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dearyanfei · 19 hours ago
fake dating
feat. Diluc, Scaramouche, Kaeya
note: I know Scaramouche kinda went rogue, but for the sake of the plot here, he’s still a part of the Fatui
Tumblr media
“You want to pretend to be in a relationship?” you nearly choke on your drink.
You watch as Diluc nods without hesitation from across the bar. He was earnest- in no way was this a prank. Honestly, you weren’t even sure if Diluc was even capable of pulling a prank.
“I mean... I don’t mind but I’d like to know why”
Diluc rubs the back of his neck awkwardly, “You know Donna.....”
“No need to explain, I completely understand” you interrupt him. As soon as he mentioned her, you knew what was going on.
It’s not like you disliked Donna... but her persistent fawning over your friend was something you often raised an eyebrow at. You couldn’t count the amount of times she’s stopped you to ask if you could put a good word for her to Diluc. Honestly, you almost felt guilty for pretending to be his s/o. But your friendship with Diluc greatly outweighed any sense of loyalty to Donna.
‘Dating’ Diluc was a more monumental task than you could have expected. Because Donna often lingered around Diluc, the two of you had to showcase a truly romantic relationship in order to eventually wean her off.
And to your surprise, Diluc took charge in planning all of the ‘dates’. At first he took you to simple dinners, walks around Mondstadt, just easy date ideas that took little planning. The two of you would just enjoy each other’s company, as if it was just a normal hangout. But at the end of every date he would walk you home, his hand always interlaced with yours. And right before you walked through the front door, he’d press a kiss to your forehead.
It didn’t take long for you to develop feelings for him. And after a few weeks, you were completely head over heels for him.
Moments with him became precious— even the small exchanged glances that occurred when you saw one another walking around Mondstadt was enough to make your heart flutter. You were growing accustomed to the forehead kisses at the end of each date— and you could almost swear that sometimes he would let his lips linger for just a fraction of a second.
But then the realization would come down crashing. This wasn’t real. Eventually this would come to an end. It pained your heart to think about this, but you knew that you had to have this discussion with Diluc and end this act. If only you had asked about this sooner, then maybe the heartbreak wouldn’t be so bad.
Unfortunately for you, the next time you even saw Diluc was on a picnic date he had planned. He had a cute blanket spread underneath the giant oak tree. Not only that but he had prepared a wide array of food and drinks— your favorites to be specific.
You took a seat next to Diluc, finding yourself all the more flustered when he presented a bouquet of cecilias to you. They were gorgeous- and probably really hard to find. Thinking about how much of a hassle getting these might have been put a frown on your face.
Diluc props himself up with his elbows, an eyebrow raised at you.
“What’s wrong Y/n?” he asks.
“It’s just... how long are you going to keep up this whole fake dating thing?” you manage to choke out. You did it. You finally brought up the thought that’s been haunting you these past few nights. Not that you wanted to, of course, but it was inevitable.
Diluc ponders your words for a while before a light chuckle escapes his lips.
“I can’t lie- I forgot this whole thing was fake” he admits, pushing himself forward to sit upright.
“I just think that... wait you forgot we were fake dating?”
You watch as Diluc sighs, nervously untying and retying his ponytail.
“Yeah. I did. Probably after the first week. That’s entirely on me too, I’m sorry. If you want to end it we can end things here.” he apologizes, averting his eyes to avoid his own embarrassment. But you sit back on his words for a second before suddenly grasping his hands and leaning towards him.
“Wait, so if you forgot then does that mean this entire time-” your words trail off, too nervous to continue your epiphany.
“Yes, my feelings were indeed genuine,” Diluc murmurs softly, his face growing red from your sudden proximity. You find your own cheeks warming up at his subtle confession.
“Is that so,” you mumble, nodding to yourself as you slowly back up from Diluc, “then we should just continue as is..” 
Diluc nods back, a small smile forming on his face.
“That we should” he says before pressing a gentle kiss to the back of one of your hands.
And that you did.
The last thing you expected was Scaramouche asking you to be his s/o. Well, fake s/o.
“Look, I just need to pretend to have a s/o so the rest of the Harbingers don’t badger me about it and try to set me up on dates. They’ve been up my ass about this,” Scaramouche explains, waiting for your answer.
“Alright, I’ll do it. I’ll be your s/o” you agree to his proposal- much to his delight.
“Wonderful. Oh- but because this is fake, don’t expect me to actually act like it’s real. I’m not going to take you out on dates or anything like that” he tells you.
And while he may not be the one to put any effort into this fake relationship, you were quite the opposite. You would always bring Scaramouche lunch every day, paying attention to what he liked and didn’t like. On days you couldn’t stop by to see him, you’d write the frilliest of letters, adorned with the cutest decorations. You were always the first one to enact the handholding, the first one to give him hugs, and the first to act all lovey dovey.
“Is there a reason why you’re putting in so much effort?” Childe asks you one day when you’re walking towards Scaramouche’s office. He was the only one who knew this whole ordeal was fake. But he brought up a wonderful point. You had been keeping up this act up for a couple of weeks now, and Scaramouche would always reprimand you for being so over the top with your actions.
Honestly, you had to admit that over the course of this fake relationship, you’ve grown to like the Harbinger. When the two of you were alone, you had discovered a secret soft side to him. It didn’t come out often, but enough for you to recognize that much of his hard demeanor was a large facade.
Not that you could ever admit this to anyone- even Childe.
“It’s quite fun to see him get all flustered over these actions. And the other Harbingers love to tease him about it!” you answer before slipping into the office. You poke your head inside, only to be met with emptiness.
“Hey Childe, is Scaramouche not in today?” you ask, closing the door behind you. But Childe only shrugs. “He should be- I’ll go look for him” and like that, the Harbinger took off. You couldn’t really do much except head back outside. The worst case scenario was that you’d go home and surprise him with the picnic another day.
But your plan was thwarted when you walked past a group of new Fatui recruits. They effectively blocked your path, forcing you to face them.
“Aww, leaving already? How about you stay a bit longer, and we can put that picnic basket to good use?” one of the recruits grabs onto your wrist tightly.
“I’m sorry I’m dating-” your words are quickly interrupted by the arrogant recruit.
