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Fantasy Guide to Carriages, Coaches and Vehicles


Your nobles are ready for the ball and your adventurers are ready to go off in their quest. But how to get there in style rather than run off on horseback? You may need to hitch a ride in these bitchin’ vehicles.



The cart is an open, flat wheeled vehicle that usually transports people and goods. The cart would be used by the commons, escpecially those travelling with goods such as wares to sell in markets. The cart would also be used by nobility and royalty as well to carry their trunks and chests. The cart would be horse-drawn or even people-driven.



The carriage is a private vehicle that is horse-drawn. Commoners could hire them like public transport to get to long distance locations but these were often shared. Carriage were not always comfortable as they were set on leather straps or strings which can sometimes jostle the occupier. Queen Elizabeth II complained that her carriage for her coronation made for a bumpy ride because of this.



A coach is a closed-in four-wheeled carriage drawn by horses. The coach was usually driven by a coachman accompanied by footmen to open and close the doors. Coaches could be hired within cities but grand ones were a status symbol. The more horses that took to pull it, the richer you were because the greater the expense of keeping them. Mistresses in the Baroque period often showed off to each other by driving their coaches up and down before the houses of rivals. (of course when one did to Nell Gwyn, she responded by driving a mile cart up and down the rival mistress’s house yelling ‘whores to the market!’



The tanga is an Indian horse drawn carriage set on two large wheels. The passengers would sit in the rear while the driver sits up front. A canopy would be draped over the passengers to shield them from the sun.



The troika is a Russian sleigh pulled by three horses harnessed abreast. The three horses each have a different gait: the middle horse trots while the side horses canter. The troika became a status symbol during the later years of the Imperial years of the Russian Empire. The troika was often hung with bells to warn people of its coming.



The barouche is an open carriage drawn by two horses and set on four wheels. Four passengers could be seated with within it two facing the horses and two face the rear. A roof could be drawn up over the passengers to protect them from vad weather.



A buggy is a horse-drawn carriage able to bear two passengers and set on two wheels. The buggy had a folded roof and was often driven by one of the passengers. It was used as an informal vehicle for the rich for going about the country and the poorer just it for travelling long distances.



The Berline is probably the first thing one thinks of when thinking of a carriage. It was a covered four-wheeled vehicle usually drawn by two of more horses. The driver would be seated outside while the passangers sat with.

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Charleigh’s Doll - Acquisition

So this is a new idea that I’ve been working on for a little bit, instead of any of my current WIPs. What can I say, the creative juices flow where they flow. Anyways, I can’t say how often this will update or how consistently, but I have high-ish hopes!

Tagging some people who expressed an interest (let me know if you want to be added or removed!): @cupcakes-and-pain @lave-e @killtheprotagonist 

CW: lady whump, pet whump, dehumanization, referring to people as “it,” lady whumpee, lady whumper/caretaker, lines between whumper and caretaker being blurred, that’s all for this chapter I think, but please let me know if I missed anything!

Charleigh sighed, tapping her foot impatiently on the store floor, her eyes trailing over the items lining the shelves of the pet store. She glanced at her watch yet again before pursing her lips and nudging the girl next to her, who turned around to frown at her.

“Sorry, Charleigh!” she said lightheartedly, tossing her natural unnaturally red hair over her shoulder, sounding not very sorry at all.

Charleigh just gave a sigh before her lips turned upward into a reluctant grin. “It’s fine, Rey,” she conceded. “But if we don’t get going soon, we’re gonna miss the movie.”

Her best friend, Reyna, gave a dismissive wave of her hand, turning back to stare at the shelf in front of her. “Don’t be such a worrywart. We’ll get there in plenty of time. You’re just sad because we might miss some of the previews. And you love those.” She gave Charleigh a teasing grin over her shoulder. “Weirdo.”

Charleigh snorted a soft laugh, and was about to reply when a commotion came from the back of the store, where they kept the pets. She didn’t know what made her do it, but she left Reyna behind in the accessories section staring at the selection of toys in front of her with nothing but a wave and followed the noises.

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Eden’s Gate: Left Behind Chapter 13 - Investigating

Warnings: Talks of abuse, oral (male receiving), smut, swearing, slight angst, demons, throwing out hints of SPN.

