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Melanie: Pumplin blink once if you're Hitler
Pumpkin: *blinks*
Melanie: OH MY G-
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aemanllantada · 3 days ago
Cry for help
LIFE UPDATE — I thought of anchoring this entry to another old song, same as I did last week. I first heard this song as part of Christian Bautista’s easy-listening live album. But for the purpose of this post, I checked who the original artist was. And it was Rick Astley. 
Most of the nights I feel like just doing that: to cry for help. I am not certain if the awareness that loneliness is there helps in the alleviation of it, but as for me, when I know I’m lonely, I get really lonely for being lonely. Too much isolation in a global healthcare crisis like this does not help, that I am sure.
1) I wrote my yearend performance evaluation for the teaching fellowship program that I am in. It felt nice to have sat down and just think about the humble work that we’ve been doing with our school community. Parts of me are happy about our work, but another part makes me feel that we haven’t done enough yet. Maybe I did not push myself enough? Maybe I need a little more learning? 
I find peace from being able to reflect this way, especially for me who’s just new to the development sector. I just keep myself reminded of a favorite quote by Clarissa Penkola Estes: “Ours is not the task of fixing the entire world all at once, but of stretching out to mend the part of the world that is within our reach.” Maybe, for now, this is the part of the world that we can reach. And it’s okay.
2) I opened a new Twitter account, and now I don’t feel like tweeting again. When I grew tired of social media at the beginning of the year I chose to let go of Twitter for a while, with the intention of reactivating it before it would lapse in 30 days. But I forgot my login details, so the account vanished into nothingness. From January through April I was peaceful without a Twitter account, but I thought of creating a new one to feel less alone and to be able to “promote” my new blog (which, I resolved to not yet do until I have enough content published). 
Several days into my new Twitter I still encountered the same experience that caused me to deactivate the old one: The anger, the aggression, the looks of it being an echo chamber, and the feeling that no one seems to really listen to anyone. Maybe I just need to be very aggressive as well, not through tweets, but in choosing who to follow. Hopefully I could slowly learn to trim my Twitter community into the way I want it to.
3) I am starting a new Netflix series, and I’ve been loving it. People who know me know that I am quite selective with shows so I don’t usually watch what people recommend. TV series are such a huge commitment, and my comprehension span only lasts a few episodes, so I don’t usually binge-watch. 
I randomly discovered this TV show I'm talking about and I got hooked with the characters and the premise. For some reason I feel uncomfortable revealing to this blog what series it is, as it might somehow spoil my excitement for it. But here’s what I can tell you: It’s set in New York, involves three millennial women, and their main character’s job is one of my life’s ambitions.
That’s all for now. Life update: Weeks 18-19 of 2021 San Pedro City, Laguna
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hqxkagi · 4 days ago
Thinking of starting an au here :) ,most probably will ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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I keep wondering. The universe wouldn’t keep two people apart if they were meant to be together in the end, right?
j.t.l | why do I keep hoping that we’ll find our way back to each other
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faibunny · 11 days ago
falling in love with her was an accident, i think.
and i hate when people write about falling in love -- it feels derivative, almost, because what can you say that hasn't already been said; love is easy, love is hard, like falling asleep or drowning or full bloom, love is everything and nothing and whatever lies between those. but.
when i met her it felt like pink. it was 2am and i smelled like beer but she held my hand and took me to the curb and we sat until the feeling in my chest was painted in the sky. my face hurt from smiling and she wrote her number around my wrist and it was the only bracelet i never wanted to take off.
once we were lying on a hill and she asked me between tokes why the stars at night are so pretty and i didn't know but then i saw the look in her eyes and i told her it's because the universe didn't want us to be scared of the dark and she smiled and said "but you're afraid of the dark anyways" and i know it was a jab but i've never felt more loved.
this isn't going anywhere. it's not a story of falling in love, just a story. it's not even true, really. but we were sitting on our couch looking through zillow and i said i wanted a house in the ocean and she laughed, said that she wants tulips every spring and you can't have a garden underwater. she was wrong, which i told her, in a customary long-winded farce, but she's the only one who can tell when i'm just making shit up. so. she looked at me, said anything else? and i hate to lose so i took my love for her in my hands and i whispered:
i like to be
under the sea
in an octopus' garden
in the shade
and she kissed me, because of course she did. i can't tell you how i fell in love with her, because i don't think i did. i think i met her, and it felt like pink, she felt like love to me.
