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#writing snippet
the-modern-typewriter · 2 days ago
Hello! I'd love to read your take on a villain that tries to seduce the hero, but the hero is asexual and/or aromantic
"Everyone in the world." The villain braced one hand against the wall, deceptively casual, blocking the hero in. "Wants something." The finger of their other hand trailed down along the front of the hero's chest, oh so light. "I would like you," they wet their lips, considering their word choice, "to look the other way. Just every so often." The villain tilted their head, eyes bright and intent and gorgeous.
The hero didn't move, studying them. "I'm sure that would be very convenient for you."
"I'm thinking perhaps we can come to some kind of mutually beneficial arrangement? What do you think?"
The villain really did have a lovely voice. Honeyed. Silky.
"Sure." The hero tilted their head, mirroring the villain's posture, their tone. "I'll look the other way." They reached up, taking the villain's hand where it lingered near the waistband of their trousers and squeezing. "If you close down your company and stop doing evil stuff that I need to keep an eye on." They leaned in, so their lips were inches apart. "Does that sound about right?"
"Now, now. Be reasonable."
The hero placed the villain's hand off their body and firmly on the wall.
The villain shifted back to accommodate, so they were facing each other, no longer touching, and raised a brow.
"Okay. Okay. How about..." the hero let their head fall back against the wall, and held up their hands in a 'wait a second' gesture. "You stop making devil's bargains with people who lose at your casinos, and I don't kill you? That seems beneficial, right?"
"Nice try, but I know you don't kill people. As stunning a murderer as you would no doubt make."
The hero snorted, despite themselves, and nearly smiled. Seduction: certainly a novel experience, when faced with someone who did it well. A sea witch would promise anything to bottle a voice like that, they really would.
The villain smiled back at them. "I've seen the way you can't keep your eyes off me."
"You are rather mesmerising."
Saying it so bluntly seemed to throw the villain off a fraction.
"Well, then," the villain said. "Perhaps you should let me mesmerise you then."
"I don't think so."
"Because I'm evil?"
The hero laughed, though they could see how that might be considered the issue. Yet. "Because I'm asexual, so as stunning as you look in that get up..."
"Oh." The villain stilled, with an expression like they were buffering. "Oh, I see. Romantic candlelit cruise, then? I cook, you know."
The hero really shouldn't have been smiling, or charmed. "Also aromantic."
The villain hummed, before spinning, and offering the hero their arm instead. "Walk with me? The panoramic balcony views are quite something."
"Quite something for pushing me to my death for being incorruptible?"
"Hero." The villain's purr was more pronounced then ever. "Nobody is incorruptible. You're still human, sorry to disappoint, and all humans want something, I already said that."
"Well, given I want you to stop being evil?"
"You should find keeping me company a great way to keep an eye on me?"
That was a...disturbingly valid point. And not how they had expected their whole revelation to go. They'd definitely expected the villain to either need an explanation or be perturbed for longer than ten seconds. The hero narrowed their eyes at the villain, but accepted their arm.
"So is this the bit where you offer me money, instead?" the hero asked, as they walked across the gala. "Power, perhaps?"
"You have plenty of power, I'd be an idiot to offer you more."
That nearly surprised another laugh out of the hero, and suddenly they couldn't help but wonder if they might actually be in trouble with liking this one. Not in the 'expected' way, of course, but...
The cool breeze washed over them both after the flush of the crowded party, clean compared to the rich headiness of perfume and cologne inside the renovated hall. The view really was spectacular. The whole city glittered out beneath the two of them; home, lovely and complicated.
"You know, you never did promise not to try and toss me off the balcony," the hero said.
"Oh, please. I forgot where I parked the car - you might wreck it on your landing. Like I'd risk that."
The hero glanced at them.
The villain winked back.
The hero bit back a smile, and a curse, quickly looking away because that was a terrible thing to say. The villain was, without question, absolutely terrible. So why did they still want to smile at it?
Want. Such a complicated word.
"So," the villain said, pausing once they were further away from the cluster near the balcony doors. "I'm going to make a leap and say you want to help people. At least, I'm going to leap and say that's the desire you are most willing to admit to."
"Great leap," the hero returned. "I make such a secret of that."
The villain smiled at them again, and the hero honestly couldn't tell if it was genuine or not.
"I could help you do that more effectively."
"Sounds like one of your devil's bargains. Also a bit like you're desperate."
"Well, I'd rather not kill you."
"Well, I'd rather not be killed. There we go! Mutually beneficial."
"I never said I wouldn't."
"Think of your poor car."
"Not now," the villain rolled their eyes. "This is a negotiation." They turned to face the hero, and turned more serious. "Do you really want this to start being a proper fight tomorrow? What we've had so far is a game. A seduction."
"Oh, is that what you were trying to do? I didn't notice."
The villain didn't smile that time. Their voice had lost its lilt in an instant.
"Unstoppable force meets unmovable object works out fine for us, but not so well for the people around us."
"That a threat?" The hero's shoulders squared.
"It's a fact. We are going to collide. Do you think you can kill me?"
The hero said nothing.
"I'm not sure I can kill you," the villain said, and it was the hero's turn to jolt in surprise at the candidness. "You're remarkable. That means even if we avoid deliberate collateral, there is going to be collateral, because that's what happens when powerful things crash into each other. Now I don't really care about collateral, to be perfectly honest with you, but it's also not especially something I want."
The hero swallowed.
Their eyes met.
The villain leaned in, tracing a finger down the hero's chest, this time stopping on the wild, sick way that the hero's heart pounded.
"So think about what you want," the villain said, and went back to flashing that charming smile. "And call me, darling."
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"No," the villain gasped, falling to their knees beside the hero's body. "No, no, no."
They pressed their hands to the hero's chest in a pitiful attempt to stop the bleeding. They were shaking from head to toe, trembling as panic built up in their chest. The hero couldn't die. The hero couldn't die. The hero couldn't die.
"Hey, it's okay," the hero whispered, placing a hand over the villain's, intertwining their fingers together, holding them close to their heart.
"You promised me you’d be okay. You promised me you would live," the villain whimpered, a single tear falling down their cheek. "You promised."
The hero only let their eyes fall shut with a final sigh, a soft smile twisting up the corners of their lips.
"Sometimes it's easier to lie."
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villain-enthusiast · 9 days ago
“I can’t stop fucking thinking about you.”
Villain scoffed and took a long drag from the cigarette between their fingers. They blew out, the acrid smoke curling into the currents of the chilled nighttime wind.
“Why is this my concern?”
“Because you came back.” Hero crossed their arms, keeping their eyes trained on the scuffed ground of the rooftop below them. “You didn’t have to come back.”
“Well I did.” Villain kept their back turned to Hero as they admired the wide expanse of the city before them. “And I did because I wanted to.”
“Why did you want to, Villain?” Hero asked quietly, carefully.
The silence that stretched between them was heavy with tension. Villain tapped their cigarette, sprawling a train of glowing ashes onto the concrete.
"How honest do you want me to be?"
Hero frowned, creasing a line between their brows. "You're ashamed."
"There are a lot of things I'm ashamed about," Villain said huskily. "But coming back is not one of them."
Hero snapped their gaze up to find Villain’s almost silhouetted figure facing them, the cigarette placed between their lips. The tip lit up as the latter took another drag.
Hero took a deep breath, meeting Villain’s stare with as much stoicism they could muster. “You’re going to fuck up your lungs with that thing.”
Villain smirked. “It’s herbal.”
It was Villain’s turn to duck their head, breaking their eye contact. “I’m surprised you care.”
Hero threw their hands up in frustration, unable to control the turmoil of emotions under their skin any longer. “That's not the point. The point is that I have a fucking life, Villain. I have a city to run, a house to keep clean, a partner to take care of--,"
Villain perked. "You have a partner now?"
"Yes! Yes I do, Villain!" Hero snapped back, so annoyed that they didn't notice Villain's flinch. "And now that you're back, all I can think about is you and it's ruining me! So why did you come back?? What prompted you so badly that you felt the need to waltz back in here as if you never left?”
Villain took their time, inhaling another lungful of bitter smoke and exhaling.
Hero wrapped their coat tighter around their shoulders as a breeze made its way through the air. “If you don’t have anything to say, then I’m wasting my time here.”
“It’s you,” Villain said. So simple—two words—but it made Hero’s heart stop.
Villain closed their eyes, as if they were afraid of meeting Hero’s stare. “I…I came back because of you.”
The world dipped a little in Hero’s vision. “That’s a fucking lie.”
“You said you couldn’t get me out of your damn head,” Villain said, voice rough as they tossed their limp cigarette to the side. “Was that a lie, too? Did we both come to this godforsaken rooftop for us to just shit on our conversation?”
Hero bit their lip. “It’s not that easy, Villain.”
Villain blinked, then their expression softened, angry creases smoothing out at the edges.
A beat passed.
“I think it’s fair to say we missed each other,” Villain murmured.
Hero nodded minutely.
Villain took a tentative step forward. When Hero didn’t react, they took another, then a few more, several more—until they were right in front of their opponent.
Hero’s eyes fluttered up to greet Villain, and that’s when the pair both saw the tears behind each of their lids.
Hero couldn’t help themselves any longer and they collapsed into Villain’s arms, relishing the warmth of their body, their familiar scent of cinnamon and vanilla. Their throat choked up.
God, they’d missed Villain so damn much.
They hadn’t realized they were shaking—sobbing even—until Villain carded a gentle hand through their hair and pressed that all-too-comforting kiss to the top of their head.
“Fuck you,” Hero muttered into the fabric of Villain’s coat which was now indeed stained with salty tears. “Don’t leave me again.”
Villain gave them a reassuring squeeze. “I won’t.”
They stayed together on that rooftop until sunrise, the only thoughts in their heads about one another.
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caker-baker · a month ago
Eternally Yours
“They’re not like us.”
“I know”
“They never will be.”
“I know.”
The villain sighed at the hero’s resolve, and stared them down with a stony gaze. “I have to be older than you.”
“Oh?” The hero entertained the idea for a second, still not looking at the villain. “What makes you say that?”
“The light in your eyes hasn’t died yet.”
That did make the hero glance over briefly, catching the villain’s near glare, but they just as quickly refocused on the sunset, allowing their arms to rest on the trunk of the tree.
“They’ll turn on you.” The villain continued.
“You’ll end up like me. Old, tired, nowhere to go, nothing to do except grab for power and demand respect.”
“I am old. I am tired.”
The villain scoffed. “Please. You still have hope. Write me when you get chased out of your first village.”
Despite the fact that the day did come where the hero was turned on, despite the fact they were chased out of their home, despite the fact that the villain was right, the hero never wrote them.
The villain kept watch, though.
