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God ive been running after the bus these pasz 2 weeks all the time and i thought my tome management has gone bad but i checked the time table and it turned out these mfs moved the times 3 minutes earlier for no fucking reason

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My mom: I was so much more responsible at your age.

Me: you were pregnant at 18 and living in a tent in the south….


me: you were 18, pregnant, and living in a tent……then kept living in a tent by choice with a new born……. you were living off rain water………. you ran away from home to be with a man who had no money and got knocked up because you didn’t believe in using condoms and birth control because “ it’s in gods hands”……..thats not responsible…

Mom: that doesn’t mean I wasn’t responsible! God decide it was time for me to have a child! Look where you are in life!

Me: not knocked up and living in a tent…..


She attacks me for being single and being responsible like she was at my age lol….

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Sir did brekkist.

Sir ordered Acthar, it arriveth Wednesday.

All my tags are gone? wtf. wtaf. i’m just. wtf. Ok not all of them but…all of my ones that are…like…day 50?????? i’m…i’m….i don’t….i do not like thissssssssss. Talk about ratcheting the anxiety up to absurd degrees. Sigh.

Did a teensy bit of VampRP, more editing than RP but ya know. It is what it is. Found that the thing we thought was gonna work…probably isn’t? So…shit. Back to the drawingboard.

Played a bunch of Waifu Impact, so lovely. Enjoyed that quite a bit. Might do that tomorrow too.

Didn’t do much else, honestly. Bleh. So tired, so exhausted, just…blah. 

Liquid was decent, food was decent, pain was bleh. Back, head, wrists, hands, honestly the whole damn body was all achey. Exhaustion and death. Ya know.

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Today I received a butt plug set in the mail. It only had my first name on it and my address. I didn’t order this. There’s no note or gift receipt indicating that someone bought this for me.

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Ramrod power Kirby custom amiibo - another Amiibo nobody asked for.. but I made anyways - enjoy!

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