a-wild-windings-uwu a month ago
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@crystaltale-official/ @zahrart17 totally not late birth, grift :D
The twins wanted to say happy birthday as well so have extra doodle totally not because i feel bad about being late :3
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Also screw hats and anatomy, they're my enemies-
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johobi 5 months ago
Me bing reading the whole WYLEI series
Ch 9: oo it's getting spicy
Ch 10: fuck it's getting messy
Ch 11: fuck it's getting messier
Ch 12 : fuck what happened just now
After reading
Wow this was a hell of a ride and I loved it.
Hahahaha, yesssss!! One big ol hot mess with a couple of very hot messes. 馃お thank you for riding the rollercoaster and being patient while its operator popped off for a 2 year long break 馃拃馃挆
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nephilimgirlbooks 2 years ago
Update Regarding My Fanfiction Identity
Hey guys, Carlee here! If you follow my fanfictions, you probably know by now that my username on Tumblr is different than the username I use for my writing. Unfortunately, the username I have always used as a pen name is also the username that I use for my personal Twitter and Instagram and lately that has seemed... a little too personal. I鈥檓 22, I鈥檓 actively seeking a job in book publishing, and I don鈥檛 want prospective employers to search for my Twitter and come across The Murder Suspect or When You Least Expect It instead, ya feel?聽
I thought about changing my username to nephilimgirlbooks to match my tumblr and maybe one day I will, but for now I went for something that is more of a combination of my old AO3 name and my current Tumblr username. So anyway, I said all that to say this: I can now be found on Archive of Our Own under the name carleeofbooks (which is also the name of my rarely-used bookstagram, actually).聽
And speaking of my fanfictions, I am still working hard on my next chapter of The Murder Suspect. I didn鈥檛 know all that I wanted to do with the first half of this chapter, but I re-outlined it the other day and I feel ready to keep going now. I don鈥檛 know when an update will come, but probably there will be something within the month!聽
Kisses, Carlee
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ditzypunk 3 years ago
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Sunshine Love: A Playlist
THIS is it chief... the time has come... !
ive had this playlist forever but honestly ive been waiting for today to post it.聽@bratsims
1. Boyfriend - Best Coast
2. Slow Dance With You - Adventure TIme
3. Falling For You - Peachy! ft. Mxmtoon
4. Feelings Are Fatal - Mxmtoon
5. Sunflower Feelings - Kuzu Mellow prod. Korou
6. She鈥檚 Got You High - Mumm-ra
7. Peachy - Cavetown聽
8. I Like You - Dandelion Hands
9. Someone To Stay - Vancouver Sleep Clinic
10. She Tastes Like Summer - Spilt Milk Society
11. Raccoon - It Looks Sad
12. Always In My Head - Coldplay
listen here!
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Hey. I told you i would catch up on your stories and i did. Started with the fic that made me enjoy AU's. For the past few days "What you least expect it", i restard it needed to refresh my memory of it and god that was amazing, beautiful, sad, scary and sex. Amond other feelings like you said a rollercoster! I love the fact you no only put the reader and Dean pov, but cas and Sam where so greet to read. Now to Ties that bind, thought there were more then 2 or 3 part. Wish me luck :D ;)
Urgh WYLEI is an old one! But I kinda owe that one a lot. That is the first thing I wrote that really started getting me a following :D聽
Ties that Bind did have more chapters. I took down the series to rework it and finish it this time around
When you Least Expect It
Ties That Bind
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sizzlingchaosfury 12 months ago
Shuttered shop on the corner of Alexander Street
Shuttered shop on the corner of Alexander Street by National Library of Ireland on The Commons Via Flickr: All these celebrations, and the sherry provided by the Library Hierarchy have given me a hangover, so back to the sobriety of the Poole Collection for today's image. House in Alexander Street commissioned by W. McCoy shows us a fine establishment with lots of potential, and two resident corner boys. What am I offered? +++ UPDATE +++ Well done to you all on reconstructing the lives and livelihoods of those families living and working around Alexander Street. And a special thank you to Paul O'Farrell, who has long been our roving Waterford Correspondent, for establishing a solid enough date for this photograph of in and around 1895. Photographer: A. H. Poole Collection: Poole Photographic Collection, Waterford Date: Between ca 1901-1954 Around 1895 NLI Ref: POOLEWP 0687 You can also view this image, and many thousands of others, on the NLI鈥檚 catalogue at catalogue.nli.ie
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lhstylinson9193 4 years ago
When You Least Expect It Sneak Peak Chap. 20
Hi babe, you okay? TJ signed, trying his best to balance a sleeping Amelia as he grinned back at his boyfriend.
No, Cody signed, having to hold in a laugh at the thought of being okay. My head feels like it just got ran over by a truck.
