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psycho-ambrose-blog · 4 years ago
Tumblr media
Laundry with Dean
Dean: Y’know? On the road I’m kinda a big deal, lunatics don’t tend to do laundry and I certainly don’t need anyone to tell me when to do it or how to do it.
You: Fascinating. Are you done rehearsing your wrestling promo or are you gonna finish folding your clothes?
Dean: *Rolls his eyes*
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indihartwell · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Smackdown (25th June 2021)
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reignmyuniverse · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Xavier and I are definitely on the same page 👌🏼
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182daysofimagines · 3 years ago
Mr Forever
"you know there are some days where I really feel like this could work, like you and I are finally gunna get it right, then there are days like today, where you make me wanna tear my fucking hair out" I say as sweetly as possible to the man next to me.
He just carried on munching on his food and staring blankly forward. "Did you hear me or are you choosing to get on my tits today?" I said moving in my seat so I was facing him.
"I can get on your tits any day beautiful, literally and metaphorically" he smirked still not looking at me.
I felt the heat rising to my cheeks and slapped him on the shoulder after that comment.
"Come on babe ya love me" he said cocky dropping an arm over my shoulder and pulling me close to him.
"Yes maybe I do have feelings which could resemble love but that isn't the point” I said huffing letting his heavy arm rest on my weary shoulders.
“Then what is that point? Because as much fun as having you squeal my name in the bedroom is, I do actually have to admit that I am completely in love with you” he said smirking at me, a bit of lettuce stuck to his cheek.
“Oh stop being so sappy” I huffed wiping off the lettuce and flicking it somewhere. “C’mon give me a kiss” he said a mouth full of food. “I’d rather kiss your dog” I said smiling at the man I called my boyfriend.
“Hey Y/N, Pete” my best friend Liv said as she walked over to us. “Um Y/N I wanna go over some stuff for our tag match tonight?” Liv said smiling at me. “Sure thing” I smiled back. “Bye then” pete said as I got up and grabbed my bag. “Oh stop being such a baby” I said kissing his cheek and walking off with Liv.
We went and sat in the locker room for a while going over our tag plan, Liv was coming back to NXT for the night to help me in a match against billy and Peyton. Soon it was time to get ready and Liv and I headed to hair and makeup.
“Y/N can I tell you something?” Liv said as we sat in chairs opposite each other. “Yh what is it?” I smiled at the blonde. “I’ve never seen a relationship like yours and Petes before, like you two are so infatuated with each other yet you don’t go rubbing it in people’s faces.” I smiled at her statement and blushed a little.
“I mean I think that’s the way it has to be, me and pete came up the system together and I’m not changing for him and I love him the way he is” I said taking a sip of water. “I wish I could have something like that” she sighed, choosing which colour eyeshadow she wanted that night.
“My only advise, is don’t force it” I winked at her. We sat in hair and makeup for a bit until it was time to change into our ring gear.
Once ready we waited at the entrance for my music. “Good luck babe” I heard from behind me as I was picked up and spun around. “Thanks babe” I smiled giving pete a quick peck as my music started to blare. “I’ll be here when you get back” he said finally letting me go and letting me and Liv do our entrance.
Liv and I used to tag before so we did our little sequence before entering the ring and letting the match commence.
Honestly, the match was going really well until the undisputed era came out and started getting chairs out. Now it was me and Liv corned with the undisputed era and the iconic duo holding chairs in front of us.
“We are fucked” I whispered to Liv but before she could answer Petes music blared out. He came out with his title and Tyler following him. As they entered the ring it was now me and Liv one side pete and Tyler the other and the opposition in the middle.
“You dare come out and threaten my girl?” Pete shouted at the two men and shook his head. Whilst everyone was staring at pete Liv and I attacked the iconic duo kicking them in the back and stealing their chairs so that we were now armed as well.
I slapped billy across the back with the chair “not cool” I said before I saw a large metal thing swing down on me. However, before it slammed me in the head I saw bobby being absolutely ripped apart by pete, and Kyle being beaten up by Tyler whilst Liv had copied my actions but on Peyton.