“Yeah yeah, Scaramouche I know. But c’mon. He doesn’t really care about you, you know. Anyone could see how you’re just trailing behind him like some lost puppy. Don’t you think I could treat you better?” the man pulls you a bit closer, and despite your best efforts, you’re unable to break free. He smiles at you as his grip tightens, causing you to wince from the pain.
“That’s not true at all! You don’t know a single thing about him and clearly don’t understand why I’d ever to choose him over you!” you snap at the recruit, frustrated with the image they were painting.
But the snide grin from the recruit’s face fades, and at first you think it’s because of your stellar response. You watch as he quickly lets go of your hand, and as soon as he does, he and his friends stand in a straight formation.
“Tsk tsk. New recruits these days... so disrespectful” Childe says, coming to stand next to you. You turn to face him, but from the corner of your eye you recognize a familiar figure.
Scaramouche, without saying a single word, walks up to you, ignoring the recruits. He gently examines your wrist, being careful not to place any extra pressure.
“Does it hurt?” he softly asks you. He spoke in a low voice, to the point where you’re convinced that you were the only one that heard. You shook your head, keeping your gaze low.
Scaramouche nods, before turning to Childe.
“Do what you want with them” he tells his fellow Harbinger. And based on the devilish grin on Childe’s face, you don’t even want to think about what might happen.
Scaramouche looks back to you, reaching his hand out to gently hold yours. Without a word, he leads you away from the rest of the Fatui.
“You didn’t have to defend me back there, but I appreciate it. They aren’t wrong though, I definitely don’t treat you well,” he says. He hasn’t stopped yet, and at this rate you’re sure that he’s just wandering around.
“Well that shouldn't really matter since you’re my fake boyfriend..” you hesitate for a moment, but decide to take the leap, “But if you were my real boyfriend then I’d suppose they would be right”
He finally stops in his tracks, his cheeks turning redder by the second.
“Well then, if you don’t mind... I’d like to start treating you like a real s/o” he clears his throat, trying his best to avoid your gaze. It was cute- him being nervous, him beating around the bush, just him in general. This was the side of him you wanted to see more of. And he was willing to show you.
You gently squeeze his hand, “I don’t mind at all”.
“Y/n!” a familiar voice calls out just before you reach Angel’s Share. You spot Huffman sitting alone outside the tavern, many empty glasses already on the table.
“I hope you didn’t drink all of those glasses..” you say, nodding at cups.
Huffman chuckles, “No, there’s a couple other knights with me, one went to the restroom, the other is getting more drinks. Trust me, it’s not all me” You laugh with him, and the two of you engage in small talk to catch up with one another.
“So, how’s it going between you and Kaeya?” Huffman suddenly asks, flustering you immediately.
Because to others you and Kaeya looked like a lovey-dovey couple. But they didn’t know it was all an act.
“Y/n, don’t ask but I’m gonna need you to pretend to be my s/o, alright?” you recall Kaeya asking you in the statue plaza. Maybe you were being too eager when you first accepted- was it really a good idea to say yes when you already had a puppy crush on him?
Back to Huffman, you throw the knight a sincere smile.
“It’s going really well actually! He’s really great…” your words linger a bit. You spoke the absolute truth- dating, well fake dating, Kaeya only made you fall harder for him. When the two of you were together, he never failed to pull you closer to him- his arm would always be around your shoulder or waist.
“That’s great to hear…..” you notice how Huffman’s words trail off- as if he wants to say more.
“What’s up Huffman?” you ask, curiosity getting the better of you.
“Oh well if I’m being honest if Kaeya hadn’t told me that you two were dating I was going to ask you out myself! But seeing as to how happy you are, I’m glad I didn’t” Huffman awkwardly chuckles, taking another sip of his drink.
You cock your head to the side, trying to make sense of it, “Wait, what?”
“Yup,” Huffman nods, “a few days ago I told him I thought you were cute and I was thinking of asking you out on a date. Then he blurted that the two of you were dating!”
Huh. You nod to yourself and you end your chat with the knight before entering the tavern. Inside, your eyes immediately spot the Calvary Captain at a table by himself, two drinks already ordered.
Kaeya was looking over some last minute paperwork Jean had given him when you saw across from him.
“Hey, sorry I’m a bit late!” you apologize, reaching out for your drink.
“Oh don’t worry about it. Just give me a sec to finish reading this. But something happen?” Kaeya asks, his eyes still trailing over the paper.
“I was just chatting with Huffman actually” you casually say, and you see Kaeya’s head dart up.
“Were you now?” he asks, clearing his throat.
“Yup, and guess what I learned? Actually don’t guess, I’ll just tell you. He admitted to having a crush on me! In fact he told me that if it wasn’t for our relationship, he would’ve asked me out” you chuckle, resting your chin on the palm of your hand.
Kaeya goes silent for a moment, and for a brief second you see his eyes grow a bit dim.
“Would you have said yes to him?” he murmurs softly.
“No, I wouldn’t. I don’t like Huffman in that way. But I do admire the fact that he has the guts to tell someone his feelings for them.” you fold your arms at Kaeya, raising an eyebrow at the captain.
You grin, watching as Kaeya buries his face into his hands. It wasn’t common to see someone as suave as Kaeya fall apart into a flustered mess.
“Y/n, please,” Kaeya groans, but you stay silent, looking at him expectantly.
“Fine, the whole dating thing was a set up because I like you, okay?” he admits, and as embarrassed as he is, something about watching you gleefully smile at him only makes him happier.
“That’s all I wanted to hear Kaeya,” you giggle. And just like that, there was a mutual understanding that this fake relationship that the two of you were in had become a real one.
Kaeya rolls his eyes at you, “You know, I would have  confessed eventually.” He takes one of your hands, quickly pressing a kiss to the back of it.
You don’t doubt that for a second.
rip Huffman
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luvbub · 24 days ago
when their relationship gets revealed
feat. Kenma, Oikawa, Suna
Tumblr media
Kenma kept his life as private as he could. While you didn’t particularly care one way or the other about being known as Kenma’s s/o, he wanted to keep some aspects of his life to himself.
Tonight, Kenma was exhausted as he was ending a particularly long stream. He set down his headphones, burying his face into his hands. Out of frame, you saw just how tired he was and thought about ways you could help him unwind.
When Kenma lifted his head up again, he looked straight at you, beckoning you towards him. You tentatively walk towards his desk, pointing at his computer- he was still streaming.
