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#x female reader

Alexandra’s father’s eyes were cold. “Her mother is gone.” And he turned, not carrying for the display of magic, maching away into his bedchambers. At your side, Alexandra rubbed her temples and used her own magic to combat yours.

“I appreciate the care, dear. But I would rather you not destroy Skyhold,” said Alex.

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Lonwar was holding your hand, his calloused fingertips tracing circles over the inner part of your wrist slowly.  Your eyelids flutter against your cheeks, and you take a sharp inhale in as the pain from your side reminds you of the events on Hoth. 

“I am right here Riduur.” He said before he brought your hand up to his chest. The lack of his chest plate let you know he didn’t have his normal covering of armor over him. 

You open your eyes fully and focus on the visor of his helmet, while he sits on the end of his own bed. Confused by your current location, you furrowed your brow.

“I could really eat something…” You said trying to lighten his mood.

He let out a breath he must have been holding.

“Where… what happened?” You asked softly.

“We are on the ship.” He said and handed you a small metal flask. “This will take the edge off. I want to take you to the Tribe. They may not see me as one of them after all this time. But Buir… mother… she will want to see you.”

You take a few swallows of the liquor from the flask. And then look up at him, “And what exactly happened on Hoth?" 

"It would seem that even though the bounty holder is dead, the guild feels I wronged them on your cut. Oh and the fact that I killed a lot of other hunters might have something to do with it as well. We had a tiny disagreement." 

You raised an eyebrow, "Should I be worried?" 

He leaned back, "No, your only job is to get better." 

"Take her to the Twi'lek healing baths when we land, Lonwar.” The other mandalorian said from the doorway.

Lonwar’s head snapped around, “Those are not healing baths… you know what they are used for!" 

The other Mando shrugged his shoulders and walked away from the couple. "Always fancied the Twi'leks." 

Lonwar shook his head, "Whatever you do, don’t introduce him to Indigo.”

You covered your mouth as a giggle escaped your lips. He ran a fingertip down your cheek, “I will be back when we land on Navarro.” His thumb ran across your lower lip. “Heal quickly.”


Originally posted by gameraboy1

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   Request:  Hi! I know you’ve been doing a lot of Draco x hufflepuff reader recently so in case you don’t want to do this one, no worries💘 but I wanted to request another Draco x Hufflepuff reader and she’s on the Hufflepuff quidditch team and they won a game against gryffindor (or any house) and he makes it super special for her in his dorm and they’re like cuddling and he’s so sweet to her and so proud of her and it’s super duper fluffy pwease 🥺🥺have a great day and no pressure to write this💕💕

   Kody- this is hella cut ngl. Lets just see if i can live up to this magnificent plot idea lmao.

   House: Hufflepuff

   Warning: possible cursing, Draco being the most supportive boyfriend ever, and fluff all around. Slightly mature themes.



Originally posted by vittysartbox


   “Gotta be faster than that, Potter!” you yell as you zip past the chosen one on your broom. You can vaguely hear his laughter from behind you. Yes, both you and Harry Potter were seekers on your individual Quidditch teams and both very competitive when i came to the both of you.

   you spotted the shiny little devil a couple of feet before you. A smirk graces your lips as you fly towards it. Just as you were about to reach it, out the corner of your eyes you saw Bludger coming straight for you. Eyes widened, you duck quickly and snapped your head towards the direction it came from.

   “What the hell guys!” you snap. Both George and Fred Weasley give you a devilish smile and shrug their shoulders “Sorry princess! It’s just the game. You know we worship the ground you walk on!” George yells. You roll your eyes and turn back to the action. Shit. Harry potter was chasing the snitch.

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   Request:  Hi could you do a draco x reader where she’s his girlfriend who is afraid of commitment and takes time to open up to him? But gradually they work through it together and all that. Most fics are of draco being afraid to be vulnerable so I think this would be a pretty good change. No pressure if you don’t want to do it. Thanks love :)

      Kody- I’m t e r r i f i e d of commitment so this should be easy. Gonna add some extra extra for plot, but you already know. I will also be recreating the same fight i had with my actual S/O except for Draco doesn’t suck.

