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fengqing · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
mdzs characters x the meaning of their names [2/?]
wèi wúxiàn 〚 魏无羡 〛 without envy
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rewatching ep 1 of untamed as bkgd noise and omg wwx really went “hanguang-jun? are you guys talking about hanguang-jun as in lan zhan?” 
really? really? you can’t call him lan wangji just ONCE to hide who you are? 
you are so bad at this wwx. lol
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queenie-chi-cosplay · 2 days ago
*grumpily slides this onto your dash*
Tumblr media
Goddammit I’m writing for this now apparently *angrily tries to figure out if LWJ’s name would be Lan’wang’ji or Lan’ji’wang because Chiss Names are just Like That*
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flautistsandpeonies · 2 days ago
Read my Prompt [Here]
Word Length: 4,125
Tags: Time Travel, Canon Divergence, Big Brother Trio/NMJ-LXC-WWX Friendship/Brotherhood, Somebody Lives/Not Everyone Dies, Single Father WWX, Wei WuXian’s Canon Genius, Wen Remnants, WangXian
He knows he’s going to die.
As the first half of the Stygian Tiger Seal shatters, he feels the force of the resentful energy slam directly into his chest. Blood quickly fills his mouth, robbing him of the little bit of breathable air the Burial Mounds allowed him to breathe.
He flies through the air, crashing through several burnt, spindly trees before his back slams right into the stone walls of his cave, shattering with the force of his collision. He feels his spine snap, feels the numbness in his legs afterward. Blood is filling his lungs, wet gasps come out haggardly as he suffocates.
He hears the dead before he feels them.
He knows very well the sharp nails and teeth they bare. The strength in their arms and legs, the abilities he’s nurtured in them for the past three years. They would leave nothing left of him.
Thousands of them clamber onto him at once. His arms and legs begin to be pulled in separate directions, his skin is starting to tear. Spirits pound against his chest and claw at his ribs.
His skin is being peeled off, little by little. His bones are being shattered and consumed. He’s growing cold at an alarming rate, howls of the resentful dead fill his ears.
As his heart is devoured whole, he closes his eyes for the last time.
”Wen Zhuliu, “he feels his lips move, hears himself say, “Do you really think you can protect his dog life from me?”
His eyes open. He’s blinking. Standing before him in a darkened room filled with talismans and flickering lanterns are two people who should have been dead years ago.
Wen Zhuliu is like a wall before him, arm swirling with his foul power. Wen Chao is sniveling on the floor, body rocking and jolting at every second longer he spends staring at him.
“Better to die trying, “he knows he’s heard him say that before
Confusion immediately fills his mind.
‘Is this the afterlife?, ‘he questions himself, ‘am I watching my life unfold?”
If that was so, then why wasn’t his childhood included? Where are his parents, his life at Lotus Pier? His months at the Cloud Recesses? The Archery Competition? The Indoctrination?
He flexed his fingers. Rolls his shoulders. Narrows his eyes. Body parts that should have been consumed whole by his ghost army obey him willingly. Air fills his lungs instead of blood; there is no hole punched into his chest. Resentment sings, curls, and dances around him instead of screeching, piercing, and stabbing into his very soul. He feels the achingly familiar feeling of his empty dantian.
To his left, a ghostly woman in red shimmering silks lounges against his leg, running her sharp nails along his thigh, smirking away at the lacerations she’s run along Wen Zhuliu’s bicep. To his right, a deformed toddler clings to his ankle, crunching away at one of Wen Chao’s severed fingers. Both are swimming in resentment. Both are ready and rearing to kill at his command.
‘This is, ‘he finds himself thinking, 'Five years ago.’
He should be dead, his soul ought to be in tatters. There shouldn’t be a single piece of him that survived the Stygian Tiger Seal’s revenge.
But he was alive. He was alive and in the past.
Everyone else was alive as well.
His heart burns.
Wen Zhuliu gets tired of his silence and charges. He stands still as a stone as he approaches. He knows what happens next.
The roof crashes open, and Wen Chao hollers in shock. Zidian wraps around Wen Zhuliu’s neck and he’s raised up high in the air, a strangling gasp tearing from his throat.
Two people fall into the room, dressed in armor he hasn’t seen in half a decade.
Jiang Cheng looks back to make sure that Wen Zhuliu can’t escape before calling to him, “Wei WuXian!”
For a second, he doesn’t see the teenager in front of him. He sees a young man bearing whip and sword leading an army to his doorstep and gas is poured onto the flames in his heart.
“Wei Ying, “he turns to see the Second Jade of Lan
The Light Bearing Lord is as immaculate as ever. Bright, golden eyes, straight posture, elegant clothing waving in the night air. A part of him is struck by him for the barest of moments before he pulls himself together.
“Lan Zhan, “he breathes
Lan WangJi throws a talisman at him.
Hanguang-jun is glaring at him.
As he stares into molten gold daggers, he can’t help but remember seeing that same expression on the man as his gleaming blue and silver sword tried to destroy his ChenQing. He remembers lithe hands trying to snatch his only defense out of his hands as he battled thousands on his lonesome at Nightless City.
He crumbles the talisman he threw and tosses it into a corner.
Jiang Cheng smacks him in the chest and he has to take a deep breathe and mentally restrain himself so he doesn’t lash out.
“You brat!, “Jiang Cheng hollers, “Where have you been all these months?!”
The sight of his former shidi, eyes narrowed, Sandu in his hand and Zidian crackling behind him, does not bring him joy like it once did. In fact, it makes him sick to his stomach.
“Sect Leader Jiang, “he finds himself saying before turning the Second Jade of Lan, “Lan WangJi.”
Jiang Cheng looks bewildered at his address before scowling again, “Here, take your sword. I’m tired of carrying it around.”
The sword slaps into his hands with a muted thud, the red and white tassel brushing against his hand. Subian is as perfect as she always is, her sheath perfectly polished and gleaming in the lanterns’ lights. He grips ChenQing tighter.
He stares at Subian, feeling both a familiar reunion and a loss, “Thanks., ”he mumbles
“Wei Ying, “Lan WangJi stalks towards him
“What?, “he says almost harshly
The Lan heir doesn’t falter, “You were the one who drew those talismans.”
“Yes, “he answers for the second time in his life
“You killed all those Wen soldiers, “Hanguang-jun demands
“I did, “he answers, because it’s the truth
“Wei Ying, “he already knows what he’s going to say, “This path, there are prices to pay for this sort of power.”
He answers what he knows is true, “I can control it.”
“Wei Ying, “the Lan steps even closer, “There are some things beyond your control.”
He feels a familiar irritation in his chest, but he takes a deep breath before replying, “I know what I’m doing. Do not concern yourself with me.”
He walks past the two, Jiang and Lan eyes widen as he slowly draws Subian from her sheath. The sword feels dead and heavy in his hands, starting to drain at him immediately, but at least the blade is still sharp. He stops in front of Wen Zhuliu. The man flails as he tries to get out of Zidian’s hold.