“It’s fine” Kenma replies before muting his mic. You walk to your boyfriend and into the view of the camera. But because you were standing, his audience would only be able to see your neck down.
Kenma wraps his arms around you, pulling you close so he could rest his head against your stomach. You chuckle, resting your own hands on top of his head as you play with his hair.
“You shouldn’t stream for so long, you know” you hum, glancing over at his stream. The chat was going absolutely insane.
I knew kenma HAD to be dating someone
okay but why are their hands kinda......
You wave to the camera, allowing his audience to grow even more excited at your presence. Lowering your hands to cup Kenma’s cheeks, you lift his face so he’s looking up at you.
“Looks like your fans found out” you chuckle, watching as Kenma’s tired expression brighten up.
“Eh, it was going to happen eventually. I just thought it would be better to slowly ease you in, yknow?” he shrugs. He removes one of your hands from his cheek, watching carefully as you raise an eyebrow at him. And without even breaking eye contact with you, he kisses the back of your hand before turning off his stream.
Honestly, Kenma was glad your face was cut off from the camera view- your flustered expression was one he wanted no on else to see.
Oikawa knew one of his ‘so called friends’ was an absolute rat. The infamous setter was careful with what he would share to his general fans- so of course he had two accounts. One was his public one, curated to build up a favorable impression to his fans and the general public. He posted scenic photos wherever he was at, fun clips from practice, and the occasional selfie.
His private one, on the other hand, was probably the closest thing to his personal journal. Nights out with friends, adoration towards his family members, and of course you. Lots and lots of photos of you.
So when a particular set of photos he had recently posted on his private account found their way onto the trending tab, Oikawa was both furious and worried. There wasn’t anything wrong with the pictures, it was just a photo set of you grinning, holding up a cute birthday cake.
One of his friends had leaked those photos. And for what reason? What did they have against the two of you to put your relationship into the spotlight like this? Oikawa was betrayed- but first and foremost he had to make sure you were alright.
He walked into the bedroom to find you scrolling on your phone- and sure enough you were reading all of the tweets about you.
“Y/n, I’m so sorry about what happened. I never wanted you to have to go public and I’ll find a way to fix this!” he pleads, taking a seat next to you on the bed.
You raise an eyebrow at him for a second before resting your head on his shoulder.
“..It’s fine. I mean I was caught off guard at first but honestly, we go out so often- it was bound to be revealed. Plus, your fans are saying super sweet things about me!” you show Oikawa some tweets from his own fans. They clamored on about how adorable you were and how they weren't sure if they were jealous of you or Oikawa.
“Still! Someone I know decided to leak these photos to the public! I’m lucky things went well, but I can’t forgive the person who decided to expose our relationship like that” he shakes his head, truly frustrated at the whole ordeal. Just who was it that betrayed him like this?
You took a deep breath, wondering what would be the best way to tell him.
“Tooru....no one leaked it. You’re the one who accidentally posted it to your public account...”
When pictures started popping up on the internet of Suna with his arms wrapped around someone, sports fans went wild with wondering who this person was. The pose was ambiguous- no one could tell whether or not this was a casual acquaintance or Suna’s potential lover.
So when the EJP Raijin game ended, reporters flocked to Suna’s side.
“Suna, great game tonight- was there anyone in particular you were trying especially hard for?” one reporter asks, beating around the bush.
“Yes, I was playing for my team. They really wanted to win.” Suna answers with his usual deadpan expression.
“What about the leaked photos of you embracing another person? Who were they and are the two of you dating?” another reporter cuts straight to the point.
“I literally have no idea what you’re talking about” Suna shrugs, much to the dismay of the journalists. They were absolutely positive that Suna was trying to hide something from them. 
At that moment, you manage to squeeze through the crowd, making your way to Suna’s side, handing him a water bottle.
“Here you go Rin!” you grin at him. You look around, slightly confused at the crowd who were all staring at you with recognition in their eyes.
And for the first time, reporters and journalists alike see Suna’s lips curl up into a smile at the sight of you. He leans down, pressing a kiss to your cheek.
“Thanks babe” he says, wrapping one arm around your shoulder before turning away and walking off with you. The reporters start clamoring about, fumbling over their words, trying to confirm your identity and relationship to Suna. But you and Suna continued walking ahead, effectively ignoring them.
“Suna is that your s/o?” one journalist yells loudly above the rest.
Suna stops in his tracks, and before he turns back around to the reporters, you hear him let out a small chuckle. The eager reporter looks wide eyed at Suna, watching as the volleyball player glances back and further between you and the crowd.
“I have absolutely no idea who this person is,” Suna answers before turning back to you, “okay let’s go home babe”. The two of you walked off, unbothered.
Reporters stopped bothering Suna after games. And honestly, Suna wasn’t even trying to hide the relationship in the first place- nor was he even aware there were pictures of the two of you together in the first place.
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gentil-minou · a month ago
Tumblr media
*sobs* it's never going to end
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sennik · 3 months ago
i’m re-adding my french vampire disaster oc son to this blog once i can actually be online.
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ggukkiedae · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
“hyuck oppa was really sweet about it, actually. he’d calm me down when i got nervous, and he’d usually lead the conversation with the person we were talking to. he also would call me to check up on if i’d done my homework, but we’d usually end up doing it together on video call back then anyway. as much as the incident was unpleasant, it was really nice to have haechannie oppa there with me”
Tumblr media
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kindred-is-obsessed · 10 months ago
Hey do you want to watch a film about an explicitly transgender robot, found family and destroying ecofacism and capitalism? You really need to watch Space Sweepers! It’s a Korean sci fi film on Netflix and, for those of you who don’t like subtitles, it’s like half in English! It’s also being adapted into an amazing looking webcomic you can find on Tapas!
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kyhbub · a year ago
youngk may be laughing when he saw those comments with the fans’ personal info whatsoever - but i don’t think he was laughing bc he found it funny, more like he was bewildered by it bc he was obviously not expecting to see any of that when he’s doing his live.
recklessly sharing your personal info is not funny, and will never be funny. the world is a scary place & people can do so much shit to you the moment they obtain your personal info, which is why youngk was so concerned when he saw those comments. hopefully this will be the first & last time he’ll address this issue because please, we don’t want to see him getting in trouble because of the stupidity of some people.