Word count: 3k

Summary: John and Kate open up to each other. Her and Morgan investigate the attack of their friends. Saleos pays John a “visit”.

Note: I’m trying to wrap up this series. There will most likely be 16-18 chapters.



After spending the night together, and losing her virginity to someone who was worth enough to take it.

John, and Kate spent the last few hours getting to know each other.

Curled up in bed, side by side.

His arms wrapped around her waist.

“So you’re never told me about your life before moving here” he says in her ear. Kissing the crook of her neck. 

“I lived in Jackson, Wyoming, I was born in Phoenix, Arizona, I attended the University of Wyoming for 4 in a half years” she says as John kisses the crook, and the nape of her neck.

He stops, looks at her in slight confusion and asks “How old are you?”.

“I’ll be 20 in August” she answers.

“You were 16 when you started college?!” he asks.

“I was 15 when I went to college. I lied about my age to get a head start, my aunt and grandmother helped me out with that” she says.

He chuckles, and asks, “What are you studying?” before going back to work on her neck.

“Psychology” she moans, as his kisses get slower, and more sensational. 

“So? What about you?” she asks, turning on her other side to face him.

“What about me?” he asks, with a side smirk.

“I told you about my life. So it’s your turn” she says, “Like for example your scars”.

She says as she traces the Sloth scar on his chest.

He stares off into space for a bit, not wanting to scare her off about his life with the Duncans, and how they treated him.

“You uh- you don’t wanna know” he says, his voice trembling. 

Guessing his life wasn’t good growing up. She regrets asking him about the scars, seeing the sadness in his perfect blue eyes. Hesitating but wanting to be honest with him. 

“My dad died in a house fire when I was 6 months old, I never got to know him” Kate says, to make him feel better, “I was mainly raised by my older sister whenever my mom wasn’t around. When I was 13 my sister, and I were taken away from her and, when she turned 18 she left to look for our mom. Leaving me by myself in Jackson. I was surrounded by hunters growing up, my whole family hunters. Every single one of them. I’ve witnessed people that I cared about, people that I loved, dying over, and over again, because they wanted to protect me, and I let them because they knew I wanted to live a normal life.”

John looks at her with furrowed eyebrows, “Hunters? Like deer?, bears?”

Forgetting that John isn’t a hunter of the supernatural, and doesn’t know that of lifestyle.

She nods her head, “Yeah. Yeah, rival hunters. We had our fair share of them in Wyoming. They hated my family. Completely loathed them”. 

John takes a deep breath, “Well, my adopted parents would beat me” he starts off, “One night, they took me into the kitchen, and they threw me on the ground, and I experienced pain, after pain after pain, after pain. I looked up at them, and I started to laugh. I wasn’t scared, I was” he stops for a moment, “Clear”. 

He goes into detail about what his adopted parents did to him growing up, how he came to inherit their money after their deaths. Becoming a lawyer, and when he reconnected with his brothers.

He stops talking, his breathing turns heavy, and he sits up on the bed. 

He buries his face into his hands, soft sobbing coming from him. His breathing trembling with every gasp of breath he takes.

Kate sits up, and comforts him. Resting her head on his shoulder, gently rubbing his back in small circular motions.

“It’s okay” she whispers, “You don’t have to tell me”.

Planting kisses on his shoulder, comforting him. Now she’s really regretting asking him about the scars. She feels like a total bitch.

He moves his hands away from his face, tears in his eyes, the whites red.

“I never went into detail about what they did to me to anyone. Because who would believe a good looking, rich pretty boy whose parents gave him everything, and still put pain, and trauma on him” he says, not looking at her.

“I would” she says, looking at him while resting her head on his shoulder, “I would’ve believed you”. Running her fingers through his hair, fixing it. 

He looks over at her, his eyes still red, and glossy from crying.

She wraps her arms around him, holding him tightly. He sinks into her arms, resting his head against hers.

“I don’t deserve you” he says, not looking at her, “You deserve better than me”.  

She glances down at him, shaking her head, “No. No I don’t. We’re fine like this”.

Tightening her embrace around him, laying him back onto the bed.

