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People need to stop ignoring the fact that Jiang Cheng lost his core because he was distracting the wen cultivators so wwx wouldn’t get caught.

They’re ALL self sacrificial idiots.

Jiang Cheng and Wei Ying gave up their golden cores for each other. Wei Ying does not get some moral high ground because of he gave up his core. They all get dumb bitch points for not bothering to solve the entire plot by just communicating.

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If you’re reading fic, take a shot when….


or don’t , because then you will get alcohol poisoning and You Will Die

To clarify, i love all of these instances and will fight for them with my life. I’ve only had this ship for a week in a half but if anything happened to it etc etc

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thinkin bout… wwx saying, isn’t love like a halter around your neck? And u know what… maybe he’s not talking about himself. Because when has wwx ever hesitated to love?

Maybe he’s talking about lwj. Bc everyone likes to say he’s oblivious, but it’s it all the more heartbreaking if he’s not? He’s back home, he’s got Jiang Cheng who loves him and is hurt, every single day, because wwx has secrets he needs to keep. And he’s just heard from lxc that Lan Zhan’s being punished, that he’s been learning music to help him. And lxc shovel talks him about hurting the people who care about him.

He knows! He knows that the people who care about him are being hurt. And he knows that lwj is one of those people. But he doesn’t know why.

Why? Why does he love me? Why would he put a halter around his neck and tie himself to me, when I can only hurt him?

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Hi anon, 

Unfortunately, I don’t think that JZX’s death was pointless. MDZS is, at least in my opinion, a fairly “tight” work in terms of narrative and themes, which thereby makes the character deaths it features relevant and necessary. It doesn’t mean that one could not have thought of a better or even stronger way of achieving the same effect, thematically or narratively, or even achieved a more sophisticated mastery of these elements, but to me that is a different level of criticism than saying a death is “pointless”. 

One thing I could begrudge MXTX, for instance, is her tendency to have MC or ML who are orphans. At the same time, in MDZS, who his parents were, how they die, what happens to WWX afterwards are all aspects that important character-wise and narrative-wise. WWX is not an orphan for angst or to have him start the story with little privilege or as a reason to begin his journey seeking revenge against those who killed his parents, etc. It’s much more nuanced and complex if we stop to think about it further than “Orphan MC Trope, Ding!”

So, back to JZX, why I don’t think his death feels pointless. Certainly, in-universe, the specific circumstances of his death feel avoidable. But again, I want to remind ourselves here that a death feeling avoidable doesn’t mean that it is pointless. As a threat to JGS in his quest for power and recognition, JZX always had a target on his back. And although JGS didn’t predict that the events at Qiongqi Path would lead to his death, he knew that he was creating an explosive situation. Even if JZX had survived the altercation, he would have found himself stuck in between a rock and a hard place. His own family member was accusing WWX and wanted him dead, his father (and the majority of the cultivation world) wanted WWX de-fanged and to harness the power of the Yin hufu, and on the other side, he had his wife who certainly didn’t want her didi dead and his own sense of right and wrong. As WWX said, it was very unlikely in the context that his being brought at Jinlintai would not mean sealing his fate; how would have JZX reacted if he had really brought WWX to an execution? Stood up to defend him–if so, at what cost? Reacted too late and have to bear a sense of responsibility for his death which would have alienated him from his wife and his father? No matter the outcome, JGS was to benefit from having JZX stuck in the middle of this imbroglio.

And this set-up makes sense within the novel. JZX starts the novel as an embodiment of his upbringing . But we see him grow out of his prejudices and his pride, slowly. He steps up to protect MianMian, someone of low social status, even at great potential cost to himself and his sect. Even though he acts like a fucking jackass in the process, he is ready to believe the words of a servant over the words the daughter of a sect leader during the great soup debacle. He falls in love with JYL by seeing her true worth, and seems genuinely dedicated to make her happy on her own terms, not by projecting an idea of what a young mistress would desire. When he rushes at Qiongqi path, he does want to settle the situation and he doesn’t believe automatically that WWX is guilty. However, he is both doomed because he tries to do better and because of the legacy of his actions in the past. WWX doesn’t feel like he can trust JZX’s intentions, and he certainly has been given very little reasons to believe that JZX would stand up for him against his own cousin (and, as we can infer, JZX’s own father). 

To me, that doesn’t feel very pointless–instead, it appears very consistent with the novel’s commentary about society. 

