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#writing ideas
stanknotstark · 3 minutes ago
Commanding Loki (just kind of happens)
Tumblr media
Summary: You’re not really sure how it happens but you begin commanding Loki, the God of Mischief, around. To everyone’s shock, he happily obliges to your commands. 
The first time you do it in front of the Avengers they all kind of stop in shock.
"Loki, get me a soda before you sit down." You told rather than asked the God.
You were too busy looking at a tablet Tony had lent you to see him stop in his tracks. He glared at the Avengers looking at him, ready to attack him as if he was thinking about attacking you for giving him an order. They weren't wrong but only because you did it in front of everyone. Probably.
He got you a soda and sits next to you, rolling his eyes at your nonchalant thanks. 
The next time it happened was kind of a life or death situation.
"Loki, leave the room right now and calm yourself," You checked Thor's pulse through the gushing blood which made him slippery as an eel, "You either calm yourself and I’ll let you back in or you can sit out there like a petulant child. Go."
Natasha looked at you as if you were crazy, her hands pressing a t-shirt to Thor’s wound tightly. Loki heeded her no mind though and did as you told him.
He was welcomed back within 15 minutes.
Next, you do it more to push boundaries because Natasha had a conversation with you after Thor's fiasco. She's finds it quite funny that he obeys you like it's second nature but if anyone else dared do it he wouldn't hesitate to threaten their life. Trust me, Tony had wanted to test his boundaries and tried to do it too. Needless to say, Tony wouldn't be doing it again any time soon, he was still pissy some very expensive pieces of furniture got destroyed.
So one day while you and Loki are hanging out with Natasha, like you all consistently do because you three enjoy silence but companionship at the same time. You look across at Nat and grin, making sure Loki doesn't see it and commence your plan.
"Loki," Loki looks up from his book on midguardian foods newly introduced from 1996 to 2010, a questioning frown on his face, "Pass me the remote."
It's simple enough, nothing too strenuous. Yet.
"You have two perfectly functioning arms." Loki mutters but grabs the remote and gives it to you. You give him a genuine smile and you can see he has gone soft in the eyes before he looks at his book again. 
You glance at Nat with raised brows, she looks away with a smirk as you turn on the TV. Flicking through channels you finally settle on reruns of Stranger Things. Natasha gets interested and you kind of watch but mostly you're thinking about commanding Loki to do something else but what? Loki keeps looking at his book but you see him glancing up often to watch the show too.
"Hey, Cowboy," Loki growls at the name, it had come up when Thor told you he used to call him a cow for his horns, "Don’t sit like that you'll get scoliosis....if a God can get that." Loki who had slouched forwards blinked at you and sat up straight in shock from the bad posture. When you see him glower at the TV you smile, he's probably cursing midguardians for ruining his good posture.
"Thanks." You whisper.
Loki hums carelessly and puts his book down to instead watch the show. Natasha coughs into her hand (a hidden laugh, you knew Nat too well), Loki eyes her suspiciously, looks at you, then focuses back on the TV. You force yourself, with great resolve might you add, to not laugh. You let things settle again before you try the ultimate command.
"Ugh." You start, rolling your right shoulder around and poking at it as if it hurts. You're literally about to tell Loki to massage it for you but you’re struck by paralyzing shock. Loki had noticed your 'discomfort' and moved closer to you. Lifting his hands towards your shoulder he stopped and looked at you with a tilted brow, asking consent. 
Aww how sweet.
You nodded and shifted so he had better access to your back. One hand landed between your shoulders on your back and the other pinching the area where your shoulder met your arm and began massaging.
Shocked you let him staring at the TV but not knowing what is going on on the show. Loki and you had touched before so it's not so out in the left field that you're concerned but he was massaging you in front of Natasha. Your thoughts turned to mush as he pushes and pulls your body so he could access all of your back and starts massaging your entire back. You couldn't help the little whimpers and soft moans of delight. Not only was this man a God but he was literally gifted God like hands, unfair!
After letting out another whimper Loki stopped. You felt him shift back to his original spot and so you did too. Glancing at him you saw a hint of flushed cheeks as he stared at the TV distantly. Natasha was outright staring at him with both eyebrows raised to her hairline, it looked like.
Loki cleared his throat and left with an offhand excuse.
Once Loki left the area Natasha's eyes fell onto you. She smirked lecherously but said nothing about what had just happened. Turning her attention back to the show when you shrugged your shoulders, completely flustered. 
She asks, "So like, I don’t doubt Will is going to be found but does Barbara make it?"
You smile and settle into the couch, "You'll find out in a few episodes."
Natasha groans and you laugh. You know she hates not knowing but if she's truly desperate she can look it up on Google or ask Jarvis.
The next time you command him it's another crisis. 
In short, Thor and Loki are arguing, both clearly in a ferocious rage in the kitchen. All the team is there to experience it this time too.
"No, Thor, I cannot simply understand why you would defend those inept idiots you call friends. If you think they're in the right you’re more brainless than I thought!" Loki yells at Thor who now looks like a kicked puppy and your motherly instincts kick in.
