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#writing prompt

Do you remember little Miss Muffet?

All of those old fairy tales they used to tell were told for a reason. “Don’t go in the woods or the wolf will get you!” Red riding hood, 3 pigs ect “Clean your plate or else the gnomes will try to get into the garbage” a fun explaination for racoons. “The forest hag loves lazy children. Are your chores done?” Hansel n Grettle.

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Look at me

“Look at me.” The protagonist’s voice choked. “Look me in the eye and say you mean that.”

“You don’t want me to do that.” The antagonist slowly raised their gaze, letting it reach somewhere near the protagonist’s chin before flicking back to the floor. “Why would you ask me to do something that will only hurt us both?”

“To call your bluff.” The protagonist turned away, running a hand through their hair. “You really mean it, don’t you?” They turned back and grabbed the antagonist’s jaw, forcing their head up to face them. The antagonist inhaled sharply at the touch, but kept staring at the floor. Stubborn.

“Look at me,” the protagonist said again. They waited for a moment before adding, “Please.”

The antagonist blinked.

“Please,” the protagonist said again, softly. “I won’t be able to believe it if you don’t. Please. Don’t let me continue living your lies.”

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[ID: “Ancient Egypt had it right when they revered cats as connected to the gods, but the gods were not the only ones cats had connections with.” End ID]

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Is your character in any fandoms?

  • Do they use a dedicated fan account?
  • Do they own any merch from the person/thing they’re a fan of?
  • Have they ever made fanart or written any fanfiction?
  • Do they ever roleplay with others in the fandom?
  • Have they ever been “noticed” by the people they’re a fan of?
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Writing prompt #6

A hero dies. Or at least, they think they do. The next thing they know they wake up at their own funeral. And the only person there? Is the villain.

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Heyo my hive! Caitlin again to give another update, life’s pretty hard but finding time to relax shouldn’t be. Even if it’s just five or ten minutes, take the time out for some self care.

Face mask your face, paint your toes, read a book, however you unwind take some me time. Enjoying the little moments help the day move smoother!

Writing prompt for today: Lavender.

Join me tomorrow to see my response and feel free to post yours!

Responses can be short, poetic, long, page worthy.

5 min. Time limit to write!

Au revoir!

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the island of whispers, not the killing type, the widow of a murdered emperor

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I really have fun writing this one 

Hero’s room had been a mess for three or more days. Became more obvious after the shower and the delay in finding his clothes, and a little more to find clean clothes. 

The only thing she kept was the first aid kit under the bed, where it didn’t belong either. Since her routine changed when she moved, the kit was in the living room, partially open and with the supplements she used most in times of emergency. 

Hero was in a frenzy to see the kit almost empty. It hadn’t been two days since she had to buy more, and fake a note to buy more medicine. That week went by so slowly, with Hero barely taking off hers uniform when stopping a mega assault on a neighborhood, including several small shops and a visit to a bank. A secret visit, actually. And not would call a visit that she want to remember. At the end of the day, still solved the things of the apartment. 

Hero heard an intercom ring after he put on hers shirt. She stood there, listening for the next call to ring. A loud noise came through her apartment again and stopped. Hero looked at the phone charging and with low battery, reminiscing about her journey since she returned home that she hadn’t picked up. No time, and no money, to order food. As far as she knows, no account was overdue and it wasn’t the end of the month to start freaking out to find the rent money. 

She walked out of the room, already facing the living room and kitchen a meter away. The size of the room only increased slightly compared to the bedroom.

“Who is?”

“Oi Hero” she heard villain from the other line “It’s me" 

Hero hesitated before allowing her entry. Her eyes looked across the room, at the occupied table and the kitchen. She was never in that apartment. And there no intention of making him a little more receptive. 

Outside, the steps sounded low, increasing as she approached his door. Hero listened to everything going on outside and anything the neighbors did upstairs, and really hope that there nothing to hear in the next hours. She hesitated again before opening the door, drawing as much air as she could handle until she contained the cold sweat coursing through her. The plug finally fell and made her regret it. She soon regretted thinking about regretting too late. 

