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#wwdits tv
lesbian-in-leather · a month ago
This has absolutely been done before, however:
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rythyme · a month ago
wwdits really put the descendent of van helsing in a frumpy sweater and made him fall in homosexual love with THE dumbest most awkward vampire on the planet. like damn! gay rights!
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poisonandbiryani · 4 months ago
Nadja is such a sweet vampire. She loves enjoying other women being successful. The way she teaches and treats Jenna, the way she feels so happy about Jenna discovering her invisibility and even in case of Joan, she is so happy to know that Joan married the boy she loved and that she had a good life. She feels bad for human women who have to deal with their clumsy husbands. Nadja is the positive support and constant celebratory energy that we all need. Kudos to Nadja. 💙💙💙💙💎💎💎💙💙💙💙
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readandwritesilver · a month ago
im not remotely at a point yet where i can articulate anything remotely coherent but like. guillermo putting on nandor's seatbelt for him. and you dont even register it when he does it its just like oh well nandor's brainwashed yknow of course hes not going to put his own seatbelt on but guillermo is going to do it because theyre running for their lives and beyond that guillermo knows he needs to get nandor the fuck OUT of there but he still takes that spare ten or so seconds to buckle him in even though nandor is fucking immortal and i didnt really think about this before i started typing but nandor is immortal he would have been ultimately fine if something had happened and anyway guillermo is driving pretty carefully plus its four am in some random industrial area GUILLERMO HE DOES NOT NEED THE SEATBELT and yet he still does it because hes his body guard hes his heart guard nandor is in crisis and im already saving his life by doing something very dangerous to have done alone but guillermo just. he loves him its the and i you its the cover your face but not only is it the cover your face its nandor covering his face because hes brainwashed but he still trusts guillermo at his core and jan broke pretty much everything else but she didnt break that and so he covers his face and he lets guillermo take his hand and he doesnt stop him from hurting the cult at any point even though he probably could or could at least try but he doesnt because he trusts guillermo and then they get to the car and while guillermo is chewing him out he buckles him in. and its the seatbelt that guillermo went out and got lined with silver however long ago and it's nandor burning himself on the band than guillermo clicked into place to keep him safe in a way that he didnt even technically need because guillermo wasnt thinking what is the absolute most practical way we can get out of here he was thinking how do i keep nandor safe because thats what he was thinking the whole fucking time and they fight and nandor strains against the holds of guillermo's love and they burn him and guillermo knows that those burns mean that hes safe but he still cant look at nandor as he explains when he got silver installed and its when nandor explains to him calmly that he is going to leave and he is never going to come back and guillermo doesnt argue because he knows that the second he touches the belt its going to burn him but also his voice has sounded like it's going to break from the moment on the porch that he realized nandor is leaving and the seatbelt is i'm sorry and the seatbelt is it's for your own good and the seatbelt is i love you, i love you, i love you. let me keep you safe. hate me if you're going to, but let me keep you safe. FX pay for my therapy.
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fate-and-chance · 9 days ago
The funniest thing about WWDITS is that they are all dressed in period-accurate clothing in photos from the past, which means that they’re dressing Like That on purpose.
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kansasjustgotgayer · a month ago
Nandor next week:
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