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#writing tropes
inkchantress · a year ago
tropes i will never get tired of
fake dating
omniscient narrator who immediately contradicts the characters (“This is fine,” she said. It was, in no way, shape, or form, fine.)
deadpan jokes while swordfighting
oblivious pining that slowly escalates until A is going on page rants about how pretty B’s eyes are but still doesn’t seem to recognize they’re in love
Strong Leader Type having to physically fall down in order for the other characters to see how exhausted they are
funny villains who talk and make jokes with their heroes while they’re fighting them
the villains presented as the protagonists
*increasingly pulls out bigger and bigger weapons from more unlikely places*
“I said all of your weapons” *pulls out more*
“ALL OF THEM” *pulls out one last tiny dagger*
traumatized character using humor to cover up ptsd
characters going out for a break at a restaurant/movie/whatever and something bad happening
using the “*gasp* what’s that over there???” trick to avert the enemy’s attention and it working
a villain’s weakness being something totally random and nonsensical
a hero duo arguing over who’s the sidekick while fighting a villain
“don’t be silly, we don’t need [important thing]”  “you lost it, didn’t you?”  “yeah”
“what’s the one thing I told you not to do tonight?”  “raise the dead”   “and what did you do?”  “raised the dead”
“I think that went pretty well” *explosion in the distance*
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not to be fluff on main, but I’m really weak for when one character isn’t totally cognizant (drunk, sleepy, spellbound, unconscious, ect.) and they act super vulnerable/trusting towards another character who they probably shouldn’t be acting that way towards??? but their natural instincts just decide “nah I trust this person”
and of course the other character has no idea how to react to this because “you absolutely shouldn’t trust me, I could hurt you right now” but also they’re lying to themselves and end up taking care of the dazed character anyway
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rapid-artwork · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
My personal take on @sangled‘s shipping dynamic chart.
I really dig relationships where the characters fall in love ‘despite everything’.
It is always more fun when characters who weren’t planning on falling in love find themselves head over heels for the wrong person.
Leads to a lot of comedy and heartfelt pinning.
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glorious-spoon · 6 months ago
I feel like there’s this whole subgenre of fic that just really, aggravatingly, doesn’t get bickery banter couples, which means that a lot of the content for them just ends up reading like emotional abuse.
Like! The thing about couples that bicker for fun, the thing that makes it romantic, is not ‘I hate this and I’m sad and hurt and uncomfortable, but I’ll put up with it because I love you and at some point you’ll start being nice to me’. That’s not fun bantering! That is, at best, a serious miscommunication!
The thing that makes it fun and (potentially) romantic is ‘We know each other so well that we can be rude and gross and weird together, we can transgress the rules of polite society with each other without actually causing any real hurt, because we know where the real lines are and don’t have to guess at them or use the rules from a game that neither of us wants to play.’
It’s fundamentally about intimacy, not about treating your SO like they don’t have feelings that matter.
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tanoraqui · 6 months ago
A really good tragedy is one in which it simultaneously seems like there are a million and one moments in which a single character could’ve made a different choice and everything could’ve ended up better, and like nothing could ever have averted this terrible end.
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spaceshipkat · a year ago
anyone feel like sharing their favorite first kiss tropes? some of mine are:
distraction kisses, wherein the two characters are trying to hide from pursuers and kiss to hide their faces
kisses where the two characters are sparring or something and both just stop to kiss each other, then pause to wonder wtf just happened, and then drop their swords to keep kissing
when the two characters are in a fake relationship and have to kiss to keep up the charade: if they’re engaged, everyone at the party or dinner or something begins chanting “kiss kiss kiss” until the two characters just peck each other on the lips until the other characters are like “pfft a real one!” so they kiss for Real, pull apart, and kinda just stare at each other bc they both realize they’re totally lost for each other
when Character A knows they like Character B but is too afraid to jeapordize their friendship bc Character B might not like them back...and then Character B surges forward to kiss Character A, abruptly apologizes and pulls away, and then Character A drags them back in
when something big is about to happen so one character just decides to throw caution to the wind and kiss the other character senseless and is majorly shook when they’re kissed back
if they’re cooking dinner together, Character B just very gently kisses Character A out of the blue bc Character A is laughing maniacally while chopping vegetables and Character B is just so totally fond of them they can’t help but kiss them right then and there
maybe it’s strange, but i have a particular love for kisses where Character A is sitting on a counter and Character B slots their hips between Character A’s knees to get close enough to kiss them
there’s definitely more but these are all i can think of off the top of my head. please do add on if you have any favorites!