In a way, she didn’t expect a fight. 

Villain appeared outside, gently wet from the rain, with a umbrella and a bag in hands.

"What happened?” she spoke first as soon as she looked at her.

“Happy Birthday" 

She watched Hero’s face stop, as if seeing the gears turning slowly, rusted and worn, coming out of the causality that Hero visually appeared in his pajamas. Her head turned to the calendar nailed to the wall, abandoned and slightly tilted to the side. If she depended on him, today would be Tuesday, but Hero knew was Thursday and that she was at the beginning of the month. 

"Did you forget your birthday?” Villain questioned, speaking each word slowly, as if digesting what she was saying and waiting for an explanation.

“No. I was busy” Hero turned to her, almost opening her mouth. But kept it closed, hoping she wouldn’t see the questions in her lips as well. 

Villain also was silent. As if her presence there was no longer strange, even if it is possible for her to know her new address. Hero considered breaking the silence it again. Almost, if she didn’t contain the curiosity. She looked out, as far as she could see the empty corridor and in a worse light than the one her room had. 

“Only I came” Villain said at last “Can I come in?”

Without holding on, Hero frowned in the meantime she was staring.
“There is nothing that I am planning.” Her tone remained soft and eloquent, watching Hero from above, twice her height, maybe more. Hero didn’t inherit that from her. 

Hero looked into those eyes from below. And then Villain’s eyes went to her apartment for an instant, one she had never seen, and let a sigh. She only guessed by the address and the neighborhood, the entrance and the corridors, she kept her expectations low. 

She nodded and left the passage for her to enter. Villain came in already, taking off the coat and leaving the umbrella against the door. Hero quickly picked him up and dropped him on the chair while Villain walked to the center of the room. Avoided looking at her and focused on vacating the table as soon as possible, assuming where his attention was going, what she thought of when looked at his things and whatever was thrown and judged to be random. 

Hero heard her take off her gloves calmly. She guessed that internally she only did it for education, that she put on more casual clothes just to find her.
She removed the books and folders from the top, sighing relieved and discreet, which were not the ones that had the secret content that belonged to Hero. 

Unless her mother went to her room, everything was fine, and also not going to the kitchen. There was nothing there, but the neglect was worse. 

Hero hadn’t been in it since arrived, she had only eaten out and that was several hours ago, on top of a building. 

“Did you like here?” Villain asked after a long silence, only with the sounds of things Hero threw on the couch.

“Yes, more or less” Hero shrugged next “It’s practical. I don’t had so much economies" 

Villain looked at the kitchen ten feet away and looked at the small table against the wall, facing the window overlooking the streets. Hero crossed his arms, watching her sit and leave the bag on top, taking out a rectangular package.
Hero took the cleanest dishes, wiping them and cutlery and serving them on the table. Villain served the pie on each plate and collected what was left in the bag glued to a bottle that Hero recognized the brand of wine. On the side was another one she didn’t know.

"Do you like?” she asked “I don’t know if you like alcohol. If not, I brought juice”

“More or less” Hero replied “But it could be wine”

She didn’t even know if she liked it, she didn’t remember the last time she drank one. Hero and Villain took a bite, letting cutlery fill the room. Didn’t even notice that his stomach was empty, nor that she was in a bad posture for her back.

There are few times when Hero was so vulnerable around Villain. Even Villain seemed more relaxed, besides her posture. Actually, even that presence look weird. The birthday is the cause, but still, there no reason to Villain came do Hero like this, independent about what they really are for each other. Inside Hero, she was prepared. 

“Aren’t you even going to ask me how I found it?" 

"You would definitely find it,” Hero said after swallowing another piece and remembering to drink more wine and contain the face that when went down her throat.

Villain looked again at the room and then at her.

“Have you been out these days?" 

"You know that too” Hero fired, lifting his head to her, even though she had to tilt up. And remembering to fix the posture, which was no longer very good. “You know that. And my apartment is a mess because I left, yes. The city does not take care of itself ”

“They should, actually” Villain put another piece in her mouth.

