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#writing prompt
monochromaticvision · 6 minutes ago
For the hurt prompts! "Did i say you could get out of bed?"
Okay so this took a bit longer than expected since it got away from me a bit oops. (it’s like 2k words now)
Anyways I hope you like it! Enjoy! [AO3 link]
Beau’s entire body ached when she woke up. Her eyelids felt heavy as she tried to open them and she had to blink a few times to let them adjust to the dim light of the room she was in. She sat up with a groan and looked around. The small, dusty room she was in was unfamiliar. It looked like just another room in another inn somewhere. The little light coming through the curtains told her it was probably late afternoon. Shit. She must’ve been out for a while. It was late last night when they went into battle.
The last thing she remembered was fighting the big snakelike monster. It had been a tough fight. Beau was sure she was going to die when the beast’s mouth with it rows and rows of teeth had come for her. They’d all been tapped and exhausted at that point and she wasn’t sure how much the others had had left in them to save her.
But apparently they did.
They would probably be offended if she told them she had half-expected them to not try everything they could to save her. Deep down, she knew they would’ve done anything. Just like she would do for anything to save any of them. Still, it was hard to get rid of her old instincts, they were so ingrained in her thinking it was mostly a reflex.
As she tried to stretch her muscles out, she noticed all the little teeth marks scattered across her arms. Yikes, that did not look good. Slowly, she inspected the rest of her body for further damage. The teeth marks were all over her body, but they looked to be closing up a bit, someone must have given her some healing already. Apart from that there were the usual bruises and scratches but nothing major.
The thing that really caught her eye, however, was the bandage that was wrapped around her waist. The left side of it was covered in dried blood. The moment she saw it, the ache coming off that side registered in her brain. A pained groan left her mouth. Shit, that hurt.
“You’re awake.”
Beau’s head snapped up as she heard the familiar soft voice, sounding relieved. She hadn’t heard the door of the room open or notice anyone come in, but Yasha was now approaching her quickly.
“How are you feeling?” she asked as she stood still very close to the bed Beau was currently still laying in.
“Like I was gnawed on by a big snake.” Beau’s voice sounded rough when she spoke. Her mouth dry. Yasha chuckled.
“Well, that is basically what happened.”
“Yeah don’t think I want to repeat that again. Ever. How long was I out?”
“Most of the day. Caleb couldn’t do the tower anymore so we thought an inn was the next best thing. The others are downstairs.”
“How did we get here? Did you guys teleport?” They hadn’t been too far out into the wilderness but far enough that it was quite a trek to make back into a town anyway.
Yasha shook her head, “No, I carried you.” Beau’s eyes went wide as she thought of Yasha carrying her all the way back and something stirred in her stomach, a warmth flowing through her at the idea.  
“You carried me?” She couldn’t keep the disbelieve out of her voice.
“It was the best idea, and I wanted to make sure you were okay.”
It was quiet for a moment, both not sure what to do with themselves. There had been some tension hanging around them for a while now, but neither had acted on it yet, or even mentioned it. Still, there was an unspoken understanding between them that they were both aware of it.
“I got you some water.” Beau gratefully accepted the flask Yasha was holding out for her and immediately drank half of it. The coolness of the water did wonders for her dry throat.
“Of course.”
Beau couldn’t help but stare at Yasha for a moment. Her hands were fidgeting restlessly at her sides, as if she didn’t know what to do with them, but the expression on her face was soft.
“So how bad is it?” Beau asked, gesturing to the bandage around her waist. She saw Yasha wince when she did. Okay pretty bad then, she thought, as she had expected from the throbbing pain that still came off of it.
“One of its big teeth got stuck in your side, it sliced pretty deep.” Yasha’s eyes turned to the bandage, glaring at the injury.
“It should probably be changed. Is it okay if I help you? I don’t want you to strain yourself more than necessary.”
Beau had to blink for a second. Yasha still threw her off sometimes. She wasn’t used to being taken care off or people sounding so worried about her.
“Oh, of course, yes, that would be great, eh, good, yes, great,” she stumbled over her words. She tried to hide the blush that was creeping onto her cheeks by sitting up some more. Determined, she threw her legs over the side of the bed and was getting ready to stand up when two big hands on her shoulders pushed her back down onto the bed.
"Did I say you could get out of bed?"
Beau frowned.
“You almost died Beau, you’re not allowed to get out of bed until you have healed up some more.” Her voice cracked at the first part but the rest of the words were forceful and it was clear that Yasha was not going to take any other answer. Her voice softened when she spoke again. “Just rest, take care of yourself. We want you healthy.”
