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tiredevita · 14 days ago
Y/n catching Agustín before he falls to the ground: Are you okay??
Agustín blushing: Marryme-
Y/n also blushing: W-what? *trips on their own feet causing both of them to fall*
Julieta in the distance: I'm gonna marry them.
Alma: Wich one?
Julieta: Both of them.
Julieta smiling and nodding: Both of them...
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misslemonteababe · 4 months ago
Y/N: You know those things will kill you, right?
John, pouring another glass of whiskey: That’s the point.
Tommy, smoking a cigarette: We’re trying to speed up the process.
Arthur, inhaling a line of snow: And if everything goes well, in less than a year we will die surrounded by alcohol, smoke and drugs.
Finn: *Nods while eating raw cookie dough*
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pretty-dianxia · 3 months ago
Hua Cheng: (arriving at Puqi shrine) How is the hottest person in the world??
Xie Lian: I don't know... How are y-
Pei Ming: (climbing through the window) I'm doing great!!!
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pierrespandas · a month ago
*Seb lifting weights*
Charles: Wow... He's so intense!
Lance: I wonder what drives him.
Seb: *internally* Oh I am going to be SO good at giving hugs.
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thesmartone · 5 months ago
Greg: Kiss marry or kill-
John: Sherlock
Greg: But that's just one name
John: Sherlock.
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ever14 · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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arcanehumansociety · 4 months ago
Syndicate quotes but make them Doctor Who
Niki: "Hey look at this. Got my spaceship(library), got my boys, my work here is done."
Techno: "uh, We are not her boys."
Ranboo: "Yeah we are."
Philza: "yeah we are."
Doctor who season 5 episode 6
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cowboelvantas · 18 days ago
Arthur: Dunno why people keep sayin' that tellin' kids about the gays will turn 'em gay. People keep tellin' me I'm handsome, but I've yet to turn pleasin' to the eye.
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meomoonymonstar · a month ago
Apollo: never cry about men, they are not worth it
Artemis: you were literally crying about hyacinthus last week
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overheard-over-chili · 2 months ago
Lian, still learning her shapes: the means of production being in the hands of the worker
Ollie, who's been reading her the Communist Manifesto at night for six months: *visibly tearing up*
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fandomtrashfox · a month ago
Incorrect quotes: 'You two are losers'
Edward: -We should probably stop staring before this gets creepy.
Jonathan: Too late.
*Jervis and Edward look over and see Jonathan on the other end of the table*
Jonathan: You two are losers.
Jervis: Well Then, why do you sit with us?
Jonathan: Because I don't have any friends.
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tiredevita · 9 days ago
Antonio: Do you and tía Julieta like Y/n?
Agustín: Well, of course! We're good friends!
The rat on Antonio's shoulder: *squeaky noises*
Antonio, gasping: YOU TWO HAVE A CRUSH ON Y/N!!
Agustín: Julietaaaa...!!??
Julieta from afar, pointing at the rat: I TOLD YOU IT WAS A SECRET, YOU FUC-
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misslemonteababe · 4 months ago
Arthur: Here’s a fun Christmas idea. We hang mistletoe, but instead of kissing, you have to FIGHT whoever else is under it.
Ada: Arthur, no.
John: Mistlefoe.
Polly: Please stop encouraging him.
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pretty-dianxia · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Hua Cheng means business!! 
 by: Ying_anSanren - Original Post
You can also find more memes on twiter here Ying'an Sanren
and Tumblr 
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coffeeb013 · 2 months ago
Phoenix meets his daughter/son-in-law
Serious talk with Klavier.
Phoenix thinking: I'll try something I have seen in a movie, maybe it'll make Klavier laugh...
Phoenix: "So, what are your intentions with my son?"
Klavier starts blushing: "What do y-you mean?"
Phoenix: "If you hurt my Polly, not even Sherlock Holmes will find your body, capisce?"
Klavier: "Apollo, he's doing that thing again!"
Apollo from another room: "DAD"
Not so serious talk with Juniper.
Phoenix thinking: Okay, maybe Juniper will get the joke? Let's try it!
Phoenix: "Juniper, I can know if you're lying, if you try to lie to me, you'll see the consequences..."
Juniper starts to shake.
Phoenix: "What is your intentions with my daughter, Juniper?"
Juniper avoids eye contact: "I-I don't know, Mr. W-Wrig-"
Phoenix: "What's your plans for your future with Athena? You must know she can't drink coffee, right? If you make her cry, I will make YOU cry..."
Phoenix slam the desk and Juniper starts crying.
There's another chance with Jinx
Phoenix thinking: No, no more of those no-fun jokes, I don't want to make Jinx cry and even Trucy won't trust me anymore... Maybe a Hi is enough.
Phoenix: "Hi"
Jinx starts crying.
Trucy from another room: "DADDY"
From that time on, Phoenix start socialization classes.
Tumblr media
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thesmartone · 5 months ago
Anthea: That's a great shirt Greg
Greg: Thanks Anthea
Anthea: It'd look even better on Mycroft's floor
Mycroft: .....are you hitting on Greg for me??
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caspianalexander · a year ago
Drunk Lexa
Lexa: I AM HEDA! Grr. 😡
Clarke: you sure are, babe.
Lexa: I am the fierce leader of the clans!!! 😠
Clarke: uh huh...
Lexa: I’m an unstoppable, brutal, unforgiving, powerful force of nature. None shall cross me!!! 😈
Clarke: [shifts under blanket and kisses Lexa’s cheek] you’re also a soft tiny little spoon.
Clarke: little spoon.
Lexa: [blushes and snuggles into Clarke] I can be a ferocious little spoon 😠
Clarke: [boops Heda’s nose] of course, Commander.
Lexa: ... I wuv you but shhhh 🥺 is secret.
Clarke: Definitely isn’t, but I love you too [cuddles Lexa to her chest] 🥰
Lexa: [falls asleep instantly] 😴
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andthatscanon · 7 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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lorenceofbaby · 5 months ago
Soong: B-4 wouldn’t object if I mentioned that he was a greasy little disappointment
B-4: What’s to argue? Lore couldn’t dispute that he’s a sadistic bimbo
Lore: You got me! And Father, you’re a rubber-faced bag of whizz
Soong: And Data, you’re an idiot
Data: Thank you sir, may I have another
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king-al · 3 months ago
Carson: would you say that you’re independent?
Daisy: *looks at Thomas*
Thomas: *nods*
Daisy: yes, I’d say so.
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