timetraveller1111 · 6 hours ago
Get yourself a partner that has rough sex with you and after you are done ,they show you their Minecraft world ...
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ladyorchidia · 2 days ago
After lesson 16
Belphegor : Hey you can tell me if you hate me, you know ?
Jade : For the 1877th time Belphegor I forgave you.
Belphegor : Are you sure ? Because I understand if-
Jade : What part of "I forgive you" do you not understand ?
Belphegor : .....but why though ?
Jade : ....because you didn't truly kill me..
Belphegor : What....?
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somos-deseos · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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sixpenceee · a month ago
Chinese speaker here, legend says this character (biang) described the process of creating the type of noodle.
From top to bottom, left to right:
[穴] (hole): the special vessel needed for kneading this type of noodle.
[幺] resembles 絞: the kneading and twisting action
[言] is a word play (homonyms?) on 鹽: a kind of white crystal added to the noodles, also known as just salt
[月] (moon): the word is also commonly used as a “prefix” of meat related words
[長] (long) and [馬] (horse): describes the extra long and flat shape of the noodle (there is a common Chinese idiom that describes flat surface that mentioned horses)
[刂] (knife prefix): cutting motion
[心] (heart): the secret ingredient is love?
[辶] (travel prefix): some said it’s to relate with a special kind of cart used in that area, maybe it’s use to imply how people travel from far away for this noodle.
Or it might just be a word made for fun by some Highschool kid while eating the noodle. You decide :D
Btw I think the most complicated valid character you can type on Reddit is 龘, a flying dragon.
Edit: choice of words and pronunciation Also these “prefix” are actually radicals! I just thought “prefix” might be easier to understand.
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mysticmilks · a year ago
Save a fanfic writer, leave comments on old fics
There is this a peculiar set of reasons and biases when it comes to NOT commenting on AO3.
They are all false, but here they are:
Do not comment on old fics
Do not comment on each chapter of a multichapter
Do not comment if the author left the fandom
Do not comment if the author doesn't respond to comments
It comes from the idea, that if you leave a comment on my old work, or leave too many comments, I will think you are strange, clingy, and gross.
Readers are imagining it as commenting on an old Facebook photo — only your granny and creepy strangers do that.
That is not the case with AO3.
Writers put their works there for long-term storage, and we expect, wish, and hope that you will like our works and tell us about it.
This all very interesting, not, but why should I care?
This has awful consequences.  Fanfic authors feel constant pressure to create more and crippling fear of being forgotten, useless, and being literally kicked away from fandom.
I'm online friends with a few great fandom authors, who wrote storied with thousands of kudos, but ALL of them at some point expressed this fear. Very talented people told me, "I'm not sure if I should have 'writer' in my bio. I didn't post anything new in the last half of a year."
Some young or entitled readers might say, "Hm, well, they are right. They should create MORE to be relevant. Isn't that a good thing to push authors to write more?"
For better or worse, life doesn't work like that. We are talking about real people, who go to real schools, have real jobs, families, and all the other important things outside the fandom. Some of them might push to create more from that fear, but most would only get more frustrated and depressed about the whole fanfic writing.
So, please, if you like the work comment on it.
Even if it's old, even if it's a multichapter, even if the author doesn't have time and energy to interact. Especially in all those cases.
Encourage your authors, and show them your support.
my previous post How to start writing comments
explanation about fics from 70s by olderthannetfic. Thank you so much for it.
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quintchess · 13 days ago
Writing prompt #13
“Happy anniversary, Villain!” The hero came into the room holding a small cream cake with one hand, and scattering a handful of confetti around the room with the other. “You've been good for the entire year!” Villain, sitting on the couch, flinched, looking at Hero in incomprehension. They blinked a couple of times, and then smiled awkwardly, getting back to reading the book in their hands. “Is that why you just called me “Villain”?” Hero carefully placed the cake on the coffee table and, unable to resist, dipped the tip of their finger into the cream, tasting it. “When? I never call you “Villain”. I truly believe you have changed.” Bending the corner of the page and closing the book, the villain put their feet on the floor and scratched the back of their head, trying to figure out what was the sudden feeling invading them. “Um, right now? You walked into the room and said, “Happy anniversary "Villain.” Their own words made them doubt the veracity of what they had just said, but Villain remembered exactly what they heard. “No, I walked into the room and called you by name.” Hero tried to convince their friend of the opposite with a friendly smile. “Your name is Villain, right?” “You said “Villain” again.” The villain slowly got up from the couch, looking at Hero as if they had seen them for the first time. As Villain approached the cake, they noticed an inscription on it about congratulations on the anniversary, but instead of their own name there was “villain”. “Her-“ Hearing what their own voice was about to say, they stopped for a moment. “Hero? Hero! What the hell is this?!” “You're scaring me.” The hero tried to make a joke, but their own face was portraying a semblance of fright. “No need to raise your voice. I'm right next to you.” “I'm trying to say your name.” Villain was taken aback, looking at Hero, then at the cake. “But you just said it-” “No, I said “Hero”. That's not your name, that’s your occupation.” Feeling panic slowly envelop their mind, Villain ran their fingers through their hair. “I have a feeling as if we are being watched. Right now.”