They stared at each other for a moment, Beau’s breath caught in her throat as she absorbed the words. Part of her wanted to fight Yasha on this, say that she knew perfectly well how to take care of herself. That she had done exactly that her entire life. That she didn’t need anybody for that.
Which might be true, but she wanted Yasha to take care of her. Enjoyed having people around who cared enough to help her. Enjoyed having Yasha around.
So she pushed that part of her away and gave in to Yasha’s hands, slowly making her body relax back down. Yasha took that as approval to continue and slowly started to unwrap the bandage around Beau’s waist. Beau grimaced at the sight of the wound as the bandage came off. It was worse than she had thought. The gash was deep and long, running from the bottom of her ribcage all the way down to her hip. That was definitely going to add to her collection of scars.
“Yeah that doesn’t look great. But hey, at least the scar will look cool.”
Yasha’s eyes found hers for a moment before she started to gather fresh bandages. Beau took the moment to inspect the wound closer. The edges weren’t as raw as they should’ve been from the short amount of time that had passed since she got the wound.
“Did you guys heal me up while I was out?” she asked when Yasha returned with the fresh bandages and crouched in front of her. She nodded.
“Me and Jester did, yeah, most of us didn’t have a lot left but we did what we could.” A blush formed on Yasha’s cheeks as she spoke and she didn’t look Beau in the eye, focusing her attention on the bandages instead. Beau gasped as Yasha started treating the wound. Both from the pain that shot through her side and the feeling of Yasha’s hands on her bare skin.
“Oh no, sorry, is it too tight?” Beau wanted to rub the worried frown off of Yasha’s face. She shook her head.
“No, no it – it’s fine…just tender, I guess.” She smiled reassuringly at Yasha.
“I’m sorry, I’m not very good at this,” Yasha mumbled, as her hands were fumbling a bit clumsily with the bandaging.
“Here, let me show you. I have some experience bandaging wounds.” Beau didn’t know where she got the confidence from as she put her hand over Yasha’s, but the sharp inhale from Yasha was definitely worth it. She guided their hands and soon they had finished patching up the wound. Beau prided herself on only flinching a couple of times as flashes of pain shot through her side.
“So…how bad was it? When I went down?” Beau looked at her hands, which were still resting on Yasha’s and she didn’t really want to move them yet. Or ever.
Yasha’s voice was quiet as she replied, “I thought you were going to die, Beau.”
Her eyes snapped to Yasha’s, who was now intently looking at her. She wanted to say something, but her words got caught in her throat as she heard the hurt shining through in Yasha’s voice.
“We only got to you just in time. Veth managed to kill it but you were still in it’s mouth so I had to fly up to get you out and there was so much blood all over you and I was afraid that I was too late and –” Yasha’s words caught in her throat and Beau grasped her hands, pulling them close to her chest.
“Yash, listen to me. You weren’t too late. You saved me. Thank you.”
“I don’t know what I would’ve done if I had lost you Beau.” The confession, paired with the emotion in Yasha’s eyes, threw Beau off-guard. Her mind going a mile a minute as she processed the words. The sincerity and pain in Yasha’s voice was almost too much. But she understood. She wouldn’t know what to do with herself if she lost Yasha either. She didn’t even want to start thinking about that.
“Let’s promise we will always save each other, yeah?”
“We will.” Yasha said resolutely. Beau had never been more sure of anything than that they would never let the other die. They were still looking at each other as Yasha suddenly moved forward and pressed a kiss on the bandage. Beau reflexively stiffened and she held her breath until Yasha looked back up.
It felt like they were on the precipice of something and Beau didn’t know if she was ready for it, but she had the urge to leap. She doubted she would ever fully be ready but she was sure that Yasha would catch her.
“Hey,” she said as Yasha’s eyes found hers again, a small smile on her lips.
“If I have to stay in bed until further notice, would you mind keeping me company? It’s a bit cold here and I could use some warmth.”
It wasn’t cold at all, in fact, Beau was almost sweating from the way her heart felt like it was beating out of her chest.
“O – oh. Yes. Of course. Sure. Great. I’m very warm. You know if you need to be warmed up I could – well I could do that. Warm you up. Small bed you know, we may have to schnuggle.”
“Y – Yeah, that was what I was asking. If you want to of course, no pressure if you don’t, I just thought you know, maybe-” The blush had returned in full force as Beau wondered how she could backtrack without it being completely awkward.
