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lady-navier0357 · 2 days ago
hellohello 👁👁
What about yandere!rashta and yandere!navier fightinh for maid!reader who just arrived at the palace after rashta became a concubine?
thank you and i hope this is not too much of a bother!
Tumblr media
Rashta and Navier fighting for Maid! Reader
Tumblr media
‘I shouldn’t have come here!’ was your first thought to this mess you created. What? Don’t understand anything? Let’s rewind back to when you got to the palace, You were in search for a job for quite a few days, but you were lucky enough when the empress herself saw you sitting with one of her ladies-in –waiting and asking her about any jobs vacancies she knew, she stepped in and offered you a job as a maid in the palace.
As you begin to work there, you became a royal maid for the empress, you had become friends with many other servants working there working for different events and also hearing the news of the emperor bringing in a concubine and you heard some rumors saying she was extremely gorgeous, many people hated her for hurting the empress while some didn’t, even you secretly wanted to meet her. One day as you were doing your work as usual, you were cleaning the hallways near the Empress’s bedroom, for some reason the empress told you to only clean near her room or where she found be found the most. So while you were cleaning the floor, you bumped into a beautiful lady, whom you recognized to be the emperor’s concubine, Rashta. As stopping your work for a moment to greet her as a sign of respect, she asked “Hey! Aren’t you the new maid everyone’s talking about? What’s your name?” You replied back with a “Yes, my lady I’m the new maid working for the empress. My name is Y/N, my lady.”
At the mention of the empress, Rashta’s expression of happiness and excitement changed into a deep-thinking one and maybe a disgusted one, after a few minutes she said “Why don’t you work as one of my maids, because since Rashta is the new concubine to the emperor, she also needs some maids to help her? Rashta will pay you a handsome price.” While giving you a eye-closed cheeky smile and waited for your answer. After a while you replied with that you will think about it and asked to get dismissed, Rashta was happy with your answer and said she’ll see you later. Unknown to you, a certain someone was watching your whole conversation with the concubine.
That night while you were in your room, you heard a knock on your door, as you opened the door two maids were standing there and after a few seconds they both said in unison,
“Lady Navier wishes to have dinner with you.”
“Lady Rashta wishes to have dinner with you.”
Confused as to why they would call you, you denied both the invitations and lied to them that you had already eaten. When the news reached the ears of both the ladies they were livid, not at you no but at each other. They thought that the other was forcing you to stop spending time with them.
And so this continued for a few weeks when both the ladies would s end invitations to spend time with you and always you would deny them, thinking it was kind of wrong for a near royal to spend time with a low maid. Thus you would rarely accept their invitations and would often reject them.
Now as you finally take a break from working, you were sitting in the garden reading a book, as you were contently reading you heard two voices call out to you, which made your blood freeze, it was the empress and the concubine, Lady Navier and Lady Rashta respectively. As they both called out to you, you stood up and brushed your dress clean and bowed down to both of them to show respect. As you sat down, lady Rashta tackled you in a tight side-hug and wished you good morning, “Good morning Y/N! Did you sleep well last night?”
Smiling at her adorable antics, you politely said, “Good morning milady and to you too empress, how can I help you both today?”  At the mention of the empress, Rashta happy face turned into a pissed off once as she said, “Y/N? Why do you keep denying Rashta’s invitations of a tea time, is Rashta insufferable and annoying to you?!”
Surprised at her question, you tried explaining to the lady that she wasn’t annoying or anything like that, it’s just that you were often busy and didn’t have time to spend with her. As Rashta heard about you being too busy she retorted, “Well sister must give you so much work, so you have no time to yourself, it’s okay Rashta will talk with her!” with a cheeky and sly look as she looked at Navier, Navier’s face looked thoughtful, but on the inside she was livid, how could Rashta, a slave who luckily became a concubine, say that the empress was drowning her maid in work and not letting her accept the invitations of others?  
Hearing the request, she spoke back, “Oh! Rashta I’m not drowning her in work, we both also have been spending a bit of time together like you both do, just more often that is…” in a sly and hushed tone, hearing this news you became extremely confused as to what the empress was saying cause you hadn’t been spending that much time with empress either, like Navier now Rashta was also infuriated, she knew that it wasn’t true but she couldn’t prove it without revealing herself.
As you started to feel as though something was about to go wrong, you stood up, bowed down and tried to excuse yourself, “Excuse me my ladies, I still have to go work so may I be excused?” As you asked the question, you felt strong grips on both of your wrists you opened your eyes and stood straight you saw both the ladies had a grip on your wrists and pulled you both somewhere nobody could see you, where their argument continued between who you like.
As this happened, Rashta suggested something that made blood run out of your face, “Wait sister! What if we start sharing her, then we both can have her to ourselves and nobody can take her from us! Right~”, “You’re right. We can share this little darling and keep her safe by locking her in a room built just for her, so nobody can take her from us!” As they both turned to look at you with blood-thirsty and sinister smiles on their faces and suddenly you felt your vision going blurry and black as you thought ‘I shouldn’t have come here!’.
Tumblr media
Thank you for the request.
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myfootsonfire · 19 hours ago
One of my biggest pet peeves is the fact that x reader content has completely taken over most fandom tags. Like, I don't wanna shit on people that like x reader content, cuz honestly you do you. But personally, I just want to interact with content about the characters interacting with each other, I wanna see cool fanart and analysis. Like, hear me out here, does anyone remember when mcyt fans had to be yelled at and told to stop putting their content in the Minecraft tag, because people who were interested in just the game were being bombarded with stuff about YouTubers, and even though it's not technically incorrect to put mcyt content in the Minecraft tag, it's still considered rude to do so simply to help make the internet experiences of other people easier to navigate. Well honestly I think something like that needs to happen for x reader content. Like, come up with a special language or tag or something so people can find what they want without having to fill normal fandom and character tags with it. Cuz literally when I've got all these tags blocked and the top 20 posts in the tag are STILL x reader content, it's fucking ridiculous.
Tumblr media
This isn't even half of them, I've had to make a list of tags so that when I stop scrolling I can filter them without loosing my place. I've been trying to curate my own internet experience, but it's so exhausting, everytime I filter one tag I swear there are like 50 more.
You wanna read x reader content, thats perfectly reasonable, good for you, but I am so tired of trying to find fanart of my favorite characters, only to be blasted with 15 posts about how you wanna get railed by anime boy #57 okay. There has to be some kind of solution here cuz it's driving me nuts. Please tell me I'm not the only one that feels this way.
(also pls ignore the fact that I have bakudeku and drarry filtered, I don't hate those ships at all I have them filtered for other reasons, pls don't start any discourse.)
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angelicf4iry · 2 hours ago
How? | Steve Harrington
Tumblr media
Containing: Fluff, Friends to lovers,Kissing and drinking
Steve Harrington x Fem! Reader
Your friends Steve and Robin were over at your place in the back yard you invited them over because it seemed like they needed break from all the craziness. you all were drinking can beer while in lawn chairs playing never have I ever.
“Okay. Never have I ever lost a bet” You grinned knowing Steve had lost a bet to you before “Drink up Harrington”
Steve Narrowed his eyes at you “You know you’re Real funny y/n” he said sarcastically sipping his beer
“Here’s an easy one. Never have I ever stolen anything” Robin said then pause and began chugging the beer
Yourself and Steve joined in with her drinking “Here’s easier one. Never I have ever…kissed someone” Steve muttered
A bright Red Robin took the beer can to her lips shamelessly Steve then followed suit tossing the can back. You bit your lip in embarrassment
“Y/n y-you’ve never?” Robin asked you with wide eyes heat went to your cheeks. You looked down at your down feet “no never” You answered shyly
Steve had his strong gaze on your face looking for something in your eyes he wondering how you could no one kiss your soft looking lips?
A few more rounds of never have I ever went by with laughing and giggling guys “Well I think it’s time for me to hit the sack” Robin yawned stretching her arms “Robin you’re welcome to sleep in the guest bedroom in you want” You suggested
she smiled sweetly at you the said “Thanks y/n, I think I will” you watched her walk away into the house as so did Steve when door slid closed Steve spoke up immediately “Is it true w-what you said earlier”
“Yes it is true…” you whispered “But how?! You’re one of the prettiest girls I know y/n” Steve blurted out while he stood up putting his hands through his hands frustratingly “I would expect men to be practically fighting over” the boy added
You stood up looking at Steve’s face “The reason I haven’t kissed anyone yet is because I have been waiting for the right person” you informed him
He cocked his head to the side then grinned making your heart skip a beat “maybe I’m that person” those words made your heart beat faster and you felt flustered from all the complements he had given you
“Y/n…what I’m trying to say is I have liked for a longest time but I didn’t know how to say it so I’m saying it I see you so much more as friend to me and obviously you don’t have to like me ba-“ Steve confessed but was interrupted by your lips against his
You kissed him passionately as he kissed back his hand went behind your head with other on your neck you pulled back from the kiss you breathing heavily “I feel same exact way Steve”
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anystalker707 · 2 days ago
Pairing: Mikey x Reader Word count: ~ 1 500 Genre: Fluff / Comfort Summary: Mikey is insecure about wearing rings, but (y/n) will make sure it happens.
Requested by Duchess <3 [(...) Mikey wants to wear a shit ton of rings but’s scared of what other people might say (...)]
A/N: Current Mikey bc we deserve it
Tumblr media
The ring shines through the shop window’s glass, details glinting under the light and contrasting perfectly with the deep red velvet upholstery of the small case it’s placed in, still showing all of its glory even if just a couple of people stop to appreciate it at the moment. It’s not one of the busy hours, though, it seems, given how not nearly as many people walk down the streets as the stores are able to handle. A paper next to the ring displays the price, and it takes me a moment to convert the pounds to dollars, but I soon realize it isn’t even that bad, considering the ones in simpler designs that are sold for higher prices.
“Mikey, why don’t you get it, hm?” I nod to the ring, though his focus is also already on it. Mikey’s reflection nods a little. “Would suit you and also match the others.”
Mikey continues gazing at the ring, then sighs, leaning back a little. “Ah, no, you know what I think about it already.”
“Just considering what other people will think isn’t a good reason, you’re aware of that,” I breathe. It’s a fucking shame he won’t use the rings since they suit him so fucking well, not to mention how they make him look even more powerful. He got a lot of them, and I don’t know what for, if he’s not going to use them. And for such a stupid reason.
“You don’t see the point.” Mikey shifts a little, taking a closer look at the ring again, for a short moment. “I’m not up to answering all of the ‘oh, are you sure you should be wearing something so expensive?’ or ‘are these even real?’ every time people look at them. Not to mention how they’ll say I’m trying to copy Frank or something. It’ll suck.”
For a moment, I do cogitate discussing again, telling him things aren’t like that, but I decide to save time instead; I shrug lightly, about to point at the earrings by the other side of the window when I see Gerard approaching. He places his hand on Mikey’s shoulder, following his gaze to the jewelry for a moment before cleaning his throat. “Uh, I’m grabbing some coffee, do you want to come along?” He looks between Mikey and I.
Mikey hums with a brief motion to adjust his shades—why does he have them in such cloudy weather? I’d call it a habit—and nods. “(Y/n)?”
“No, I’m still walking around for a bit.” I glance around; I can still go check the jacket I saw across the street and see the bookstore people are always recommending me, later. “You know what I like, I’ll get it with you when I see you later. Well, I mean, not if it’ll bother you, then I’ll just—”
“It’s fine,” Mikey chuckles and places a hand on my hip as he leans in to give me a quick kiss. “Take care, okay? Call me if you need anything.”
“Yeah, yeah, don’t worry. Same to you, by the way.” I smile, patting his chest lightly as he pulls away, nodding in response, and wave lightly at the two once they start to walk away, but they’re quickly immersed in their talk. Nice. It doesn’t take too long until they’re turning around a corner, so I step into the store, welcomed by the smell of cleaning supplies and alcohol before an employee approaches me.
“Hello! How may I help you?” They ask in a thick British accent, hands folded in front of them.
“Hi!” I smile back, and glance behind me. “Y’know, can I take a look at the silver ring from the window?”
In total, there are seven rings—three were with me, one of them was bought, while the other three were dispersed around Mikey’s things. Why does he bring them along if he doesn’t want to wear them, hm? Hell, that insecure ass of his. He won’t be able to escape it today, and I’m the one who’ll make sure it happens.
All of the rings are secured in my bag when we head to the venue after all the shopping and exploring, which also thankfully earned me one of the books I had been looking for. The guys are in soundcheck while I sit backstage in one of the dressing rooms, just messing with my phone or things around while I have what Mikey had left for me, consisting of a cup of my favorite coffee and a snack. Both are already over when Mikey is coming into the dressing room again, this time not to leave his things here but to get ready for the oncoming concert, smiling as he approaches and presses a kiss to my cheek.
“I have something for you.” I stand up from the chair, rummaging through my bag a little until I finally bring it up. “Here.”
Mikey furrows his eyebrows, but does take the little fabric bag in hand carefully, undoing the ribbon and then dropping the ring on his palm. It’s possible to see the exact moment he recognizes it, eyes widening, and he gasps. “(Y/n)! You shouldn’t! You know what—”
“No, no excuses!” I shake my head, taking the ring to slip it on one of his fingers. So pretty. I trace the ring’s details with the tip of my fingers, still holding Mikey’s hand. “I’m so tired of you just spilling excuses and stuff while you actually look so fucking hot with these on! C’mon, I even brought you all of your seven rings, and I want you to put all of them on at least to take the pictures before the concert! Fuck what people say, what matters is that you want to wear them and that you look so damn fine with them!” He has that face on when I look at him, and I don’t know whether I should feel mad or melt. “I’ll accept no arguing!” I peck his lips. “You’re better than that, and you know it! Go for it! Keep a few of the rings on during the concert if they don’t bother you while you play the bass, you’ll look fucking badass, so powerful!”
Despite Mikey’s sigh, his face betrays him; a red tone slowly quickly takes over his cheeks and he looks away with a hum, a clear sign he’s already given in, making me chuckle happily.
“God, you’re so fucking pretty,” I say as I cup his face and press a kiss to his lips, “so hot, so awesome!” I try to give him a kiss between each word, though I end up chuckling again, this time followed by him.
“You’re as well.” He pecks my lips, wrapping his arms around my waist to pull me closer. “Thank you.”
“You don’t need to thank me.” I brush my nose against his with my heart fluttering in my chest.
Through time, Mikey ends getting used to it and either forgetting or giving up on his previous ideas to give in completely to the excitement of finally wearing the rings, and seeing him with them on while in his jacket, the traditional Mikey fucking Way shirt along with skinny jeans and Doc Martens is enough to have me melting on the inside and quickly grabbing my phone to register the moment. He’s a little shy at the beginning, but soon agrees with the poses I tell him.
“Let me take a look!” He rushes to my side as soon as I bring my phone closer to myself, analyzing each picture and deleting the blurry ones in the process. Turns out the one in which he got distracted by someone in the end of the hall actually looks pretty cool.
“I fucking love it,” I sigh, gazing at Mikey again. He grins and pecks my lips, still a little shy about all of it.
The sound of footsteps has me looking away, and I wonder where the fuck Gerard showed up from since the hall was empty aside from Mikey and I standing here until a moment ago. He’s also in his stage outfit, and seeing everyone like this—given how Ray and Frank were wandering around earlier—gives me so much nostalgia. He brushes a few hair strands away from his face, looking like he’s going to keep walking just to stop in front of Mikey and take a look at him up and down. “Rings!” Gerard gasps, stepping closer to take Mikey’s hands in his, admiring the rings adorning each of them.
“Yeah, (y/n) convinced me to wear them.” Mikey presses his lips together in a smile.
“So fucking cool,” Gerard hums with a nod. “Aren’t they going to make playing harder or...?”
“Ah, no!” Mikey shakes his head. “‘Just put them on to take a few pictures, I’m actually just gonna keep a few during the concert!”
Gerard goes silent for a moment, observing the rings again, before he’s nodding once more as he glances at me as if in approval. “Yeah, awesome! You should listen to (y/n) more!”
Mikey scoffs sarcastically, just to playfully pout under the glare I shoot at him, though unable to hold back a smile. “Yeah, will do!”
tagging list: @lubbockshusband | @trans-ylvania | @newgirlinhell
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moonbyulsstuff · 2 days ago
Johan Seong x Female Reader Headcanon.
Tumblr media
Requested by: @stoeolq
How Johan met his future female s/o.
This is a long post, I hope you like it :)
Request Rules.
The first time that you and Johan had met was in the park, you were looking after Johan's dog since she thought the owner was nearby and the male was panicking since his dogs were nowhere to be found.
He didn't want to end up like time with Eden and Miro, getting kidnapped by an animal hoarder and not getting food and the proper treatment which still haunts his mind.
But his anxiety died down when he saw his dogs in the park playing with someone, Johan was relieved as he walked up to them but was tackled by his two dogs.
And that's how the two met for the first time, after that Johan kept following you everywhere with the excuse that Eden and Miro missed you.
And also he wanted to repay the favor by protecting you from danger.
And Johan learned over time on how pretty dumb you were on times, which made sigh in disbelief a multiple times but you really were a genuine person.
It kinda made him want to protect you dangerous stuff, since you kinda remind him of someone from his past.
You also treat him with some food and lunch or dinner, and slowly you learned his past.
On how he ran away from an incident and he used to a leader of powerful gang and such, it kinda made you scared of him but after time you start to see the loneliness that the male had.
Johan was lonely, he didn't have any friends, he kept his distance and doesn't talk to his mother which is really sad. It was hard since the male didn't think that having friends or family was necessary but you broke that.
After spending so much time with you, he also realize how lonely he is and needs someone by his side at all times. He distanced himself from Zack, Mira and his mom. Johan really didn't have anyone other than himself and Miro and Eden.
So, after so many hangouts and seeing and each other. You two start to develops feelings for one another. It was quite for Johan to give you hints that he likes you since he never really showed any signs to Mira before and you were quite dumb at the signs.
But to his surprise, you were the one to confess first in the Han river. His face flushed red as the sunlight compliments it, he was quite for many minutes making you worried and thinking that he doesn’t feel the same way as you do and as you were about to walk away. Johan had grabbed your wrist and kissed you on the lips shocking you in the process but you returned the kiss.
So you two ended up dating after that, and he began to wait for you at school when school is about to end which cause some chaos when he firs appeared by the gate.
Girls were basically surrounded him trying to flirt with him which anger and jealousy rise in you as he pushed yourself throughout the crowd and dragged Johan away from the school while you were fuming, which Johan found cute as you basically look like a kid who was refused to get a candy in the store.
But overall, the relationship was pretty good and healthy. With Johan getting into some fight there and there but it was good.
But there something that had been bugging you lately, and that was where Johan sleeps for the night. You never really asked him that but knowing how Johan was always travelling around looking a certain person he says, you were worried.
So you took the decision to tell him that he can live with you.
He was quite surprised at the fact when you offered him to live with you when he said that was sleeping in the streets or doesn’t even have sleep at all because of how busy he is.
Johan wasn’t quite sure about it though since he thought it would be dangerous considering how many enemies he has but you reassured him about it.
You didn’t want him to sleep on the streets or wherever he was sleeping by the night, while Johan was contemplating he eventually agreed to stay with you.
So he moved in with you and he was staying in the other room since he would get embarrassed to be sharing a room with you, which you didn’t mind and just waited for him to be comfortable with sleeping in the same room as you. but it was nice to have someone other than your cat on the house.
And your cat did not like the presence of Miro and Eden as she stayed on high shelves where the dog can’t reach her.
It was awkward for Johan to be alone in your house while you were in school, he would watch TV, clean the place and try to gain [Cat Name] trust who would glare at him from afar.
But it was nice living with you, since he was always alone well not really since he has his dogs. But more a human presence for say.
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melanieoutsold · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
pairing: jjk men x fem reader
rating: 18+
genre: smut
content: nsfw ( -16 dni ), visuals, unprotected sex
note: sorry if any of the accounts get s worded lol i’ll check back on these every now and then to update them if they’re gone mwah
+ minors are aged up
Tumblr media
link — yup it’s face down ass up and on you knees, gripping you tight with one hand on you waist and the other on the bed beside you or another part of your body. won’t leave out the cuffs if you’re being punished specifically. he loves your ass, especially when he pounds into you hard and he watches it jiggle, he likes leaving it a flushed pink color from the amount of times he’s spanked you. lips at your ear and gritting how good you feel to him when your pussy squeezes his cock.
link — omg no cause listen to me when i say this, megumi gives off the biggest sub vibes ever. but it doesn’t mean he won’t switch things up once he’s getting close, the tables can turn at any moment. he’s strong, he can easily hold you and thrust hard from beneath. he’ll play with your boobs and give them kisses and marks once he’s gotten more comfortable. he likes watching his cum seep out of you afterwards <3.
link — okayokay i could see him being really into cow girl. he has a good view of you and can watch you fuck yourself on him, how your tits bounce with every movement you make, he can see your facial expressions which turn him on even more and definitely boost his ego. he can grab your ass at any given moment, he can guide you, all for you to pass out on his chest after getting tired cause you go queen.
link — his overall favorite part of sex is pleasuring you, he adores when you cage his head with your thighs and tangle your fingers in his hair, having you squirm as he laps over your cunt repeatedly and tongue fucks you while he has you shaking and screaming his name, he loves overstimulating you to hear your cute whines, just so he can have his cock in you right after and tease you about it.
link — geto would be dominant in every situation no doubt. he likes having access to every part of you, it’s likely missionary. he can see the pretty faces you make when he thrusts into you, place kisses anywhere, your neck, your lips, your ankle. also pretty deep access with this position which is the best part, the screams he receives from you every time he hits that one spot, he loves it all and will give you all the affection you deserve.
Tumblr media
𝟐𝟎𝟐𝟐 © 𝐌𝐄𝐋𝐀𝐍𝐈𝐄𝐎𝐔𝐓𝐒𝐎𝐋𝐃 | all rights reserved — do not modify, translate, or plagiarize any of my works.
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americancowgirl19 · a month ago
Summary: You're Khonshu's original Avatar. The gods banished him and imprisoned you for the love the two of you share. When you come out of imprisonment you see that Khonshu's new Avatar is your human lover.