“How did it feel?” They emerged from the shadows, not at all scaring the hero, still trekking to their next home.
“Can’t say it didn’t hurt.” The hero shrugged, letting the plants under their feet grow just a bit more.
The villain noticed.
“You’re angry.”
The villain was happy.
“No.” The hero disagreed, and the plants stopped responding to their call. “No, I’m just happy I got to stay as long as I did.”
“How can you be like me?” The villain asked. “We’re so different.”
“I like my calling much more over your shadows.”
“Anyone would prefer the ability to nurture life over shrouding the world in darkness.”
The hero laughed, it almost made the villain stop in their tracks.
“How often do you hear someone laugh, Villain?”
In theory, the villain heard laughter a million times over. This was different. This was a sound of joy that reached the villain’s soul the way most things couldn’t.
So, the villain didn’t answer, and just cleared their throat.
“Write me when it happens again. I mean it.”
The villain was gone.
It took a little longer the next time around, for the hero learned to better cover their tracks, but it didn’t last.
For the second time in their life as a hero, they were chased away.
For the third time in their life as a hero, the villain appeared.
“It’s troublesome, tracking you down. Writing me would save the worry.”
“I didn’t have much access to stationary.” The hero teased, and the tree branch they were sitting on creaked, another response to the hero’s touch.
The villain did have to look up at the hero, which was a bother, but they could climb.
And the hero waited.
“I see you’ve bettered your calling.” They said, looking at the cluster of trees that popped up overnight.
“It was an accident.” The hero defended. “It’s kind of new.”
“Aren’t you also old and tired?” The villain quipped. “Were you really just living for years thinking you wouldn’t die, with no inkling of a idea that you could have a calling?”
The hero blushed.
“Oh.” The villain sucked in a breath. “You need to get it under control before you try for the next miserable little village.”
“Avoid the Westlands.” The villain continued. “There are so few with callings left already. They’ve begun killing those even suspected.”
“Thank you.”
It had been a while since the villain was thanked.
They disappeared in a flourish of darkness.
It was the Westlands the hero went to. It was the Westlands the villain furiously traveled to, all the while wondering how the hero managed the faster pace between the two.
They didn’t wait for the hero to be hurt this time.
“What are you doing?” The villain hissed, dragging them to the edge of the wood on the Westland border. “I told you what they’re doing here, I warned you.”
“I want to help the others who have callings. I want to help the ones wrongly accused.”
“You fool!” The villain threw up their wall of shadows, and continued pulling the hero along with them. “You blithering ass!”
The roots of the trees grew larger under the villain’s feet.
“Stop it!” The hero shouted, pulling back, letting the villain trip over the roots. “I’m going to help them.”
“Like the hells you are.” The villain shot back, recovering from their stumble quickly. “They’ll kill you faster than any of them for daring to sympathize.”
“So instead I’ll live on knowing I could have helped my people and didn’t.”
That struck a nerve with the villain. Were they not helping one of their people right now? Were they not trying to save the hero from certain death?
“If you die-” the villain snarled, and turned slowly to face the hero. “I will never forgive you.”
The hero smiled.
The villain fled to the Eastlands to reign further terror along their path.
This time, the hero chased after them.
“You need to stop, please.” The hero said softly next to the villain, who was content in watching the flames burn brighter. “All the people are already out.”
“I noticed you sneaking around with them, my dear. I could have stopped you ten times over.”
The threat was clear: I can be worse.
“Won’t this further hurt our kind? Knowing it was one of us who did this?” The hero gently placed a hand on the villain’s shoulder, who placed their hand on top of the hero’s.
“I wasn’t caught. I never get caught outside of the west. Besides, they were starting too think too much like the Westlands.” Their grip on the hero’s hand tightened. “How many years was it? No word from you. Knowing I couldn’t do this to the Westlands without all the blame being pinned on us.”
“Did you-” the hero thought over their words. “Did you do this for me?”
“I did it because I was angry, my dear. But I was angry for you.” The villain removed their hand, and cleared their throat. “How many did you save?”
The hero’s eyes lost just a bit of shine. “I waited, for so long. There were hardly any with actual callings. Just the accused. It’s like it’s just us.”
Not such a bad thing. The villain thought.
They didn’t stop their crimes, especially the ones that caught the hero’s attention.
“When I heard of a new lordship, I didn’t think that meant-”
“That it was me and my power grab?”
“I knew you were somewhere near the north.”
The villain tsked. “They’ve given it a name since the commoners revolted, with my support, naturally.”
“Commoners?” The hero repeated, stepping back.
“That’s what they are.” It was pushed aside, quickly, quietly, like all the things the villain did. “Come along, we have plenty to do now that you’re here.”
“I’m not staying.” They stepped back again. “I came to petition the new lordship for our people’s protection.”
“Already done. Outlawed on my land. It’s become a safe haven to whoever’s left.”
“Why was the Westlander Militia symbol on your guard’s post?”
The villain’s eyes snapped up. “Deals were made. You can help now that you’re here.”
“I’m not staying. There’s more work to be done.”
“It can be done here.” The villain snarled. “I’ve waited for you for years to come to your senses.”
“Wait a few years more.”
“If you leave now,” the villain interrupted the hero’s angry walkout. “You’ll never have my power in your hands again.”
The hero never even hesitated.
It kept on, decades at a time. One chased after the other, to persuade, to stop, to comfort.
“You can’t make-” the villain sighed, and placed their arms around the sobbing hero. “You can’t make attachments, please, love, say this will be the last one.”
“It can’t only be us.” The hero hissed through their tears. “How is it only us?”
The villain had seen this before, the eventual break of the mind, wanting for a release, for companions as eternal as you, waiting for the moment death would allow you to see them again. The villain had been in the same break before meeting the hero.
For the first time in their long history, the villain gave them space.
But it took too long.
Their world melted into modernization, the age of callings over, the age of superpowers beginning.
There still weren’t enough of them, and the public opposed the young new heroes too much.
So, the villain did what they did best. They grabbed for power, and fought back in the most immoral ways they knew how. Against the government they had their hands in, and against the perception of the public they couldn’t seem to touch.
But it took too long. The villain was lonely. And the villain began searching.
They liked the modern age for that reason - it made finding people so much easier. Maybe not the people who hadn’t been born in this era, but everyone had something to follow, even if it was just one second of their face in a traffic camera.
The villain would know them anywhere.
And the villain followed. When they reached the end of the trail, they did not approve of the hero’s current living situation.
Nothing dire, but all too meek for the villain’s taste.
Miles and miles outside city limits was the hero, in some field in some farmhouse with no farm. The hero could grow one if they wanted to, meaning the lack of flora was a choice.
When the villain knocked on the door, they expected the hero to answer with a sigh of disapproval, a click of the tongue.
They didn’t expect it to slam right back in their face.
The villain had hardly glanced at the hero’s face, and that was the most infuriating part. Their counterpart should have known how lonely it was, how delightful it was to see some familiarity in a constantly evolving world.
Breaking the door down wasn’t the smartest move, maybe, but it got the job down.
“Hero!” The villain shouted, trying to sense them among the kitschy decor.
Naturally, the hero was halfway out the spare room’s window, and the villain picked up on it. They knew the hero, more than the hero would like to admit.
They covered the spare room in darkness the second they crossed the door frame. Immediately, something inched up and around the villain’s legs.
Of course the hero kept plants in their home. It didn’t matter, the villain could see through their own cloak, and the hero couldn’t, still blindly reaching for the edges of the window.
“Talk to me, damnit!” The villain shouted, pulling the crook of the hero’s arm back, pinning their back against the villain’s chest.
“Let go of me!” The hero shrieked. “I want nothing to do with you.”
The darkness dissipated.
“Since when?” The villain shot back, trying to ignore the greenery growing higher on their body. “What’s happened, my dear?”
The hero tried to push off of them, but the villain was the one doing large acts of terror with nearly no one to stop them, the hero, it seemed, hadn’t been doing much to keep up with the villain’s physique.
“You happened!” The hero shouted. “You and your damned fighting with the public.”
“You could have come and stopped me at any time.” The villain hissed into the hero’s ear.
“And you could let me go.”
The villain froze. They didn’t want to, and they especially didn’t want to admit it.
“Give-” they cleared their throat. “Give me a few minutes more, please.”
At that, the hero went silent, and obliged the villain’s request.
“Thank you.” The villain planted a light kiss to the top of the hero’s head. “Don’t run away.”
For what seemed like the millionth time in their lives, the villain let go of the hero.
For the first time in a while, the hero stayed.
With a wave of the hero’s hand, the plants creeping up the villain fell to the ground.
“What do you want?” The hero demanded, finally turning to face the villain.
The villain had to suck in a breath. It had been so long since they had been able to fully see them in all their glory.
“You’re taking too long. I was giving you time and space, but it’s been-”
“I know how long it’s been.” The hero cut off the villain. “It was intentional.”
That hurt. But they would especially never admit it out loud.
“I need more time.” The hero added as an afterthought.
“Really, my dear.” The villain scoffed. “It’s been plenty of-”
“You don’t get to decide how I grieve. I loved her.”
Oh. This was the route the hero was going.
Fine then, the villain could play this cruel game.
“Love?” They repeated, shoving their hands in their pockets. “Love is something people like us can’t afford. Love isn’t some game we get to play.”
“It’s not a game!” The hero protested. “You’re saying you’ve never been in love?”
Never with the wrong person.
“I fancy myself a patient person, my dear, but I draw the line at love.”
“You don’t draw lines at anything! You don’t get to decide anything about me!”
“I’m far too perfectly aware. If I had my way, you’d never leave my side, you wouldn’t insist on doing things the kind way.” The villain’s lip curled. “You wouldn’t fall in love with the wrong people.”
Oh. So this was about jealousy.
It was not a shocking realization to the hero. They wondered, in fact, how they didn’t see it before.
“Spare me your melodramatics.” The hero mumbled. “You’ve had just as long as me to find someone new.”
“How did that work out for you?”
The hero took a visible step away that time.
“Falling in love,” the villain stepped forward. “Is foolish. Having room for anyone but the people like you is selfish.”
“Selfish?” The hero repeated in disbelief. “You’re calling me selfish? You’ve done more to harm our image than protect it! All for the sake of some petty vengeance story.” They steadied themselves in a protective stance.
“We’re really going to do this?” The villain smiled. “We’ve had our squabbles, but this one could level the city, even with the distance.”
“I won’t let that happen.”
In the end, there wasn’t much to be said about the fight to end all fights. Everything succumbed to darkness, even the creation of life itself.
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nuttynutcycle · 5 months ago
“So, this is the bird who’s been fluttering in our vents,” the antagonists’ eyes were dark, entirely too focused on the protagonist. “You’ve made some poor choices.”
