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#x men apocalypse
inmate-marmalade3 hours ago
Part One of The Speed of Light broke 100 notes today!!
Thanks to everyone who read it and the following parts! I'm super passionate about the X-Men and how the movies should've been imo and im so happy that others feel the same 馃槉 After Part 4 drops tomorrow I might have a schedule for the following parts soon. Also still plan on an in-universe list of things to know.
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justsomedutchgirl13 hours ago
Erik Lehnsherr is the kind of person that will tell everybody that he hates Charles Xavier but immediately after that talks for 15 minutes about how blue Charles' eyes are
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i-ll-be-the-moona day ago
erik: well charles you鈥檙e a PSYCHIC and i鈥檓 not wearing my HELMET it鈥檚 like you can do ANYTHING you want
me, watching these movies for the tenth time this week: whore... slutty slutty whore...
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askpetermaximoffa day ago
Tumblr media
UH- I swear on my Twinkies this is NOT what it looks like!!聽
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blueskyandpudding2 days ago
I want to edit for every ship that i鈥檓 into with Taylor鈥檚 song tbh i鈥檓 obsessed at this point ahah聽
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just-some-lesbian2 days ago
Tumblr media
A/N: KUUUURT FLUFFF for anon :3
Summary: Reader is cold and Kurt warms her up
type: drabble (kinda short lmao)
pairing: Kurt Wagner x reader
Warnings: None, a huge amount of fluff
It was a cold winter in New York. VERY cold winter. December has passed, January of 1984 has begun, everything was calm and silent, as for a school full of teenage mutants. Everyone was having fun differently. Some people, like Peter, are starting snowball fights and rubbing snow in anyone's face who dared to come closer than 7 feet to them. Other's like Jean and Jubilee are building snowmen or igloos and sledding on the closest hill. And there are people like me, who are always freezing and refusing to go away from the fireplace.
Even hot cocoa didn't help. I was just sitting under a few blankets, not having something or someone to hug. My boyfriend - Kurt - was out on a mission with Erik and Warren. They said it'll be easy and that they will be back soon, but they were gone for three hours now. I was just sitting here, cold and worried. Suddenly, someone stepped into the room. it was Kurt. Covered in snow, with a glove on the tip of his tail. "Babyyyy!" I reached my hands out to him with a puppy face. "Did you miss me, Liebling?" He smirks as he takes off his jacket and scarf. You just grunt, wanting him to finally cuddle with you.
The blue boy decided to play with me and tidy up the room, wanting me to tell him what I wanted. "Kuuurt, come here and hug mee!" I complained and pouted in irritation. "Awww, meine Prinzessin." He said with a caring voice walking towards me. Kurt throws the blankets off me and picked me up gently in a bridal way, showering my face with kisses and pressing me against his chest. "Ich Liebe Dich, Y/N" Kurt muttered, teleporting us to his dorm. I just nuzzled into him, enjoying his warmth.
He placed me on his bed and laid next to me. I immediately hugged him tightly as he wrapped his arms around me and kissed my forehead. Kurt's body was so soft and cozy, his fur was tickling my face, the tip of his tail softly caressing my thigh. Kurt purrs like he always does when we cuddle. "So, Y/N, are varm now?" He said with a smirk on his face. I giggled and gave him a quick smooch on the nose. "with you? always"
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tatesweaterweather2 days ago
Tumblr media
Befriending Peter in junior high - gender-neutral!reader <3
(鈿狅笍 warnings!: none)
You sighed in annoyance as you walked through the chaotic hallway that was your junior high. You finally pushed through to your locker and couldn鈥檛 help but let out a breath of relief.
鈥淗ey, new kid. Watch where you鈥檙e going.鈥 You heard behind you. You turned to see a kid your age getting shoved to the ground. He had fluffy, silvery coloured hair that immediately caught your eye.
He looked up to the boy who had shoved him and huffed. He fixed his shirt before attempting to get back up, only to be shoved back down. You watched in silence as the boy鈥檚 book bag was now being emptied in front of him. The entire hallway had gone silent.
The boys taunting him sneered obnoxiously before walking off. You looked at the boy once more in sympathy and this time he looked back at you. Without thinking about it too much, you walked over to him and bent down to help him pick up his papers.
鈥淚鈥檓 sorry that happened to you.鈥 You handed him the last of his papers. 鈥淎re you okay?鈥
He smiled slightly. 鈥淵eah, I鈥檓 fine. It could have been a lot worse, I guess.鈥
You sent him a small smile back. 鈥淪o, you鈥檙e new? What鈥檚 your next class?鈥
鈥淥h, Ms. Dove.鈥 He searched for his schedule in his pocket. 鈥淢ath, I鈥檓 pretty sure?鈥
鈥淎h, yikes.鈥 You teased. 鈥淒espite the name, she鈥檚 the worst.鈥
鈥淭hanks for the heads up.鈥 He laughed.
鈥淲ell, I have English next but I could walk you to your next class if you want.鈥 You offered.
鈥淵eah, that would be cool.鈥 The boy smiled. You nodded and began to walk down the chaotic hallway yet again.
鈥淥h, I never caught your name.鈥 You turned to him.
鈥淧eter.鈥 He answered.
鈥淣ice to meet you, Peter. I鈥檓 Y/N.鈥
(a/n: chile.. i鈥檓 so sorry that this was EXTREMELY short, i am having severe writers/editors block rn and my creativity is running on mf fumes i swear-)
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stop calling jubilee short, she's literally taller than me and yall are hurting my feelings
Tumblr media
she's canonically 5'5 and i'm 5'4
this whole time i thought she was shorter than me but no im just microscopically small
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sapphimoff6 days ago
Peter would freak out over spiders and large birds. Idk why large birds but I feel like it fits him
You obviously have to kill spiders for him, but he'll go with you for emotional support (not that you'd need it)
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becca-designs7 days ago
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tvandfilm7 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
X-MEN: APOCALYPSE 鈥 2016, dir. Bryan Singer
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