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I present my next project: Underverse (Undertale AU) - XGaster VS Frisk Battle Theme [Fanmade]

I wanted to make this X Gaster VS Frisk Battle Theme because it felt nice to otherwise dump a lot of negative feelings I was having into an original song. So, when making this Gaster Fight Theme, it felt nice to give my darker emotions/feelings a cathartic release. Since, while making remixes and what not is fun, I get the best feeling from my originals and they feel the most therapeutic.

Therefore, for me, this X Gaster VS Frisk Battle Theme was just something of a way to get some stuff out of my head and into the world. Which is why I’m pretty happy with how this Gaster Battle Theme came out since I felt I was able to use what I was feeling to capture that darkness that X Gaster has around him.

Other Underverse videos (there is also another X Gaster theme here)

Give the channel a browse:

Song Name: Determined Spiral - X Gaster VS Frisk
Song By: FrostFM

Art By: @jakei95

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This was a part of my original Underversary video here but I think people might’ve overlooked this part XD

Special guest X Gaster here to give a little message for @xtaleunderverse / @jakei95

Seriously, thank you so much for being awesome.~

Happy Underversary~

here’s a hint for the code: The first sign is an ILY

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<Are you absolutely certain you wish to participate in this…> Gaster swept a hand over the chaotic scene before you, <…experience?>

“Family vacations are supposed to be like this…I think.” your brow furrowed, recalled the trips you had gone on when growing up. They were fucking  miserable; Your mom yelled, your dad quietly complained, and you cried. Surely this one would be better with your monster friends and boyfriend.


Continue reading on AO3.

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Send ‘a moment of weakness’

1. Your muse is emotionally compromised and breaking down.


“Doctor??” Hestia asked worriedly, cautiously approaching the bat demon. It looked like he was having one of his episodes again. While she was somewhat familiar with them by this point, she never knew if he was going to lash out at her accidentally. Hence why she opted for caution when he was in this state.

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So XTale!Gaster doesn’t talk to a lot of people. XChara, who hates him, XFrisk, who couldn’t care less about him, and XAlphys, who’s more or less controlled entirely by XGaster. That pretty much only leaves Ink. And Ink is the last person anyone wants to tell their secrets to. But… XGaster doesn’t really have anyone else. So he caves and eventually rants out his struggles after ages of holding it in – how long? Who knows, he’s played with time too much to even know what time is. Whatever it is, all he knows is that it has been far too long that such a burden has been pulling him away from his work, and he needs to dump it out somewhere before it stops him from working entirely.

Ink will, after hearing this rant, more than likely have a plan to immediately tell you first and foremost… until XGaster tells him not to. It’s more than likely you’re technically someone he “made” in his world of XTale as well, since he doesn’t really get out much, so that’s just putting more salt in his wound (XGaster to English translator’s note: his “wound” means he cares about you. Stars forbid he has normal emotions.) You’re just something he made, right? Just some part of his world he could delete, replace, or restart in a second, no more permanent than any other person here? So why the hell does he care about you so much? It’s frustrating. And distracting. He could get rid of the problem so easily, of course, but… something’s holding him back.

Anyway, Ink likes chaos, and XGaster brooding to himself is not chaos. Ink tells you immediately that XGaster is crushing on you anyway, despite being told not to.

From here, well, either you probably had no idea who XGaster was, or you do, and had no idea he liked you in any capacity whatsoever. In fact, you figured the exact opposite. And, um… What exactly are you supposed to do with this information? You barely know the guy, and he’s busy all the time. There’s not really a whole lot you can do in response, not that you can think of. You don’t even have many of your own opinions on XGaster, much less such strong feelings towards him.

Ink is notoriously bad with anything revolving around relationships, which is definitely 100% why he decides to take it upon himself to give you advice on how to approach XGaster.

Step one: Give him chocolate milk. Step two: good luck.

“Good luck?”

Oh. Ink’s gone.

Wonder what that meant.

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