TJ bit his lip, keeping his own chuckle as he saw that at least Cody was taking everything okay so far. Your dad is getting the doctor, hopefully we can get you some medicine.
Cody hummed back at that, not even trying to nod because he knew the pain would only get worse. But when he managed to turn his head just slightly to look at his pop he could see his father just staring at him with tears brimming in his eyes. And he knew how much all of this meant to him, knew how terribly his pop wanted all of this work.
Hey鈥 Cody signed, giving his father鈥檚 hand a gentle squeeze so he would look back at him. I love you pop鈥 Even if it doesn鈥檛 work, nothing is going to change that.
Harry sniffled to himself, knowing he was being read like an open book by his son, but he couldn鈥檛 help it. I love you too buddy, always.
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bringmesomepie56 4 years ago
Which fic did you want us to vote for, for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing , coz I voted and i want to know if you voted the same 馃樄
I feel like if I tell you, she may come and kick my ass for 鈥渟kewing鈥 the vote.
But I want the When you Least Expect Continuation. It鈥檚 just three parts, but I miss my mechanic Dean. If you haven鈥檛 read that series, you need to hop over to her page and read it now.
It鈥檚 amazing. I hope it wins. She has been promising me, 鈥淔ebruary, February鈥 then she let everyone vote. 馃槀馃ぃ
If I have to wait longer, I鈥檓 gonna cry. Lol!!!
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a-wild-windings-uwu 5 months ago
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Since I was too dumb to write stuff about them on their ref here you go-
They're both 6 years old and about 1,09m tall tho Wylei is 2 cm smaller than Riley which means that Wylei is 1,07m and Rylei is 1,09m :3 also Wylei is based on a red panda and Riley is based on a racoon
Btw they're not called Chaos Twins for no reason- they like to troll people an sometimes even play jokes on each other, making a mess out of everything is basically their (self declined) mission but if they land in a place where they can't make a mess they'll pout until they get something new to play with
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johobi 10 months ago
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hi guys!! May I come in?馃ぃ馃ぃ sorry it鈥檚 been a while. I won鈥檛 bother boring you all with why as I鈥檓 sure you鈥檙e aware of the difficulties I face often! Anyway I just wanted to let you know I have just one transition scene and one more main scene to write for WYLEI13.馃槄 I鈥檓 sorry to everyone that it鈥檚 taken so long. And I also want to thank the people who asked me nicely to consider just releasing an outline of how WYLEI ends rather than writing it. I get why you ask that and thank you for presenting that as an option. But I said from the beginning I would not give up on it because I want to properly resolve my characters鈥 stories, especially as it鈥檚 quite a heavy fic. Thanks for bearing with me 馃檹 I鈥檒l let you know when I go into editing.
PS. I鈥檓 a more frequent presence on twitter atm if you wanna keep up with me! Especially when I have exams etc.! @/pjmoomins
PPS. Take care of yourselves. Love you!馃
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coffee-obsessed-writer a year ago
Fic Update - WYLEI Playlist Jensen x Musician!Reader
Tumblr media
Sitting here, wasting time and day dreaming about fics.... While 鈥淵ou鈥檙e Mine鈥 part 4 is being worked out, I鈥檓 firmly stuck on finishing WYLEI 18-20 (the end) very, very soon. Been obsessively listening to the soundtrack that I have for the fic, and its getting me so excited to deliver these last 3 chapters to you...
If you want a little preview of the songs for chapter 18, check them out below. There is A LOT of music in this upcoming chapter... Can you guess who鈥檚 singing what?! Hope it gets you just as pumped for the next one as it does for me!
Full YouTube Playlist聽 - Series Masterlist
Upcoming Songs for Chapter 18 - Day Two of Austin鈥檚 Hometown Music and Brew Fest
鈥淚 Fell In Love鈥澛
鈥淏oardwalk Angel鈥
鈥淪ay Something鈥
鈥淗old On鈥
WYLEI & Jensen Tags:聽@screechingartisancashbailiff鈥 /聽@winchesterxfamilybusiness鈥嬧 /聽@sandlee44鈥嬧 /聽@wings-of-a-raven鈥嬧 /聽@negans-wife鈥嬧 /聽@kazosa鈥嬧 /聽@deans-baby-momma鈥嬧 /聽@teaspoin鈥嬧 /聽@whiskeyandapplepie鈥嬧 /聽@hobby27鈥嬧 /聽@breereadsthings鈥嬧 /聽@maddiepants鈥嬧 /聽@adoptdontshoppets鈥嬧 /聽@squirrelnotsam鈥嬧 /聽@faughnphotography鈥嬧 /聽@katehuntington鈥嬧 / @his-paradox鈥嬧 /聽@deansenwackles鈥嬧 /聽@destielhoneybee鈥嬧 /聽@akshi8278鈥嬧 /聽@austin-winchester67鈥嬧 /聽@krazykelly鈥嬧 /聽@thoughts-and-funnies鈥嬧 /聽@mrsjenniferwinchester鈥嬧 / @vickyfarley鈥嬧 / @winchest09鈥嬧 /聽@jerkbitchidjitassbutt鈥嬧 /聽@luciathewinchestergirl鈥嬧 /聽 @alexiswinchester鈥嬧 /聽@seppys-return-to-madness /聽@donnaintx鈥嬧 /聽@deans-baby-momma鈥嬧 /聽@the-is13鈥嬧 /聽@stoneyggirl鈥嬧 /聽@captaindorit0鈥嬧 /聽@fanfictionjunkie1112鈥嬧 /聽@focusonspn鈥嬧 /聽@deanwanddamons鈥嬧嬧嬄/聽@theebeee鈥嬧 /聽@ultimatecin73鈥嬧 /聽@londoncallingbutiwontpickup鈥嬧 /聽@thoughts-and-funnies鈥嬧 / @pathofthebeam19-blog鈥 / @idreamofplaid鈥
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71tenseventeen a year ago
At the beginning when they are at the hockey camp. Geno is playing Pet Rescue Saga (at least I think that was the name) and he is a veterinarian. Was this intentional or did you just pick a random game?
