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the collapse when we get another steve-diana-i’ll-always-love-you-no-matter-where-i-am in the series finale of wandavision

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Wondertrev Angst


Originally posted by musicdramalove

Though she had saved them all, at a heavy cost, Diana could still feel him close by. Her Steve. The first man who came to her island, and who unknowingly placed himself in her heart.

Though she only knew of man from her mother, Steve showed her a whole new side that she would have never considered. Man was good, they cared for others and fought for others, and his actions showed her not to give up the good fight.

Even as she strives on now, her heart slightly waivers at the thought of him from time to time. How can she keep up this good fight if he is not there? Even now, the slightest trace of dirty blond hair or a pair of blue yes made her do a double-take in the crowds.

Was he truly gone? Even after renouncing her wish, a selfish part of Diana’s heart wanted him back in her arms again. Her friend, her fellow warrior, her comrade and the love of her life. Gone, and now Steve was nothing but a distant memory and a voice in the wind.

You don’t have to say good-bye, I’m already gone. I’ll always love you Diana, no matter where I am. “I love you too”, she would whisper in the middle of the night. She never expected a response back, but she wanted to say it just for the sake of still remembering him.

When she began to live and love again, it was a journey. Diana still loved the “so many things” Steve appreciated in life. If there was one thing he had shown her, it was that life was full of these things and that you should never miss out on them.

She still held that to her heart, even at her loneliest. And even when she found those who were just like her, it gave her hope again. Diana had remembered those words “I’ll never love again”, and she regretted them now. It was not the end, far from it. It was only the beginning.

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Ok so, Wonder Woman 1984 wasn’t the greatest movie. Many people have been criticizing its campiness and CGI, but I for one understood that part. I think I understand what Patty Jenkins wanted to go for here, which is to capture the essence of the ’90s Wonder Woman. I don’t mind that and I actually thought it was an interesting concept. When the trailer came out, I was like “ ah shit what the fuck, why the hell are they making some dumb 90’s movie with super stereotypical characters that everyone knows about? oh please Barbara is literally electro from the amazing spider man!”. But another part of me was hoping they had some other trick up their sleeve.

In my opinion, I think the whole concept of the movie was fine, and even the message that it was trying to drive. HONESTY. Don’t just take the easy way out. That’s one thing that I applaud the writers for doing is that they actually understand what Wonder Woman stands for. The only problem is, if they do want to make a flashy, campy 90’s vibe Wonder Woman, you HAVE to bring something new to the table. And that is where Wonder Woman 1984 fails. Every scene has been done many times and its easy to predict what’s going to happen.

I also think that the main villains of the movie should have been fleshed out more properly. For example, maybe right after the Themyscira scene, we could have had Maxwell Lord in court, fighting for the rights of his son. I know that isn’t great but you get my point. Maxwell Lord in this movie, was made to be a guy driven by the feeling that he needed to be successful, so that his son could look up to him. Which comes to what I said about bringing something new. Max could have been an antagonist fueled by anger and despair and turned evil. That would actually have been awesome to see kind-of modern characters and how they would be in the past.

Next up, Barbara. I can kinda understand why they put her in, but that doesn’t really make it any better. Being totally honest, she was annoying and if I could I would have skipped her scenes. And the sole reason why is that is because I don’t feel the need to see anything about her because I already know what’s going to happen. She’s so quirky, no high heels, yada yada yada. But maybe it would have been better if she was used as a window for us, the viewers. And they take the viewers on a journey on how to be your own Wonder Woman which I think would have been pretty meaningful. I’m not gonna talk about Cheetah or Steve cause I think everyone already knows what I’m going to say.

In conclusion, I wouldn’t go as far to say as that Wonder Woman 194 was great movie because it all come down to one facto and one factor only. Did you enjoy it? And the answer for me, is no. But I do think the movie’s heart is in the right place and the script just got too lost in its own theme.

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I love you please put your long ass posts behind a cut. If you can figure out how to format other aspects of your post, I’m sure you can figure how to put a cut in.

I wanna look thru tags and these long ass posts are making me mad.

It’s a lot of scrolling thru text.

“Read more” makes me happy.

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~A/N  - WONDER WOMAN 1984 IS SUCH A GOOD MOVIE OHMYGOD I like the fluffiness of just Steve being like OOOO FUTURE and Diana being like I love this dumbass and then the FAMILY BIT AT THE END AND JUST YES GOOD MOVIE.

So also I figured hehehehe lol twords :D honestly Diana would be super fun to get absolutely wrecked by, I love her so much she’s awesome. 

As you may imagine, slight spoilers for WW1984 (nothing major but if you haven’t seen it I would recommend watching it before you read this as it explains how Steve is back from le ded).

Just some cute fluffy sht :D 

- Enoy! ~

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I want Steve Trevor’s watches

it would be hard to get the first one maybe-but I DO have an Amazon page pulled up for the Casio he’s wearing in WW1984


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So…I had a thought…

What if they put an end credits scene showing Barbara researching Urzkartaga, the plant god?

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in WW1984, Steve Trevor is wearing watch that wasn’t made until the 1990’s

either this is just an overlook from the writers and they just wrote the watch in to fit the aesthetic, OR the watch is significant

it’s a watch out of time for the man out of time

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Does anyone else automatically think of I’ll Never Love Again by Lady Gaga when you watched WW84? Because I think that songs describes Wondertrev’s relationship pretty well. Also, I cried in this video soooo hard and I recommend you see it!

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WONDER WOMAN 1984 (2020)

Wonder Woman 1984 non è un film brutto, ma noioso e un’occasione persa sì e spiace dirlo dal momento che sul piano cinematografico è tra le vittime più eccellenti della crisi sanitaria che, purtroppo, è ancora in atto.
Innumerevoli rinvii e una produzione stanca (e stancante) lo hanno reso vecchio ancor prima di uscire e il suo dirottarsi sullo streaming gli ha, temo, dato il colpo di grazia.


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Diana Prince appreciation post

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