Warnings: fluff, angst, hints to sexiness at the end, long ass fic, reincarnation
Reader: Gender Neutral Reader
Pairings: Khonshu x Reader (Romantic), Marc/Steven x Reader (Romantic)
Word Count: 4,698
A/n: Holy fucking hell!!! I did not expect this to be so long! Ok so this ended up being majorly Khonshu x Reader and minorly Marc/Steven reader... Depending on how this does I can do another part and maybe make it a little sexy *wink wink* and have more Marc/Steven x reader parts.
Also this is completely my fic and i changed a lot that used to be cannon but is no longer in this fic. Have fun!
Enjoy all the gifs too!
Sequel - Memories
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Egyptians worshiped the Ennead since the beginning of time. As a reward for their loyal devotion the Ennead sent a messenger to the villages. Each village was to present a person who is especially devoted to the Ennead and who's values matched a specific Ennead.
When the time came each Ennead chose a human from the group to become their Avatar. They would become their Earthly vessel and carry out their will. Those who were chosen were gifted with special abilities and eternal life.
If the Avatar pleased their Ennead well enough then they were rewarded even further. Some Avatars wished for riches, others fame, and some wished for a guarantee that their family and loved one's reached the Field of Reeds. One, however, wished for the immortality of their lover so they wouldn't have to wander the world alone.
Two lifetimes into your service of Khonshu - god of the moon and vengeance - you met the love of your life. He was the first one to accept you and not run when the truth about your life came to light. When you realized you loved him and that without him by your side life would be meaningless you begged Khonshu to give him immortality.
Khonshu wanted to give him to you. Truly he did but the gift of immortality belonged to the Avatar's alone. When he told you this his heart broke at the sight of you defeated expression. The idea of traveling the world on your own haunted you. You wanted your lover by your side for all of eternity, not just this lifetime.
"Stardust, do not cry," Khonshu murmured softly. His large body crouched in front of you. His bandaged hand lightly cupped your chin and raised your head. He softly shushed your quiet cries and wiped away your tears. "It is not impossible to keep him with you. But I must warn you, if you ask this of me you will experience more heartbreak than one should in your lifetime,"
"But I will have him?" You whisper. "He'll be mine until the sun burns out and the moon no longer lights the sky?" Khonshu nods, brushing his beak against your forehead.
"He will be yours, always, Stardust," Khonshu promises you.
"Then I ask you," You whisper. "Let him be mine," You beg.
Khonshu couldn't make your lover truly immortal but there was a loophole. One that angered his fellow Ennead, but he didn't care. He would anger them tenfold if it meant pleasing you. He hadn't admitted it to anyone, let alone you, but you held a larger position in his heart than you were meant to. To see you love another angered and hurt him, but your smile and happiness continued to pacify his jealousy. You were his first, as his Avatar, and he hated it, but he shared you with this man because it was what you wanted.
When your lover died for the first time you were outraged. You yelled at Khonshu furious that he had been ripped from your arms. Khonshu then further explained the deal he had made. Your lover would be yours completely but through mortal lives. You would continue living the same life while he would be forced to reincarnate.
Upon hearing this you realized what Khonshu had meant about 'more heartbreaks than one should in your lifetime'.
"He will return to you, my Stardust," Khonshu comforted, cocooning you with his embrace. You curled into him, clinging to his bandages and robe. "Until then you will have me," He promises, resting his beak on top of your head. "You will always have me,"
Every lifetime that passed you found your lover. Every lifetime he went by a different name, but it was always him. You were given a small mercy in this endless torture. Each new lifetime when he looks into your eyes for the first time his memories from previous lives begin to return to his mind. He remembers his adventures with you and most importantly, his undying love for you.
Some lives your blessed with decades of companionship but there are some that don't last too long. Despite how long you have him for you know the inevitable will always come, you will always loose him. Each death destroys you, even though you know you will find him in his next life.
With every death you go through Khonshu is there. He's always there watching over you. He comforts you, protects you, and keeps an eye out on and for your lover - even if he isn't a big fan of the man.
"Do you ever want to give up on them like the others?" You ask Khonshu one night. It had been a few decades since the Ennead stepped back from the human race. Khonshu has been the only one to continue his work.
"No," He shakes his skull. "To abandon them would be to abandon our Avatars," He states, his anger seeping through his worlds. You observe him for a moment.
"You wouldn't be abandoning me, Khonshu," You whisper. "You've devoted your life to the humans and now they no longer worship you. You deserve time to yourself. A holiday, if you will," you say. His head tilts towards you.
"They are your people," He states obviously. "I will not leave you nor them even for a... Holiday," You smile softly.
"So, you stay for me?" You ask, feeling a warmth in your chest. "Why stay in a world where people slowly forget about you just for me?" You wonder.
"I would suffer much more than the loss of worshipers to stay by your side, my Stardust," Khonshu whispers, reaching his hand to cup your cheek. You've served Khonshu for centuries, yet everything just now clicks.
Fellow Avatars had gossiped about Khonshu's special treatment towards you. You never believed them but now you realize they were right. The Ennead had abandoned the world, yet Khonshu stayed... Just for you. Instead of being with his kind he stayed with you.
"Khonshu," You whisper. He withdrawals his hand and turns the other way.
"You've given your heart to another," Khonshu states. You smile and gently turn him back to you. When he faces you, your hand raises to gently caress his beak. He practically bristles under the touch making you laugh softly. How had you not seen it sooner?
"My heart is big enough for more than one person," You whisper to him lightly kissing the edge of his beak. Instantly he envelops you in his embrace.
Your happiness with Khonshu last for mere seconds. Khonshu's affection for you was able to fly under the radar because he had kept it solely to himself. But now that you knew the Ennead knew. They were not happy.
"Khonshu!" You screamed as your ripped from him. Khonshu fights against his fellow gods to get to you and you try to do the same but you're only an avatar, what chance do you have against the full force of the Ennead?
"Stardust, I'm coming!" Khonshu vows reaching for you when he breaks through but as his fingers brush against yours you disappear.
Khonshu is frozen. He hardly hears the council's decision to banish him. He didn't care about banishment only that he had lost you.
He searched every inch the moonlight touched for centuries but you were nowhere to be found. He confronted the Ennead more than once but not even they had your location. You were simply gone.
In your absence, your lover continued to be reborn. However, without you to trigger his past memories he continued on with life not understanding the constant feeling that something was missing. Khonshu watched after him knowing that wherever you were you wanted him safe. Any person, being or god that wished harm on the man met Khonshu's wrath.
With you lost, Khonshu was forced to find a different Avatar. He didn't grant this one immortality forcing him to find a new one every time they died. He went through Avatars quickly, but he cared for none of them. You were the only one he loved, the only one he will ever love and with his fellow Ennead's as his witnesses he will find you.
Every century you remained lost Khonshu's anger grew but he never lost hope. It was only when he decided to make your lover his next Avatar did, he have hope at finding you.
Khonshu and his new Avatar, Marc, were out hunting when portal opened in the sky. A body fell through it and crashed into the Earth creating a crater.
When you awoke everything was wrong. One second you were fighting the Ennead to reach Khonshu and the next you were strapped to a bed? In a room full of alien looking technology.
Instinctively you called on the robes of Moon Knight. Only they never came. Panic began to take over and you thrashed against your restraints. You may not have had the robes, but you still had immense strength.
You broke free and rolled off the bed. You tried to stand but only fell again. Alarms blared hurting your ears causing you to cry out and cover them.
"They're awake!" A voice shouted. A hand touched your shoulder and instinct took over once again. You lashed out.
Your fist went right to his throat before sending your elbow into his gut. You then pulled him to the ground and punched his face before you were pulled off his body. You threw your elbow back in to this mans nose, thrusted your hips back to get him away from you before sending a flying back kick into his chest sending him into the wall.
You squared off against the next man. You didn't want for him to attack. You threw a punch - missing - and then kicked out his knees. When he went to the ground your foot connected with his head for a knockout.
You then ran out of the room and down the hall. You had no idea where you were, nor did you understand what anything meant. More soldiers swarmed the hall on either side of you. They held weapons you knew would kill you without the robes. Since you couldn't summon them for some reason you paused to think instead of rushing into the fight.
"Hi, there," A steady voice speaks. You whip towards her. Your fists clench and your entire body is taut. You're ready for a fight but she keeps her stance neutral and relaxed. You would have relaxed as well if you weren't surrounded by threatening soldiers.
"Where am I?" You snarled. "Where's Khonshu?" You snapped knowing you just had to be in some prison the Ennead created.
"You're in the Avenger's facility," she says keeping her tone nice and even. "I'm not familiar with that name," She admits.
"Humans," You whisper, growing more confused.
"Most of us are, yes," She confirms. "And you are?" She asks.
"Y/n Y/l/n," You state, standing taller. "Avatar of the Ennead Khonshu. God of the moon and vengeance," You declare.
"Nice to meet you, I'm Natasha Romanoff," She introduces herself. "If you promise not to cause any more trouble than perhaps, we can continue this conversation in a more comfortable setting," She bargains. You glance around you, weighing your options.
"I am no threat as long as you are not," You finally say.
"Excellent," She smiles and motions for the others to leave. "If you'll follow me," She motions you down the hall. You hesitate but start after her. "You said you were an Avatar of Khonshu, do you mind explaining that to me"? She asks. You scoff easily remembering a time when people bowed at your feet yet not nobody knew what the title meant.
"It means that not only is my body a vessel for Khonshu, I act out his will in his stead," You explain.
"And what is Khonshu's will?" Natasha questions.
"To look after those who travel in the night. He reaps vengeance upon those who would cause harm and destruction,"
"Ah, so we're on the same side then. Good," Natasha mutters.
"Khonshu is on no one's side but his own," You respond instantly.
"And where is Khonshu?" She asks, leading you into a room with puffy looking furniture. You don't respond because you don't truly know.
"What year is it?" You whisper, walking around the room. Everything is so different, and you couldn't help but to fear that your imprisonment wasn't as quick as you had thought.
"2024," she told you causing you to tense. "Not what you thought it was?"
"Not exactly," You whisper trying to wrap your mind around it. You had been gone for over a millennium. You close your eyes forcing your emotions away. So much time has passed within a blink of an eye.
Is Khonshu safe? Is your lover alive? Do either still love or want you? If you found them, would they welcome you back?
"Are you hungry?" Natasha asks, gently. She understood how this felt, having been through it with Steve. "Maybe a warm meal and bed will help a little,"
"I would appreciate it greatly," you said softly.
You spent days wrapping your mind around what happened. You avoided the moonlight knowing Khonshu would sense you the instant you stepped in it. He'd still be able to find you in the daytime but being in the moonlight would be like becoming a beacon for him. You weren't ready.
"You were imprisoned just because you fell in love with a god?" Natasha asks and you shook your head.
"Humans fell for gods all the time," You whispered to her. "My imprisonment happened because he loved me back," Natasha's gaze softened even more causing you to look away. "Truthfully he loved me long before I ever realized my feelings. He allowed himself a moment of happiness with me and he was punished for it,"
"It isn't fair," Natasha snapped. You smiled at her ferocity. The two of you had grown close over the last month. She took it upon herself to help you come up to speed on today's technology and lingo. "What about the other one?" She asks.
"The small mercy in all of this," you say. "He won't remember me if he doesn't see me," You explain to her. "So, since I've been missing, he's been living life normally,"
"Will you search for either of them?" Natasha asks.
"How will I know either are waiting?" You ask, hesitantly.
"Y/n," Natasha deadpans. "Khonshu has spent more time with you than without you. In that time with you he has loved you from a distance. He's given you everything just so you can be happy, even at his expense. Do you really think anything's changed? With how long you two were together before this separation seems like an extended vacation," Natasha told you honestly with a shrug. "If you ask me, Khonshu's just waiting for you to pop back up. And the other one? Once he sees you everything will come to place," she tells you.
"So, you think I should stop hiding?" You ask. "You know he will take me away the instant I show myself," Natasha smiles and grabs your hand.
"You deserve happiness with both of them," Natasha says. "And once the honeymoon period is over, come back to say hi," She gives you hand a squeeze before leaving your room.
You sigh softly and look towards the window. The moonlight tries to peak out from behind the blinds. You have an inward debate but before you know it, you're standing in front of the balcony doors.
"Fuck it," You whisper, opening the doors and stepping into the moonlight. "Khonshu, god of the moon and vengeance, hear my prayer. Find me, please," You beg. The prayer barely leaves your lips before you sense his presence behind you.
"You've returned," Khonshu breathes, as if not believing it. You spin around, raising your head to take him in completely. "Is this a trick?" He asks, hesitant to touch you.
"It's no trick," You promise, taking his outstretched hand. You eagerly place it on your face, the big palm covering most of your skin. You turn your head inwards and kiss the bandages. "I'm here,"
Khonshu envelopes you in his embrace like he's done a million times before. You snuggle into his chest, not even noticing him teleporting you away from the Avenger's facility.
"I am never letting you go again, my Stardust," Khonshu promises. "I will slaughter the humans, destroy the moon, and go to war with the Ennead to keep you by my side," Khonshu vows. You lightly shush him leaning back to see his skull.
"I'm not going anywhere," You vow to him. "I bind myself to you, Khonshu, god of the moon and vengeance, from this day to the end of days," You whisper strengthening the bond between you and Khonshu deeper than the Avatar bond. Khonshu shivers feeling the magic pulling the two of you closer causing you to laugh lightly.
"And I bind myself to you, Y/n Y/l/n, my first avatar and moon of my life from this day to the end of days," He vows in return making the bond impenetrable. You laugh in a carefree manor knowing nobody would be able to separate the two of you again.
"Khonshu," You whisper, gently rubbing his chest. He hums, rubbing his beak against your head. "You said 'first avatar'. Why?" You whisper and he tenses.
"In your... absence I was forced to pick new avatars. None lasted and none mattered. None but you," He explains, tightening his grip around you as if you needed further explanation.
"Is that why I can't access your suit?" You ask. "Because there's another avatar in this life?" Khonshu tenses once again and takes even longer to respond making you nervous. You whisper his name, drawing it out slowly.
"I do have an avatar in this life," Khonshu admits.
"And who is it?" You ask, softly. Khonshu sighs, nipping at you affectionately.
When Khonshu explained who it was you were furious. As much as you enjoyed being Khonshu's avatar it isn't a life you wanted your lover to live. Khonshu vowed that it was to save his life, but you had a hunch that it was a way to extract some personal revenge. Your lover had you longer than Khonshu did, romantically speaking. In his jealous he chose your lover and put him through the pain and torment for selfish reasons.
Naturally, you demanded to go see him. When you did you hesitated to go to him. He was with a woman.
"Who is she?" You ask quietly. Khonshu is hesitant to answer meaning that she's important to him. "You can tell me," You promise.
"His wife," Khonshu explains, and you feel tears prick your eyes. You didn't hold it against him to have a wife, he had no idea of your existence. That thought didn't make the scene in front of you hurt any less. "You know he will choose you when he sees and remembers you,"
"And choosing me will just bring more heartache for the both of us," You whisper. "You know that"
"You've never let that stop you before," Khonshu admits.
"He's never looked at someone else like that before," You counter. "I want you to set him free of whatever deal he's made with you. I'm here now, I'm your avatar. Let him live his life,"
"As you wish, my Stardust," Khonshu whispers softly, nipping at you lovingly.
To say both Steven and Marc were confused by Khonshu suddenly releasing them with no strings attached was an understatement. Khonshu seemed angry but offered no explanation. He took Moon Knight away and disappeared.
"So that's it then?" Layla asks. "You're free?"
"Seems like it," Steven mutters, his mind racing with possibilities. "Cheers... I guess," Steven whispers.
As the days passed neither Steven nor Marc could let it go. They didn't understand Khonshu's weird behavior, especially when they heard that Moon Knight was still stalking in the shadows.
Deciding they wanted answers they started to hunt Moon Knight down. It took them months, Moon Knight constantly giving them the slip until one night.
"Hey! I'm talking to you!" Marc snapped grabbing Moon Knight's arm causing them to snap. Moon Knight breaks Marcs grip before kicking him in the chest sending Marc flying into the adjacent wall. Before Marc could breathe Moon Knight's hand was wrapped around his throat.
"Stop looking," Moon Knight snapped. "You're free. Enjoy it,"
"I'm not one to accept handouts pal," Marc shakes his head. "You got Khonshu off my back somehow, why?"
"I'm his rightful avatar. The position is mine," They snarled.
"The Ennead normally only have one avatar blessed with immortality," Steven says. Mar looks at Steven, who's in the broken mirror opposite of him. "Khonshu's disappeared,"
"Looks like their back," Marc mumbled.
"I am," They snapped. "Go back to your life and forget about this," Once they were finished their hand disappeared before they also disappeared.
"Did you feel that?" Marc muttered staring at Moon Knights previous spot.
"... Yeah," Steven muttered. Neither of them knew who Moon Knight was but they felt familiar. Their voice, their touch, even their presence was all too familiar.
A few days later Marc, and Steven in the reflection, is having dinner with Layla. He's distant, which Layla picks up instantly.
"How are you dealing with the whole Moon Knight thing?" She asks.
"What do you know of the Ennead's avatars?" Marc asks.
"Why are you asking me and not Steven?" She asks. "He's the expert,"
"Whatever it is, he's keeping it to himself," Marc answers.
"I know some," Layla admits. "My mother would know more but I'll tell you what I do know," she says. Marc shifts giving her his full attention. She goes on to explain the original avatars and the legends surrounding them.
"What about Khonshu's avatar?" He asked.
"His original avatar disappeared after Khonshu declared his affection toward them. The other Ennead were angry. This was shortly after they decided to stop being involved with humans. The Ennead were already angry that he continued to be involved but were pushed over the edge when he actually fell in love," She explained.
"They've come back," Marc tells her. This time Layla shifts in interest. "We encountered them last week,"
"And you're just now telling me?!" Layla smacks his arm. "Do you know what this means? With them back and with Khonshu there could be a war between the Ennead. Not everyone was for his banishment and their imprisonment. Now that they've returned... it could get ugly," Layla explains but Marc's only half listening.
He didn't tell her but ever since he saw Moon Knight he's been having these... visions of different pasts. None of it makes sense. The memories feel like his own but how could he have memories of ancient Egypt? Or England during the renaissance? Or any other time period? Not only could he remember these times but he remembered being with you.
"He's remembering," Khonshu warns lightly while lying in bed in his Egyptian temple. You're curled against him, head snuggled just under his beak.
"I didn't think it would happen," You whisper. "I thought the mask would protect him,"
"You won't be able to avoid him," Khonshu warns. "Not in this life, he's too determined. Once he makes sense of things, he'll hunt you,"
"Why did I fall in love with such determined men?" You ask, moving to straddle Khonshu's waist. He chuckled, gripping your hips greedily.
"You have good taste," He hums soaking up your affection.
It takes a month for the memories to make sense to Marc and Steven. A month for them to realize they're real and that you're real. He remembers the year you disappeared. He remembers how confused he was and the devastation. The anger as he thought you had abandoned him. Now, he knows it wasn't your choice.
"None of this makes any sense Marc," Layla says, struggling to keep her emotions in check.
"I know," Marc nods, sitting beside her. "Everything I told you is the truth,"
"I believe you," Layla mutters. "Of course, something like this happens to you," He smiles at her.
"So, it's them, isn't it?" She asks and he nods.
"It's them," He whispers. "I'm sorry, baby," He kisses the side of Layla's head and holds her for the last time.
When they leave Layla Marc and Steven instantly begin their search for you. A month passes before they're entering Khonshu's Egyptian temple.
"Give me the word," Khonshu whispers to you, his beak brushing against your ear. "And I'll send them away," The two of you watch as Steven anxiously wanders around the temple. You smile as his anxiety lessens the more engrossed he becomes with the artifacts.
"They won't stay away," You whisper and he hums.
"Then I will continue to send them off until you're ready," He grumbles. You turn your head and kiss his beak.
"This isn't something I can avoid," You whisper before stepping out of his embrace. He has half a mind to take you away but knows he'll have to share you.
"Enjoying yourself?" You ask, standing a few feet behind Steven. He jumps in the air and spends around. You smile softly at his awestruck look.
"H-hi," He waves. "I remember you," he says, rocking on his feet.
"I'm sorry," You lower you head. "I know you had a life and I wanted to give it back to you but I just... I couldn't stay away completely," You admit.
"No! No no no," Steven shakes his head instantly closing the gap between the two of you. "I'm glad we remember," Steve tells you. "I've missed you so much," He whispers, tilting your head up. You sigh hating how misty his eyes are. "For lifetimes I felt like something was missing but could never figure out what it was but now... For the first time in so long I feel complete and that's because of you,"
"What about Layla?" You whisper. "She's such a lovely woman-"
"She is," Steven nods. "But she's not mine... not like you are," You blush downcasting your eyes. Steven smiles shyly and steps even closer to you. When you look up into his eyes you know you're looking at Marc.
"I remember a lifetime similar to this one," Marc says, gripping you chin even harder causing your breath to hitch. "You stayed away because you thought it was best and I remember being angry when I finally remembered you. Do you remember that night?" Marc asks, gently brushing his fingers along your jawline.
"Yes," You whisper. His eyes couldn't stop moving. He was trying to take you in all at once. Eventually they zeroed in on your lips and he moved his thumb against your bottom lips before slowly pushing it into your mouth. You wrap your lips around it looking him in the eyes.
"I guess I'll have to remind you that no matter what life we live or who I'm with when you find me, I'll always belong to you. My heart, body and soul are yours," He stresses. "Don't ever hesitate to come into my life again, do you understand?" He asks forcing you closer. You nod not willing to let his thumb go. "I don't believe you," He whispers, leaning his head towards yours.
You swirl your tongue around his thumb before slowly pulling back.
"Khonshu-" You whisper and Marc just nods.
"I know," Marc whispers. "A part of me has always known that he cared more for you than just being his Avatar" Relief fills you at his willingness to share. "As long as you don't stay away from me, we have no problem sharing you with the big parrot," You laugh as Khonshu grumbles in the background. "Steven's words, not mine," Marc winks at you.
"I love you," You laugh, draping your arms around his neck. He holds you close, not even phased when Khonshu presses against you from behind.
"We love you as well, Stardust,"
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2-fast-2-curious · 2 months ago
She said, "What's on your mind?"// I said, "Your skin"
Pairing: Matt Murdock x AFAB Reader
Warnings: Implied smut, Established relationship, Mirror stuff, like pussy worship if you squint
Author’s Note: I just think we should all be more comfortable looking at ourselves and getting to know our bodies and I like to image Matt would want that too. I really need to wash my hair but I also just ate so I wrote this while I waited for my stomach to settle
Tumblr media
Post-orgasm Matt was clingy and soft but he claimed that was only for you. After a round of morning sex, you and him were on top of the covers. You were leaning against the headboard. His head was on your mound with his right ear pressed against your crotch while you played with his hair. You weren’t sure if he was listening to his cum moving around in your uterus or the pulse that was still throbbing in your loins.