     Warning: Uh commitment issues, possible cursing, child neglect, Draco being a sad boy.

     House: Slytherin hiss hiss.


   “Wait your dad refused to feed you?” your friend said in a hushed tone. You look around nodding slowly and wipe your remaining tears. Yeah your dad didn’t exactly like the fact that you were a witch. Called you a sinner and whatnot a refused to acknowledge your existence. 

   “It’s whatever” you shrug, used to the neglect by now.  “Shouldn’t you like- Tell Draco? He is your boyfriend” they suggest. You shake your head quickly, fear bubbling in you. “No. Last time i told my significant other about my dad they used to to control me. You know that” you rush out. 

   Your friend sighs, leaning there head back. “So please don’t tell him” a pleading look was present in your eyes. “Draco isn’t like the last person. Sooner or later you have to open up to him.” you knew they were right, but it was just too hard for you to handle at the moment. 

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For those of you that are following the fics, Burn The Midnight Oil (James Bond x Reader), The Wedding (continuation to Story Time, Loki x Reader), and The Lost Prince (Ahkmenrah x Reader) will be updated from Wednesday to Friday!

If anyone wants to be tagged let me know, and for which story. I’m also gonna be uploading them to AO3, and Wattpad.

PS: Burn The Midnight Oil and The Wedding are Female Reader.

Haven’t decided if to make The Lost Prince gender neutral or female, I’m not really comfortable writing 1 person on a male perspective and I rather have more practice doing that before I publish anything. Let me know if I should leave it female or gender neutral.

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Lonwar was pacing the length of the ship. The two Mandalorians had patched you up and dosed you with bacta healing spray. So now you just needed to rest.

“Lonwar, you need to be patient.” His clan mate said in an attempt to calm him.

Lonwar slammed his fist down on a crate in the cargo hold, “Patience… is not something I am known for." 

"Buir said I needed to keep you out of trouble.” He said to Lonwar. The woman who was the head of their clan everyone simply called mother. She was known for taking in orphans and teaching them honor through the ways of the Mandalorian. 

Lonwar nodded his head, “She sent you after me because she knew I would not listen to anyone else.”

“Are you going to bring her to meet the others?” He asked in reference to you.

Lonwar shrugged.

“Your helmet?” He asked Lonwar.

“Has not been removed by another or been removed in front of anyone. Trust me… the creed is intact.” Lonwar strode back to his bunk to check on you.

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    Request:  Hello, are your orders open?  Could you write to Draco?  Where is he in love with a Hufflepuff girl and starts sending small gifts as a secret admirer?  She thinks it’s a joke, but then likes to find out who he is. Could it be a cute and happy thing?

   Kody- YESSSS

   Warning: nervous Draco, possible cursing and Blaise, Theo, and Pansy making fun of Draco for being a pussy.

   House: Hufflepuff


   “Draco your drooling” Theo says, the other two laugh as the flustered platinum blond face flushes. “Seriously, why don’t you- you know? Ask her out?” Blaise cuts in, crossing his arms “Yeah! You’ve been friends for what three months now. Sooner or later someone else is going to sweep her off her feet”

   Draco looked at the three and sighed “It’s not that easy okay! She’s just so kind and sweet and i’m so-”




   the blond rolls his eyes “i was going to say terrified, but yes thank you for the words of encouragement. I feel the love” he says, tone laced in sarcasm. Pansy chuckles “Terrified? of what?” “oh, i don’t know. Maybe rejection Parkinson?” he snaps, making her roll her eyes 

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Also for @schese who sent me an adorable message🥰


Oooh, shes jelous👀👀

Susan Pevensie x Fem! Reader

Warnings- jelousy and plush rug fluff

Genre- Fluff Fluff Fluff

A/n- so I’m keeping with the theme of reader being a knight, basically same as the last fic, but set before the last susan fic so they’re relationship is still a secret. Also it’s set in Susan’s POV


Susan rarely had days where she could rest and sit without having to rush somewhere and do something, but when she did, she expected to spend it with you.