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karaliswrites · 27 days ago
It's Always Been You
Has some spoilers of Sulu's life after the Enterprise. Also I kind of tried to be accurate, but not all of this is canonical. I mostly changed dates around. Oh this is Chekov/Sulu by the way.
Pavel thinks maybe this isn’t a good idea.  He tries to remind himself that he’s a Starfleet officer, a commander, but he hasn’t seen Hikaru in so long and he’d be lying if he said he was ever good at controlling his emotions.  He’s gotten into many a fight and more than a few arguments in the early days on the Enterprise.  And of course he’s learned some discipline over the years, but this was Hikaru.  Chekov knows Hikaru’s married now, to a man named Ben.  He’d actually met the guy years ago, when they first started dating, and it had upset him then and, as much as he doesn’t want to admit it, it upsets him now.
He should be over Hikaru.  He should’ve been over him so many years ago.  But working so intimately with him onboard the Enterprise was definitely not a good way to avoid what they had.  Or used to have he supposed.  It had been his fault in the first place.  Him and his stupid emotions controlling him.  He’d had his eye on Hikaru since the academy.  But he was young and hadn’t even kissed anyone yet, let alone date someone, so he had been afraid of pursuing it.  Aside from the general anxiety and what if he’s not into guys crisis, Chekov also figured they might never see each other again.  And even though his heart had told him that was all the more reason to act on it, his mind told him it was stupid.  His emotions always got out of control and he knew if anything ever happened with them he’d fall too hard and wouldn’t be able to get over it.  And he was right.
When they were assigned to the Enterprise, both at the conn, Chekov found it much harder to keep his emotions at bay.  Sulu was just so attractive, so smart, so goddamn perfect and his heart just couldn’t take it.  But no, he was a Starfleet officer, focus on the mission, focus on the mission.
He couldn’t focus on the mission.
After months and months of dancing around each other, he’d finally gotten fed up and shoved Sulu against a wall.  The first kiss had been everything he’d ever dreamed and so much more.  Maybe it was the endless pining that preceded that kiss that made his cheeks hot like phaser fire and his insides turbulent as a plasma storm.  But maybe it was just Hikaru.  Dumb, perfect Hikaru.
It hadn’t gotten awkward between them.  At least not at first.  No, at first Pavel had been almost bubbling with feelings for the Enterprise pilot, bursting with energy at their touches and melting when Sulu would send him a soft smile.  Oh, he had it and he had it bad.  And Hikaru had done the same.  He seemed as interested as his — well, what were they again?  That was the problem, Chekov figured.  There had never been any establishment.  Of course he had been head over heels for Sulu and could tell it was reciprocated in some sort of way.  But the actual word boyfriend was never discussed.  They never really talked about what they were.  So he supposed it made sense when Sulu suggested they stop.
He hadn’t been as indifferent as he had tried to appear.  Chekov could tell he didn’t want to end things.  And after Sulu’s speech about unprofessionalism and staying focused, Pavel knew he was full of it.  But his throat had closed up and he couldn’t manage much more than a quiet okay before it was over.  That was that.  Sulu had thoroughly decimated his heart.
He beat himself up for a long time after that.  Thinking it was something he did wrong.  But he could never ruminate on it for long without feeling like he was about to burst into tears, so he never ruminated on it for long.  The rest of the time on the Enterprise had been painful for sure, but somehow he and Sulu had managed to stay friends.  Sometimes that had given him comfort, other times not so much.  But it had been fine.  Really.