“You pay your debt to Wen Ruohan by spilling innocent blood, “the man grunts as he pushes Subian against his neck, “You deserve this.”
He slashes and blood sprays across the room. Wen Zhuliu’s arms fall to his side, his body swinging back on forth on the electric noose.
Wen Chao shrieks as loud as a banshee as he approaches, tries to curl in on himself as he looms over him.
“This is your punishment for all your wrongdoings, “the Second Wen heir whimpers, snot dribbling down his face as he raises Subian above his head, “Know, this is my mercy, for I could have done far worse.”
Wen Chao gives a final pathetic cry before he drops his blade, ending him once more. The room is still chillingly still; he can feel both Jiang Cheng’s and Lan WangJi’s eyes drilling into him as he wipes blood on his robes and puts Subian back where she belongs.
“Wei Ying, “Lan WangJi tries to step forward once again
“No, “he says, stuffing ChenQing safely back against his waist, “We will not talk about this.”
Lan WangJi clenches his fists, but says nothing more. Jiang Cheng walks over to Wen Chao’s slumped corpse and gives it a harsh kick; blood stains his boot.
“Pathetic, “Jiang Cheng sneers and rubs the dirt on Wen Chao’s robes
Looking at him out of the corner of his eyes, he says nothing. Rolling his shoulder, he gives a sharp nod to the Red Woman and Ghost Child and they disappear. Walking past Lan WangJi, he heads immediately to the stairs.
He needs fresh air.
The Unclean Realm is as eerie as ever. Guards are lined along the looming stone walks and at every entrance, sabers sharpened and ready to be drawn at a moments notice. Grey clouds cover the sky, an impending storm on its way.
As both Jiang Sect Leader and Second Jade touch down, he cautiously hops to the ground. Brushing non-existent dust from his robes, he observes the area, recognizing faces from a siege that hasn’t occurred yet.
“This way, “Jiang Cheng says and he follows.
Part of the training ground had been turned into a medical area; tents are lined up in the far corners to hold medicines and surgical tools. Injured soldiers laid about, the smell of blood and sweat permeated the air along the the stench of alcohols and medicinal powders.
Tending to an injured Nie disciple was a woman dressed in lilac robes gently wrapping the gash along his arm. He hissed as she lowered the limb and pat his shoulder in encouragement. Reaching down to grab another piece of cloth soaked in medicine, she gave a light hum and as she worked.
“Shijie, “he says involuntary, momentarily shocked at the very sight of of her
The woman freezes; then, turning so slowly he could almost mistake her for a low-level corpse, she looks upon him with widened eyes.
“a-Xian, “Jiang Yanli says, almost in a whisper
For the slightest of seconds, he sees a sword stabbing through her throat.
She hops to her feet, robes hiked up as she runs towards them, “a-Xian! Oh you found him!”
Yanli crashes into him, feeling at his arms and face as she searches for wounds she will not find, but he most definitely still feels.
“Oh a-Xian, “Yanli says with tears in her eyes, “Where have you been?”
He doesn’t answer her, merely stares into her once dead eyes, and that earns him a concerned look.
“a-Xian?, “Yanli places a hand on his cheek
“a-Jie, “Jiang Cheng pulls her hand away, “He’s just being weird.”
Jiang Yanli bites her bottom lip at that; wringing her hands, she looks like she wants to ask more.
“Wei-Xiong!, “a clamor draws the groups attention as Nie Huaisang breaks from the entrance of his clansmen’ rooms hall and runs for the first time in his life
“Wei-Xiong, “the Nie heir appraises him, opening his fan and waving it in his direction, “You’re alive.”
He still does not say a word. The second Nie heir is immediately uncomfortable with his silence.
“Huaisang!, “the sound of the Nie Sect Leader’s deep voice makes everyone else jump, and makes him secretly clench his fists
“Da-ge, “Huaisang looks back, "It’s Wei-Xiong!”
Coming up to the small group with the First Jade of Lan, the Nie Sect Leader raises a brow in his direction, “You found him?”
“Yes, “Jiang Cheng replies giving him a side-eye
The Nie Sect Leader is adorned in forest green silks and gold accented armor plates, a stark contrast to the silver and black of the QingheNie disciples. The Lan Sect Leader himself is a contrast to the countless white and pale blue armors of his sect, dressed in deep dark blue robes with silver armor plates. Seeing them both so ready for battle sends him back to Nightless City for a brief moment. He hears people calling for his head.
“Kill the demon!”
“Make sure he’s dead!”
“Kill the demon!”
“Make sure he’s dead!”
“Young Master Wei, “Lan XiChen gives the him a warm smile, “I’m glad to see you safe.”
“Zewu-jun, “he says tersely
The First Jade of Lan blinks at him, seemingly confused and concerned about his tone. Nie MingJue and Huaisang raise a brow, the younger covering the lower half of his face with his fan.
“Xiongzhang, “Lan WangJi walks over to his brother, but his eyes are firmly on him, “Wei Ying is unwell.”
He knows where this conversation is going to lead, and he still has no intention of going to Gusu.
“Young Master Wei, “Lan XiChen roams over him with his eyes, “Are you in need of medical aid?”
“No, “ he answers firmly
“Wei Ying, “Lan WangJi looks ready to argue with him again
“I’m fine, just a bit tired, “the he grunts and grinds his feet into the stone training ground
Nie MingJue seems to notice he’s on the edge of his courtesy and turns to Jiang Cheng, “The rooms next to yours should be empty.”
“Thank you for the hospitality, Nie Zongzhu, “Jiang Cheng snaps his head to look at him, roughly grabbing at his arm and dragging him away
“I don’t know what your fucking problem is, but you need to get a grip, “Jiang Cheng was practically snarling as he stomped down the hall
“a-Xian, did something happen?, “Jiang Yanli says from behind, struggling to keep up with their pace
He did not reply again, pursing his lips as their footsteps echoed down the hall with every one of their steps.
“Ok, enough!, “Jiang Cheng turns and shakes him harshly, “What the fuck is wrong with you?”
He still did not answer, simply blinked as the Jiang Sect leader gripped his arm even harder.
Jiang Cheng, “Are you trying to be difficult on purpose? This isn’t time to be fucking playing around-”
He snatches his arm out of Jiang WanYin’s hold. Taking a step back, he gave a sharp glance to the two Jiang siblings, freezing them in place.
“I’ll be in my room, “he says quietly
Walking around the last remnants of the Jiang Clan, he strode down the stone halls to the room he once resided in at the beginning of the first war. Stepping into the room, he quickly closes the door and locks it so no one will disturb him.
Letting out a harsh breath, he sits down on the firm mattress and lets out a haggard breath and falls back, hair flying all about him. He closes his eyes, and memories dance on the back of his eyelids. A stern woman. A quiet man. A crying child. A charming granny. An alcohol lover. A family...
Clenching his fists, the air of the room seems to leave his lungs and his entire being is set on fire once more.
It takes him a week to get to Yiling.