Like today, all she wanted to do was spend the day cuddling with you and hearing your voice, but no. Instead, you’ve spent the entire day sparring with her brothers.

You, being one of the head guards in the palace, had to train a lot and constantly keep the vigilance of a knight, Susan understood that. She also understood that you had a great relationship with her brothers, and she loved that, she really did.

Your rather close with Edmund, both of you being sharp of tounge and keen of mind, and you too spent a lot of time hanging out. Basically, he was your best friend, but neither of you would ever admit that. Seeing you spar with Edmund on the field or daring him to a duel in the courtyard wasn’t uncommon, it happens at least twice a week, and honestly it warmed Susan’s heart to know you were able to break through Edmunds shell and be there for him.

Peter, on the other hand, was a different story…

Seeing you spar with Peter, close and touching you in ways that Susan wanted reserved for her, made her want to grab you and run away. Again, she knew you were close with all her siblings.

You helped Lucy with her schoolwork and sat with her in the library when needed, you and Edmund were always bickering, making bets and dares, basically sibling arguments, and you were friends with Peter, like the others. But Peter is flirty, and Susan did not like that.

You stood Infront of Edmund and Peter as they sat on a bench, all three of you chugging down water as fast as you could to somehow calm the heat.

Gulping down your water you took a quick break to breath and tease Edmund a bit, your favorite pastime other than giving Susan hickeys

“Your reactions are a bit slow today Ed” you comment with a smirk as he rolls his eyes and Peter stifles a laugh

“No” he starts his rebuttal “your just freakishly fast”

Laughing lightly you accept the jest and start to grab your gear as Edmund begins to walk back to the courtyard in claims of ‘reviving his pride’

Before you get too far however you feel a hand grab your wrist, effectively spinning you around to come face to face with the one and only Peter

“You know” his signature smirk adorning his lips and you know this won’t be good “I can think of much better ways to get our daily exercise”

You feel yourself cringe a bit at his words

“Your humor never ends king Peter” you call over your shoulder as you release from his grip and continue your walk to Edmund

You hear him mutter “high king Peter” under his breath which only makes you laugh throwing back your head

As Susan watches from further off she feels her stomachs erupt in butterflies at the sight of you. The sound of your melodic laugh and your hair moved with with wind. How your eyes squeeze shut when you laugh and your perfect lips form that perfect smile. The sun reflecting off your amour making you look absolutely breathtaking.

You were ethereal.

Susan’s snapped from her trance at the sound of Peters murmer and suddenly remebers her mission.

Before you can reach Edmund your suddenly pulled towards the castle, again, by Susan who throws some exuse to Edmund and Peter about “needing your help”

Your not even 10 steps into the palace before your thrown into an empty room and pushed against the wall, Susan’s lips claiming yours.

Of course, you know what this is about, but you couldn’t be bothered with that right now. You snake your arms around her neck while hers stay firmly planted on your hips pulling you flush against her and making her point clear

You are hers.

You don’t even fight for dominance like normal, you simply let her take control and allow her dominance. As her lips bruisingly attack hers and her tongue roams your mouth like it’s the first time, your hands card in her locks.

You finally part for air as both your lungs are burning from deprivation, but neither of you move apart, still chest to chest and forehead to forehead.

Staring in her lust blown eyes you giggle a bit before kissing the tip of her nose. She wines and lets her head fall to your shoulder in embarrassment as you laugh and caress her head, carding your fingers through her hair as her hands gently scratch your back.

“I hate him” she gently murmurs in your shoulder

“Hes your brother” you coo

“Fine” she sighs lifting her head from your shoulder to look back in your eyes, oh how she loved them. If she could only hold you, staring into your eyes and inhaling your intoxicating scent forevermore she’d live a perfect life “I dislike him”

You both laugh before you set your forehead on hers once again

“I’m yours and you are mine” you state closing your eyes while Susan’s stay locked on you “nothing can or will change that” the confidence in your voice makes Susan’s chest swell

“Nothing, nobody, never”

You both giggle before you cup her jaw and bring her in for a short but passionate kiss.

