworthy, cowardly, and sceptical. choose the traits that serve the story the best and emphasise those!
*i do not support jk rowling in any way, i'm just using her characters as examples
examples of foil characters
elias veturius and helene aquila from an ember in the ashes
romeo and mercutio from romeo and juliet
harry potter and draco malfoy from harry potter
sherlock holmes and john watson from sherlock
mr darcy and mr wickham from pride and prejudice
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lavenderotpprompts · a day ago
hello! first off, love ur blog <3 such a cute concept~
so, i've been writing fics lately that involve character A who has fallen hard but doesn't tell character B out of fear because B claims to not like it when people love them. do you have any ideas/suggestions for writing this kind of dynamic?
Ahhh— thank you so much!! I am but a small soul trying to help inspire some OTP ideas for all my fellow romantics. Y’all’s support means the world🥺💕🌸
As far as writing goes, this sounds like a really interesting and fun/angsty dynamic!!
Some things to ask yourself to help further develop them individually and their relationship:
Why is person B averse to someone loving them? Is it due to past hurts, trauma, or emotional struggles? Are they afraid to get attached or of hurting someone if they don’t return the feelings? Do they feel like they’re not really good enough or do they struggle to trust?
What is person B’s “root feeling”? In other words, what is the emotion that is guiding or has lead to this feeling? Is it a deeper fear of loss, fear of commitment, etc.? Is it insecurity, anger, resentment, hatred, or disgust? Identifying this can help figure out how person B might respond in these types of situations.
What does person A see in person B that has caused them to fall in love? Is it their beauty, personality, strength, hidden goodness, kindness, loyalty, courage, something else, all the above?
How does person B feel about person A? Do they respect them, look down on them, fear them, trust them, hate them, admire them? Are they friends? Teammates/allies? Enemies/opponents? This can all impact how they interact and what their dynamic will be.
How does person A act around person B. Since they’re afraid to confess their feelings, so they avoid person B? Do they get nervous around them? Are they trying to get rid of these feelings? Do they try to be around them as much as possible? Are they flirtatious? Do they plan on eventually trying to confess or are they ok with never speaking their true feelings?
Imagine how person B would react to finding out person A is in love with them—would it create feelings of anger, hurt, embarrassment, sadness, disgust, pity, something else, or no emotion at all? What is it about person A specifically that has caused this reaction in person B?
What would the fall out of this revelation be? Does person B avoid person A? Does person A apologize or deny it? Does this lead to something surprising? Does it cause more hurt and division or is it one push closer to healing?
I know it’s not much, but I hope these can help! The more you know about the characters and their deeper motivations/fears/etc., the better you can create their dynamic and figure out which scenarios would be realistic! Best of luck 💕
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I've seen a lot of story narration tips that say to make your narrator unreliable. How? I don't know how to contradict myself with writing (if that's even how you do it...).
Hi, I see that your name says deactivated, I hope just changed the name or something and can still see it.
How to write an unreliable narrator
An unreliable narrator is a storyteller who does not tell the story how it really is.
Why use an unreliable narrator?
An unreliable narrator can show the reader that every truth has different layers and that not everything that you get told has to be true. It is an interesting way to keep the reader in the dark about something, that later becomes a major plot twist. Or it can leave the reader guessing about what is real and what is not.
Every narrator is going to be unreliable sometimes. Even with good intentions, they don't know everything and every person is inherently guided by their own subjective opinions and views that always play a part in narration.
Types of unreliable narrator
Unintentionally unreliable
inexperience/naivity, because of age, a mental illness or other factors [the narrator does not realize that they are not telling the actual story]
being lied to themself [they can't tell the whole truth, because they are not being given it either]
Intentionally unreliable
guilt [the narrator lies or omits part of the story to make themself look better/to hide their guilt]
profitting by lying [the narrator wants to get something by lying about the actual circumstances]
Insanity would probably lie between the two types, as it's not sure how much they can actually control their doing
How to write it?
easiest way is by using first person narration
the reader has to trust the narrator, because they are their only source of information
but it's possible with every narrator
decide on how to show that it is unreliable:
immediately [the narrator immediately tells obvious lies, which makes the reader question every other information they are being given]
over time [there are parts of the narration that don't align, there are more and more signs that something doesn't add up]
as a major plot twist [the narrator seems to be reliable, but at the end, the reader realizes that they haven't told the truth, sometimes about basically the entire story, sometimes about a few major points]
the narrator should be unreliable from the beginning, no matter what kind you decide on, it's just not discernible in some cases until later
you should write all your narrators unreliable from time to time, even if you don't want it to be a major plot point, because they simply don't have all the informations or misread something
you can let other characters show and tell the actual truth to expose your unreliable narrator
Hope this makes it more understable for you!