“I need to speak to Wen Qing, “he says to the two soldiers at the front gate
They eye him suspiciously, no doubt by this time the fate of Wen Chao had reached far and wide within the Wen army. Dressed in black and blood red robes, they were right to be wary of him.
“Where do you hail from?, “the first guard places a hand on his sword’s pommel
“Nowhere, I’m a traveler, “he lies easily, “I wish to speak with Wen Qing about her medical practices.”
They narrow their eyes at him. He nonchalantly places his had against his hip next to ChenQing. He wouldn’t kill them if he didn’t have to, but if they wouldn’t let him pass, he would have to rough them up.
“Young Master Wei?, “the sound of Wen Ning’s voice calms the ever-burning fire in his heart
“Wen Ning, “he smiles up at the man who looks at him in amazement
“Young Master Wei, ‘Wen Ning strides down to him, looking him over hurriedly, ‘You’re alright? You’re ok?”
“I’m fine, “he says, “I just need to talk to you and your sister. It’s very important.”
Wen Ning nods quickly, “Ok. Ok. RIght; come on in. “he waves off the two guards and they release all the tension in their bodies
Wen Ning leads him through the familiar doors and halls of the supervisory office. He can smell the readily made tinctures and boiling pots of whatever concoctions the Wen doctor was making up. A memory of strong paste being forced past his lips has him smirking just the tiniest bit.
“Jiejie, “Wen Ning tentatively pokes his head in the door at the end of the hall, “We have a guest?”
“Guest, “Wen Qing’s stern voice is like cold water on a hot day, “Who is it?”
“It‘s...”Wen Ning looks back at him for moment and he nods and smiles wider, “It’s Young Master Wei.”
There’s a pause then, and he knows that she must be thinking of the last time that they saw one another. Her hand deep inside his dantian pulling out his golden core while he bites down on a towel and clings to Wen Ning for sanity and reassurance.
He pats Wen Ning on the shoulder and pushes them both inside. Wen Qing’s eyes sharpen as she takes him in.
“Wei WuXian, “she says slowly, stepping away from her mixing table
“I have important information to share with you, “he says, sitting down on the floor
Wen Qing raises a brow at him, but says nothing. She’ll listen to him before deciding to act, and he’s only got one shot at this.
“This is going to sound insane, “he knows her methods to his insanity and has no intention of being paralyzed again, “But it’s true.”
Wen Ning stares at him curiously from the doorway, shutting the door and locking it, and then pressing himself against it in case anyone tries to listen in.
He sighs in remembrance.
He takes a huge breath before saying, “We are all going to die in five years.”
They both flinch at that.
Wen Qing frowns, “You-”
“Not just us, “he interrupts her, “But the rest of your family, Granny Wen, Uncle Four, Aunt Biyu, all of your branch will be slaughtered by the sects.”
They’re frozen as he finishes listing off members of their family he should not know of. It’s harsh, the way he says it, but he knows that Wen Qing wouldn’t want him to sugarcoat anything when it comes to her loved ones; she’d want to know everything so that she could come up with the best way to prevent the outcome.
“I had heard rumors that Wen Chao threw you into the Burial Mounds, “Wen Qing says, but he sees in her eyes she’s contemplating what he’s said, “Could it have warped your mind?”
He knows they have no reason to believe him. The Wen Sect had more cultivators than the entire Sunshot Campaign combined. They had more land and resources available to them. They idea of the sun being shot down was improbable if not outright laughable.
“I can prove it to you, “he replies, eyes almost begging
The seven day walk had given him plenty of time to figure out how to handle this situation. Wen Qing wouldn’t believe him without evidence; luckily, he had three years worth of it.
He urges both Wen siblings to sit down, crossing his legs and reaching a hand out to both of them. Bright red arrays form on his palms, and they both pause for a second before grasping his hands tightly.
He feels his mind slip as they both gasp, falling into his mindscape. Landing on an invisible ground, he grabs them both and face them forward.
“Wei WuXian, “Wen Qing snaps, “What are you?”
“Shhh, “he says in lue of answering, “Watch.”
The area in front of them lights up and morphs into a mirror. It shows clear skies first, then singing birds, the waves of waters and gentle lotus blossoms dancing along the renewed lacquers of Lotus Pier.
Then, he emerges, walking along the market place. He feels Wen Ning tense at the sight of him, two years from now, a little older, more weary and wane. He stops at a vendor selling meat buns and scallion pancakes before the sight of a figure huddled in the alley way catches his attention. Buying two buns, he shuffles over to them, about to give them a meal when recognition fills his face.
Wen Qing is draped in brown, tattered robes, dirt caked to her cut up skin, long hair in disarray, a shell of her former self.
“It’s you, “he says in shock
At the sight of him, Wen Qing jumps and grabs on to the hem of his robes. She’s shaking and near tears.
“Wei WuXian, “Wen Qing clings to him, “I know I said that there would be no more debts between us. But please, a-Ning. Please, save a-Ning.”
The scene changes, they see him rushing to Koi Tower on horseback with Wen Qign in toe. Inside Koi Tower - The Flower Banquet- demanding the location of Wen Ning, only for Jin GuangShan to demand his Stygian Tiger Seal in response. He storms out, shifting into an image of pouring rain and tormented Wen refugees. Wen Ning gasps when he spots Granny Wen and many other relatives among them.
“Get to work, Wen-dogs!, “A guards shouts and waves a peony branding iron in the prisoners’ direction
The scene plays on and he feels the horror consume Wen Qing when Wen Ning’s dead body is displayed before her. He narrows his eyes as he watches himself kill the guards and gather everyone onto the horses. They rain drowns out the scene and the Burial Mounds arises out of the dead waters.
They see the years pass. They see the home they built upon bones and ashes, the love they had nurtured towards one another.
They see Wen Ning’s consciousness revived. They see a-Yuan laugh and cry as he grows older. They see Uncle Four perfect his wine. They see Granny Wen craft a new toy for the toddler. They see Wei WuXian and Wen Qing working to make every day a little bit more livable.
They see Jin ZiXuan’s death.
They see Wen Qing and Wen Ning’s departure.
They see him arrive at Nightless City only to see the Wen Siblings ashes get scattered.
They see Jiang Yanli’s death and the havoc he wreaked afterward.
They see him trying to cobble up a plan for three months to save the rest of their family. They see the army marching up their home with sword, arrows, and fire, destroying everything they had worked so hard to create.
They see him destroy the seal.
A corpses hand rips through his chest and the memories shatter into pieces. The floor beneath them brakes and they fall back to consciousness.
As he slips out of the trance, he immediately feels Wen Qing flick his forehead.
“What are you, “he’s about to complain, but she places her hand on the back of his head and pulls him forward
He feels Wen Ning squeezed up against him and realizes she’s hugging them both as tightly as she could, as if they would disappear if she let up even a little bit. He lets himself relax, finally completely safe.
“You are a fool, Wei WuXian, “she’s smiling when she finally releases him
“Should I count this as the first or one thousandth time you’ve called me that?, “he smirks at her
Wen Qing shakes her head before sniffing and putting on her normal face, “So, what do we do now?”