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cherry-blossom01 · 27 days ago
I'm tired of myself
I’m tired of how I feel and how I think
Tired of how I fall in love
At night I would like to disappear
In the moonlight disintegrate
Let everyone forget me and let me forget about everyone
In no one's heart to exist.
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littlx-songbxrd · a year ago
I've been seeing a lot of people reposting their insecure about their writting and its really sad because ik for a FACT most of you write BEAUTIFULLY. So I just wanted to send some motivation because writting is hard, and writers deserve love. You guys are literally creating ENTIRE REALITIES with your imaginations . Wether it be fan ficts, short story writers, etc., You are giving us a key into experiencing the world from a different perspective. Your craft is an escape, your craft is inspiring. Its always good to want to be better, but please appreciate the work you're doing RIGHT NOW. It may not seem like much, but your stories are so much more than just words in a page. Its the adventure we never experienced, its the worlds we never got to see. Writers please, whatever you write, I want to assure you today it IS good enough. Because you bled your thoughts into the page, because you were brave enough to create. Writting doesnt have to be perfect, for perfection is nothing but a myth, writting just needs to exist. Insecurity is normal but let me tell you today, your writting is worth it, your ideas are worth it, your work is worth it.
Writers, keep your heads high, continue to poor your soul into your words and know you never have to punish yourself for creating
Much love for all of you
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j-tomalas-grimoire · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
The new story is about a triad/poly relationship...
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namitha · 3 months ago
"If your feelings are still what they were last April, tell me so at once. My affections and wishes have not changed, but one word from you will silence me forever. If, however, your feelings have changed, I will have to tell you: you have bewitched me, body and soul, and I love--I love--I love you. I never wish to be parted from you from this day on."
🌿 Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice .
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i-was-today-years-old-when · 6 months ago
i learned that Carrie, Stephen King's first novel that launched his career, was rescued from the trash can after his wife Tabatha removed the crumpled up pages, read them and told her husband she wanted to know the rest of the story (x)
Tumblr media
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minisheku · 3 months ago
I want an odd cousin of the hanahaki disease.
Instead of having flowers grow, and hurt your lungs in the name of unrequired love, you grow a little flower guy in your hand. The little guy, has a simplified version of your love's personality. When they grow out of your hand, they follow you everywhere.
Though, you should take good care of them. If you don't, they might wither, and take your memories with them.
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50-shadez-of-life · 5 months ago
Deadly class: Marcus x non-binary Reader.
Contains: smut just pure smut, rough hard smut. Enjoy.
Tumblr media
I kinda don't use she/her or he/him I just use "You/You're"
You both known eachother  since the beginning, when both of you started in class
You both were friend-enemies. 
You both were in the same friend group or that's what you'd call it, something  you didn't have much of because  of how people  we're at the school or in general. 
You both go to a party you're both invited  to with the group, it was your second  party you've been to you went to the huge ass house they had a pool and everything. They definitely  were rich, they probably  wouldn't even notice  if something went missing  you thought. 
You got passed a drink and said fuck it and started to drink it, you sooner or later had 6 drinks got drunk as hell and marcus  saw you Hella drunk and picked you up and brought  you to a room upstairs. He brought water and a hot towel  to put over your head and sat there until you passed, you woke up back at the school but in his room.
You still were fully clothed but were covered  in a blanket  you'd assume  he stole for you and a pillow  to rest, you wake up and sit up on the bed to see Marcus come in and close the door to turn around to see you awake. He had water in his hand to give to you to wake up if you had gotten  thirsty, obviously  you took it because  you were thirsty he looked at you and chuckled
"heh. You snore pretty loud, you know." You looked away drinking the water in embarrassment you both giggled at the fact you snore while sleeping, one thing he didn't know was you'd liked him for while but he'd never like you back or so you thought.  He put his hand behind  his neck rubbing it saying "you'd slept all day you know" you gasped "wait really?." He rolled his eyes because  he was kinda tired from school "yeah don't worry about it" he sat down beside you looking at you, you both lean in a kiss, you feel like everything  around the both of you is gone and only you  two kissing.
It felt so magical  for one second  you felt happy you slid your hand on his and he slowly  held your hand and you both just started to make out, you got pushed against  the wall while still kissing Marcus  very rough he started to slide his hand up your waist  and he looked at your eyes for permission  and you nodded, he preceeded  to grab your brest hard and then biting your lip you let out a small moan and that just turned him on he took his shirt off and pulled yours off and then bitting your neck and sucking on it making you gasp and lean your head back closing your eyes talking it all in, you were loving it.