“Come on” She grabs your hand, intertwining your fingers, and pulls you out of the empty room

“We’re going to spend the rest of my free day cuddling” she affirms

“And kisses?” You question stoping and raising an eyebrow

“And kisses” she assures giving you a quick peck before starting for her room again

You smile, tightening your hold on her hand letting her drag you anywhere she so pleases

You would let her take you anywhere in the world. The nicest white sand beaches or the filthiest alleyways, as long as she was by your side it was fine. And as cheesy as that sounds, it’s true.

“You know” you begin gaining Susan’s attention as she continues walking “sometimes I really think you don’t know the meaning of the world gay”

Susan continues walking for a second before she processes the statement turning around and smacking your shoulder as you laugh.

Yeah, this was good.

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Part Two: Y/n meets Dean and Sam

Summary: Y/n and her twin brother, Warren, are both mutants. In a world where mutants aren’t accepted, Y/n and her brother have to go on the run as anti-mutant extremists begin hunting their kind down. Sam and Dean are hunters, just not mutant hunters. However, their paths cross and despite a rocky beginning they become allies against not only the war against mutants but the war against mankind.

Warnings: cursing, angst, violence, fluff 

Reader: Female Reader; Y/n Worthington

Pairings: (Eventual) Dean Winchester x Fem!Reader

Word Count: 4,018

A/n: Just for those who don’t know Y/n and Warren haven’t met Bobby from Supernatural. The Bobby they’re referencing is Bobby Drake (Iceman) from X-Men.

Part One


Originally posted by rainbow-motors

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Pairing: Ron Weasley x female!reader 

Type: Fluff 

Warnings: None 

Word Count: 1667

Summary: There were more than enough Wesleys to go around for everybody to have a Comfort Weasley. From the second you met Ron at Platform 9 ¾ you knew he was going to be your Comfort Weasley. You acted extremely couply, but never felt anything until Ron fell asleep with his head in your lap in the common room. Now you knew you were screwed, royally screwed. 

A/N: by popular demand… Ron Weasley everyone 


“How do you and Hermione do it?” Ron yawned deeply. 

“Do what?” you asked in a monotone voice as you flipped the page in your potions book and wrote down another note. 

“Study this much,” he replied with another yawn. “I mean do you ever sleep?” 

“You know I do, Ron,” you sighed as you tried not to let on the fact that you too were exhausted. Snape had been breathing down your neck and you were two seconds away from throwing your books in his face and walking out his classroom and never going back. 

“You’re stressed, Y/N,” Ron said, closing his book. “I can tell. I’m your Comfort Weasley for a reason, remember?” 

You let out a small laugh as you kept taking notes. He was indeed your Comfort Weasley, he knew you better than anyone. Sometimes you thought he knew you better than you knew yourself. 

“I’m fine,” you brushed him off. 

“You aren’t,” he persisted. “Take a break, go to sleep.” 

“Tomorrow’s Saturday,” you said. “I promise you I won’t so much as look at my books tomorrow.” 

“Right, well, until then I’m not going to leave you alone,” Ron said as he stretched out on the couch, his head resting in your lap. He’d done that thousands of times, yet something about it was different tonight. Your heart leapt as you felt him settle down. Butterflies kicked up in your stomach as you looked down at him. 

You’d never felt this when you were with him before, and it scared you. 

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The ship landed on the frozen world of Hoth, and you pulled the hood of your coat tighter on your face as a gust of air blasted through the cargo hold when the ramp began to lower. 

“You’ll get used to it.” He said to you. And you wrinkle your brow as you walk behind him. Your boots make a crunching sound as they hit the snow and ice on the surface, and you have to take a moment to make sure your footing is secure. The Mando is a few paces ahead of you, he doesn’t seem to have any difficulty walking along the ice that you do.


“How the hell is this easy for you?” You yelled at him.

He shrugged, “Lighter on my feet I guess.” 

“Why are we here again?” You say once you meet up with him.

He points at a lone domed shack out in the middle of nowhere. “My contact from the guild is here.” He turned and looked at you, “Don’t say a word, understood? I would rather you stayed on the ship, but this way I can make sure you are safe.“

“Not a problem.” You said as you pulled your coat closer. Now wishing you had stayed on the ship. Not sure it would have been much warmer there with the engines off, but at least you would be out of the wind. 