But then they had gotten promoted, been transferred to other ships, the whole Starfleet package.  And even though Chekov knew the distance was good for him, he did really miss Hikaru.  And it was that yearning which brought him to pay a visit to Sulu after a while of his being on the Excelsior.  A visit that broke his stubborn heart just a little bit more.  Because that was when he first met Ben.  Ben had been a wonderful man and Chekov could see why Hikaru had fallen for him.  He was very kind and down-to-earth.  But despite how much he tried to be happy for them, he couldn’t help the burning feeling in his chest.  Ben was everything he wasn’t.  And it had been so soon or at least it felt like that to Chekov.  But then again, he had loved Sulu for what had felt like an eternity.  So maybe it wasn’t so soon after all.  Maybe he had just loved Sulu more than Sulu had ever loved him.  His visit didn’t last long.
It wasn’t long after that, Chekov can’t remember stardates, that Hikaru and Ben had a little girl.  Demora was her name.  Pavel could only bring himself to meet her shortly after she was adopted.  He had spent most of his time with Demora, holding her and coddling her so he could distract himself from the fact that this was Hikaru’s daughter.  He had already settled down with a wonderful husband and they had made a family together, and Chekov still couldn’t bring himself to forget those brown eyes that sparkled like stars.  He had thought himself disgusting, reminiscing about quick kisses in the hallways and slow, soft ones in his quarters while he was holding Demora.  While standing in the quarters of her parents — her parents — and trying not to feel sorry for himself.  But he just rocked her and rocked her and paced back and forth, trying not to listen to Sulu laugh at something his husband said.
So is this a terrible idea?  Definitely.  But he figures it’s been years since the last time he visited the Sulus.  He’s had time to process it, accept it, and he has, he has.  He’s a Starfleet officer.  He’s been through worse than this.  So he takes a deep breath and tries to prepare himself for Ben and Hikaru’s smiling faces when they open the door.  He rings and it takes a moment for anyone to answer.  He bites his lip, reminding himself to breathe.  He has to control himself, he has to.
The door opens and it’s not who he expects.  It’s a young girl, maybe 12 or so, he can’t really tell.  Has he really been gone that long?  “Demora?” he asks and the girl seems confused.  But then again, the last time she’s seen him would’ve been when she was just a baby.  “Who are you?” she replies and Chekov’s about to answer when he hears Sulu’s voice from the other room.  He swallows.  This is going to be harder than he thought.
Sulu comes around the corner in a dark blue silk robe and his face brightens when he sees who’s at his door.  “Pasha!” he cries and Pavel feels his heart flip.  God, he hasn’t been called that in so long.  “Hikaru,” he smiles, reaching his hand out for Sulu to shake.
“It’s been so long,” Hikaru says, that brilliant grin just shimmering on his face.  “Oh, Demora, this is my old shipmate, Chekov.”
Shipmate.  She turns from her father to Chekov and offers a polite smile.  He returns it.  “You probably don’t remember me, do you Demora?”
She shakes her head.  “Chekov came to visit when we first adopted you.  He held you almost the whole afternoon.  He was very good at calming you.”
There’s a brief silence and Chekov starts to feel his anxiety crawling back into his chest.  Breathe, Pavel, breathe.  “Where are my manners, please come in,” Hikaru says, standing back and gesturing into the hallway.  Pavel smiles curtly and enters, looking around because he hasn’t been here in at least a decade.  Demora runs off to what he assumes is her room and Pavel looks anywhere that isn’t at Hikaru.  “So,” he clears his throat.  “Where’s Ben?”
Sulu’s eyes seem to darken for a moment, but then it’s gone as quickly as it appeared.  “Oh, um,” he starts and Pavel already knows by the tone of his voice what happened.  But he can’t find it in himself to speak.  “He died years ago.  Transporter accident.”
There’s a moment of silence and Pavel can’t believe himself.  He’s actually pleased — pleased.  He wants to hit himself.  Of course he knows he feels sympathy for Hikaru, and for Ben, but deep down under all those broken shards of his heart he’s goddamn relieved and he knows it.  He’s disgusting.
“Hikaru, I . . . ,” he starts, but he chokes on the rest of his sentence.  Sulu waves a hand in the air, grimacing with old grief that isn’t poignant anymore.  “It’s alright.  It was a long time ago.  You couldn’t have known.”