Wei WuXian is missing from the Unclean Realm the next morning.
A quick search of his room revealed that his bed was hardly slept in, and his sword was left on the nightstand.
“He must have slipped out during the changes of the guards, “the Nie disciple on duty says to his disgruntled sect leader
Jiang Yanli cries and Jiang WanYin rages, but there isn’t really anything they can do about it. War waits for no one and neither the Jiang, Nie, or Lan can spare any men to search for the missing head disciple. Days pass as preparations are made; men train rigorously for the oncoming battles, and Lan WangJi worries all the while while deliberating with his brother.
“It could be that his mind is disturbed, “Lan XiChen offers to his little brother, trying to sooth his ever-growing worry, “We can’t be certain what he’s endured during those months he was missing.”
Wei-Xiong, “Nie Huaisang trembles as WangJi sends a helpless look to the floor
Another month passes before Lan WangJi sees Wei WuXian again. Standing at the gates of the Unclean Realm, he looks both the same as he did at the supervisory office, yet an entirely different man. Stern faced and shock-still, he levels himself with Chifeng-zun who’s almost seething in rage at him.
Wei WuXian did not come alone. Behind him seemed to be a never-ending caravan of people. Some carts were piled high with weapons, others with what seemed to be provisions or medical supplies. One cart was filled with what seemed to be hostages, all tied up, blinded, and gagged. There were some cultivators standing around the wagons, swords at the ready.
In three other carts, WangJi spotted what looked to be civilians. There was at least one granny being circled by a young man and woman and another man who looked like he’s toiled for centuries in the fields.
The most important person, however, was standing at Wei WuXian’s side.
Wen Qing stood tall beside Wei WuXian, her sword strapped to her waist, hilt tight in her hand. Her blazing sun robes sent a spark of fury and anxiety through everyone in the vicinity.
“Attack! Wens have barged the front gate!”
Author’s Notes:
-New fic! I’m excited and I hope you all like it!
-In canon, Wei WuXian was able to watch his life on replay over and over and that’s why he’s more calm. In this fic, since it’s immediately after his death, I think he’d be a little more terse with people and getting calmer as the story progresses, don’t ya think?
Read my other Prompts and WIPs [Here]
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I know WWX's death is not really addressed properly in the novel and I understand why and how it's an important thing for Wei Wuxian's characterization, what with never dwelling on the past and all that.
And I know it might also seem, due to that characterization, that the idea of suicide is not consistent with our relentless, never-give-up-always-find-a-way protagonist.
But I strongly believe that Wei Wuxian died due to an "accidental" suicide - he hadn't necessarily meant to die, but I doubt he ever tried to stop it when he realized what was happening and what kind of situation he was in, what the prospects for the future were.
His sister and her husband were dead because of him and his nephew was now orphaned. WWX knew better than anyone how that could be like.
The Wen remnants, the people he had ostracized himself for, were being killed right before his eyes and he was powerless to stop it.
The man he considered his brother led the siege against these innocent people and him, announced him as the cultivation world's number one enemy and acted accordingly.
There was nobody by his side in any way, shape or form. His sacrifices had been for nothing. Nothing at all.
He was alone, completely and entirely alone, doomed to...what? A public execution? Burning at the stake?
Why go through all of that humiliation and struggle when there's a much easier way? Why not push yourself to the absolute limits under the pretense that you're fighting back and when you inevitably break... well, it was meant to happen, right?
The Yiling Patriarch would have eventually been killed by his own demons, anyway.
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minmoyu · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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neenya · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
au where everything is the same but lan wangji turns into a bunny when he's sad 🥺🥺🥺
(based on iliacquer’s sad bunji thread on twitter, link to thread in the comments)
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orangejuicex3-mieoi · a month ago
Tumblr media
I HADD to draw this scene after i saw it included!! It's one of my fav scenes in the novel where wwx smooches lwj!
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paychiri · a month ago
Tumblr media
under different circumstances, nmj and wwx would be friends (and this is how it would turn out) meme ref: x
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pointdotiozao · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Follow up to this post 😌
Also my comissions are open!
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flautistsandpeonies · a day ago
Read the Previous Chapter [Here]
Word Length: 5,328
Summary: “The relative of my enemy is my friend?”
The sight of Wens at the gates nearly sends everyone into a frenzy.
“What’s the meaning of this!?, “Sect Leader Nie barks as Wei WuXian and Wen Qing both offer him a look of aloofness
The young woman bows to the taller man, her embroidered sun robes flying in the wind, “I, Wen Qing, along with my family and allies, wish to give aid to the Sunshot Campaign.”
A crash sounds, focusing Lan WangJi’s attention to a solder pointing their sword and shouting at the Wen doctor, calling her a “Lying Wen Dog”. A couple of men hold him back, growling at him to calm down, but it’s obvious no one believes Wen Qing’s words.
“Bullshit!, “the man screams as his sword is wrenched from his hands, “She’s Wen Ruohan’s niece. Why would she betray him?!”
It’s a genuine concern; everyone knew how much Wen Ruohan favored his niece, how much money he flaunted on her and her various theories. The idea that Wen Ruohan’s own blood would betray was almost as laughable as shooting down the sun itself. Nie MingJue looked about ready to raise his saber at the two, one hand on Baxia’s hilt and his eyes turning into slits.
“If it pleases Nie Zongzhu, “Wen Qing shares a look with Wei WuXian and they both ever so slowly reach into their sleeves
Everyone tenses as they both retrieve thick scrolls and present them to Nie MingJue.
“The weak points and guard shifts of all the supervisory offices in the Yueyang, Pingyang, Yangquan, Guanquan, and Yingchuan regions, “Wei WuXian mutters as Nie MingJue goes wide-eyed, “Wen Qing offers the names of all Wen Ruohan’s high-ranking soldiers and their most likely locations and her medical expertise.”
With suspicion still lining his brows, he takes Wei WuXian’s scroll first, opening it and scanning over the information inside.
“And the validity of this information?, “Nie MingJue glances at Wei WuXian with a critical eye
“I swear on the souls of my parents, “the Jiang cultivator narrows his eyes
The Nie Sect Leader huffs as Wen Qing continues, “Those tied in the cart behind us would not agree to renouncing their ties to my uncle. I have brought them as prisoners. The rest of the carts are spoils from my supervisory office.”
The Nie Sect Leader stares them both down, but neither Wei WuXian nor Wen Qing cower or falter at the man’s hard stare.
Nie MingJue takes Wen Qing’s scroll and says, “I do not trust either of you. However, I will allow you into the Unclean Realm, under watch, until I can prove the validity of your reports.”
Nie MingJue raises a hand, “Take the prisoners to the dungeon. Take the civilians and guards to the North Quarter and these two to the South. Confiscate their weapons.”
Wei WuXian and Wen Qing, despite that order, seemed pleased. They both disarm themselves willingly; Wen Qing drops her sword and needles, and Wei WuXian his flute to Nie MingJue’s feet and raise their arms to be bound.
