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One Hundred Compliments
"Your smile lights up the room."
"I admire you deeply."
"You're special. In the best way."
"You really inspire me."
"I feel like I've known you forever."
"You're such a good friend."
"I feel good when I'm with you."
"That new hair cut suits you very well."
"Your style is just so cool."
"You're a good role model."
"There is nothing you can't do."
"I appreciate you."
"You handled that situation perfectly."
"I'm in awe when I look at you."
"The point you made was so important."
"You have really cute freckles."
"I'm happy to call you my friend."
"You did so great!"
"You're such a good listener."
"I love your nails."
"When you blush it's the cutest thing ever."
"I could listen to you for hours."
"Your eyes are stunning."
"Your sense of humor is so great."
"I really like your smile."
"You're so skilled."
"You have a great work ethic."
"I like looking at you."
"Your opinion is important to me."
"I'm very lucky to know you."
"You're such a good friend."
"When you smile it's infectious."
"I am so proud of you."
"You're so creative!"
"Your taste in music is impeccable."
"I admire your strength."
"You smell so good."
"You're always saying the right words."
"I love who you have become."
"You have real talent."
"Your voice is so beautiful."
"I'm happy when you're around."
"You have the best ideas."
"I love your earrings."
"You're a good person."
"I can't imagine my life without you."
"Those tattoos are gorgeous."
"You're beautiful - on the inside and outside."
"I can always count on you."
"You can be proud of yourself."
"Your outfit is amazing."
"I love hanging out with you."
"You worked so hard and it shows."
"You're so brave."
"I love working with you."
"You're such a good cook."
"I'm amazed by your creativity."
"That necklace looks so beautiful on you."
"You're just so talented!"
"I'm happy to have you as my family."
"Waking up next to you is the best part of my day."
"Your tattoos suit you so well."
"I love living with you."
"Your body is perfect the way it is."
"I'm happy when I'm around you."
"You have good rhythm."
"You're very good at what you do."
"The sun is shining just for you."
"You give great advice."
"You're amazing with animals."
"I'm glad that you're here."
"You always look good."
"We all loved your performance."
"I know you will achieve great things."
"You're a wonderful human being."
"The world is a better place with you in it."
"Your laugh is contagious."
"You deserve everything."
"I'm happy to call you my friend."
"Your fashion sense is unparalleled."
"You're so good with children."
"There is a bright future ahead of you.
"Your food tastes delicious."
"This dress looks like it was tailored for you."
"Your art makes me very happy."
"I can always trust you."
"Your hands feel good in mine."
"You're a very good parent."
"We're happy to have you here."
"You're one of a kind."
"I feel safe to confide in you."
"You have the best jokes."
"You're always so thoughtful."
"I love that I can be myself around you."
"You're a good dancer."
"Your makeup looks so good on you."
"I'm glad that you are here."
"You can do anything you set your mind to."
"Your family must be so proud of you."
"There is nothing I would change about you."
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willowiswriting a day ago
Writing the Rules of Magic
I was working on coming up with ideas for a couple of magic systems, and figured I would condense some advice down for y鈥檃ll. Please note that all of these rules are breakable! They simply offer you something to consider when creating your magic system.
SO, some things to think about:
1. Where does it come from? Most commonly, magic saps or comes from the user's energy. In my Light & Death series, magic is in the air and it is up to the user to learn how to collect and harvest it, like a waterbender condensing humidity. Not completely important to figure out depending on the story (see Harry Potter,) but it can certainly add some flavor.
2. What does it cost? A lot of storytellers ensure that their magic comes with a price, and that price is consistent with how much magic was used. This is important to figure out, especially if your story revolves around magic or contains an arc where your character must learn to wield magic. Giving it a cost and making sure your reader understands what that cost is can really boost the tension when your character is faced with the tough decision to pay for their magic in a high-stakes way.
3. Magic influences your world as a whole. Unless your character is the first person ever to discover magic, it's likely that the people in your world have figured out ways to make their lives easier (or others' lives harder,) with the help of magic. How does your magic influence industry, travel, hierarchical structures, and the economy? You have a great opportunity to create a very unique world based on how your magic system works and how the people of your world chose to use it to their own advantages. (Terry Pratchett鈥檚 Discworld series is a great way to see that kind of thing happening in real time!)
