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#writing meme
Interesting Questions for MUNS:
1. Would you say that ever since you started writing for your muse you have become more similar to your muse? In what ways?
2. Do you self-project yourself into your muse? If so, then how?
3. Do you regret writing any of your past muses?
4. Would you like to become more like your muse some day?
5. Do you agree with your muse's decisions? Why or why not?
6. If your muse came to life, do you think you would get along with them?
7. Would you say that your attitude changes when you get 'into the zone' of writing your muse? (ex: when you write for your muse do you begin to sort of talk like them? do you find yourself feeling grumpy after? etc)
8. Do you like to tell people that you like to RP on tumblr? If not, then do you think you'll tell anybody?
9. Has your muse taught you anything about yourself and/or the world?
10. After a writing slump, how do you manage to get your muse back?
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violetcancerian2 days ago
Putting the main skeleton of the story first:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Because major worldbuilding and plot details come later:
Tumblr media
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moonlit-sunflower-books4 months ago
friends to lovers never had a bad track. 鈥渟cared i鈥檒l ruin what we have鈥 SLAPS. 鈥渇riendship cuddles while secretly dying inside鈥 BANGER. 鈥渢easing each other and holding eye contact for a little too long鈥 KILLS ME. and don鈥檛 even get me STARTED on 鈥渟creaming i love you in the middle of a heated argument.鈥
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mugetsupipefox2 months ago
Tumblr media
Me trying to leave a comment on a fic I love but not knowing what to say
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wishbone-words6 months ago
Thought about my fake little people for a bit too long now I have illnesses of the brain
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thewriterswitch9 months ago
Every writing advice ever: If you鈥檙e having trouble with a scene, skip it and write a different part of the story.
Me: If I don鈥檛 write in chronological order, I will die
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time-schwimea year ago
oh, the plot hole?
that's there for......ventilation
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