Lan WangJi feels a pang of worry when the Jiang cultivator is blinded and wrists bound. Seeing the man and the Wen-doctor dragged through the gates, he climbs the windowsill, about to dash from the shutters and to the ground.
“WangJi, “Lan XiChen grips his arm, “Don’t.”
He looks to his brother and pulls at his arm, “Xiongzhang.”
“I’ll look over the scrolls with MingJue-Xiong, “XiChen gives his brother a reassuring smile, giving his arm a light squeeze, “Think positively. He’s alright to the point where he’s gathering allies.”
The thought eases him only a little. He stares as the black clothed cultivator gets smaller and smaller as he’s taken away, getting further and further away from him.
Three hours after the altercation at the gates, Jiang WanYin demands for Wei WuXian’s release. Standing in the throne room, he adamantly requests for his head disciple’s release.
“Jiang Zongzhu, “Nie MingJue says sternly, “He’s brought Wens to my doorstep. If the information he’s given is faulty, or if they try anything, I can’t promise his life.”
Lan WangJi clenches his fists within his robes, and his brother places a hand on his shoulder again.
“We’ll be sending out a squadron to Yangquan soon, “Lan XiChen states with a smile, “If the reports he’s given are true, there will be no need to worry.”
“Nie Zongzhu, Lan Zongzhu, “Jiang WanYin grunts, “Wei WuXian has always acted recklessly and barely thinks about the consequences of his actions. Let me knock some sense into his head at the very least.”
Nie MingJue looks unconvinced at his words but agrees to a short meeting none-the-less, waving a hand at two disciples to gather the man in question and bring him to the throne room.
“That idiot, “Jiang WanYin mumbles to himself, “I don’t know what game he thinks he’s playing.”
“Has he always done things like this?, “Nie MingJue asks
“He’s always wanted to play the hero, “Jiang WanYin scoffs, “Probably thinks he’s some great warrior gathering support for a grand battle.”
Jiang WanYin continues to complain for a few more breaths, but then stands seething waiting for his head disciple. It doesn’t take long for guards to return with their prisoner. Wei WuXian is led into the throne room, blind-folded, steps slow and deliberate.
“Wei WuXian, “Jiang WanYin growls and steps toward him
A Nie disciples slips the blindfold off him, and Wei WuXian looks toward Jiang WanYin with a shrewd glance, “Jiang Zongzhu.”
“What do you think you’re doing, playing around with those Wens!, “the Jiang Sect Leader looks as if he wants to slap his head disciple
“Playing around?, “Wei WuXian raises a brow, “Bringing allies to help with the war effort is “playing around” now?”
Jiang WanYin gets right up into the young man’s face, nose to nose he grunts, “Do you really enjoy playing the hero that much!”
Grabbing the man’s lapels, Jiang WanYin shakes Wei WuXian fiercely. Narrowing his eyes, the Jiang head disciple snatches himself away, bringing up his bound hands to avoid another assault.
“You think that I would jeopardize the entire campaign for some sense of accomplishment, “Wei WuXian says slowly, “Jiang Zongzhu doesn’t know me very well if he thinks that.”
Jiang WanYin, “I know what you’re like. I live with the consequences of what you’re like. My sister and I both lost so much because of you.”
Wei WuXian says nothing to that, but his stance and demeanor gives away his feelings at his sect leader’s words. He looks down his nose at Jiang WanYin, enraging the young man further.
“Hah!, “Jiang WanYin laughs, “You’re really allying yourself with Wen-dogs? Tell me, how much did they offer you? How much of their rice did you eat? Was it really enough to step all over my parents dead bodies?”
“Wen Qing is my ally, “Wei WuXian says firmly, “She is an ally to all of us.”
“How can you be sure she will betray her blood?, “ Lan XiChen interjects, “Why would she give up Wen Ruohan’s favor to help us?”
“Wen Qing has already betrayed him, “Wei WuXian turns his head to the Lan and replies
“How so?, “Nie MingJue demands, putting a hand on his bent knee
“After the fall of Lotus Pier, “the Jiang cultivator begins, “Wen Qing’s brother, Wen Ning, came into and saved Jiang Cheng and I. He brought us both to Yiling and Wen Qing treated our injuries and protected us from Wen Chao. Wen Ning retrieved both former Sect Leader Jiang’s and Madam Yu’s bodies and gave them a proper burial.”
“Is this true?, “Both Lan and Nie Sect Leader look to Jiang WanYin who wears a look of fury upon his face
“That..., “Jiang WanYin’s face turned a dark shade of red
“I can tell you the exact location of Jiang Fengmian’s and Yu ZiYuan’s bodies, “Wei WuXian says, “Jiang Zongzhu also kept part of their robes for the ancestral hall.”
Both Nie MingJue and Lan XiChen stare at Jiang WanYin, waiting on his reply. The Jiang Sect Leader balls his fists, teeth clenching.
“Wei WuXian, “WanYin snarls, “What are you doing?”
“I don’t want anyone getting the wrong idea about my actions, “Wei WuXian states, “I don’t want anyone getting the wrong idea about the Wens I’ve brought with me.”
“Jiang Zongzhu, if this is true, “Lan XiChen says, “Then perhaps Wen Qing is trustworthy afterall?”
“Hah, a trustworthy Wen?!, “Jiang WanYin pushes his head disciple away, “I’m had enough of you. Fine, ally yourself with Wen-dogs, see if I care what happens to you! Get him out of my sight.”
The Nie disciples look to their leader, and Nie MingJue nods in approval; however, he continues to stare at Jiang WanYin with a raised brow.
The Nie disciple brings the cloth back up to Wei WuXian’s eyes and he willingly leans his head forward.
Wei WuXian bows to them after the blindfold is slipped back on, “Sect Leaders, “and is lead from the room
The next day, Jiang Yanli presents her father’s guan and her mother’s lotus crown, and Lan WangJi takes his chance to ask for permission to visit Wei WuXian.
“WangJi, you should at least wait until the squadron returns, “Lan XiChen warns, “He’s told the truth thus far, and I want to believe him, but we must be absolutely certain.”
Nie MingJue adds his own two cents, “We can’t act rashly.”
Lan WangJi looks to his brother, “I worry for him.”
Xichen gives his brother a calm smile, “He’s been through a lot. Losing his home and suffering whatever happened those past months; I can’t imagine the things he’s had to endure.”
“He is cultivating a dark path, “Lan WangJi explains, sitting down beside Lan XiChen, “He is harming himself.”
“What do you mean?, “the Lan Sect Leader places his hand together on his lap
“When Jiang WanYin and I found Wen Chao, Wei Ying was there, “WangJi explains, “He was using a dark power, using spirits to fight.”
“But Wen Chao was killed with a sword, “Lan XiChen inquires
“He killed them with it as soon as it was returned, “WangJi replies, “but he was controlling ghosts before then.”
“It was resentful energy?, “Nie MingJue questions, suddenly putting his brush down to focus on the conversation
“Yes, “WangJi turns to the broad man, “ A ghost woman and child; his eyes had even changed color.”