4. The way magic is used can influence your story's tone. Is it generally used for housekeeping and hexing? Are people killed with it, handily and often? The rules your magic has influence how that magic is used, and the general purposes of your magic will impact the tone of your story.聽
5. 聽Who can use it? The most common answers to this question tend to be: - Everyone knows it innately - Anyone who learns it/studies can use it - It passes down from parents There is no problem with using any of these, or coming up with your own option!聽
6. Actually use it It's one thing to have magic in the background of your story. But if I pick up a fantasy book that mentions magic I want to see some very cool or thoughtful uses of said magic! If you feel like you have a saggy, boring middle, consider introducing a situation in which your characters need to use magic very creatively to get out of a situation they鈥檝e found themselves in. It may take some thinking, but if you can give the reader some magic payoff, they will only sink deeper into the story.
7. It's okay to make your system boring This depends on the story and the writer, but it's something I have to tell myself often. In my WIP, Two for Mirth, my magic system is very basic. There's primarily just healing magic (and necromancy, which is on the same spectrum as healing,) and you spend your body's energy to cast spells. It doesn't need to be anything more than that because the story isn't ABOUT the magic, it's about a girl learning how to stand on her own two feet, and falling in love with the grim reaper as she does it. The magic is a background element that informs the plot. This rule could also be called "only make what you need (as long as what you end up with makes sense)".
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koishua a day ago
鈫 angst prompts: falling out of love edition
"i can't say that anymore." / "say what?" / "that i love you."
"friends?" / "not now, but maybe later."
"i'm sorry, our forever has to end today."
"i just wish you never promised to love me till death did us apart."
"i don't love you anymore." / "i know, i've noticed."
"what hurts the most is that i know you still care about me."
"so, is this it?" / "i don't know if it makes you feel better, but i really did enjoy our time together. i really, really did." / "well, i guess it was good while it lasted."
"i feel worse than the time i was dumped during tenth grade."
"you can always come find me if you're in need of anything." / "but what if i need you?"
"do we still have the weekly movie nights?" / "yeah, we do. i still want to be friends with you if you don't mind." / "i'd love that."
"i knew that this would happen one day. i just didn't know it would arrive so soon."
"we were so beautiful." / "we still can be." / "you think so?"
"somehow, i'm not even mad about this turn of events." / "i'm too pretty for you to be mad at." / "oh, screw you. get out of my sight before i break down and cry."
"so, are we good now?" / "yeah, we're good."
"are you okay?" / "what? after you broke off and gave up on our seven year long relationship like this? yeah, just peachy." / "i'm sorry." / "don't be. come back in a week and i'll have your stuff ready. please don't come earlier, i need time to repair myself a little bit."
"make sure not to miss any meals and take care of yourself." / "yes, mom. i will be looking after myself with utmost care." / "thank you for everything then. i'll see you around."
"well, this is awkward." / "we literally have the same friends. of course we were going to be hanging out together again eventually, you idiot."
"i hope you find someone who loves you more than i could."
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yetanothersinner 2 days ago
Prompt #9
The power-draining cuff sat heavy on Hero鈥檚 wrist. Since it had been placed on their wrist, movement had exhausted them, and whether it was from the lack of power or the dread, they couldn鈥檛 begin to guess. Tucking their knees up onto the small bench of the cell, they buried their head in their knees, hiding their face from the flickering, nausea-inducing lights. Twin damp spots bloomed where their eyes pressed to their knees, and they choked back tears, muffled in the darkness.
A door swung open somewhere in the hallway, footsteps clicking sharp and quick down the concrete. They stopped abruptly in front of Hero鈥檚 door, a key rattling in the lock, and they lifted their head tentatively from their knees. God, they weren鈥檛 ready for this.
The door clattered open, and their eyes stayed on the floor as Villain stepped closer. Hero didn鈥檛 think they could handle taunts; they were on the brink of tears as it was. Hero flinched violently as Villain鈥檚 hand entered their vision, but as they looked up, the hand having not connected, they saw that it held only a screen, cheerful music in the background.
鈥淲hat the hell is this?鈥 Villain demanded, hand clenched, white-knuckled, to the tablet.
Hero glanced down to see the procession-a victory assembly, crowds cheering, a Hero at the head. Them at the head. Well, at least as close to them as the Corporation could make it seem.
Hero鈥檚 laugh was brittle, startling Villain out of words. 鈥淚鈥檝e been replaced,鈥 they mumbled, head back in their knees.
