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the-writing-fandom · 2 days ago
Okay, imagine modern magic used in art though
Dancers using elemental magic to add effects to their routine
Enchanting instruments to do really cool things when each note is played
Artists using magic to make their painting look even more realistic
Artists enchanting paintings to ACTUALLY COME TO LIFE
Photographers using light magic to get just the right lighting for a shot
Singers enchanting instruments to play the instrumental for their songs
Singers using magic to amplify their voice during a performance
Theater actors using magic to amplify their voices so they don’t have to worry about mics
Using elemental-type magic to make cool effects on stage during performances
Magic at concerts. Enough said
Ice skaters who can use their magic to do whatever they want during their numbers without fear of injury (and looking SPECTACULAR)
Actors getting stage fright, so they enchant the room so from the stage it looks like there’s no one in the room whenever actors get too nervous
Just imagine
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jerzwriter · a day ago
Y'all don't know pain until you have written an amazing scene, then realize it really can't fit, so you must scrap it. And weep. Well, not weep, but close.
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frownyalfred · 7 months ago
me: god if this author doesn’t update I’m going to DIE
also me, an author with several WIPs:
Tumblr media
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homesteadchronicles · 3 months ago
One of the best feelings is when something finally clicks with a character you’ve struggled to write and you’re just like “oh, so THAT’S who you are!”
It’s like recognizing that - surprise! - the alleged stranger in front of you is actually an old friend you’ve known your whole life. Now you know how to tell the world all about them.
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homeworkforpigeons · a year ago
someone, reading my writing: wow great story!
me, sticking my hands in the plotholes: thanks it has pockets :)
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bluebxlle-writer · 4 days ago
Writing characters with jealousy
@bluebxlle_writer on instagram
In fiction, a stereotype that I often see is that “jealous characters” are always antagonized. They appear to be characters who has no other goal in life but to be toxic and steal what others have. Growing up, I've gotten jealous pretty often, which lead me into believing that I'm a “bad person" and I don't deserve to be friends with those who I'm jealous of. Anyway, here are tips on how to write characters with jealousy who aren't antagonized!
1. Why they're jealous
"Oh that's such an easy question! Either because they love someone who loves someone else, or they're jealous because they're greedy and they want everything that they don't have."
Wrong. Yes, greed and love are very common factor of jealousy, but there are lots of other specific factors that can make your character jealous. Some of the other factors are :
• Insecurity. They feel like everyone is better than them, thus getting jealous.
• The desire to impress someone. Seeing someone dear to them admiring something that they don't have, will make them jealous of anyone who does.
• External factors. Someone important to them might have mentioned how they don't have something, driving them to get jealous of those who do.
These factors are important, because it will say a lot about your character's nature and make them well- rounded!
2. What they’re jealous of
Think about what and who your character is jealous of. Yes, there’s more things to be jealous of instead of your someone’s boyfriend. Fame, appearance, rank, charisma, achievements, friends, family, there are lots of things to be jealous of.
3. Why they can’t get it
The next important thing is to establish why they can’t get that thing that they’re jealous of. Is it because they don’t have enough talents to do so? Or is it a financial problem? If they work hard enough, would they be able to get it? Have they ben trying to get it, with no avail?  
4. It's not always toxic
Unless you let it go unchecked and consuming, which can destroy yourself and your relationships, jealousy isn't always toxic. People get jealous often, and there are numerous ways to cope with jealousy, besides the classic “toxic and lashing out” trait that people seem to love writing about so much. You can be jealous and still be a kind person. You can be jealous of someone and still be their best friend, not once manipulating them, shooting them scornful glances, or trying to steal what they have.
5. Emotions
Jealousy comes with a wide range of emotions. Depending on your characters, it will vary. Some will feel resentful that they can’t get the object of their desire even though others can without even trying. Some will feel sorrowful and cry because they feel like they’re pathetic. Some will feel unbridled rage to the person who has the object of their desire, while others will get angry at themselves for not being able to get what they want. 
These emotions may be both internal and external. While a portion of people would outwardly display their negative emotions to get it out of their head, others will keep it all bottled inside - an innocent and happy facade masking their negative emotions. And again, this entirely depends on your character’s personality. 