“Well …” she broke off, before she could understand what she was going to say. Someone needs to take care of the city and protect it from you “I barely stay here too" 

"A week ago, Hero?”

She looked at her mother confused. Villain remained in the same position.
“To not even change the calendar?”

“I don’t even know why I have this…”

“Not even to remember your birthday? Those robberies were very heavy” Villain commented “You did well there, by the way. I saw the news and what people are saying about you”

Hero froze.

“But you did well. Regardless of what they managed to take, ”she continued. She drank some more wine “This is overworking you” 

It was not a question. Suddenly Villain appeared to appear again, in order to use the guise of the mother of her supposed and not necessarily enemy. With some of the mockery that she usually had. 

“I was busy”

“Very busy?”

Hero prepared to defend herself, to raise her voice. Her mother’s look made her stop, just look at her with sincere attention. And some concern. That she wouldn’t want her to raise her voice, too, and it wouldn’t. Villain would remain calm regardless of what Hero said. For that should remain a casual conversation with your daughter. At that moment, she was her mother.

“Because?” Hero asked.

“Why did you stop? Why since you have been around the city for days and people are talking directly about you? Literally non-stop”

“Did I break up with one of your plans?" 

“Maybe, yes and no. Nothing more.” Her tone of voice was still firm. Hero believed her words. Even if it weren’t true, it also wouldn’t make her come here and get satisfaction. Interestingly, she was focused on talking about her work as a hero.

“So what?”

“And your arm” Villain, continuing her mental quest, finally looked down “is hurt”
She instinctively pulled herself up and tugged on the sleeves of her shirt.

“What? My kit’s over. I don’t have that much money to keep buying more all the time. And I’m not a hero 24 hours a day. I have my job ”

“Do they pay you well? At the store?” and before Hero questioned, she went on: “To get out of that apartment, bigger and more accommodated than this place?”
“I don’t work there anymore" 

Villain’s gaze changed partially, falling on Hero’s low head, who no longer saw any appetite for food, but stared at the plate.

"They closed. The owner is going to change cities and closed the whole deal”
“And where are you working?”

Villain waited until she saw that had no answer. Hero started unwillingly picking up the food on her fork. “I’m looking for work” She saw his shoulders tense and another wounded by the white shirt. That one, Villain knew, came from one of hers. Or her itself. It reminded her of another conversation they should have about those clashes. It was the most she could do, and yet Hero would have one more of those in her body.

“How long?”

“It’s been a while…” Hero looked at Villain again and was forced to continue “A few months. Since I left the other apartment and went to this one. I’m already looking for another one”

“How are you paying for that then? If you don’t have any savings?" 

Villain saw from her expression that he shad arrived somewhere. Discovered something that she didn’t know, quite obvious, but that didn’t have all the pieces to put together.

"I know how to manage”

She continued to stare.


“How can you keep up?” Villain remembered the things she saw in the living room, none of them were worth selling and even if they combined, everything would pay to rent a mediocre apartment like that, until an idea came up, more like a joke: “Did you steal it, Hero?”

Villain only said it as a suggestion, or an ironic guess. Until another idea came up, given the fact that she remembered in a second.

“Do you take money from the bank? Is avoiding the proprietor until had enough money?” She drank a lot more of the wine, looking away from her. When she emptied it, she refilled the glass. On the other side, Hero was speechless. Disbelief was all over his face, made his tongue lock. 

“No. Of course not. Why did you even think that?”

That’s all she said. Loud and clear. Villain also had no appetite. For the first time, she shrugged. The apartment was suddenly too small for her.

“Sorry, it was just a suggestion" 

Villain drank again and left the glass with less than half. So they got away with it, took more money than they should, and also make a show that the media don’t stop talking about. Maybe the city really need someone to care care…
She looked at Hero again and saw her still staring at her, barely breathing, then took the wine and forced it down her throat again. Villain felt her intuition speak within her. While she sse the anger, from something that she must say, additional her indifference. 

“I’m just worried, Hero. Despise of our jobs, I… "she stopped for a moment” There may be things we can work out without having to wear masks. And we miss you… “Villain looked up at her, seeing her head down again, but with eyes half open and biting her lips.