There was a mirror parallel to where you and Matt were laying, giving the perfect view of your post-orgasmic state. Even though you knew he wasn’t, the way Matt’s head was resting it was almost like he was looking directly at your body in the mirror. “Tell me what you look like”
You rolled your eyes. “Matt you know what I look like.” You went on to give a very utilitarian description of the colour of your hair, your eyes, your height, your body type all the standard stuff that would show up if you got roped into more of Matt’s shenanigans and ended up as a fugitive on Unsolved Mysteries.
“That’s not what I mean.” Matt hooks his hands underneath the flesh of your thighs and spreads your legs as far as they would go, having your plush, dewy folds completely exposed in the reflection of the mirror. You had never really seen yourself like this.
“Every time I think I’ve got your body mapped and figured out there’s always something new that I find that takes my breath away.” You smiled thinking about the other night when Matt shifted the angle of his thrust. He found a new spot inside of you that made his breath hitch and you moan so pretty around his cock.
Matt’s fingers parted your labia using two fingers to hold the puffy lips apart to expose your glistening flesh. “So tell me, gorgeous, what do you look like?”
Part 2
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dejwrites · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
♡ ˙ ˖ ✧ — synopsis + warnings — hey siri, is it weird to lose your virginity to your best friend? ( she/her pronouns, afab reader, unprotected sex, wouldn't say dom reader more of sis guided him through it, virgin!shinichiro, slight non-con [nothing too extreme tbh], slight somnophilia [?], nipple play, slight dark content [?], creampie, pussydrunk!shin, if you squint and maybe hold it to the side it could be breeding kink but don't quote me on this, third pov,wc: 2k, minors dni )
Tumblr media
SHE ALWAYS SEEMED TO MAKE JOKES ABOUT IT. Loud and obnoxious laughs escaped her pretty mouth as Shinichiro's face flushed of its color before glowing a crimson red color. It wasn't particularly a secret, he got teased about each time his advances towards a woman fell short. But (Y/N) was his best friend, they've known each other since he was younger. She bathe with him when they were kids, she pushed a kid off the slide for him, and the list goes. So why exactly was he nervous about this?
"I mean, I'll take your virginity if you're so nervous to do it with another woman," She bluntly said as she was putting Emma's hair in pigtails.
So here Shinichiro laid in bed. The moonlight played peek-a-boo through his curtains and he could hear (Y/N) slight snores. He felt her roll over on her side, tugging some of the covers with him. Perhaps, he was just overthinking the situation. It'll be extremely awkward to just give it up to his best friend. He didn't want it to be awkward, he couldn't flush years of this friendship for this.
However, the way his dark eyes lingered a little longer on her figure when she came over. Or the way her personality lit up the room. Or the fact that her reading her favorite book to him as he fix his motorcycle caused his cock to twitch in his pants. He should go for it. Tonight was the night he'll become a man.
He rolled over on his side with ease, his body inching closer and closer towards (Y/N). Shinichiro was practically mimicking her breathing as he tugged himself closer to her sleeping frame. His cock brushed against the small pastel pink pajama shorts she wore. He could feel her move around, before falling back upon his touch.
Shinichiro was expecting for her to freak out. They've shared a bed many times, but they both stayed respectfully on each other's side of the bed. He could feel her rub herself against his cock and his heart instantly jumped out his chest. It was beating so hard, if he stayed even more silent, he'll hear it thumping outside his chest.
"I see you changed your mind, huh?" (Y/N) tiredly questioned.
Her back was still facing away from him. Still laying on her side as if she's been woke the whole time Shinichiro was contemplating this decision. He's forced to swallow the large knot that formed in his throat before speaking, "You're my best friend (Y/N), might as well do it."
He only gained a hum from the woman before her hands are climbing into the blanket to tug her shorts off. "Then what are you waiting for? For me to show you where to insert it?" (Y/N) sarcastically questioned.
"Uhhh..." His voice trailed off, once again his words got jumbled in the back of his throat like a high school nerd.
Lately, Shinichiro's words always fizzled up in the back of his brain when he talked to (Y/N). Especially considering the risque offer she gave him.
(Y/N) lets out a chuckle, "Are you even hard yet?"
She lets out another chuckle as she rolled over on her back. "I can help you with that if you'll like?"
"I wouldn't have wakened you up if I didn't. (Y/N) please." Shinichiro's voice oozed with innocence and desperation.
The virgin had lost count at how many times he's locked himself in his room, flipping open a vintage Playboy Magazine and palming his dick until his eyesight was sprinkling with imaginary stars. He has lost count at the jokes Benkai and the others made as they sat at some cheap ramen restaurant on a Friday night. Shinichiro had to swipe his v-card immediately.
The woman's lips curl into a smirk before her hand is climbing inside his boxers. A bone-chilling shiver went down his spine when he felt her cold hand wrapped around his cock. Her thumb brushed against the slit on the top of his tip and that caused the virgin to hiss.
"Feels good right?" (Y/N) ask as she was sitting up on her knees. She let her other hand tug down his boxers releasing his cock from the cotton product. The cool crisp air hit his notable clean-cut cock that was eager for so much attention. Shinichiro was already hard due to his constant overthinking of the fact that the woman who offered to take his virginity was sleeping next to him. His mind previously drifted off to think about the thought of her sparkly lip gloss-covered lips wrapped around his cock.
"What were you thinking about to get like this, hm?" (Y/N) questioned. An innocent question that caused Shinichiro's face to glow a pastel crimson-colored while he stared at her through his horrible bed hair.
The grip on his cock grew tighter while (Y/N) leaned in to kiss him. Shinichiro could get a whiff of the mint toothpaste she used before bed. "Were you thinking about me, Shin? Your pretty lil best friend?" She asked.
Once again, Shinichiro's words got stuck in the middle of his throat. He couldn't even cough out a response. He could only let out a weary groan at the intense feeling of (Y/N) palming at his cock with so much ease. His eyes closed while he indulged the pleasurable feeling, with each flick of her wrist he could feel his torso heat up and his breathing hitch in his throat.
"Please, let me be inside you. Please." Shinichiro begged. His begging reeked of desperation as his eyes stared at (Y/N). "Please." He uttered again.
A smirk appeared on (Y/N)'s face as she climbed off the bed to tug off the pastel pink-colored shorts. She did it so slowly to let Shinichiro's eyes linger longer on her body. When her fingers hooked onto the panties she wore, she looked at Shinichiro. The two of them stared at each other, "Are you sure about this Shin? Once we do this, it won't be the same," (Y/N) reminded.
She watched as Shinichiro's head nodded so quickly like a bobblehead figurine. He needed her. He wanted her. He wanted to feel (Y/N). (Y/N) fingers hooked onto the lace fabric before she tugged it down her thighs before stepping out of them.
"Do you have a specific position you want to do it in or?" (Y/N) asked.
Once again Shinichiro's face radiated heat as he begin to think. His best friend chuckled before she's plopping on the bed, "Come on Shin, gotta' had watched some videos right?" (Y/N) questioned.
And that's the question that led (Y/N) on her side while Shinichiro was behind her also on his side. He saw the position in a video before after shamelessly purchasing it in some rundown sex store. He just adored the position, he'll be able to have the perfect view of the way (Y/N)'s cunt swallowed him whole. He'll be able to hear the sound of her ass slapping against his toned thighs. He'll be able to grasp at her body parts the way he wanted to just in case it became too much.
"Just take your time and relax. Remember Shin, make it pleasurably for the both of us," (Y/N) explained.
Shinichiro brought his hand up to his mouth before he's collecting his spit in his hand. A motion he noticed the guy in the explicit pornos he's watched did. He guided his hand down to palm at his dick smearing the wet liquid on it. Shinichiro rubbed his tip at (Y/N)'s entrance. His teeth chewed at his lower lip as he pushed himself further inside her.
Shinichiro couldn't mentally describe how he was feeling. When he felt the tightness around his dick, he felt like he was pushed into the most relaxing cloud ever. The wonderful feeling of (Y/N) gripping around him sent a bone-chilling shiver down the Black Dragon member's back. Uttering a profanity word under his breath before he's rocking his hips forward while he was on his side. His fingers dug into the soft flesh of (Y/N)'s waist while his hips bucked forward like a madman.
It was a boost of confidence when he heard (Y/N) cough up some moan when she felt him shift a little faster. He felt proud of himself to be able to get such pornographic sounds from her pretty mouth. However, with the lucid thrusting, he was doing, he felt his balls grow heavy instantly. He mentally was cursing himself out with how quickly he made himself cum, completely embarrassing himself as he pulled out of (Y/N)'s cunt. His body temperature felt like it increased due to the embarrassment but (Y/N) interrupted his doubtful thoughts.
"It happens, if you're still hard just put it back in." (Y/N) assured causing Shinichiro to do just that. His cock coated with his own cum like it lube slid into (Y/N) cunt perfectly like the final puzzle piece in a puzzle.
"Just take your time, no need to go so fast. I'm not going anywhere Shin," (Y/N) added as bucked her hips slightly to feel some form of friction between the two.
Shinichiro would only hum along to what (Y/N) said before he's bottoming down once again in (Y/N). His teeth chewed down on his lip as his hips moved gradually against the plumpness of her ass. Once again the sweet tune of her moans rang into his ear as Shinichiro was slowly getting used to the intense feeling of having something clutch around his dick. He was so into the feeling of someone's pussy clutching around him, it was as if he had this duty to mimic what he saw in those videos he shamelessly watched when the moonlight shined into his room. His free hand went up the graphic t-shirt that (Y/N) [and shamelessly stole from him]. His hands that felt so hot grasped at one of her boobs to give them a squeeze. His index and middle finger that formally would hold a cigarette during the day currently had (Y/N)'s nipple resting in between it. He took it upon himself to roll her nipple in between his fingers, occasionally pinching them.
"Shin." (Y/N) moaned out as she begin to back up to meet his thrusts.
He removed his hand from under the baggy t-shirt before gripping at her leg to lift it slightly just so he could feel even closer to (Y/N). Leaning over to place subtle kisses on the back of her neck as he continued to pounce forward. The erotic squelching noises of (Y/N)'s juices on his cock made Shinichiro go crazy.
"Fuck." He uttered nabbing the plumpness of her thigh.
The string of moans was causing Shinichiro's ears to radiate so much heat. His hair stuck to his forehead as sweat coated his body, his hips driving forward just to be closer to (Y/N). The sticky mess within her drooling cunt and his cock caused the eldest Sano balls to grow heavy. His second time cumming and it was all worth it.
"You want me to pull 'out?" His question came out as if he was slurring them.
(Y/N) shakes her head, her hips backing up to meet his careless jabs. "Just cum Shin," She says.
It was as if hearing her coos and feeling the way the plumpness of her ass met with his hips caused the young male's body to go in complete shock. The way (Y/N) clutched around him, Shinichiro was close to uttering those three words. Instead, he uttered profanity words at each pulse her pussy did around his thick cock that caused him to cum. His warm cum stuffed her wonderfully with ease as his thrusts were becoming as sloppy as the mess in between (Y/N)'s legs stained his bedsheets.
When he pulled out hesitantly, he rolled over staring up at the ceiling. His breathing slowly went back to normal as his cock went full limp. (Y/N) did the same, her eyes staring up at the ceiling while she still could feel her thighs trembling in anticipation. The two of them sat in silence regrouping themselves.
"Thank you (Y/N)."
"You're my best friend, no need to thank me."
Tumblr media
visuals. visuals.
✧˖*°࿐ tags — @hellavile @misss-chrisss @gabzlovesu @fiona782 @warmchick @fairiechuu @itzgabz22 @etherealluvrr @caribbeanwifey19 @sindinminpin @bbgiirlll @potterbell @gardenof-venus @bontensbabygirl @strawberrysanzu @chieflawyerpastatoad @tokyomanjihoe @plussizeficchick @littlemochi @celi-xxmoon @po3ticb3auty @queenmjp @maydayaisha @sunkissedebony97 @gaiasmight @himbrosimp @sakusakwiyoomi @rinhoes @caramelanins @maideneyes @thenerdyrebel @reiners-milkbiddies @babyyblueey @woahhajime @thicksimpx @luffysthickwaifu @k-ryuuguji @kazuwhora @stunnababyyabyyy @manjiroscum @gabzlovesu @sleepy3
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angel-ixily · 26 days ago
Beating Hearts
Pairing: Nick Nelson x Female!Reader
Pronouns: She/Her
Fandom: Heartstopper
Warnings: Mentions of B*n H*pe and H*rry Gr*en. But other then that it's completely friendly, cute, innocent, and fluffy.
Summary: Nick Nelson comes to you with a very serious question which escaltes into further conversation and romance.
POV: First Person
Tumblr media
“Y/N, are you gay?”
I lifted my eyebrows in confusion, peering my head from behind my locker to look in the eyes of the Rugby star, Nick Nelson. My heart began beating so fast I swear I was having a heart attack.
I hadn't thought I was going to see Nick Nelson out of everyone on a Wednesday afternoon. Maybe today wasn't going to be as boring as I had originally thought.
“Am I what?” I asked. I stared at him, my lips slightly open and my face lifting into the epitome of shock. I didn’t think I had heard him correctly.
Nick's face flushed and his cheeks shown with a light blush on them before he repeated the question. “Are you gay?”
I looked back into my locker which had been decorated with photos of my friends and I. Tara and Darcy’s photos just happily gazing back at me.
Thinking of Tara and Darcy made me think about our school, Higgs. Thinking of Higgs made me wonder as to how the hell Nick Nelson got into the school mid-day.
“Okay I’ll answer your question but first you have to answer mine.” I ordered him. He opened his lips but nothing came out. I lifted an eyebrow and he just nodded.
“I… okay shoot.” He said. I looked around my to check if anyone was in the hallway. I closed my locker and grabbed his arm, pulling him into the corner behind the stairwell. He looked confused.
“How in the hell did you get into Higgs without a teacher seeing you? Mrs. Strasser has the eyes of an eagle! How did you not get caught?” I asked him in a hushed tone, making sure he was out of sight from any teacher or student.
“I just walked in. I needed to talk to you and we’re on our lunch hour so I just wanted to ask. I didn’t know we had separate lunches and I just thought you’d be at lunch too.” He said quickly. I nodded and looked up at the stairwell, hoping nobody would decide at this moment to come down. It would also be awkward for someone to come down and see me talking to Nick Nelson. A boy. Under the stairwell. That would be suspicious. “But don’t worry! Nobody saw me. At least, I don’t think anybody did.” He excused. I looked back down at him. His resting face looked as if he were concerned or even pouting.
“Not to be weird, but has anyone told you that you look like a Golden Retriever?” I asked. His eyes widened and a small smile appeared on his face.
“Yes, Y/N. You tell me every day.” He said as he scoffed in amusement. “And I know you meant to be totally weird.” He put his hands in his pockets and shuffled his feet around a little bit. With how popular he was at Truham and at Higgs, it made me curious as to how awkward he could be.
“Oh for sure. Totally. I really wonder how you saw through that, Nelson. I wanted to make you as uncomfortable as possible. Yeah.” I agreed with him sarcastically. He nodded anxiously.
We stood in silence for a moment before he spoke. “You uh… never answered my question.” He muttered out. I looked up at him innocently.
“I’m sorry, what was your question?” I asked him. I remembered what his question was. And I knew the answer.
“Uh…” he looked around as if someone would mysteriously appear out of nowhere. He leaned down closer to me. “Are you… are you gay?” He asked me quietly. I pressed my lips into a thin line. I tore my gaze away from his and looked towards the left.
“Is Harry making you ask this question? Did Harry or even Ben put you up to this or something to find some massive tea on me? Harry and I dated forever ago. It doesn’t matter anymore. Tell him to leave me al-”
Nick put his hands up in defense. “No! No. Harry doesn’t even know I’m here. This is just me asking. I’m really curious. I have a good friend who’s gay and I just want to know some things about it.” He quickly said. I smiled. This was such a Nicholas Nelson thing to do.
“Uh huh… okay… and are you interested in said friend?” I asked. His eyes widened and his face fell. I could tell he was trying to hide it, but I saw a small blush creeping its way across his cheeks. He didn’t answer the question. A smile spread on my face.
“Oh, you are!” I loudly whispered. He shushed me. I kept a smile on my face, though my beating heart began hurting. A nasty feeling in the pit of my stomach started forming but I just ignored it. What did it matter anyways?
“I don’t know if I am… okay? I really don’t know. I just met him and I thought he was cute and we’ve been hanging out a lot but I don’t know. But to be honest with you, I also like this girl and I’m just really really confused and scared as to everything.” He blurted. I put on a smirked and just nodded.
“That’s really something. And I thought today was going to be boring,” I giggled and began walking to my locker. When I had gotten there I had seen that Nick had followed me.
“You are a Golden Retriever! But I’m gonna put the rest of my stuff in my locker. I have Maths this period so it’s going to be boring anyway.” I informed him, beginning to put my Calculus book in my locker.
“I… I’m sorry? What?” He asked. He looked so confused and concerned. I felt really bad.
“Oh sorry. We’re going to sneak out of the school and go somewhere quieter so we can talk about this in an easier setting. I don’t want you getting overwhelmed.” I explained further. The smile on his face was the most relieved I had ever seen him. I hoped he wasn’t expecting me to be mad or upset about his confusion on sexuality.
I grabbed my jacket and together we began walking out the glass doors at the end of the corridor. We were careful to not let anyone see us leaving the premises at all. Once we were far away enough, we calmed our paces and began walking more relaxed.
"So when did you start questioning?" I asked him. I made sure not to include 'sexuality' in there just in case he was uncomfortable with me saying that in public.
He looked down at me, his lips pursed. "I guess it's been recently. We hung out at his house, and I felt something just...sparking, you know?" He explained. I thought for a moment and shook my head. He scoffed.
"I forgot that you were a sociopath." He joked. I smiled. Last year when he and I had met, Harry had begun telling everyone that I was a sociopath just because I had broken up with him when we were 13. We only dated 2 months.
"How do you forget such crucial information about me, Nelson? Like geez!" We both laughed. I always liked how I could joke around with Nick without feeling like I was being rude. He was so easy and took most things with a grain of salt. I guess that's why it hurt just a little when he told me that he liked a guy. That reminded me of another question.
"So Nick, what about this guy? You like 2 people, tell me about this one. How long have you liked him?" I asked him politely. Another blush creeped onto his face. Or maybe he had just had a permanent blush. I really didn't know anymore.
"Um..I...He's... Well..." I watched in amusement as he tried to explain the guy. However, the pain in my heart came back. I took a breath, wishing it away. It didn't.
"Take your time Nick. You don't have to if you don't want to." I added.
"No I want to." He blurted. My eyes widened a little bit but I just waved it off.
"He's...cute and he's funny. He's also, and not to misgender him, pretty. Being with him is so fun and he warms my heart a lot. He makes me feel like I matter. But at the same time..." He didn't finish his sentence. He just left it for me to interpret but thank GOD I'm a dumbass and I can't understand anything for open interpretation.
“At the same time… what?” I asked him. I could see his breath hitch. He glanced down at me before he looked to his feet.
“At the same time… there’s that girl… I’ve liked her for a long time, now. That’s why it confused me when I felt this way towards this boy. She’s beautiful and really kind. She always puts my feelings before hers, even if she jokes around with me a lot. She never takes my feelings with a grain of salt, but she takes them into consideration. She’s so cool.” He looked as if he was going to say more but he didn’t.
The pain returned and got caught into my throat, which was now dry. I tried pushing down the lump. I wish I brought water with me. It was quiet for a moment but not on purpose. It was just me trying to be able to speak without sounding stupid. Finally I had the strength to speak.
“So… do I know her?” I asked him. He thought he for a moment.
“I mean..." He paused another moment before he decided his true answer. "Yeah, you do." He declared. I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion.
It couldn't be Tara? Right?
I almost felt bad for the boy. He didn't know that Tara was in a relationship with Darcy. Barely anybody had known. Hell, I had only found out because Darcy was showing me a funny photo, laughed too hard at it, and accidentally swiped left to show a photo of her and Tara kissing. What a great thing to have in your camera roll.
"You don't mean Tara, right?' I asked him. We stopped walking at a crosswalk. I pressed a button on the side of the road. We waited for the signal to go.
"Tara and I kissed once when we were 13. That doesn't mean that I'm forever inevitably in love with her. Besides, the crush I had on her subsided a long, long time ago" He disclosed. I bit my lip, wondering who else he had known from Higgs. Despite his popularity, he didn't talk to many girls. At all. Nick Nelson's love life didn't exist until now.
I knew he was friends with Imogen, who was pretty friendly. She and I got along pretty well. We were obviously friends. She also had the biggest crush on Nick which she made very clear to many people. I'm glad she never found out about my crush on him.
The signal on the opposing street turned green and we began to walk.
I'd like to add. MINOR crush on Nicholas Nelson. MINOR. Nothing bigger than that. After Harry and I dated when we were 13, I decided that boys weren't worth my time. Until I met Nick...that was..
Thinking of Nick, he broke me out my thoughts.
"And before you say anything about Imogen, no I don't like her. We're good friends but that's all that it's ever going to be. She's a wonderful girl, but not my type of girl." My heart turned to some relief and the lump in my throat was gone.
"Or guy." I added, smirking at him. He looked down at me, a blush and a big smile on his face.
"Oh, shut up!" He scolded.
"Hey, I'm just stating the obvious," I put my hands up in defense, giggling. He chuckled at my gesture. I put my hands down. "Speaking of obvious. I have made up my diagnosis for you." I announced in a fancy way. He looked down at me, a small smile on his face.
"Oh yeah? And what's your diagnosis, doctor?" he asked. His brown eyes were very warm. Most brown eyes were intense and earthy. His reminded me of sitting by the fireplace with a nice cup of coffee or tea on an Autumn Day, snuggled in a blanket. They reminded me of the sun too, for some reason. Especially when he smiled.
It felt like time was slow for some reason as we just stared at each other. His pupils were dilated. He faced me completely as if I were the only important thing in the world at this point.