"Hey!" Loki looks at you shocked, this is the highest he's ever heard your voice, and probably the angriest too because you just don’t get mad. You have the patience of a Buddha God, Tony likes to say. 
"You apologize to him right now, then you will listen to what your brother has say, and if you interrupt him I will show you just how minuscule a God can be to a non believer."
The entire kitchen is silent. Tony looks like he wants to flee the area, he's been on your angry side once before. Steve is practically engraving the table with his eyes. Natasha shrugs and continues eating her meal, the utensils clipping the plate the only noise in the room.
Loki looks at Thor and raises a brow. Thor, still looking at you, swallows and begins to talk, focusing on his brother again. 
"Im trying to learn but I don’t know how to stay neutral between your feelings and my friend's-"
Loki opens his mouth but slams it shut when you snap your fingers.
"-i do not want to offend anyone but every choice i make I offend you and I’m sorry brother, I truly am. What can I do to amend things between us?"
Loki glances at you to see if he may talk now. At your nod he says, "Start by supporting your brother sometimes. I don't ask that you stand behind every argument between your friends and I but you never fail to support them, it seems. You can't please everybody Thor, and you can't stay neutral forever, at some point you have to realize that you have to pick a side and who's side."
Thor has lost to kicked puppy look but he now frowns and nods, staring at the floor with guilt. Loki's hand comes up, hesitates, then he places it on Thor's arm for a second and swiftly leaves.
When no one moves for a few seconds you clear your throat and they all go back to whatever they were doing before the argument escalated out of proportion, you included.
You realize you may have tiptoed the line of being fair with that last command so you let it rest for awhile, give Loki some space. He of course notices your avoidance because Tony had asked you what was up between you both, stating that the God had asked him if anything was bothering you. Usually Loki came to you with his concerns, not being the type of person to talk behind someone’s back. 
You sigh and tell Tony you’re fine, that you’ll talk to him. So you head out from Tony’s lab and search for Loki. He isn’t in the living room, kitchen, or even his own bedroom. You remember him once stating that he likes read on the roof sometimes, Tony had build Loki a garden up on the roof at one point since Loki clearly missed the garden from home, Asgard. A small gesture but a true turning point for both Tony and Loki’s relationship you think. 
Walking out on the roof you don’t see Loki in the garden so you murmur a few expletives and make your way back to the door when a voice calls out your name. You follow the sound and find Loki hidden on a corner of the roof, sitting on the edge of the building. 
Walking up behind him you ask, “Can we talk?”
“You’ve never asked before, don’t see why you’d start now.” Loki says, no contempt in his voice though, it’s just very...neutral. 
You force out a small laugh, hearing your own tenseness in it, “Ya, about that..”
You sit next to Loki letting your legs dangle over the ledge like Loki does now. His legs kick every once in awhile giving him an almost childlike appearance. 
“First off, I’m sorry.”
“For what?” Loki looks at you.
“I was out of line the other day with you and Thor. Not just then I’ve been, well, commanding you to do things for me and that’’s not...right?” You finish lamely, your face a big grimace but you look Loki in the eyes when you apologize.
“That’s why you’ve been avoiding me?” Loki says with mirth lingering in his words. 
“Well, ya, is there some other reason I should have?” You squint at him suspiciously.
Loki looks at you with an innocent look on his face, which you know is pure bullshit, but you let it slide. Shaking your head with a smile you then look out across the open skyline below you. 
“Apology accepted.” Loki says after some time has past. Your shoulders, which had tensed involuntarily, now relax. 
You don’t react, well more like force yourself not to, when you feel Loki’s hand come to rest atop yours which had been supporting you on the ledge. Loki lets his hand rest there before he gets more confident and intertwines both of your fingers. You smile, finally looking at Loki who is already staring at you brazenly. 
“Kiss me.” 
“Did I fucking stutter?”
Loki smirks then leans in, his left hand coming to cradle your head at your jaw and kisses you. At first softly, as if testing the waters, then begins to put more passion behind it as you lean into him. His tongue gently swipes across your bottom lip and you open your mouth to let him explore. 
If you thought this man had God like hands....
When you’re both breathless you part but keep your faces close together. Your eyes roam over his face, noting how young he looks right now, how vulnerable, and bite your lip. Loki’s eyes drop to your lips and uses a thumb to pull your lip from your teeth lest you bruise them more. “Don’t bite them, it is my job to bruise them.” Loki says breathlessly. 
Much later, when it’s dark out, you both come back into the tower and make your way to the living room. The first person you see is Natasha who, legit, smiles at the look of you two. Tony who notices Nat smiling looks where she’s looking and whistles at the two of you who decide to share a love seat. 
“Shut up.” You command the two of them. 
You were sure the both of you made a pretty funny picture. Your hair was most likely tousled, too much so to just be from the wind, and Loki’s lips were nearly purple with bruising so no doubt yours were any less. Not to mention the both of you were too incredibly happy, which ya you being happy is normal but it was almost an alarming amount of giddiness and Loki doesn’t normally show his emotions so openly like this. 