6. Personality 
Speaking of personality. Please, please give your characters other personality traits besides jealousy, even if it’s main theme that defines your character. Because they’re humans - they’ll have other flaws and strengths as well. Jealousy, according to google, is one of the most common personality traits among humans. It’s not a unique thing. People get jealous. So, don’t make it the only trait that your character has. 
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writer-candy · 9 months ago
Writers! Make a ‘deleted scenes’ folder for all those lovely, dear scenes you had to remove from your wip because they weren’t relevant anymore. Just think of it as in a movie :
You can save the ideas for a new wip
And you can always share these ‘deleted scenes’ with your fans who’ll be more than delighted to see them. 😄
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highsviolets · 3 months ago
a note on fic writing
I’m not entirely sure how to preface what I need to say, so I’m just going to jump into the heat of things.
Lately I’ve noticed an increase in fics that sound awfully similar to one another. A certain amount of this is to be expected: working with a finite number of characters and the same source material is bound to ignite similar ideas in lots of different people across the fandom. 
So, too, individual bloggers cannot lay claim to tropes (there was only one bed!), genres (Western AU!), or k*nks (bondage!). 
However, individual authors do own their ideas, their characterizations, and their plot points; in essence, they own the things that make their fics unique. 
The sort of similarities that myself and other authors been witnessing lately unfortunately fall into the second category, where other creators on this site are using ideas in fics posted by others and claiming them as their own without a) permission from the original author and/or b) crediting the original author and citing them as an inspiration. 
I cannot find the words to say how devastating it is to encounter your work featured as someone else’s. Authors work incredibly hard to cultivate original, inspiring ideas to share and then spend countless hours bringing them to fruition. Seeing someone else base a fic off of your own work without credit is disheartening, disappointing, and discouraging -- not to mention rude. 
One of the glories of Tumblr is that it allows creative people a space to interact with other creative people. It puts you in contact with writers and other creators that you not would know otherwise, and provides you with exposure to hundreds of new ideas each day. 
All of that being said, if you are inspired to write a fic based off of someone else’s fic or an original post on their blog, please credit them. 
I also encourage you to do one better and DM the author to make sure you’re not plagiarizing. The line between plagiarization and inspiration is a fine one and talking to the author can help you determine on which side of that line your fic would fall. 
This post isn’t a call-out, and it’s not intended as gatekeeping or telling people what they can and can’t write. It’s simply pointing out some upsetting trends that myself and other authors have been affected by and offering a solution. 
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layniapetrovnaaa · a month ago
Is it just me or is it when the insomnia kicks in that you can write the most excruciatingly beautiful things in your head, but your laptop or phone is all the way across the room so even if you wanted to write down all the passion filled words you are thinking of, you can’t because they are flying by so quickly in your mind but you heart is so filled with warmth and passion for human existence and expression and genuinity that if you don’t tell someone you feel you just might burst? Just me? Ok.
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tea-for-one-please · a month ago
me: *doesn't post any fic*
me: why is no one commenting :/
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uglypastels · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
When adding a short scene into the wip escalates
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carpisuns · 9 months ago
me writing fic
Tumblr media
(Original comic by yellowcomics here!)
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alrightginger · 9 months ago
Morning After
There’s a boy in bed next to him.
A boy he absolutely does not recognize, but desperately wants to. Remus would think, considering the sheer amount of tattoos covering the stranger’s body, that they would jog some sort of memory. 
That, considering also their state of equal undress, the tattoos would have further triggered something in him. A name, a memory of taking the sleeping stranger’s shirt off, how they even got to...wherever the fuck they are. 
Remus blinks around the room, not recognizing anything. It’s a mess, so it’s definitely not his own bedroom. There are things scattered everywhere and his fingers are twitching to tidy things up. 
No, he scolds himself. You will not start tidying up the room of some boy you don’t even remember the name of. That will not be his first real impression of you.
He shakes his head, shifting slightly and finding that he’s a bit sore. Pleasantly so. 
Fuck him, he slept with the guy. 
He slept with him, and can’t even remember it. 
Remus groans, leaning back into the pillow with the palms of his hands digging into his eyes. 
What is the last thing he can remember? There was a party. Yes, that’s it, a party! For James. A house warming party for him and Lily, and James had shoved a drink in his hands. And then another. And then another. And then — what is this James? It tastes like piss. Pour me another round. 
And then it’s all blurry after that. 
