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#x japan

Some #betterlatethannever #happybirthday wishes to the multi-talented #yoshiki of #xjapan who celebrated a few short days ago. I’m a big fan of the #musician for his music, comics, compositions and philanthropy; the world needs more like him #belikeyoshiki in 2021 #wellwishes w #piercingmetal #kenpiercemedia

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You need to see this.

I’m not a fan of YOSHIKI or X JAPAN at all, but I’m crying my ass off from this.

It’s YOSHIKI alone, performing his very first drum solo (it’s set to classical) after two very dangerous neck/spinal surgeries and had an artificial disk implanted. He says that he’s not done with rehabilitation therapy on it yet. He was on the verge of being paralyzed and ordered by doctors to never perform again… and you can see the grief and anguish that he’s been struggling with throughout the entire performance. His world had almost come to an end.

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