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#writing problems
daddiesdrarryy · 22 hours ago
Me: Wow, I cannot believe I finished writing this. The only thing I got left now is to think of the title and the summary for it
Me, 3 hours later: Yeah I got nothing
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homesteadchronicles · 21 hours ago
CreativiTEA: Episode 03 is Coming TOMORROW!
Tumblr media
CreativiTEA is a monthly, streamed get-together where artists of all forms are welcomed to highlight our work and combat a topic that inhibits us.
The first half of the show shines the spotlight on works of art – be they paintings, crafts, writing excerpts, cooked dishes, or more – from members of the community. If you would like to submit a piece for consideration, feel free to DM it to me or place it in one our Discord’s submission channels. Whoever is showcased will receive a message from me, asking permission beforehand.
The second half dives deep on a poignant topic, decided at the beginning of that month. Every week on my Discord channel, we break down a separate aspect: personal experience, scientific research, and problem solving. The last week culminates in our communal stream.
Not part of our Discord? Message me for an invite code!
CreativiTEA streams will be held the last Saturday of every month on my Twitch channel. If you miss one? No worries: you can catch the podcast on Spotify and Apple Music, watch the VOD on my Twitch (for the two weeks thereafter), or find a recording on my Youtube channel.
This month’s CreativiTEA will be held on Saturday, September 25th at 12 PM EST. Our topic? We’ll be talking all about “HOW TO IMPROVE CREATIVE COMMUNITIES”, so be prepared to brainstorm.
It’s for creatives of every kind. It’s for painters. For writers. For chefs. For musicians. For seamstresses. For game developers. For streamers. For photographers. For craftsmen. For blacksmiths. For tattoo artists. For poets.
It’s for everyone. For the friends you have that could create masterpieces if they were unrestrained by doubt. For the relative whose potential you see, but whose problems you see all the more. For the strangers who need to be assured of their strengths and assuaged while they work out their weaknesses.
It’s for you. For the you that is, that needs a helping hand. For the you that could be, that you don’t believe will be yet. For the you that will be, once you sit with a big cup of tea in good company and help yourself be free.
Because I believe that creatives need community – a community that can solve problems that have plagued us in isolation for millennia. After over a year of living alone, we know we cannot survive by ourselves. We need one another if we have any hope of shouldering these burdens and walking through hardships, hand-in-hand.
But change doesn’t happen with just empty affirmations and soulless pep talks. Change comes when we address the real, deep-seated issues inside of us. It’s not pretty, but it is powerful. And at the Homestead, there’s no shame in the change.
I hope to welcome you home soon. If you could invite others by sharing this post through whatever venues possible, it would be much appreciated. I will see everyone Saturday, September 25th at 12 PM EST – I’ve got a seat saved just for you.
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screnwriter · a month ago
i just think that unhinged female characters with a little blood on their face and wrath in their eyes is pretty neat, that's all
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thewriterswitch · 8 months ago
Every writing advice ever: If you’re having trouble with a scene, skip it and write a different part of the story.
Me: If I don’t write in chronological order, I will die
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fandomfishbish · 7 months ago
half the time being a writer is like
“fuck all the little details, i’m doing this for fun and i don’t owe anyone anything! hell yeah!”
and then the other half is like
“okay so this character is a thief so i’m going to do hours of research on how professional thieves operate because otherwise maybe a real thief will read this and laugh at me for not knowing how thieving works and then they’ll show it to all their thief friends and i will be the laughingstock of the thief community and that would be so embarrassing for me!!!!!!!!”
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sushi-salsa-squirrel · 9 months ago
seriously? you’re telling me the fanfiction i meticulously planned out in my head doesn’t already exist and i have to write it myself? unbelievable.
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phcking-detective · 9 months ago
what do you MEAN I have to finish writing the fic before I can receive praise and feedback?? why can’t I just pry my brain out, shake it at my laptop until the fully-formed fic comes loose, then gently blow off the brain and pop it back in like a fuckign gameboy cartridge
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future-oscarwinner · 8 months ago
Writing has two stages:
1. you can't stop
2. you can't start to save your life
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screnwriter · 2 months ago
fuck a break up, have you ever gotten emotionally attached to a scene and then realized it doesn’t work so you have to remove it from your story
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thewriterswitch · 6 months ago
Me: Opens document with unfinished writing
Me: Yep, it still exists *closes document*
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mrnotsosilent · 22 days ago
writers when not writing: "writing helps me relax, and it calms me too..."
writers when writing: "what the actual f*ck is this? why am i writing bullsh*ts?"
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