Tony smirks, raises a brow and points the remote at the TV. “Stranger Things?” 
You, very much flustered, clear your throat and say yes. 
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signsofsam · 13 minutes ago
In other writing news, have I started on a 5+1 for Sam/Bucky (maybe romance, maybe bromance) revolving around 5 fantasy books Sam buys Bucky?
Yes, yes I have.
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storyweaverofgondor · 16 minutes ago
Pirates of the Caribbean prompts
Ya girl is desperate for content so I’m making a prompt list. If you are inspired please tag me. I will consume the fic like a starving man with a hamburger.
Preferred genres:
Jack & Will Friendship
Will Whump
Protective Jack
Captured Flying Dutchman Captain Will Turner being forced to eat dirt.
Will captured and locked in a coffin full of dirt.
Will enduring abuse aboard the Dutchman after Jack sells him to Jones. Jack being guilty after he finds out.
Will whump aboard the Black Pearl. First film.
Will caught and tortured by Sao Feng.
Injured Will extended/missing scene after leaving Isle de Muerta and being picked up by Norrington.
Will injured in the sinking of the Interceptor.
Tia Dalma/Calypso rescuing whumped and captured Will Turner and being very protective of the Dutchman's captain.
Will swears service to Jones to save Bootstrap from being murdered and slowly turns in a fish/sea creature monster over the course of the sequel movies. Angst ensures. Bonus points if the magic/curse messes with Will's mind and/or memory and he no longer recognizes Elizabeth by the Mealstorm Battle.
Just General Will&Jack friendship and/or whump please! I'm desperate!
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tackyarthoemixtapes · 41 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Being digital pen pals with your best friend’s ex should be a lot more awkward than this, Rory thinks. But when Dave sends her a comforting reply to her first-year-at-Yale-breakdown-rant only to finish the email with his very own breakdown-rant, she feels a lot less alone. Plus, who is Rory to deny him a secret line to the amazing girl that brought them into each other’s lives in the first place?
Binary Brunettes: A friendship ship
(Raw images: not mine)
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My brain: What if... side stories about the Andrade siblings and dragons learning magic?
Me: *beating at the thought with a broom* How about we focus on the actual Astral Chronicles first??
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skzauideas · 2 hours ago
one day, weird cafe recieve a bunch of dead flowers from the kind flower shop across the way
you can split skz in half and put in cafe or flower shop
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writing-ideas-inc · 3 hours ago
Dialogue Prompt
“You can’t go.”
“The only thing that was keeping me here was you. I loved you. I gave you my everything, and the way you betrayed me tonight... It showed me that it was all for nothing.”
“But you can’t leave.”
“Oh yeah? Why not?”
“Because the door is jammed and I haven’t been able to open it all day.”
“... Oh.”
- submission by jade_alyx on Instagram
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akwgivesadvice · 3 hours ago
Hello, alien invasion writer back !
I'm going to use the memory one, thank you, so you have any dialogue/prompts for the start?
Hmm, I’d love to but right now I’m doing prompts for commissions and I feel like if I give them away there’ll be no point in commissioning them BUT but-
I will give you general ideas. So if you’re opening it up with the MC waking up on Earth, then I would recommend opening with confusion and thoughts rather than dialogue, simply because I think opening with thought would give more immediately insight on the state of the character... and then I think I remember you saying that a couple found her so maybe showing her confused about who they are/where she is.
I hope I got that right and that this helps. Thank you for reaching out again and good luck/happy writing!
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nurfhurdur · 3 hours ago
Had it all really happened?
The only proof was an upgraded lock box of keys at the track, safety regulations they needed to adhere to, a maroon Hudson pick-up seen now and then in town, a two-year weathered headstone in the cemetery...
And a name on the plaque of Piston Cup champions in the Thomasville, Piston Cup office.
-- File under: I don't remember writing this.
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sleepyprompts · 4 hours ago
Prompt #237
“Yes, I’ve been writing a novel for years, but this time I really mean it!”
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Am i the only one who can be mentally exhausted, not able to write anything, but then steps in the shower and comes back out with :
a solved plot hole
a new character whom I’m in love with
A new ship involving that character
and a whole scene acted out like a script that a) explores the psychology of one of the main characters, and b) has some of my favourite lines of dialogue ever?
Just me?
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josephinegerardywriter · 5 hours ago
"I think we understand each other."
"That's assuming anyone understands you. Let's not get ahead of ourselves."
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josephinegerardywriter · 5 hours ago
"Protest all you like, we know you don't mind us. You're fitting right in with the team."
"Something I'll regret, I'm sure."
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mrsreeder · 6 hours ago
A really random realisation, but..I already wrote 13 TTOI fics since last December and six of them are Malcolm/Ollie fics, haha. Well, I only really started writing last year anyway, but in all those years I never had another OTP (and favourite show, that is) which inspired my creativity THAT much. And I'm really somewhat happy about that ☺
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