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#x men dark phoenix
justsomedutchgirl · 14 hours ago
Erik Lehnsherr is the kind of person that will tell everybody that he hates Charles Xavier but immediately after that talks for 15 minutes about how blue Charles' eyes are
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blueskyandpudding · 2 days ago
I want to edit for every ship that i’m into with Taylor’s song tbh i’m obsessed at this point ahah 
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chaskafrost · 2 days ago
Erik: ¿Puedo saber que hace esta cosa en mi casco?
Charles: son tulipanes, vamos, no nigues que de ve más bonito.
Erik: Charles... Estás usando mi puto casco de maceta!
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chaskafrost · 3 days ago
Erik: no puedo quedarme ...
Charles: aún así... Te quedarás en mi corazón.
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mcufilter · 4 days ago
Another Quicksilver montage (like the kitchen/sweet dreams scenes) would have saved and boosted the ratings of Dark Phoenix 10000%
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delicateharrystan · 6 days ago
👀 just found this blog and I'm loving your writing!! Could I request some charles xavier x reader where the reader stands by charles through the events of dark phoenix and after they go to paris together instead of him and Erik. They do lovey dovey shit and charles proposes.
Through Thick and Thin
Request: Requested by a lovely anon.
Pairing: Charles Xavier x Reader
Prompt: Charles Xavier x reader where the reader stands by Charles through the events of dark phoenix and after they go to Paris together instead of him and Erik. They do lovey-dovey shit and Charles proposes.
Warnings: Fluff, mentions of the events of Dark Phoenix, Minor Character Death (happened in the movie)
Author’s Note: Thank you so much! I appreciate the love ^.^ I absolutely love this idea! I hope you like what I came up with! 💕💕  I wrote this one as fem! Reader, so let me know if you’d like me to change it to Gender-Neutral. And I am so sorry this took me forever to write 🥺 🥺 
Tumblr media
After everything that had happened with Jean, Charles needed a getaway. It was as if all of his responsibilities were too much to bear now that Jean was gone. She was his responsibility, and now she was gone. Not only had he lost Raven, but then he lost Jean. It wasn’t as if he couldn’t continue his role as headmaster, but he no longer felt like doing so. He just wanted a new start. He finally realized what Raven had been talking about. He had let the fame and recognition go to his head. But as he had defended weakly before, it was much better than the latter. He hated the hostility humans had shown towards mutants and him when they found out that he too was a mutant. So yes, he had let the admiration from those who once hated him affect him. However, now he realized how ignorant and “pompous” he had been, as (Y/N) had mentioned before. His only regret was that he couldn’t tell Raven how sorry he was. If there were an afterlife, he hoped to apologize and beg for her forgiveness; she was his sister after all.
Despite his regrets and urge to fix every damage he has caused to his students and friends, he chose to retire. He had some encouragement from (Y/N). She told him it was ultimately his choice in the end, but she was his rock through it all. She stayed by his side when he had meeting after meeting. She stayed when he let his ego get the best of him, though she was angry at him and chose to bunk with Raven when that would happen, the point was that she always came back in the end. (Y/N) was there when Jean ran away, and she was there again when Raven died. That was one of the hardest days of Charles’s life. He had lost his sister and his friend. 
He knew it was his fault; If he hadn’t blocked the truth from Jean, perhaps Raven would still be alive. He said as much to (Y/N), but she wouldn’t let him continue with that thought. When Hank lashed out at him, he acted as though the other mutant hadn’t affected him. He refused to admit the truth to his friend because he knew how angry and hurt Hank was. Hank needed someone to blame, so why shouldn’t it be Charles? At the time, he truly believed what he did was the right thing. Jean needed to be protected from the pain and hurt her father would have inflicted on her. It took Raven’s life for him to realize that he had been wrong. (Y/N) was there to pick up the pieces when Charles had that realization. 
