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I want to run into the mountains

And leave all my love there

And let my kisses blow away

On the whisp of the thin air

I want to lay beneath the stars

To help expand my chest, 

smile at Sirius and at Mars

- they remind me time’s a test. 

I want to sit before the ocean 

In a storm and when it rains

And pray to God the ruthless water

Will help absorb my pain 

I want to swim inside a cave

And feel the heaviness on my being

And hope the mystery of it all

Will distract from what I’m feeling

I want to go inside myself 

And sit down at my table

And remind myself of all good things

That I forgot I’m able

So I will kneel before my Maker

And tell Him I’m not strong

That without Him there’s no tune

To which my heart can sing along

For when I run into the mountains 

They will whisper back to me - 

“We don’t have what it takes

but you do;

                    so Read.”


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you wrote poems about me, ‘brushed crumbs off her denim skirt’. hasty emails transiting at Las Vegas, ‘25 cents per minute, but who cares.’ you promised a library - bigger than our dreams - in a country home.

“we are full of fish.” your hummingbird pulse. your smile for days. better friends than lovers. you laughed at the way i eat kiwis whole, with the skin. like a video game, where only we existed. we first held hands in a playground, on a rooftop.

your lips, the radio, ‘do you want to go?’

we sat by the road and you showed me how the tides are pulled by the moon. on the grass, your legs tangled with mine, our lungs emptied. lifting off, flying upside down. an octagon with nine sides. printing sheet notes, nocturne with all the wrong notes.

across the room. ‘it feels nice, doesn’t it?’ the demon’s shadow. you, blankly, on the floor. pulling you out of the dark. not again.

nothing, because they are not you.

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“Wow.” you jolt from the fridge, halting your process to search for food. “How could you make me hard just by bending over to find some leftovers in the fridge?”

Jinyoung’s hand cups your ass, fondling it quite not gently.

“Because you’re a horny man?” you reply without looking back, resuming your search. Both of you are hungry and you need to throw something in the pan for dinner.

“Nuh-uh.” he shakes his head in disapproval. 

“Let me answer it for you.” he slaps your asscheeks, stings from his palm runs all over your body. “Because a certain someone is still in her towel.”

Oh damn. You forgot that this man is an animal.

“And she hasn’t even put on any panties.”

“Pussy wide and bare for display.” you feel he runs his finger along the crack of your fold, then you realiseD that he may have been feasting your sex ever since you’re out of the shower.

“Sweet sweet little cunt.” before you know, he has his mouth latches on your pussy, tonguing your clitoris expertly.

Shaky breath and shaky legs, you hold the fridge’s door for support. Trust Jinyoung to be as crude as eating you out in front of a fridge. The whole house is no longer clean, each and every crook of the house has been stained by either his or your cum.

“Let’s feed me with your cum first before dinner, okay?” two fingers and his wet muscle, your towel slips to the floor, giving away the only barrier that hides your bare body. 


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Nonsensical Ramblings

Alternatively, I can’t die so I’m trying to kill my thoughts

I just feel like I’ll overdose

(Janeman, mjhse aur jiya nahi jata)

My bones quiver with the weight I’ve put upon them. The weight equivalent to that of the whole wide universe. My back breaks and bends, my chest seems to concave on itself, my arms are laden and my legs are struggling to hold me upright. But whose fault is that?

You try to explain it, you try to give reasons for it but who really should receive the blame when all this jargon firmly remains in your head.

Bus kr do meri jaan, itni qabliyat na kabhi tumne payi, na kabhi paoge

You’re delusional and you’re sick. Your words nonsense and your actions so disassociated, you often wonder if you’re even you at all. You’re tired and that’s all that seems to stay consistent in your life.

Jo rangatein safaid o Sayah kr din jan e jahan

Un mein dobara rangeenion ki rooh kis trhan lao ge.

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“I….” you lost your words when the owner of the apartment open the door, the spacious view of the said apartment sent you stuttering. “I must have the wrong address.”

He chuckles, shaking his head in advance. “No, you’re right. I’m renting the room.”

“I’m Jaebeom.”

Your jaw drops, torn between bolting down the building or keep surveying the place. However first thing first, you mumble your name loud enough for Jaebeom to hear and timidly ask him question.



“I don’t think I have that much money to pay for the rent….this apartment looks expensive and I’m a student.”

You need to be honest, you were expecting a small apartment, maybe half the size of this one. You should have guessed by the name of the building.

Jaebeom laughs again, inviting you to come in. Upon sitting at the dining table, he offers you a smile. “Don’t worry. I don’t need money. I just want a roommate because this space is very big to live alone. And Mark says you need a place. I’m offering you a good price for this beautiful place.”

He hopes you buy it. You don’t need to know why he offers you to live with him. You don’t need to know his little crush on you. You just need to be friend with him, then he will be over the moon.


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She said she worried that it’d steal my fire, my drive, but how do I tell her the fire had been extinguished years before I ever took my first hit?

How do I explain that the fire began to dim months after my girlfriend had first began hitting me, that it died with every opportunity lost because I couldn’t find a good enough reason to escape her grasp.

That it ashed when chugs of alcohol were the only thing getting me through sitting in school for 8 hours, than standing at work for 5.

That I’m only left living by each years selected poison, that that drive she saw had died long before the first bowl.

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The waning moon will outshine the sun,
I’ll dream a sunset
More beautiful than linked galaxies.

I lived a dream,
Stars rose from an elegy,
From the abyss, that nothing is born,
The blue twilight.