In addition, it is also the first time that WWX has directly caused such irreparable damage to someone he loves and cares for because of the path that he has taken. WWX has a tendency to take upon himself (and to believe he is capable of being the only one to suffer) the burden and cost of the choices he makes in accordance to his own sense of right and wrong. That’s an incredibly important moment in his character journey, in my opinion. 

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AU idea for The Untamed number 1: Life As We Know It

I’m such a sucker for accidental baby acquisiton and domesticity that I didn’t even try to fight this one. Lwj as Katherine Heigl’s character and Wwx as Josh Duhamel’s. It would be so damn cute and I would manage to fit so much hurt/comfort in there *-*

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(So…I totally thought I’d posted this ages ago but apparently I didn’t 😅 I think I was too anxious about it not being any good so I didn’t post it in the end buuuuuuuut in this dry spell of being unable to write due to poor health…IT’S A PRE-WRITTEN FIC I CAN POST SO HERE YOU GO)

AO3 Link

Content: Implied/Referenced Sexual Content, Morning After, Communication

An Offer of Comfort and Distraction

“I don’t regret it,” Wen Ning said, his voice as quiet as always, but firm in a way Wei Wuxian had never heard before.

Wei Wuxian inhaled sharply and forced back everything he had been planning to say. He had spent all morning trying to find the right words and was only partially successful. He’d expected to have much longer before this confrontation would occur.

It seemed he had once again underestimated Wen Ning.

“Last night,” Wen Ning clarified, as if there could be any confusion.

He set the tray down on the only clear space available on the table, and then knelt to begin pouring the tea. He didn’t look at Wei Wuxian again until he held out a cup of tea. His expression was almost as timid as it always was, but there was a steely glint to his eyes, like he was bracing for something. And he was wearing his hair differently, unfastened and hanging down over the front of his shoulders.

“Ah, thank you,” Wei Wuxian muttered uselessly, taking the cup from him and letting it warm his hands as he tried to think what to say, and tried not to think about the marks Wen Ning was probably hiding behind his hair.

In truth, he’d thought that he’d have to hunt Wen Ning down for this conversation. That Wen Ning would avoid him and try to pretend it hadn’t even happened.

He sipped at the tea and looked over Wen Ning. He seemed almost entirely his usual self, as if such a thing had not happened. Or as if such a thing was not unusual at all.

“If Wei-gongzi regrets it, then I apologise,” Wen Ning said, lowering his head, his fingers fisting his robes where they rested on his knees. “I only wanted to—”

“No,” Wei Wuxian said firmly, putting his cup down so quickly the tea splashed everywhere.

Regardless of how unexpected such a thing was, and how he could not have ever predicted doing so, he would not accept Wen Ning shouldering the blame. He would not let him feel as if he had done wrong when he had clearly only tried to help him. Tried to console him.

He shuffled around the table and laid his hand gently over one of Wen Ning’s clenched fists.

If anyone had been wronged, it was Wen Ning.

“I must beg your forgiveness,” Wei Wuxian said softly.

This close to him, he could smell the faint scent of medicinal herbs and woodsmoke, and had to close his eyes against a rush of heat. Mere hours ago, he had pressed his face to the skin of Wen Ning’s neck and not only inhaled his scent but tasted his skin.

What they had done was unexpected, but his reaction now, in the light of day, even more so.

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you’re 4 and you’re very confused. a man with a gentle smile leads you away from the doctors when you’re finally allowed to leave. the doctors call him zewu-jun, so you start calling him that too.

zewu-jun leads you to your room. you don’t remember this room but he tells you that it’s yours now. you don’t want to stay alone in there. you feel like crying for some reason. with a gentle smile on his face zewu-jun promises you that he will be nearby, he will always be nearby if you need him. you trust him for some reason.

later zewu-jun introduces you to an old man who always frowns his brows. zewu-jun calls him uncle. everyone else calls him master lan. you don’t like the way he frowns his brows all the time or the way his face gets sad when he looks at you. you don’t call him anything. 

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“I’m fine!” he said.   

[Narrator]: He was not fine.

WWX: Let’s McFUCKING Lose It

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A mix for Wei Ying in the Burial Mounds, in the Sunshot Campaign, daydrinking in Lotus Pier, being the Patriarch in Yiling, and losing it at Nightless City.

For self-medicating with liquor, being unable to quit the dangerous substance of resentful energy, and laughing in the face of a world that’s turned against you.

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