(Y/N) had always done so much for Charles. She came out to her parents and admitted that she had the mutant gene when Charles had come into the picture. She quit her job to join the X-men, and she stayed by his side when he lost his ability to walk. She had truly sacrificed so much to ensure that Charles was safe and happy. But it wasn’t only her sacrifices that made him love her. (Y/N) was beautiful inside and out. (Y/N) always put others before herself, and her personality always brightened up any room she was in. (Though Charles could be biased about this aspect of her). 
With everything they had been through, it was a wonder Charles hadn’t proposed already. They’ve talked about it before; hell, they’ve argued about it. The thought of how idiotic Charles had been made him cringe. He loved her more than anything, and he liked to think she loved him more than anything too. Of course, she wanted an assurance that their relationship was headed somewhere more permanent. And after so long, Charles finally managed to find the courage to buy a ring. Okay, so maybe he still hadn’t asked her, but it was on his to-do list. It was why they went to Paris in the first place. Sure, his retirement allowed for a long-needed vacation, but it was only a bonus. (Y/N) had mentioned before that she would have loved for the chance to go to Paris, but with their busy schedule, it had never happened; until now.
Charles used to hate being stuck in the wheelchair while (Y/N) had to walk beside him, sometimes pushing his chair, but not anymore. He realized that she liked helping him, and she never felt bothered by it, so why should he? 
At the moment, (Y/N) was on the phone with someone from back home. Charles looked up from the table and smiled at her. (Y/N) was happy for once; truly happy. From a distance, Charles could hear her laughter and see her radiant smile. He never wanted that smile to disappear. While he had hesitated before, there was no way he would hesitate now. It was perfect. The air was warm, but not uncomfortably so. The sky was clear, and the smell of the café they were at smelled divine. All he needed now was for her to hang up and join him at their table.
(Y/N) said her goodbyes to whoever she was speaking with, shoved her phone in her purse, and happily joined Charles at the table. 
“Who was that, darling?” He wondered.
“It was Hank. He said everything was running smoothly, and Ororo has enraptured the students almost immediately,” She picked up her cup of coffee and took a sip.
“No surprise there, Hank always had that leadership trait; it was just a matter of when it would emerge. As for Ororo, I always knew she had it in her. She’s a fast learner,” Charles fidgeted with the watch on his wrist.
“Hmm, why do you seem nervous?” (Y/N) raised her brow in question. She could always tell when something was the matter, another reason Charles lover her so. 
“No reason, love.” Charles grabbed his coffee cup so he’d have something to occupy his hands. 
“Why don’t I believe you?” (Y/N) narrowed her eyes slightly, “Is it the school?”
“No, no. Nothing of the sort. It’s… I have a surprise, so I can’t tell you exactly what it is. But I promise that you will love it. ” He added as an afterthought, “I hope.”
(Y/N) smiled brightly, “and when do I get this surprise?”
Charles blew out a raspberry; that was the question of the hour. The confidence he had had before seemed to have vanished now that she was back in his presence. Anytime he thought he found the courage when it came down to it, Charles always lost his nerve. He was better than this dammit! He used to make any girl swoon. He was confident, smooth, and attractive if he did say so himself. So, why couldn’t he manage to utter the words, ‘Will you marry me?’ He kind of wished (Y/N) could read minds instead so she could hear the mantra of those words in his mind. Then again, he wouldn’t change her gifts for the world. Her ability to manifest fire made her powerful, dangerous at times, but she had complete control now. 
“I’ll let you know once it’s finished,” Charles shrugged.
“So it’s something that involves parts?” (Y/N) guessed.
“Hey, no guessing, that isn’t fair,” Charles scolded.
(Y/N) huffed and pouted, “You’re no fun.”
“Of course not. I only brought you to Paris, after all.”
“I suppose you have a point.” (Y/N) finished her cup of coffee. “So, where to next?”