You both then preceeded  to take the rest of your clothes  off and he pins you against  the wall looking in your eyes slowly  looking down and back up to your lips and kissing you hard and pressing himself against  you so hard. He lifted you up against  the wall still roughly  kissing you untill you feel his tip slipping in, in mid way moan he kisses you and then starts to slowly  put it in and out but every moan you make he starts to get faster and rougher, you'd knew he wanted to do worse to you he started to go so fast your makeup started to run down your face maoning, gasping  for air but in love with his member and they way he was using it. You felt every inch of his member  inside you and oh god it felt fucking  good.
He puts you down and shoves you on the bed spanking your ass hard and then pulling you hair and slamming his memember  back in you, you started to cry but moan at the same time gasping  for air. Your eyes roll back as you felt the nott in your stomach  about to burst, you were about to cum all over his huge fat memeber.. he was close too he started to slam faster in you whimpering  and groaning  rolling his head back slamming harder and harder every whimper.  You both cum together and then fall back on the bed you on-top of you. Hugging you and kissing your check. "I Love you Y/n" and you both fell asleep.
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somos-deseos · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
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timetraveller1111 · 11 days ago
Value yourself , respect yourself and never let anyone to tell you what's best for you . You only know what's best for you .
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a-hoe-for-dark-academia · 3 months ago
“Sometimes I write with such self-seriousness that it comes out as complete absurdity.”
-Ottessa Moshfegh, 2018, “Politics and Prose” interview.
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quintchess · 13 days ago
Writing prompt #12
Rushing to the oven through clouds of smoke, Villain opened it and released even more of the burnt smell into the kitchen. Having dispersed some of the smoke with their hand, they pulled out a baking tray with burnt cookies and touched it with their bare hand, covering everything with a crust of ice. This stopped the spread of smoke, but didn’t completely get rid of it. Villain headed out to the window to let some fresh air in, as they noticed movement in the smoke-filled space. “Hero, I see you.” The activity stopped instantly and, after a heavy breath, the hero appeared in the kitchen, becoming visible for the first time in a while. They folded their hands in front of them, walking with interest to a baking tray with a frozen substance that was supposed to be cookies. “Did you set up this smoke screen on purpose to lure me out?” Hero cocked an eyebrow, waiting for an explanation. “Of course not.” Villain opened the window and, with the help of their hand, tried to expel some of the smoke outside. “I wanted to make cookies for you as an apology, but you know.” They nodded their head towards the baking tray. “I’m terrible at cooking.” Hero wanted to smile, but restrained themselves, not wanting to show that they were no longer angry. They wanted to become invisible again, but as soon as Villain saw their limbs started to disappear from view, they immediately took their hand, returning Hero to a visible state. The villain didn't want to spend a few more days looking for them around the house. “Listen. I'm sorry I froze your PlayStation. I shouldn't have been so angry.” “You shouldn't have.” Hero agreed, looking at the villain with an overly penetrating gaze. After taking some time to think, they nodded and hugged Villain, tiredly exhaling. “I forgive you.” Villain smiled and hugged them back, lightly rubbing their shoulder blades. “Will you give me my car keys now? I really have to go to work.” Hero pulled away without a word and walked out of the kitchen into the hall, taking a bunch of keys from the drawer where Villain always left them. Returning to the kitchen, Hero put the keys on the villain’s palm, smiling a little slyly. Villain looked confused at the place from which the hero took the keys and shifted their gaze back to them. “Have they been there all this time?” “Yup. Just invisible.” Hero confessed, chuckling at the look on Villain's face.
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sa-sa-blogger · a month ago
Sẽ có lúc bạn không hề biết rằng, sau khi bạn trải qua một vài chuyện hoặc gặp gỡ ai đó. Tính cách của bạn dường như đã dần dần thay đổi từng chút, từng chút một mà bạn không hề biết, để rồi những điều bạn luôn nghĩ rằng sẽ không bao giờ có thể đổi thay đã lặng lẽ tạm biệt bạn của quá khứ mất rồi.
Cho đến một thời điểm nào đó, bạn giật mình nhận ra rằng, mình của quá khứ đã đi đâu mất rồi sao bây giờ mình lại khác đến thế này. Đó là một câu hỏi dù bạn biết đáp án những chẳng thể nhận ra để trả lời được.
Cuộc đời là chuỗi những thay đổi mà bản thân sớm muộn cũng sẽ nhận ra mà thôi....