The protagonist swallowed, subtly flexing against the ropes binding them to the chair. They smiled weakly. “I’m surprised you noticed me.”
“It’s been a while since anyone was able to infiltrate my home successfully. I’m almost disappointed you got caught.”
“You could always let me go.”
“Tempting, I do enjoy a good chase,” the antagonist wet their lips, making the protagonist shudder. “Cutting off escape routes, driving the prey into corners-”
“I’m not your prey.”
“No?” they moved closer, gliding with a deadly elegance. “Yet you ran so prettily.”
The protagonist glared, anger at odds with their rapidly growing fear. “And I’ll escape the same way.”
“That’s a lot of confidence for someone tied to a chair.” The antagonist dropped a hand to stroke along their exposed limbs, covering a grin at the resulting flinch.
“Your security system is down with the gate wide open.” The protagonist said. They tried not to stammer when the fingers crawled upwards. “If my team isn’t here yet, they’re on their way.”
“Yes,” they mused. “I have been thinking about that little problem. It’ll be so rude if they interrupt our alone time.”
Never thought I’d prefer prison. “M-More the merrier, right?” The hand danced upon their neck.
The antagonist’s grin was chilling. “Bird, if you knew the things I have planned for you… you’d be begging me to leave your teammates out of it.”
They meant to respond with something brave, something fiery. A strangled whimper escaped their throat instead. The antagonist tilted their chin, forcing eye contact. The protagonist shivered at what they saw there. “Or maybe you’ll beg for something else.”
They tugged futilely at the ropes, dread pooling in their stomach and breath coming a tad quicker. “I’ll fight.”
“You’re assuming that’s even an option.” The antagonist chuckled, looking thoroughly bemused at the thought. “Hard to take someone seriously when there’s fear in their eyes.”
“It’s not my base that’s about to be destroyed.” The words were quiet, barely a whisper of a phrase.
“I’ll admit, the plan was good. Did you come up with it yourself?” Their hand reached up to weave its way through the protagonist’s hair.
“Impressive. Sneak in, disarm my defenses, let the heavy hitters in with no fuss. Brilliantly executed as well.” The antagonist nodded appreciatively, and the protagonist felt a slight flare of pride. Haven’t failed yet, just hold on until the team gets here-
“Although I have to say, only shutting down the external system was an interesting choice.”
Only the external…their eyes flashed up.
“Didn’t you realize? Two systems?” The antagonist raised a brow. “Oh bird, and here I thought you meant to leave my inner rooms protected as part of a devious plan.” They tsk-tsked, shaking their head pityingly. “Was ignoring the central weapons a mistake too?”
Their team was coming, and they were expecting an unguarded base with open doors and deactivated cameras and no chance of a trap. Oh gosh, the protagonist had even sent off the safe signal… the team was going to be torn to shreds.
The captor laughed at the growing horror on their face.
The last pieces of their façade broke. “Damn you!” the protagonist finally howled, floundering in their bonds and biting at any part of the antagonist in reach. “Call them off you complete-”
“Hush,” the antagonist murmured, gripping the flailing head in a firmly gentle grasp. “It’s nothing personal.” their strokes did nothing to calm the protagonist’s panicked flails. “It’s just justice.”
It’s my fault. Desperation crept into their voice. “This is cold-blooded murder. You can’t-”
“An example must be made, bird. You know that.” The antagonist pursed their lips. “If the hunt hadn’t been so riveting, you’d be in there with them. You’re lucky I find you interesting enough to keep alive and out of the law’s hands. For now.”
I can’t save them. “Protect my team. Ignore them, or turn them in to the police or just do something to let them survive and I’ll…” The protagonist faltered. “I’ll do anything you want.”
“Anything?” The antagonist asked, eyes narrowing. “No deal.”
My fault. “But-“
“You really think I won’t strip anything I want from you? You think you can give yourself up freely and I’ll accept it as a gift?” They shook their head slowly, eyes intoxicatingly dangerous. “I’m a hunter. I earn the thrill of the chase. You think I’ll stop, get bored the moment you become uninteresting? I'll stop when you understand you never had anything to give. So when I call you my prey,” they smiled, teeth sharp and voice dark. “I’m not messing around, bird.”
The protagonist’s mouth went dry.
A sharp bang came from above. The antagonist leaned back, putting their hands in their pockets. “The public will be pleased to know a group of dangerous criminals are off the streets,” they said, tone suddenly casual. “The mayor might even give me a raise.”
Another bang echoed from above, followed by the sounds of a scuffle. "Please-"
"There it is. See?" The antagonist headed for the door, cracking their knuckles as they prepared to meet the protagonist's team. "I knew you would beg.”
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avvail · 3 months ago
writing snippet #6
tw: mention of death/rape threats
“Officer,” the villain purred, handcuffs jangling against the jail cell. “Can’t you uncuff me? We all know I’ll break out of here anyway. You might as well make it quicker for the both of us.”
Officer’s eyeline lifted a fraction, before they continued with their work without a second glance, pen scribbling furiously against the notebook. Their brow seemed to twitch in annoyance, despite having dealt with Villain’s constant shenanigans more times than they would care to admit.
Villain watched with a smug smile, fingers tapping against the metal.
Tap, tap, tap, tap.
“Are you just going to ignore me?”
Tap, tap, tap, tap.
“It’s no fun when all I’m doing is talking to my—”
Officer slammed their pen against the table, wood scraping against the tiles as their chair dragged backwards.
“Can’t you keep your mouth shut, for just one minute?” They barked, expression tight with fury. Villain’s giggles did nothing to calm them down, only knowing that they had succumbed to their little games.
“My, no need to get so riled up, strawberry. You seem more pent up than usual today.”
Officer drew in a sharp breath, tearing their eyes away and seating themselves back down, drawing their chair in. They carefully picked up their pen once more. “That’s none of your business.”
Villain grinned, flashing their teeth. “Ah, so there is something going on, isn’t there? Tell me. A new villain? Hero’s gone corrupt? You got sick of all the public hate?”
Officer shot them a dark glare. Villain seemed to notice the way their nostrils flared at the last suggestion, that dark shadow in their eye enlightening with each word. They rested their forearms on the cell, hands sticking out of the bars.
“That it? Man, and I thought you were the type of person who couldn’t give two shits about what people thought of them.”
“Not just of me,” Officer replied bitterly. They had continued with their scribbling, seemingly more furious than before. “It’s my duty to be concerned about the facility as a whole. This could put hundreds of people out of a job.”
Villain snorted loudly, and Officer’s face twisted in disgust. “Really? We’ve got million pound heists, right-wing terrorists threatening to take over the city, and what? You’re crying over some minuscule unemployment rates? Don’t make me laugh.”
“I don’t think countless police officers receiving death and rape threats for not protecting the city as well as the heroes do counts as minuscule unemployment rates,” Officer spat, fury dripping with each word. “If you’re going to be so god damn ignorant, I suggest you shut your fucking mouth.”
A tense silence filled the room, and even Villain was momentarily stunned into silence, a little taken back by how protective their officer had gotten over their jokes. Their handcuffs jangled against the metal bars as they shifted, exhaling an annoyed breath of air. “No need to get so defensive.”
Officer shot them a glare. “Any more snide comments from you, and you’ll regret it.”
Villain’s hands retracted, and they lifted them up in surrender, before disappearing into the shadows of the cell, consumed by the thick darkness. Officer stared, before returning to their work with a bitter shake of their head. Villain’s antics were nothing they hadn’t dealt with before.
“You know, Officer,” the voice from the shadows called out, a strange edge to their tone. It sent Officer’s hairs on edge as their pen retracted suddenly. “You must really hate those heroes for putting you out of a job, huh?”
Officer didn’t dare glance up into the darkness, feeling a little uneasy upon the fact that Villain could see them, but they couldn’t see Villain. The cell’s damp and cold air lapped at their skin, trying to suppress the visible shiver that hurdled down their spine.
Officer replied through gritted teeth, shifting uncomfortably in their seat. “The people feel better with them around.”
Villain’s smirk was evident. “Don’t you find that unfair?”
Officer’s lips pressed into a thin line.
“For all that you've done for the city, all that you've sacrificed,” they cooed, their voice intoxicatingly powerful. “Don't you think you should make those heroes pay?”
Officer closed the notebook abruptly, and tucked their pen into their breast pocket. A slight panic snuck into their tone. “That’s enough. I’m locking up for the night.”
“I’m afraid,” the cold press of a knife dug into Officer’s neck, freezing them in place. Villain wrapped an arm around their waist, pulling them back against their chest,” you and I aren’t quite done yet, sir.”
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esperosisdoeswriting · 6 days ago
Competition (But not the kind they thought) Part #4
Tumblr media
I hope you and @real-name-taken enjoy! Also I hope you too have a lovely day!
Original  Previous
"[Other Hero] what is going on?! What is this thing your talking about?!" [Hero] asked as [Other Hero] continued to lead them quickly through the halls, away from the rest of the party.
"Do you know who that was?" [Other Hero] glanced over their shoulder as they kept walking, dragging [Hero] along with them.
"[Super Villain]."
[Other Hero] stopped in their tracks, turning to face [Hero], "You did?"
[Hero] nodded. 
"Then why did you let them isolate you!" [Other Hero] demanded, "They could have kidnapped you or hurt you or worse! Why would you be so careless?!" their voice rose as [Hero] felt the same toxic mixture of emotions from earlier rise in their stomach again.
"Why do you even care? I'm fine, aren't I? I'm not some child that needs to be looked after constantly! I can handle myself!" [Hero] snarled at [Other Hero], causing them to flinch back.
"Of course, I know you can handle yourself! You're one of the most capable people I know; I was just worried!"
"Why were you worried then? You say you think I'm capable, so what's the problem!?"
"I was worried because..." [Other Hero] trailed off, their face flushing.
"Because..?" [Hero] insisted.
"Because I-"
"Absolutely not!" [Super Villain] yelled as skidded around the corner, "You do not get to ruin my moment with [Hero] just to have your own! I don't care if it's your party! I got to [Hero] first!"
"Piss off!" [Other Hero] yelled as they got between [Hero] and [Super Villain] again. "You're just some villain anyway! You could never treat [Hero] right!"
"What the hell is going on?" [Hero] looked bewildered between the two.
"I will not be lectured by some snot-nosed, goodie-two-shoes brat! I can provide so much more for [Hero] than you!" [Super Villain] screamed in [Other Hero]'s face.
"The hell you could!" [Other Hero] screamed right back.
"I'm just gonna leave you two to it. You've obviously got something going on..." [Hero] slowly backed away, but by this point, neither were listening.
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sunflower1000 · a month ago
Oh I did not know you took writing requests.