She saw the tears wanting to come out.


Hero stared at her, his eyes still watering. Very angry. 

“Yes, I did.”

A second passed for her to assimilate what she heard and Hero spoke again.
“I stole it. I just got it a little. It was the only, the only time, I did it. What the hell, how did you know that?” Hero hit the table “Is that what you are here for?”
Oh. Villain watched her quietly, and the wave of hatred washed over Hero once again, disguised with frustration, stress, everything that had gone on in the past few days. On the outside she was solemn. She didn’t know what to say, actually.
Under the look, that look, so calm and serene, after discovering something so rotten, Hero felt the anger burn even more. “Did you come here for this?”

“Hero… I was far from knowing that”

Hero opened his mouth and closed it again, seeing sincerity in it. 

“As far as I know, none of my colleagues were intercepted by you when they were robbing a bank. In fact, as far as I’m concerned,” Villain looked up.“You don’t usually stop many bank robberies. The biggest ones, at least ” 

She took a deep breath when she felt her breathing uncontrolled. Seeing herself trapped in her own trap. It seemed to her that the rest of the world also knew that hero, their so precious Hero, their defender, the one who is trying to do good, is also stealing. Because doesn’t she know how to deal with so much despair even risking her life every day.

“Like I said,” Villain put the wine aside. “You can talk to us, instead of going to steal on your own. In the end…”

Hero clenched his fists, waiting for her to continue. Villain, however, only sighed and changed the sentence. 

“Someone has to put your head in place" 


“If even Hero is doing this” the look on her intensified, a little debauchery. An absurd desire to see a good opportunity in her hands. “If someone saw their own heroine stealing, enjoying the chaos in the middle of a robbery, what will they say?”

Hero swallowed. A tear escaped and rubbed it instantly, looking away from her.

“Does that embarrass you? To know that you are not a hero 24 hours a day? And that you are exhausted?”


She swallowed again.

“Get out of here” wow, how she hated hearing her voice now, so trembling “Get out of my house.”

Villain took a deep breath.


“Get out of here and leave me alone.” Leave me alone, please. 

Hero stared for a while longer. 

“I haven’t celebrated my birthday in a long time”

She wanted to go to her room. She wanted to curl up at the door and think about what she should do. How will she escape this, where will she be able to pay the next rent. Where else could she get a job, how much she could delay her payment even if it brings disagreements with the owner of the building. She would have to wait for Villain to leave, but if stayed there any longer she would collapse. There was already too much shame inside her. 

Turned away for her room, even though Villain remained on the same option, and locked herself. 

The last thing she wanted to do was let Villain see her collapse, more than the image she saw now. And yet with a minimum of honor within it. Hero stayed in her room, where she let her morals beat her. 

Morals that she decided to ignore and made her like all of them that she arrested. While she was so desesperate, that she pick up the money the more fast she could. And as agreed, Villain collected her things and left. But only after a long time, hoping to hear something from the room, hear her cry, and receive nothing. She waited for several minutes, considering spending hours, until she had to admit defeat. 

Only when she was out, again in the rainy weather, did Villain sigh loudly, also feeling rotten inside. 

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What is used to get the prompt

Barnaby:Ok how about…lord explosion murder?


Barnaby:If you are so clever then why don’t you pick one!!

Dimitri:That is obviously a Chico! Points to the pug

Barnaby:At least we agree on Gamma for the cat!

Dimitri:Are you saying Chico is a bad name?! You said lord explosion murder! Bakugo Katsuki much?!

Barnaby:FINE! How about Belphegor?! You know after your uncle

Reborn:Apparently you need to be dead to get something named after you

Fon:The audacity

Nello:We raised them since Dimitri was 7 and Barnaby was 13!

Skull:I feel hella disrespected

Dimitri:Great name! Belphegor and Gamma it is!

Lal:The mood switch is always confusing

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Villain could swear that someone had just knocked on their front door.  Their throat immediately went tight.  What if it was someone… who knew?  One of those stupid new peace patrollers?  Surely the new republic had noticed the fact that Villain had slipped through the cracks of the prison system.