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chaninfused · a year ago
since u find writing suggestive theme a bit uncomfortable, care to share on how did u manage to write that makeout scene (eventho it's short) in tsb?? i mean u did a great job there.... for someone who finds it uncomfy hdhshssjhs
ahahaha well 😳
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maglaisa · a year ago
Tumblr media
𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐬    𝐰𝐚𝐬𝐧'𝐭    𝐞𝐱𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐥𝐲    𝐡𝐢𝐬    𝐟𝐨𝐫𝐭𝐞    ,                 sticking    around    after    a    fuck    -----                craving    more    and    more    intimacy    every    time    they    collided    .               it    all    almost    made    him    sound    like    some    pussy    !                sex    was    normally    easy    ,               without    entanglements    ,                 and    he    definitely    didn’t    go    crawling    back    to    the    same    person    .                not    by    choice    at    least     .                and    yet    here    he    was    back    at    effy    stonem’s    -------               and    all    of    this    seemed    completely    out    of    his    hands    .                james    cook    didn’t    need    anyone    ,                he’d    had    himself    to    depend    upon    since    fucking    birth     .               his    parents    never    gave    a    fuck    .               not    really    .                 [       freddie    had    always    been    there    too    ,                but    he’s    not    likely    to    acknowledge    that    right    now    when    the    prick    was    pissing    him    off    .       ]              no    ,                 there    was    something    dangerously    enticing    about    the    girl    ,                 and    he    couldn’t    get    enough    .                like    he    was    an    unruly    fire    and    she    was    the    gasoline    ,               well    and    truly    promising    to    obliterate    everything    in    her    path    ,               and    he    couldn’t    find    it    in    himself    to    care    .                it’s    just    sex    ,                 that’s    what    he    tells    him    .                  it’s    just    sex    and    a    way    to    get    under    his    best    mates    skin    .                and    he’ll    stick    to    that    story     ,                even    when    he’s    losing    himself     in     the     heaven    like    euphoria    she    provides     .               free    hand    that    isn’t    clutching    the    cigarette    to    his    lips    lets    his    fingertips    run    over    the    skin    of    her    bare    back    .                 right    from    the    base    of    her    spine    to    the    nape    of    her    neck    .            ‘       so    ,               do    you    wanna    go    for    round    two    princess    and    make    a    little    party    of    our    own    ,                 or    shall    we    get    outta    here    ?       ’                                  planned    starter    for    my    baby    @thestonems​    .
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namjoonxorg · a year ago
Hi!! I really like your writing and I saw that your request are open! I wanted to know of you did any BTS maf au! And if yes, can I get a Bts maf au x reader where all of them are in the mafia (duh 😂) and she comes back from a mission or place injured and their super worried? It doesn't need to be a specific ship, anything is fine!!
done lovely! i’m glad you enjoy my writing 🥺💕💕
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bubblellop · 2 years ago
Mk bubble (get your followers to follow the account)
Oh damn i forgot she counts as an oc lmaooo
1. This might surprise u, but shes not dumb, she just likes looking at the positive side!
2. Doesnt like scary movies and specially stuff about monsters and creatures [guess why :))))]
3. Likes chara alot but hates the fact she drinks blood and such, she keeps her cookies far away from her packages
4. Talking about cookies, always carries cookies on her pockets, never runs out???
5. Its EXTREMELY hard for her to hold things, not having normal hands and big fluffy sleeves are a bit of an inconvenience, who could have known
6. If she had a tumblr, she would probably be a shitposter, but the wholesome type
7. Likes to text erri cute animal pictures!!
8. Loves animals, except cats, its not that she doesnt like them, she likes cat pictures (tho a bit unconfortable with them) but cats scare her for no reason
8.5. Yes she has ailurophobia
9. Doesnt like when potato brings dead animals cuz, poor animals, she could have adopted them :((( (dont worry she loves potato alot uwu)
10. She extremely shy, shes very outgoing with her friends, but panics when normal people are around
Weewoo, if u dont know whom the fuck im talking about, follow @monster-kiddos (please)
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dearyanfei · 20 days ago
Omg for the hurt/comfort suggestions… how about a genshin boy whos hesitant to support their s/o who wants to go on a dangerous expedition but the s/o goes anyways and arrives back injured :’)
when you come back hurt from an expedition
feat. Xiao, Kazuha, Zhongli
note: hurt/comfort
Tumblr media
You made your way to the front desk of the Wangshu Inn as quietly as possible. Verr stood behind her desk, her eyes wide seeing the state you were in.
“Is... he here?” you ask quietly, not wanting to speak his name.
The inn owner shakes her head, “No, he hasn’t been here for a couple nights now. Y/n do you need anything or-” you quickly interrupt her.
“I’m good, but thank you. I’m just gonna head to my room and sleep- I’m pretty beat. Literally” you lightly chuckle. Walking to your room was a struggle- even with all of the medicine and healing that you received after your expedition was over, you still found yourself wincing with each step. But you finally made it to your door, and as you pull out your key to unlock it, it opens before you.
And who else would be standing before you other than Xiao. He looks at you up and down, his eyes seeming to linger at the areas where you were bandaged up. He silently steps aside, allowing for you to walk in.
You’re honestly expecting some sort of lecture from him- some sort of “I told you so” moment where he talks about how he just knew going on their expedition was a bad idea or how he should have been there with you. Shortly before you even left on your expedition, the two of you had a lengthy discussion regarding your safety.
It turned into a bad argument in which you had accused him of seeing you as some sort of weakling- someone unable to protect themselves. Just because your boyfriend was an incredibly strong adeptus didn’t mean you weren’t capable in your own way.
Well, considering what had happened, maybe that was the case.
But to your surprise, Xiao sits down on your bed, patting the spot next to him for you. You take a seat next to him, and as you fiddle with your hands you feel his head rest on your shoulder.
“How are you feeling?” he asks, taking one of his free hands to trace small shapes on your legs.
“I’m fine, I’m fine. Fortunately, I was found pretty quickly so some of my worst injuries were healed quickly. I’m just a bit sore now,” you tell him.
Xiao stills for a brief moment. He lifts his head up to face you directly.