He swallows and hears Hikaru sigh softly.  “Well, why don’t I put on some tea?”
Pavel manages to meet his eyes for a few seconds to nod.  “That sounds lovely, thank you.”
He puts on the kettle and Chekov sits at the table by the window, trying to steady his breathing.  He doesn’t hear Hikaru sit down across from him.  “So,” he says, folding his hands on the table.  “You’ve been gone for a long time.”
He manages a short laugh, trying to relax, but this is Hikaru.  “I have, haven’t I?”
Catching up with Sulu is easier than he expects.  Being alone with him while their tea brews is comfortable.  Comforting even.  He can pretend it’s like the good old days, exploring the universe together.  It feels like they’re in the mess hall again, reminiscing about their shifts and off time, laughing together.  Pavel feels young again as he follows Hikaru over to where the kettle is hissing.  “That sounds like quite the experience,” he laughs.  Chekov smiles.  “You have no idea.”
“How do you like your tea?  One lump or two?”
“Oh, two please.”
Hikaru smiles and grabs the sugar, plopping in two cubes for Chekov and one for himself.  He picks up the mug and hands it to Chekov and when he reaches to take it, their fingers brush.  It’s like the old days all over again.  His fingers buzz with static and his breath catches in his throat.  He meets Hikaru’s eyes and he knows he should pull away, but he just can’t bring himself to.  He doesn’t know what to say, his brain is fried, so he just parts his lips and keeps glancing between those shimmering eyes he’s missed so much.  “I, uh —” he manages somehow and Hikaru gives a smile so small he thinks he’s imagining it.  “I’m sorry,” he says, pulling his hand away so fast he spills a little of the tea onto his boots.  He can feel his face flushing red and wow he’s got it bad.
Hikaru’s steady fingers take the mug from him and place it on the counter before taking Pavel’s hands in his.  “Pasha,” he says barely above a whisper and Chekov feels his heart stutter in his chest.  He musters up the courage to meet his eyes and is surprised to see only softness there.  “It’s alright.”
He licks his lips, his heart beating furiously like it’s going full impulse, and this can’t be real can it?  Sulu’s gaze flutters over his face and suddenly he’s blurting, “I’ve never . . . I’ve never forgotten about you, Hikaru.”
“Neither have I.”
When Sulu’s lips meet his, his cheeks feel the same phaser fire heat and his insides are that old plasma storm.  He moves softly with the kiss, trying to control himself.  But he’s felt the phantom feeling of this for too long, missed it with every fiber of his being, and he can’t help himself.  He wraps his arms around Hikaru’s shoulders and kisses him with the passion of decades, of millennia, because it feels like he’s been waiting that long.  But Sulu holds him just as tightly, kissing back with as much enthusiasm, like he’s not the only one who missed this and it’s so worth however long Pavel’s been waiting.
He doesn’t know how long the kiss lasts, but when it’s over he knows it isn’t nearly long enough.  He has at least forever to make up for, why do they have to stop now?  He looks breathlessly into warm brown eyes for a moment, but then Hikaru smiles and he can’t help smiling too.  “I’m glad you came to visit, Pavel.”
He feels himself grin.  “Me too.”
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gingerreggg · 28 days ago
Chapter 2 of Hands of Life is here!
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starforger · 29 days ago
TREACHERY - A time my muse betrayed someone after building up a relationship.
"Grab a drink, pull up a chair. This is a long one.
When I was still a child, I met a Coeurlclaw girl. Of course, I didn't know who she was at first, just another hunter about my age. As my clan roamed across the forest, I kept chancing upon her, and we soon became fast friends, to a point where I became comfortable confiding in her. My mistake. She saw that I harbored doubts about my clan, that my mother hated my rebelliousness and that I was a terrible fit for this family. I was too naive to know at the time, that she would use this knowledge against me.
The more we spoke, the more it came back to my dissatisfaction. She preyed upon my doubts and told me that I could do better, which was something I had believed all along. She told me of her clan, the Coeurlclaws, and all the freedom that came with joining them. It was tempting, but I was afraid. Then she made me believe that I could do better, that things would be better, if only I made the leap."
