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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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The best debates are never won with logic but, by raising the gold standard for conversation.

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In art, there is a principle called negative space. It’s the silence between melodies, the emptiness around colors, the stillness before movement. Negative space represents the idea that without nothingness, we can never see the full picture.

As I get older, I grow more appreciative of the negative space in life: the losses, the regrets, the defeats. They are reminders of what is there. Without negative space, the colors would never seem so bright.

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hi ~ 

yes, you can ask two questions or more, ahaha

I have never make a preferences, but I know how to write it 😁 

and if we talk about requested stories, then there are only 2 of them (+ if add 2 headcanons, you get 4). and not requested stories I have 2 too, + 1 imagine and 1 headcanons. 

something like that. thanks for ask!

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I think sometimes people are afraid of the ugly I’m capable of creating, and in truth, I love to create it just as much as I love to create what is beautiful. They’re not so different really, that’s what makes both so captivating for me. Both are uncommon, both demand attention. Both are capable of instilling fear in one’s heart. They can make you afraid to speak clearly, they can make you afraid to breathe, they can make you afraid to look…but you’re compelled to look anyway. They are the world’s great truth-sayers, for they need no introduction, no fanfare, and how we respond to each is a reflection of our own souls. And that’s what is marvellous about the beauty and the beast; they’re two separate sides of the same moon. One bathed in light, the other immersed in shadow. Does not the detectable edge of the moon’s darkness against the night sky ensnare your attention just as much as the side that beams the sun’s glory? Yes, they both demand our attention just the same.


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