Villain got to their feet, their socks slipping a little on the floor.  Heart hammering, they made their way to the door.

Hero was standing on the front step.  They wore a keychain lanyard, a pair of sunglasses, and a bashful smile.  Villain wondered if this was what it felt to go into cardiac arrest.

“What in holy hell are you doing on my property?”

It was a bold statement considering the circumstances, but Villain was shaken.

Hero made a placating gesture.

“I’m not here to turn you in, if that’s what you’re insinuating.  We won this war, me and my shining moral code.  You might not be on death row but I don’t give a crap because you’re hardly dangerous anymore.  All you’re doing right now is eating Cheetos and watching reruns of Friends.  Speaking of which…”

Hero twiddled their car keys nervously.

“Do you want to… get coffee?”

“You can’t be serious.”

“I’m not, really.  This is the first time in years I’ve gotten the chance to be un-serious, but the trouble with that is… I don’t have any friends.  I’ve been too busy all this time.  I know you better than anyone in the world, Villain.  And now that the war’s over, I really, REALLY want to have some fun.  Are you willing to come with me?”

Hero looked very small and very bashful, standing there on the step.  Come to think of it, they looked lonely too.  Villain released a heavy sigh.

“I’ll be recognized.”

“Throw on a fake mustache and hoodie.  I know you’ve got a collection.”

“Hero, I could get arrested.”

“But I know a place with DOUBLE CARAMEL FRAPPES.  Topped with MARSHMELLOWS.”

Hero grinned and jingled their keys enthusiastically.


Villain groaned.


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I ingest fictional romances like it’s my job because I’m too afraid to live out my own.

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So whenever the chosen one tries to be like, “It is my destiny to defeat you!” 

The big bad just goes, “Tommy - can I call you Tommy? - Tommy, you have obviously lost your nanny. I’ll have my guards escort you back home.”

“You’re just trying to keep me from defeating you!”

“No, I just really don’t want any lawsuits coming through because there was a child in the middle of my plans.”

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Person A is a god of stars, who starts aiming asteroids at Earth out of rage that pollution is making the stars basically invisible in many places or only a few stars visible every night in other places. Person B is an astronomer and very confused and worried about all the asteroids hitting/aiming for Earth, and gets visited by the god, when Person B is distraught over a particularly large asteroid heading for their city. Person A rants at Person B about light pollution ruining the view of the sky they took so many centuries crafting and perfecting, only for it to not be visible.

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prompt #64

Villain goes to approach Hero, but Hero flinches, expecting an attack.  Villain steps away, a devastated expression flickering on their face.

“Who was it?”

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The World Is Ending

A little short story written by me.


“Hannah! Get in here the world is ending!!!” Yells Sarah.

Not even 10 seconds later a very frazzled Hannah sprints from her bedroom door, into the kitchen. “What? How? Why? Was it Russians? Bombs? Hello Kitty?”

“Why would it be Hello Kit… you know what nevermind… The world is over! My life is over!”

“Sarah, what the hell are you talking about?” Hannah replies as she peers out the window, seeing that people are, in fact, not zombies and the ground and buildings are still intact. She strolls into Hannah’s office space, looking even more confused than when she had first appeared, to see Sarah laid back in her chair.

“One Direction is never getting back together, Hannah! I don’t know how I can g…”

“That’s my cue to go back to bed.”

“No, Hannah, this is serious!” Sarah yelled at Hannah as she had already left the room.

“Next time the world is ending, I’m staying in bed!”

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“I don’t have a will to live, I have standards.”

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Someone write me a fic where Din and Luke have to share a bed out of pure stubbornness because neither will let the other sleep on the floor and Grogu is sleeping between them and they have a whispery conversation that leads to them leaning in real close. Din’s helmet can be on or off, I’m not picky. And it’s obvious they wanna kiss or lean their foreheads against each other but they’re holding back and just when you think one of them is gonna actually do something about it Grogu starts making kissy noises and interrupts the moment then keeps smiling and laughing at them until they finally admit their feelings.

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