Retouch: Sa
Tumblr media
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kota-bee · 3 months ago
ok ok so here’s my autistic reader requests :3
one where reader is very visually overstimulated so their eyes hurt. dom!loki helps them by blindfolding them during sex. the lack of vision calming to their eyes and the sensory of sex w their lover helping a ton. for aftercare loki would let them keep the blindfold on for a bit and dim all the lights until r is ready to take it off
aaaand one where reader has been understimulated all day. they’re looking for good densities to fix it but they just end up stress fidgeting. dom!loki introduces them to the concept of sexual overstimulation :p
you can take all the time in the world to write, no pressure! you also don’t have to write these at all if you don’t want to. have a good day! <3
Pairing: Loki x AFAB!reader
Warnings: mentions of overstimulation and sensitivity to lights, discussion of sensory overload, blindfold, smut, PROTECTED sex this time, dirty talk, soft dom!loki, fingering, oral, 16+ please
A/N: okokok this prompt sent me. I absolutely loved writing this and I will absolutely write the second half so don’t worry. Also I finally figured out how to use bold and italics so of course I’m overusing it
Requests: open but slow
“What’s the matter love?” Loki’s voice cut through the pillow you currently had mushed over your face. He could see that even despite the pillow muffling your vision you still had your eyes clamped shut.
“The lights are fucking bright” you grumbled, your own voice grating to you. Everything was too loud, too bright, just too much right now. You felt the bed dip as Loki sat next to you, he laid himself out so he wasn’t touching you, but you could hear him. Loki knew many of your boundaries, many of them requiring softer sensory inputs around you. Loki knew that when you were upset or overwhelmed he shouldn’t touch you until you invite him. He knew lights could be aggravating but didn’t know just how hard it could be for you.
“Can I touch you dove?” He hummed softly, his words no louder than a whisper. A little grumble of a yes left your lips, still smushed by the pillow. Loki chuckled and pressed a delicate kiss to your shoulder before rolling off the bed. He flicked the lights off and closed the the curtains slightly, leaving the room in a soft yellow glow.
Loki placed himself next to again, a little warning touch gracing your hand before he rested his head in the crook of your neck. Loki placed a hand over yours and guided you to lift the pillow slightly, allowing you to see a now much dimmer room.
“I’ve been thinking-“ Loki started, plopping himself unceremoniously next to you on the couch. You hummed, a signal to continue, as you cuddled closer to him. Loki chuckled at you softly, you were always so wanting of his touch.
“Yesterday, the lights were painful to you yes?” He began, almost nervously. You nodded, not entirely sure where this was going.
“are they always like that for you?” He asked softly, pressing his lips into your hair. He was nervous for that answer, afraid he wouldn’t have noticed your own struggles. You hummed out in thought, tipping your head against his shoulder from your place at his side. It was hard to describe, yes they were always annoying but not always painful.
“Kind of. They’re only really painful when I’m overwhelmed but… yeah lights are always hard for me. They buzz and are bright and sometimes they’re colourful- which I don’t know why that’s a thing” you started explaining, a deep frown on your face as you remembered all the god awful lights you’ve encountered.
“Ours aren’t too bad since you always let me buy the bulbs but they’re still not great” you finished, cocking your head to look up at him. Loki looked deep in thought, a very familiar expression for him. Loki hummed softly before getting up and walking towards your room. You just sat there, listening to the distant shuffling.
Loki re-emerged with what looked like a tie in his hand, a little grin on his face. “How is a tie going to help with the light bulbs” you asked, your face screwed up in confusion. Loki chuckled and kneeled in front of you, making himself smaller for you.
“I would like to test something. When I ravish you, I don’t want you distracted or upset by the lights. So, I want to blindfold you.” He explained like it was the most casual thing ever. His words sent sparks through your body, a shiver running down your spine at his sultry words. Loki ran a gentle hand over your knee, silently prompting you for words.
“I really wouldn’t be able to do much blindfolded” you mumbled, slightly unsure about not being able reciprocate your pleasure. Loki tutted and ran his nimble fingers over your jaw. “There are other times for that, tonight I want you to enjoy yourself” he hummed. You sighed and looked at the tie he was presenting you with. You knew it would help, you wouldn’t be distracted by the lights. But, you also couldn’t help Loki in his pleasure. The look on Loki’s face told you that perhaps he didn’t really care about that tonight.
“Fine, but promise me I can at least do something for you at the end” you said with a little pout. Loki chuckled and muttered about how adorable you were before leaning up and pressing a chaste kiss to your lips. He beckoned you up to follow him to your shared room. He had a firm but gentle grip on your wrist.
“Strip” one simple word had your head reeling. Loki wasn’t usually bossy, he was always the one in charge but rarely bossy. Your small moment of hesitation earned you Loki’s fingers wrapping around your jaw. “Did I stutter darling” he breathed oh so softly. You whimpered and shook your head, quickly doing as you were told.