I guess that's when I knew who his girl crush was. My face fell slightly, and I looked away, blushing. Never in my life had I thought that Nicholas Nelson would like me in any sort of way other than platonic.
"I uh... you're...you..." I stuttered for a bit and his smile grew larger. I ignored it for a moment, trying to rid of my blush. I took a few breaths. Once I had gained my confidence back, I stared at him.
"How dare you scoff at me while I'm trying to give you the knowledge that you desire oh so much. Very rude, sir." I sassed. He nodded respectfully.
"Well, I'm sooo sorry for disrupting your stuttering diagnosis. Go on, please. Be my guest!" He sarcastically apologized. I smiled kindly and nodded.
Now that I think about it. I nod a lot.
"And maybe I will go on." I cleared my throat dramatically. "I diagnose you with Bisexuality." Nick hummed. He made a tsking sound and then spoke.
"I knew that's what you'd say. I did some research last night. I just...I wanted to know if it was obvious that I was or not." He looked at his shoes. He didn't look disappointed or upset about it. He just looked really lost in thought. The confusion radiated off of him.
My face fell and I placed a hand on his shoulder, he stopped walking and faced me, still looking at the ground. "Hey, I promise it's okay. Figuring this stuff out is really confusing and tiring. It gives you a lost and weird feeling. Like you don't know who you are. It's not a bad thing to question your sexuality, though. If anything, I think it's completely healthy. And at the end of the day, you're Nick Nelson. And if one day you decide you don't want to be Nick Nelson anymore, that's okay too. And if nobody else is, I'll be here with you every step of the way. I swear I will." It took him a moment, but he looked up at me with tears in his eyes. Just the sight of that made me want to cry.
"Oh Nick..." I mumbled. I pulled him into a hug. He just hugged back, silently sobbing into my shoulder. We stood on the side of the sidewalk for a while, him crying and me comforting him.
He was the one who pulled away first. His eyes were puffy and red, his lip slightly quivering. I frowned. Seeing Nick sad was like seeing the world end.
It hurt me on a level you may or may not know.
He just stared at me for a moment, as if he was taking me in. That, or he was silently thanking me. It could have been both, though. Like I said before, I was a dumbass.
Just as Nick was going to speak, it began raining. He closed his eyes, pressing his lips into a straight line. He made another tsk sound.
He didn't speak but grabbed my hand and led me down the sidewalk a little bit more. We came to an alley, and he led me in. I hoped this entire thing wasn't just a plan to lure me into an alley for Harry to be there.
Nick would never do that. And he didn't do that. I was just overthinking.
He stopped near the middle of the alleyway where a little plastic sheet was covering the top. We stared at each other a moment longer and as if we were on perfect sync, we both laughed.
"I really have to start checking the weather." He admitted. I nodded, continuing to laugh. I looked down and saw our hands still conjoined. Nick had noticed too, but just tightened the grip. He stepped forward, closing a little more of the gap between us. He grabbed my other hand.
"I know this is really weird and completely out of nowhere. And I know I've just cried to you about my feelings...but I've been meaning to tell you something for a really long time." He started. My heart began to beat extremely fast. From the look in his eyes, he didn't know where to start. He made an amused sound and began.
"When you began dating Harry, I knew you were too good for him. I didn't really know you at that time, but people had told me how nice and kind you were. I have this very small memory of you crying about a worm that Harry had stepped on on purpose. I think that's why you broke up with him. He's always been an asshole. And he was always an asshole to you. He didn't deserve you. And the more time I spent with you, I realized that I didn't deserve you. You're amazing in every way. You're caring, wise, smart, empathetic. And you're really cool. Way too cool for me. But despite that coolness that overwhelms you, I could never shake my feelings for you. I still can't. Y/N you're that girl. You've always been that girl. And if you don't reciprocate my feelings because of your ultimate coolness, I understand. But if you do, I'll....I don't know, but I'll do something. But I promise I won't step on a worm." He stopped talking, taking many breaths in. He hadn't breathed that entire time he told me about how he felt. My head couldn't wrap around the thought that Nick Nelson had liked me. I mean...I knew he did. But I never thought that 10 minutes later he'd come forward.
His heart was pounding. I could make that very clear from the way his chest was moving up and down. His face fell. "I'm sorry...I shouldn't have-"
I pressed my lips to his. I don't regret it...but after doing it, I wanted that to be put on a 'Y/N's -4,000,000 IQ moments. (Cringe compilation) (ULTIMATE cringe)' YouTube videos.
He kissed me back. He wasn't forceful or harsh. He was gentle and soft. He let go of my hands and wrapped them around my back, pulling me slightly closer. My hands went to cup his face.
No matter how much I didn't want to, I pulled away. My face was still very close to his, our noses barely touching. "Nick Nelson...I'm about to make so many women angry. But in every way possible, I reciprocate your feelings. In every single way. You're sweet and kind and gentle and you're," I paused for a moment. "...The only way to describe you is Nick Nelson because there are no words to describe you. You're inexplainable and that's just who you are. Of course, I like you. No matter the sexuality, the gender, the personality. I like Nick Nelson." I mumbled loud enough for him to hear. He smiled softly and without saying anything, he pressed his lips onto mine again. My hands fell to his neck.
When he pulled away, he did speak. "You never answered my question." He mentioned. I looked down and chuckled. I looked back up to him after a second.
"Do I have to answer it?" I asked him. His lips fell into a pursed smile.
"No. You don't."
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yn-for-president · 8 months ago
(Y/n): Twilight Sparkle was the main character because she represented the power of friendship.
Shigaraki: Please…Just let us go!
Dabi: I don’t wanna hear this anymore!!!
(Y/n): I’m not done! >:(
(Y/n): and RainbowDash was like the sporty girl~
Toga: Which one’s RainbowDash again?
All Might: I can’t tell if it was a good idea or a bad idea to put (Y/n) on Interrogation duty…
Lov, groaning in the background:
(Y/n): And AppleJack was the “YeeeHAW” Cowgirl!
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snowflakeanimelover · 5 months ago
Light And Dark(FNAF Security Breach)
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11
Think you’re missing a part? Please look here.
A full five months working with animatronics, and I’ve never seen this before. My main job is to help watch the kids in Daycare. I’ll walk around the building and check on everyone during my breaks, hence the good relationship I have with the animatronics. Some people say that they don’t really have a personality. Many years have passed since the first Fazbear Pizzaria and I tend to think robots have changed. 
I, myself, don’t believe that the animatronics have a full personality. Where they have their own mind. It’s not possible. They are just robots, after all.
But as days passed with my job, I notice something different with Sunnydrop. During the day with me standing by the desk and watching the children, my eyes catch his staring right at me. It’s like he’s watching me at all times.
He seems to be more attached to me. Trying to be by my side whenever possible. One day, I stated this... uncomfortable... problem to my manager. The next day, Sunnydrop was back to being his usual self.
That is.... until I forgot a belonging of mine in the Daycare center after closing. My manager let me in to grab it as fast as possible, but something didn’t want me to leave.
A metal hand slams the door shut before I could even open it all the way. My breathing was getting faster with the fear rising in my stomach. Turning around, I see none other than... “Sunny...?” I call out his nickname.
“Leaving so soon?” He asks happily. I could hear the darkness behind his happy personality. 
“W-what are you doing? It’s time for the building to close, so I need to go home.” I speak, pushing the fear away. Those words usually send his programs to notify him of what to do. To go back to his stage.
“.... You tattled on me, didn’t you?” His voice got lower and darker.
“S-Sunny... You’re supposed to go back to your stage.” I try the signal words for his program once more. I don’t usually have to use those exact forceful words, since he has always been good about listening. But he didn’t move to go to his stage. No... he, instead, grabbed my arm with a firm grip.
“Naughty girls get punished.”
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gardenof-venus · 4 months ago
𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐲𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐲𝐨𝐮.
Tumblr media
☼ 𝐏𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠: jack harlow x black!plus-sized!reader
☼ 𝐑𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠: R!!
☼ 𝐂𝐨𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐧𝐭 𝐖𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: vulgar descriptions of sex--this shit is not flowery, multiple uses of word 'puthy' (not like that but you get it), use of the word c*nt
☼ 𝐆𝐞𝐧𝐫𝐞: fluff, smut
𝐑𝐞𝐪𝐮𝐞𝐬𝐭(𝐞𝐝)?: Hi!!! I would like to request a one-shot of jack harlow x plus-size, mixed, female!reader (that was long lolll) but basically, they have been friends for a while and she’s in college while he’s doing his thing. he comes by her dorm, to hang out and catch up… maybe he finds out she has been talking to this guy and jack doesn’t like it… so they end up fucking & confessing feelings? - anonymous.
𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐝 𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭: 3.7k+, I'm ashamed that this is my current longest fic.
𝐒𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲: You had plans to go out with another man while Jack was present in your home. Extreme emphasis on 'had'.
𝘈/𝘕: I changed some aspects for the sake of providing background and plot before.. yk
Tumblr media
Because of the way this fic was written, this is 18+ ONLY! MDNI!
Tumblr media
No matter how much an old rom-com glorifies traveling by bus, train, or trolly, you hated public transportation. On your left was a loud ass baby bawling their eyes out, one father frantically rolling the stroller back and forth to soothe them, while the other tried to shove a baby bottle or pacifier into their mouth to shut them up and remove the amount of train passenger eyes on his back. On your right is a loud woman on the phone with another in her hands, furiously typing an email to whomst giveth a fuck. You were proud because she sounded like she was girlbossin' it up with her distinguished suit, briefcase, and assertive tone to who you presumed to be her assistant, but in addition to the loud voices ringing through the packed car, you were two seconds away from smacking her and breaking both phones. And to make matters worse, from the smell that just racked through the air, you're pretty sure either the baby or the man in the black hoodie near the corner took a shit.
You just wanted to get home as soon as possible. You’d already missed the bus around the corner from your current nursing school, so you had to wait an additional hour and walk a multitude of blocks to get to the nearest train station.
You lived in New York, so even owning a car would be pointless, the only thing that'd change is the location of your frustration, but considering the overstimulation of where you'd sat, you'd much prefer being stuck in never-changing traffic than in this hell-sent transport.
From what Apple Maps could tell you, you were still thirty minutes from your apartment because after leaving the car, you'd still have to walk from the station down four blocks and up the scarily steep steps of your building.
You pulled out your airpod pros—gifted to you from a friend that had been in a promotion campaign shoot, and quickly turned on noise cancellation. It did well closing out what it could but left the agitating feel of unpopped ears behind. You sat back and spread your legs to the fullest extent of your ability to give a gentle reminder to those next to you to move over a little and fantasized about what you were gonna do once home.
Immediately you'd need to take a shower, college wasn't the cleanliest place, and you were sweating buckets under your brown trenchcoat and were scared that if you removed it, you would only add another stench to this godforsaken place. You had a test in your chemistry class. Of course, your overly studious ass studied. Still, it seemed like you were never prepared enough no matter how many times you rewatched videos explaining things on youtube or the notes you were provided by your professor.
You envisioned eucalyptus essential oils permeating your space while you peacefully watered your plants hanging or sitting in various spots of your apartment. You had already prepped a Mediterranean salad's ingredients the night before, not in an effort to change your size, but because your stomach was sensitive and one can only eat so many chipotle bowls before their stomach, and bank account suffered the consequences.
But dinner was quickly excused from your mind when you remembered that you'd already made plans for tonight.
You looked up and saw the familiar green sign of the station you'd become accustomed to stepping in every so often when you wanted to travel to the bougie farmer's market in between colleges and quickly stood up to join the wave of those leaving the car, walking fast out the station and up the stairs onto the large sidewalk.
The streets were far from empty since everyone typically got off work within this hour, so you maneuvered your way through the slow crowd down the blocks to your apartment.
You were lucky you now lived in a relatively safe area. When you first moved here from Kentucky, your first place was run down and dingy, but once getting a visit from your friend since birth that gets to enjoy his twenties out of school and on stages in front of sold-out crowds, he immediately moved you into a somehow entirely paid-off apartment in a more expensive side of town.
Speaking of, he was supposed to be showing up to stay with you some time this week for his tour.
He wouldn't stop blowing up your phone during your class and embarrassed you with the number of times he retried facetiming you in the completely silent rooms of your classes, and if you checked right now, you'd see the obnoxious updates to his location and current situation he found endearing, like you'd actually need them.
'just landed at the airport (3:33 pm)
got off my flight and am trying airport taco bell (3:50 pm)
update: not a good idea to eat airport taco bell (4:14 pm)
really regret trying those taco bell wings y/n/n, my ass hurt (4:19 pm)
omw to ur crib (5:20)
let me up stink stink (5:50)
since you not answering, I'm letting myself in and farting on your couch cushions (5:51)'
But since you wouldn't like to add having your new 13 pro snatched on the streets of New York to your already stressful day, your phone remained in your deep pocket, and you stayed oblivious.
Tumblr media
You unlocked your door, stripped yourself of your heavy jacket, leather gloves, and platform boots, and made your way to your plant collection. It was an assignment in one of your biology courses where you read that having plants in your home made you feel a little less dead inside—so you immediately purchased 20.
Two string of bananas plants by your windows, large money trees on either side of the floor-to-windows for a symmetrical look, and ones you bought at nurseries and depots throughout the living room and kitchen.
You damn near ran to the bathroom in your bedroom once you watered and misted all of your plants, stripping as you clambered. Once you got to your weirdly already open door, you were left in your underwear and bra. One of your girlfriends bought you a lingerie set, a black lacy bra that left enough gaps to make everything above visible, with matching underwear, sheer enough to show everything but your actual parts, to get over an ex while simultaneously setting up multiple dating site accounts for you.
It's why you currently had another date with a supposedly decent guy tonight, but not the reason you wore the set—laundry day hadn’t come. You still hadn't washed anything in the heaping baskets in your closet and were only left with the undergarments you never wore.
You walked through the door and turned your back to grab your brown towel, hearing a loud whistle behind you.
"Wow, Y/N. You wore all that for me?" you heard a deep voice reverberate behind you, each word of his making your heart sink to your asscheeks.
He laid back on your bed with an arm tucked behind his head, the other holding his phone up on his pelvis with a toothpick peaking out of his lips, his shirt slightly riding up and leaving his happy trail visible. In any other circumstance, you would've jumped onto him to express how glad you were to see him, but at the moment, that didn't seem too appropriate, nor were you happy to see him.
And it honestly didn't help that this man had gotten finer since the last time you saw him. You were best friends that admitted the other was attractive, but you never acted on your feelings. And you thought they would disappear with time.
That was nearly ten years ago. You've had a crush on the man with a slight southern drawl to his deep voice since you were fifteen and due to the fact that he was around you with every chance he got, this never changed--not even escaping to New York was enough, because look at him now, enticingly laid up on your bed, eyeing you down like he did to the video vixens he worked with.
All he had to do was say the word, and you'd text whomever the fuck you were seeing tonight and hop on this man like a pogo stick.
On the flip side, Jack felt like the luckiest motherfucker alive. He's loved your ass since he could walk, his mother and yours constantly making fun of him as a toddler for never wanting to leave your side.
You had attachment issues with your mother, and he had attachment issues with you.
He initially thought it was because he saw you as an extremely close friend, but he realized he loved you during one of the times you both ran off-campus in high school for lunch. You always fought him on who'd be paying for the food y'all bought, but every time you raced to pull out your card, he was always faster, already having it swiped and the food paid for.
He realized he loved you in more ways than on the night of prom. You'd been saving up for the last couple of months from your secretary job at a hospital to purchase a Valdir Sahiti gown and convinced his ma to tailor it to your god-given curves. It was a gorgeous blue satin dress that trailed up your brown legs that Jack couldn't keep his eyes off. He chased off multiple guys that planned to make their prom date made sure he was the first to ask you to prom with an elaborate proposal that took him a few weeks to set straight.
You both spent your youth obsessing over The Princess and the Frog, so he adhered to it's theme--he took you on a similar ferry to the one in the proposal scene and held up a cheesy poster he clearly had his mother's help with. It read, 'Will you be the Evangeline to my Raymond and go with me to prom?' It definitely was the cheesiest shit you've ever read, but appreciated his effort and said yes with a kiss to his cheek.
Throughout the night, his mind would trail back to how regal you looked, and he wondered how long it would take you to get out of it with his help and how those shiny legs that he saw you rub cocoa butter into while getting ready would look over his shoulders.
He'd decided that night that you were it for him, sure he'd actually have to ask first, but he'd do everything to make you his one day, even if it may be far away since he was too much of a pussy to ask. But if the moment ever presented itself, let's just say he already had multiple ways he thought of different ways wine, dine and fuck you in numerous ways over the furniture in your house.
"No. it's not I ain't wash my panties yet-"
"I could help-"
"Jack, please just go plug up my phone and shut the fuck up," you said, flicking your hand in his direction and walking into the bathroom. Jack stood up to look for it but first stopped to watch you walk.
"Hate to see you go, but love watch you leave." he muttered before turning to search. He knew you left your shit in your pockets often, so the trench coat on your rack was the first place he checked.
Turning on your phone to its lock screen, the battery sat at 49%, and a couple notifications popped up on your screen. Jack wanted to be nosy, so he scrolled through the line-up of little pop-ups.
The first thing that showed were 23 messages from him alone. Below was a Tinder message notification for another person named William, asking for confirmation on the time you'd set up for tonight, 8 pm.
He had no clue who the fuck William was, what you were planning to do at 8, or that you even had Tinder, to begin with, but that shit wouldn't fly. He'd managed to stave guys away from you in high school, but he'd be damned if he lost you to a man that shared a name with the ugliest prince in the royal family in college.
He didn't know how long he'd been standing there plotting to snipe this happy-go-lucky ass, rice krispie treat, snap, crackle, pop ass man, but when he looked up, you were wrapped in a towel with your long light ginger wig poking up slightly from the way you had it in a claw clip. You had two black dresses in your hand, presumably for him to choose, but in all honesty, neither of them were something hoy-me-hoy-minyoy ass Phil deserved to see.
And that didn't sit right with Jack.
"You wearing allat for him, mama?" his voice dropped an octave, and he looked at you genuinely confused with a slight smirk on his face.
Your hands holding up the dresses slowly dropped to your sides, letting the ends lightly drag on the floor. He did this often, confusing you on whether he liked you or was jokingly flirting with you again, but you got the hint of him being serious.
“Yeah I am, did you go through my phone-“ he cut you off before you could finish.
“You’re not going out with him, and you sure as hell wont be wearing something like those dresses for some mediocre man.” he straightened up while stepping closer to you.
When he was close enough, he tilted down bringing his face close to yours, slightly tilting his head again while looking directly in your eyes.
“Just how bad was the dick you’ve been getting that you feel the need to dress like this for some boy that couldn’t make you cum more than once?” his voice rasped lowly and condescendingly. He could see the astonishment from his statements shift to desire from the proximity of his face. Maybe if he kept going, he could get you to kiss him first.
You began to shuffle backwards, you had no destination in mind, you just needed to get away from him so he couldn’t see your nipples pebbling against the soft fabric of your towel and before your wetness could make it down your inner thighs. The hold this man had on you was surprising, and you weren’t sure you could curb the feeling or attraction you had towards him anymore with the ever-building sexual tension in the large space that seems so compact now.
The dresses had long dropped from your slightly shaking hands, and you’d hit a counter behind you. You’d backed yourself all the way into the kitchen, and Jack didn’t stop you. One of the positions he imagined earlier was on the very counter your sexy ass was leaning on.
He trapped you with his hands on either side of yours and his body towered over yours. Now you definitely weren’t a track and field type of person, but you speculated if you could manage your way between his legs to sprint your way back to your bedroom. Your thoughts were halted when his hand raised to your neck to slowly tap around the places he’d grip while fucking you in doggy. If he leaned down, he could kiss you, but first he needed your consent.
“You still want to go out with live-action Spongebob, mama?”
“Fuck no.” It would’ve been a funny joke if you didn’t want to get your pussy pounded 80 ways into next year, so you brought your arm up and pulled him down into a steamy kiss, setting him off.
Tumblr media
Jack had you on your stomach with your ass pushed up and in his face, creating a deep arch in your spine, so he could eat you from the back. You remembered him saying he wanted to try it out when vocalizing song lyrics with Druski and Urban. You just never thought it'd be with you.
His lips alone drew two orgasms out of you, and he still didn't seem like he wanted to let up. You weren't sure if he was down there for your pleasure or his anymore. One hand groping your ass and holding you up, momentarily spreading if he wanted to reach farther with his tongue, and the other thrusting in and out of you at an unforgiving pace, causing uncharacteristic moans to erupt from the depths of your throat.
"Jack... please.."
He pulled back and kneeled behind you, his fingers rubbing around your clit while he smiled with a beard drenched in your cum.
"All of this is for me? Shit, you sure you ever wanted to go out with Paul?" he said mockingly.
"It was Philip," you responded exasperatedly. You wanted to continue and call him a dick but were stopped when his large hand slammed down on your ass.
"Aww, you can still talk? Oh, now baby, that just won't work." you could hear his southern accent pop a little into his words while he moved to remove himself from the rest of his clothes. His eyes never left your ass, but you were still struggling to catch your breath from the first orgasm.
"Just won't work." you looked back between your legs to see what stopped Jack from finishing out your orgasm and caught a long glimpse of his hard dick.
He’d pried his pants from his legs his boxers following suit, and when he stood it bounced back up hitting his stomach as it stood tall.
It was scarily big from what you expected.
Long and thick, with a tip that matched the color of his flared cheeks, bulging veins running up and down with his tip dripping pre.
You assumed he didn’t carry condoms with him since he wouldn’t expect to fuck you while staying, so you let him in raw, a problem you’d deal with later if it ever arose.
(please do not have sex unprotected regardless of your gender expression, signed, a concerned author)
He pulled you back so his hands could find a spot on the rolls created by the position he had you in, you expected him to back out once he saw you without clothes, but if anything he only appeared eager to find his place between your legs.
(pushed in part)
Your brown skin glistened with sweat as he began with slow deep strokes, he may have wanted to fuck you for years, but he wanted to make you feel comfortable. This was for both of y’all, not just him.
You were still mildly disoriented but peeved at Jack’s pace.
“Shit.. Jack.. move faster, please” you begged, bouncing your ass back to meet his thrusts and pull him deeper into you.
His bright blue eyes couldn’t leave the way his dick dragged in and out of you, splitting your glistening folds around him and leaving a growing ring of cum by his pelvis.