Villain鈥檚 footsteps stopped. 鈥淵ou knew this would happen?鈥
Hero shrugged, trying to play it off as nonchalant. Maybe it would work if they didn鈥檛 lift their head. 鈥淚t鈥檚 what has always happened.鈥 Their eyes flicked back to the photo. 鈥淯nder the suit, no one will be able to tell it isn鈥檛 me.鈥 Their throat turned thick. 鈥淕uess you鈥檙e not getting that ransom after all.鈥
The silence dragged on, and Hero couldn鈥檛 wait until Villain left to heave another sob. Tears etched through their cheeks, chest heaving with each breath. Villain sat next to them, placing a hand awkwardly on their back. 鈥淚鈥 know I already offered in my monologue earlier, but you could always join me?鈥
Hero sniffed back a running nose, a small chuckle escaping them. 鈥淭hanks, but I鈥檓 fine.鈥
Villain sighed, breathing growing agitated as they muttered to themselves. They withdrew their arm from around Hero, reaching their hand into their pocket and pulling something out. 鈥淟et me see your hands.鈥
Hero obliged, lifting their head to see Villain unlocking the cuffs, dropping them onto the bench. Power surged back into Hero-a ghost of their usual power, but returning slowly. 鈥淲hat are you doing?鈥 Hero asked, blinking back the last of their tears.
鈥淟etting you go. What does it look like, dumbass?鈥
鈥淏ut I鈥檓 going to fight you again.鈥
Villain sighed, helping Hero to their feet and through the hallways. 鈥淵eah, well, go home and rest up first. Eat some soup, but don't include too much salt. You鈥檙e going to want to eat bland foods for a couple days.鈥
Hero let Villain help them with their cape, opening the door for them. 鈥淲hat are you doing?鈥
鈥淪omething I'm going to regret.鈥 Villain leaned forward, tucking Hero鈥檚 hair behind an ear. 鈥淪ee you tomorrow.鈥
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writing-ideas-inc 2 days ago
A hates B. That's something they've known since, well, forever. B is just as good as them at [activity or academic field or whatever] and they've been pitted against each other for ages.
B doesn't hate A. They actually feel like they're some sort of comrades-in-arms, partner united against everyone who doesn't get [activity or academic field or whatever]. B would love to be closer to A; they're sure they could have some fascinating conversations if only they stopped bickering.
"Stop it, alright? Stop being so good at everything. I hate always being compared to you!"
-Mod Vienna @see-through-stars
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erzawritesstuff a day ago
Whumpish prompt #1
Hero was on the ground, shaking. They tried to hide the tears on their face by looking at the floor, at the ripped up mask that hid their identity. They could hear Villain approaching them, and their breathing began coming quicker.
"You- I- I won't talk. You won't get any information from me!" Hero says.
Villain looks down at them skeptically. "Look me in the eyes and tell me you actually want the hero organization to take over the city again. I know you're smarter than that."
Villain tilted their head up gently, wiping away their tear with their thumb. "You're a child." Villain says softly.
"I'm sixteen." Hero says softly. "I'm no kid."
"...No. I suppose your not. I'm guessing you haven't been a child for a long while." Villain says. "Join me. I'll keep you safe, we can fight Hero's together."
The hero had never considered a life outside of the organization. They were as surprised as Villain with their automatic answer.
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appendingfic 2 days ago
I鈥檓 sure someone out there has done this, but a prophecy where the Chosen One is a different gender than the protagonist, but otherwise meeting all other criteria and the whole story is about the protagonist discovering they鈥檙e trans
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casualwriter a day ago
Hello! Can i ask for some rude writing prompts? It's my first time asking tho :)
1. 鈥淓xcuse me. This spot is taken.鈥
鈥淵eah. By me.鈥
2. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e in my way.鈥
鈥淭hen it鈥檚 not 鈥榶our way鈥 anymore, is it?鈥
3. 鈥淭hat was rude.鈥
鈥淎ctually, I think they like you.鈥
鈥溾he feeling certainly isn鈥檛 mutual.鈥
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sleepyprompts 2 days ago
Prompt #592
鈥淭his would make more sense if you weren鈥檛 holding a ginormous plant.鈥
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daily-fantasy-ideas a day ago
CW: fighting
I think you should have a character who has developed extreme agility, dexterity, and climbing skills purely so that they can gain some elevation before jumping into a flying kick.
They could do this for a variety of reasons.
Maybe because it looks cool,
Maybe because it will gain them a little extra momentum that they can hit people harder with
Maybe they have some kind of superkick ability that requires a certain amount of time in the air before it can fully activate
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dropkickwritersblock a day ago
Write a piece in which a character forgets why they entered a room
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creativepromptsforwriting 2 days ago
Prompt #825
The road they were going down was a dangerous one, but blinded as they were by their emotions, it was the only road they could see in front of them.