“That is...concerning, “XiChen frowned, “Shufu once mentioned that he brought using resentful energy up in class?”
“He did, “WangJi ran a hand over his guqin, “But I never thought......”
“He seemed to love Subian during sparring matches, “XiChen continued, “But he left it behind when he went to retrieve Wen-daifu.”
“There is something wrong with him, “WangJi strums a couple cords on his instrument, “I want to help him.”
Lan XiChen places a firm hand on his brother’s own, smiling softly again as he squeezes it tight, “If he needs help, we will give it, WangJi. I promise you that.”
WangJi nods his head, letting out a deep breath, “Thank you, xiongzhang.”
Two weeks later, the NieLan squadron comes back with the Yangquan Supervisory Office Leader’s head, and Lan WangJi feels a couple of weights crumble and fall from his shoulders.
Nie Huaisang himself lets out a sigh of relief when his brother reads over his best friends report with a more trusting eye. Lan WangJi is so elated he has to take a seat not far from his brother, placing a hand over his heart when no one is looking.
“Bring me Wei WuXian and Wen Qing, “Nie MingJue orders a guard who nods and leaves just as swiftly
“We should send another squadron to Pingyang as soon as possible, “Lan XiChen says looking over the map of the world
“I agree, best to strike while iron is hot, “Nie MingJue says reading the section Wei WuXian had wrote on Pingyang
Sitting in the corner of the room, Lan WangJi stares at the door waiting for the Jiang cultivator’s arrival. Nie Huaisang speaks instead, leaning over his brother’s shoulder.
“Wei-Xiong sure did put a lot of work into this, “he says looking at the thick scroll before him
“You sure know how to pick your friends, “Nie MingJue grunts, “if only you were as proactive as him.”
“Da-ge, “Nie Hauisang gasps in fake offense
Lan XiChen chuckles, “I’m certain that if Huaisang tries he can be just as effective as Young Master Wei.”
It doesn’t take much longer for the guard to return with the former prisoners. Both Wen Qing and Wei WuXian are brought to the throne room, both have been given back their weapons.
“First and foremost, “Nie MingJue stares them down, “I want to know what you plan to get out of this.”
Wei WuXian speaks first, “I want Wen Ruohan dead. He’s been domineering over us all, wants to rule as a high as the heavens. He needs to be stopped.”
Lan WangJi looks over the young man again. He stands stiff, but assure, never leaving Nie MingJue’s eyes. His sword was no where to be found, but his new flute rested securely against his side, red tassel swinging side to side. He seems almost ages older than he once did just months ago at the indoctrination.
Wen Qing replies next, “I don’t share my uncle values; he needs to be stopped before anymore lives are lost. I simply want to live a simple life with my family after all this is over.”
“Wen-daifu, “Lan XiChen nods in her direction, “With your expertise and support I promise you will have that.”
“I want to know how you got this information, “Nie MingJue spreads Wei WuXian’s scroll out on the table so that everyone can get a clearer view
“I used my ghosts for reconnaissance, “Wei WuXian replies and WangJi immediately tenses, a new weight landing squarely on his shoulder blades
“Ghosts?, “Nie MingJue asks sharply
“They can sneak into places far easier than a living person and less likely to be caught, “the Jiang cultivator continues, “They’ll do anything I tell them to.”
“WangJi...has mentioned your new cultivation, “Lan XiChen walks closer to him, “How certain are you that you can control these spirits? Resentful energy is nothing to play with.”
“I’ve thought it over for many months now, “his disappearance springs into everyone’s minds, “I’ve practiced and know what it’s capable of.”
“I expect you to keep them under control, “ the Nie Sect Leader narrows his eyes, “We can’t afford any mishaps.”
“I understand, “Wei WuXian replies, “Would you like me to go over the rest of my report?”
“Please do, “XiChen roams his eyes over the parchment, “It’s best to get everything out of the way.”
The four began to converse, Wei WuXian going over all the information that he’s collected while Lan XiChen and Nie MingJue interject every so often, offering plans of actions and battle tactics that may help them. Wen Qing offers the names of the supervisory office leaders, their personalities and her best ideas at how to defeat them.
At some point during the meeting, Nie Huaisang walks out. To go do what, Lan WangJi can’t imagine, but he knows it probably not war related. He himself sits there listening as the tetrad converses, absorbing everything.
The sun is burning high in the sky when the four decide to break for lunch, he stands carefully and straightens out his robes before walking up to the Jiang’s head disciple.
“Wei Ying, “he stops the man from leaving the room, getting right in front of him
Wen Qing observes him with a critical eye. She goes from his face, to his sword, to his guqin in a matter of seconds.
“Lan WangJi, “Wei WuXian says from Wen Qing’s right
Nie MingJue’s and Lan XiChen’s feet patter to a stop right outside the throne room, waiting to see how the conversation will go.
“This path is dangerous, “Lan WangJi begins
“I know what I’m doing, “Wei WuXian replies
“Do you?, “Lan WangJi walks a couple steps closer, “Do you really understand?”
“Am I a child to you all of sudden?, “Wei WuXian says tersely, “Are you really going to condescend to me about my decisions?”
His voice was not hostile, but WangJi watches minutely as a red sparks flashes from the man’s eyes. There is anger behind those shining orbs, a rageful inferno hidden behind molten silver. It’s not directed at him, however. What it is aimed it, he wishes to find out.
“Wei Ying, this path....there’s no exception as to how this will end, “Lan WangJi grips his sword’s pommel making the Wen doctor narrow her eyes at him
“I’m not going to argue with you, Second Young Master Lan, “ Wei WuXian says to the man, “If you can’t trust me then just stay out of my way.”
“Excuse us, “Wen Qing interjects walking around the Second Jade of Lan, Wei WuXian right behind her
The two leave out the door, stopping to give another quick goodbye to the Lan and Nie sect leaders before continuing their way down the halls. They were going in the direction of the North Quarter where the Wen civilians were still housed.
“WangJi, “XiChen pokes his head inside the door, “Are you alright?”
The Second Jade of Lan feels the bones in his fingers crack, “He won’t listen, “WangJi looks at the man’s retreating back
“Until we see him on the battlefield we can’t be certain how affected he his, “XiChen stares down the hall, watching as the Jiang disciple and Wen doctor turn a corner, “Give it a little more time, WangJi.”
“How much longer before I can not reach him at all?, “WangJi says, a tightness to his voice
Lan XiChen watches as his little brother’s eyes dim, sadness evident in his golden orbs. He does not want to dispirit him even more, but, even so, he answers honestly.
“I don’t know.”
An emergency discussion conference is called, and all the sect leaders who could sneak away from their occupied regions pile into the Unclean Realm. Everyone immediately notices the absence of one Jin GuangShan amongst the remaining great sect leaders, but no one utters a sound of dissent as to not upset the tender balance around them.