Loki enjoyed the show as you peeled your clothes off, your beautiful body exposed for his eyes. He swatted at your hands before you could take your bra and panties off. You giggled at his insistence that he would strip the rest off of you. You folded your arms behind your back and rocked back and forth on your heels, smiling up at your lover.
Loki leaned down and pressed a gentle and loving kiss to your soft lips. Gods he loved how you tasted, possibly the only sweet thing he loved. He pushed you back onto the bed with a little shove before climbing on top of you, tie still in hand. He gave you one last questioning glance, wanting you completely on board with this. You gave him a reassuring nod, prompting him to tie it over your eyes.
The feel of the silk over your eyes was strange, not terrible though, just new. Loki tied it loosely, making sure you can take it off if you really wanted too. Loki sat back on his heels and looked you over. Your chest was rising and falling swiftly, your legs were wrapped around his hips and bucking slightly. You looked like a dream and it was all for him.
He had to admit, you did look more relaxed. Your arms were slack beside your head, you were squirming less than usual. He sighed softly as he ran his hands over your body, he relished in the sight of your beautiful body. Gods he loved you.
“What should I do with you love, you’re all pretty laid out. Just for me” he purred, it was strange not being able to see him. You sighed and pulled your hands up to try and touch him blindly. Loki chuckled and grabbed your hands, guiding them to his chest. He groaned when you ran your nails across his pale skin, leaving red marks in their wake.
“Whatever you desire my lord” you purred, rolling your hips against his hardening cock. A sultry moan left his lips before he pulled away from you completely. You grumbled at the loss but still waited patiently.
“How much do you like these panties dove?” Loki asked, his fingers ghosting over the hem. “Not much but-“ a tearing noise and a sharp pressure against your hips left yet another pair ruined. You whined at Loki, a whine he elected to ignore today.
Loki wasted no time in touching you now. He pressed two fingers against your weeping cunt and hummed in approval. He slotted himself between your plush thighs as he pressed two long, slender fingers inside of you. Your moans and whines left him breathless. You weren’t usually so vocal, he usually relished in your pants and huffs but today was different.
He couldn’t help but speed up his fingers, dragging and forcing more noises from you. You were squirming and shaking against him, he didn’t even bother to keep you still this time. He leaned forward and attached his lips to your clit, a high pitched whine echoing through the air.
Loki was eating you out like a starved man, his fingers pressing against a spot deep inside of you over and over again. The blindfold covering your eyes was making you feel your pleasure even more. Loki looked up at your face, your mouth was hung open, your cheeks flushed and sweaty. Loki pressed his fingers into you roughly just to watch your face scrunch up.
“Fuck- Loki PLEASE” you cried out, shocked by your own volume. Loki chuckled against your cunt, the vibrations snapping the spring in your stomach. Groans of his name mixed with several explicits, you could feel Loki smiling against your skin. Loki released your clit with a ‘pop’ and pulled his fingers out of you gently.
“Open” Loki cooed, his fingers pressed against your lips. You wrapped your lips around his digits, tasting yourself on them. He let out a little groan at the sight, the image going straight to his cock. Loki pulled his fingers out of your mouth and spread you saliva across your swollen lips.
You felt Loki attach his lips to your neck, broken noises falling from his lips as he bucked his hips against yours. “I’m going to take you now. Do you need a minute to calm down first?” He breathed, his self restraint thinning by the seconds.
“No no, I’m ok. Fuck please Loki I need you” you groaned out, his touch intoxicating at this point. You felt him grin against your skin before pulling away. You heard distant shuffling as he stripped and probably pulled a condom on. A little whine left your lips as he pressed the head of his cock against your opening.
“Relax my sweet, I’ll be slow like always” he cooed, running his fingers over your thighs. You moaned when he started pressing himself inside of you, inch by inch. Loki watched as your breathing picked up again, little pants leaving you parted lips. Loki reached up to palm your still covered breasts, watching you smile and squirm at the feeling.
Loki bottomed out, pressing his hips flush with yours. You both let out broken and desperate moans, Loki pressed his head into your neck. Loki gave you second, waiting for your breath to even out again before moving. His pace was slow but pointed, moving his hips in little circle 8’s.
“You’re so pretty and you’re all for me” he panted into your ear, sounding almost desperate. You whined at his words, threading your fingers through his hair. A practically deep thrust had you tugging at his raven locks with a shout. Something about his soft pace was almost better than when he was rough. It was easier for you to take and process, each thrust making you quiver.
“Tell me how good you feel baby.” He groaned into your skin. Right when you opened your mouth to praise him he snapped his hips roughly, pulling a shriek from you. Each drag of his cock against your walls sent sparks up your spine. He kept switching between gentle rocking and rough thrusts, keeping you constantly on edge.
“Are you close darling?” He hummed, bringing a hand down to circle your clit slowly. Your back arched and your hips twisted violently at the sudden stimulation. You nodded and brought your hands to grip his biceps, trying to keep yourself on earth. Loki could feel you gripping him like a vice, he was desperately trying to keep his composure.