As soon as none of the other four superstars were moving I made my way over to pete, the match had been long called off, the iconic duo being disqualified. “Well wanna grabs some food?” I said and pete suppresses his smile for me as he opened the ropes for me to climb out.
As soon as we were backstage I turned to pete. "Thanks for saving my ass" I smiled at him. "Well there's not just me you need to thank, but I think liv is taking care of that” pete smirked and nodded over to the entrance where it was obvious Tyler and liv were flirting. I just grinned.
“Maybe she has found her mr forever, like I’ve found mine” I said linking my arms around pete.
“Eww stop being so sappy” he smirked at me. I just smiled and took in the perfect moment with the perfect guy.
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thedeboniardevistation · 4 years ago
Aj’s Daddy  arms
Reblog if you agree
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moxlified · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Lmao he dropped his pencil
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ohmyziamness · 4 years ago
Tumblr media
His eyes say, "i'm not done with you," and it makes me feel some type of way...
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182daysofimagines · 3 years ago
I sat backstage in my fiancé’s locker room. My fingers twirling the slick piece of pure silver and diamonds on my left hand. I was in my gear, well except for a seth freakin’ Rollins shirt that I had stolen from my friend. As soon as the door clicked I looked up instantly. Before his match Finn had told me to wait in here as he wanted to talk to me.
As soon as he looked up his eyes looked at my shirt and pure disgust laced his face. “You had an amazing match” I smiled at him as best as I could, but to no avail he just shook his head and point at me.
“W-what’s that?” He almost laughed point his finger up and down indicating my shirt. “Oh um well after my match I was cold so I just grabbed the first thing I saw and yh” I said standing up rubbing my arm. “I don’t want you near him” Finn said out of no where. “N-near who?” I said knowing the answer but wanting the confirmation. “Rollins, he’s no good babe” Finn said placing his towel on the bench.
I scoffed “what? Um I don’t say anything when you hang out with Sasha- heck you have a mix match with her when it could’ve been me!” I said walking over to my fiancé of a year and partner of 6 years.
“Look Y/N” he began to raise his voice “I know what he’s like and now if you won’t stay away from him I i i-“ he looked at the piece of jewellery I was still playing with “I want that ring back”
My breath hitched and I felt tears brimming my eyes. All I could do was breathe heavily and let tears spill as fin watched. “Wait I didn’t mean that, No, no. You can yell or punch me, but don’t cry, please don’t cry. I can’t stand seeing you heart broken.“ he said trying to grasp my hand. I inched back staring at him through my teary eyes.
“Well then, this is what you truly deserve, I won’t yell, I won’t lash and I want even cuss you out because knowing that seeing me broken, and the fact that you know you broke me, is all the revenge I need.” I sniffed and turned for the door.
He went to grave me again and I inched back falling through the open door.
“Don’t you leave me” Finn said through gritted teeth.
“You know what” I gradually raised my voice and pulled the ring off my finger “take it back you ass hole” I screamed throwing the ring behind Finn and storming down the corridor.
Unfortunately for me his locker room was on the busiest corridor where all the male and female superstars as well as crew stopped their conversation and was watching what I had just done.
I stopped in the middle of the corridor as I heard my name being called. “Y/N, babe I-“ he started.
I turned around the tears still streaming “you know what you, I am not your babe you asked for the ring back so there for I gave it, so just leave me alone” I turned around and walked off into the corner, the whole backstage silent as I walked passed, grabbed my stuff and called an Uber to get away from here.
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ohmyziamness · 4 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Some of my favorite Gifs of my daddy
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wyattsquad · 6 days ago
hear me out,,, naomi on smackdown right? street profits get better and it's naomi & usos vs bianca & profits. naomi then either a. becomes part of the bloodline where they run literally all of smackdown and have all the belts (expect intercontinental) or b. goes against roman and then jimmy is torn between roman or naomi
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balor-queen96-blog · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
If Finn wins the Intercontinental championship tomorrow then I WILL BE THRILLED !!!
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