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#writing meme


Rules: 7 sentences from a WIP, tag 7 people

So I was thinking to myself that I didn’t have any WIPs that I haven’t already discussed. I then realized that I’ve spent all day editing and updating the new graduate nurse guide I made for my hospital unit which I hand typed (all 84 pages not counting appendices and citations). So here you go, here’s the segment on enteral nutrition.

Enteral feeding is nutrition that is delivered to the stomach or the intestines via a nasogastric tube, keo tube or gastric tube. Enteral tubes inserted into the nose or mouth are intended for a short period, about 6 weeks or less while surgically inserted tubes into the stomach or jejunum can last for months to years. Patients requiring enteral nutrition typically are dysphagic, altered, not meeting their nutritional requirements or recent history of head, neck or throat issues. 

All medications given with enteral feeding should be liquid or cleared for crushing and flushed through the tube. Before and after every medication administration, flush the tube with at least 10 ml of water. If you are disconnecting the patient from tube feeding be sure to flush the line with water to prevent it from being clogged with feed. Different tube feeds are done for certain patients depending on dietary needs.

I tag uh whoever wants to do this.

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thinking about the trope where a character sacrifices themselves and as they’re dying another character is holding them and scolding them for always having to be the hero… makes me lose all composure

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3. what is that one scene that you’ve always wanted to write but can’t be arsed to write all of the set-up and context it would need? (consider this permission to write it and/or share it anyway.)

oh god would that you could see the unfinished shit in my google docs.

i will get around to this one someday (we’re manifesting), but for a while i’ve been chewing on a scene between dick grayson and jason todd in an au where bruce dies saving jason from the joker instead of the joker killing jason. i want to write their first interaction right after it happens, with jason sitting in the batcave all tear-stained and shell-shocked and dick, who’s gotten there as quickly as he could, who fucking booked it the second alfred called him.

there’s another scene in the same au, and THIS one is more along the lines of “it would be really annoying to set up but it would be so good once it was set,” where instead of jason being brought back and driven mad by the lazarus pit it is, of course, bruce who all that happens to………….. and dick has since taken up the cowl…………………… and so bruce tries to kill him……………………………. and calls him “pretender…………………………….”

i have a few little notes in my phone, but i’m gonna make it happen. like, AT LEAST the first one. it’s gonna be real good. we’re MANIFESTING.

fun meta asks for writers

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4. share a sentence or paragraph from your writing that you’re really proud of (explain why, if you like).

here’s a recent one:

“Common mistake,” a hollow voice answered as the figure rose from the pew and moved to stand in an early shaft of dawn light, broken into kaleidoscopic pieces on his face by the chapel’s stained glass windows.

honestly i don’t know why i’m proud of it, because i feel like i actually had very little to do with it, lol. it changed very little from first draft to final; it was one of those magical sentences that just kind of happens. like, i saw the image in my head and basically just wanted to jot it down so i wouldn’t forget about it; i could make it pretty later. but then i read back over the sentence and i was like. “well, damn. that’s already pretty fucking good.”

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Reader, with an incorrect theory for the story: *gasp* what about this!?!!

Me: well–

Second reader, building off the other: *gasp* yes!!! What about this!?!

Me: wait—

Third reader: *gaaaaaasp* !!!!!!!

Me: no

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I love commenters, I know its hard to leave a comment on an internet story you run across in passing, anxiety is real and/or its hard to stay committed when you have an upload schedule like mine. I need more than three words in a comment. Especially when the last three comments I’ve received have been months apart and consisted of 3-5 words total.

Just needed to vent that. I will preserver!

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send me a headcanon or ask me about my ocs - i am not in the mood to work on my story right now but i am in the mood for world building asks!!

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Having trouble deciding how and when to kill off one of my characters. I know which character and I know which book, but the main two scenarios I’ve come up with just aren’t quite hitting it the way I want. The character does have to die though, so not having a death scene isn’t going to work and I have limited wriggle room within the plot. *Sighs* writer problems

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Why must I edit

I finally finished writing my book but now I need to edit my book. I literally put of finishing my book so that I didn’t need to edit it.

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The worst thing about writing

When ever I tell people about my books they always tell me that they can’t wait to read it and it‘s in those moments that I realize that I’m going to have to write an entire other book for my church members and dads side of the family .

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Send me a ship and an AU

27. Meeting at a support group AU

First of all, Eleanor did not want to be here. Let’s get that straight. She wasn’t like the rest of these chumps who thought that they could change and life would somehow magically become better for them. Life sucks, and then you die. That’s how Eleanor went about it. But while you’re here, you might as well try to find the good parts.

Like free donuts. Nothing beat free food. Even bad free food tasted good, and these donuts were actually pretty mind blowing. She crammed another half donut into her mouth, wishing she had a margarita to wash it down. Of course, there was no alcohol at the meeting. It would kind of defeat the point.

“Is everyone ready to get started?” asked the facilitator, a kindly looking older man with a bow tie. God, what was his name? Eleanor felt like she should remember it…something with an M. M…M…

“Let’s all take a seat in the circle. I see we have a couple newcomers this week, so let’s go around and introduce ourselves. I’ll start. My name is Michael, and I’m here to help foster an open and honest discussion. Who wants to go next?”