“Fuck, Y/N.” he moaned through clenched teeth, speeding up his pace and making the sound of your ass clapping back onto him louder.
“Like this, mama?” he groaned sultrily, grabbing the hair by your scalp and raising you up so he could shift his hand to your neck while the other held you around your stomach.
He kissed your cheek while jackhammering into you. You nodded like it was the last thing you’d do. You prayed that walls weren’t thin because these loud sinful moans falling from your lips would definitely be audible to your neighbors. You were unsure how you’d face sweet old Ms. Mabel if she could hear you now.
“God, Jack… please..” you cried as he pulled out of you to flip your position. He’d moved you onto your back, displaying an extremely attractive amount of strength, and moved your knees up as far as they could get to your chest before pushing right back in.
His pace was merciless this time. One foot up on the bed, letting one leg draped over the raised leg, while he held the other.
His head was thrown back in pleasure, unashamed to let out moans and groans of his own while continued deeply stroking you. He had curls stuck to his forehead at the moment, but that was the least of his worries the pussy of his soulmate felt this damn good.
“Cum for Y/N, give it to me mama,” he said, dropping his leg, planting his feet back on the ground, and moving his hands back to your waist to pull you onto him harder.
You were seeing stars and were damn sure you’d pass out, but you were so close, and your toys stashed under your bed could never make you feel this level of ecstasy.
Your moans raised an octave and Jack leaned over your chest, moving your legs to wrap around his waist while holding your hands above your head. He kissed you feverishly as he felt your cunt spasm around him, he tried to stave off cumming before you, but if you kept gripping his dick and sucking him back in like this, he may just pop one in the next second.
“Shh baby, I hear you,” he whispered into your ear.
“Fuuuuuck..” you let out a guttural moan as Jack nailed in the coffin that was your vagina. The intensity of the orgasm had your cum leaving down the globes of your ass and already feeling the next-day soreness, while Jack pulled out of you and used his hand to finish himself off.
Your glad he pulled because you definitely wouldn’t have made him.
Jack collapsed onto his back next to you while you haphazardly lowered your legs while trying to come back from your visit to God.
“This may be shit timing but, I really, really like you Y/N.” Jack whispered.
“I think I gathered that when I kissed you in the kitchen, Jack,” you replied while trying to catch your bearings.
Tumblr media
"Sooo... round two in the shower?" you mumbled as jack used a rag to clean you off.
"Oh Y/N, you know me so well."
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xai-ver · 4 months ago
There's an issue with x readers when I read it. When it says, "gender neutral" some people use she/her pronouns instead. When writing a gender neutral fic you use they/them. It's an issue, why?
There could be males, non-binaries, etc. reading a fic that says "gender neutral/gn" but then she/her is used. There could be trans men reading that and they have body dysphoria. That's a problem, especially when the author themselves meant no harm.
Speaking by experience, I use he/him pronouns. But I am not trans. It just makes me uncomfortable. I'm not saying to give hate or anything.
If you use she/her it's automatically a female reader. Not gender neutral or anything. Gender neutral means it's welcomed for any gender even if it uses they/them. The reader is supposed to replace the pronouns.
Stop putting "gender neutral/gn reader" and use she/her. Sometimes it makes me feel like that fanfiction is only for females and not for any other gender, and I know I'm not alone on this one.
Sometimes people just put it there just for it to get popular, and if you asked me I'd say that's messed up. Fortunately, not all gn readers are like this.
And if you say that there's barely any female reader fics out there's a ton. This whole post is about not using she/her for gn. So respectfully shut the fuck up. Search up a person for an x reader and there will be a ton of fem readers. So stop spouting bull shit.
Also, if there's a male reader and they say DNI for she/her and she/they and you still interact, what the fuck is wrong with you? Male readers BARELY get any fics with he/him, NON-BINARIES TOO! I'm jealous that you actually get some fics that use correct pronouns.
(Not all females are like this and they've earned my respect. Go go females! Also, let's go, lesbians!)
I'm so petty about those types of people that I want to write a fem reader and use all sorts of different pronouns throughout the fic but not she/her but I'm not.
Please stop doing this. If you say gender neutral use they/them. Not, and never EVER use she/her instead.
Thank you.
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multi-stann · 12 days ago
Hi I’m 25
Stepdad Bucky and reader squirting for the first time???
hiii! thank u for sending this in!!!😽😽🤍🤍
18+ ONLY, daddy kink obviously! this also turned out to be longer than a drabble should be 😅
this got realllll dirty. so proceed with caution haha
bucky has been in a meeting all day, and you have been at home the whole day- no mother around to pester in your business. so ultimately that meant you took the opportunity over the day to send nasty pictures to your stepfather. pictures in lacey panties, pictures of your fingers knuckle deep into your pussy, and even that eight inch dildo you have- deep in your pussy, a short little video clip of some moaning and wet noises filling the air too before you cut it off at ten seconds and sent it to him.
he really can’t stand it sometimes- all of the pictures and things you send him…you’re a minx. he’s had to go through a whole day of his cock throbbing, thinking back to those rounchy pictures and videos you sent him. the drive home seemed way too long to him. he texted you before hand and you immediately got up and undressed- knowing your mother wouldn’t be home until tomorrow night. you sprawled out on the bed and waited.
here comes the fun part, bucky comes into the house slamming the door. he calls out your name in a taunting tone, you can’t help but get up with a smirk on your lips, and about the time you do- he bursts through the bedroom door. he wraps his hand around your throat and pushes you up against the wall- his clothed and hard cock pressing against your tummy. “you’re a very nasty girl. you’re lucky no one else saw those nasty little pictures and videos of you on daddy’s phone. because they wouldve been asking why i have those of my stepdaughter.” he grunts out and all you can do is clench your thighs together as you feign innocence up at him. “but daddy loves-.” “daddy, was at work the whole day, kitten. daddy’s cock was hard because of you, filthy little girl.” he then tosses you over his shoulder and tosses you onto your bed. a small squeak coming from you as your glistening pussy is exposed to him. he grabs your ankles and pulls you to him, then his hands go to his belt and undo it.
he undresses untell he’s just in his half unbuttoned white dress shirt and his underwear and pants are to his thick thighs. his cock is heavy and thick, leaking at the tip as he comes closer. he then grabs your head and pushes it to his cock. “suck it.” he commands and you do as told. your mouth wraps around his cock and you eagerly bob your head up and down, drool and spit mixing with his precum as you moan and choke a little on his thick cock. he groans as he guides your head up and down, not stopping even when he pushes your head down so far that you gag. “be a good kitten, and take it. take daddy’s cock down that- fuck- down that whorish throat of yours. i know you can, sweetheart.” he growls out.
it doesn’t take him long to spill down your throat, your pussy wet and throbbing from the lack of attention she’s been getting but having your step daddy’s heavy cock down your throat manages to always get you wetter. “daddy….” you gasp out, your eyes peering up at him as you grasp his thighs. “please i’m s-sorry! i’ll be good, promise. please fuck me?” you plead with him, your pussy fluttering around nothing- she’s completely empty. you’ll take whatever he’ll give you at this point. “does daddy’s girl deserve it though…? hmm?” you shake your head, “yes, i- i think i do. i made you cum….” you whimper out as his face gets closer to yours. you can’t help but swallow and lick your lips. bucky sighs and sucks his teeth, “get comfortable on the bed and daddy will be back.” he kisses your cheek before pulling his pants up, and leaving your bedroom.
you lay down on your side, one arm above your head on your pillow, the other trailing down your tummy- trying not to touch yourself because this must be some sort of trap- a test. you won’t fail it.
it seems as forever until bucky returns, and when he does you don’t even hear him. you only feel the bed dip and then his firm chest is pressed to yours, his hand immediately dipping to your pussy and he taps your clit. you gasp and grind against his cock- he’s fully naked. “good girl, you didn’t touch yourself.” he sweetly says before he sucks on the skin of your neck, kissing too. you open your legs further and his cock pokes at your folds, nudges your clit even, and you’re nearly shuddering as he ruts his hips back and forth, where is cock is slipping between your folds. “daddy please! need you…. need it so so bad!!” “need what, kitten?” “need your cock….need- need your cock so so bad!!” he chuckles ag that, and all he does is sit up, maneuvering you onto your back. he then spreads your legs apart and ruts his cock in between your folds.
you shudder and gasp each time he passes your clit, nudging it with his fat cock. he loves to feel you writhe under him- to see you so needy for him. he doesn’t get to see you like this as often as he wants to….not with your mother always in the way. “beg more….let me hear you.” he commands, his tone heavy as he watches your chest rise and fall rapidly, and then his eyes flicker back to your pussy- glistening, wetness everywhere, his cock soaked from the gliding back and forth. “daddy, please! please i need you to fuck me! need you inside of me, i need you to cum in me, and- and fuck your cum into me! want all of it so bad!!” you whine, your pussy clenching around nothing STILL as he teases you. bucky can feel your walls fluttering and clenching, he groans and tenses his jaw at the feeling. “more.” you bite your bottom lip after hearing he wants more.
you breathe deeply and whine, “want you to claim my pussy daddy….never wanted someone or something as bad as you and your fat cock. you have such a fat cock daddy, and it feels so so good inside of me- makes me all wet, makes me all dizzy and shaky. it’s always on my mind daddy, always. the thought of you filling me up, over and over again, the thought of you playing with my clit, the thought of your moans and the thought of how fucking big you are. oh god daddy, i can just cum from this if i wanted too, but i really wanna cum around your cock- because this is my cock. isn’t it daddy?” you smirk, grabbing ahold of his dick and squeeze it. he’s so hard, the blow job from earlier not really helping cease his erection. he groans and grabs your wrist, then immediately slams into you.
You grab onto the sheets and your back arches, one of his hands going to your neck, and he squeezes. your eyes nearly cross as he fucks ypu deep and hard. his other hand grabs a pillow and places it under your ass, which lifts your hips up and your moans grow louder at the new angle. you can’t even form a sentence ypure so caught up in how good this all feels- and it feels more than just….a fuck. “this is daddy’s pussy….and daddy has claimed this pussy so many fucking times- i guess the horniness just clouds my girls brain huh? because daddy will always own this pussy, no matter what. he’ll always own you- he’ll always be the only one who cums in this tight little pussy. i’ll always be the one who fucks ypu dumb, kitten.” he growls out and you’re nearly losing it already. his fingers are on your clit, playing with it as he fucks you good and hard.
your brain is foggy, you can’t form words at the feeling of his cock pounding into you over and over again. your moans and whimpers spur him on even more as you clench around him, your pussy greedy and hungry for his cum. “daddy! oh fuck! i-i’m gonna come! can i come??” you whine out, your eyes closed as they’re rolled into the back of your head. bucky growls and squeezes your throat a little more, which opens your eyes up. “come, but those eyes better fucking stay on mine the whole god damn time!” he says as he watches you, your eyes threatening to close back but the intensity of the mowmnt sends you spiraling as he pinches your clit.
you scream and focus your eyes on him, they start to roll back but you focus, and your pussy spasms around him and you squirt all over his cock and abdomen, the sheets of your bed getting soaked too. you’re heaving as your legs shake- as he still continues to fuck you. “fucking- oh god, kitten. you are….a dirty fucking girl.” he growls out before he kisses your lips, needy little moans and whimpers pass your lips as he pecks ypurs over and over, his thrusts getting sloppy as he gets closer. “want daddy’s cum, kitten? want daddy to fuck it into you real good and make you full? is that what my dirty girl wants? hmm??” “yes, yes daddy, that’s what i want!” you moan loudly, and finally he cums.
rope after rope of cum enters your pussy, your head going back and eyes rolling shut as your whole body shudders from the feeling, then you cum again when he slaps your clit. you can’t help but to let out high pitched moans, and bucky can’t help but to bite and nip at your breasts as you expose them to him- his hips still rutting into you slowly. “now…you’re gonna keep daddy warm, while he keeps you plugged up….doesn’t that just sound delightful, kitten?” you hum and nod with a small smile at his question.
you know that this is all so so dirty and wrong, but the way your pussy flutters around his cock as he softens a little inside of you, has your tummy filling with burning need yet again- and bucky knows that he wants you….even if he isn’t supposed to.
here only today
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misss-chrisss · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairings: pornstar!toji fushiguro x pornstar! fem reader
cw: handjob, fingering, oral(f.receiving), face sitting, service dom!toji, spitting, squirting, use of petnames
tags: @dejwrites @nanaminshousewife @gabzlovesu @angwritez @rinhoes @aasouthteranoswife @earlesskitten @brattsumu
want more: behind the scenes [pt. 2]
Tumblr media
“Toji!” you squealed, pulling him into a tender embrace. The strength of his forearms had to offer alone clung around you, his lips busying themselves with wayward pecks along your flexed cheeks. “Hey Angelface, what’s got you all happy? Don’t say it’s me now,” he jested, parting from your cheek.
You met the blazoned green hues of his eyes, jubilance dotting Toji’s pupils with their subtlety. He gave you the exact glance each and every time you had been in his presence, filling your belly with the bliss of butterflies.
“Ready for this shoot?” You inquired, rustling the thick locks of Toji’s hair. He nodded compliantly, bringing his accursed grin to light.
“You already know how much I love making you cum, Beautiful.”
Just the smitten words from the Toji Fushiguro.
At the age of 35, he managed to capture all the hearts of women and even men all around the world–one film at a time. For an adult film star like himself, it wasn’t unusual for him to rally quite the following he acquired, each one vying for his attention, but his touch all the more.
It was in the manner that Toji could fold a woman in half and have her begging for more that drove his fan base insane. He always delivered an intoxicating watch, his skill to produce faux connections with his partner was unmatched.
Of course, through such skill of deception, no one really did expect for the salacious man to fall for anyone. At least that was the cause… until you broke onto the scene.
Since entering the film industry three years after Toji’s debut, the attention came flocking to you. Basking in similar talents that he possessed, any man could fall for you with how you’d claw at the expanse of his back, cry out their name, and use such tantalizing stares–it was a done deal.
The request for you and Toji to finally work together had flooded in, drowning out anything else deemed unsuitable for both your causes.
The day that you and Toji met was like nothing before, the fondnesses for each other blossoming at first sight. Toji knew he’d been enamored when you first flashed him a giddy smile, coaxing for his cheeks to prickle with embarrassment.
As time went on, every time you and Toji worked together, the lines between fantasy and reality grew increasingly blurred. The revelation weighed upon both shoulders, unspoken feelings that were casted away from mind. It became apparent in the way Toji held you, his hands rubbing along every inch of your body.
He had grown attached to your every curve, never wanting to part once the cameras completed its task. Whenever you worked with someone who wasn’t him, Toji was swift with his punishments, discreetly bullying your cervix beneath the harsh glare from the lens.
Eventually, it took to him making advances. Beginning with suggesting that you should come to visit his humble abode, all for it to end with you leaving the next day. His attraction to you was crippling, hindering his once-hailed versatility.
In truth, Toji Fushiguro only wanted you at his side.
Now here he stood, an arm around the waist of your robe and admiring you through the mirror. With just moments before the start of the shoot, Toji began to set his plan into motion, hoping he’d gain his desired results.
“What are you doing after this?” Toji hummed, pressing yet another stream of pecks along your temple. You shrugged your shoulders, “Nothing, unless you have something in mind.” He directed his lustful gaze towards your own, a delighted chuckle seeping from his throat.
“I have a couple of things we can do, but first things first–we’ve got a job to do,” he declared, bracing his arms around your hips for extra security. Ripping you from the mirror, Toji lifted you into the air with a smile curling onto his lips.
Without a lick of retaliation, you allowed him to carry you away, bringing the both of you into the brightly lit room. Toji rested you atop the edge of the bed, his hulking figure standing before you.
Instinctively, you tugged at the loose knot of Toji’s robe, only for his broad digits to lace around your wrist. “And what’s my pretty baby up to? You know you might hurt yourself,” Toji teased, biting down into the plush of his bottom lip.
“Your what? Toji, I don’t recall you asking me to be anything remotely near that,” you caught swiftly, earning a snicker to ring from the sculpted hull of Toji’s chest. “Then do you—”
“Alright, looks like you guys are ready. Scene starting in…” the director began, only for you and Toji to drown out the voice alike. Without delay, Toji brought a kiss onto your lips, the crashing fervor rousing the very depths of the man. As your eyes came to a fluttering shut, Toji’s tongue began to grace the caverns of your mouth lazily.
Toji kept himself perched above you, the tips of your fingers running along the exposed skin of his thigh, leading up to his hardened erection behind the robe.
Your fingers wrapped around the thick girth of his shaft, using loose strides to stir Toji awake. He unleashed a sudden whimper against your lips, prying himself from the kiss. Toji hung his head beside your ear, wincing along the shell.
“Fuck–I love when you touch me like that,” Toji groaned, just enough for you to hear. You struggled to control the gasp that desperately sought to escape from you. Toji was typically a vocal man, spewing all kinds of bits about you.
Yet, he was never so vulnerable to confess his own direct pleasures. It was prominent in how the supple pad of your thumb swiped at the swollen tip, flushed in hues of an innocent pink. Toji bucked into your fists, his erratic response bringing concerns to mind.
“You’re sensitive, Toji. Tell me what’s going on,” you voiced nervously, slowing your pace gradually. He only shook his head as he drew his arms back, allowing for the silk robe to fall from his bare body. With his chest smoldering against your breasts, Toji gained a bit of control over the situation again, pinning you to the soft duvet of the bed.
“Wouldn’t you like to know?” Toji taunted, his lips settling against yours once again. The tips of his fingers grew curious, tugging at the knot of your robe gently. His eyes panned over your body, revealing itself as the silky material set beneath you.
“I can never get enough of you, Y/N. You always keep me wanting more,” Toji cooed as he pulled away, guiding his promiscuous hand to ghost the band of your panties. “I can tell, but that’s the way I like it,” you replied, lifting your hips to aid him.
Once he discarded you of the obstructing cloth, the rough pads of his digits drifted between your legs, parting the puffy lips of your cunt. He teased your clit with pulsing taps, slipping his middle finger between the viscid mess tucked behind your folds. You whined at his touch, pressing your forehead against his own.
“Tojiii,” you dragged out, “I hate when you play with me like this!” He chuckled softly at your argument, a mere kiss of his finding solace along the tip of your nose. “And what are you doing to me right now? You’re taking advantage of me being just a lil’ sensitive. So who’s the mean one?”
You rolled your eyes, disregarding the truth within Toji’s words. “Which you still won’t–holy shit!” You gasped as Toji slipped his digits through your slit, your back arching in response. He grinned at how your body reacted to his touch, curling his fingers to nudge at your sweet spot.
The hold around Toji’s cock had withdrawn itself, your hand latching onto his tensed forearm. “It’s too soon, I don’t wanna come yet!” You confessed to him through shuddering breaths. Toji shook his head as he slowly drew his digits from within, admiring how glossy they appeared in the short time.
“Of course not, I just wanted to get you ready,” Toji informed as he rose from you, dropping his burly figure atop of the bed. You didn’t need an explanation from him to know exactly what Toji was thinking, it was just the unspoken language between you both. Completely shedding the robe from you, you laggardly crawled over Toji, resting your thighs beside his head.
From his post beneath you, Toji placed his hands along your arms, guiding the limbs to rest along the wooden headboard. “You look on top of me, y’know that?” Toji joked, placing a kiss into your inner thigh. Whipping your head to the side, you mumbled softly into your arm, “Shut up, Toji.” He caught on to your coy nature, his hands navigating your hips to hover above his smug grin.
“Why don’t you make me…Princess.”
Before you could reply, the broad of Toji’s tongue had already sunk past the lips of your cunt, indulging in your precious essence. Your hands resting atop the headboard began to clench, baring the wooden to ground you.
Toji had such a graceful way of spurring your body into an orgasm, all when he saw fit. It was a task he held with the highest degree, devoting all his energy to the moment. He lived to witness your body fall at his touch, working his tongue to glide across the exposed nerves.
The whimsical spews of rambles outpoured from your mouth, only bringing amusement to Toji’s ears. He dragged the slicked muscle through the thin sheets of your folds, only to draw himself back to place a sloppy kiss against the plump lips of your cunt. Every so often, Toji would send a passing glance over your trembling physique, his everlasting gratification written with every moan to pass through your mouth.
The palms of Toji’s hands pressed into your pelvis, his tongue swiping at your clit with its heightened pace. He hummed at your request, sealing the tender bud within his mouth, only to release his hold with a lewd ‘pop’ of his lips.
There was no need for instruction or even words of praise to fall from your gaping jaw. With the number of times you’ve been with Toji, he had become accustomed to all the in’s and out’s of you. He knew how every curve would sit perfectly in his hand, or how much time it took for you to reach a proper high.
You peered down at the lewd scene unfolding, whimpering in Toji’s care. The hazy gaze of his eyes intimidated you to the core of your being. It was the same gaze he had whenever he’d have you all to himself, either during shoots or at the convenience of his own pleasures. You never could comprehend what it was Toji loved about you, why he’d become so insistent on only ever wanting to work with you.
Then again, such thoughts as the “why’s” had to be reserved for a much later date,  the building pressure of your release pooling within the pits of your belly. Your hips began to rut against Toji’s tongue, even using the rounded end of his nose to your advantage.
All he could do was grin at the explicit display, his folded arms supporting your frantic swipes. “That’s a good girl, use my tongue just like that!” Toji encouraged, grinding his back into the mattress beneath. Your ears hadn’t picked up on Toji’s assurance, being drowned out by the heft of your high.
Your legs came to a slamming shut, your body collapsing beside Toji. He took to pulling you into his chest, the warmth of his skin radiating surrounding you. He pressed comforting kisses into your smothered cheek.
“You always look so pretty coming down,” he purred, cupping your jaw softly. When you finally met his gaze, a sweet smile was inclined to take onto your lips towards the man beside you.
Toji lugged himself to his knees, resting back upon his haunches. He was careful to pry your legs apart, leaving gentle pecks along the curve of your knee. He filled the space between your thighs, pulling your frame closer to his reach.
“Think you’re ready? I have no problem taking my time with you if need be,” he joked, the pad of his thumb grazing along your bottom lip, You shook your head, ensuring that it was clear for him to proceed.
Toji directed his attention down between his legs, his free hand forming a firm fist along his tanned shaft. The swollen head of his cock nudged at your clit, your body flinching beneath the weight of it.
