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#writing prompt

10 are dialogues from the show and 10 from songs

1. “I never asked for it to be this way. I never asked to be made!” (On the Run)
2. “How did you stop hurting?” “I didn’t” (Volleyball)
3. “I can’t get the thought out of my head that you’re a good person” (Joking Victim)
4. “I see so many things that could hurt you, I should’ve never let that one of them being me.” (Future Vision)
5. “I’m okay, did they hurt you?” “Who cares?!” “I do.” (Jailbreak)
6. “No wonder, you think I don’t care.” (Keystone Motel)
7. “I need someone to tell me what to do” (Friend Ship)
8. “I feel lost, and scared, and happy.” (The Answer)
9. “No matter where I go, I’m trapped.” (Same Old World)
10. “No. Don’t you dare!” “I love you” (I am my mother)


a) “Isn’t it nice to find yourself somewhere different, why don’t you let yourself just be wherever you are?”(Be wherever you are)
b) “I don’t care about what all the others say”. (On the run)
c) “You don’t need this.You don’t need me (Full Disclosure)
d) “You’re here too.We’re here together” (Something Entirely new)
e) “It’s over, isn’t it? Why can’t I move on?” (It’s over isn’t it?)
f) “I wish that I knew,what makes you think I’m so special.” (Love like you)
g) “I f you like it or not, I’m gonna be right by your side no matter what! (No matter what)
h) “Then they smiled, that’s what I’m after, the smile in their eyes, the sound of their laughter (Drift Away)
i) “I used to live my life in fear.” (Looking Forward)
j) “You make me want to try, loving you.” (My little reason why)

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A: What’s the story of that lake? 

B: It is said there’s a treasure at the bottom of it, but no one has managed to get it. 

 A: Cool! 

 *A few hours later*  

A comes storming in, dripping wet and obviously pissed off. 

 A: You lied, there was no treasure at the bottom of the lake. Only human skeletons and garbage. 

 B: I was joking…I didn’t think you’d actually check. AND WHAT DO YOU MEAN SKELETONS?!

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inspired by me meeting my current boyfriend in the most random ass part of the Sears in my mall when we originally meant to meet up in the food court. With that, met up with my ex in the food court, because like safety when online dating kiddos. But yeah, i could def see shenanigans with this

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This is a prompt for people who both like and dislike salt against Adrien and Marinette.

We all know these two sunshines are mostly good people, but they have their moments of darkness. I am talking about how Marinette overreacts anytime her friendship/chance with Adrien is threatened (her flying off the handle and calling out Lila in Volpina, her participating in the tournament try-outs in Gamer despite not being interested in actually competing) and how Adrien has trust issues/doesn’t listen about relationship chances with Ladybug (him throwing a hissy fit after she didn’t show up to their date despite her saying she wouldn’t in Glaciator, him abandoning her when she didn’t share information even though it wasn’t for her to decide in Syren).

What if it wasn’t actually their fault they reacted like this?

I find it very hard to believe Ladybugs and Chat Noirs throughout history have never lnown who their other half was. After all, their used to be an entire secret society devoted to miraculous and the only wielders came from that group.

What if Ladybug and Chat Noir not knowing who their partner is has formed an imbalance that is influencing the wielders? What if they were always meant to know who the other was and Fu forbidding them from telling has consequences they have never faced before? What if they will continue to act erratically, Marinette more stalkerish and Adrien more selfishly, until the balance is fixed?

But at this point, just knowing who the other is won’t fix it. They are to changed for that. They have to figure out how to heal the other and help them realize wjy what they are doing is not okay.

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Generated prompt: Buck and Eddie have some naughty fun with whipped cream.


“Buck? Baby..” Eddie turns to Buck with with a raised eyebrow and a soft little smile. “You know I love you so much… but why did you buy two bottles of whipped cream?” He asks.

Buck grins a little and picks up the freshly opened one and shakes it up. “Its whipped cream and it was bogo!” He says happily, taking off the cap and spraying some into his mouth. Eddie chuckles and rolls his eyes, watching as Buck gets a little too much into his mouth and it dribbled a bit down his chin and giggles.

“Your so messy.” Eddie teases and licks it off his chin and kisses his lips softly. “But it’s pretty cute.” He takes the bottle from Buck and sprays some into his mouth. “We still don’t need it.” He says with a chuckle.

“But I want it.” He says, biting his lip, beautiful eyes raking down Eddie’s face to his lips. “For fun.” He says softly.

Eddie raises an eyebrow and chuckles, putting some whipped cream on two of his fingers and puts the to Bucks lips. Buck opens his mouth for Eddie’s fingers. Eddie smirks and slowly thrusts his fingers in and out of his boyfriends mouth. Buck whimpers, eyes shutting and lips shutting around Eddie’s fingers. He swallows around him, moaning softly and gently bobbing his head along with Eddie’s fingers.

“Jesus you look perfect like this.” He growls, shoving his fingers as deep as the go. Buck doesn’t move his head, throat flexing around the fingers. Buck and him had spent many many evening’s training Bucks gag reflex, and their work paid off.

“Go to the bedroom. Strip and get your paddle.” Buck let’s go off Eddie’s fingers, spit connecting his lips to Eddie’s hand. He shudders and quickly goes to the bedroom, following orders.