May i request a very lonely male villain with a civilian or heroine caretaker please?
Thank you so much for the ask! I'm so so sorry this took me so long to write! It felt like every time I sat down to write this something would get in the way. Anyway, hope you enjoy it!
Villain was clutching the cheap plastic bag as if his life depended on it, the only thought looping through his head was get home, get home, get home.
He wrapped an arm protectively around his midsection, trying to relieve the throbbing pain from his encounter last week with Supervillain.
Villain had come home from the fight, barely conscious, only to find out that he had run out of painkillers. At the time he had been in too much pain to go out and get some and thus had not moved from his spot on the floor until much later the next day.
It was only because his pain had worn down marginally, and the bruises and cuts on his face had mostly healed, that he was able to endure this trip out to the corner store to refill his painkillers, as well as a few medical odds and ends.
Villain was two blocks away from his house and the pain was rushing over him like a storm at sea. White fog threatened to block his vision and his ears were ringing, making it nearly impossible to see or hear anything around him.
Which would explain why Villain didn’t see Hero till she had reached out and touched his arm.
Villain jumped up in shock. Pain shot up his ankle, but adrenaline quickly numbed it as it rushed through him, causing him to drop the bag and contents to go flying in every direction.
“Oh my god, Villain are you alright? I thought you saw me!” Hero gathered all of Villain's things, pausing when she saw the bottles of Tylenol. She glanced back up at the villain before placing everything back into the bag and handed it to a flustered Villain.
“Yeah, yeah sorry. I guess I just didn’t see you there.” Villain fiddled with the bag, tying and untying knots into its handles. “Thanks for grabbing my stuff. I guess I’ll see you around.” Villain moved to leave but hissed in pain when he put weight onto his ankle. His legs buckled underneath him and he collapsed to the ground.
Hero rushed forward, caught the villain before he hit the ground, and guided him to sit on the ground.
Villain shivered involuntarily at Heros' soft touch. He tried to hide it as he shifted in an attempt to get into a more comfortable position.
“Are you okay? Where are you hurt?” Hero hurriedly scanned the villain's whole body, trying to find where he was hurt.
Villain contemplated telling Hero about his ribs but decided against it as Hero would only become more worried.
“Yeah, just my ankle. I must have landed on it funny when I jumped.” Villain winced as he tried to flex his foot.
Hero glanced over to Villain and squinted her eyes slightly at him.
“Just your foot?” Doubt threaded itself into Heros' question and Villain meekly lowered his eyes as he nodded.
Hero sighed. If he didn’t want to trust her enough to share, she wouldn’t force him; but the lack of trust still stung slightly.
“Well, I guess it's a good thing we have all these handy dandy painkillers with us.” Hero grabbed a bottle and looked at Villain pointedly. She handed Villain a few of the small blue capsules. “Where are you headed? If you want, I could help you so that you aren’t putting weight on your ankle.” Hero offered.
Villain’s knee-jerk reaction was to refuse the offer of help, but then he realized that he still had two blocks to walk down before he even got near his house. There was no way he could do this without her.
“I was on my way home, it's two blocks from here.” Villain looked up at the hero and could feel an embarrassed blush rushing to their face. “I think I can make it by myself, I wouldn’t want to impose on you. Thank you though.”
Internally, Villain was pleading for the hero to offer to help him home. He felt a twinge of guilt at the thought, Hero was obviously very busy and Villain was sure the last thing she would want to do was help him. But this was the first pleasant interaction he had had with someone in… a very long time. It felt so enjoyable to talk with someone that wasn’t trying to use them for their own benefit.
“Are you sure? I really wouldn’t mind! In fact, my shift should be done at about....” Hero glanced down at her watch. “3 minutes! Would you look at that!” Hero smirked down at the villain as she helped him stand up and balance on one foot. She looped his arm over her shoulders, using her as a crutch.
Villain winced at the flashing pain that radiated from his ribs as they made their protests known at the straining movement.
Hero’s eyes snapped up to Villains’ face. It looks like she's searching his eyes for an answer.
“Well, seeing as how your foot is off the ground, I'm gonna assume that that groan wasn’t because of your ankle.”
Villain said nothing and looked down at the pavement.
Hero held back a sigh and lowered her head so she could look villain in his eyes.
“Why won’t you let me help you?” Hero asked softly.
A hollow feeling grew in his chest and Villain bit his lower lip in an attempt to fight off the sudden wetness threatening his vision.
Hero took a deep breath and scooped the villain up into a bridal carry. Villain wound his arms around Hero's neck and nuzzled his face into her shoulder with a pitiful sniffle.
In no time at all, the pair of them were standing outside Villain’s house. Hero gently guided Villain down from her arms and steadied him when he wobbled slightly.
Villain fumbled to grab his key from his pocket and unlocked the door to reveal a dimly lit, but very tidy interior. Villain's house was much nicer than Hero had been expecting, and it reminded her of the displays set up inside an Ikea.
Hero picked Villain up once more and moved into the living room. She sat him down on the couch and propped his foot up under a pillow.
“I’ll be right back, I’m just going to grab some ice to help keep the swelling down.” Hero told Villain as she hurried over to the kitchen.
Hero quickly went over to the freezer and grabbed the first thing she saw that would work as an icepack.
Making sure that her back was towards Villain, Hero pulled her phone out and sent a message to Other Hero.
Hey, something came up while I was on patrol. I’m okay but can you cover the rest of my shift?
Hero shoved her phone back in her pocket and went back to Villain.
Meanwhile, Villain took the brief time alone to try to wrap his mind around everything going on.
Hero was here! And she was helping him. Why was she helping him? Would she want something in return?
Villain was brought out of his thoughts when Hero walked back into the room, a bag of frozen fruit and a towel in each hand. Hero wrapped the fruit in the cloth, and then placed the makeshift ice pack around the side of Villain's ankle that was sprained.
Hero sat back and looked at her handiwork for a moment. Seemingly content with what she had, she looked back up at Villain with a soft smile.
“Is there anything else I can get you? Would you want something to drink? Or maybe you want to watch a movie?” Hero asked, eager to do more to help put the injured villain at ease.
Little did Hero know that her words caused that dull ache to come back in Villain's chest. Of course, it was only natural that she would want to leave now that she had helped him get home. Villain was upset at himself for even allowing that spark of hope to enter his mind.
Villain tried his best to give a genuine smile at Hero, but it felt slightly off, even to him.
“No no, I’m okay now. Thank you for helping me get back here, and for the ice. I owe you one.” He said with a strained chuckle.
Villain tried to shift himself into a more upright position on the couch but hissed out in pain when his ribs lit up in agony like a roaring fire, causing his vision to black out momentarily. He put an arm around his ribs in a feeble attempt to block the injury from the invisible attacker, when he realized that Hero was still in the room.
“Villain? What's going on?” Hero’s brow was furrowed and Villain could see the frustration of not knowing what was going on by the tension in her stance.
"I'm fine! It's nothing, I promise." Villain gasped out in a strained voice.
Was Villain hallucinating, or was there genuine worry and hurt in her eyes? Why would she be worried about him?
“Villain, please. I want to help you but I can’t do that if you don’t let me in.” Hero’s soft voice broke slightly at the end.
Villain took a shallow breath, contemplating whether or not he should tell Hero everything. Ultimately Villain realized it could go two ways.
1 . Hero laughs at him and leaves him.
2 . Hero actually means what she says and wants to help him, and he won't be alone anymore.
What's left for him to lose?
"It… It was Supervillain. For months now I've been working and trying to find out how to take him down. Last week I saw an opportunity and I took it. I had a time and a location, all I had to do was take a few photos and that was it- he'd be finished. But I was discovered. And instead of running, I tried to fight him. Only he had his entire staff of henchmen and they were all fully armed, and I only had two knives... Let's just say that he got a few good hits in." Villain finished with a bitter chuckle as he rubbed his tender ribs.
Hero's eyes were wide in disbelief as she listened to Villain.
"Wait, so you're telling me that you found and went up against Supervillain- the same Supervillain who has slipped through the agency's fingers time and time again- and you did all this alone?? Why didn't you have some of your henchmen, or even some of the other villains help you out?" Hero asked, genuinely curious.
Villain shifted slightly on the couch, embarrassed at the thought of having to explain his situation to Hero.
"Well, I don't actually have any henchmen, and I'm pretty sure none of the other villains like me. In the past few years at the Annual Villains Convention, everyone else has gotten awards, and mine always ended up lost or they forgot to order it. I've stopped going to save everyone else the trouble of having to come up with excuses." Villain explained with a sad smile.
He could feel Hero staring at him in shock. Not wanting to meet her eyes, Villain started tracing patterns on the couch.
After a few moments Hero seemed to regain her composure. She cleared her throat and reached out to grab Villain’s hand.
"Villain, what they did was wrong. If they can't see what an amazing villain you are, then they don't deserve you." Hero could see that Villain wasn't quite convinced by the slight shaking of his head.
"I mean it! Ask any hero who they think is the best villain, and I can guarantee that they will pick you, every single time."
Villain looked Hero in the eyes. Hero could see a look of seriousness override the teasing that was there moments ago.
"You really think so?" Villain whispered.
Hero's heart broke for probably the third time that night at the vulnerability Villain was showing.
~~~~~a few days later ~~~~
There was a knock at Villain's door which was strange because he wasn't expecting anyone.
Villain slowly opened the door, and sitting on his porch was a small box wrapped in decorative paper.
Bringing the box inside, he tears the wrapping off and pushes the tissue paper aside.
Once Villain sees what's inside, he immediately starts crying.
laying inside the box is an award that has "World's Best Villain" engraved on it.
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watercolorfreckles · 3 months ago
Writing Snippet - (Not) Defenseless
The hero swung at the villain, but he caught her wrist, squeezing as he leaned in close. 
"Not like that. You'll break your fingers." His breath ghosted over the shell of her ear as he spoke.
The hero's breath stuttered and she blinked, looking up to meet his piercing gaze. "...What?"
The villain's smile was sharp as a blade, but not cruel. He shifted her delicate fingers to the correct placement, heat creeping over her cheeks at his touch. 
Amusement leaked into his tone. "There. Try again, love."
Did the hero hear him correctly?
She swallowed, staring at him a moment longer before shifting her stance. Her knuckles clenched white and she swung at him again, but the villain dodged her easily.
His hand lashed out, snatching her upper arm and dragging her to stumble a few steps closer to him. 
His grip was the only thing keeping her upright, holding her off balance. Hero frowned and wrenched her arm away, only able to because he allowed it, and staggered a step back. 
"Spread your legs apart."
"Excuse me?" the hero spluttered and raised her fists again.