Maha paused, taking a deep drink of her cup, whose contents were a mystery.
"So I left. I went with her, and she introduced me to the clan. For a while, she was right, and things were better. I was free to do whatever I wished, to pursue whatever I wanted. From this vantage, the clan was welcoming and friendly. Almost too friendly.
After a few weeks, reality struck. The Coeurl King demanded much of his followers. Absolute devotion. Willingness to do anything he demanded, even sell yourself out, give up everything you own. Even kill. Those who were unwilling, such as myself, were punished. First with harsh words. Then, with possessions stripped. And finally, with beatings. Even after all of that, if you still did not comply, you were exiled, or killed.
Such nearly happened to me. When the time came for my rite of joining, my 'friend' took me to hunt down some quarry- which turned out to be a pair of wood wailers on patrol. Now, I held no sympathy for Gridania's law-keepers, but I was still young, still innocent. When she asked me to shoot one in the neck to prove my loyalty, I refused. And she turned on me. At that point, it was either me or her. So I shot her and fled. I later found out that she died from her wound. An infection, perhaps, or blood loss. I don't think too much about it.
Looking back, she was probably just as terrified as I was, only but a step further. In truth, there was nothing I could do to save her. I just had to get out. I left behind everything I owned in their camp and made south, for Thanalan. I figured, if I was out of the forest, they'd never seek retribution.
Now, I dare them to come after me. I am prepared to make them pay for every wrong they have set upon me and that girl. Rest ye well, Anha Garanjy."
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ssa-daddyhotchner · 29 days ago
The Struggle of Loving You - Chapter 18
Chapter Selection
"Did you study for the test?", I looked up at him in surprise. He turned to me scanning my face, "So that's a no." 
"It completely slipped my mind, if you haven't noticed I've been a bit busy", I gesture between the both of us. Knowing that we've been taking up each other's time constantly. He chuckled and put on his button up his shirt, "I'll give you a pass this time. Y/n you better not forget next time or there'll be consequences." 
My mind wandered along those words, trying to figure out what he meant. I knew there was a darker side to him, it was obvious. I wanted to find out how to bring it out of him. "Like what?", the smallest smirk formed on his face. 
He didn't answer, going into the bathroom to brush his teeth. I followed soon after, ready to leave. 
The past few days, I had stayed over at Aaron. Some nights he would stay over my apartment but it was easier to just be at his place. Chloe was always at home after she had woken up at the hospital. And for good reason, I'd be scared to go out too. 
I had spent some time with Jack but for the majority of the time he was with Hayley. She had run into Aaron and I while we were out at a restaurant. Why went out of our way to go 45 minutes out of town in case we ran into someone and of course it was her. 
She just stared at us, never asking us anything. 
"I wanna take you out", I held out my hand and he took it. We walked out of his house and he locked the door behind us. Going to the car we both got in, I didn't have my car because Chloe needed to borrow. "How can I say no", smiling at him as he drove out of the neighborhood. 
"Tonight", I said and a silence took over the car. Both of us just sitting, the quiet humming of the car as it went down the road was something that took my focus. 
I looked at the window and stared at the passing buildings. "How'd you do in the academy?", Aaron turned his focus to him, taking his eyes off the road. "What was that?" 
"The academy... how'd you do?", he looked back at the road and I glanced at him. "Well." 
"Well? Like how", Aaron turned into a coffee shop. "As well as you'd aspect." I rolled my eyes and he parked the car in the parking lot. "Well that doesn't help. How was it?" Aaron got out of the car and opened the passenger side door. I got out using Aaron's hand to help get out, "Why are you asking?" 
We walked into the shop and got in line for the register. "I don't know... I just want to know what to expect is all." 
"Y/n you'll be fine, it is challenging but nothing you can't handle." I was getting worried about it. Something that was always at the back of my mind. I knew there were women in the FBI obviously but I was preparing for them to reject me. 
Because I was a woman they wouldn't want me. The fact that Aaron had faith in me made it slightly easier. I nodded to his words and we stepped forwards and ordered. 