“What is a Wen-dog doing here?, “Sect Leader Rong snarls at the sight of Wen Ruohan’s niece and many people reach for their blades
“That is the topic of today’s gathering, among other things, “Nie MingJue replies gruffly
Everyone gathers round as Nie MingJue begins the meeting.
“Wen Qing and many others have offered us their help. They’ve defected from the Wen Sect, “the Nie Sect Leader says
The statement nearly causes an uproar. Many sect leaders glare and spit in the direction of the Wen doctor.
“What’s your angle woman?!, “Sect Leader Yu demands
Wen Qing stands, “As I’ve told Nie Zongzhu, I do not agree with my uncle’s actions. I wish to aid the Sunshot Campaign to victory. In exchange, I wish for a simple life for my family and myself.”
Wen Qing sits back down immediately after, her calm, dark eyes observing everyone in the room. She meets all the sect leaders’ gazes without fear.
“The next order of business, “Nie MingJue continues before anyone can say anything, “We need someone to house the Wen defectors.”
His words cause a swift reaction, many people lips curl down at the thought of having Wens amongst their men.
“Can the Lan and Nie not house them?, “Sect Leader Qin questions
“Wen-daifu needs to be much more closer to the battlefield; she’ll be more useful there, “Nie MingJue denies gruffly, “Qinghe and Hejian is too far up north.”
“We would have housed them, “Lan XiChen starts, “But because the Cloud Recesses still needs to be rebuilt, we just don’t have the resources currently to house them. So we must have them in another camp.”
Leaders begin to murmur around the room. Some look to their closest allies, nudging them to take action. Other pretend they aren’t being talked to. This continues for many minutes before another voice speaks again.
“Jiang Zongzhu?, “Lan XiChen moves a hand in the young man’s direction, “While you no longer have your sect, is it possible that you could oversee the Wens? You have the least soldiers, but you have plenty of space in your camp.”
Jiang WanYin crosses his arms at the question. Zidan crackles against his finger.
“I won’t have Wen-dogs moving around my camp!, “Jiang WanYin says, eyes blazing, hands fisting at his robe’s sleeves
Watching the new Jiang Sect Leader react in violent anger, the minor sect leaders wasted no time in following suite with their own diatribes.
“Me neither!, “screams sect leader Ouyang, “Let them work on their own. Why should we have to waste resources on them?”
“Neither will I!, “ Sect Leader Rong  shouts, “Not after what happened to my sisters!”
“Why should the Wen-dogs expect anything from us? This whole war is because of them, “a minor sect leader of Tanzhou hollers
“Enough!, “Nie MingJue irritated voice immediately silences anymore discord, “I know we all despise the Wens, do you think I enjoy having the relatives of the man who killed my father in my domain?”
Several people wince and shuffle at the man’s harsh tone. Wen Qing, despite being the relative in question, does not react to Nie MingJue’s words and sits primly in her seat, a look of impassiveness painted on her face.
“Never-the-less, Wen-daifu has offered us her loyalty, “Nie MingJue continues, “And she’s proven to me to be a worthwhile ally. They deserve resources and shelter just as much as the rest of us.”
“Is no one truly willing to house the Wens?, “Lan XiChen calls out
At Zewu-jun’s words, many people gulp and pull at their lapels. No one really wants to house the Wen Sect defectors, especially so soon at the start of a war.
“I could watch over them, “a baritone voice breaks the silence
Every turns to look at the Jiang’s head disciple, standing stiffly beside his sect leader. Jiang WanYin looked as if he wanted to strangle the man in front of everyone.
“Wei WuXian, “Jiang WanYin yells, “What do you think you’re doing?”
“I brought Wen Qing and the others to the Unclean Realm, “Wei WuXian replies, putting a hand on his hip, “I can take responsibility for them if everyone is amendable? Simply let us use the resources that Wen Qign brought along from her supervisory office; I’ll use my share of war spoils to keep us afloat.”
“Wei WuXian!, “Jiang WanYin snaps, “Don’t go making decisions without my approval!”
“Our allies need to be housed somewhere, Jiang Zongzhu, “Wei WuXian replies calmly, “I”m fine being around them, seeing as no one else is. I can form a camp near the Lans and Jiangs and keep watch over everything.”
Multiple sect leaders hummed and hawed over this. While most didn’t want to put a son of a servant in charge of anything. They really didn’t want to house the Wens and this was a fine solution in their minds.
“I think that would be fine, “Sect Leader He grunted, “As long as someone is watching over them to make sure they stay in line.”
“Wei WuXian got Wen Qing to our side so it definitely should be him, “Sect Leader Ouyang agrees
A few more minor sect leaders go along with this, if only to get the topic changed. Some still hold looks of contempt towards the Wen woman in the room, but they won’t start something with most of the room in agreement.
“Wen-daifu mostly brought medical supplies from her supervisory office, “Lan XiChen says, “So she’s the best suited to handle such materials, I see no problem letting her and Wei WuXian have control over them.”
“Agreed, “Nie MingJue nods his head, “Wei WuXian will take the resources from Wen-daifu’s supervisory office and form his own camp near our own. He’s expected to oversee all the Wen defectors that join our campaign.”
Watching the only other great sect leaders quickly form an agreement, the Jiang Sect Leader turns back on his head disciple. Twisting the ring of his finger, Zidian flashes for a quick second, purple light surrounding Jiang WanYin as he narrows his eyes at the other man. Wei WuXian simply looks at the man, saying nothing.
“Don’t let this go to your head Wei WuXian, “Jiang WanYin snarls, “You still answer to me.”
“Of course, Jiang Zongzhu, “Wei WuXian says with a flat look on his face
Almost everyone in the room can sense the animosity radiating off of the Jiang Sect Leader towards his second in command. Choosing not to talk about it, they all focus their attention back to the Nie Sect Leader.
“Now!, “Nie MingJue slams his hand down on the world map, “Tomorrow, Nie, Lan, and Jiang will move westward towards Pingyang and Yangquan. We’ve already destroyed the supervisory office of Yangquan so building a fort there shouldn’t be much issue. Our main goal is to combine our forces and free the Yao sect from the Wen’s grasp, “everyone nods along to the General’s words, “In the meantime, Wen-daifu will head to Nightless City to see if she can gather more defectors.”
At that nearly everyone breaks into raucous cheer. Throwing their fists into the air, they begin to chant over and over.
"Down with the Wen!”
“Shoot down the Sun!”
"Down with the Wen!”
“Shoot down the Sun!”
"Down with the Wen!”
“Shoot down the Sun!”
The rebellion marched bravely toward Pingyang, spirits high as they passed the burning remains of Wen superiority in Yangquan- a minimum amount of people separating from the battalion to begin building the war camp, before continuing on to the occupied region of the Yao sect.
The Wens didn’t know to expect them. Using the information garnered from Wei WuXian’s reconnaissance, the Sunshot Campaign soldiers were able to fly under the radar until they were right upon the Wen’s doorstep, and by that time it had been too late. The battles were harsh, buildings burned, limbs severed,  lives lost in a flurry screams, rage, and a never end bought of spilled blood. The days waged on, the campaign slowly pushed the Wen forces back towards the treacherous mountain paths of the region.
