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#writing inspiration
5 + 1 Fic Prompts
5 times Person A woke up without Person B and one time they woke up together.
5 times Person A thought they were in a relationship with Person B and one time Person B finally catches on that their own pining is definitely not unrequited.
5 times Person A calls Person B by a pet name and one time Person B finds one for Person A.
5 times Person A and Person B correct people about their relationship status and one time they just accept it.
5 times Person dreamed about Person B and 1 time it wasn't a dream.
Enemies to lovers
5 times they were on opposite sides of a fight and 1 time they fought alongside each other.
5 times they told each other they would hate them and 1 time they finally told each other the truth.
5 times they thought they were complete opposites of each other and 1 time they realized how much they had in common.
5 times they disagreed with each other and 1 time they were on the same page.
5 times they thought the other one was the enemy and 1 time they found out they were not.
(Found) Family
5 times they see other people’s family rituals and one time they create their own family ritual.
5 times they have to explain to people that they really are father and daughter and one time everyone can see that they are family.
5 times they look at photos from the father’s childhood and talk about his childhood memories and one time they create a photo album of their own memories together.
5 times Person A has to save Person B and one time Person B returns the favor.
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casualwriter · 2 days ago
Dialogue Prompts: “On my way…”
1. “I’m on my way!”
“Yes I know, I’m asking where.”
2. “Don’t move, I’m on my way.”
“…because clearly I’m in a position to move right now.”
3. “I’m on my way.”
“No, go back. Trust me.”
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ghostly-prompts · a day ago
Prompt #35
Villain is on trial. As part of the court proceedings the prosecutor shows videos of the fights between Hero and Villain over the years. The jury sees epic fights and excessive destruction of city property. Villain notices something else. Sprinkled throughout the battles are hundreds of pining glances, pulled punches, and bantering delivered with warm smiles. As they sit at the stand facing punishment for their crimes, Villain realizes something.
They’re in love with Hero.
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person-1n-progress · 2 days ago
Even More Assorted Angst Prompts
1. “If you want me to stop, then beg.”
2. “I owe you nothing.”
3. “I made you.”
4. “It’s not like I wanted it to happen!”
5. “I tried to stop it.”
6. “Why are you still up?”
7. “This isn’t healthy…”
8. “Do you want me to lie to you?”
9. “If you can’t save us both, save yourself.”
10. “I won’t leave you. Not again.”
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pizza-and-figs · 2 days ago
"Here." Hero says throwing a small box of band-aids Villain's way. "You should patch up, see you next time."
Opening the box Villain finds that it's designed with cute cats.
It started with a small box of band-aids and then it became a stuffed toy and then it became a want for a real cat. Going to the pet store they bought one and named it Hero junior in memory of the band-aids, whenever they got beaten up they'd talk and cuddle up with it. It relieved pain just like a band-aid did.
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youneedsomeprompts · 5 hours ago
Hii, can i get "Old Couple" prompts?
Oooo this sounds sweet! Hope you like them :)
Tumblr media
15 old couple prompts
Feel free to use and reblog!
#1 - wordlessly following their small rituals
#2 - not needing the other's verbal assurance to know they agree on something
#3 - indulging the other's quirks
#4 - only feeling as if they themselves are getting older but not their significant other
#5 - watching their (grand)children grow up
#6 - reliving special memories by revisiting certain places
#7 - not being majorly bothered by problems/arguments/complications because they managed several hardships already
#8 - enjoying watching young love blossoming together
#9 - feeling that a life without the other is harder to imagine/bear with every passing day
#10 - having a fulfilled day as long as they get to spend it at their partner's side
#11 - while playing with the grandchildren always telling how the kids' 'charming grandma/grandpa' was the same when they were younger
#12 - watching their children fight about the same irrelevant disagreements as they had done when they were younger, and now realising what a waste of time it is
#13 - always doing things together out of convenience
#14 - developing a sweet tooth in their age and the other is indulging them with little treats here and there
#15 - remembering the same experiences from years ago, thinking the other has surely forgotten about them by now
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pettyprompts · a day ago
“I think I’m in love with you.”
“Really? You had to do this while we’re in a Subway?”
“I- um, sorry? You just look really pretty and-“
“Get your sandwich and then we’ll talk about our relationship moving forward,” they said, pecking their friend’s cheek, “just not in here.”
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I've seen a lot of story narration tips that say to make your narrator unreliable. How? I don't know how to contradict myself with writing (if that's even how you do it...).
Hi, I see that your name says deactivated, I hope just changed the name or something and can still see it.