Laying at his side, kissing the crook of his neck. 

John tilts his head up to give her better access. 

“Like you said. We’re meant to be together” she says, leaving a trail of kisses down to his chest.

He shakes his head, “I don’t think so anymore”. Starting to doubt Joseph’s words, and his own feelings for Kate. 

Kate was having second thoughts herself about getting with John, that’s why she ran away after their flying date. But she reassured herself about it, and wanted to stay with him, but with the whole cleansing thing she wasn’t so sure, and now she understands why he is the way he is.

Her sister would yell at her calling her stupid for staying with him.

Straddling his hips, he looks up at her, eyes raised, “What are you doing?!?” he asks, some lust and confusion in his voice.

“I just want to show you what you mean to me” she says, grinding against him.

He groans slowly, throwing his dead back at her movements.

“I will prove it to you” she says, kissing his chest, and going down to his stomach.

His hand on her head, pushing her down further. She knows what he wants, and she’s gonna give it to him.

Kissing his hip bones, going down further his hard cock brushes her nose. 

Without even thinking, or giving John time to prepare. She wraps her lips around his cock, tongue swirling the tip. 

A raspy groan escapes the back of his throat, his fingers tangled in her hair.

“Ooh Kate” he moans, pushing her head down, making her gag. 

Bobbing her head on his cock, her tongue swirling the tip down.

Her left hand cupping his cock, her other hand playing with his balls. 

John holds her hand in place, thrusting himself in her mouth.

Tears forming in Kate’s eyes, breathing through her nose.

Choking on his erect cock. Throat fucking her.

“Fuck!!” he pants, “Fuck!!”.

Sucking, and swirling her tongue around his cock. Trying to get all of him in her mouth.

He continues to moan her name, and she finds it very fucking hot.

“Kate” he moans, “Aww Kate”. Bucking his hips up.

She feels his cock twitch in the back of her throat.

“I’m coming” he moans, “I’m coming”.

Pushing her head down with both hands, the tip of him hitting her uvula, making her gag once more.

“Kate. Kate, baby” he moans, “I’m coming”. 

Followed by a desperate whine escaping his throat. Holding the back of her head to keep her still.

Then he releases his hot seed down her throat, some of it getting on her chin.

Gagging on his tasteless cum, trying to lift her head up, but he holds her head for a few more seconds. 

Both of them sweaty, hot messes, and panting heavily.

He pulls her back up to him, and kisses her. Tasting himself in her mouth.

“So that’s what I taste like?!” he jokes, panting, before pulling her in for another filthy open mouth kiss. 

As they’re making out on the bed, Kate’s phone starts to vibrate aggressively.

An incoming call from Morgan.

John’s about to go down on her when she notices her phone.

“John. John, Johnny, hold on” she says, stopping him from doing anything else.

He moves himself away from between her legs.

“What?!?” he asks, confused as to why she stopped him.

She sits up, grabs her phone from the table, and answers it.

“Hello?!?” she asks.

“Kate where are you?!?” a frantic Morgan asks.

“I’m with John” she answers.

“Why didn’t you pick up your phone, or reply to any of their messages?!?” she asks

Stammering over her words, “What?!? Who’s messages?!? What’s going on?!?”. 

“They were attacked!!!!” she says.

“Who was attacked?!?” Kate asks.

“The group!! Our friends!! They were attacked last night at their campsite!!!” she says.

“What?!?” she exclaims, sitting up on the bed, “By who?!?”.

“I think it was that demon from the other day” Morgan says softly.

“Oh fuck” Kate says under her breath, “Fuck, fuck, fuck”.

“Katie what’s wrong?!?” John asks, concern in his voice.

“Shir, okay, okay. I’ll be over there soon” she says, pitching the bridge of her nose, and hangs up her voice.

“Katella what happened?!?” John asks again, gently touching her shoulder.

She sighs, and says “My friends, they were attacked last night on their camping trip”.

She gets up from the bed, and puts on her clothes.

“Do you need a ride?!” he asks, putting his pants on.

“Yeah, that would be great” she answers, putting on her flannel.

They get dressed, John takes Kate home, when they arrive she immediately asks Morgan.

“So where are we going first?!?”.