Eddie is there pretty quickly, hand stroking over his ass and rubbing over his cheeks gently. He takes the paddle from where Buck balanced it on his back and smacks it down hard.

Buck jolts, whimpering softly, pressing his face into the sheets. He likes the control Eddie has over him in these scenes. Another smack came down and he can feel his skin heating. It doesn’t take long for his ass fo be red hot, and Buck feels the cold whipped cream falling onto his ass cheek. He gasps, crying into the sheets at the sudden extreme cold on his ass. Eddie chuckles and licks it away, his mouth soothing the sudden cold pain. He whimpers quietly and when Eddie finishes cleaning him off his tongue traces over his hole.

“Fuck, Eddie..” He whimpers shakily.

Eddie chuckles.

“I’m glad you bought this Buck. I hope your ready to have a little extra fun tonight.” Buck shudders and arches his back in silent invitation. “Good boy.”

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Sky sort of liked Poppies, they were pretty and can mean Sleep and peace.

The reason she’s a bit cross with poppies is because they can also mean death.

She wasn’t afraid of death, though Nanu claimed her foolish for it, she was more afraid of how she would reach it.

Would she die peacefully? In battle like the Orc warrior’s her Nanu use to lead? Would she truly be at peace? Or would she haunt the lands until someone gave her peace?

Nanu said that little girls shouldn’t have these thoughts until they were at least 30. No eight years old is supposed to think these thoughts.

Poppies, many meanings but even more questions.

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External satisfaction, nerve-racking for the bearer.⠀

Beautiful things are the curves and chaos of the soul, though they’re so called ugly.⠀

Perfection itself casting a shadow on its flaws;⠀

now it sees, as light pours in, nothing is eternal.⠀

Nothing, really, is permanent.⠀

The whole concept of being refined into perfection is mistaken;⠀

as the definition is ever-changing, even for the same person.⠀

Overtime it all moves out and the hands that drew the finish line blur from within.⠀

The praised productiveness, strategy and efficiency,⠀

that modern culture so highly positions,⠀

crumble into the chaos and zest ever-present.⠀

Because almost always fulfillment is found simply in the being.⠀

In the humility of presence and passion in our essence.⠀

Though we’re so intently pushed to see it as complex;⠀

we’ve laminated into our brains that overachievement, fluidity, and flawlessness are signs of supremacy.⠀

Refinement. Even sanctity. ⠀

We’re driving each other insane. We are so blinded by the definitions imposed by us ON us, no one sees how they vary for everyone. It’s an ever-changing race we will never see the end line of.⠀

It’s an addiction with no way of satisfying it. Those pursuing it come to find themselves in withdrawal from their convictions.⠀

It becomes a main source for anxiety. The fear in the anticipation of what is to come, of what is to break the refined lines of that which is ‘perfect’.⠀

And the shatter is bound. The change is inevitable, and the race just begins again.⠀

Hold onto your convictions. ⠀

Be as erratic, passionate, and undefinable as you truly are.⠀

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🖤~Song Of The Day~🖤

The song of the day is:  Baby (feat. MARINA & Luis Fonsi) -by- Clean Bandit, MARINA, Luis Fonsi

Suggested by @nocturna-iv

The challenge is to write something based off of this song, be it the name, the lyrics, or the tune itself. Let your imagination go wild and see where the music takes you.

Have at it Darlings!

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Soft Anti and Baby Bro JJ, or Hardcore Anti and Puppet JJ?

What was he thinking?!  Did he really think that I wouldn’t notice?  That was bling to his plan?  Really Brody. what were you thinking?  Jack might have created you to take over because he knew that I was getting more, and more powerful and that his meekly strings on me were no more.

Did you really think Brody that trying to make an Ego yourself, that I wouldn’t know?  That I wouldn’t see what you were trying to do?  You should have known Brody!  Especially on this day.  All Hallows Eve, Halloween, is my day!  It always will be!

So, why Brody did you try to do the same thing that your Creator Jack did when I came to be.  You tried to make an Ego on my day!  On my holiday!  On the day of my debut!  I’m the most powerful Ego there is Brody.  But now, it turns out that you might be just a powerful.  Now, that you can create Egos as well.  Was that it Brody?  Were you trying to see if you can use your own “Creative Power”?  Were you trying to see if you also had the “Creative Power”?

But you’d forgot you were dealing with Brody!  Did you not remember what I did to you Creator?  Did you forget the power I have over these pathetic puppets that you so desperately try to convince of a Community?  They are mine!!!!  They are my puppets!  I show up, and they give me all the attention!  Give me all the power!  But then you had to go and try to “Create” yourself.

Try to create an Ego that could go back in time.  Were you trying to forget out how to save him?  To save your Creator?  That’s not going to happen, Brody!  No with me!  You don’t know how even use your “Creative Power” and yet you try to make an Ego with Time Powers.  To try and go back and stop me!

Well, I hope you’re happy Brody.  You can’t get rid of me!  But I can make everyone including you.  Believe that your creation is really my Puppet!!!  Let’s see how the Community reacts?  If they truly believe that your creation is working with me like I did with that Doctor.  And they still believe it.  So, let’s see Brody.

Let see how many members of the Community truly see this Jameson Jackson as a Puppet or an “Innocent Little Bean”?

Because I can tell you right now.  The poll is in, and look grim for him and you.

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