“Loki I’m so close. Please don’t stop” you cried out. “Then cum” he hissed, thrusting into you roughly, rocking you down into the bed. A broken moan escaped your lips as your orgasm hit you like a truck. You felt Loki swell before he came with you. He continued rolling his hips, riding both of your orgasms out.
Loki sighed and pulled out of you softly, trying not to hurt you. You grumbled at the empty feeling he left you with. You reached to pull the blindfold off but stopped when Loki gripped your wrists, stopping you. “Patience dove” he breathed, setting your hands down beside your head.
You huffed but waited for Loki to do whatever he was doing. You heard Loki walking around, distant noises filling your ears. You jumped at the cold washcloth Loki pressed against your thighs, but relaxed eventually. Loki smiled to himself as he took care of you, enjoying the dazed look on your face.
Loki flicked the lights off in the room and cracked the blinds, the room filling with a gentle golden glow. Loki sat next to you, the bed dipping at his weight. He lifted your head to undo the tie softly. He saw you squint, adjusting to the light of the room. The little smile on your face as you took in the dim space. You tipped your head to look up at Loki who had a proud look on his face.
“I love you baby” you hummed, resting you head on his shoulder. “I love you too my flower” he sighed, pressing kisses to your head. You relaxed into him, letting your exhaustion take over. Loki wrapped his arms around you and held you close, relishing in your warm soft skin.
Part two coming soon besties 😎
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edourado · 2 months ago
Diamonds and Pearls
Dear gentle reader,
Be kind to this author.
Tagging dears @carry-the-sky @ninzied @ejunkiet @evilbunnyking
read it on Ao3
He smelled it before he opened the door.
Taking a moment to breathe in, Anthony wondered if he’d ever had any particular preference for the fragrance before. Before her. 
“Oh”, he heard, and turned his head to the side. Her lady’s maid had just turned the corner, holding a box in her hands, and offered him a small curtsy. “Good evening, my Lord.”
“Are these for Lady Bridgerton?”
“Yes, my Lord, for tonight.”
He reached for it. 
“I’ll give them to her.”
She - what was her name, again? - blinked at him, and he nodded in encouragement. 
“It’s alright. She’ll send for you later.”
Reluctantly, she gave him the box, and blinked up at him before curtsying again and turning around. 
Anthony opened the door, his senses being assaulted all at once. 
The strong smell of lillies and soap, the warmth of the fire that burned on the fireplace.
The vision of his wife standing in front of the mirror, long dark hair cascading down her back. 
And then the taste of her skin on his lips when he touched his mouth to her shoulder, adjusting the silk from her robe out of his way. 
“I wasn’t expecting you until later”, she said, adjusting to him when he wrapped an arm around her, pulling her closer, closer, she never seemed to be close enough. 
“The most curious thing”, he said against her skin, dropping the box in the general direction of the chair by the mirror. “Ever since I met you, I can’t seem to be able to do any proper work.”
She chuckled, and that eyebrow - insolent, daring, infuriatingly charming - arched right up, her hand coming to rest on top of his when he started to work on the knot that tied her robe together. “Do not blame me for your focusing problems, my Lord.”
“But that’s the thing”, Anthony said into her hair, inhaling that intoxicating scent. “It is all your fault.”
“What shall I do”, she mused, adjusting her body against his, her skin so warm under his palms, softer than the silk she wore. “They will all blame me if you drive the family to ruin.”
Anthony chuckled, and turned her face to him so he could collect the kiss he had been craving since the moment he sat down to work. 
Kate turned inside his arms, lifting her own to wrap around his shoulder and neck, kissing him softly, slowly, lovingly. 
“I can’t be late” she said when his hands dipped to grab her. “And I haven’t yet chosen my dress.”
“May I help?” He asked, just to ask, just to say something, focusing entirely on the feel of her.
“You may”, she replied, allowing him one more kiss, as deep as he liked, before pushing him away and turning to clear the chair for him. 
Anthony sat down, smiling when she draped a load of dresses on top of his legs, along with the box - shoe box - he had taken from the little woman outside their door. 
“Did Sarah send this?” She asked, taking off the lid. 
Sarah, that’s right. That was her name. “I intercepted her just now.”
Picking up one of the dresses, Kate straightened up and again faced the mirror. 
“What do you think?”
The last time Anthony had been asked to weigh in on a dress had been years ago, when Hyacinth had asked him which tiny gown she should get for her dolls, back when she was six. 
“It’s beautiful”, was what he said, because it was. 
Kate inspected her own image for a few more moments before turning to him again, dropping said dress on his legs and picking up another one.
“What about this?”
Anthony pretended to analyze three more dresses, not really knowing the difference between any of them. One wasn’t blue, he supposed. 