Michael! Right, that’s what it was. Eleanor looked around the circle, seeing the usual faces, some eager, some bored, but none as truly over it as she was. Wait, that guy was new. Huh, he was kind of cute, in a really nerdy, sweater vest wearing kind of way. His eyes flitted around the room, she noticed, and he gnawed his lower lip. Talk about a case of bad nerves, yikes.

She was so preoccupied observing the cute nerd that she hadn’t heard Michael call her name. “Eleanor? Eleanor, are you with us?”

“Huh? Yeah, yeah.”

“Good. Do you want to introduce yourself to the group?”

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Send me a ship and an AU

Let’s go with 41, spice it up a bit.

41. Ghost/living person AU

The first time it happened, she thought she imagined it. She had retired to her bedchamber, ready to go to bed, when the lamp on her table flickered. Not a terribly unusual occurrence, for sure, but there was no wind tonight.

She blinked hard, shaking her head to clear it. But as soon as her eyes went back to the table, the lamp flickered again, a few times in rapid succession.

“What’s going on?” she called out. All of a sudden, she heard a door slam. “Who’s there?”

A cool breeze enveloped her, the sensation of it not unpleasant. It felt like early springtime, smelling of fresh grass and…

“Horses,” she whispered. Instantly, her heart ached for Daniel. Oh how she missed him! All she had ever wanted was to be with him, together. Being Queen meant nothing to her. She had no use for fancy trappings and titles. Not when the only title she had wanted was Mrs. Regina Colter, and that had been taken from her.

The breeze blew once again, hitting her cheek almost playfully. It seemed too intentional to be an act of nature. People told stories of ghosts, of the dead coming back to visit their loved ones. Was it actually possible?

“Daniel?” she asked. “Daniel, is that you?”

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(From this ask HERE.)

Thanks for the ask, Anon! As always, I’m excited to answer this! 

F. Share a snippet form one of your favourite dialogue scenes you’ve written and explain why you’re proud of it.

This is tough to answer since I’ve written a ton of fics but I think my favourite dialogue comes from my 10051 fic, “The Unspoken “K” Word in the Room.” (Though runner up goes to my flirty dialogue near the end of my Dr. Stone fic, “Tattooed Ring (The Rumours That Never Started)”)

“Oh Sho-chan, why the cold shoulder?” Byakuran all but pouted as he walked further into the room. “Most people say good morning back when greeted.”

“Most people don’t kidnap the other,” Shouichi retorted with ease.

“Kidnap?” Byakuran’s eyes widened, falsely surprised. He sat on the edge of the bed, just an arms length away shy of being able to touch Shouichi. The smell of lavender and spice waffled over to Shouichi. “I merely took you home after you were staggering out of that meet and greet. A meet and greet, I may add, was for us foreign exchange students that I was absolutely invited to. You really need to watch how much alcohol you consume. You’ve always been a bit on the light weight side.”

“Took me home,” Shouichi repeated. “Does this mean I’ll be allowed to leave?”

“Oh, of course,” Byakuran smiled. “You’ll need to get your things. I know better than to argue with you regarding that. You’ve always been so stubborn but that’s one of your charms. However, rest assured that I took care of all the paperwork already. We’ll have to finish moving your things here by the end of the day.” He added serenely.

This is my favourite dialogue because not only does it sum up the entire fic (Byakuran lowkey kidnapping Shouichi) but it also sums up how Byakuran feels about Shouichi.

In this moment, Byakuran reveals Exactly How he views Shouichi. Shouichi is something to be owned and taken. He belongs to Byakuran and Byakuran doesn’t care what Shouichi thinks about the situation. Shouichi’s opinions and thoughts don’t matter to Byakuran; it’s all what he wants. The cheery way he also delivers the dialogue adds to the disconnection between what’s being said and the situation Shouichi is in.

H. How would you describe your style?

My style is the thin line that dangles precariously between consciousness and sleep, before falling into the realm of dreams. It always starts off slow and languid at the beginning but then rushes with a feverish haste to the end. The taste of tea lingers in the back of an occasionally scalded mouth.

K. What’s the angstiest idea you’ve ever come up with?

I think the angstiest idea I’ve ever come up with is from one of my non posted DMMD fics set in the ViTri end.

(If we’re talking posted fics then What to Take? is probably the angstiest.)

M. Got any premises on the back burner that you’d care to share?

Yes! I do have some premises on the back burner that I’d like to share!

First, I have this Soulmate AU idea that I’m still flip flopping on the main pairing but I think I’ll do Sonia/Souda/Gundham.

Next, I was thinking about another fic that highlights the connection between the Trio and Anankos filled with Drama and Secret Reveals™ because that’s the only way to do it.

Speaking of Trio and Anankos I was recently re-reading my fic Push and Pull and half considering writing something else in that same AU. Nothing concrete yet.

Finally, I also want to write an Akudama Drive fic where Brawler teaches Swindler how to throw a punch. I’ve been considering this idea for a long while so it will probably be written.

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I don't like cliches
Character A's parent is dead and they fell in love with Character B because B reminded them of their parent
Oh my god Character A's parent is dead and they fell in love with Character B because B reminded them of their parent
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