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pop-tart-barf 2 hours ago
Bruno X Reader fanfic idea- *This started as a small self indulgent idea but quickly spiraled into something with a mind of its own. Don鈥檛 know if I鈥檒l ever get around to writing this one out but it was too cute of an idea for me not to put down into words. If by some chance someone stumbles across this and also happens to like the idea, feel free to get inspired.*
Reader is apart of a large family that was given a 鈥渕iracle鈥 of their own. This miracle involves them being able to turn into birds.
Readers family has always been a very enthusiastic and uplifting family, with a very contagious enthusiasm. Before their miracle they were known to host celebrations to lift the spirits of others in their village. They are to the likings of street performers, but turned up to eleven. They host parts where they dance and sing and encourage others to join them.
Now they are voyagers, who migrate far and wide preforming for villages that are in need of uplifting. One of those happen to be Encanto
*Though I do have my own reasoning. I don鈥檛 want others to feel they need to follow this reason as to why they where given a gift or why they are voyagers now. So please free free to make your own reasoning*
The family was given their miracle after their home village was invaded. Instead of leaving their village behind they did their best to protect one another but when all seemed hopeless they were given a gift to turn into birds in order to escape.
The family believes that to prove worthy of their miracle they must continue to help and cheer up other communities while also staying close together.
Possible story points/headcannons:
鈥eople who marry into the family are also given the gift of turning into birds.
鈥eople who marry into the family have to commit to the family voyager life style. (Possible conflict)
鈥retty expected, but the family doesn鈥檛 stay in one place for too long (possible conflict)
鈥hen given their miracle, the Readers family was given a strange ability to sense were they were needed next.
鈥ll family members have colorful clothing that matched the color of the bird they change into. They also have accompanying masks that represent what bird they are.
鈥f I ever make this Reader will be a lil Hummingbird because extra small and pocket size works well for Bruno XD
鈥ot a big point but Reader loves chalk drawing on the pavements, they are a colorful family they can鈥檛 help it.
Annnnnd that鈥檚 about it, I might do some concept doodles since I鈥檝e always been a more picture person then words person. Thank you to any who indulged in my brain rot.
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koishua a day ago
鈫 fun and mildly chaotic outdoor activity ideas for your otp
painting murals
picnic near a hidden lake
amusement park dates
chaotic barbeque day
flying giant, eccentric kites
building a small treehouse
walking big dogs for money
a small kayak trip on a calm lake
launching homemade rockets together
drone racing through an obstacle field
bird watching early in the morning
learning how to do skateboard tricks
skydiving if you're crazy enough for that
paragliding despite your fear of heights and falling
animal photography in the wild with camo outfits
random busking on the streets just for the heck of it
landscaping a garden that has gone out of control
portrait painting in nature, using each other as reference
planting trees and leaving cute little notes loosely attached to the plants
observing people and trying to psychoanalyse their movements
wearing trench coats and walking on the streets in a suspicious manner
leaving small notes with questionable messages written on them on random cars, because you like to wreak havoc on a small scale like that
hosting a cooking contest between your friend group and judging everyone to your heart's content
sparring dates if you do martial arts, but you're cosplayed as random characters
dressing up as trash cans or bushes and subtly moving around outside until someone notices that there's something off about y'all
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creweemmaeec11 4 months ago
Insult names to use instead of "idiot,"
None of these are actually meant to be hateful, if any of these have truely offensive meanings (such as the r word) that I was unaware of, please tell me so I can remove it! Tried to avoid cursing, but it contains some!
Pea Brain
Dull Pencil
Mole Rat
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writing-ideas-inc 2 days ago
Dialogue Prompt
"...I'm tired of blaming you for everything."
"A, I--"
"I don't like- I don't want to hate everything, to hate you, all the time. It hurts, it makes me feel small and gross and awful."
"Do you think we can... start over?"
"I... There's nothing I'd love more."
-Mod Vienna @see-through-stars
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kalea-jordan 8 months ago
Love triangles鈥攐verused and boring trope, right?
Wrong, you just need to get more creative. So buckle up fandom members and tired writers, let鈥檚 talk love triangle alternatives.
The Classic Love Triangle, aka the Love V
Tumblr media
This is your Bella/Edward/Jacob, your Katniss/Peeta/Gale. It鈥檚 been done and overdone. Person A has two people interested in them, and they have to pick which one they like best. Boring!! Let鈥檚 spice it up.
The True Love Triangle
Tumblr media
To make a REAL love triangle, we need to close the last side. Now all 3 people involved are part of their own classic love triangle. If two people end up together, the third will be double crushed because they just lost both of their potential love interests to each other. Now we鈥檙e talking.