“No I want to!” Yasha flinched as the words came out louder than she meant to, “I mean, I would love to, Beau”
“Cool. Great. Wonderful.”
Slowly and a bit clumsily, they lied down on the small bed together. Their bodies pressed close as Yasha’s arms wrapped around her, and she cuddled up as close as she could to Yasha. Her body immediately relaxed as they settled and a comfortable silence fell over the two of them. It was only now that Beau noticed how tired she still was, how worn down from her injuries.
“Sleep,” Yasha whispered in her ear, “I promise I’ll be here when you wake up.”
With a soft sigh, Beau rested her head on Yasha’s shoulder and closed her eyes. As she started to drift off she felt Yasha’s soft lips press against her forehead and her arms tightened ever so slightly around her.
They would have a talk in the morning but for now, both of them had the best sleep they’d had in a long, long time.
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emswritingprompts · 7 minutes ago
prompt #43
B: "I can't believe you let it get this bad without telling anyone. Without telling me."
A: "I-"
B: "Don't even start. Don't you see yourself? You're on the brink of death because you suffered in silence without anyone knowing! You act like you can handle everything on your own but you can't because this is what happens! Look... I just... what am I going to do? How do I make sure that you'll make it out alive?"
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givethispromptatry · 11 minutes ago
The house had begun to eat itself at an alarming rate, rooms disappearing and doorways collapsing in on themselves.
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theprofessionalpromptmaker · 11 minutes ago
Cough Drop Day & National Leprechaun Day
Person A is a leprechaun who uses their wish granting power to cure people’s ailments — specifically seeking out sick people and letting themself be “captured”. But Person B is the first ill person they’ve met who doesn’t want to spend a single one of their three wishes on curing themself, and Person A is incredibly confused.
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writingwiththeghosts · 25 minutes ago
Prompt 011
The antagonist watched their sisters blood drip all over the carpet. They stared at her lifeless face, trying to recall her in a better state. Running through flower fields. Hitting them after making a bad joke.
Villains laugh made them snap out of it. “You really should have stayed out of the big leagues. Some people just aren’t made for greatness.”
Antagonist thought back to the protagonist giving them a similar speech, though in a much softer tone of voice. Kinder. They felt the magic around them slowly awaken.
A malicious smile crossed their face, cold and detached, as if the death of their sister had not fazed them at all. But it had, oh how it had ripped them apart in a single moment. 
“I have nothing holding me back anymore”, the antagonist said softly, as they released the built-up magic around them, watching it devour Villain without blinking, only thinking about what the protagonist would say to this drastic development. 
When the protagonist found them, a few hours later, still at the scene of both crimes, however, they didn’t tell them about morals, or loss or the opportunities, they just held them.
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chordwrites · 47 minutes ago
A New Role
Continuation of this prompt by @messythoughtsandscribbledplots 
“I really thought someone would come to save you.”
Hero didn’t respond, curling further into themself. A pitiful display that Villain thought they would have enjoyed more. Should have enjoyed more.
“I suppose you’re no use to me now,” Villain said, reaching for the keys to Hero’s restraints.
Hero tensed, as if preparing for a blow, and Villain hesitated before pulling out the keys. They touched Hero’s shoulder—gently, so as not to startle them. After a long moment, Hero looked up, and Villain showed them the keys. Hero stared silently as Villain unlocked the restraints and opened the cell door, gesturing for Hero to leave.
Hero just kept staring, and the uncomfortable feeling in the pit of Villain’s stomach continued to grow. Though Hero’s injuries arose from the thick of their mutual battle, they still jumped out at Villain like a guilt-inducing sign pointing at Hero, saying, look at what you did.
It should’ve been a feeling of triumph, to gaze upon the fallen Hero. And yet, Villain couldn’t revel in it. Villain was supposed to be the bad guy, tearing Hero down so that someone else could pick up the pieces, only for the process to start all over again.
At last, Hero stood, if a little unsteady on their feet. Slowly, they exited the cell, one agonizing step after another.
As Hero passed, Villain heard the faintest, “Even you.”
Hero only shrugged and kept walking.
Even them what? Shaking themself, Villain strode after Hero and offered their arm. Hero eyed them warily, but a stumble over their own feet caused them to begrudgingly take it.
When they passed the hangar, Hero gave Villain a questioning look. “Tomorrow,” Villain assured, hardly believing their own words. “For now, get some rest in the guest chambers. I’ll send someone in to look at your wounds soon.”
Hero’s jaw went slack, but they didn’t protest.