The Villain's amusement seemed to grow as he stepped close again, causing the hero's breath to catch.
"Your stance, love." He used his boot to kick her feet wider apart. "Plant your feet. Bend your knees just slightly."
Wide-eyed, the hero obeyed.
"Beautiful," the villain purred, sending a shiver prickling down Hero's spine.
The hero cleared her throat, then repeated the action when it didn't help. "You're...helping me fight you?"
He smiled again, tracing his thumb down the curve of her jaw. 
"I don't make a habit of putting pretty girls on their backs unless they ask." His voice was low and velvet. "Especially when they're defenseless."
Indignation stung at her. "I am not defenseless, you--"
His ankle hooked under the hinge of her knee, buckling it so that she toppled backward. Firm hands caught her waist, keeping her from hitting the pavement.
They locked gazes. His eyes shone with mischief, shadows and moonlight contouring the hollows of his handsome face.
Hero clutched at the villain's shirt for some semblance of stability as he held her in a dip. 
"Put...put me down," she said, breathless. 
Villain leaned in. "What are you trying to fight me for anyway? Feeling heroic today, are we? You might at least take a few self defense classes before going after someone who could snap your neck before your pretty mouth could even beg."
The hero's stomach twisted and bottomed out. She was in way over her head. "I…. I shouldn't have. It-It was stupid."
"So do it."
The villain flashed a winning smile, dazzling and pointed. "Beg."
General Taglist: @writing-on-the-wahl , @valiantlytransparentwhispers , @distance-does-not-matter , @redbircl , @lilaccatholic , @crazytwentythrees , @thelazywitchphotographer , @deadlygemuwu, @chibicelloking , @lolafaiy , @thinkwrite5 , @putridghost , @tobeornottobeateacher , @sunflower1000-blog , @bouncyartist , @thanatoastie , @vlerlove, yet-another-heathen
Let me know if you want to be added or removed.
It's short and vague and I wrote it at 2 am, but I just wanted to get the concept out there! I fought with whether or not to flesh it out more and add more of a story, but I think it's okay if not everything is a perfect, complete story. Writing something is always better than writing nothing, and that's important to remember in my case where I went 2 years writing nothing! 😅 Hope you enjoy. And ps thank you to everyone who's been super kind since my return. I'm very grateful and I appreciate you 💗
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writtentodeath · 5 months ago
“I… do not have the time or the energy for this kind of negativity,” Hero said, slumped over the table in front of them. 
“I just said that maybe you should consider getting more than an hour of sleep!” 
“I did not come out here to be attacked! I did not.” Hero lifted their head long enough to shake their head at their classmate. “I feel like I’m being attacked.”
Villain’s eyebrows shot up. “Oh, really. I hardly think this counts as attacking you, I’m just looking after your well-being.”
“Hmph.” Hero buried their head in their arms again. Being dramatic in the morning was the only thing that made school bearable.
The chair scooted out from next to them, and Villain sat down. 
“Bold of you to be telling me to get more sleep,” Hero muttered, just loud enough that Villain could hear. It was their fault that Hero had been out all night. “Freaking hypocrite.”
“And yet somehow, I don’t look like death,” Villain replied. 
“Again with the attacks!” Hero sat up, turning all the way toward Villain. “It is way too early for this.”
“Eight in the morning?”
“Exactly. No one should be up this early.”
Villain leaned close, reaching up very slowly until their hand was above Hero’s head. 
“What… are you doing?”  Hero eyed the hand suspiciously. “I will commit acts of violence. I’ll do it. Don’t tempt me.” They showed their teeth, just to make sure that Villain got the point.
Villain withdrew their hand, smiling very softly. “I just think your hair looks nice today.”
What the hell? Hero thought. “What the heck?” 
“Today. Not usually. It was so strange, I thought I’d point it out, it nearly gave me a heart attack.”
“Well good, I guess,” Hero said, “but I wish the shock made you pass out. Now I want to pass out, so shut up and let me try to get some sleep.”
Hero would have slept right through class, if it weren’t for a suspiciously well-timed “accidental” kick from Villain. Oh, well. At least they got the notes they needed. 
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Snippet #1
part 2 here.
part 3 here.
"What are you doing?" Villain asked, as the room swum. He tried to make sense of what had happened, but his head felt heavy, and everything seemed too bright.
With a jolt, he remembered. Superhero, marching into his lair, when most of his people had been killed by the explosion of their secret base. Handcuffs and a syringe with blood colored liquid. The vague sense of being put into this bare room, and then darkness.
Villain shook his head, as if to clear all the thoughts. Only then he realized someone had freed his hands. He got up, and make a weak attempt at a threat "I will kill you-" yes I know, you will kill everybody in the most excruciating way possible and hang them in front of the city, but for now, lets focus on preventing you from dying first, okay? a voice said.
"hero? why are you freeing me? Looks like you finally been beguiled by my seductive charms" Villain smirked, momentarily forgetting his threats.
Hero rolled her eyes. "Don't flatter yourself. Let's just say I have had a change of heart."
"I wonder what would cause such a sudden change of heart that forces you to align with your arch nemesis" Villain said, his curiosity piqued by hero's statement.
"Shut up." hero said, and held out a hand to help villain. He ignored it and got up himself.
"Well, that was an exceedingly bad choice." Villain said, with a devilish smile and thrust his hands at hero.
A second passed. two. three.
Villain, shocked, looked at his hands. "My powers! what have you done?"
Hero laughed "No need to freak out, drama queen. Its just a little drug momentarily blocking your powers. But, if you try that again," Hero spun and as quick as lightning, held a knife to villain's throat.
" you better be ready to say goodbye to both your hands."
Villain grimaced "wait till I get my powers back, you little b-"
"bitch?" Hero asked. "well right now, I'm the bitch saving your life."
(comment if you'd like a part 2)
(message me if you have an idea for the continuation of this)
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the-modern-typewriter · 2 months ago
hello! Could i request a villain with lie-detector powers who is fighting a hero and can tell that hero likes them (and they like hero back?)
"I know you like me," the villain said. "I don't know why you insist on lying to yourself, so."
"I'm not lying."
"So tell me." The villain appeared in front of the hero once more, a smile curling one of their corner of their lips. "Tell me that you don't like me. Tell me, in those exact words, that I don't make your heart pound? That you don't look forward to every time you see me?"
The hero glared at them, face-flushed. "I'd rather take you in."
The hero came to a reluctant stop at the sing-song voice. Their teeth gritted.
"I reveal the rotten truth in this golden beacon of a city," the villain said, more seriously, and the hero's insides jolted. They'd expected the usual teasing, not...
The villain was continuing, eyes hard. "I expose the lies told by the politicians, and the police, and your handlers."
"You cause mass panic and undermine-" the hero didn't finish, because the villain would hear the lie, the creeping doubt that maybe the hero no longer believed the good side to be as good as they had once thought.
It was true that the villain did have a habit of causing mass panic, but that wasn't truly the villain's fault. Sure, the villain could be ruthless in their timing for revealing certain truths, but they were only exposing the actions that other people had already taken and tried to hide.
"You know why they're so desperate to get you to knock me out and take me in," the villain said. "Why they're so desperate to never let me talk."
It was true that the prime directive of any hero despatched to take on 'The Lie Detector', as dumb as their name was, was to go for the mouth. Silence words. The head of the Super League said it was the only way to protect oneself from the villain's manipulations, from the poison they would spew like toxic radiation.
The hero had listened one too many times already, they knew that.
"I know you like me," the villain said, and the smile was entirely gone from their face now. "And I know you wouldn't like me if you honestly thought I was as bad as they told you I am. So, stop. Please. Stop. We both know I'm not going to win a physical fight with you. Do you know what they'll do with me when they take me in?"
The hero stared at them, heart pounding.
"It doesn't matter," the hero said, finally. There was a reason that they didn't want to say the truth aloud. "It can't matter."
"One of those was a lie." The villain studied them with equal intensity, scouring their face.
Of course it mattered and, of course, it couldn't.
"Do you know what will happen when you tear this city down?" the hero asked, because they had no doubt the villain would and could succeed in that. "Do you think the new people the league put in charge will be any better? That you'll keep them honest?"
"I can try," the villain said. "The people will rise, once they truly know-"
"You tell the people the truth, to the point that they snap, and the League will slaughter them."
The villain did not accuse them of lying, that time. The villain swallowed, fingers flexing at their sides, tracking the hero's moves in anticipation for a continued attack.
The hero couldn't bring themselves to move, not yet.
"I want to help them," the hero said. "You know that's true."
"I know you're scared."
"I'd be an idiot if I wasn't," the hero snapped. "Aren't you?"
The villain looked down, but the hero still caught the flicker of fear flashing across their face.
"I want to help them," the hero said, again. "And that means I need to be where I am, on the inside. Where I can do some good."
"Good like shutting me up?"
"That," the hero said, gentler, more broken. "Is why I insist on lying to myself. Because what's the alternative?" They took a step closer, looming over the villain, who suddenly seemed so small for a thing that caused such cataclysmic panic in the hero's employers. "Love you and lose you? We both know you've always been the strong one out of the two of us, my super-strength be damned."
"You could fight with me."
"To what end?"
"To take down the League."
"And then the other villains will have nothing stopping them, once the League is gone. The ones that aren't like you. I know you think - I know you think we're all corrupt," the hero said, "and maybe you're right. Some of us are. A lot of us are. But we're still not them."
"You just said the League would slaughter the masses!"
"Only if they felt sufficiently pushed. The villains would do it for fun. For profit."
The League maintained, at least, a shiny surface. Everything could seem fine, coasting along the skin of life. There wasn't blood on the streets. People, for the most part, were happy, right? They were safe. So long as they stayed out of the way, they were safe. The hero knew that system. They could work it. Offer what protection they could. In a world ruled by the villains...well, there would be nothing hold back the people already willing to lie and cheat. The truth wouldn't stop them, it would only set them free of the frail shackles of social acceptability, and the hero couldn't take that risk. They couldn't.
The villain looked at them for a moment, with such abject disappointment that it made the hero's insides shrivel.
The hero took the final step closer, cradling the villain's jaw in their hand. "I'm sorry." They felt ready to cry. "I can't risk everything for the truth. For you. I have too many other people to..." they stopped, again. This time simply because their throat felt too tight to talk.
"I love you," the villain said, and reached up to press a palm to the back of the hero's neck. "But that's the stupidest thing I've ever heard. And I can't let you lie to yourself anymore."
The hero felt the device click, and whir, and they slumped to the ground, gasping. Their strength refused to come. Their body didn't want to move.
The villain crouched down, brushing the hair from the hero's eyes. Their face swum in and out of the hero's hazy vision.
"You cling to a system that will bleed you dry," the villain said. "At least the monsters will be honest about it."