Morgan who is putting some supplies in her dufflebag. 

“We’re going to the clinic first, then we’re going to their campsite” she says.

“Do they know what animal it was?!” John asks, who is standing at the doorway.

Morgan, and Kate exchanged glances. 

“Probably a small bear, or a wolverine” Morgan answers.

Kate who can’t keep lying, and trying to hide the fact that REAL monsters exist.

“I’m sorry Morg, but I have to tell him the truth” she says, her voice in distress. 

“Tell me what?!?” he asks, his eyes going back and forth from both girls.

Kate turns to face John, who is taking a few steps towards her.

“Katie? Tell me what?!” he asks again.

“John, there is no easy way to say this. Believe me or not but” she takes a deep breath, “But my friends were attacked by a demon last night”.

John furrows his eyebrows at her. “What?!?” he asks, confused.

“A demon. A minion of Hell. Lucifer’s servants, and all of those names. A few days ago, Morgan, and I were investigating some mutilated cattle carcasses, and we had an encounter with a demon. His name is Saleos, and I know he did this. I wanted to leave that life behind but it followed me here.”

He looks at her like she’s crazy, “I still don’t understand?!!?” he says.

“What I told you this morning, about how I’ve lost people that I care about, people that I loved. That’s because of monsters that I’ve hunted. Demons, vampires, ghosts, all that shit you see in movies, and tv shows. They all exist!!”.

She’s about to explain more to him, when Morgan intervends, “Kate you can explain everything to John later. But now we have to go see our friends at the clinic, and then check out the site”.

They grab their stuff, taking Haley with them, Kate kisses John goodbye, before they leave Kate says to him, “In my room on my bookshelf by my bed, I have several books on what I just explained to you, when I come back I’ll tell you everything”.

Then they leave in Kate’s car to the Hope County medical clinic in the west part of Holland Valley. 

John goes to Kate’s room, opening the door and trips on a huge bag of rock salt.

“What the?!? Salt?!?” he says.

He looks over at the bookshelf next to her bed, and sees several books.

Book of the Damned, several books on Witchcraft, and Spells, a journal that her father wrote about different types of monsters he had encountered. 

Several other books on banishing demons, ghosts, and several other entities. 

But one there’s one item that really catches John’s eye.

A small black wooden box on the floor next to her bookshelf.

He opens the small trunk, and sees a piece of stone that has some ancient hieroglyph written on it. He picks it up.

Little does he know he’s holding an Angel tablet, the Word of God.

Kate was helping her older cousins translate the symbols on the damn thing, but she always got a very bad headache trying to translate it. So she gave up on it, and kept the tablet safe until her cousins retrieved it from her. 

He puts the tablet back in the trunk, closing it.


Kate, and Morgan make it to the clinic, and rush inside. Leaving Haley in the car. 

They immediately see Sarah, Ryan and all of their friends laying in beds.

“Hey, hey guys!!” Morgan says, rushing to her friend’s side.

 “What happened?!?” Kate asks, looking at the patched up wounds on all her friends.

“The dude said he knew you” Dylan says to her, laying in bed behind her.

“What dude?!?!” she asks him.

“Salas? Solomon? Whatever his fucking name was!!” he says.

“Saleos?” Morgan asks.

“Yeah that fucker” Alissa says, from across the room.

“He said he knew you Kate, and that Crowley sends his regards or some bullshit like that!!” she says.

Kate goes immediately pale, eyes widened.

“Oh shit” she says under her breath, they all look at her.

“Kate? Who was that man?!?” Sarah asks.

“I have to tell them” she says to Morgan.

“You told John already!! He looked at you like you were crazy!!” she says to her.

“John?!?” Ryan asks.

“Her boyfriend” Morgan says, “John Seed”.

“John Seed?!?” Kevin yells, scaring Kate and Morgan.

“You’re dating that sadistic fucker?!?” Ryan asks.

Kate nods her head in slight shame, “Yeah. Yeah I am”

“She’s planning on breaking up with him anyway!!” Morgan says, defending her friend.

“So where were you guys set up?!?” she asks. 

“We were set up a mile and half from the Wellington residence” Becky says.

“Okay, we’ll go check it out” Kate says, leaving the room. 