The curves of your nails grazed along the contoured ridges of Toji’s abdomen, etching crescent marks into his skin. “Look at you, being greedier than ever,” he snickered, inching his aching cock between your folds. “No, you just get off by being mean to me,” you chided, pushing out a pestered pout on your lips.
Toji darted his sights, shifting from your narrowed glare to the thumping crown of his cock. Even he couldn’t keep himself waiting any longer, giving in to your merciful whims just this once.
“Oh I’m sorry, I’ll be nice and give you exactly what you’re asking for,” he returned, aligning his hips with your own. In foul push, he snapped his hips against yours, your gummy walls struggling to envelop the entirety Toji’s cock.
An inaudible gasp filled your lungs, the glossy stream of drool spilling from your mouth. No matter how many times you were with Toji, you couldn’t ever properly adjust to the mind-numbing girth he offered, the stretch sending your thoughts into a state of absence.
“Shhh, I’ve got you. That’s what happens when you rush perfection, Baby,” he cooed, rubbing at the plush of your flexed tummy.  As your eyes began to loll to the back of your skull, a frown spread across Toji’s face, finding displeasure with your lack of eye contact.
“Hey, stay with me, Gorgeous, if you do I’ll give you a surprise,” Toji wagered, grinding his pelvis against you. Gradually, the whites of your eyes were replaced by your own dazed hues, barely grappling with the moment. Toji knew he had to work fast, using the only method he knew best with you.
Cupping your jaw, Toji brought his lips to yours, humming a soft tune as he allowed for his hips to draw back from inside you. “Keep that pretty mouth of yours open for me,” he whispered, eyes trained to the glimmering spool of spit leaving from his mouth, dripping along the grooves of your tongue.
“Swallow it, finish the job,” Toji added, his ears piqued for the harsh gulp traveling down your throat. With his satisfactions met, Toji planted his palms into the plushy mass of cotton beneath your head, his hips gathering more force with every passing second.
Curses flew from his mouth, nonsensical babbles about how good you felt around him. As much as Toji wanted to bask in your warmth, he still had a goal in mind, gritting back the pool of arousal building at his core.
Bringing his features above your own, Toji began to speak once more, using a kindred tone to lull you to his long-strayed rhythm. “Y/N, I thought you would’ve caught on by on,” Toji mumbled, his hands gripping at the plush surrounding your waist.
“On to what?” You replied, confining the hitching breaths to your lungs. Toji released a pitiful huff into the air, realizing that an answer was due. He sank his head within the crook of your neck, his breath warming the shell of your ear.
“All those dates we went on, the times I’ve asked you to stay over. I mean, just add a few more of your dresses and you’ll basically be living with me. Not to mention how much I hate whenever you’re on a job with someone else, it breaks my heart honestly,” he confessed, earring your whimpers as a form of response.
“Point is, Y/N…I want us to be..together, officially, not just behind the scenes–”
Your brows knitted in the wake of Toji’s confession, unsure of how to reply during the current situation. “You can’t be asking this now, Toji. You are shit with your timing,” you winced woefully, thrashing your head against the pillow.
“I’m not taking no for an answer, I don’t care if I have to keep this up ‘til I pass out. I’m leaving today with you as my girlfriend,” he announced pridefully, adjusting himself on top of you. Just as you processed Toji’s words, his hips began to drive into you, plunging his cock deeper than before.
Each stroke was more relentless than the last, his flushed tip bullying your cervix into the inevitable submission. After your first orgasm, the sensitivity lining your cunt made its presence vividly clear, the overstimulation taking its heavy toll upon you.
Toji hadn’t let even the slightest jolt of your body gone unnoticed, relying on his words to soon push yout over the edge. “Y/NN,” he called out innocently, a complacent smirk dressing his visage. You darted your patchy gaze from his face to the hand he pressed below your navel.
“Can’t you feel just how deep I am? It feels so fucking good, doesn’t it,” he taunted, blowing faux kisses of apathy to your direction. You could only squirm beneath his hulking frame. Toji’s sly comments only fed the heft of your pending orgasm.
“You're creaming, Angel! You must be closer than I thought,” Toji sang, adding to his lewd spews to fluster you. You struggled to reply to him, only short-winded gasps and moans feeding Toji’s ears.
“M' so close, fuck, it's right-" A shrilling squeal interrupted your words, the overwhelming pressure within your stomach giving way. The pricklings tings of your orgasm brought along more than expected, a sudden gush of your release painting Toji’s pelvis with glistening droplets.
Combined with your fluttering walls and wayward writhing into the bed, Toji succumbed to the amorous atmosphere, spilling the sinful hues of white into your womb. His head tossed back in tandem with his high, hot pants warming the air.
Glancing down at the mess adoring his abdomen, Toji chuckled at the sight, finding his balance between your legs once again.
“You came already? And with no answer..guess I’ll just have to keep going, right Baby?” Toji sneered, drawing his hips back once again.
Your arms laced around the nape of his neck, dragging down Toji flushed against your chest. Between shuddering breaths you entertained Toji’s skillful scheme at last, bursting into a fit of giggles.
“You’re a damn idiot, honestly. Of course, I wanna be with you!” you beamed, carding your fingers through his slicked hair. Amidst the mess riddled along Toji’s skin and the mixes of release spilling from your slit, the pair of you basking in what was the abnormal birth of a newly found relationship.
Resting his head within the valley of your breast, Toji’s fingers tweaked around the heartened peak, rattling off about his thoughts. 
“Just saying, we’ve been at this for a year now, I think it’s safe to say I love you, don’t you?” Toji hinted, his hazy sights settling in line with your lidded ones.
Just as you began to utter the three words of affirmation, the loud crash of the clapperboard broke you from Toji’s sights, the piercing lights ahead burning your eyes.
��Alright guys, great job today! It felt so real to watch,” the director called from his seat, pulling both you and Toji from the somewhat intimate moment.
The director’s words resonated in your mind, coaxing for a another best of laughter to ring from your chest, Toji following suit. He held you beneath him, peering back at the director with an annoyed stare.
“That’s cause it was real!”
Tumblr media
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wolfie-doggo · 2 months ago
friendly neighbourhood vigilante
Pairing: Adrian Chase/Vigilante x Reader
Tags: NSFW, Mugging, knives, suggestion of attempted assault, cursing, smut, thigh-riding, vaginal fingering, penetrative sex, P in V sex
Summary: After being ditched by your friend, you attempt to walk home alone and run into some trouble. Thankfully, your friendly neighbourhood vigilante Vigilante is there to step in before things go too far.
Word count: 3′689
Tumblr media
Gif belongs to kellytheory
Notes: This quirked up white boy grabbed me by the throat and wouldn’t let go until I wrote this, so I guess I’m writing for Adrian Chase now. I don’t think any pronouns are used for the reader but they are described as wearing a skirt, heels and makeup. Feel free to send in requests for more Adrian stuff.
Tagging @sapphic-florals because she loves this white boy too and @leaf-dont-leav​ because they asked me to.
People could react in many different ways when presented with danger; some prayed, some cried, some simply froze. You had always wondered how you might react in a life or death scenario. You'd tricked yourself into thinking that you might stay calm, collected, that you'd be level-headed. But now that you were actually in a life-threatening situation that wasn't the case. 
You weren't screaming, crying, or praying. You were, instead, plotting all the ways you could murder your friend.
Well, calling Heather-Lynn Cooper a friend was a stretch at best. To be bluntly honest, you don't know why you still had her number. You didn't talk frequently except for when she would invite you to go out on the town, even then you tended to turn her down because nights out with Heather-Lynn always ended one of two ways: She'd ditch you for a guy, or you'd lose her in the club and she wouldn't bother to let you know she was alive or return your texts. And you usually lost her because she'd gone off with some guy so really, it was only ever one outcome.
Regardless, in a moment of weakness after an especially busy Friday shift of your shitty waitressing job at Fennel Fields, you'd agreed to meet up with her to hit the town and get wasted. You'd dolled yourself up, slipped on heels you knew you would regret later, did your hair and make-up, and left the house feeling hot as sin.
Only for Heather-Lynn to disappear four hours later, leaving you on your own in the club to try and make your way home. Anger and alcohol had fuelled your decision making when you stormed out of the building, your feet throbbing and blood boiling. The cold air helped sober you up a little more as you walked down the street, trying to clear your head. Your phone was dead, which meant you couldn't call for a taxi but there was a taxi place just a few streets over. It wasn't super late so you had foolishly assumed you were somewhat safe.
And that was how you ended up crowded back against a grimy, brick wall in a foul-smelling alleyway, clutching your purse, mentally cursing Heather-Lynn as two very large men crept closer. They smelt of booze, cigarettes and cheap cologne – a nauseating mix that aggressively invaded your nose. The largest of the two had a knife; the blade caught a stray beam from a street light and glinted dangerously in his hand. “Hand over the bag and nobody gets hurt, girlie,” The smaller one hissed.
You really fucking hated Heather-Lynn.
The cold metal of the blade pressed against your cheek, dragging your focus to them. Inside your chest, you could feel your heart pounding; you were almost worried it would burst out of your ribs as you shakily began to push your purse towards them. Something caught in your throat (a desperate plea of some sort, no doubt) as both men leered down at you.
The smaller one reached out, fingers curling around your purse. He tugged it from your grasp with no care, yanking it open to begin rifling through your belongings while the larger man pushed closer. The knife bit into the skin of your cheek then and you felt pressure building behind your eyes as something warm and wet began to trickle down your face.
“Maybe we can find another use for you,” The brute said, eyes raking over you in a way that made your skin crawl, “would be a shame to let such a pretty thing go to waste.”
You heard a bark of laughter from the smaller man as he turned to look at you. His face twisted into something that might have been an attempt at a seductive smile, dragging a tongue across his yellowing teeth. He opened his mouth, perhaps to agree, to make some other lewd comment. 
You never got to hear it because, with a loud bang, his head popped like a water balloon in an explosion of grey matter and viscera.
The lump in your throat finally escaped, a scream ripping free as you felt hot, sticky blood and chunks of God knows what hit your exposed arm. The larger man turned, a curse halfway out of his lips before there was another bang and he too dropped like a bag of rocks. You stared at the two corpses sprawled out on the floor; faces blown clean off, oozing viscera and brain matter all over the filthy ground of the alleyway they'd dragged you into. Gore dripped down your arms, your legs, your shirt was covered in it.
A small, delirious part lamented over how much you had liked this shirt.
Footsteps snapped you out of your stupor. Slowly, you turned to face the figure that had just saved your life and now may very well be about to end it. That fear fades somewhat when you see just exactly who has rushed to your rescue: The teal and black uniform is rather distinctive, paired with that red visor and the subtle pep in his step as he skips down the alleyway towards you – like he hadn't just murdered two men. 
It's Vigilante, Evergreen's very own masked hero. Sort of.
Technically, in the eyes of the law, he was a cold-blooded murderer; while you didn't necessarily agree with murdering kids that did graffiti, it was also a commonly accepted fact that he was pretty harmless as long as you just didn't do anything illegal.
There's a shotgun draped over his shoulders, which would explain why your attackers' heads popped like balloons.
You watch as Vigilante leaned down, unperturbed by the mess on the floor as he scooped up your purse. It's also a pretty gory mess yet he didn't seem to care as he held it out to you. "Here you go, miss!" He chirped, chipper as ever. A small, nagging part of you felt like you knew that voice from somewhere.
Slowly, you took the purse, clutching it with trembling hands while staring at him. "Th... anks?" You say, slowly.
If he notices your uncertainty, he doesn't say anything. "You know, you really shouldn't walk around on your own this late. Which isn't how it should be, I think a woman should be able to walk around on her own whenever she wants but I haven't killed all the rapists yet, so it's not safe to do that-" He continues, gesturing as he rambles on. It's incredibly jarring how easily he rambles like this is entirely normal. “-Do you have any way of getting home?” That question catches your attention.
“No, I was walking to the taxi place because my phone's dead and my friend ditched me in the club,” You explain, voice shaking slightly. The adrenaline rush from nearly being killed or potentially raped still hasn’t faded.
“Wow, your friend sounds like they suck,” Vigilante points out bluntly.
Against your better judgement, you give a short laugh. “Yeah, she does.” Fuck you, Heather-Lynn.
There’s a moment of silence that falls between you, just the sound of water dripping from a pipe somewhere and people talking and laughing several streets over - still enjoying their night out. Finally, Vigilante breaks the silence. “I could walk you home if you like?”
He talks a lot. You didn’t know what to expect when meeting the masked hero (anti-hero technically, you think) that’s become well-known in Evergreen but this certainly wasn’t it. The entire way home he spoke, gesturing with his arms as he did. Maybe in another situation it would be annoying but after what you just experienced it was nice to not be stuck in silence. His voice wasn’t half-bad either.
Eventually, your apartment building came into view. It’s only really then that the shock began to fade away. You led the way inside and shuffled into the elevator, leaning against the wall as you took off your heels to finally offer your feet some damn relief. You were very aware of how the two of you must look; Vigilante in his black, teal and white blood-splattered uniform, you in an equally as blood-splattered skirt and low-cut top, holding your black heels in your hands.
You couldn’t help the delirious giggle that left your lips, letting your head fall back against the wall with a dull ‘thunk’. “What’s so funny?” Vigilante asked, tilting his head to the side like a puppy.
“Us,” You replied bluntly, gesturing between the two of you, standing in your apartment building’s dingy little elevator. What a sight you must be.
Vigilante doesn’t seem to get the humour behind it, but he still replies with a polite, “Oh, right,” and forces an awkward laugh.
The elevator shudders to a stop and the doors slide open, loudly protesting the movement as your floor is revealed. The wallpaper that used to be cream is yellowing and peeling, the carpet is an ugly brown but it’s home. You pad down the hall bare-foot, planning to hop right in the shower anyway. Digging through your purse, you slow to a stop in front of your door as you turn to look at Vigilante. “Do… you want to come in?” You offer him, a little awkwardly.
He seems to straighten up and nod. “I did say I’d get you home safely. I could do a sweep of your apartment, make sure there aren't any intruders.” It’s an excuse, at least you think it is, but you smile and nod anyway as you unlock the door. He walks in first, head swivelling around as he looks around your home, taking in the slight clutter and all the little trinkets that make it your home.
You leave your heels at the door, throw your purse onto the side and immediately beeline for your bedroom. “I’m gonna go shower, I’ll be right back.” You don’t wait for him to respond, already halfway through the door. You stay in there long enough to grab some pajamas and then you leave for the bathroom, locking the door behind you.
The fact there’s a strange man in your home while you’re naked in the shower should concern you more but by this point, you’re too tired to care. If Vigilante was going to kill you, he would have done so by now. Besides, you watch the news. You know he only kills criminals.
You scrub until the water runs clear, then stand under the spray for several more minutes just to be sure before finally turning off the water and getting out. You dry yourself, pull on your sleepwear, and shuffle over to your sink to scrub your face clean of makeup. It’s while doing that you feel a sting and finally glance in the mirror.
There’s a cut on your cheek. It had closed but scrubbing your face had reopened the wound, resulting in a trickle of blood dribbling down your face once more. You mutter a few curses and grab some toilet paper, balling it up to press it against the small cut as you trudge out of your bathroom.
Vigilante sits on a stool in the kitchen, perking up when you finally plod in. “Are you okay?” He asks as soon as his eyes fall on the paper you’re holding to your cheek.
“One of the men cut me,” You explain, reaching up to open your medicine cabinet and rummage through it, “I reopened the wound cleaning my face. It’s not bad but it’s bleeding.” You fish out the medkit and set it on the counter as you pull the tissue away from your face, tossing it into the trash bag in the corner.
“Let me,” Vigilante says, gesturing for you to come closer, “I’m kind of a pro at patching up wounds.” You stare at him for a moment but he’s already reached across the counter to snatch up your medkit so you shrug your shoulders and pad closer.
You end up standing between his legs as he pulls out antiseptic wipes and begins to carefully dab at your cheek. It stings a little but it’s nothing unbearable. He hums as he gently cleans the small cut, then sets aside the used wipe and plucks a bandaid from the kit. It was pink, had rainbows all over it, and he placed it over your cut with so much care it was a little surprising. “All done!” He chirped, leaning back to admire his work.
“Thanks,” You murmured, eyes meeting his through the red visor of his mask. Absent-mindedly, his hands came to rest on the sides of your thighs as you held his gaze. You couldn’t tell colour with the visor in the way, but the way he watched you only helped to aid the growing heat that was beginning to flicker to life low in your belly.
You’d had a rough night, a rough week really. You’d been through absolute hell today but he’d saved you. Sure, he’d brutally murdered two men in front of you and at the moment it had been fucking terrifying… but now? In the calm of your apartment, after he patched you up so sweetly, there’s something hot about the thought.
Slowly, your eyes trail down his frame, dragging over the heavy material that covers his chest, the gaps in his suit that let you see the muscles of his arms. Your eyes travel lower and land on his thighs, thick, muscular. You can feel heat gathering between your legs. An idea begins to form in your head; you can’t believe you’re actually about to do this.
 “I want to thank you for saving me,” You murmur, dragging your eyes back up to his.
The masked vigilante straightens up in his seat. “But you already thanked me?” He pointed out, completely oblivious.
“Yeah, but I want to show my appreciation for what you did for me,” You try again, feeling some of your confidence slip away. You thought you were being obvious, was he not interested in you?
“Oh, like how?” He asks, cocking his head to the side. You really can’t tell if he’s doing this on purpose. His head dips slightly and you can feel his hands rubbing against your thighs, but he seems completely clueless to your advances.
Well, the worst that could happen is he rejects you. “Like with sex. I’m asking to fuck you, Vigilante.” It’s blunt, straight to the point, and finally seems to do the trick. He straightens up, eyes going wide as his head snaps up to look at you.
“You want to have sex with me?” He asks, voice a pitch higher than before. He shifts in his seat, legs spreading slightly as his grip on your thighs tightens. “Like actually, for real? Because you don’t have to feel obligated to, but I would definitely really like to have sex with you. You’re so hot, you’re like super hot, but if you’re doing this because you feel obligated-“ To stop him from rambling again (as endearing as it is) and with his confirmation that he does want to fuck you, you straddle one of his thighs.
It's thick and warm, heat seeping through the fabric of your pajama shorts as you get comfy there. You rest your hands on his shoulders, then roll your hips once. The friction is amazing and immediately a soft moan tumbles out of your lips. Vigilante’s eyes are wide behind his visor as he nods dumbly up at you. “Oh fuck, that’s so hot.” His hands move from your thighs up to your hips, grip tightening as he encourages you to roll your hips and ride his thigh. When you follow that silent command, he groans.
The sound makes you clench around nothing as you rock against him, shivering at the delicious pressure against your clit. “Fuck, Vigilante,” You gasp softly. The quiet moan makes him groan once more as you hang your head, eyes landing on his crotch and the growing bulge you can see forming there. “Do you like watching me ride your thigh?” You ask almost breathlessly.
He fucking whimpers. “Yea- yes, you’re so hot. This is so fucking hot.” He sounds fucking precious. Needy and desperate; you haven’t even fucked him yet. It has your cunt pulsing, clenching around nothing as you buck your hips a little harder, rolling them down at a quicker speed. “Fuck yes, just like that. Ride my thigh, baby,” He encourages you.
You tip forward, resting your head against his shoulder as you continue rocking your hips. His hands guiding you, encouraging you to keep chasing that delicious friction. You can already feel a coil forming in your stomach, tightening with every languid roll of your clit against the rough material of his suit. Your soaked sleep shorts leave nothing to the imagination.
“Are you gonna cum? Fuck, please tell me you’re gonna cum,” Vigilante begs under you, eyes half-lidded behind his visor. When you nod he curses. “Fuck that’s so hot.” He’s eager, urging you to grind down against him harder, faster until he’s controlling your hips and how they use his thigh to get off.
And fuck, that alone nearly pushes you over the edge.
That coil in your stomach tightens, your release creeping closer and closer. A desperate keen leaves your lips as your head falls back. “Fuck, 'm gonna cum,” You whimper. Vigilante grunts, moving one hand down your body to shove it into your shorts. His fingers find your aching, soaked cunt quickly. The feeling of the rough material of his gloves makes you gasp, then moan when he pushes two thick digits inside of you.
You roll your hips against him, whining at the way your clit rocks down against his palm as he crooks his fingers up inside you. The coil snaps and you cum with a gasping whimper, shuddering above him as you slump down.
He encourages you to keep rolling your hips, riding his fingers through your orgasm and into overstimulation, until your gasping and twitching under his hand. Finally, he stills. “Can I fuck you?” He asks, panting subtly. You shift in his lap, knee brushing against his crotch and the bulge there. The gentle touch makes him whine and it’s probably the hottest sound you’ve ever heard.
“Yeah, you can fuck me.”
He nods. “Baller.” It’s so fucking obscure you nearly snort, but then he’s pulling his fingers out of you and picking you up with ease - and suddenly you don’t have time to laugh at his dorky response. Not when he’s setting you on your kitchen counter and pulling his suit pants down.
Your breath catches in your throat when you see him. He’s big, bigger than you expected, and thick too, with a swollen head that’s red and already leaking precum. He pushes himself between your legs and you spread them further to accommodate him, leaning back but propping yourself up on your elbows to watch as he takes his cock by the base and drags the head through your slick folds. “Fuck, you’re so wet,” He remarks almost in wonder as he drags the full length of his cock against you, coating himself in your arousal.
“Please don’t tease,” You beg softly, biting your bottom lip as he lines himself up, “fuck, just fuck me already.” And that’s all it takes because then he’s pushing his cock into you. You fall back against your counter, gasping as he stretches you on his thick length. There’s a subtle pain but it's quickly drowned out by how fucking good it feels. You feel so full, stretched out on his cock as he sinks in deeper until your clit is pressed against his pelvis.
Several breathy curses fall from his mouth. “Fuck, you’re so tight. You’re so warm. Can I move, please? Wanna fuck you so bad,” He’s begging and it’s so fucking hot to have this killer begging to fuck you. You nod and he pulls out, then with a quick thrust, he’s back in, still cursing and whispering frantically as he begins to set a pace.
Sex with Vigilante is fast and hard. His hips snap into you with a desperate kind of need and if you thought he was chatty before, well that did nothing to prepare you for how much he spoke when balls deep in you. It was a constant string of babbling praise. His grip on your hips was tight, pulling you back into his thrusts, dragging you further off the counter until half your ass hung off of it but that didn’t phase either of you. “Fuck, Vigilante!”