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Could you write one where the hero is completely broken by their abusive mentor who believes "cant break what's already broken" so trains him to be broken and all they are good for is hero stuff and the villain finds out...and hero wakes up in the villain's base, no clue how they got there and they notice the villain caring for them gently and lovingly and the hero dosnt understand why because, thanks to the mentor, pure fear and pain and being heroic is all they know/felt/endured...
The hero stumbled back to the base, almost collapsing as they passed through the entrance. They were exhausted, sore, aching, but they had made it home.
But the hero couldn't rest, not yet, despite how they longed to curl up right there on the floor and sleep off the ache in their limbs. The hero had braced theirself to return here and face their mentor empty-handed, yet still they winced at the sight of the mentor waiting for them, waiting for answers—feet planted firmly apart, shoulders back, arms crossed.
"I let them get away," the hero whispered, leaning against the wall to keep from toppling right over. They hung their head, unable to face the disappointment in that cold, unforgiving stare. "I was hurt, and cornered, and... I ran. The villain... I wasn't ready. They were going to kill me."
"You failed."
The hero whimpered—a small, choked sound—and bit their lip to hold back tears as their mentor approached, each footstep heavy and deliberate. The hero kept their gaze pinned on the floor, wishing they could hide, disappear.
"You were weak."
The hero couldn't bring theirself to speak, couldn't think of what to say. Their mentor was right—the hero was weak. They had one job, one purpose in this life, and they had failed. Again.
"Look at me." The mentor gripped the hero's chin, fingers pressing hard enough to bruise, and tilted it up until their eyes locked. Held it there long enough for the hero to read the emotions in those dark eyes—anger, disgust, disappointment—and then, faster than the hero could anticipate, the mentor's fist slammed straight into the hero's face.
The hero screamed, crumpling to the floor.
"Can't even take a punch. Pathetic," the mentor snarled. "Get up."
The hero struggled, arms shaking, to push theirself off the floor, whimpering at the pain that had the corners of their vision going black. Despite it, they obeyed as the mentor instructed them to take off their shirt, to face the wall, to brace their arms above their head.
"Please," the hero whispered. They had already been dealt so much pain today—
But their mind went blank as the first lash broke through their skin, warm blood leaking down their back. They bit their lip to keep from screaming—the mentor liked it when they kept quiet, took the punishment without a sign of weakness. They pushed the pain to the back of their mind, burying it like the mentor had taught them.
Another lash.
"Good," the mentor said, and the hero smiled, and replaced the pain with thoughts of happy things.
Your body is an object. A weapon. Weapons do not feel pain. Weapons cannot be broken.
Another lash. Again, again, again.
By the time the hero passed out from the pain, their palms were bleeding from how hard their nails had dug into the skin, their lip bleeding from how hard they had bitten down to keep from screaming.
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
When the hero woke, the pain had faded to a dull throbbing from their head to their toes. They kept their eyes shut, wanting to stay in bed for just a moment longer, not quite ready to face the day that awaited them—but the bed they lay in was not their own. The blankets beneath them were soft and fluffy, the mattress thick—a far cry from the scratchy sheets and cardboard-thin mattress on their small cot at home. They opened their eyes to see walls that were blue, not gray, and a large window open to let in a fresh, cool breeze. They didn't have a window at home.
The hero scanned the room and stiffened when they saw the villain, reaching immediately for a weapon that wasn't there. They had been stripped bare, their torso wrapped in bandages, wearing nothing but a clean cotton shirt and pants. Completely and utterly defenseless—and alone with the enemy.
The hero pushed theirself out of bed, ignoring the agony as wounds in their back split open, blood soaking through the bandages.
Bury the pain.
The villain was on their feet in the instant, reaching for the hero. "Stop, you're hurt. You need to rest-"
The hero flinched at the movement, backing away with their teeth gritted.
'Why are you hurting me?' the hero had sobbed when they first started training with the mentor.
'This is for your own good,' their mentor said. 'I will break you so thoroughly that you can never be broken again. You will learn to bury your pain, to not feel it, to let nobody use that weakness against you. They cannot break what is already broken.'
"Where am I?"
"My home," the villain said, gently, carefully.
"How? Why?"
"Your mentor," the villain snarled, nearly spitting out the word before regaining their calm composure, "left you sprawled on the floor like a bloody slab of meat. Unconscious, defenseless, free for the taking."
The hero swallowed down their questions, a nauseating mix of emotions swirling around inside their gut.
"I assume this was supposed to be another test," the villain sighed, after a long moment of silence. "Send you straight into the enemy's hands, already injured and hurting, see if all that training did any good. But I assume you're tired of all the training and tests. You look like you could use a vacation."
The hero stiffened. That's what this was. Another test. Another chance to prove theirself.
"Don't pretend to know anything about me or my training," the hero growled. They squared their shoulders, forcing theirself to meet the villain's eyes with determination instead of fear. "What I'm really tired of is games, so stop playing them. You can trick me and torture me all you want, but I will never tell you what you want to know and I will never surrender to you."
No pain. No fear. No weakness.
They repeated the words silently as the villain drew closer.
No pain. No fear. No weakness.
The hero flinched as the villain's arms wrapped around their body, the villain's hand reaching up to hold the hero's head against their shoulder. This wasn't like any kind of punishment the mentor had given them—it didn't even hurt.
"What are you doing?" the hero hissed, arms hanging limp at their sides.
"It's a hug, dumbass," the villain sighed. "You look like you need one."
"I—wh—I don’t—”
"I'm not playing games, and I'm not going to hurt you. I know you're in a lot of pain, and you've been forced to be strong, all alone," the villain whispered, pulling back to meet the hero's eyes.
"But I'm here for you now, and it doesn’t have to be like that anymore.”
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villain-enthusiast · 3 months ago
1k+ follower special: possessive villain and defiant hero
thank you so much for this milestone! it couldnt have been done without each and every one of you guys! <3 enjoy the snippet :)
“Oh, the things I could do to you now,” Villain murmured, eyes roaming hungrily over the Hero they just caught.
Hero snarled at them as they struggled, trapped between the alleyway wall and the hard planes of Villain’s body. Their hands had been pinned above their head. “You have no boundaries.”
Villain only grinned and pressed harder against Hero, watching as their face flushed bright pink.
“Look at you,” Villain tutted. They grabbed Hero’s chin with their free hand and forced them to look up. “You’re so vulnerable and exposed like this. I can see every little emotion that crosses your features, the ways your eyes are darting around for an escape—which I can assure you, there’s none.”
Hero bared their teeth, arms twitching under Villain’s harsh grip.
Villain released their chin to lean down and brush their lips against Hero’s ear. They felt them shiver under them.
“It’s just you and me, darling,” Villain murmured.
Hero took a sharp breath, muscles straining against Villain. “What do you even want from me?”
Villain pulled back to study their expression. “Well, to be fair, I didn’t chase you all the way out here to take back the document you stole from my house.”
“Yes, I know you have it. Perhaps you should stick with the knives and stay out of the snooping job.”
Hero’s answering glare was so roguish it made Villain smile.
“Take the fucking paper and let me go, then,” Hero choked out, hands clenching as they attempted to free themselves for the umpteenth time.
Villain sighed. “This is getting awfully repetitive.” They grabbed a fistful of Hero’s hair and slammed them back against the wall.
The groan it evoked was wonderfully satisfying.
“Stop trying to escape.” Villain bear down close enough to feel Hero’s rapid, frightened breathing against their cheek. “It won’t get you anywhere except exhaustion, and who knows just what I’ll do when you’re too tired to fight back.”
“You would love that, wouldn’t you.”
“Oh, I don’t doubt it.” Villain smirked, eyes flicking down to Hero’s lips.
The column of Hero’s throat bobbed up and down as they swallowed. “You…you never answered my question.”
Villain hummed, dragging their touch down the side of Hero’s face and along their jawline, relishing in their shudder. “And what was that?”
“Why won’t you let me go?”
Villain chuckled lowly, fingers dancing along Hero’s collarbone now. “My dear Hero, I’m sure you’ve figured it out by now.”
Hero stared at them, and Villain could only imagine the things they could possibly be thinking of.
“I’ll give you the document back,” they blurted.
“There’s the submission I’ve been looking for,” Villain purred, smirking at Hero’s scowl. “It was a long time coming, but y’know, I’ve changed my mind. I don’t want the document.”
“Then what—,”
“I want you.” Villain fished a pair of handcuffs out of their pocket and snapped them around Hero’s wrists in a matter of a few seconds.
Hero’s eyes widened. “No, nonono you can’t take me—,”
“Why not?” Villain tugged them off the wall and held them flush against their chest. “Tell me, little Hero, why can’t I take you when you can barely move, barely fight back against me?”
Hero’s strangled exhale was enough answer for Villain.
“You are mine,” Villain whispered into their ear. “So i’m going to take you, document and all.”
It was more than easy to get them to the car and drive them back to their headquarters after that.
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caker-baker · a month ago
The protagonist spat at the antagonist’s well made shoes, but was still made to kneel by the all too eager guards.
“Don’t be like that, my love. Weren’t you the one who wanted me here?” The antagonist grinned cruelly. “You pleaded so bad for me to take the position after the tragic fall of my parents and siblings.” They shot the guards a look. “Leave.”
The protagonist’s hands shook, weaker than the rest of their body, weak from gripping too tightly to nothing at all. It was only out of instinct could they register the door closing.
“My so called parents.” The antagonist mused, admiring the scepter in their hand. “My so called siblings. I was content as a bastard, truly. You knew that.”
“I know!” The protagonist coughed out in a hoarse voice. “I know.”
A blood stained hand reached for the protagonist’s face, tracing the contours, gently pushing back stray hair.
“And I know you just thought I would be the best option. You were convinced I, ah, what was it? ‘Understood the people.’”
The hand turned under the protagonist’s chin, and gripped, hard.
“Ridiculous notion, my love. Bastard or not, I am more blue blooded than anyone you will ever know.” A half laugh. “Well, anyone you have met before. You won’t be seeing many more to compare noble blood lineage to.”
“So now you kill me?” The protagonist wanted to sneer, but the hand the hand threatened action against the slightest movement. “You kill me for believing in you?”
“No. It would be a lie if I said you meant nothing to me, and your adoration has been such a lovely gift, but your little secession party is…troublesome.” The hand released. “Here’s my bargain.”
The protagonist’s stomach clenched. “Your bargain?”
“Save your voice, my love.” The antagonist commanded, offering the same bloody hand to help the protagonist stand. “As much as I enjoy hearing it exhausted, I need your answer.”
At the protagonist’s cautioned stare, the antagonist continued.