She heads back to the car, Morgan following behind.

Kate sighs, “Let’s go to the campsite”, and they drive off down the road.


John flips through the books on Kate’s shelf. 

Other than books on monsters, demons and Witchcraft.

She has her school books, 10 books on Psychology, human anatomy, Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and several other books on pop culture, and Psychology.

The book he gave her the other day.

As he goes to grab another off the shelf, and a brown leathery notebook falls off as he pulls a book off of it. 

It lands on a page that catches his eye, he picks it up and reads it. 

August 1998

“Mandy gave birth to our second daughter, her name is Katella Evyanna.

Born at 7:42am. 7 pounds, 8 ounces. Phoenix, Arizona.

I wanted to name her Sasha Georgia, but she didn’t like that name and Paige agreed.

The 3 year old agreed that the name for her little sister wasn’t as good as Katella.

Paige is very excited about meeting her new baby sister.

I wanted to name Paige, Dawn Mercedes, but again Mandy didn’t like it, so Paige Hannah became her name.

A smile grows on John’s face, he flips to the next page, and sees a photo of a toddler Paige holding an infant Kate.

September 1998 written on the back.


Kate and Morgan arrive at their friends campsite.

The fire is still going, their tents still put up and ripped, probably by wild animals.

“This must be the place” Kate says, getting out of the car.

They check out the area, Morgan pulls out an EMF meter checking for any demon, or spirit energy.

“So, what did you and John do?!” she asks, while checking for energies. 

Stammering over her words, “We uh. We just hung out at his Gate”.

Morgan looks back at her, “You had sex didn’t you?!?”.

Kate nods her head, “Yeah”.

“Was he your first?!” she asks.

Kate doesn’t respond back, “Yeah he was” Morgan says nodding her head.

Haley barks at something. They got to check it out, and it’s a body.

“Oh shit!!!” Morgan exclaims pointing at the dead body of the man “It’s Saleos!!!”.

“But, but if he’s here?!?. Then that means?!” Kate trails off, and they both look at each other in unison. 

“Didn’t Saleos mention John when we encountered him?!?” Morgan asks.

Their eyes widened in realization, “John” Kate mutters, and they run to the car.

Morgan drives, and Kate in the passenger as she calls John who is back at his ranch house.

His phone rings a few times, but goes to voicemail.

“Fuck!!!” she mutters, “He might be at the house still”.

They pull into the driveway, and race inside the house.

“John?!?!” she yells out.

She goes to her room, sees that her books were rearranged, and no sign of John Seed. 

“Morgan!?!?!” she calls out.

“Yeah?!?” she responds. 

“John’s gone!!”, she says as she goes back into the living room, “I think he went back to his house”.

Kate goes to grab her gun, along with her demon killing bullets, rock salt bullets, holy water, and salt.

“You stay here. I’ll go to John’s house” she says, Morgan nods, “I’ll ward off the house”.

Kate gets back into her car, and drives to John’s house.

She gets a call from him, and she immediately answers it.

“Hey!!” she says.

“Darlin, we need to talk about what you said earlier” he says.

“Yeah I know. I’m on my way to your house, I’ll see you in a bit” she says hanging up.


John sets his phone down on the kitchen counter, and sighs.

Waiting for Kate to arrive, he grabs the tattoo needle he uses for atoning off the counter.

He doesn’t notice the black smoke flowing through the air vent behind him.

He sets the needle down, and goes to grab something from the cupboards. 

When he turns around that’s when he sees the black fog.

“What in the-” he gets cut off as the black smoke forces itself into his body.

One second his eyes are the perfect blue that they are, then the next they’re completely blackened before going back to being normal. 

Kate pulls up to the property, and runs inside the house.

“John?!?” she yells out, and he steps inside the main room she’s in.

“Okay, let me explain everything that I said to you this morning, and before I left” she says, as she goes into the kitchen.

He follows her into the kitchen, and as she’s about to explain she notices he’s acting differently.

“Umm?. John are you okay?!” she asks, her eyebrows quirked.

“Yes, Kate I’m fine” he responds, looking at her seductively while walking along the counter towards her. 

She pulls her pistol out of its holster, and aims at him, “You’re not John”.

