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Chris Evans appears to be back home in Boston without any mention of Lily James. Seems like this pic was posted purposefully to show he’s back home. Is Lily in Boston with him? I doubt it but we won’t know until we get some form of pics or confirmation from her or her team on where she’s at.

@thelonesomequeen @twiddlebirdlet @theopinionoftheredheads

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This guy was found in a dollar store in Serbia. Since day one to the day it closed about a year ago they had only a singular backpack of this sort, that persisted trough every inventory change that EVER occured in that shop. Me and my highschool friends would literally visit him every other day for years to check if someone bought him, and in the end we came to the conclusion that he was cursed and that he chose to live in that store. We also speculated that he might be Guy Fietis evil twin brother. His location is currently unknown

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I just realized how many forgotten secrets there are. Like Kenric had 9 secrets, ad Fintan had 7.  Oralie has one, but Bronte probs has like 10,000 at this point. There are also 9 other councillors who all have at least one secret. Only one of those secrets was Vespera. HOW MANY FUCKING SECRETS DOES THE LOST CITIES HAVE?????

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