“Stay with me. Be my strategist, not your pathetic rebel party’s. What can they offer, hm?”
Once again, the antagonist stroked the protagonist’s face.
“I’m the monarch now. I can do so much more than what you get working endlessly for the secessionists.”
“I am-” the protagonist managed to pry away from the antagonist. “Not betraying them. You’ll be no better than your parents.”
“They weren’t my parents.” The antagonist spat, collapsing into the chair behind them. “And I will be so much better. I won’t run us into ruination for my own greed.”
“To which part, my love?” Even sitting, even looking up at the protagonist, the antagonist managed an air of superiority, especially with the damned scepter. “Choose your words wisely.”
“You betrayed us the moment you could use us.” The protagonist kept their hands wrapped around themselves, trying to hold together the pieces that couldn’t be seen. “You would use my party as a means to consolidate your power.”
“Perhaps. Which brings me to the next part of the bargain - I won’t slaughter them all if you agree to be my strategist.”
“The ones who welcomed you!” The protagonist tried to yell, to scream, to talk in any voice louder than they could. “You would kill the ones who spared you kindness! Who laughed with you, danced with you!”
“The ones who would rival me should they succeed.” The antagonist mused.
“We’re only the starving masses who want to use the production of our labor rather than send it straight to the crown.”
The protagonist watched the antagonist eye them up and down.
“I’m now in a position to fix everything, yet you still treat me like a villain. I’m being very generous. I could have you locked up so you wouldn’t leave. I could kill them anyways. What more do you want from me?”
The protagonist choked back a sob. Normally, they weren’t the sensitive type. It was probably the hunger and the exhaustion and the heartbreak.
“To treat us like people.” They pleaded. “To treat me like a person.”
For a second, the antagonist blinked in surprise, as if the thought never occurred to them.
“Your corruption will be the very same as your family’s, you just know to pretend to care where they didn’t-” the protagonist had to stop there, betrayed by their own vocal chords.
The antagonist stayed silent in thought, briefly pondering of the protagonist’s health.
“I like the quiet on you.” They said finally, switching the scepter between hands. “I’m not inclined to share your pretty thoughts with anyone else. I don’t want to share you. Now, my love-” they grinned. “Would you be swayed to accept my bargain?”
The strategist’s eyes snapped towards the moving scepter, and held up a shaking finger, silently asking for a moment of thought.
“Hm.” The antagonist hummed in disapproval, standing, their scepter in hand. “I don’t like the corner you have me backed into, my love.” They placed a delicate hand behind the protagonist’s neck. “I much prefer the other corners we found ourselves in.”
Without wasting a second, the protagonist pulled the antagonist forward, and kissed them.
The antagonist made a pleased sound, but mistook the protagonist’s wandering hands as affection, not a ploy to grab the scepter.
When the antagonist fell to the ground, their scepter, the source of their power now in a significantly stronger protagonist’s grip, glowed just slightly.
“That-” their voice, returned but weak, wavered. “Is what I think of your bargain.”
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nuttynutcycle · 16 days ago
Hey nut! I just saw you reblogged Perspective and of course I had to reread it because it was just so dang good!!! Anywho, I was wondering if you might want to continue it?
I kinda wanna see Sidekick try to take on Hero and she’s not doing too good and then Villain shows up out of nowhere to help her again and is like “you idiot, how many times do I have to save you?”
But obviously if you decide you want to do it you should do it however you think. Either way, I hope you have a good day and find ways to have fun in this crazy world!
Perspective Pt 2
Part one here
I kinda went a bit darker with this one cause I felt like writing a jerk. Hope you enjoy!
“That,” Hero snarled, leaning against a wall with a hand clamped tight over his leaking eye, “was a mistake.”
The last of the rain trailed down the building walls. If Sidekick concentrated, she could feel the drops puddling beneath her limp form. She stared at the clouds and tried to ignore the pain streaking through her body. Dying wouldn’t be so bad if she could see the sky.
Hero took a halting step forward, keeping all weight off his injured leg. She faintly remembered being very proud when that attack worked. “I won’t do you the dignity of making this quick.”
Part of the clouds were breaking off. Sidekick could see a bit of blue.
A grunt and crack reached her ears and she flinched. Sidekick glanced over to see Villain drop Hero to the ground. His head hung at a limp angle.
“You’re here.” She said quietly, torn between relief and horror at her two-time saviour.
Villain knelt and began going through Hero’s pockets.
“You saved me again.”
He glanced up, clocking her presence. “I thought you were a corpse.”
Sidekick blinked. What do you even say to that? “...not yet?”
“Huh, you do a good impression of one.” The ruined scene of their fight, the patches of blood and broken limbs seemed to register. The corner of his mouth twitched.
“I’ll bite,” Villain crouched, careful not to let his clothes touch the puddles of blood. “What are two esteemed members of the illustrious academy doing in a dark alley?” He placed a hand on her head as he had on Hero’s a minute ago. “Answer before I get bored.”
The illusion of her heroic rescuer continued to crack. Sidekick tried to swallow the fear rising in her throat. “Protecting you.”
The villain barked a laugh and gave a pointed glance at her injured form. “You don’t seem competent enough for that.”
“I was going to return the favour.” She tried to sit up but faltered at the look in his eyes. The pavement was cold under her fingers. “Like you did for me.”
He squinted, grabbing her face and analyzing it before snapping his fingers. “Oh! You’re Other Hero’s sidekick. From the other night. Wow,” he dropped her head, shaking his own with a sneer. “You get around. For a wannabe hero, you need a lot of saving.”
Her face burned, and she took a half-hazard swipe with an injured arm. A brow raised, Villain swatted it back to the ground. “With attacks like that, no wonder you need me to babysit you.”
Sidekick’s lips tightened and she sat up, biting back a groan. “You’re an asshole.”
“I’m a heroic asshole.”
This was a nightmare. “Get out of here before I arrest you.”
“Nah,” his face shifted from amused to serious. “I want to know why you were fighting. Schism in the ranks?”
“Take a wild guess,” she muttered, mentally analyzing what injuries were the most serious.
For all his faults, Villain was smart enough to read between the lines. “Was he going to blame it on you?”
Her right arm didn’t move right. “And probably torture you.”
“Unpleasant. Screw you,” he added in the direction of Hero’s body.
“I couldn’t let that happen. If the situation had been reversed, you’d be hailed as a hero for what you did.” She repeated the same thing said to Hero.
“Wouldn’t that be fun.” Villain stood up, brushing off his clothes. “I’ll let you go today. But I suggest you get out of this city before they find Hero.”
Later, she wouldn’t know whether the following conversation stemmed from repressed anger or fear of surviving alone. “Need some help?”
“I’m serious.” She crawled over to an alley wall and began the painful process of heaving herself upright. “I like the way you kill people who hurt me.”
Villain looked at the sky, debating something before pursing his lips. “As much fun as it would be to let you think it’s about you, it’s not. I don’t kill to save people. I didn’t do it to protect you.”
She faltered, her grip on the alley sliding. “What?”
“I killed Other Hero because I hate hypocrisy. Bragging about righteousness and freedom while misusing his power?” He kicked a piece of trash to the side. “‘Protecting innocents’ - who even is innocent - while beating up his inferiors? I hate people like that.”
“Oh,” was all she could think to say.
“And Hero? He’s just a prick—a sadistic prick hiding behind a smile and handshake. I didn’t like him. But hey,” he grinned at her, “Good for you that my timing was so good, right? You must be lucky.”
Her arm didn’t agree. “I’m not hearing a no.”
Villain tilted his head slightly.
“I don’t like abusers and you kill hypocrites. Sounds like overlapping categories.” Sidekick narrowed her gaze and thought of the scars Other Hero had given her. Physically they would fade, and she hoped the same was true for the emotional ones. “Two is better than one, right?”
For a moment, the only sound was rain dripping from the rooftops. Then Villain smiled without mirth. “If you betray me,” he warned, eyes darkened, “I’ll sell your parts and kill you. In that order. Got it?”
Sidekick nodded in agreement.
“Meet me in {City to the South} once you’re healed.” He walked towards the exit.
Her brow furrowed. “Where? That’s a huge city.”
“If you’re worth my time,” Villain didn’t turn even as he held up a hand in farewell, “You’ll find me.”
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avvail · 2 months ago
writing snippet #10
Villain’s fingers swept under their chin, palm of their hand pressing firmly against their chest. Hero was momentarily shocked. The power surging through their body stunned them, ripped the breath from their lungs, and left them useless.
And then the cold hit.
Entering Villain’s lair should have been an obvious indication. But Hero, in their cockiness, let it go right over their head — the unusual coldness, the way each breath of theirs would be accompanied by a cloud of mist, the way it had been so easy to get in.
A tidal wave of cold seemed to slam into them, encasing the last scrap of warmth their body had desperately clung onto. All Villain had to do was give a light push, and Hero was on their knees.
“What did you…” Hero squeaked, tightly wrapping their arms around their shuddering figure. They could feel ice cold chills biting against their skin, turning their extremities a harsh looking red colour against the contrast of their slowly paling face.
Villain stared down at them, lips pulled into a fascinated smirk. They didn’t see affected by the sudden burst of agonising cold.
“No need to be frightened,” they purred, head tilting to the side. “I didn’t give you enough to kill you just yet.”
Hero grappled at their chest. Their body sunk into the exterior of the floor, pained groan escaping their now blue lips. Their fingers twitched, frantically trying to grab onto the fabric of their shirt, but each movement was only hindered by the numbing sensation spreading through their body. Hero tried to move. They tried to fight it, imagined pushing through the pain and standing high on their feet to face Villain one on one.
But each movement was sluggish, as if they were wading through icy cold waters.
“Oh, g-god,” their teeth chattered relentlessly as they spoke. “What...did you do to me?”
The chill felt internal, like it was seeping into each of their organs, spreading through the hottest places of their body and dousing them out mercilessly like a fire. Hero shuddered, feeling completely helpless, cowering on the floor as Villain’s cold took advantage of them.
Villain only smiled, and disappeared behind them. If Hero could, they would have turned their head to follow them, but the cold seemed to ravage them with each movement.
“If you can make it to the door,” Villain announced, their voice distant. Hero groaned as another icy chill shot straight through them,” maybe I’ll consider letting you go.”
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esperosisdoeswriting · 23 days ago
Operation: Remarriage  Part #5
Tumblr media
I also really love it! I hope you enjoy @elizabethisnotok​!
Original  Previous
Everything was going fine, great even. Until it wasn't. Their parents were laughing and smiling, having a great time. Even though neither of them looked like themselves thanks to [Teen]'s illusions, their happiness warmed their heart.
[Teen] wasn't sure what caused everything to fall apart, they weren't close enough in the crowded restaurant to hear, but suddenly their faces grew concerned, then sour, then... suspicious.