“Look, I don’t think you’re weak in any way. And I certainly don’t want to say you can’t go on whatever expedition you want. But I was also told what happened and how you were found and......” his voice trails off and you see his eyes glance away from you.
It was hard for him to communicate his feelings with you. For someone who’s spent so many years devoid of human interactions- entering a relationship with you and experiencing these things was a new experience for him. You’ve grown to be the most important person in his life when he previously had none.
“I know,” you whisper, and his eyes find his way back to you, “I’m the one to blame here for thinking I could take on a dangerous expedition alone. I’ll be more careful in the future.”
Xiao leans forward, pressing a soft kiss to your forehead- one of the few places where you weren’t scratched up.
“You should rest now, I’ll prepare some food and medicine for when you wake up” Xiao says, but as he starts to stand up, you pull him back to the bed.
“Stay with me” you mumble, and he silently nods at your request. The two of you cozy up in bed, with you laying on top of his chest, hugging him close to you. As you doze off, Xiao is rubbing circles into your arm, staring up at the ceiling.
It was nice having you in his arms like this. You were safe like this, and nothing could go wrong if you were by his side. He could go off and let his thoughts run wild and be filled with endless worrying about you and the possibility that one day you won’t be next to him. But since meeting you, he’s learned to quell these negative thoughts and anxieties.
For now, he just enjoys being with you in the present.
Kazuha really didn’t want you going on this expedition- but the fact that it lined up with the time he would be away with the Crux was too perfect for you. Naturally you promised your boyfriend you would be careful and that you and your adventuring party would be well prepared for any dangers you may face.
That was two weeks ago.
Today, Kazuha and the rest of the Crux returned to Liyue Harbor, and his first action when getting off the ship was to find you.
Kazuha scanned the docks for you- your expedition had ended a couple days before his return and you had assured him that you would be waiting for him on the docks. He maneuvered between people, his head scanning around before spotting you near the start of the dock. However, his eyebrows furrow at the sight of Baizhu and Qiqi standing close by. Why would two employees of the pharmacy be there with-
And then Kazuha noticed some bandages peeking out from under your sleeve. As he approached closer, he could clearly faded scars from scratches on your face. Before he knew it, he was sprinting to you, and with every step forward he identified more injuries littered across your body,
When he finally approached you, you look up at Baizhu. Once getting a nod of approval, you wrap your arms around Kazuha, trying your best not to wince. Kazuha paused before lifting his own arms and gently wrapping them around you.
He releases his hold on you, taking a step back to examine your features once more.
“Who did this” he asks in a low voice, his hand finding the handle of his sword.
“Kazuha please it’s not anything serious-” you try to reason with him to no avail.
“Then tell me why Baizhu and Qiqi have to accompany you to the docks Y/n. Why didn’t you just come alone?” he raises an eyebrow at you before glancing back at the pharmacist.
Baizhu sighs, “Y/n’s been taking a new type of medicine for their wounds, we’re just here to make sure there aren’t any side effects”
“Treasure hoarders near Qingce Village did this” Qiqi adds in, earning looks from you, Kazuha, and Baizhu. As Baizhu drags Qiqi away, you slowly remove Kazuha’s hand from his sword before cupping his face.
“I assure you I’m alright. Just a few scratches you know” you gently smile at him, but his face remains somber. Kazuha sighs, lifting his own hands up to touch yours.
“Y/n, I- I didn’t know what was going on for two weeks. I think I spent the entire time wondering if you were okay. You can even ask Beidou. She’s probably sick of hearing your name” he half-heartedly chuckles, letting his small smile fall as he continues speaking.
“I think you’re a good adventurer, I never worry.. but this one I was so hesitant. It just seemed too dangerous. I don’t know what I would have done if I had come back to Liyue only to find out something worse had happened to you. I can’t even risk losing you” he whispers, his gaze dropping to the floor.
You knew Kazuha wasn’t new to loss in his life. He couldn’t help but worry given that he’s had someone close to him lose their own life from a dangerous decision.
“I know. But I’m okay now. And rest assured after that whole ordeal I won’t be taking on any more dangerous expeditions” you reassure him.
Kazuha nods, slowly removing your hands from his cheeks to kiss the back of one of them.
“I love you” he whispers ever so faintly. But even amongst the bustling harbor, his words seemed to ring loudly in your ears. You relay the words back to him, and the two of you make your way back to the boats so you could greet the rest of the crew.
And of course, Kazuha had to mention these treasure hoarders to Beidou.
Zhongli didn’t really understand why you felt compelled to go out on an expedition in the first place. For him, he found enjoyment in exploring the rich history of Liyue, taking long strolls, and drinking plenty of tea. But he could never hold you back- so he was completely supportive of you heading out on an expedition for the Adventurers’ Guild.
It was two days before you were supposed to come back, and Zhongli was at the funeral parlor as per usual. Hu Tao was out on a business trip- on the look out for future customers as she told him.
Zhongli sat at the reception, his attention on a new book he had been reading about the history of Liyue- although some details were definitely wrong. He kept flipping through the pages when he heard the front doors to the parlor open.
With his eyes, still glued to the book, he began his greeting, “Welcome to the Wan-”
“Mr. Zhongli!” Hu Tao’s frantic voice caught his attention, and when he glances up his eyes widen in fright. Hu Tao was supporting someone, their arm slung across her shoulder as she tried to prevent them from collapsing. Their clothes were absolutely tattered, cuts and bruises adorned their nearly limp body.
It didn’t take long for your boyfriend to recognize you.
Zhongli rushed to you in an instant, lifting you into his arms to set you down on a soft surface and instructing Hu Tao to go get Baizhu. He watches over you- and for a brief moment he sees how still you are.
And his heart drops.
"Y/n?” he asks, his voice now shaky and full of fear. Your eyes slowly flutter open, taking a brief moment to look around and take in your surroundings.
"Oh man, am I the next customer here?” you chuckle to yourself, watching as Zhongli sighs out of relief.
“Please, Y/n” he says. It looks like he’s about to say more, but he’s at a loss for words.
It isn’t long before Baizhu and Hu Tao come back, the former coming to help with your wounds, the latter to tell Zhongli what had happened. Hu Tao happened across you on the outskirts of Liyue Harbor, attempting to return from your expedition. The fact that you had gotten that far in your condition was a miracle, and Hu Tao quickly helped you before you collapsed.