He was comfortable there, watching her, following with his eyes as locks of her hair fell over her shoulder, and she pushed them back with her hand, the robe he had loosened earlier precariously holding its place around her. 
Sitting there holding her dresses, he felt himself sink further into the chair - a quite comfortable one - letting the tension of the day slip away from him, enjoying the privileged view of her. 
“I should have asked your sister”, she mused out loud, after picking up the first - second?- dress back up. 
Anthony furrowed his brows. 
“You never seemed indecisive about what to wear before.”
Kate cocked her hair to the side. 
“I’ve never been to one of Lady Danbury’s special soirées before.”
“What is so special about it?” He asked, reaching out to run the tip of his finger over the side of her leg. 
“It is for the married ladies of the ton.”
“I shudder to think of it.”
She offered him a sly smile, and went back to deciding on which dress to wear. 
“I’d like to wear your gift”, she said, pointing to her vanity, where the box containing the necklace he had presented her on their honeymoon sat opened. 
Anthony got up, picking the jewel on his hands and walking back to stand behind her, placing it on her neck. 
“I much prefer it when you wear it for me”, he said, feeling mellowed, feeling warmer and warmer, feeling like he was being entranced by her scent, by her feel, by the fire. 
“Hmm. I’d like to wear it to my first soirée as the Viscountess, if you wouldn’t mind.”
Every time she said that, it did something to him. Not always the same thing, though. Sometimes it was something that gripped his chest, something big that said “you really have a Viscountess, you really are a married man”. Sometimes it was a fear that spread from the back of his head, that he wouldn’t be able to give her everything she deserved, everything she wanted, everything she was owed. Sometimes it was a thrilling thing, sometimes it was a mellow thing. 
And sometimes - like this time - it was something that crawled around his skin, licking on his ears and brushing against his lips, awakening him as it went. 
Clasping it around her neck, Anthony pushed her hair out of his way and over her shoulder, then moving to finally remove her robe. 
“I’d like you to stay”, he said as he looked at her reflection in the mirror, all skin and hair and diamonds and pearls. 
Anthony held her against him, hands roaming, closing his eyes when she lifted her own and reached back, running her fingers inside his hair.
“Would my husband really ask this of me?” she wondered aloud, her tone doing nothing to break the strange spell settling over him. “To ignore my first social duty as his Viscountess?” 
“Your husband would much rather have you all to himself.”
“And pass on the opportunity to brag?”
He lifted his eyes to look at hers. 
Kate turned to him, her skin sliding against his clothes, her hands on his arms, fingers pressing him from elbows to shoulders, her eyes alight with mischief.
“Do you know how many women in the English society resent me, my Lord?”
He lifted his brows, stealing a nibble of her lower lip. 
“Because I arrived from so far away, only to snatch the Viscount Anthony Bridgerton right off their hands in one season”. He chuckled. “The very first season he actually set out to find a wife.”
“I wasn’t aware there was so much drama.”
“Oh, there is. You should see the looks I get from the debutants.”
He kissed her. 
“Cressida Cowper seemed ready to throw me under a carriage at the park yesterday.”
He tasted the skin of her neck, tipping her head back so he could get to that one spot. 
“Many of them seemed to be dreaming of the title, you see. Viscountess.”
He held her against him, pressing and feeling, tongue on skin. 
“They dreamed of the man himself.” He felt her hands on the buttons of his waistcoat, swiftly undoing one by one. “The untamable rake, with a reputation that would make every respectable woman blush.”
With a lingering kiss under her ear, Anthony moved his head back to look at her. 
“And what do you know of my reputation, my Lady?”
Her lips stretched in a smile, that same one that used to drive him mad and now only drove him… Mad. 
“Oh, I know plenty.” He smiled down at her, not resisting, stealing a kiss. “Tales of your… Adventures run wild.”
He inspected her expression.
“Should I worry?”
“A little”, she said, pinching him on his hip, making him squirm away, pulling her closer closer closer by her waist. “But then again, I knew most of them when I accepted your hand in marriage.”
“Some firsthand.”
“Hmm. Indeed.”
She kissed him, heavens, she kissed him, and removed his waistcoat completely. Anthony had his arms full of her, hands inside her hair, pulling and tugging until she sighed against him, her fingers working on loosening his shirt. 
“So you can imagine”, she went on when he dipped his head under her collarbone, eager to taste. “How frustrated these ladies can be, that in just a few months, I took the opportunity to become Lady Bridgerton from them.” Her turn to taste the skin of his neck, which she did, her tongue running from jaw to collarbone. “And that I get you, and your talents, all to myself.”
Oh, he loved her. He loved her, and the way her skin felt under his fingers, how it tasted on his mouth, how her scent seemed to drug him, rendering him useless, powerless, completely hers. 