[Teen] took that as their queue that the jig was up and it was time to abscond, but, well, evading two veteran capes who knew who they were looking for wasn't exactly easy. So here they were, sat uncomfortably on [Hero]'s living room couch as the pair demanded answers.
"What could have possessed you to do such a thing!" [Hero] tried to hide their disappointment, "I tried to teach you better than this."
"I'm also curious as to what you were even trying to achieve." [Villain] frowned, seeming more puzzled than concerned.
[Teen] desperately tried not to look at their parents, but the stares boring into them made it clear they would wait as long as it took to get an answer out of them.
"Look!" [Teen] finally said before quickly continuing with, "I'm not saying I pressured both of you into getting on dating apps so I could catfish both of you and send your messages between each other, so you didn't know you were actually talking to each other. Then when you both wanted to go on a date, I used my illusion powers to make you look like different people in hopes you wouldn't find out. The point of all of this being getting you two back together because you're still obviously in love with each other!"
There was a long pause as [Teen] took a breath.
"...But I'm not saying I didn't do that..."
The parents stared down at their child in shock, both at a loss for words. Then, finally, a large smile cracked across [Villain]'s face.
"[Teen], I am so proud of you."
"DO NOT ENCOURAGE THIS!" [Hero] shouted back at [Villain].
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letthebodyfall · 7 days ago
Devastation surrounded them, heroes and villains alike, as they stared at the broken form of Supervillain. Supervillain, so feared, powerful, met the end of their tyranny as even the villains decided that what they were doing was too much.
The heroes were reluctant at first, because who would trust a villain? More so dozens of the villains in the city.
But the villains made their case, easing the heroes into the idea of a temporary truce in which they begrudgingly agreed to.
Anything to stop Supervillain.
So beat the Super they did, and the aftermath of the battle was all that was left.
Massive chunks of buildings strewn across the cities. Cars upturned, storefronts burning, dozens and dozens of injured and a handful of missing people.
It was a miracle that the number of casualties wasn't higher.
They were left to pick up the pieces alongside the first responders. Heroes and civilians shocked at the fact that the villains willing enough to assist.
Hero was wary.
They were one of the skeptical minority who didn't approve of the joint mission but conceded, not denying that it was a good move in the end.
Still, it didn't change the fact that they utterly despised Villain. Arrogant, annoying, aggravating Villain who never seemed to leave them alone.
They were vile, cocky, and overall a thorn against Hero's side.
So even though said Villain volunteered to be part of the search and rescue crew, Hero was not at all pleased.
It was tedious work. Hours and hours of back breaking labor. The relief of finding survivors kept them going even after the lament of finding the deceased.
Yet Villain's chipper attitude never wavered, which annoyed Hero greatly.
It was at the third hour that they heard the crying.
Shrill, scared screaming that sent a chill down their spines. Heroes darted to the sound, frantically searching through the remaining rubble.
And yet Villain found them first.
A child, no older than four, covered in dirt and ash wailing for their parent that was nowhere to be seen.
Hero wanted to snatch them up and away from the corrupt clutches of their nemesis but they stopped, stared.
As there they were, Villain cradling the sobbing child close to their chest, eyes devoid of its usual arrogance but was now replaced with a warmth that burned in Hero's belly.
"Shh little one," Hero heard them say, voice carrying a soft lilt as they rocked the child back and forth, back and forth, until they were now a sniffling little thing instead of the screaming child just minutes before. "We'll find your mama, yeah? We'll find her."
A flash appeared in Villain's eyes as their gaze fell on Hero, the burning in their gut intensifying, before returning their attention back to the tiny child now asleep in their arms.
In one, two strides Villain stood before Hero, child carefully cradled as they regarded the other. "Find her," they said, steady, eyes unwavering. "And leave the little one to me."
And they did.
Hello! So I've been real busy with work so I haven't had the chance to finish the next chapter for my other series. Hopefully I'll get it published this weekend!
I have a hero x villain oc series here!
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watercolorfreckles · 4 months ago
Thanks for the Ride - Part 2
Part 1 Here
TW: asthma attack, slight angst, mention of blood and sc*rs
((Civilian’s name is now Kaira. Villain doesn’t have one yet.))
Kaira pushed open her apartment door and stepped inside. A flurry of snowflakes gusted in after her, dusting the welcome mat in her entryway as she shoved the door shut. She shivered and slid her boots off, shrugging off her coat next and hanging it up. She leaned heavily against the door to catch her breath, digging her inhaler out of her pocket and taking two puffs.
It had been a month since the incident, and she was left without a vehicle right as the weather turned frigid and biting. Just her luck, as well, that cold air triggers asthma. Kaira coughed and wheezed her way to the kitchen, putting the kettle on to make herself some eucalyptus tea. Her doctor had recently told her that it might help alleviate some of her symptoms. Still struggling to breathe, she dropped herself into a chair at the kitchen table, squeezing her eyes shut. She tucked the inhaler back into her pocket without opening her eyes.
Kaira stayed there until the kettle squealed, forcing her lead-heavy limbs to get up and finish making her tea. She took a few sips though they scalded on the way down, and bent down to scoop some of her cat’s food into her bowl. She coughed and took another sip of tea, shaking the bowl a bit as she ventured further into the apartment. “Missy! Here, kitty.”
No response. That’s odd… Her stomach sank as she realized the tv was on in her bedroom. The muffled chatter and buzz were unmistakable. Had she forgotten to turn it off before going to work? 
She padded across the space, inching closer to the bedroom--though it was barely any use trying to be quiet. The ragged wheezing noises probably gave her away rather unceremoniously. Finally approaching the door and just about to cross the threshold, her cat hopped down in front of her, startling a yelp out of Kaira. The mug and food bowl in her hands crashed to the floor.
Kaira slapped a hand over her face, heart pounding all over again. “Missy. What did I do to deserve that?” she mused between strained breaths. 
She picked the remote up off of the dresser, lifting it to turn the screen off when she noticed what was playing on the news, and listened. More about the villain. The media coverage was constant, barely wavering since the villain’s “death” a month prior. The city clung to the hero’s victory, celebrating with parties and rallies and parades and barbeques. “Superhero finally managed to inject Supervillain with a revolutionary new toxic serum that drained his powers away and rendered him helpless. Superhero triumphed over the monster and fulfilled his duty in keeping our city safe! The crime rate perpetrated by powered individuals has decreased significantly as they all now live in fear of the hero’s new bioweapon. Let’s hope they stay underground where they belong.”
“The thing about Hero’s little serum,” a second voice cut through the silence, making Kaira jump and whirl around, “is that its effects are temporary. Poison a villain, take his powers, incapacitate him, kill him while he’s down. It’s quite the cowardly approach, don’t you agree, Kaira?”
Kaira froze in place like prey, staring at the villain sprawled out casually on her bed. He lifted a hand and lightning crackled over his palm like a second skin. Her mouth had gone unbearably dry and all she could do was stare and try to squash down the harsh rasps of her wheezing.
Villain flashed a smile, looking thoroughly pleased with himself as he sat up, leisurely. “Your firstborn and I have gotten acquainted.” He wiggled his fingers and made kissy sounds, drawing the orange tabby closer to him.
Kaira inhaled sharply and took a step closer, freezing again at the look Villain cut her as he scooped Missy into his lap. “Do you truly think I would harm your cat?” He tsked. “You must truly think me a monster.”
She swallowed again but it did nothing to aid the dryness scratching her throat. “How-How do you know where I live?” she whispered.
Villain stroked Missy’s back, who purred and curled up on his lap. “You had some bills in your glove compartment--your insurance is overdue, by the way. You might want to pay that.” His lip curled in a teasing smile though his gaze rested intent and unwavering upon her.
Panicked, she fished her inhaler out of her pocket without taking her eyes off of him, inhaling a third puff. “I...I haven’t told anyone about you. I swear I haven’t. I-I didn’t even want to raise questions about where you left me, so...I didn’t call a cab until I, um, walked back to the main road. No-Nobody knows what happened, or that you’re alive, I promise.”
The villain hummed, straightening all the way. 
Kaira’s gaze flicked down to his torso where she could see a deep red seeping through his shirt. “You’re...bleeding.”
“And you’re the only one who knows I’m alive, so. Do be a dear and bring me a first aid kit?” His smile widened, all amusement for now.
Kaira blanched and stepped toward the door when Villain lifted a finger to halt her. “Ah-ah, better have you toss your phone over to me first. The best relationships are built on trust, you know?” he purred, blatantly relishing in the glow of pink that spread over Kaira’s freckled cheeks.
She pulled her cellphone out of her other pocket and tossed it onto the bed, waiting for his nod of approval before staggering wide-eyed into the kitchen to fetch her first aid kit.
Oh my gods, oh my gods, the villain is in my house, oh my gods…
Kaira’s hands shook as she returned, easing herself lightly onto the edge of the bed beside him. She gingerly lifted her cat off of him and set her back onto the floor. “You’re bleeding on my bed,” she murmured. She carefully reached for his shirt and flushed red. “Um...can I?”
The villain grinned, wolfish. “Wishing to undress me so soon? By all means.”
Kaira spluttered, floundering briefly before reaching forward again, unbuttoning the bottom half of his shirt. No need to expose more of his chest than necessary, especially after that comment. Wow, he has a lot of scars…
She traced a finger featherlight over one of the pale slices of skin. When she realized what she was doing, her gaze snapped up to meet his. His laser focus made her feel like a bug splayed on a corkboard. “S-Sorry....” She looked away and opened up the first aid kit and gently examined his bloody wounds. “It...looks like you need that okay?”
“Ah, what’s a couple more scars. Just clean them and bandage me up.” Kaira could feel the sudden electricity sparking the air as the hair on her neck stood on end. He smiled prettily, though his eyes were sharper, edging on dangerous. “Please.”
Kaira nodded quickly. “O-Okay, yes. Sure. No need to get, um...zappy.” She smoothed down a few pieces of hair that had been suspended by the static thick in the air like smoke. The energy released suddenly once she agreed, expelling like a popped balloon.
She released a breath through her teeth and got to work with trembling hands. “If nobody knows you’re alive, then who hurt you?”
Kaira jumped as the villain brushed a stray lock of hair out of her face. “Sorry, dear, I don’t kiss and tell.”
Her face burned all over again and she avoided his gaze, focusing on the task at hand. When she was done, the villain abruptly stood and crowded close, stealing the breath from her lungs.
Villain bracketed her in place with an arm against the bed on each side of her. “Thanks for the patch job.” He flashed another predatory smile, eyes twinkling, and dangled her car keys in front of her face. “Care to give me another ride, dear?”
Part 3
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