“I’m not sure what Y/n’s been through....but I think they were really lucky I stumbled into them” Hu Tao murmurs.
Baizhu was able to do a significant amount of healing on you, instructing bedrest and regular medicine application for the next couple of weeks. Once you were well enough to sit up, Zhongli scooped you up, intent on carrying you home.
“You don’t have to tell me what happened” he said, his gaze only looking forward. Your boyfriend was already tall, but suddenly you felt even smaller in his arms.
“I’m sorry... I know you didn’t want me to go and-”
“Y/n, you don’t need to apologize to me. I’m never going to stop you from doing what you want or tell you what you can or can’t do,” he says, his strong voice starting to sound weak.
“I don’t think I’ve ever seen such fear in Hu Tao’s eyes than the moment she brought you to the parlor. I didn’t even know what to think myself” Zhongli so desperately wants to hug you tight- to not let you go. But with the state you’re in, he holds back. He wants to tell you how scared he was to see you so limp and nearly lifeless. How he’s suddenly unlocked a new fear of seeing you in such a state. But everytime he thinks about just how close he was to losing you- the words are stuck in his throat and he’s unable to say it.
“I love you Y/n” he murmurs instead, his gaze finally meeting yours. You bring one hand to his cheek, smiling softly at him.
“I love you too Zhongli”
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luvbub · 2 months ago
Hi Bub! I saw that you were taking requests and was wondering if you could do the Haikyuu boys reacting to their crush or s/o (your choice!) calling them by their first name for the first time?
Thank you ✨
calling them by their first name for the first time
feat. Ushijima, Tsukishima, Hinata
note: ushijima’s is pre-established relationship, tsukki and hinata’s are just crushes!!!
part two
Tumblr media
Tendou’s words kept echoing in your head.
“You’re dating Wakatoshi, aren’t you? How come you still call him Ushijima?” he had asked one day. You didn’t have a good answer really. You’ve just been so used to calling your boyfriend by his last name that you never thought twice about it.
Today, you were over at Ushijima’s place as per usual. Your boyfriend was squatting  out on his terrace, potting some new plants he had just bought with you.
“....Wakatoshi” you say out loud.
You watch as the shovel falls from your boyfriend’s hand, hitting the ground. He keeps his back towards you as he fumbles for the shovel. You hear him let out a deep breath before clearing his throat.
“Yes Y/n?” he asks, continuing to garden as if nothing had happened.
But you knew better than that and weren't fooled by his acting. The tips of his ears were slightly red. You silently made your way to your boyfriend’s side, taking a seat on the ground next to him.
“Wakatoshi” you repeat, watching as Ushijima freezes for slight second.
“....yes?” he says once again.
“Oh it’s nothing!” you teasingly hum, starting to stand up. But before you can, Ushijima grabs your hand, preventing you from getting up. With one gentle pull, he brings you down, your face inches from his.
“You’re going to say my name for the first time and just leave like nothing happened?”
Your cheeks feel warmer, and you’re not sure if it was from the proximity or his sudden shift in attitude- perhaps both. Regardless, Ushijima sighs, resting his forehead onto yours.
“Do you want me to stop?” you pensively ask, unsure of how he even felt about this sudden change.
Ushijima sudden backs away from you in a panic.
“Wait no, don’t do that. Please continue to use my first name.. if you’re alright with that” Ushijima sheepishly admits.
You let out a light chuckle, grinning at your boyfriend.
“You got it... Wakatoshi” you kiss your boyfriend’s forehead, satisfied with the faint blush on his cheeks.
It would be awhile before Ushijima got used to hearing his name. But each and every time he heard his name escape your lips, his heart fluttered just the same.
You loved having these biweekly movie nights with your friends. It was a great way for the group to hang out without having to fuss over any extra details. This left plenty of time to fuss over how annoying Tsukishima could be.
Of course he was your friend, so you didn’t hate the tall beanpole. But the two of you had a contentious relationship. There was constant teasing, bantering, and bickering between the two of you. And at this point, the rest of the group learned to drown out your voices.
When you came back to the couch with a bowl of popcorn, you noticed the only empty seat left was right next to Tsukishima himself. You sat down next to him, handing him the bowl.
“Thanks L/n” he said. Perhaps it would be more peaceful tonight and no words would be thrown around.
About an hour into the movie, you found yourself thoroughly engrossed in the plot. You had no idea what was coming next, and you were looking forward to every scene.
“Hey, can you pass the popcorn bowl?” you quietly whisper to Tsukishima.
“No” he answers, not that you were surprised.
“Fine, be like that Kei” you scoff, reaching for the bowl yourself, your eyes still glued on the television.
But before you could reach it, Tsukishima reaches forward first, grabbing the bowl and placing it on your lap. You smile at him, pleased that he actually did what you asked.
And when you thank him he simply nods and replies back with, “You’re welcome, Y/n”
You freeze- he just said your first name. As long as you’ve known him, Tsukishima has always referred to you by your last name- with the exception of dumbass. But calling you by your first name was a big deal, and wasn’t something you weren’t going to brush off so easily.
“You called me Y/n. What’s up with that?” you whisper to him, your attention now solely focused on him and not the movie.
“Well you called me Kei first” Tsukishima answers, still facing the television.
“I did? I don’t think I even noticed. It must have slipped out” you murmur, not even recalling you ever saying that. Maybe it just felt natural to call him by his first name so much so that you didn’t realize it.
A bright scene appears on the television screen, illuminating the dark room, and just for a moment, you’re able to see the fainted blush on Tsukishima’s cheeks.
You’re really not sure what to make of tonight’s incident. But from that point on until the end of movie night, you’re unable to focus on any of the movies. All that was on your mind was the person sitting right next to you. And unbeknownst to you, his mind was grappling with the same ordeal.
It was weird being an honorary member of the MSBY Black Jackals. You weren’t a player or a manager or a coach, so you had no real reason to be at their practice. But you were friends with the team, and they genuinely enjoyed having you around. So whenever you had the time, you would stop by their practices.
“We’re practicing our serves next, so you’re about to witness me in my full glory” Hinata tells you, a cute grin on his face.
“Hmm, but Hinata, I thought you were really bad at serving??” you tease back at him, watching as his smile drops.