Getting our drinks we walked out and got back into the car. Heading for the campus, I still needed him to help me study. We had started a new unit and I was harder than I thought it would be, my grade going from and A to a high B. 
Most people would still be glad and hell yeah I was but I just needed the extra support. The drive to campus was filled with casual conversation, some about Jack and how he was doing. 
We stopped out of the car when he parked, going into the lecture hall. We were early giving it was about a half hour before class had even started. Going down the stairs, setting my thing at my desk and Aaron went to his desk. 
I pulled up a chair and sat next to him, "Get your things out, refresh yourself, after I'm done grading these then we can worry about you." I nodded and opened my book, going over definitions. Looking at statistics, "Okay this isn't helping." 
"If you want me to hurry up... here-", he handed me half the stack of paper that was on his desk. "There, help me grade those and I'll help you, seeing how impatient you are, better to have you do some work." Aaron wasn't completely wrong, I was impatient. "Here's the answer sheet", he placed the Answer paper in front of me and I went through all the answers. 
Most of the students were getting B's and C's. Only some of them A's, "This is kind of fun." He glanced over to me, "Maybe you can help more often." 
I wasn't going to say no to spending more time with him. I flipped to the last page and I finished my pile after Aaron. He collected the papers and pushed them to the side. He pushed my chair in front of him and pulled me closer, our knees were up against each other. 
I stared at him, waiting to test me. " What are the social forces that make up, according to Robinson?" I racked my brain thinking of the answer that was on the tip of my tongue. "Biography, organization interpersonal relationships socia structure, culture, global environment." 
He looked back at me, "Good... What is Transnational and Comparative criminology?" 
"Transitional criminology focuses principally on transitional or cross border forms of crime and endeavors on various levels to control and respond effectively to such crime—" I took a breath and I could tell by Hotch's face that he wanted me to keep going. 
"Comparative criminology addresses the nature of the crime problem and the form and character or criminal justice systems in predominantly Western countries." My heart raced from the slight pressure. He set a reassuring hand on my knee, rubbing small circles. 
"You're doing great", I could hear that he was genuine. "What is policing?" 
"The prevention, control and prosecution of crime and the maintenance of public order by professionals employed by the state in an entity known as "the police, militia—." The very last word I needed to answer the question didn't come to mind. Hotch removed his hand from my knee and crossed his arms, raising his eyebrows. 
"5...4...", he started counting, making my mind rush. "I can get it." 
"3...2...", he paused, giving me a last chance. "Gendarmerie?", it sounded like a question, I wasn't sure myself. I waited for Hotch to tell me I was wrong. "Correct." 
I let out a sigh of relief. He leaned forwards and grabbed my hand, pulling me on his lap. "You did fine, but obviously the questions on the test are going to be more detailed than that. I put my arms on his shoulders, "Sweetheart you and that beautiful mind are going to do great." 
"I hope", he kissed my temple and I stood up. Class started in five minutes and I took that time to try and calm my heart rate. I felt it beating in my ears, every once and a while Aaron would look up at me, he saw that I was stressing over it. 
The first student walked through the doors taking their seat. Soon after they started flooding inside. Letting them settle Hotch spoke, "As you know today is the test, put your things away and we'll start." 
Once everything was gone, he passed the packets out, "You have till the end of class, if you finish early you can leave." He sat down, looking in my direction. Giving me a nod, I flipped the first page and read the first question. 
Answering the last question, I went over my answers maybe three times before standing up and walking over to his desk. Handing him the papers, "You can leave." I turned around and walked through the doors. 
Chloe walked out after me, "Where were you last night." I gave her a dumb look, she raised her eyebrows, "Right. How's that going by the way." 
We made our way across the campus in the direction of our other classes, "Good." 
"No details?", I shook my head. 
"That's just for us." Chloe groaned. "You're so boring", my phone vibrated and I took it out.
Aaron - After you're done. You might want to get ready for our date. 
Y/n - Where are we going
Aaron - That's a surprise... but where a dress
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liilblondie · a month ago
I didn’t know I would keep her so dear to my heart for so long
Sure, it took some tome before I realized that it was her all her, but wow six years. That is a long time to keep a secret. 