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prokopetz · 10 months ago
The reason the heroes are always so easily able to infiltrate the bad guy’s secret base isn’t because evil minions are stupid. I mean, they may well be, but that’s not why.
Rather, it’s because effective operational security depends on establishing and enforcing norms. No behaviour is suspicious in the abstract; that judgment can only be made with reference to some accepted code of conduct.
And if you’re a minion? You basically have no point of reference, because working for an evil overlord is, scientifically speaking, weird as hell.
You had to fight a giant squid as part of your orientation. You’re pretty sure Alice over in engineering is a version of you from a parallel universe, but neither of you have ever had the guts to bring it up. Your supervisor wears a horned helmet in the goddamn break room.
So when you’re confronted with that “new hire” who’s really, really obviously three raccoons in a trenchcoat, you’ve gotta ask yourself: is this… normal? Should I be reporting this to someone?
More importantly, do I want to make this my problem?
And for those who make it as minions, the answer very quickly becomes no, no I do not.
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buckysredhenley · 11 months ago
i love fake-dating aus where one of the characters is very oblivious and feels kinda insecure while confessing their feelings in the end and meanwhile the other one is like
Tumblr media
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sebastian-writer · 2 years ago
you know what trope always fucking gets to me?
When a character is about to die, like really die. There’s no hope and they’re this badass character who acts like they don’t need anybody but in those final moments, they’re like, “I want my mom” and it fucking destroys you
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prokopetz · 5 months ago
Not only is having worldbuilding threads that are mentioned once and never picked up again not a flaw in fantasy media, I'd go so far as to say that a lack of such threads is a flaw. If everything ties up in one neat little package, you're missing the point of fantasy worldbuilding. Like, don't do it on every page, or your setting is going to be an overstuffed mess, but every so often you are not only allowed but obligated to casually drop some utterly batshit worldbuilding detail and then just never follow up on it. Maybe some rocks are sentient. You don't owe your reader an explanation. Just fucking go for it.
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Favourite Tropes
A compiled list of tropes and AO3 tags.
Mutual pining (x, x)
Enemies to lovers (x, x)
Enemies to friends to lover
Sharing a bed
Fake dating (x, x, x, x)
Oblivious idiots (x)
Slow burn (x)
Found families (x)
Only one bed
Blind date set up by mutual friends (x)
Fluffiest fluff (x, x, x)
Sick fic aka one being the other's caring nurse
Morally ambiguous character
First time
A+ parenting (and it's not sarcastic) (x)
Getting together (x)
Power of friendship (x, x, x)
Honeymoon (x)
First meeting
PWP (x, x)
Established relationship (x, x, x)
Hurt/Comfort (x)
Enemy to family
Redemption (x)
Platonic love (x)
Angst (x, x, x, x, x, x)
Domestic fluff (x)
Time travel (x)
Sharing body heat
Fix it fic
Everyone is gay
First kiss
Amnesia (x)
Forbidden love (x, x)
Kid fic
5 times this and 1 time that
Smut (x, x)
Matchmaking (x)
Snowed in/trapped (x)
Unresolved Sexual tension
Resolved Sexual tension (x)
Mystery (x, x, x, x)
Love potion or sex pollen aka magic made them do it
Jealousy (x)
Missing moments/scenes
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linkedsoul · 2 years ago
Some fav tropes
Characters who are supposed to be enemies but went “fuck it” at some point and started working together
Very, very stupid weaknesses for heroes and villains
Hero’s power is something they otherwise hate
“I hate spiders!”
When a character’s mom take control of the situation just by being a mom and subduing the villain into respecting the House Rules
“I don’t care if you have the power to destroy this house, you’re taking your shoes off before entering my house!!”