Which is a shame, Remus thinks, lifting one hand slightly from his right eye to peer at the stranger. 
He’s gorgeous.
Nowhere near in Remus’ very narrow league. Perhaps he had been too drunk as well to see the scrawny thing he was fooling around with. It’s the only explanation Remus can think of. 
Terror shoots up his spine like lightning. What if he doesn’t remember anything? What if he wakes up and he’s horrified to find a stranger in his bed. 
Remus has got to get out of here. He’s got to leave before he becomes someone’s biggest regret. 
He’s nearly got the covers kicked off — they’re so nice, why are they so nice? It’s like he’s struggling against satin quicksand — when an arm goes around his waist, pulling him back down and against the stranger’s chest. 
“Don’t go,” he mutters into Remus’ hair. His voice sends shivers across Remus’ skin but does nothing to trigger his memory. “Mmph. Please don’t go. I’m not ready yet.”
“Um,” Remus says, patting the stranger’s chest. It’s extremely firm. He has to stop the urge to snuggle into it. Fuck him. “Sorry, but could you — can you let me go? For just a moment?” 
The person seems to startle at Remus’ words, releasing him quickly and sitting up with such force that he takes half the covers with him. 
How embarrassing, Remus thinks, trying his best to cover up to at least appear decent.
“Holy shit,” he curses. “You’re — you’re actually in my bed. I thought I was dreaming.” 
Remus raises an eyebrow at the other boy, an effective trick he has picked up over the years to intimidate people. It does nothing of the sort to the stranger. 
He looks more bewildered than anything.
“You thought you were dreaming?” 
“A cute boy was in my bed!” the stranger cries, gesturing at Remus wildly. “I don’t remember going to bed with a cute boy! What else was I supposed to think?”
“You don’t remember anything either?” 
Remus isn’t sure if this is a good or bad thing. On the one hand, at least they had been equally drunk. On the other, his… performance must not have been good enough to remember. 
“I remember James’ party. I remember drinking. I guess I drank a bit too much, because I’m certain I would remember someone like you otherwise.”
The boy gives Remus such a dirty look that his cheeks burn red.
“Are you hitting on me? The morning after we clearly slept together?” 
“Is it working?”
Remus laughs, unable to do anything else. 
“I don’t even know your name,” he points out, running a hand through his hair. “Or where we are. Nor how we got here. This is a fine mess we’ve found ourselves in.” 
The boy smiles. It’s heartbreakingly handsome. 
Remus blinks. “What?”
“My name is Sirius,” the stranger — Sirius — tells him. “And you’re in my room back at my flat. Though I’m not certain how either of us got here, as drunk as we were apparently.”
“Oh.” Remus flounders for a bit under Sirius’ charm before remembering his manners. “I’m Remus, by the way.” 
“Remus,” Sirius repeats. He lights up as he says it. “Excellent. We both know who we slept with now.”
“And we both have odd names,” Remus adds, leaning into both the moment and the headboard. 
Sirius laughs and it’s bark like. It’s lovely. It could charm everyone within hearing distance. Is he certain Remus is his type?
He can’t imagine him liking tall, scrawny boys who own a cardigan for every day of the week.
“That we do,” Sirius agrees. 
Remus slides back down until his head is resting against the pillow. A second later, Sirius follows behind him, propping himself up on his elbow to look at Remus. 
He wonders what Sirius sees. For him, Sirius is completely his type, though it’s nearly a shock. He’s handsome, outspoken, gorgeous. 
He’s the oddest combination of hard and soft edges, and smells something like pine. 
He’s completely unexpected.
He probably owns a motorbike. He looks like he owns a motorbike. Christ, he’s likely just gotten himself involved with a thousand panic attacks.
“So…” Remus starts, needing to know. “What do we do now?”
“Dunno,” Sirius admits. It doesn’t sound like it pains him to do so. Remus cannot stand not knowing what to do next. Sirius says it like he goes through life this way. “What would you like to do, Remus?”
“I think… I’d like to stay here a little longer. In this bed. With you. If that’s alright.”
Sirius’ lips quirk. Remus wonders if he kissed them last night. He’d like to do it sober enough to remember this time. 
“That’s perfectly alright. More than alright.” 
“Then maybe afterwards we could get something to eat?” Sirius asks, smiling softly. 