It is there, at the final battle for Pingyang that Wei WuXian first enters the war zone.
He leaves everyone consumed in horror.
The sound of his flute reverberates across the war ground. Above everyone, Wei WuXian stands surrounded by crimson and black energy, hair flying wildly in the air while his fingers rapidly span across his dizi. The Wen soldiers are apprehensive as the haunting music closes in around them.
Soon, the dead arrive, crawling and dragging themselves out of the muddied earth. Spirits are summoned like fog on humid autumn morn, ghostly vestiges crying out for blood. Moans and shrieks ring out across the battle ground as the legion attacks. The Wens don’t stand a chance against an army that doesn’t feel pain and cannot be killed; they are swiftly ripped to shreds by razor sharp claws and teeth.
Watching the slaughter taking place before them, it takes a long time before the sunshot soldiers realize that they would not be harmed before they storm into the fray. Swords, sabers, and talismans fly out aiding the undead army. A lightning whip lashes lines of soldiers at a time, a violet sword slicing through necks at the same amount of speed. The swift strums of a guqin throws many enemies into the air, a brutal strike from a dustless sword slicing them in half.
Before any of them know it, the battle is over. The Wens retreat from the unwinnable fight leaving their injured allies behind to their fate as the battalion of fierce corpses closes in on them.
The war zone quickly grows quiet as Wei WuXian lowers his flute. The battle field reeks of resentful energy, death and hatred stains the mountains of Pingyang.
"Gather any survivors and bring them back to camp!, “Jiang WanYin’s gruff voice orders out
Lan WangJi hears an ally throw up at the carnage all around them as he walks up the cliff to the Jiang cultivator. Wei WuXian stands at the tip of the cliff, looking down at the ruined, blood filled battle zone.
“Wei Ying, “the Jiang cultivator looks to him
“Lan WangJi, “Wei WuXian shoves his flute back against his waist, “What do you want?”
Lan WangJi looks down at the battle field below them, at the blood soaking the earth, the entrails and limbs ripped from their enemies.
“Are you sure you can control it?, ‘there is a desperate tone to his voice
Wei WuXians doesn’t answer him and looks back down at his army of the undead. He begins to hum, and his allies freeze as his voice echoes around them. However, everyone watches in awe as one by one, the corpses lay down on the ground, being stripped of all power and the spirits dissipate into the wind. Soon, the only thing left on the battle field is the living.
The Jiang cultivator looks back at the second Lan heir, “If I couldn’t control it, wouldn’t you all be dead already?, “Wei WuXian’s crimson eyes drain back to a familiar bright silver
Lan WangJi says nothing to that. Wei WuXian huffs and walks past him, walking down to check the status of his comrades. Soft feet thump against the craggy grounds of the mountain paths as Wei WuXian pulls injured from the battlefield to the safer corners of the war zone. Watching as he tends to man with a large gash on his leg, Lan WangJi clenches his fists as the man thanks the cultivator for cleaning and wrapping his wound.
‘Wei Ying.’
By the time they leave the ruined mountain paths, Lan WangJi has decided that he will not let Wei WuXian leave his sight in case he suffers any ill affects from his cultivator. The hovering annoys the man, he can tell, but Wei WuXian chooses to ignore him and tends to the injured still, giving them advice on “Wen-daifu’s suggestion”.
They get back to the Yangquan camp in relatively good time, and in even higher spirits. Soldiers cheer at another victory and sing songs at shooting down another sun so quickly.
Wei WuXian slinks away from the army as soon as they hit the perimeter, walking around the back to get to his own appointed piece of lands. Lan WangJi follows quietly behind and the man looks back to send him a quick irked look before continuing on. A few minutes more of walking and they come up to Wei WuXian’s camp. The Wen defectors have already gotten everything into working order.
Wei WuXian’s tent sits at the back, the largest one available given to him; it could house at least three people. Already inside is a bed, desk, and tons of blank parchments and inkstones. There is a small kiln and a forge outside along with what looks to be crates of scrap metal.
While not here - currently on her way to Nightless City- Wen Qing’s tent is very close. The Wens have given her the second largest tent they were afforded, and along side it multiple canopies and curtains for the many patients she would no doubt have to tend to. The futons have been set up, clean sheets waiting to be soiled by blood, sweat, and grime.
The rest of the Wen camp had their tents close together, slightly away from the overseer and medical tents. A small wooden structure filled with tables and makeshift stoves was in the center of all of them. To WangJi, it almost looked like a small tent village.
“I see everyone’s been working hard, “Wei WuXian smiles and laughs as soon as he sees their work
It nearly throws Lan WangJi for a loop, that this smiling cheery man could be the same who just slaughtered hundreds not even forty-eight hours ago.
“Young Master Wei, “a gruff looking man ways a hand in their direction, “Welcome back!”
“Uncle Four!, “Wei WuXian waves back
“Young Master Wei.”
The two turn at the creaky voice and see an elderly woman striding up to them, hands behind her back. She gives Wei WuXian a bright smile.
“Granny!, “Wei WuXian grins at her, “I’m back.”
“Welcome back, “the old woman croons, “Lunch will be soon.”
“Oh, do you need any help?, “Wei WuXian raises a brow in question
“No, “the old woman answers so quickly it surprises WangJi
Granny Wen shakes her head, “No Young Master Wei’s in the kitchen.”
Wei WuXian slumps and pouts, “You’re not going to let the wok go are you Granny?, “and the old woman pats his head
Granny Wen chuckles lightly, “No.”
Not sparing the Light Bearing Lord another glance, Wei WuXian follows the Wen elder into the camp, leaving the Second Jade of Lan at the perimeter.
Watching the young man joke around with the woman, laughing as he begged to be let into the kitchen, Lan WangJi was bewildered
Author’s Notes:
-Another one down, hope you’re enjoying so far!
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Tumblr media
“Gusu Lan Sect, Lan Wangji.”
Tumblr media
“Wei Ying.”
Tumblr media
“Emperor’s Smile, I’ll share one with you, can you pretend you didn’t see me?”
Tumblr media
“Why would I not dare to turn up here? I’ve faced 3000 people myself before.”
Tumblr media
“Ah Xian.”
Tumblr media
“I’d like to see just what minor and small evil spirits dare to create trouble here.”
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“Becoming strong... this is something that is within my expectations.”
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“Being hardworking in studies and practice is a priority for all Lan disciples.”
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“How boring, where’s Fairy?”
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“Walking quickly is forbidden in Cloud Recesses!”
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“Who has summoned me? It sounds so familiar...”
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“How did I end up meeting him again?”
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陈情令 The Untamed Game Official PV 1
And we have a bonus character who literally has no character card because he’s that extra:
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milosdinosaur · 29 days ago
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today i learnt that chinese national figure skaters wang shiyu and liu xinyu onced skated to wuji and they even dressed like wangxian!! it’s so stunning it should be illegal. you can watch them here
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