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ancientsasswarrior · 10 minutes ago
Many more moments can be wonderful if we let them.
- welcome to night vale
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cipoart · 21 minutes ago
Cecil: Your existence is not impossible, but it’s also not very likely
Carlos: Oh, yes! We live in such an improbable universe! If any of the basic physical constants was dissimilar to what they are, if the Planck constant had even an infinitesimal of difference or the mass of the proton or even the constant of the strong interaction, nothing of what we are and what we see would exist.
The conditions for life as we know it on earth in particular are so improbable.
You need a planet, with certain specific characteristics in terms of materials and compositions, it has to be in a particular range of distance from a star... and that star needs certain characteristics of mass and dimension.
And! The planet not only needs the right elements but it has to be the right dimension and his inner core needs a set of specific properties.
It’s astounding how unlikely we really are when you think about it.
Cecil: *gay panic* NEAT!
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penguinlass · 50 minutes ago
Tumblr media
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podcastramblings · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
also the desert otherworld being called dessert bluffs is just ahahaha I mean expected but hilarious also Kevin stay away from cEcil’s boyfriend thank you very much
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danathebestintern · 3 hours ago
Since Cecil and Kevin are doubles, their voice would be the same.
It is not, though. I think this is because of their different upbringing. Obviously.
This is also the case with Carlos and Charles, who both have been/are voiced by Jeffrey Cranor.
Carlos had throat surgery, making his VA Dylan Marron.
In shirt, the doubles would have been identical in voices but trauma and other life events has changed it.
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wormdoesstuffsometimes · 5 hours ago
I Am Not Immune To Propaganda (for moral reasons i do not simp for either of them i do not s
Tumblr media
(image description: A colored doodle of Kevin and Lauren from the waist up. They're both wearing business casual clothes, including a yellow suit jacket and black turtleneck for Kevin and a shorter, black suit jacket and orange turtleneck for Lauren. Both also have small scars on their necks and sides of their face, mostly covered though.
Kevin is drawn with purple hair in a low ponytail and 4 fully black eyes (the lower two are closed) and holes in his cheek that form a smile. (not gore-y, just dark red).
Lauren is drawn with long brown hair in a high tail, green (normal) eyes and a faint tattooed frown on the lower half of her face.)
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spooksier · 5 hours ago
hi !! quick q, what are your favourite wtnv eps?
oh jesus h christ gimme a sec. okay. okay here’s my list of bangers 
- first date (i am a carlos/cecil stan first and a human being second)
- numbers (I just remember this fucking me up in sixth grade)
- every one of the monologue eppy sodes
- cassette (cecil lore my beloved)
- [best of?] (cecil lore pspspspspsps)
-triptych (kevin baby.....)
- lost in the mail (had me by the THROAT when I was listening)
- cal (god this ep hits)
- matryoshka (the message.....its about the message)
- a story of love and horror (kill me. literally end me.) 
- the birthday of lee marvin (all 3 baby <3) 
-the general (carlos loves cecil so much it makes me insane.) 
- cat show (cecil is a bitch and I like him so much)
(im on ep 161 rn so there will def be more faves to come)
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lyoly · 9 hours ago
This was wonderful destruction after a stressful day.
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multi-eyed-moth · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Just some Kevin art (plus one Charles doodle) because I miss them and because my friend showed me a picture of a toothbat and I really wanted to draw one!
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meta-fae-sical · 13 hours ago
Welcome to night vale has made me feel better about having to spend a painfully large amount of money on a new computer for my classes, by talking about the fruitless quest to avoid the inevitably of decay by acquiring and clutching to material possessions, and how all will eventually succumb to the void.
I'm not fully sure why this has made me feel better about the material costs of life, but it has.
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abeautiful-dream · 15 hours ago
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desert-bluffs-and-me · 15 hours ago
I implore anyone who can to sign this petition. My existence is not extremism. The T in LGBT is important. We are people, just like those who are LGB only.
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wispandwhispers · 17 hours ago
i almost forgot wtnv was a horror podcast but ‘go to the mirror?’ gave me a waking call
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horngryeyes · 18 hours ago
hey ive got a question about welcome to nightvale. am i the only one who had a welcome to night vale app back in like, 2017/2018 (i think)? it had all the episodes on it and you could play them but i remember that you could not go back in them. it was themed after the logo, purple n all. i tried finding it now and i cant see it on appstore? and now im wondering if my brain made it up because thats a very wtnv thing to do
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