How to write an unreliable narrator
An unreliable narrator is a storyteller who does not tell the story how it really is.
Why use an unreliable narrator?
An unreliable narrator can show the reader that every truth has different layers and that not everything that you get told has to be true. It is an interesting way to keep the reader in the dark about something, that later becomes a major plot twist. Or it can leave the reader guessing about what is real and what is not.
Every narrator is going to be unreliable sometimes. Even with good intentions, they don't know everything and every person is inherently guided by their own subjective opinions and views that always play a part in narration.
Types of unreliable narrator
Unintentionally unreliable
inexperience/naivity, because of age, a mental illness or other factors [the narrator does not realize that they are not telling the actual story]
being lied to themself [they can't tell the whole truth, because they are not being given it either]
Intentionally unreliable
guilt [the narrator lies or omits part of the story to make themself look better/to hide their guilt]
profitting by lying [the narrator wants to get something by lying about the actual circumstances]
Insanity would probably lie between the two types, as it's not sure how much they can actually control their doing
How to write it?
easiest way is by using first person narration
the reader has to trust the narrator, because they are their only source of information
but it's possible with every narrator
decide on how to show that it is unreliable:
immediately [the narrator immediately tells obvious lies, which makes the reader question every other information they are being given]
over time [there are parts of the narration that don't align, there are more and more signs that something doesn't add up]
as a major plot twist [the narrator seems to be reliable, but at the end, the reader realizes that they haven't told the truth, sometimes about basically the entire story, sometimes about a few major points]
the narrator should be unreliable from the beginning, no matter what kind you decide on, it's just not discernible in some cases until later
you should write all your narrators unreliable from time to time, even if you don't want it to be a major plot point, because they simply don't have all the informations or misread something
you can let other characters show and tell the actual truth to expose your unreliable narrator
Hope this makes it more understable for you!
- Jana
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casualwriter · a day ago
Dialogue Prompts: “Dare…”
1. “How dare you?”
“Uh. Accidentally?”
2. “Truth or dare?”
“You summon the goddess of wisdom knowing that you may only ask one question, and this is what you say?”
3. “Don’t you dare.”
“What, do exactly what you’ve been doing for years?”
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nerdingz-prompts · 2 days ago
"I have never in my life wanted something more than to watch this nation burn beneath our hatred."
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zynhamus · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Eşiğime bir şey bırak,
bir Su bir Gülümseyiş de olabilir...
Bir hayat da ama aksak ve kekeme,
belki de bir içlenme....
Eşiğime birşey bırak geçerken ama Aşkla.....
18.09.2021 09:48 #newsharing
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kisstheashes · 2 days ago
"You never understood what I've been here for, have you?" Villain paced around Hero, holding their sword low, scraping the ground with it as they walked. "You never understood why we were on opposite sides, have you?"
Villain stopped in front of Hero, gaze raking over Hero's body. Hero took a deep breath, keeping attention on where the sword was. "It doesn't matter when you're killing innocent people. Cops only use motive so they can prove who did it through working backwards and convincing a jury to convict someone."
Villain laughed, stepping closer, to be chest to chest with Hero. They smiled, their free hand slowly caressing Hero's jaw. "But it does matter, Hero. It always matters." Villain used a steel grip on Hero's jaw, forcing Hero to look into their eyes; cold, cutting, and something akin to blackened honey hiding underneath.
Hero stood up straighter, building brick walls in their own mind.
Villain's mouth split open in a wretched smile, canines seemingly too sharp. "Because you're powerless against me, Hero," they cooed, stroking Hero's jaw with their thumb. "You could twist out of my hands at any time. You don't have to stand here, listening to me..." Villain kissed Hero's cheek; chaste and more akin to a flutter of wings near Hero's skin than a proper touch. "But you're weak, Hero. You're weak, and you need someone to feel powerful against."
Hero's heart hammered in their chest, and they swallowed around their dry throat as Villain's presence enveloped them. Hero couldn't remember why they came here.
Villain smirked, pressing a firmer kiss to Hero's cheek, and moving to whisper in their ear. "You need me, Hero. You'll always come crawling back for more."
Hero's walls shook from the power trying to take them down.
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pizza-and-figs · 2 days ago
note*The Villain and Hero wear masks so they don't know each others faces
Hero and Villain have siblings who go to the same school and when they found out their secret identities. Apart from that they also found out their not so secret feelings for each other. The decided to help them confess their feelings to each other by setting them up on a date not knowing the real identities of each other
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sleepyprompts · 2 days ago
Prompt #478
“If you weren’t here, I’d have no one I’d consider sacrificing.”
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