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Tags: @much-ado-about-whumping@lonesome–hunter@straight-to-the-pain​ 

Characters: Glenn Rowe / Karim Mahmoud Magdi

Content Warnings: Hints of threat of non-con, small reference to suicide.

Notes: I wrote this story with someone named Epsilon a long time ago. I just wanted to share it, because it meant a lot to me. It’s long, so I’ll post in installments. <3



The text had come an hour ago. It had been cruel in its simplicity.

Bringing over some friends. Arriving at three. Dress professionally.

Karim had just sat, staring, hoping against hope whatever was about to happen wouldn’t be too horrible. He’d thought desperately of calling the police, but the children he’d killed weighed heavily on his mind, and in the end, he couldn’t do it. This was penitence.

This was his life now.

He’d quietly put on a pair of dressy slacks and a crisp, clean button-up shirt, business casual. He hoped that would suffice. But he couldn’t just sit, he couldn’t focus on reading, so Karim did the one thing that always calmed him down.

He pulled out fresh ingredients, and began to cook. He threw his whole mind into an impromptu halal udon dish, a quick but sweet root vegetable bake, and breaded chicken cutlets, throwing his whole mind into the creation. Working so hard over the hot stove, there were whole minutes at a time where he forgot to be apprehensive. It was better than pacing alone with his tortuous thoughts for an hour.

He’d made enough for a few people to eat comfortably. He’d almost thrown it away, afterwards, but that would be such an abysmal waste of food. There was no reason not to let his — his guests eat it. Nothing but spite, and Karim was not a spiteful man.

Karim was pulling the vegetable dish out of the oven, the whole apartment steamy and rich with the smells of what he’d made, when the knocker on the door rapped. Karim froze, shivering, his whole body a rabbit scenting a wolf. He looked at the oven and considered shoving his head in it.

He turned it off instead. Closed the oven. Left the vegetables on the stove top until he could plate them.

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okay I’m not normally one for making OCs in my own fiction (since it’s already definitionally populated by my OCs exclusively) but this one is too fun. I’m even willing to overlook the fact that the odds of my being a dragon rider are slim to none, since according to the rules of my own ‘verse dragon riders are generally required to be phenomenal athletes or phenomenally brilliant engineers or both. fuck it, I have a dragon now.

I’m gonna say that I want a huge, glittery white opal steed dragon with a personality like an especially fat and satisfied cat. her name would be Antinous, after the formerly recognized constellation that Hadrian named after his tragic dead boyfriend, and I’d dote on her with many, many belly scritches.  

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“Hey, Hara, I don’t think I like basketball anymore.”

Yamazaki stares at his hands, at callused fingers and grazed knuckles, as Hara leans over to kiss his forehead. The other teenager’s eyes are fixed on his phone. He’s playing some monster-killing app; the little hero figure that Hara’s controlling is swinging his sword right into the beast’s chest.

“I think I might quit the team,” continues Yamazaki.

Hara shifts. It’s a slight movement, barely even a change in position, and yet, suddenly, Yamazaki feels like the contact of their bare elbows is burning into his bone. It’s never good when Hara’s silent; his quiet is like the bubbling of milk on a fire, you never know when it’s going to spill over.

(And Yamazaki knows Hara knows that he knows that. It’s one of the game’s several unspoken rules.) 

“You can’t quit though. You’d have nothing without basketball. It’s the only thing you’re mildly good at,” replies Hara, in an unaffected tone, as blood spurts out of the monster on his phone screen. “Anyway, Hanamiya wouldn’t let me keep seeing you if you quit.”

Yamazaki knows full well that even the captain doesn’t have that kind of power over Hara.

Turning his head, Hara smiles, nuzzles Yamazaki’s cheek with his nose. “So you’d be completely alone. And you don’t want to be alone, do you, Hiroshi?

Yamazaki recognises this is all just part of Hara’s games. He recognises Hara doesn’t actually care that much about basketball - that Hara’s interest in the sport is almost entirely linked to the feeling of crushing an opponent, both literally and otherwise - and he’d like to think Hara cares more for him than for Hanamiya too. Hypothetically, Yamazaki could leave the team today. Maybe, even leave Hara behind. Find some new friends, a new lover. 