You walk in through the door of the building and head straight for the bar, you tap on the bar and hold up two frozen fingers. The bartender pours you something blue and somewhat glowing, but you don’t care as long as it is warmer than the outside temperature. You glance over at the Mandalorian and he is standing at a booth where a table full of pirate looking gentlemen are eyeing him. You do a quick headcount and know right away that this could get ugly fast.

The man at the end of the booth points to a back room, and the Mando disappears behind a curtain. You slam your first drink and are a little taken back by the bitter flavor, but it does help warm you slightly. So you down the second one. You then head over to a table near the back of the room and keep your head down. He told you to keep quiet and not be seen, you were trying to hold up to your promise.

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   Request:  Hey if you’re taking requests I have this cute fluff thought about non Slytherin reader visiting Draco in the Slytherin common room for the first time and being absolutely mesmerized by all the creatures that swim by the windows in the Black Lake and Dray thinking it is something mundane but also thinking how his girlfriend is the most adorable person in the world while being captivated by those creatures

   Kody- Ooo this seems so wholesome. I love it! Also i love the nickname Dray for Draco, so i’ll add it in for ya! I added a bit of extra sweetness in it cause im    e x t r a 

   Warning: The fluff!

   House: Hufflepuff for all our softies!


   you were fidgeting with your sleeve of your yellow sweater. Waiting outside the Slytherin common room was slightly nerve wracking. Not that you were scared or anything. Okay just a little. You hear a clicking noise and turn to see the portrait open, revealing a very grim Draco Malfoy.

   but as soon as he saw you a smile graced his lips. “Y/n, your here. Lovely” he grabs your hand and pulls you into the hall, you take a couple steps and look around the room. So this was the Slytherin common room? It was empty at the moment, but you were too fascinated to care.

   your hand slowly lets go off his as you walk around looking at the dark interior. It was so much different from your common room. You run your hand along the wall. feeling it’s rough texture on the pads of your fingers “woah” you breathe by. Draco was standing behind you admiring your curiosity with an amused grin.

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Part One: Background; this is basically a background part. Dean will be in the next part with Sam. I highly recommend you read this part so you can understand the plot.

Summary: Y/n and her twin brother, Warren, are both mutants. In a world where mutants aren’t accepted, Y/n and her brother have to go on the run as anti-mutant extremists begin hunting their kind down. Sam and Dean are hunters, just not mutant hunters. However, their paths cross and despite a rocky beginning they become allies against not only the war against mutants but the war against mankind. 

Warnings: angst, curse, fluff, anti-mutant terrorism

Reader: Female Reader; Y/n Worthington 

Pairings: (Eventual) Dean Winchester x Fem!Reader

Word Count: 3,794

A/n: This is more of my own mini story than a specific part of X-Men and Supernatural. I’ll stick as close to supernatural as I can but if you see things that are different than they were in the show, just roll with it. This is kind of a crossover with X-Men and Supernatural but I’m just doing my own thing with the X-Men characters and Supernatural. I’m not going along with any specific movie or comic book. When Dean and Sam come in it’ll technically take place around the season 4 of Supernatural where they know about angels. Also gif is from google and it’s Miley Cyrus from the ‘Can’t Be Tamed’ music video.

Part Two


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  Request: Hello. Can you do a draco x reader oneshot where she always overworks herself when she’s stressed and one day she faints (I really fainted bc of stress no joke, so I would like to read something I can relate to but I don’t have a draco in my life so yk lol) and he takes care of her and just a lot of fluff pls. Thankyou. I love reading your work :)

   Kody- Honestly can relate to this one a bit. I also recommend that if your reading this on a laptop to install InteractiveFics, it will replace any place with Y/n to whatever name you want. No, i’m not sponsored im just weird

   Warning: Mentions of stress and fainting. 