“But not right now”, she said, turning her face away from his, pushing him gently away from her, turning around, allowing him to pull her back to him while putting her hair precariously up. 
Anthony groaned against her skin. 
“Can you pick that up for me?” She asked, oh so sweet, and he dipped to pick up the discarded robe from the floor. 
“I, however”, he commented while she put the silk around herself again. “Seem to have underestimated your cruel reputation.”
She clicked her tongue, caressing his face sweetly, a finger tracing the line of his jaw. 
“You call it cruelty. I call it reparations.”
With a heavy sigh, Anthony tried to make peace with the fact that she really was going to abandon him to his lonesome in favor of Lady Danbury, of all people. 
“But don’t fret”, she said, pulling the cord to call her lady’s maid. “I’ll go and have my fun”, she turned to him when he sat back in the chair, bending to place a kiss on his lips. “And then I’ll come back, and we’ll have ours.”
He would try to pull her on top of him, but young Sarah was on her way, so he just accepted her kiss and his fate. 
“Go change. I’ll order you a bath.”
Anthony had had every intention of waiting up for her. But the bath she had ordered had relaxed him further than he anticipated, and when he walked back into his bedchamber, his eyes were heavy, and his bed seemed exceedingly comfortable. 
Kate was already gone, but he noticed the tray with dinner the butler had placed on the table for him, most likely on her order. 
He ate swiftly, and by the time someone came to take it away, he was barely conscious anymore.
He slept almost as soon as his head touched the pillow. 
Only to wake up to that smell again, that maddening scent of lilies, laced with something else. Smoke and wine. 
Opening his eyes, he sighed when he felt her weight on top of him, her hands working on ridding him of his pyjamas. 
Why he had donned them in the first place, he didn’t know. 
Still somewhat disoriented, Anthony reached out to grab whatever part of his wife he could reach. His hands found one thigh, already exposed by her gown, and her chest. 
He moved his hand up, watching as she worked on the complicated twists of her hairdo. Securing her in place on top of him, he sat up, and sighed against her, breathed her in. 
“Did you have fun?”
“Hmm”. She nodded and he felt her smile against his lips, tasted the wine on her tongue. He didn’t much like the smell of smoke that clinged to her hair, but the scent of her skin more than made up for it. 
“And did you miss me?”
Adjusting the skirts of her gown around her, she let out that sound, that one that she made just for him, when she gave him the control, that sound that meant she was pliant, willing, eager, his, so very his. 
While she tried to unpin her hair, he worked on the intricate works of her dress, trying to mind it, to remember that she had chosen it so carefully. 
Kate was kissing him when he finally did it, moving her hips sensually against his when he finished that one knot, and the fabrics loosened around her, and he tugged and pulled it up and off and away, thrown on the floor and forgotten. 
Lying down again, he admired her, disheveled, eyes hooded, watching him right back. 
“Lady Danbury does serve the best wine”, he commented, amused by the flush of her cheeks, the less than graceful quality of her movements.
She smiled and nodded, rolling her hips again, making him close his eyes and grit his teeth, holding on to her thighs, gripping them strongly, enjoying the feel on her nails on his chest. 
“I want another lesson”, she said, purred, and Anthony was awake, body and mind, completely unaware of the time, the day or the month, he just knew her, with him, it’s all he needed to know, all he wanted to know. 
Her, here, with him.
“You promised to teach me.”
He groaned when she sunk around him, a chunk of her skin between his teeth, for once glad that their honeymoon was over, glad for the damned soirée, glad for the wine she had, all those things meaning that he didn’t have to be so gentle anymore, that he could go a little harder, could push her a little further, show her something new, one or two, to watch as she felt, hear her as she moaned, as she learned, to learn with her. 
His mouth on hers, Anthony brought her closer, and as he moved a little sharper, he learned what it meant to really mean it, to completely lose himself in her. When he laid her down against the pillows, her legs around his hips, he understood that no matter how many times he had done this before her, and how little experience she had, she was the only one that had this, that was this, that did this to him, the only one with the power to completely undo him, to render him helpless, defenseless and silent. 
Well. Not quite so silent. 
Kate moved under him and he watched, and she watched, and he loved her. With everything he had, he loved her.
“I love you”, she echoed, and he smiled, and pulled her leg higher on his hip, tasted her moan on his tongue, her skin and the diamonds and pearls on her necklace glowing, the dying flames on the fireplace reflecting on them. 
Lord and Lady Bridgerton missed breakfast the next morning, and the staff snickered to each other while taking away untouched plates and cutlery. 
“I thought their honeymoon was over“, said young Sarah when the butler instructed her to prepare a tray to be taken upstairs later. 
The cook looked at her, bacon sizzling on the stovetop, and smiled, shaking her head.
“You’re new. You’ll learn.” 
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