“But m’am--”
“No buts!”
When a character says something very firmly which is immediately contradicted in the next paragraph
“I’ll NEVER talk to her!”
Five minutes later, while talking to her....
The hottie of the group falls for the character which is the most unconventionally beautiful and not only for their personality but really also for their looks
Taking phrasing literally like “Death would come soon. But not now. Now Death was caught in traffic.”
Secondary character turns out to be the most knowledgeable person of the group and it becomes more and more obvious as the story goes until somehow it’s revealed they’re someone highly qualified in whatever field and nobody knew
Non-human characters struggling with human things and understanding human concepts
Character has a huge scar but it has a very trivial or dumb origin
bonus point if it’s like, something the main character is worried about, a fake lead, and towards the end it’s revealed and the main character is just “.... ah.”
Characters pointing out plot holes or that something is “too convenient”
Enemies who temporarily forget they’re enemies because they’ve started chatting about something random and then remember they’re supposed to fight
Very dramatic talk cut short by something incredibly stupid
“And after that, I had to fight my father and-- OH MY GOD A HOODIE WITH CAT EARS”
..... and then back onto the very dramatic talk.
Unexpected and unplanned love declarations that follow a long rant or something dumb
“you what”
“.... shit.”
Private jokes between characters, or based on something we don’t know, or based on events that just happened and it sticks throughout the story
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screnwriter · 6 months ago
things fictional couples do that make me lose my mind + writing prompts
taking each other’s hands during a stressful situation, instantly reliveing the pressure of the situation
smiling in-between kisses
during a hug, one of them pulls the other closer, followed by the other one nudging their head into the crook of their lover’s neck
forehead kisses
they’re in bed, one of them’s like “it’s time to get up” and their lover pulls them back down, wraps their hands around their body, snuggles up close, preventing the other one from getting out of bed
forehead kisses but it’s the male being kissed on the head
dancing together, one of them takes the other’s hand, kisses it
saying “i love you” completely randomly
bantering, judging each other but in a way that’s like, what you’re doing right now, is really stupid, but you’re adorable and i can’t help but love you
when one of them is like… i don’t know… hurt or something… and the other one is just like… tending to their wounds… and then just like… wrap them into their arms… thankful that they’re alive…
when one of them is hurt by the antagonist… and their lover goes… absolutely ballistic and does everything in their power to get to the person they love, to the point in which the antagonist and it’s crew have to physically restrain them… and it still doesn’t stop them… they jsut keep kicking… doesn’t matter what happens to them… doesn’t matter if they get beaten in the process… as long as their lover is safe…
when they haven’t seen each other for a while (bonus point if they’re not sure the other one is alive) and all this time they’ve been trying to stay strong, but when they reunite, they crash into each other’s arms, and completely breakdown…
“i’m not worthy of anybody’s love.” “that’s not true, you’re worthy of mine.” followed by the lover breaking eye-contact… + a love confession
when one of them has never had a proper birthday party for whatever reason, and their lover makes it their mission to give them the best day ever, followed by “you didn’t have to do all this for me. just being with you is enough.” “i know. but i thought you deserved ?’’ and their lover smiles, a kiss is shared
one of them being like… i’m totally getting off track here, but you’re like, really hot so i’m going to pick you up and throw you on the bed, followed by their lover smacking them on their head (gently) because they have important things to do
’‘you shouldn’t be here.” “i had to make sure you were okay.” silence. “can i come in?” more silence. you decide. angst or happy ending?
when they’re forced apart, and they get to say goodbye, and they cry, share a last kiss, holding hands until the very end, until they’re so far apart they have to let go…
any form of physical intimacy ever
one of them resting their head on the other’s lap, falling asleep
wearing their lover’s clothes! (also, “can I get my shirt back? ’'no.”)