“I- hey that was just in high school when I had weaker arms. I’m stronger now!” Hinata quickly refutes you, holding up his own arms, unintentionally showcasing his muscles. It was hard not to stare, and it was far too easy for him to notice your gaze.
“Hey, my eyes are up here you know” he teases you back, satisfied by the panicked look on your face when you realize he’s caught you staring. But before you can make any sort of witty comeback, he takes his leave to start practicing.
“Just watch how great my serves are!” he calls out to you. You scrunch your nose at him, formulating a plan to get back at him. No matter how much you liked him, there was no way you wouldn’t want to embarrass him back. And just as he tosses the volleyball in the air, an idea strikes you.
“Shoyo” you call out, loud and clear so that the entire gym hears.
Hinata flinches, completely missing his serve. The gym falls silent as they realize what's happening, and not a second later everyone (minus Hinata) bursts out into laughter. Hinata turns back at you, cheeks now flushed.
“FOUL PLAY Y/N” he shouts at you, cupping his face to hide his blush.
“Just how is that foul play? You call me by my first name all of the time, I’m just returning the favor!” you shrug at him, looking at him innocently. But Hinata knew your actions were anything but.
Hinata pauses, his hands dropping to his side. He shakes his head at you as he reaches for another volleyball.
“Alright, is that how we’re gonna play this game Y/n? I see.” he calmly responds to you, bouncing the volleyball a couple of times.
“I- wait what are you planning?” your eyes widen, and you try to stay composed. But inside you felt like screaming, because surely he was planning on doing something as revenge. And you honestly weren’t sure if your heart would handle it.
Hinata simply shrugs at you, and the last thing you see is a smirk before he turns back to practice serving.
Truth be told, he wasn’t going to continue this game of back and forth ambiguous flirting and teasing. He was going to put an end to it once and for all.
And what better way to do that than to finally confess to you?
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benscursedkid · 2 years ago
I just read your Felix x MC and I just wanted to let you know that your writing is amazing! The best hphm fic I’ve ever read! Can’t wait to read more, keep up the good work!^^
thank you so much!!! i really appreciate it omL you’re so sweet🤧💞
i also just wanted to let that one user who requested something like?? last week?? im working on it but I’ve had so much work to do lately I’ve been so busy! but hopefully it will come out this weekend!!💞🤙
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theweepingmonk · 2 years ago
Jayyyyyyyyyyyyy I can’t seem to writE Help Me
I'm running on fumes over here babe idk how I'm gonna help you
Tumblr media
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smokeinherperfume · 3 years ago
blurb request: harry gets inconveniently hard in a grocery store 👀
( i still can’t believe you actually sent this one in babe. sndkfjsfks why are we like this. anyways, i hope this actually turned out decently. x )
“Wait love, there isn’t anythin’ on the list that w’needdown here.” Harry’s obviously stalling as he stops at the mouth of the section,almost wearily eying the bakery section at the grocers while you just glance upat him with a smug grin.
“Just cravin’ something sweet Harry. Knew that if I put it downyou’d try to talk me out of it. Now we won’t be long. I promise I’ll pick uptwice as many greens when we get back to the produce alright?” Despite yourpromises, he’s still not convinced you don’t have ulterior motives, realizing somethingis up when you’re abnormally vague. But he knows it’s out of his hands, so witha resigned sigh he shoves his hands into the pockets of his almost obscenely tighttrousers and starts to meander down the aisle.
But suddenly he stops halfway down, his posture becoming rigidwhen you realize he must’ve seen it. You barely bite back a giggle as you pushthe cart, stopping just shy of where he is.
“See something you want H?”
“I hate you.” He sounds almost petulant, shaking his head ashe spins away from the case, nearly looming over you.
“Know you’ve got a sweet tooth. And look it’s on specialthis week. Got room for a cheat day?” You easily side step him, reaching forthe door, plucking two cans of the cream off the shelf. “Even got chocolate. It’syour favourite isn’t it darling?”
You’re certain that he’s thinking of a specific night youspent together months ago. Staggering into your shared flat late after anevening out, both of you were unable to keep your hands off each other whilesimultaneously craving something sweet. Normally neither of you would ever dosomething so cliched, but when all you could find in the fridge was a bowl ofchocolate mousse and a tin of whipped cream left over from a dinner party you’dheld earlier in the week, well you let your cravings get the best of both ofyou.
In the end it was safe to say it was a memorable night, andyou both learned why things become clichés so frequently. But since then you’dnoticed Harry responding a little… differently when he saw either sweet treatfrom that evening onwards.
So, it comes as no surprise to you when he just pouts in responsewhile you drop the offending items into your buggy. Or that he’s gnawing on hislip rather intensely as you bend over a little too dramatically to tuck them inwith the rest of your things.
“What, didn’t you enjoy it last time? Thought you said youliked it as a treat?” Standing up straight, you winked at him as you glancedover the rest of the items on the shelf. “Would pick up some syrup too… butthat feels a little too passé, even for us.” You murmur, glancing over yourshoulder at him. He’s gripping the side of the cart so tightly that hisknuckles are almost white. With an almost imperceptible dip of his head yourgaze casts downwards, your plush lips parting ever so slightly when you see himtenting slightly in his jeans.
“Well I suppose we can get some of that too… just in case ofcourse.” You pluck a bottle before sauntering back over him, indiscreetlybrushing past him to drop it in the cart as well, Harry groaning in frustration.
You spin on the balls of your feet, reaching up tomindlessly brush some of his unkempt hair back from his face. “Somethingbothering you Harry? Look like you’re thinking awfully hard about something.”
“You’re just too…” He trails off, tiredly scrubbing at hisface as he nervously shifts his weight back and forth on his feet.
“I’m too what?” You question, brushing your thumb over hischeekbone. You sneak a quick kiss to the tip of his nose while he sighs in defeat.He’s trying so hard not to react to your teasing, but he knows he’s lost whenhe groans as you bring your thigh up to brush against his rather impressivebulge at this point. Shoulders slumping slightly he clearly gives up, his eyesnearly swimming with lust for you when he glances back down at you.
“ ‘S not important. ‘M steerin’ the trolley now” Hegrumbles, side stepping you before practically hiding his lower body behind it,gripping the bar tightly as he waits for you.