Now, I sit here weak and rotten. It was what I wanted. To them to see me for who I am. To see how big my heart truly is and now you can see it beat slowly under my ribs while I die.
This is my protection from their eternal hatred. 
If I work hard enough maybe, just maybe, someone will see me and then maybe all the voices and the noice will stop. I don’t have the strength to survive on my own but her protection comes with a price that I don’t have the strength to pay anymore.
I’m not afraid to die.
The creation that is my life is not beautiful. I am the monster in my own horror film. It’s my innermost illusions that created me and everything that lies inside.
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nomadicnovelist · a month ago
Anonymous said:
How did you and Tishy meet?
@themercsadventures​ said:
How did you and Tishy become friends?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"Well, you see..." Orion trailed off. He covered Tishy's ears as if she could understand what he was about to say. "My dad killed her mother."
He let go of Tishy's ears and ruffled her fur on the neck. "My dad is the captain of the guards. Sometimes the wildlife starts attacking our cattle so they are tasked with hunting those down. Years back, it was a white wolf. They found her and only after they killed her they realised she had pups. They brought them over and I asked if I could have one. My family had pets before but Tishy was the first one that was my responsibility."
"She was a gluttonous but very good pup. Still is."
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indiralakshmi · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"A tear-jerker"
I've always loved cartooning, I remember I was in 8th grade when we were given an assignment by our Hindi teacher, in which we were supposed to draw different expressions on the face templates that were given in our workbook. (It was related to a lesson on facial expressions) and that was the first time I took to doodling. I did doodle several times after that but mostly it was just copying stuff from Pinterest.
These days whenever I find myself cut off from access to the internet, I find myself zoning out and spit balling my thoughts. It was on one such occasion when I was in the office (interning) that I came up with the idea for this comic strip. The office uncle (if you have read my blog about my first day as an intern you'll know who I am talking about) gave me some Mandakki with onions to munch on (if you don't know what Mandakki is, it's basically puffed rice that's eaten as an evening snack... It is very popular here in Karnataka, it's sometimes also called puri, (not to be confused with poori, which according to Wikipedia is to be defined as a "deep-fat fried bread made from unleavened whole-wheat flour") and is usually consumed in the form of 'Churmuri' which btw is my most favourite snack ever, you should try it when you come to Karnataka). I was sitting in my chair, laid back, eating my Mandakki and staring at the onion pieces in front of me, when a thought crept into my head, and I said to myself "Hey, what do you think onions would talk about if they could converse with each other" and the first thing that came to my mind was an image of two onions bragging about their tear-conjuring abilities and that was how I came up with this insignificant piece of cartoon that no one should really care about.
I feel like a movie director discussing the thought process behind the creation of her film. 😂.
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cbechervaise · a month ago
Tips on How to Write an Excellent Essay
Tips on How to Write an Excellent Essay
Writing essays and research papers are among the typical assignments in college. They are not simple and can invoke a considerable amount of stress and anxiety. Many learners try to avoid the task, but you cannot because it is part of the training. So, the best way to deal with the issue is to learn how you can do it. Note that writing is not everyone’s favorite. So, we have compiled some tips…
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miss-alien-pixel · a month ago
Me working on my story
Me - okay this character's back story is too damn dark I have tortured then enough
Brain - torture them more, they are your protagonist not your kid
Me - point.
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you-suck-at-writing21 · a month ago
Here’s a scenario of what I think would happen if one of champions happens to be corrupted. This is an au that involves my oc which makes it twice the angst.
Booming sounds, corrupted guardians, tears, wailing, and screaming had filled all the soft and sweetness of bird songs all of Hyrule. One by one everyone tried to escape the calamity’s impending doom, most of them died. Lo, the champions seem to struggle with their battles as they fight their uninvited guests within their divine beasts.