This is like Harry/Cedric/Cho, Luna/Neville/Ginny (although not quite since it鈥檚 not all at the same time)
The Rivalry Turned Romance
Tumblr media
Person A is just minding their own business, uninterested in both person B and person C. Person B and C both like person A though, and somewhere along the way, their rivalry turns into a romance. Think about when Alya and Nino got trapped in the panther cage and fell for each other because they had so much (their mutual crush on Marinette) in common. This is the superior love triangle, tbh.
The Double Love Triangle
Tumblr media
We鈥檙e back to classic love triangle land, but we鈥檙e spicing it up by adding another one!! One of the people in the classic love triangle is in another classic love triangle. Percy has to choose between Annabeth and Rachel, Annabeth has to choose between Percy and Luke (*gags at mention of luke*). This can end in two couples or in one couple and two lonely people.
The True Double Love Triangle
Tumblr media
Ooh what鈥檚 this? It鈥檚 Miraculous Ladybug, of course. Person A (Marinette) likes Person C (Adrien), but she also likes Person B (Luka). Person C (Adrien) likes Person A (Marinette) and D (Kagami). BUT!! If we add in Marigami and Lukadrien, there鈥檚 our true love triangles coming out. Of course this chaos is in Miraculous because not a single character in this show this love triangle is straight.
The Bachelor
Tumblr media
I honestly can鈥檛 think of a good example in any fandoms I鈥檓 in for this scenario, but it鈥檚 pretty simple: person A has a plethora of potential love interests to choose between.
The Bachelor With Internal Love Triangles
Tumblr media
The love interests got tired of waiting for person A to choose one of them and started showing interest in each other.
The Bi Panic/Irene Adler/I am just overall frustrated that these two people are dating or into each other
Tumblr media
Person B and C are into each other, maybe already in a relationship, and person A likes both of them (unreciprocated). This is kind of like Irene Adler having an affair with both people in a marriage, except they would have both been into her too. A better example is when my crush in 7th grade started dating the girl that I didn鈥檛 know I had a crush on because I still thought I was straight.
The Plus One, aka the Johnlock
Tumblr media
Person A and B are in a confirmed and committed relationship (John & Mary Watson), but one of them is not so secretly in love with Person C (Sherlock).
The Awkward Plus One
Tumblr media
This is a similar situation to the plus one, but it鈥檚 just person C having an unrequited crush on someone in a relationship. For example, Nico having a crush on Percy, who is with Annabeth. Briseis loving Patroclus who is with his soulmate Achilles.
I was going to include the Marinette/Adrien/Ladybug/Chat Noir love square but honestly wtf is that mess and how did those fools manage to have a love triangle between two people?
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moonlit-sunflower-books a month ago
fun ways to introduce new characters
have your protagonist walk into them
have them walk into your protagonist
falling from the sky
they flirt with your protagonist in a coffee shop
your protagonist flirts with them first
your protagonist saves them / they save your protagonist
they fix your protagonist's car
find them hiding in a closet
find them making out with someone in a closet
eavesdropping on your protagonist
involved in a car chase after your protagonist
your protagonist mistakes them for someone else
they bond with your mc over how loud the neighbours are
OR they move in next door and are annoyingly loud and your protagonist is determined to teach them what good music is
they kidnap your protagonist for ransom
they accidentally commit vehicular manslaughter and your mc is the only witness
the barista mistakes their order for your protagonist's
pizza delivery man
walk in on their demon summoning circle
they keep trying to sell your mc something on a flyer
secretly your mc's long-lost sister *gasp*
online dating site
they mistake your mc for a celebrity and try to take pictures with them
taxi driver
your mc catches them shoplifting and tries to get them to return what they stole
or they see your mc shoplifting and get them arrested
friend of a friend
break into their house because they need a place to hide from the authorities
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casualwriter 2 days ago
Dialogue Prompts: 鈥淒efeat鈥︹
1. 鈥淭his isn鈥檛 over.鈥
鈥淚鈥檓 fairly sure it is over once there鈥檚 a victor. Me, in this case.鈥
2. 鈥淕ood game.鈥
鈥淭here鈥檚 no glory in defeat.鈥
鈥溾et鈥檚 play scrabble next time, yeah? Less emotional.鈥
3. 鈥淥kay, I surrender.鈥
鈥淲hat? No you can鈥檛, I was just getting the hang of this.鈥
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writing-prompts-re 10 months ago
You鈥檙e a student 400 years in the future who has just been assigned a project to study the 鈥淭rends of the early 2000s.鈥 In your deep research, you learn a horrible secret: the gods most of the world worships now started off as a trading card game known as 鈥淧okemon.鈥
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