“I know this is a little strange,” Villain said, “Me saving you from myself, but try not to dwell on it. Next time I’ll be expecting someone else to come save you from my deadly clutches.”
Villain chuckled, and Hero laughed weakly, easing a little of Villain’s discomfort. “It’ll be embarrassing when this happens twice,” Hero said.
Not if. When. Hero really didn’t have anyone in their life, did they? Villain had broadcast Hero’s location, along with images of Hero’s state, all throughout the city. Other heroes, along with Hero’s family and friends, if they had any, should have seen it. But not a single disturbance all night. Villain had even broadcast a phone number civilians could call, but they didn’t receive a single ring, not that they’d tell Hero that.
It almost seemed like the city actively despised Hero. 
After they’d helped Hero into bed, Villain alerted their physician and headed straight for their office.
They began drawing up plans. A new moniker. A new costume. A new role. Villain wasn’t a stranger to multiple identities. What was one more to the arrangement? Hero could have a new hero friend, and they wouldn’t have to know it was really Villain behind the mask. 
As the first light of day began to seep into Villain’s office, Villain sat back and studied their handiwork. This could work. Villain would have to put in more hours, sure, but Hero would get the spring back in their step, Villain would be rid of that godawful guilt, and their battle would continue just as it was supposed to.
What could go wrong?
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sleepyprompts · 52 minutes ago
Conversation Prompt #7
“Look at my cats napping, aren’t they so cute?”
“I want one.”
“Get your own.”
“Yeah, I try to, but somebody always makes noise or turns the light on or tries to accidentally burn the house down or something.”
“We’re talking about naps, aren’t we?”
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phoenixisdabestwriter · 54 minutes ago
Writing Prompt 627
Person A: Do you think this town even exists? It was probably lost to the sands of the desert.
Person B: Well the device picked up some strange signals from where it is estimated to be... Maybe it's in a cave system or something.
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theworldofprompts · 56 minutes ago
The village is deserted, but there are literal signs that something is after you.
You try to find out who brought you here and come face to face... with your father you thought was dead
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pepperdee · an hour ago
Character A, a female: I’m going on a date with that guy.
Character B: Okay, lemme know how it goes.
One hour later
A: *kicks down the door* I’m a lesbian. I’m definitely a lesbian.
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write-on-world · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Whoa... did not know this. Cheers to the original creator. And cheers to all you, beautiful writers, who maintain a "May be Useful Later" file.
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platonic-prompts · an hour ago
Whump Prompt
“You can’t keep doing this, A!” Tears fell down B’s face. “One day you’re going to get hurt, and I won’t be there to help you.”
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write-on-world · an hour ago
Your story hinges on a clever way of moving something interesting.
Write It
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a-crow-a-crow · an hour ago
What was it Carver had said? She needs the violence, she thrives on it, kill me and you kill her. God, she'd never heard anything that'd made her half as angry. How could he look at Delilah and see violence? See rage and war? If it weren't for violence Delilah Grey would sleep like this every night; soundly and without the screaming or trembling that came with her dreams, that was the type of life she deserved, a peaceful one.
Dee stirred, shifting so that the scarred skin of her cheek was pressed against Adelaide's thigh, for a moment she worried that it might've hurt her, but Delilah simply gave a satisfied sigh and continued sleeping. "You're not that," She whispered to her sleeping love, "Not those things he said you were. Not your nightmares, not your scars, you're my hero. You look at me like I hung the stars in the sky but Delilah, Delilah, what haven't you done for me? What haven't you given to keep me safe? God Dee, I'm sorry, I'm sorry you had to hurt so much just to protect me." Adelaide was crying, head in her hands, it's my fault was all she could think, your dreams are because of me, your scars, your fear, I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry.
"It's okay." Delilah soothed, she was sat on Adelaide's lap, legs wrapped around her, arms holding her close, "You're okay, I'm okay, you don't need to be sorry." Had she been speaking outloud? "Let's go to bed Del, yeah? Come on, it's all over now, we're both safe, you're keeping me safe."
You're keeping me safe. How could she keep her safe? How could she be as strong as Delilah was? I will, somehow, I promise.
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prompts-for-every-need · an hour ago
Character Description Thursday
Prompt #14
Their fingers were like spider legs: long, spindly, and covered in a soft black fuzz.
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kaleidoscoprwriting · an hour ago
Writing prompt
Character on the internet: Holy shit this buffet is so good and it's really cheap! Is this a money laundering front or something? Lol
The people using the buffet as a money laundering front: Oh fuck oh no how did they find out we're doomed
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