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AU where everything is the same except the Smiling God is just this thing that whispers dumb shit to Kevin from the radio station’s storage closet and its basically just a huge dumb ass.

The Smiling God: Yo, Kevin, build a really big chasm.

Kevin: Why?

The Smiling God: Because imagine how pissed off everyone will be at you, lol.


The Smiling God: *Talking with the other gods* Oh shit, I’m late.

Huntokar: Late for what?

The Smiling God: I’m gonna go visit the Good family, I’m about to fuck those people up.

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I pronounce Cecil’s name as sih-seal in my head, but whenever I say it, it always comes out as see-sull and I think that’s absolutely fantabulous of me

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Things I like but I explain them badly

- a bunch of theatre kids minecraft roleplay

- gay space detective does things

- funky library kids try not to die from evil fear monsters (and it doesn’t go well)

- basically just shaky woods footage

- too many cannibalism jokes and everyone talks like theatre kids

- trying to do silly little tasks while there’s a murderer running around also its in space

- spooky radio host talks about eldritch horrors and also his husband

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Okay but listen. Kevin wearing sunglasses when Carlos was around to make him more comfortable, because he knows his face creeps people out.

And Kevin not wearing sunglasses with Charles because he looked at him without even flinching and he can feel comfortable with himself without having to hide. 

That’s beautiful and I like that.

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