“I’m gonna cum- can I cum inside? Is that okay?” He asks, voice clipped and strained. When you nod he sings your praises even louder, gasping your name as a hand slides between you to circle two fingers around your clit. You make an embarrassingly loud, high-pitched noise. His fingers on your clit, the frantic way he’s rutting into you, it’s all becoming too much.
You tighten around him as your second climax crashes into you, legs shaking as they wrap around his waist to try and pull him in deeper. He moans loudly and his thrusts finally stutter, pushing himself all the way in before spilling himself inside you. He falls forward, draping over your body as you both pant and try to catch your breath. “Fuck,” Vigilante curses, leaning back as he slowly pulls out of you. His large hands land on your thighs, keeping them open to watch his cum dribble out of your cunt.
“That was fucking amazing,” He finally says, dick twitching at the sight of the mess he’s made of your pussy.
He didn’t leave straight after. He didn’t leave until several hours later, after bending you over the couch and fucking you until your knees gave out, then watching you ride him on the couch. He eventually left with a promise to see you around. It wasn’t until the next morning, as you limped into your kitchen, that a thought occurred to you.
He’d known your name.
You hadn’t told him your name.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Ballerina Box.
𖦹 minors don’t interact.┊wc: 6K.
𖦹 content: service dom!mikey, baby trapping, nicknames, unprotected sex, obsessive behavior, cunniligus, power imbalance, mention of guns, mirror sex, praise!kink.
𖦹 pairings: bonten timeline!sano 'mikey' manjiro x ballerina!fem!reader.
ᥫ᭡. request. | tokyo rev. masterlist! | taglist!
Tumblr media
¹ = in ballet, it's nothing more than the technique of moving the arms properly and in it the arms move specifically from the shoulder and not from the elbow, and they need to be fluid and smooth, especially when being performed on stage. and this name, "port de bras", can refer to just one arm harmonization exercise or to a group of series of positions, which is precisely the case in which it was used in the scene quoted in the story.
[visual demonstration]
² = it's the move of when one foot slides along the floor before brushing into the air, and while the first foot goes into the air, the ballerina jumps and both feet met 'in'.
[visual demonstration]
³ = "adagio" refers to any movement that is both slow and graceful, so, it can be, e.g: développé, plié, arabesque (and many more as well).
⁴ = "Prima ballerina assoluta" is a title given to basically the most talented and notable female ballet dancer of some/the generation.
Tumblr media
— Ready? Everything ready? — Ran looked back over one shoulder with one hand straightening the tie that was clinging too tightly around his neck, he didn't know if he always wore his own ties too tight, like a second skin, or if the nervousness of the delicate situation was making him uncomfortable for the first time. 
— Obviously. — The only one who answered was Kokonoi, who looked tidier than ever, but still wearing the little red line of makeup under his eyes that made them take on a more feline character; just the way he liked it. 
— I sort of... — Haruchiyo began to speak without knowing how to express his doubts as the guard at the main entrance of the Opera House checked the information on the identification cards of each of the men present there. — I didn't understand if we were going to finish the transactions during the ballet performance or if we just need to watch this? 
And then the eyes fell on Mikey, as if he was Jesus and his answer would bring miracles. The answer, however, only came out of his mouth after all of Bonten's men had gone past the guard at the main entrance and were guided by two female Russian officials with whom they were talking for work and guns. 
— It is a political exchange. — He sat exactly in the middle stateroom chair that was close to the balcony from where it was possible not only to see the stage in a panoramic view, but also the people sitting in the less comfortable chairs below where they were. — We financed this show with dirty money that will probably be injected into whatever project they are doing in the Russian underworld, they give us the guns we need. — Mikey's eyes wandered around the brightly lit stage before turning to the other balconies around theirs, it was possible to tell that the Russian syndicate had moved some things around under the table so that Bonten would be in the best place possible. — I doubt that the rest of the people sitting in the other box seats are normal citizens. 
— So, do we need to just watch? 
The answer came in the form of a nod from Manjiro and Haruchiyo leaned back against the comfortable back of his armchair in the same way that Rindou and Takeomi had done seconds before. 
— Watching and enjoying the show. — Kokonoi commented, pulling out of a pocket some kind of golden binoculars that would help him to watch the show closely, even though they were fairly far from the stage.  
— You look like a grandma wearing this. — Rindou remarked and almost everyone, with the exception of Kakucho and Mikey, at least gave an amused and mocking smirk. 
— Shut the hell– 
Kokonoi held back and abruptly closed his mouth as the stage lights slowly dimmed, as if the show's producers were trying to recreate the dimness of the night, and a silent general consensus made it obvious that it was time for the performance to begin. 
And on the other side of the heavy red curtains, you were nervously resting one arm on the knee of your ballet company colleague and closing your eyes while the soft music of the theater orchestra filled your ears. 
The first act was just a brief visual presentation of the story, as always, but even after a hundred, five hundred, a thousand performances, you still felt as if you were about to have your heart explode with tachycardia. You could feel absolutely everything, from the high-top pointe shoes squeezing the sides of your feet that had not yet fully recovered from the last grueling rehearsals of the previous weeks, to the cold radiating from the shiny stage floor, since the first scene consisted of you getting up from it to dance around your partner — and if there was no orchestra to serve as your partner in crime, maybe the audience could hear your crazed heartbeat. 
While your clothes were flowing white and had small glittering sparkles and two small cream-colored plumes to represent your fairy wings, your colleague's were typically styled as a Scottish kilt. For almost two hours of the show, you would be a Sylphid, he would be James, a young man committed to Effie but in love with you.
You pulled the air into the lungs and only let it out once the curtains opened. The light around the stage was lowered and immediately focused on your silhouette and that of your stage mate, so it was hardly possible to actually intercept any concise faces in the audience. At least not until you, after looking at him, rose from the floor gracefully, body weight moving diagonally the way the choreographer had taught you many months before, and assumed your starting position with the right foot resting with the tip of your ponte shoes on the floor and the left one completely flat. 
Now, in fact, it was just you, the blood running insistently through your temples as a message that you needed to concentrate to the maximum even if the people didn't really know when you made a mistake and a silent audience that was only allowed to clap at scene changes, act transitions or performance endings. 
Deep down, so deep that perhaps it was stored in the same trunk as your personal traumas as a ballet dancer, you felt as if you were floating on the stage — as if your ponte shoes were your Hermes shoes, and the white dress with fluttering tulle helped convey this idea to everyone present there. 
Everyone present there was paying attention to you, including Manjiro Sano, who didn't even notice the way his body moved forward and hands rested on the armrests of the comfortable armchair when you began to move as if you were a seductive dream as delicate as a morning breeze or an angel's wing feather. It didn't even feel like you were touching the floor, but rather like the tulle of your dress was slowly embedding itself in Mikey's memory like a piece of heaven in his Dante's Inferno. 
While you and your ports de bras¹, assemblé² and adagio³ were going through his mind, absolutely nothing but achieving perfection was going through yours, especially since the idea of the performance was precisely to bring a piece of James' dream, a young man in love, to the stage, and dreams are not human and should not breathe like one. 
Manjiro didn't used to believe in angels because he had never even seen one in his entire life. All his life until now, right in front of him, with a flowing white tutu dress and an elegance that made him question whether you were human at all. No human could do that — float like a mystical being and make a man like him hold his breath without knowing how to react properly.  
— Koko... — Mikey's voice came out almost as a whisper. — Can I? — He nodded at Hajime's binoculars, who pulled them away from his eyes to look at him.  
— It depends on how long you are going to use it. 
— Just... — Manjiro's head turned sideways again, now you were already finishing the initial scene and he was missing the golden chance to see your face up close using the binoculars. — Gimme it, Koko, I need it. — His hand gestured and Kokonoi, however unwillingly, left the object in his hand. 
Mikey promptly adjusted their internal distance and put them over eyes at just the right and precise time to catch a great view of your face smiling gracefully as your scene partner woke up from James' imaginary sleep and the performance continued with you calmly leaving the scene and Effie entering. 
Manjiro didn't even realize he let out a relieved sigh when he could see your face up close, but everyone around him did, just as they also noticed the way he didn't return the golden binoculars to Kokonoi and also made a small 'O' as soon as your character, after having a symbolic veil placed around your waist by James after he was tricked by the forest witch, died and your ballet partner finished the second act with melancholic steps. 
Soon after, several claps filled the theater completely and Mikey, in the Bonten box room, was the only one who stood up and applauded so loudly that his palms reddened when you and the entire corps de ballet finished thanking the audience for coming to see the show. 
Watching you walk off one side of the stage followed by the guards and other cast mates, Manjiro wondered if somehow he would manage to intercept you on the street before you got into the bus to go back to the hotel where everyone was staying.  
— Who's she? — He asked, looking over his shoulder at Haruchiyo and Rindou and they looked at each other.  
— Don't you follow ballet? — Rindou asked and Mikey's face contorted in irritation, he understanding that his boss's patience didn't allow him to make jokes. — She's Y/N, if 'm not mistaken, I don't follow ballet much, but I've heard of her ‘cause she's quite famous as a dancer and I've seen one of her shows. 
Mikey almost felt betrayed that Rindou never talked about you. But more than this: he needed to see you again, up close, without the binoculars. 
— Does anyone have a pen? — He asked and everyone looked at each other. — So, get one. — Ran and Haruchiyo promptly stood up at the same time as Kakucho; the abrupt movement did not go unnoticed by the guards on the floor below their cabin and Mikey promptly gestured with the head and one hand that they were just going to the bathroom. 
A few seconds later, Sanzu appeared back in the cabin carrying a pen that was strangely hot and Mikey didn't care whose hand he had pulled it out of. 
— Don't let her cast leave the building, got it? 
— Mikey, they... — Kokonoi stood up and reached up to force his view to scan a small door being opened on the opposite side from where you entered earlier. — They are already leaving. — Manjiro looked over his shoulder and stormed out of the cabin, followed by the men most loyal to him. 
He whistled as Ran and Kakucho appeared in the main hall of the opera house and the older Haitani, like his brother, understood that it was for him to go get his race car parked a few meters from the building and Rindou, deducing that Mikey wanted them to use it to avoid letting the bus with the ballet cast to leave and go to the hotel, explained this to him as they went to get the car. 
— Don't let those guys touch me. — Manjiro was referring to the guards and Kakucho and Haruchiyo understood that what he wanted to do was either dangerous or morally wrong. 
And in the end it was the first option, since as soon as you stepped outside the theater building, Mikey ran towards the bus that would have left if Ran and Rindou hadn't been blocking the way pretending not to know how to park and several people who were fans of your ballet academy were piling up around you and the other dancers trying to get into the bus safely. 
It was at this very moment that he realized that you were more famous than he had expected and that it was going to be necessary to pick off one person at a time until he got to you. And that's what he did; Sano Manjiro has no problem forcing his way until he's where he wants to be, and a few seconds — and nudges and shoves — later he was desperately rattling the pen near you and calling your name as if he were an obsessed fan. And you, on the other hand, only looked away by a stroke of luck, since you were used to people shouting your name after a performance. 
— C-Can you gimme an autograph?! Please! I– — Mikey didn't expect to flinch or stutter when you looked him straight in the eye with an eager, apprehensive expression. 
— Pardon? — You hadn't been able to hear what he was saying because of the shouting around the place.  
— An autograph! — He shook the pen in your direction and tried to get through the arms of the guards around you, and you looked around to see if the bus was about to leave or not. — Please! — You motioned to the guard to let Mikey come a little closer and took the pen, trying, with a confused and questioning expression, to understand where he wanted you to sign. — Here! — Manjiro turned the face away and put his finger on his cheek.  
It was an excuse to have your hand hold his chin for support so he could feel a bit of your skin against his. 
You signed your name as legibly as you could in the chaos and, hearing someone shout your name and recognizing the voice of a friend from the ballet company, turned away and threw the pen in Mikey's direction expecting him to catch it in mid-air.  
— Sorry! I'm in a hurry! — You shouted at Manjiro and he almost felt himself melting with affection. — Maybe another time, another show, we'll see each other again! — Your hand waved at him before your body entered the bus and Mikey signaled with his forefinger and ring finger for Haruchiyo to send a message to Ran that he could get out of the way of the bus. 
That night, the Bonten leader returned home with a satisfied smile and a beating heart as he ordered his men to research everything about your life as quickly as possible, which wasn't that hard to find out since a quick search already showed your background as a dancer and Prima ballerina assoluta⁴. 
In the following days, Mikey silently started paying the Russian syndicate with whom Bonten had relations so that he could get not only the exact location of the ballet headquarters where you were training, but also to find out how the schedule of shows as a dancer was in your personal schedule. Little by little, over long days that turned into weeks, he made himself present initially as a fan who always attended your performances and there were a few times when you were at the backstage that your eyes unwittingly managed to intercept him in the audience. 
You just didn't expect to see him walking through the front door of your ballet company's building in the following weeks or him greeting your choreography team as if they had been friends for a long time. He even attended some ballet practices of the upcoming shows and when you asked who he was, your closest choreographer replied that he was 'Sano Manjiro, the new partner of the ballet company'. 
And now, it was one of those days you didn't want to make typical when you were rehearsing some already memorized acts and steps and Mikey was watching you almost from the side, almost from behind the almost transparent glass door of the main training room because he was trying to gather enough courage to talk to you during those several weeks. 
— I can feel you watching me. — You said, looking at his blurred silhouette on the glass in the reflection of the huge mirror. 
— I– I'm sorry. — His head popped through the door and you crossed your arms, still staring at him. — I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable. 
— Who are you? — One of your eyebrows rose questioningly before you spoke again: — Everyone keeps telling me that you're a partner in the company, but if you were, you wouldn't have had to fight through a crowd to get an autograph that day. 
His heart pounded when he heard you say that you remembered him as well as if it hadn't been almost a month since that performance.  
— We can say that I'm just a guy who likes ballet a lot. — He answered, shrugging and opening the door a little and entering the rehearsal room. 
— I can tell you're this type of guy since you went to almost all of my shows last weeks. 
You pressed the leotard to your body and got into a starting position with your feet turned out with your heels resting against each other. 
And Mikey tried to break the ice a little, since he could tell that you were uncomfortable and indirectly tried to make him let you alone and leave the room.  
— I looked like a creepy guy in the previous days, didn't I? 
You couldn't hold back a mocking laugh that concentrated you from the first step and made you put your whole body weight on one foot before you put one hand on your waist and looked at Manjiro in the reflection of the mirror. 
— Damn, and you still ask? That's obvious, Mr. Sano! — You rolled your eyes. — No girl likes to feel watched, if I may be honest.  
— I know, I just... — Mikey felt his own lips very dry and uneasily shifted on his feet trying to find the right words to express himself. — You made something click in my brain in that performance of La Sylphide. And it was good, very good– I mean, you were good, very good, I– — You raised your eyebrows, his embarrassment was cute, almost amused, and a sideways smile appeared on his face as his cheeks reddened and he felt like a teenager again. — You get it.  
— Mhm, yeah, I did, don't worry. — You nodded your head in agreement. — And, even though you've been a creepy the past few weeks, I think I can say a "Thank you" to you for enjoying my performance so much that day, you in the audience don't know, but every compliment makes us, as dancers and artists, sleep better at night and also try to keep doing these huge shows for you even when our bodies ask us to go to sleep and rest. 
Were you thanking him? Mikey felt his cheeks grow even rosier and hoped you would talk to him some more, which you didn't — you had steps to train and revise and a job in which to excel more and more, but at least you let him watch your solitary training without complaining and deep down enjoyed checking his surprised and amused face a few times to see how high your leg could go and how expressive your arms were. For him, it was as if he was reminiscing about that same angelic spectacle from before; for you: it was just another normal training session. 
The next day Manjiro didn't show up, but in compensation he sent a grumpy Sanzu Haruchiyo to stand guard in front of his company's building to make sure everything was okay. He was trying not to be as "creepy" as in the previous weeks so as not to scare you and, in the absence of you physically, his time was spent watching other performances of yours on YouTube or checking if the gun deal was in order. On Friday, however, he returned to the same training room as before and tried to engage in a real conversation. And it ended with him giving you his number saying that "if you needed anything, you could call me" and you replying that your “usually didn't need a lot of help, so maybe he could wait for a call or message from you sitting down so he wouldn't get so tired”. 
Mikey never expected you to be an easy conquest or an easy girl to captivate, but he had all the time in the world and if didn't, he wouldn't hesitate to make Cronos bow down before your feet. 
Little by little you got used to his presence and gave Manjiro a little more freedom to talk and interact with you, to the point that one day, after one of your shows as a dancer, he asked you backstage if you wanted to go to dinner with him — and Kakucho was even waiting outside the opera house with the car parked — but you refused with a playful tone saying: "Uh? You want me to go out with you, but didn't even bring a bouquet of flowers?" when, in fact, you were just tired and wanted to go home soon so you could sleep. In belated response, the Bonten leader showed up a few days later at another performance with a bouquet of your favorite flowers saying: "Now, I brought a bouquet, and I also booked the restaurant just for the two of us, so...?”. 
Deep down, he was lucky that you weren't so tired that night and that a cough choked off your embarrassment and beating heart, the answer was positive this time and, ironically, the dinner was more lively and fun than you expected. It was the turning of the tide that Mikey needed to get closer to you and be able to attend all your rehearsals without having you treat him like a stranger — which meant that after almost all your shows or weekends off you were going out with him. 
Until the day came for you to introduce La Sylphide again. And again, Manjiro felt like it was the first time he was watching it, but this time his lungs and heart were filled with the dust of romance and you seemed even more like an unreachable goddess. Or almost unreachable, since after the show his hands managed to reach your face while you were eating dinner together and made you stare at him for long seconds until his attention slid to your lips and your breath mingled with his. 
— D-Don't, Manjiro. — It was the first time your voice faltered in his presence, he couldn't stifle a satisfied smile. 
— You don't want me to kiss you? — His head dropped a little closer to yours and you placed your index finger on his lips. — Or are you afraid that you might like it too much and want to run away with me away from your normal life? — A ragged laugh escaped you.  
— I'd never run away with a man like ya', Manjiro.  
— If you're so sure of that, do it. — He clasped a hand in the back of your neck and pulled your face closer. — Do it, kiss me, go ahead if you're so sure about it. 
It was a challenge that ate at your insides and made you want to kiss him until he was breathless so that he could learn not to try to pull you out of the comfort zone that you had built with a lot of sweat and foot pain from ballet shoes. 
Maybe having him so close made you less sane than before, since as soon as your lips smacked against his on their own you felt like you weren't yourself in the same way he felt when he saw you dancing like an angel for the first time. However, after so long of not relating properly to other people with anything beyond friendship for the sake of your professional work as a dancer, it seemed that you had unlearned how to kiss with the same intensity as before — and, for Mikey, this was perfect, it meant that he could and should guide the rhythm in the proper way and that's exactly what he did by taking control of the situation and deepening the kiss with his tongue sliding between your lips and a mess being created between you. 
In the end, the one who had to pull him by the hair in order to breathe properly was you, and your eyes immediately shifted their attention to the restaurant floor as soon as they opened. And one of his hands slid down to caress your knee. 
— You're as good at kissing as you are at dancing. 
— Shut up, Manjiro. — You answered shyly before sinking the back against the seat and he let out a chuckle before deciding to let you digest and decode the frenzy of feelings messing up your brain. 
Because of this mess, after that dinner you spent two whole weeks ignoring him and just when Mikey was beginning to think he had done something wrong and ruined everything, a text from you arrived on his phone asking if you could go out together next weekend and he almost jumped out of bed going to answer it immediately. 
When he saw you arrive wearing a sundress that fluttered when the wind kissed your body, his brain understood that it wasn't just a "out going"; it was a date. It became more obvious when you shyly, without saying anything, slid your fingers through one of his hands to intertwine yours in his. 
— We... — Manjiro was about to ask and not announce that you were dating, but he knew that if there were any unclear edges between you two at that moment, you might slip through his fingers again. — We're dating. 
You glared at him, trying to stifle a silly smile.  
— I don't think boyfriends kiss their girlfriends just once. 
It was the cue he needed to kiss you again in a more tender way than the first and the kisses that came in the hours, days and weeks that followed made you feel as if the world was lighter even though ballet practice was getting harder. And you had no idea why they were getting harder and harder. 
Until the news came. You would be performing in other theaters, since, as a prima ballerina assoluta, your presence and talent were required to be seen by other eyes. And for you, it was not a problem to have to travel around the globe, this was just a consequence of your job, so when you texted Mikey about this before going on stage for another performance, your mind was at ease and it kept like this until you woke up the next day, showered and went to the huge building to train again. 
And, to your surprise, Manjiro was already sitting in one of the movable armchairs scattered around the room waiting for you with a serene face. 
— How was the performance yesterday? — He asked and you dropped your backpack with a change of casual clothes on the floor before walking towards him and leaning down to kiss his lips. 
— Great! It was nice, but, to be honest, I came home with everything hurting and fainted into my bed for... — Eyes went to the wall clock. — Almost 10 hours straight! 
— Yep, 10hrs. — Mikey cleared his throat and checked once more the message you had sent about having to spend an entire season traveling. — And also a lil’ over 10 hours since, y’know, that message. — He shook the phone in your direction and you leaned on the firm metal bar in front of the mirror.  
— You... have a problem? With my new schedule? And, well, y'know, the traveling and me spending time away from you. — Your hands nervously went to adjust the leotard around your hips and a morbid silence settled over the place as Manjiro raised his eyes making a long, resilient and patient path from your feet to face. 
He was scheming, thinking. On how to make you stay not only on his side forever, but also on how to silently curtail your path as a dancer, since he knew that in a fight involving him and your job, your answer would always be the pointe shoes. 
— Absolutely not, my angel. — He gave a sideways smile before standing up with his hands in his pockets and an air of triumph surrounding him until his feet stopped in front of him. — I just kept thinking all night about how I’ll have to get used to you being away for a while, for a few months, y’know I got used to sleeping knowing that you're only a few streets away from me and not a few miles across the ocean, don't you? — Your head nodded, but before your mouth could open to answer him: — But! But, don't worry, I'll support you with this new project and I might even try to get a flight to see you perform in other theaters! 
Mikey leaned in to kiss you and crack a complacent smile as his hands slid from the top of your back to your waist to squeeze you and send a shiver down your back slowly. 