A Rito, who recently became a warrior due to need of more to fight within the war, went flying in search for the Rito Champion himself. She tried to force herself into the blizzard to try to find him. But before that, she was assigned to act as a chef and a nurse to prepare meals and to watch over wounded warriors, but this time she wasn’t on duty. Luckily, someone took her place so she can search for the Rito Champion. The wind was so strong it nearly took her off flight, but she kept going no matter how much the frost bit her. This Rito takes on the name as a titled chef, but yet accepted to be a part of the battlefield. Her name is no one other than Teanli, a known chef among the Rito, but has yet to succeed in being a world known chef. To put that aside, she finally found the divine beast. So then she put force behind her wings to go to the divine beast. There, she can find Rito Champion with a hidden smile struggling to fight his uninvited guest on Vah Medoh.
“Revali!” She called out to him.
“Here! Take this!” She shoots him an arrow since she noticed he shot his last one. Then Revali caught the arrow in a blink of an eye then shot it at the beast.
“What are you doing here, you’re supposed to be with the others!”
“Well isn’t it my job to take care of all the Rito?!” She gave him a look.
“True- but there’s no time to waste! This abomination here likes to play dirty and go back! I don’t need your help! I can do this alone!”
But before Revali was able to make another move a laser beam had shot him.
“Tch! Just a scratch!” Then he fell off and plummeted to the ground creating a boom sound. Teanli went and rushed to help Revali get back up.
“Are you alright?” She said worriedly. “Here let me-“
“I don’t need your help!” He snapped. “Can you not see I’m trying to prove-“
“Prove?! PROVE WHAT?! By hurting yourself so that you can be better than that knight?!”
“Teanli I have no time for this! Just go!”
Then Revali flew off ignoring her and still continued his fight with the creature on Vah Medoh. Then he realizes he ran out of bows. Caught off guard, he didn’t realize that part of the beast’s malice went onto him. Then dizziness dispelled his concentration of his tack tics of trying to kill the beast.
“Arg!! This thing! It’s trying to consume me! I will not let this happen! I will not let this happe-“ “This isn’t possible...”
Spirals of malice surrounded Revali corrupting both his mind and soul. No matter how hard he tried to fight it off he was still infected it was no use. Right at that moment Teanli came over and saw the beast infusing itself to the Champion. She shot the beast and it made screeching noises of distilled pain.
“Revali! You can fight it off! I know you’re stronger than that!”
But was too late. His mind was already taken over by the corruption and no longer resembled his once proud and pompous demeanor. Now he resembles a broken spirit ready to consume anything in its path.
“Revali, no...”
Tears in her eyes as she saw her once dear beloved friend and lover turned into an infused form of malice. She was afraid, but she knew she had to fight him. So she took her arrows and begun to shoot him. It was no use he caught them in a blink of an eye. Then he stretched and caught Teanli by the wing ready to consume her. But then, the corrupted Champion’s glowing pupil-less eyes look at Teanli. Teanli was in tears seeing Revali this way. Much to her surprise he too had a share of his tears that fell on her beak.
“ I’m... sorry...” He says this in a tone that can’t comprehend into actual words, but Teanli can tell what he was saying through his eyes.
“I’m sorry... making.. you.. cry.”
“For...give me...”
Then he decided to throw Teanli off of the no longer divine beast as now the controller is now a corrupted champion.
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maingann · a month ago
Tumblr media
Some notes on self-concept for my college writing class while my toddler sleeps. 💤 This extra dose of sunlight has been so refreshing now that I’m in school. How’s your Wednesday?
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rin-okumura-love-bot · 2 months ago
rin okumura general relationship hcs? excited to see your blog grow!!
hi friend! thank you so much!! i hope you enjoy this :)
He will protect you with his life! Literally, he’d risk his life for you. 
He pulls his sword out on anyone who even tries to harm you. 
He makes you his favorite meals! And, he gets really excited when you compliment his cooking. 
He blushes A LOT. Especially when you smile and flirt. 
He gets really flustered and blushy when he talks about you, and he’s constantly going on and on about how amazing you are. 
You motivate each other! 
You help him control his flames and calm down after a fight, and with any training he does with Shura. 
You try to help him with his cram school studies, even if you don’t exactly know what to do.
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