“Well if that’s what you want. Now let’s go back to the produce,figured we could grab some raspberries to go along with it this time…”
send in your blurb requests!
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in-maidjan · 2 years ago
title: just a secret. words: 1.1k. summary:
“You said they didn’t know, so…well, it should sell the image more.”
“I never said they didn’t know.” 
“Until we’re sure they can be trusted – until they’ve earned our trust – you use these…it’s bad enough we are Dalish in this place. It would be worse if they knew you were a mage also.”
A lil thing I decided to write for my Lavellan sibs! I haven’t written in Ages so I’m little bit out of practice, but damn it feels good to write again. Full story under the cut!
When Vir’athim had first set his sights on Haven, he wanted to defy the Keeper and return home immediately. The mountain path to Haven had been littered with patches of snow, but the township itself was blanketed in it. Why anyone would choose to live there was beyond him.
He missed the heat of cracked earth, baked by the sun, underfoot. He missed walking along the paths with the earth feeling alive, warm and welcoming. At Haven, he woke each morning with misting breath, and if stepped outside of his quarters without a pair of wool-warmers and boots, he’d lose his toes in seconds.
If he ever got to leave, he would sail for the Free Marches in an instant. He would swim there, if he had to.
If, that is.
Tearing his gaze away from the soldiers training outside of Haven’s gates, Vir’athim turned over his left palm. The mark was seared into the flesh of his palm and fingertips in strange, circling patterns. The grooves were shallow, like a carved fingerprint, and every so often that soft green glow would flicker through it in a rippling pattern. He favoured his left for almost everything, and now it felt wrong. Whatever magic that made the mark was unknown to him. It had burned all of his nerves away, leaving only the mark and phantom pains.
They needed the mark, and by extent, they needed him. For how long, he didn’t know, and the thought of returning home became more of a dream with each passing day.
The weight of a heavy wool-lined blanket falling onto his shoulders jostled him out of his thoughts, however. Vir’athim welcomed it all too quickly, curling his hands around the edges and pulling it tight across his chest. He looked up to see Atisha’lin crouching to swing her legs over the wall, settling herself beside him.
“A thank you would be nice,” she said, her lips curling into the faintest of smiles.
He could not stop the chuckle that parted his lips, made him grin in turn. “Ma serannas, Attie.”
“I have something else for you. An actual gift,” she said, holding up an object about as long as her forearm that was wrapped in leather. She held it out to him, and when he took it from her, he noticed a pair of gloves tucked under the leather cord that kept the object bound.
“Attie you were made as a blessing by the Creators,” he said, eagerly yanking them out from under the cord. He rubbed his hands together quickly for a moment, not paying any mind to how Atisha’lin laughed at him, before tugging the gloves on. They were simple but finely made, with tight stitching and lined with fleece.
Beside him, Atisha’lin pointed to the leather wrap on his lap. “That too, open it.”
He waited a moment longer, savouring the knowledge that his hands were no longer exposed to the frigid mountain air. When she elbowed him, Vir’athim laughed, and batted away at her arm while promising to open it. The leather was light, but whatever was within was hard and weighted. Pulling open at the edge, he saw the gleam of a set of blades, slightly curved with a wrapped hilt.
“I had the smith make them,” Atisha’lin said. “You said they didn’t know, so…well, it should sell the image more.”
“I never said they didn’t know,” he replied in a hush. “I gather Solas knows. He would have sensed when he was examining the mark, most likely. If he’s told Cassandra, which he likely has, then they’d know.”
“Solas, huh? I’ll have a word with him.” She spoke again, this time with a sharper edge to her words, but before Vir’athim could interrupt whatever foolish idea just spurted in her mind, she continued. “Until we’re sure they can be trusted – until they’ve earned our trust – you use these.”
“The soldiers aren’t templars, not anymore. They left the Chantry–”
“–It’s not about the soldiers. Not just them, at least.” She let out a heavy sigh, lifting her head to look at the soldiers training. “Josephine told me rumours. The usual ones, but…it’s bad enough we are Dalish in this place. It would be worse if they knew you were a mage also.”
Vir’athim was quiet for a moment, letting the weight of her words sink in. It wasn’t as if he were blind to it – the looks, the sneers, the whispers of ‘herald’ and ‘knife-ear’ in the same breath. They’d both seen the destruction of the Mage-Templar war, all the way from the Free Marches into the heart of Ferelden. They had heard stories on both sides, of templars taking the sword to any they suspected of magic, and of mages who were so paranoid that they attacked any they too suspected of being a templar. Then there were the power-mad ones, those who just didn’t care about who the hurt. The ones who enjoyed the bloodshed of the war at its peak and didn’t want to lose the thrill.
There weren’t many stories about the templars and mages who protected each other, fought together, just to get through another day.
Atisha’lin had made it their rule, when they left the Free Marches. He wouldn’t use his magic, not unless they were entirely alone. He wouldn’t carry a staff, either, so he left his with Keeper Deshanna for safe-keeping. He understood why Atisha’lin was so fretful, but it pained him to hide his magic. He had never felt shameful for it, or fearful of it. The world, however, did not care.
“I’ll use them,” he said after a moment, taking them from his lap and placing the daggers at his side. “But you’re not allowed to go threatening people. Especially not Solas.”
She looked indignant. They both knew it was feigned. “I never said I would threaten him.”
“Promise me you won’t do anything foolish.”
The indignant frown twisted, curled into an unwilling pout as her brows furrowed beneath the curls falling across her face.
“I can’t promise that. I made a more important promise,” she replied.
He didn’t have the resolve to stand up to her on that front. She was here, after all. In a foreign place she’d never been before, surrounded by people she didn’t trust, not after hearing the worst of stories about them. He knew it in his heart, that she was as afraid as he was.
He pushed the daggers further back, scooting along the wall to lean against her side and rest his cheek against her shoulder. He felt her arm snake under the heavy wrap that was curled around his body, her arm hooked under his elbow and her hand squeezing the top of his.
“I’m not going to let anyone hurt you, Vim.” She spoke in a soft whisper, but her voice was harder than steel.
“I know, Attie.”
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umiwomitai · 2 years ago
those pictures of France brian posted... I’m not fine...
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solarehoon · 2 years ago
yooow someone got a new lappy toppy~!!
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shoshie · a month ago
guys i just watched spacesweepers..
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