End of an era,
As on the shore the sand becomes the sea,
Storms will reign,
Sulfur and fire will rain,
But also the songs of the birds,
Millions of flowers,
And the grateful spasm of the divine heaven.

Not in vain we are, and we are all pending from beautiful dream.

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I am a little scared: scared of surrendering completely because the next instant is the unknown. The next instant, do I make it? or does it make itself? We make it together with our breath. And with the hair of the bullfighter in the ring.

Clarice Lispector, tr. Stefan Tobler, from Água Viva

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Thought for the day🤞

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The beauty of love has not yet touched its soul with fire.

Badawi al-Jabal, tr. Christopher Tingley and Richard Wilbur, from Modern Arabic Poetry: an anthology; “Dark mirage”

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I hold her close,

My arms wrapped around her as she silently weeps,

Never leaving her side even for a moment,

She tries to push me away mumbling something about getting my clothes dirty,

I ignore her protests and stroke her head,

Her shoulders relax as a sob escapes her mouth,

Her hand instantly covers her mouth trying to stop another sob from being heard,

But the other hand remains on her chest,

Her heart in pain,

The tough go getter now melting in my arms,

I try to gather all of her broken parts,

There are days when she is as far away as she can get,

But I am thankful she is letting me into her heartbreak,

Grieving wasn’t her strong suit and I’m glad she let me be by her side,

The layers peeled away completely as she reveals the scars that formed her bravery,

Stronger than the flesh on her body,

Never the one to have been fragile or irrational,

She may have just stitched my heart to hers when she decided to fix the holes on my shirt,

She may have cleaned the mess out of my head when she decided to help me get rid of the garbage,

Numerious times she has selflessly provided her heart on a platter to me,

It was my turn to show her I cared,

I stroke her softly as she drifts to sleep,

My heart and mind safely tucked away with her,

A silent prayer for you to stay by me till the end,

My lips touch her head and a soft smile replaces her calm face,

My heart swells with joy with a simple movement,

This is all I will ever need for now and ever more.

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I watch as the light in the room start to crumble. The next thing I know is I am being aggressively pushed onto a chair. Her fingers dance around my skin as she walks around me. My eyes dart to my wrist which are now bound. Surprise and fear spike in the air around us but she seems to be comfortable in the tense environment. The hair on my skin instantly stand as if been given a shock. “So how does it feel?” She asks as she drawls her words. There is a certain rasp and eroticism tinged in her voice as she asks me. My eyes involuntarily shuts close to her question. Flashes of all those who I’ve loved appear in my eyes like a short film. Her words have power. I try wake and she begins to laugh. There is no cruelty in her laughter but I dispice the women just by the power she holds. She softly holds my face in the palm of her hands to make sure I was looking right into her hypnotic eyes. “It’s not as fun as they make it seem?” She asks with a mocking tone. I grit my teeth as I am instantly bombarded with unpleasant memories of loneliness and heart break. “You are no victim.” She says gripping my face tightly. Anger laced in her voice like silk. “You did this. You wanted this. But look how the tables have turned.” She says as she pushes my face away like I disgust her. I wish she’d hold my face and reassure me instead but she confirms all of my thoughts. “They are all happy without you. Just as you said. Aren’t you happy for them?” She asks as she walks behind the chair. My feelings pour on me with unpleasant coldness. She drags her fingers from one shoulder to the other. Dread fills me instead of pleasure. “You play those people like they were nothing but instruments. How does it feel like when it lashes back right at you?” She whispers into my ears. I shut my eyes in horror. Am I really that horrible? “Oh baby. Did I strike a nerve?” She asks as she holds my face again. My chest feels heavy again. “You will die alone, you selfish bitch. Shed those tears till you’re drowning in them.” She says with poison reeking in her voice. “You don’t deserve any of the happiness that you threw away. You did this to yourself.” She says straightening herself. She pats my head almost lovingly but she is deceiving. She looks warm and desirable but God was she a nightmare. “You will pay for all the tears of the innocent. You will learn forgiveness and love. You will turn into everything you feared.” She says with firm eyes. Her words confident. Tears begin to race down my cheeks. “You are beyond redemption.” She confirms as she turns her back to me this time. It’s like a spotlight following her every step. Darkness starts to engulf me completely. She stops in front of the door. She turns to me one last time. “Accept it instead of fighting it. It may be easier.” Pity can be sensed in those words of hers but it immediately disappears as she turns away. “There is no running away from this. Your fate awaits you.” With those words she walks out of my life. Leaving me with nothing but the truth.

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There is blood splattered on my clothes,

what a shame,

I was really starting to like this outfit,

I wipe the blade clean,

Letting it shine once again,

I tuck it away at my back pocket,

I stare at the helpless body laying by my foot,

I set my leg on its chest as I watch the unmoving corpse,

There is no remorse or guilt after what I have done,

The blood lust has calmed for now but I know it will be back,

I wry the gun away from the corpse’s hand and use my already bloodied shirt to clean it,

I could get ammo up in this baby and polish it up and it will be ready for action,

I wipe the blood off my boot with the clothes of the unmoving body and get ready to leave,

I glance at the body one last time and decide there is no harm in taking the money from his wallet,

It’s not like he will need it any longer,

I scan the place one last time to see if I have left anything behind,

With a psychotic smile etching on my face I decide this is what’s worth living for,

A vigilante rebel sounds like my job description,

I hop onto my bike and let the engine purr underneath me,

How tempting,

I slip the gun and money into my extra pockets as I let the wind take me away.

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