It was intentional. There are a several random things in that fic that I put in very intentionally but that don't really affect the story.
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nephilimgirlbooks 4 years ago
Guess who FINALLY got her shit together for long enough to post another chapter of WYLEI? Jasico has been calling to me all week.
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oddcoupler222 14 days ago
hi! if you don鈥檛 mind me asking鈥 do you have a date on when the wylei novella will be coming out?
I know you said soon.. but I have been checking email every few hours cause i鈥檓 super excited for it to come out I can hardly focus on anything I do 馃槀 (I鈥檓 a big big fan)
Hey hi hello :)
the majority of it is complete, but I'm adding on an extra little scene to the ending, sooooo that part is on me because i can't stop myself!
so likely in the next few days
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natgeotraveluk 14 days ago
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Stuart Wyley of Wye Canoes talks otters, anglers and homemade nettle soup on a trip exploring the wilds of the River Wye // Photo by @gregfunnell for the September 2021 issue of National Geographic Traveller 鈥 view on Instagram https://ift.tt/3FhvysU
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mujerdecarneyverso 4 years ago
Two Women in Kosovo
"I'm going to jump," her sister whispers, holding out her hand. And so they jump together鈥攕o naturally they might be young girls again leaping at waves on their holidays, jumping across rivers on their way to school, pulling each other over the road to grown-up things. From the side of the truck out onto the rolling dust and scrub they jump, tea and bread they've just eaten with the others, a thump in their stomachs when they fall. Holding hands tight, they jump鈥 two women in Kosovo leaving behind their children, their mother, their husbands gunned down by soldiers in a roadside caf茅 minutes before and now a mountain of grief being driven to a mass grave somewhere these sisters will never find.
One looks back for a second, feels her whole life piled ugly there, feels it was beautiful once鈥 the pull of her man reaching for her in the middle of the night, the bitter pain she knew when her four-year-old left her for his first day at school, her mother calling her back home on a cold winter's night. Luck chooses where we are born, passes us through life unscathed by violence. Luck is this brave woman now defying the brutal guards, rising alive from her pretend death and the horror of corpses, the people she's loved鈥 a frightened survivor pulling her frightened sister forward, a sister whispering "jump!"
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aawesomepenguin a year ago
One really cool thing from the Sonic Movie Crew with this movie: They picked A LOT of Indie artists for their soundtrack. Like the Ghost Hounds, The Lazys, Sueco the Child and Wyley Vlahovic. They鈥檙e not big names in the music industry.
They got a major showcase being featured in a Hollywood movie! That鈥檚 very cool.
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rocket-roquill-raccoon a year ago
Sonic Movie Soundtrack
"Friends" - Hyper Potion
"Don't Stop Me Now" - Queen
"Flight of the Valkyries" - Jim Carrey
"All Fired Up" - The Lazys
"White Lightning" - Tennessee River Crooks
"Bad News" - Ghost Hounds
"I'm Turnin' 'Em Up" - Wyley Randall
"Love In The City" - John Christopher Stokes
"Boom" 聽- X Ambassadors
"Where Evil Grows" - The Poppy Family featuring Terry Jacks
"Catch Me I'm Falling" - Kelly Finnigan
"Green Hill Zone" - Jon Batiste
"Speed Me Up" - Wiz Khalifa,Ty Dolla $ign, Lil Yachty, and Sueco
Apparently won鈥檛 be released. Here it is for you as reference.
Tumblr media
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johobi 9 months ago
Gonna try and finish writing WLYEI 13 this week and have it edited next week. It鈥檚 looking good! 馃
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