   House: Ravenclaw. Why not? I don’t do a lot of Ravenclaw.


   you had always been the person to put an unhealthy amount of work on yourself. Whether it was helping someone or school work in general you would pile more than you could handle, never really knowing when to stop. You thought you were invincible until last year when you passed out from stress.

   your parents had warned you on taking on to much work, but it honestly went in one ear and out the other. You promised them you would try and pace yourself, but you knew deep down it wouldn’t happen. You just couldn’t change, without the needed push of course. 

   exams were coming up in a week and you had been studying all day and night for five days straight, with little to no sleep.You were a complete mess and running on fumes at this point. As you sat down at the table, Luna was eating a bowl of pudding in front of you.

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You and the Mando lay under a blanket in his room on the ship, you were close to landing at the hunter’s guild headquarters. Neither of you were sure why you were there, and both of you having to put a lot of trust into the other. You stretch out next to him and drape a long leg across his muscular ones under the covers. He was stripped of all of his armor, save the helmet… And you had nothing on save for your necklace… Wait, where was your necklace? You sat up and reached for it. Oh shit, now you remembered. It had been taken by that Ambassador. Well the only good thing to come of that whole encounter was the man was now dead, so the bounty that was placed on your head should be voided now.

You touched the place on your chest where the blue stone used to hang and sighed. 

“Why the sigh?” he asked, running a finger tip down your spine.

“I lost my necklace.” You felt like you could cry, like actually sob tears of sadness. When you opened your eyes the blue stone was dangling before your face. 

“Like this one?” He said, the modulator not able to hide his amusement. 

Your eyes went large. “Did you get another one?”

He moved it so that you could see that he added a charm to the necklace. “I took it from that swamp rat who tried to take it from you. And I made it better.” On the charm was the Mythosaur skull. 


You wiped  a tear off your cheek, “Well do I get to wear it?”

He slipped it over your head and it once again rested against your skin. “We could have a chance.”

“A chance?” He said, playing with the strands of your hair that had fallen down your back. 

“I don’t want to ever leave, and I am pretty sure you don’t want me to leave. So… we can have a real chance at a life together. That is all I am saying.”

“Y/N, this is our life together.”

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  Request:  hi i wanna say that i rlly rlly love your writing and can i request draco x female! muggleborn! reader in which they just finished watching spiderman and then draco ask her to do the spiderman kiss with him or maybe the reader wants to do it with him? i’m sorry if this is too detailed

   Kody- I love spiderman, like he’s my favorite marvel superhero.

   Warning: Draco being to cute to handle and oblivious to muggle technology cause why not.

   House: N/A


   you grabbed the bowl of popcorn off the counter, taking a piece and popping it into your mouth. You walk into the living room and set the bowl down on the table. “Pillows? check. Blankets? check and food, drinks blah blah” you trailed off as you sat down on the couch.

   ah yes, you might be wondering what your setting up for. Well every saturday, Draco would come over and watch movies with and stay the night. It was hard to see each other considering you both came from different worlds basically. You were a muggle and he was a wizard.

   despite your obvious differences you and Draco found peace and comfort in each others presence and eventually started dating. Seeing each other was hard in the first place, but now that you were both dating and craved each others company more. The wait was agonizing.

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   Request: Hi bb,, if your requests are open may i pls request for a fic where it’s the reader’s bday and she thought Draco forgot about it but by the end of the day he surprised reader with a lovely dinner where he cooks all the food? Just pls make it super sweet hehe thank u! 🐻💓

   Kody- hehehehehe okay okay. Sounds interesting. I’m going to age them up for plot purposes. I also added a lot of extra things, i couldn’t help myself.

   Warning: Ginny supremacy, cursing, and Draco being the absolute sweetest.

   House: N/A


   eyes fluttering open, you were met with no sign of your fiancé. Which was strange, you expected him to be there since he said he take the day off of work for your birthday. You prop yourself up on the bed and wipe the tiredness from your eyes.

   a piece parchment was laid on the edge of the bed in front of you. Grabbing it, you unfolded it and noticed Draco’s handwriting. Reading its contents only made you more confused ‘Hey, love. Sorry i’m not there this morning. I have a early morning today, hope you have a lovely day -Draco’ 

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