But, every time Yamazaki’s thoughts start falling into that childishly optimistic stream, he remembers it’s too late for him now. He’s been tainted with the dense black sin of the team. He’s already one of the villains. 

Nor does he have the chance for redemption or a second life; those are concepts only found in games. (At least, that’s what Hara says - and maybe that’s why they enjoy their evenings playing fighting games together, where Hara can cut Yamazaki down over and over again, where Yamazaki can bleed out but never quite die.)

And, in the words of his companion, Hara’s the only one who’ll stay with him regardless of what he’s done. He’s the only one whose fingers will interlink with Yamazaki’s, and whose teeth will sink down into his neck, punishing him for his immorality, like a priest who judges and still forgives.

With that in mind, thinks Yamazaki (as he moves a little closer to Hara - whose body heat is violently hot - hiding his head behind Hara’s, so he can only see the now-dead monster on the screen from the corner of his eye), who can blame him for staying this long?  

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Wherein Sasha meets Papa Khan for the first time. This is a mirror from Ao3

CW for violence and implied/referenced child abuse


Another day, another NCR camp raided. 

Most of them had been left alive, but with no guns or supplies and their radio thoroughly destroyed, they weren’t going to last long. Especially if the Vipers or Jackals swept the area, picking at the scraps left by the Khans like carrion birds. 

Vipers demanded human sacrifice–Jackals were just plain cannibals. The Khans knew the fate they were leaving that camp to. They didn’t care.

In the eyes of the Khans, it’s what the NCR deserved. It was no longer petty raiders against newly formed law bringers. The Khans–the Great Khans–had moved past that. This was a new tribe, one with raiding deep in their bones, trying to keep their family fed. These so-called law bringers were little more than raiders themselves, rolling over towns and demanding payment from their inhabitants. 

The NCR was just a target, one with old rooted mutual hatred. Papa Khan himself knew that better than the rest, that’s why he spearheaded these raids.

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Hey, thanks! In theory I’m still working on “Heroes: Resurrection”, but it’s been a while since I’ve had the motivation to work on it… which is especially frustrating because the next chapter I write will probably be the final installment, unless I do a separate epilogue after the final confrontation. In the meantime, I have been struck by several different writing ideas… but I don’t really want to start any new projects until I can get my act together and finish “Resurrection”! Maybe next year I can try taking a creative writing class or something…..

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So I’ve been thinking about the Fallen Angel AU I’m doing for O//bey M/e and my s/I is named Bane. They didn’t get a demon form when they were resurrected. Their angel wings droop and are essentially useless. Their angelic powers are extremely weak, at most people feel general comfort and trust around their presence. Which has worked in their advantage since they’ve basically been living in the streets of Devildom since their fall.

I imagine she was very close with sim//eon and the brothers when they were in the Celestial realm. Sim///eon can sorta “sense” her presence when they get close. They nearly have a run in at a market 👀.

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Requested by no-one. Inspired by someone from TikTok

Find as much number and math references as you can! The writing is weird because of my complete disregard of the outcome.

My ultimate goal was to fit as much Lund and references as I can.

One is gender-neutral, I hope I did their pronouns some justice!


One was always at odds with themselves. As the other numbers paired up with each other, leaving him alone. Even Seven got together with Nine. However, he doesn’t see them lasting long as they can tell that Eight will get between them.

Left with nothing but their thoughts, their mind wandered off. Then, there was Zero. Zero was nothing short of filling in the gap, of course.

That need and that want for more acknowledgement grew. Like Zero, the Negatives came into existence. Numbers opposite of the Positives who have done nothing but overlook One, thinking it has little to no value but continue using them for their benefit.

Zero and the Negatives were One’s source of comfort from all of the facades all the other numbers put up. Even if no one admits it, One was always there at the end of the rainbow, awaiting their presence.

The other numbers found out the being of what was Zero and the Negatives. Completely disregarding them, saying, “They’re not real.”

One wishes only the companionship of another, never more. How could they? When meaningless relationships wasted your life, how selfish must you be to wish beyond, beyond of what you should be reaching for. Simple is their wish, never to come to fruition.

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