being jealous! not to the point of it being unhealthy, just a moderate amount of cute jealously, in which their partner just laughs it off and gives them a kiss
a slow burn being like… i’m not in love with them! cut to scene of the person in question staring dreamingly at the object of their desire
when a character is falling in love, and their love interest is making them smile, and they’re flustered, blushing, in such a happy state of mind that they look to the ground, trying to hide their burning red cheeks
banter in which one of them’s like… “i love you” and the other person’s like “ok” and the first one’s like “say it back” and the other one’s just like “no 😝” and the first one gets frustrated because “why wouldn’t you say it back we always say i love you before we leave”
when they’re doing something outside, it’s dark outside, and one of them views something pretty in the sky, like a shooting star, or just the stars in general, and they pull their lover by the hand, all excited to watch the shooting star, and their lover looks at them in pure admiration
when it’s a slow burn, and the characters just look at each other like “fuck it i’m done with this” and kiss
edit: The character thinking "seriously? I love them?!!’’ because somebody reblogged the post saying that and it did something special to my heart
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prokopetz · 9 months ago
How to go from worldbuilding to an actual plot:
1. Pick a time in place in your fictional world
2. Imagine how current events in that time and place would play out if no outside forces intervene
3. Imagine the sort of person who would most drastically fuck everything up for everyone concerned just by showing up
4. Introduce that person to that time and place and tell the story of he resulting catastrophe
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drink-it-write-it · a year ago
favorite things to see in stories:
seeing a character's face go completely blank after being faced with life-threatening events.
usually composed characters blanching and becoming utterly desperate for someone they care about.
hard-ass characters acting childishly unhinged toward the person they don't want to lose.
cold-hearted characters falling so hard for someone that their walls are completely down for them. this usually ends with them becoming foolhardy and sensitive toward them and only them, meaning they will put their lives on line just to keep that one person safe.
secretive smiles at each other with a room full of people and they're on different sides of the room.
characters seeing their love on the verge of an emotional breakdown and slowly sliding their hand over theirs to quell and/or belay any future traumas.
immediately searching the room for that one person when faced with danger and sighing in relief when they lock eyes.
(please feel free to add more)
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screnwriter · 2 months ago
do you like friends to lovers because it’s a cute trope or because you’re desperate to be loved by someone who knows you inside out and would show up at your door at 2am in the morning to take you on a road trip while also packing your favorite snack and then kiss you good night as you snuggle up in their arms at some dingy motel while watching bad rom-coms which they hate because the characters doesn’t communicate with each other and communication is the most important thing in your relationship and the trope of rom-com women behaving erratically over an easily resolvable misunderstanding needs to die
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jackthebard · 9 months ago
An incomplete list of tropes that make me go absolutely feral
- The fact that some characters, hero or villain, have performed specific actions so often that when someone mentions that action, the character has to say “can you be more specific.”
- Large, boisterous, incredibly friendly Russians
- The dope slap. Just smacking someone upside the head as a way of telling someone that they were being an idiot
- When the morally ambiguous character leaves just before the final throwdown only to painfully admit that yes, they do care about their friends, then turn around and go back to help save the day
- Parents that are so obviously and healthily in love with each other that it has the high potential to embarrass their children
- When the authorities have the various members of the crew in an interrogation room and it cuts between the different interrogations to the crew either giving wildly different accounts of the same story or finishing each other’s sentences/answering each other’s questions
- When a character has every right to be frustrated at something physical and appears to be walking away calmly only to lose their cool a second later and grab a sledgehammer or smth
- Incredibly grandiose/unlikely threats. IE: “I’m going to play hopscotch in your chest cavity” or “I’m going to carve your heart out with a spoon.” Bonus points if the character that makes them follows through or makes a reference to them later on.
- Someone naming their weapon. Bonus points for naming it after a loved one or a lost love.
- The relationship between a pure force of unmitigated chaos and the one person that can (sometimes) keep them under control.
- Brick jokes. Like someone drops a line in Season 2, episode 3, only to have it referenced in Season 7, episode 9. The longer the brick is in the air, the better.
- Weaknesses that are really lame
- When a character has something that happens to them that removes all sense of a filter, and they start saying what’s *really* on their mind.
- Ambiguously worded questions. No matter how you answer, it’s going to lead to more humor.
- Communication errors for the sake of comedy, just like, in general
- Slipping innuendos into kids’ movies or shows
- The whole master/loyal assistant dynamic. Bonus points if there’s mutual pining or a secret relationship going on behind the scenes
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