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  • Rachel had mentioned to Wynonna how much Nicole missed her when they were in the garden
  • and Wynonna kinda noticed this as well so she suggests something to Nicole
  • who is super excited bc she misses spending Wynonna, basically told Wynonna she could do anything she wants and she will be happy
  • so Wynonna being Wynonna thinks of the craziest things for them to do
  • and it literally will take them the whole day
  • (Which Waverly is a bit jealous bc she wants to spend time with Nicole but understand that they need this time alone)
  • Wynonna has this whole day planned for the pair, they would go to the city for the day, get some lunch and in the evening they would get lit at a club 
  • (knowing Wynonna probably a strip club and she’ll get Nicole super drunk)
  • They probably get pretty drunk and get in some trouble before Wynonna got them out of the situation
  • After going to the bar/club Wynonna drags Nicole to get some late night drunk food before they go home
  • it was funny to see Nicole try to eat her pizza without having anything drop on herself
  • (Wynonna might had sent a picture or two to Waverly, who is glad that they had a fun day)
  • after that, the pair finally went drove home
  • and when they got home Wavelry and Wynonna basically had to carry Nicole into the house 
  • (the next morning Nicole was pretty hangover but was glad she got to hang out with Wynonna)
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