“Hmm,” Remus hums. “Are you asking me out on a date?”
“Well we did just sleep together —“
“Though neither of us can remember it.” 
“Shame, that,” Sirius says, sighing dramatically. “We ought to fix it. Don’t you think?” 
Remus scrunches his nose, feigning thought. 
“Maybe. After breakfast though. So we don’t appear too eager.”
“Brill,” Sirius says. “You’ll need your strength anyway.” 
Sirius leans down to kiss him, and, oh, that’s nice. It’s more than nice, he tells himself as his heart starts to patter. It’s familiar in a way that he can’t recall, and yet somehow different from how anyone has ever kissed him before. 
He likes it so much, they don’t make it to breakfast. 
They don’t manage to get out of bed until well after lunch, and Remus is very thankful to know Sirius’ name now. 
It seems to be the only thing he can manage to say.
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homesteadchronicles · 3 months ago
If you are a creative of any means - a writer, a painter, a content creator, whatever - please do not overlook the need to consume what we love as much as we create what we love.
It’s so easy to feel as though writing a story or filling your portfolio or streaming a game is your form of refreshment. Why? Because it is borne from our passions. But loving something does not keep it from depleting you. Find a means to refuel in your field without simultaneously pouring out.
If you’re a writer? Put down the pen and pick up a book. If you’re an artist? Put down the brush and pick up a movie. If you’re a streamer? Put down the camera and pick up a controller.
We are not infinite. Respect your own limitations. Replenish yourself.
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bluebxlle-writer · a month ago
Types of Villains
@bluebxlle_writer on Instagram
Not only your protagonists need to be appealing enough to keep your readers attached to them - villains will also make our break your story. There are lots of different types of villains, here are some :
1. The Mastermind 
One of my top favorite villains, periodt. They’re resourceful, cunning, and almost always a step ahead of the hero. They can find ways to defeat their enemies without getting their hands dirty, usually through strategy and manipulation. (Ex. Azula) 
2. The Beast 
Basically the polar opposite of the Mastermind. Unlike them, these types of villains tend to rely on their physical prowess to fight their enemies. Most of the time, they’re ruthless and literal monsters - thus the name. 
3. The Corrupted 
Corrupted villains is probably the most tragic villain type of all, because they used to be good people (bonus points if they used to be a hero in the story), but due to... some torturing from the writers, they undergo a corruption arc and becomes a villain. I think corrupted villains have the most potential for character development, because you can explore in depth their backstory, personality, and morality to show your readers why they became villains. These villains might get redemption arcs since they used to be good people after all, but if they’re too corrupted, they’re screwed. 
4. The Dark Lord 
One of the most overrated tropes in my opinion, and it’s getting boring, but when done right, it can make an amazing villain. The Dark Lord is a villain with evil intentions who has an army of loyal soldiers. They’re usually very experienced (and edgy), like Lord Voldemort from HP. 
5. The Avenger
I made this name up, so don’t go researching it because all you’ll find is Marvel’s Avengers lmao. Anyway, the Avenger is a type of villain whose motive is fueled by the desire for vengeance on the hero. They’re actually the most dangerous type of villain, because their motives are blinded by pure hatred and they’d risk anything to get their revenge. They won’t listen to reasoning, and are often morally gray. 
6. The Mirror
This type of villain is also one of my top favorites. The Mirror are villains who are foils to the hero. Whether it’s in terms of personality, backstory, or motive, it’s up to you - you can be as creative as possible! These villains are really complex, because despite having numerous striking resemblances to the hero, they still ended up on the “evil side”. This can be a handy tool to show your readers how your hero would have turned out if they had chosen another path. 
7. The Greed 
They’re villains who are hungry for money, power, status, or anything in general, really. People tend to hate greedy characters, so this will be a perfect opportunity to create a villain all your reader would hate - or not. Even better, you could make your greedy villain have a good side that your readers will root for - so they'll wonder why on earth they ended up liking this greedy lil sh*t. 
8. The Henchman
A powerful villain who can easily pass as the main antagonist, but is actually only a decoy villain doing dirty work for a bigger antagonist. Henchman villains are a perfect tool for plot twists, since your readers will assume they're the main villain - until their boss is revealed.
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marriedzukka · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
good morning fellow writers how are we feeling today
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littlemissbrightside05 · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
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