— I– M-Mikey! — You tried to speak between the little kisses he proceeded to give you, and his body clung to yours until your back was slamming against the support bar of the room. — W-We can, we can do video calls and– 
— Yeah, video calls, we can do it anytime you want, angel, of course we can, mhm. — His lips fell on your lips and fingers slid down to your ass to squeeze it and snuggle into the sides of your leotard. — But, now, we can do more than just see each other, right? I can feel your skin, you can feel mine and I can even make you feel really great before your ballet stuff. 
— We have no time, 'Jiro. — Although that had come out of his mouth, his hands had already traveled to the middle of your legs to pull one of the bars of your leotard to the side and your fingers were soon replaced by his immediately placing themselves on the folds to spread them. 
— We have a lot of time, you're not a newbie dancer who have to share a practice room with twenty others, you're the ballerina. — He whispered, kneeling down, patting your thigh twice and nodding his head toward the metal bar, you understood that he wanted one of your legs to rest with its heel on the firm support against the mirror. 
— I don't think I... — You looked up at him, your breath starting to shorten as his fingers slowly teased your folds with circular motions. — It's different resting your leg here in a training and when you're between my legs, 'Jiro. 
— I know you can do it for me, angel. — He replied and his eyebrows rose suggestively as you tried to rest your leg on that iron bar as firmly as you could muster as you felt his warm, calm breath against your exposed pussy. — Mhm, like this is perfect, you're perfect. 
A small smile appeared on Mikey's lips before he concentrated and occupied himself with licking and sucking you thoroughly, his tongue massaging your clit and folds with a slowness that made you drop the head back against the mirror and tangle fingers in his platinum hair. Manjiro knows how to eat you out, how much pressure to apply to feel your clit throbbing against his mouth, but first he always wanted to taste you and explore everything he could find; it was obvious that he felt in heaven getting drunk on your pussy.  
It was almost a rite of passage for him to have a good day that he could spend long minutes sucking and licking you like a starved man until he felt your legs wobble — even though you were still trying to lean on the ballet iron bar — and your entrance squeezing over his tongue.  
You were so easy after he spent a lot of time chasing you like a swan and its hunter, he loved this feeling of power he had over you.  
— Do it, princess, cum all over my tongue, I know you want it, go on. — His voice came out broken by the times he spent sucking your clit and teasing you with the tip of his soft tongue. 
Your hands desperately let go of his hair to support yourself on the iron bar and almost half a second later you were coming with trembling legs, head falling back and the sound of his name coming from between your lips in the form of gasping moans. All while his eyes stared at you intensely from below, hands went to unbutton his pants and mouth got busy swallowing and savoring the sweet taste of your juices. 
— See? You did such a good job t'me, such a good and pretty girl you are. — A chuckle escaped Mikey's lips as he stood up and pulled you away from the iron bar until both your legs were on the floor and he could turn you to face the mirror. — Have you ever been fucked in front of this mirror? — His head jerked up into the reflection of the two of you and your hands tightened again on that support.  
— N-No, 'Jiro, it– you'd be the first to– — His voice overlapped yours. 
— And last, I hope. — Your head fell back to rest on one of Manjiro's shoulders and one hand pulled your leotard away from your pussy again while the other directed his cock leaking pre-cum toward your tight entrance. 
— Mhm, yes, Mikey, you'd be the only one, the first and last too. — You could feel the swollen tip sliding through your folds and instinctively your hips moved against his to try to slide it into you faster. 
— Look at the mirror, at us, princess. — Your head snapped up and, inevitably, it didn't take long for your attention to fall on the way his dick was teasing your entrance. — Isn't that a pretty sight? — You nodded and he held you by the waist as he slowly invaded you until you were taking it all the way down to the base and his cum-filled balls slap against your swollen clit. — Now, look at how well your tiny, pretty pussy takes me, how deep I can go inside you. — Manjiro thrust hard inside you and you almost lost the balance. — I could do this everyday with you if you didn't have all these shows, ballet performances. 
You felt a shiver run down your back slowly, his lips latch onto your neck, leaving wet nibbles and kisses against your skin, but at no time did his eyes wander from your face squinting in the reflection of the mirror and the way you seemed mesmerized by the way his cock slammed into your pussy and appeared and disappeared over and over again as he fucked you dumb. 
If someone in the hallway wasn't listening to your moans and his hoarse grunts, they would certainly be listening to the wet noise coming from between your legs and the sound of skin slapping and rubbing against skin over and over again. 
And Mikey, as he fucked you faster and faster and chased his own climax with his dick throbbing harder and harder, faithfully believed that shoving a baby inside you to keep you from traveling was the greatest proof of love that a man like him could give you. He already planned to leave Haruchiyo and Kakucho in charge of Bonten honorary for the next nine months in which he would place himself as the best boyfriend and future husband, the only thing out of his plans was: you agreeing to perform in other countries, almost as if you wanted to abandon him temporarily. 
Sano Manjiro could, would and will fuck a baby into you. And he'd do it with his pupils turned into hearts and hands gripping your waist possessively to keep you still while his balls slapped against your sensitive swollen clit and emptied themselves inside your tight, warm pussy. 
As you felt the hot spurts of his thick cum inside you, it was impossible not to moan his name out loud as your eyes rolled back and body trembled trying to digest the overstimulation. Unintentionally, your leg detached itself from the iron bar and if his hands hadn't been so tight around your waist and yours hadn't been the same way against that support, you would have fallen to the floor with his fertile seed leaking from between your thighs.  
— Damn, you're leaking already and I barely pulled out. — Mikey whispered as you watched your pussy let some of his cum leak out even though he wasn't completely out of it yet. — Even if you're going to make such a mess with this pretty pussy of yours, I still love you, y'know it, don't you? — He took you by the chin to pull your face to the side and kiss you as you nodded silently in response to his rhetorical question. 
And a kiss was what he also gave you before he let you shower in the ballet company's locker room and left the building to go call Haruchiyo to pull up information on what your nearest flight was. You were about to be placed in a little box of ballerina music that Manjiro had reserved for you from the very beginning. 
Tumblr media
ㅤ🏷 tagging: @festive @wakaslut @strawberrysanzu @bontensucker @manjiroscum @inu1gf @keisaint @ranilingus @mizurimirai @sleepy3 @kuroaka @slut4manjiro @zuuki @qudvxnkanx @manjirosdoll @hirwishin @jjendeku @ushitoshiii @bontens-cum-slut @amaejiki @h-shibas @zorosbozo @savagemickey03 @binglebonglerightonthemoney @horny-inarizaki-stan @mrsvaleska @goldenmnr @semisgroupie @no-name-jack @t-oji @simpforerenn @tonaken @imsatansqueen @imkumichan @saenzu @histarean @mxrga245 @medusalovessnakes @alureasoley @iwaizumisbicepss @jiminjamms @misss-chrisss @crackheadwithtoes @rinsie @winterv-black @scholarlogy @crown5 @bunnozi @ren-simp @haitaniwhor3 .
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2-fast-2-curious · 3 months ago
I Know You Wanna Go to Heaven But You’re Human Tonight
Pairing: Matt Murdock x Female Reader
Summary: Your husband and forever Valentine, Matt Murdock is working too much. You surprise him at the office but you’re the one who’s going to be in for a surprise.
Warnings: Office sex, Breeding kink, Matt talks a lot and it’s dirty, unprotected sex, pregnancy talk, discussion of contraceptives, discussions of fertility struggles, barely any clothes are taken off, IDK anything about Catholicism and that might show with the way they talk about the wedding and birth control. 
A/N: For all my lovely readers, you’re all my valentines today. I feel like I haven’t written something this filthy in a while but I had to try super hard since it’s for @princessphilly​ breeding kink challenge. Also usually I write a whole thing at once but I kept getting too turned on and had to take so many breaks because I was getting too worked up. I was an idiot and starting writing this without even checking if it was eligible but it is because its Marvel and that’s the ship I will be dying on. Also I doubt I’ll be able to finish the series before Netflix takes it off.
Tumblr media
You had been running errands around town for most of the day but you really missed Matt and wanted to check in on him. You knew how sometimes he forgot to take care of himself when he got wrapped up in a case.
“Hey, babe. Just wanted to drop by and keep you company.” You leaned over the desk to give Matt a kiss and it still made your heart race every time he rested his fingers on your jaw.
You described each item as you unpacked your bag. “Here’s an order of pasta from our favourite place, tomato basil arancini, a salad with burrata, figs and prosciutto. I also got us some San Pellegrino. I would’ve gotten us wine but it’s a bit early for that.”
“How many people were you planning to feed?” Matt asked as you filled his entire desk with food.
“Okay, I admit, I originally had gone to Eataly in Flatiron to pick up some accoutrements for our meal and I got carried away.”
“We also have a new set of ravioli stamps so that’s what we’re doing next weekend.”
“Thank you very much, Mrs. Murdock.” Matt loved calling you that and you loved it when he did. You loved belonging to him in every sense.
“I promise I’ll try not to distract you too much, I just wanted to be close to you.” You took out a thick binder from your bag and sat down on one of the chairs on the opposite side of Matt’s large wooden desk. You had picked it up this morning by your friend, Stella. She was tired of waiting for the ‘right’ partner and decided she wanted to have a child by herself.
Matt’s ears picked up on the sound of you putting the binder down on his desk. It was too heavy to be a novel or a notebook. “What is that?”
“Stella gave it to me, she’s in the final stages of choosing a sperm donor and she wants a second opinion.” You now had Matt’s full attention.
“Well, you do have excellent taste in men.” Matt punctuated his statement with a smirk.
“You think you’re joking but you should consider selling your sperm if this whole lawyer thing doesn’t work or if we never need extra money.” Who were you kidding, you lived in New York City, you always needed extra money. “I feel like every person in the book is just you but described by a different person.”
“Care to elaborate?” Matt seeming to have forgotten about the case he was working on.
“Ridiculously fast reflexes”
“Ivy-league educated”
“Good physique”
“Beautiful eyes”
“Strong moral compass”
“Good mouth shape”
“Owns his own business”
“Very observant”
With each trait, you leaned closer to Matt, you could go on forever but your lips landed on him, silencing your list of compliments.
You broke away before the kiss could get more heated. “Matt when I came in here I promised I wouldn’t be a distraction. Now you’ve got me all worked up.”
“Some of those I don’t think are on the profiles and some of them are redundant.” Matt took off his glasses stashing them inside a drawer of his desk. “But you know a compliment is never wasted on me so I’ll allow it, babe.”
“Regardless, I think you’re excellent baby daddy material.” Your heart was fluttering as you admired your husband sitting on the other side of the desk. Is it weird to have a crush on the person you’re married to?
Matt closed his laptop and moved it off his desk. “That’s just your uterus talking.”
“What do you know about my uterus?” You were puzzled, wondering if you had said something to Matt.
“Since we’ve been together this is the first time that your body has been ovulating.” Matt paused, unsure if he should continue. “I can…um smell it”
The type of birth control you were on previously had prevented pregnancy by stopping your body from releasing eggs but you were thinking about switching to something else. Therefore, this was the first time your body was naturally ovulating in a very long time.
You felt embarrassed despite it being something you couldn’t control. Plus Matt wasn’t the type of guy who would purposely bring something like that up to shame you. “Oh, is that weird for you?”
Matt held your hand reassuringly. “Only in the sense of how badly I want to take you over every flat surface in this office.”
“I have an appointment with my gynecologist next week to try to get on something different.”
“What if you didn’t?” You almost didn’t understand what Matt was implying. “This case should be wrapped up six months from now and the publicity it could bring could mean a more flexible workload for us. It would give me plenty of time to dote on my pregnant wife and help out with the kid.”
You and Matt both wanted to have kids. You knew how heartbreaking and lengthy the struggle could be to conceive. Seeing your friends going through their various fertility journeys had you thinking about bringing it up to Matt soon but you weren’t excepting it to come up this soon. “Yes.”
“Yes, what, Mrs. Murdock?” Even though you knew Matt couldn’t see you, the intensity of his words made you shift in your seat.
“I want you to get me pregnant, Matthew Murdock.” Finally saying the words out loud felt so right and gave you the boost of confidence you needed. “Right now, here in your office on your desk and any other flat surface you can think of.”
“C’mere, babe.” Matt patted his lap. You had stopped protesting about being too heavy or big to sit on Matt like his long ago instead choosing to focus your energy on other arguments that you actually had a chance of winning. 
“I love feeling your weight on me like this.” Matt pulled you closer by your thighs and rested his head on your bosom to hear your heartbeat. His hands slipped between your legs and you lifted your hips to give him the space he needed. “You’re so desperate, turned on, and ready for me and I barely even touched you yet.” 
“You’ve just been turning yourself on thinking about me, haven’t you?” He smiled when he felt the silky feeling of your pantyhose on his rough hands. His fingers danced up your thighs until he reached your pussy.
Matt just rested his hand there feeling how hot and wet you were getting. You whimpered, bucking your hips trying to get more of his touch. “I think you need to share. Tell me what you’ve been thinking about in that pretty little brain of yours.”
You thought about last night when it was just you and your vibrator while Matt stayed late at the office. It might have been a cliche but the fantasy never failed to get you off. “I think about when you’re all sweaty from the gym, all those grunts you make. Makes me wish you would just take me on the floor. You take the wraps off your hands to shove you in my mouth to gag me, reminding me to keep quiet since someone could walk in at any moment.”
“I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of how amazing that mouth of yours is.” Matt continued to cup your pussy, his hand the perfect size to hold you like this. You loved feeling how well the two of you fit together. 
He pulled off your silky pantyhose and pushed your skirt higher above your hips. Matt’s fingers pressed against your panty-clad crotch, chuckling at the wet spot. “Such a good girl getting yourself so wet and ready for my cock. You want me to fuck you on the floor like an animal? Is that what you want? Answer me.”
Matt’s fingers dipped underneath the lace of your panties and into your wetness, rubbing you just the way you liked. “Yes, I want that. I want you to want me so badly you don’t care about the consequences and how wrong it might be.”
Matt pulled his well-coated fingers out of you, wrapping his tongue around the digits. “How the fuck do you always taste so good?”
Matt returned his fingers to your warmth. “Sorry I haven’t been home much last week. You have no idea how irresistible you are when your body is doing everything in it’s power, making you oh so fuckable. I knew once I sunk in that sweet cunt I wouldn’t be able to pull out.”
“I would’ve had to fill you up and breed you.” You didn’t realize you had been grinding yourself on Matt’s fingers until he used his free hand to stop the movement of your hips. “Probably over and over again just to make sure it takes.”
You were so touch starved it didn’t take long for you to get close but Matt pulled his fingers away from you before you could get any closer. While still in the chair, Matt cleared his desk, making space for you. He hitched one of your legs to rest of the top of solid wood desk. Matt pushed his chair away and you were preparing to feel nudge of his cock. Instead, Matt got on his knees pulling your panties completely off, taking a deep inhale of the damp fabric before putting it in the breast pocket of his jacket.
His tongue swiped languidly across your folds, moaning at your taste. “You know I adore how you taste but it’s different when you’re ovulating.”
Your nails dig into the edge of Matt’s desk as you cry out Matt’s name. “Please Matt, I’m so close.”
“C’mon baby, come for me. Gotta make sure this pussy’s nice and relaxed before I impail you with my cock.” Matt flicks his tongue against your clit, making your body shake and thrash before going limp.
Matt gets off his knees, unbuttoning his pants and pulling them down to free his erection. “You look so pretty all spread out on my desk.”
Matt’s fingers swipe some of the wetness that was dripping from your pussy to the edge of the desk. “Look at the mess you’ve made, baby.”
You heard the wet sounds as Matt used the fluid to fist the shaft of his cock. His hand goes back to your still-sensitive pussy shushing your whimpers as he gathers more of your wetness to coat his dick.
Matt comes up behind you, pressing his throbbing cock against your plush ass. “Matt, please, I need your hard cock inside me.”
Matt leans over you, adjusting himself so his hardness slides between your folds. “You just came and you’re already begging for more.” Matt whispers, in your ear as he plays with your hair. “Such a desperate cock-hungry slut.”
“I’ve thought about this every day since the last time I was inside you. Matt sunk into you slowly, allowing you to feel every inch as he kisses the side of your face.
As Matt went deeper, you whimpered, every time you thought it might be finished Matt had more for you. “I know, baby, I know it’s a stretch.”
“You’re like this every time it’s been a while.” Matt chuckles as you wiggle on the desk, wanting him to start moving. “Stay still, baby, just let me feel this pulsing cunt squeezing me so well.”
“It just can’t wait to milk my cock and take every single drop of my cum.” Matt’s thursts start slowly, his hips slapping against the flush of your ass. “You’re being such a good girl for me. Letting me inside this pussy unprotected when you’re at your most fertile.”
“I’ve been thinking about this ever since we got married.” Matt admitted. “Your dress was beautiful. I know you’re going to say that how would I know since I couldn’t see it. But I just know it was.”
Despite Matt describing one of the sweetest moments in your relationship, he started to go faster.You and Matt had a winter wedding. Your dress was white velvet, long-sleeved, off the shoulder, fitted with lace detail around the neckline and sleeves. When you chose it you made sure to pay attention to the texture and feel of all the different materials. Matt was so appreciative of this when you guided his hand over your body before the reception so he could feel everything.
You could hear the smile in Matt’s voice as he recounted that day. “I could feel the warmth radiating from your bare shoulders and neck. The way you threw your velvet sleeves around my neck when we shared our first kiss as husband and wife. I loved how the fabric clung to your hips. You were almost too beautiful, almost had to have you right there in the church.”
Matt hiked the leg that was on the desk to wrap around his hips, allowing him to go deeper. “Oh fuck, I’m going to get you pregnant.” 
Matt’s movements got more frantic, stimulating your clit on the edge of the desk. “My perfect little wife is going to look so cute with a swollen belly and tits.”
The thought caused your pussy to momentarily tighten around him and there was no way the cheeky bastard didn’t pick that up. “You like that didn’t you? You like the idea of walking around and everyone knowing what I did to you. Complete strangers knowing that I’ve claimed you and you’re mine.”
Matt’s words pushed you over the edge. “Oh fuck. Matt, I’m going to come.”
“Yeah, gorgeous? I’m close too.” Matt grunted as your cunt fluttered around him. He released inside you kissing your neck as warmth overfilled your sensitive cunt. 
Matt hugged you from behind, snuggling his head in your neck. “You did such a good job, taking me so well. I’m so lucky to have you.”
You made noises of agreement and hissed when he pulled out of you. Words felt like they took too much energy right now.
“Did I tire you out?” Matt asked as he helped you off his desk. “I guess I’ll just have to work on building up your stamina again.”
“I’ve been neglecting you and I’m sorry that I haven’t been taking care of you properly.” Matt’s snuggles continued in his chair. “I might have been gotten a bit carried away. If you want me to, I can run down to the pharmacy and pick up the plan B pill.”
“I can’t wait to have your child.” Matt fixed your clothes, wrapped you up in a throw, and helped you into an oversized armchair in the corner of his office. The quiet sounds of Matt working lulling you into an afternoon nap.
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Found Family
W/ Stephen Strange
and America Chavez
Tumblr media
eader: female | romantic (Stephen) | motherly (America)
type: headcanons w/ that found family stuff we love
notes: Don't read this if you haven't watched the New Doctor Strange Movie aka Dr.Strange: Multiverse of Madness, also this takes just after Stephen meets America and after the whole movie: i don't want to many spoilers
Warnings: Technically no spoilers, but Spoilers, just...just spoilers for safety
You had been dating Stephen for a while, had been through quite a lot with him after all
You never had kids, never could, thanks Widow Program.
You were glad though; at least you had Stephen.
You guys went on a lot of library dates; to libraries across the world with the help of Stephen's sling ring.
But when America came along and needed help
You couldn't help but try and help her: maybe it was due to someone being so nice to you when they got you out of the widow program or maybe the want of children always lingering in the back of your head
It was quick she trusted you: apparently you were trustworthy in all the universes she's gone too
You made her a cup of hot coco, as she was pretty shaken up when she met you
"You're Ms.Y/n, right?" America questioned.
Y/n nodded, "Y/n is fine, here, it's warm,"
America nodded with a small smile, "Are you and Stephen married in this multiverse?"
"Married? Me and Stephen?" Y/n asked, "in another universe? How many? if you don't mind me asking."
She shrugged, "Out of all of 35? uh....12? I think. It's probably more."
12 times you've married your sweetheart: 12 beautiful days
Okay so you're a sucker for some cheesy romance sometimes oh well
You also made America a grilled cheese while you waited for Stephen
You eventually just take America in for good, even if Stephen gets jealous
America will come and wake you up when she's not able to sleep, so Stepehn wakes up to you gone and in America's room, you holding her close as the two of you sleep
You definitely take her into all the nooks and crannies of New York, hole in the wall places are your usual "mother-daughter" hang-out spots.
She's also kinda replaced Stephen in the training part as well
She may be training in the mystic arts, but you're helping her with basic combat as well.
So the only time he feels like he gets actual time with you is when America's using the restroom, that's how glued at the hip you two have become
He's lucky when he gets to grab you by the waist playfully as your cooking
"I'm gonna spill it, Stephen!" Y/n laughed, carefully letting go of the pot.
"Oh please," He laughed kissing her shoulder, she smiled as she looked back at him.
"What's got you so clingy?"
"I think I deserve to be clingy with how much time I've recently gotten with you."
Y/n chuckled, "Someone jealous?"
He scoffed playfully, the smile on Y/n's face never leaving, she leaned over kissing his lips softly. "You should be glad your so handsome."
Not America gagging when she walked in on you two kissing.
"Oh yeah?!" And now your chasing after her
Its a good little found family, you're happu you have both of them.
You make it a point for everyone to sit down at the table and eat dinner.
Weekly board game? Yes. Absolutely
They get playfully violent
"Im taking the car and the kids!" America spoke.
"what?! You can't do that!" Stephen argued.
Y/n watched the game a life board sprawled out infront of them, she was broke anyways.
Definitely tucking America into bed after game nights, but it soon turns into every night.
She sleeps good, may not dream, but sleeps good
You always sleep good after game nights too
Especially next to Stephen
Yes sleeping with Stephen is wonderful 10/10 great sleeper
But here some America unable to sleep and if your too tired or too beat up you'll turn on your side and offer her to join you
She'll sleep in your chest and Stephen will have his arm around you
So basically your on fire all night
Better damn be sure America will try and take care of you when sick, shes real worried about you when you are
When shes sick she kinda likes that you baby her
Her and Stephen have that in common: like being babied when sick
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