- Jana
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casualwriter · a day ago
Dialogue Prompts: “Dare…”
1. “How dare you?”
“Uh. Accidentally?”
2. “Truth or dare?”
“You summon the goddess of wisdom knowing that you may only ask one question, and this is what you say?”
3. “Don’t you dare.”
“What, do exactly what you’ve been doing for years?”
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writing-ideas-inc · 2 days ago
Dialogue Prompt
“Do you think that in another life, we made it together?”
“In every life except this one, my dear.”
“You really think so?”
“There’s no such thing as always, but we’re as close to it as you can get.”
- Lynn
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delilahfairchild · a day ago
would you mind doing some enemies with benefits dialogue prompts? If you don't mind! (It's like friends with benefits but like they hate each other but they just have s*x if that makes sense?)
💓 anon!
i know no one will listen but these prompts are NOT SAFE FOR WORK MINORS PLEASE DNI
enemies with benefits + nsfw prompts
"lift your face, i want to see you going down on me"
"just do it rough, i don't care"
"leave when you are finished. sex is good, but i don't want to see your face"
"save your moans. i am not done"
"if we don't leave for the mission right now, we might never be able to with that dress of yours"
"when i fuck you, you will definitely remember"
"never underestimate the devil in bed [name]"
"you would understand when i enter you"
"your body is mine. i will never let anyone get what i tasted"
"the deal is done. i don't want to sleep with you anymore" "one more time, and i will never come back in this bed again"
"with those fingers, you could have been a pianist. such a waste" "is it though, when they look magnificent in your folds?"
'bold of you to assume that i will let you come this early"
"do you see all this mess? you're the responsible" "you came, not me"
"three rounds are enough for tonight" "your moans and you eyes say otherwise, [name]"
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nerdingz-prompts · 2 days ago
"I have never in my life wanted something more than to watch this nation burn beneath our hatred."
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sleepyprompts · 2 days ago
Prompt #478
“If you weren’t here, I’d have no one I’d consider sacrificing.”
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uccmd · a day ago
timeskip!bokuto headcanons
when he eats crackers with salt he always nibbles it first, and only then eats the cracker itself
there is a dictionary on bokuto's bedside table. every free evening before going to bed, he learns new complex and "cool" words so that his fans will admire not only his strength, but also his mind
he likes to cook different onigiri and sushi for his friends and team every weekend
bokuto love to play animal crossing
bokuto's favourite fizzy drink with strawberry flavour
after each match his sisters and akaashi are waiting for him at home. they organize a movie night with their favorite food and watching old school matches. when the team has already planned their own evening, their gatherings are postponed to the next day
he carries stickers in his bag - everyone who asks for an autograph gets them
bokuto loves spiders and uses them as a symbol of good luck before matches. a golden spider is embroidered on the scarf that he have with him on every game
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pizza-and-figs · 2 days ago
note*The Villain and Hero wear masks so they don't know each others faces
Hero and Villain have siblings who go to the same school and when they found out their secret identities. Apart from that they also found out their not so secret feelings for each other. The decided to help them confess their feelings to each other by setting them up on a date not knowing the real identities of each other
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youneedsomeprompts · 3 days ago
my OTP's birthdays are coming up soon (they have birthdays within a week of each other) and I was wondering if you have any prompts for OTPs celebrating their birthdays/holidays together? tysm <3
Tumblr media
10 celebration prompts (OTP celebrating their birthdays together)
Feel free to use and reblog!
#1 - both planning a surprise party for the other, only the invited guests knowing it is actually a party for both of them
#2 - bringing each other a small cake for their special days and enjoying it together before they're celebrating in a bigger round
#3 - doing all the things both enjoy on their shared special day
#4 - trying to make the day the best day for the other by doing everything the other enjoys most
#5 - being unable to think about anything but their significant other's birthday weeks in advance and already panicking about how to make it perfect so that they forget their own birthday
#6 - getting drunk together and confessing a bunch of truths they didn't reveal until then
#7 - trying to combine their individual birthday rituals when they're celebrating together
#8 - getting to know the other's friends a lot better due to their joint birthday party
#9 - exchanging very personal letters for their birthdays saying how much the other means in their life
#10 - panicking about getting meaningful gifts for the other and ending up with the same idea
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