“I was thinking the Eiffel tower? You did say you wanted the full tourist experience, right?” Charles got to thinking about his own words. Even though it would be cliché, (Y/N) loved that cheesy romance stuff. He could propose there. Or maybe at the Louvre Museum… This was a harder decision than he had originally thought. He had hoped proposing would be easy; He already knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with (Y/N), so all he had to do was ask. But (Y/N) deserved the best even though Charles wasn’t the best, he wanted to give her a memorable proposal and a memorable life.
“That sounds perfect. I can’t wait to see it,” She grinned. 
When Charles had mentioned going to Paris for a getaway, (Y/N) had thought that he was kidding. She knew he wanted to step down from the school, but it surprised her that he wanted to travel. It appeared that his retirement didn’t apply to everything. She wasn’t complaining, she was having fun and she was happy that she was able to enjoy herself now that she didn’t have to worry about the kids (though she would worry from afar). Thus far, (Y/N) was enjoying their vacation together. It was almost odd to not see Charles on his phone all the time. 
By her side, Charles took her hand in his. One thing he was grateful for was the chair that Hank had made for him, it made strolls through the town much easier. Despite their differences, Hank and Charles had left on good terms, they both accepted the faults of the other and learned to move past them, ((Y/N) being a mediator helped). 
The couple walked for some time together, taking in the sights of Paris. It was quite beautiful to see. They had good reason to call it the city of love. They idly talked as they walked the streets of Paris, laughing together when one was being silly. (Y/N) couldn’t help the swell of love in her heart for the man beside her. 
“Here we are,” Charles hummed.
The couple stood in front of the tower, taking in the sights of people, tourists, and locals alike. 
“It’s more beautiful than I imagined,” (Y/N) breathed astonished. 
Charles watched her expression, a smile forming on his lips. He could say something cheesy like, ‘not as beautiful as you,’ and he knew she’d tease him for it. But the moment would be ruined if he spoke now. Instead, Charles kissed her knuckles. 
“Can we go up?” (Y/N) asked eagerly.
“Of course,” Charles motioned for her to walk ahead of him, “after you, my love.”
(Y/N) happily walked ahead of him. Meanwhile, Charles was trying to convince himself that now was the time; however, it didn’t feel right. Something was still off, but he couldn’t place his finger on it. The atmosphere was perfect, they were in Paris at the bloody Eiffel tower for Christ’s sake! He inhaled deeply and followed her to the closest elevator. 
“Thank you,” He nodded at the man who held the doors open for him.
“What kept you?” (Y/N) asked curiously from his side.
“Uh. fear of heights,” Charles lied terribly.
“Really? Cause you do well on flights. You always ask for a window seat,” (Y/N) raised a brow in question.
“Right, but this time we’re outside. There are uh, birds! Birds everywhere, pooping and-and flying willy-nilly.” He rushed.
(Y/N) laughed slightly, “Birds?” 
“Yes, birds,” Charles nodded, sticking to his excuse. 
“Okay then…” (Y/N) shrugged. If Charles wasn’t ready to tell her why he was so nervous and jumpy, then she won’t press until he is ready.
Once they were at the top and settled near the side, observing the sights of the city, Charles finally got the courage to ask for (Y/N)’s hand in marriage.
“(Y/N), my love,” He cleared his throat, “I-”
“Yes! Yes!”
The couple looked to their left distracted by the commotion. A couple was hugging and kissing while others were clapping.
“Bollocks,” Charles grumbled below his breath. He forced a smile and clapped for the couple. It wasn’t their fault that they proposed before he could.
“That’s so sweet,” (Y/N) turned back to Charles with a bright smile, “You were saying?”
“Uh, right,” Charles cleared his throat, “I was going to say that I uh… I have to use the loo.” 
“Oh, uh, I can wait here then,” (Y/N) shrugged.
“Thank you,” Charles’s cheeks flushed as he made his way to the restrooms. God, he was stupid. He waited a minute near the restrooms until he thought it was time he met with (Y/N) again.
“Better?” (Y/N) asked.
“Yes, although, I am hungry, want to get something to eat?” Charles glanced at his watch. Their reservations at the Seine River cruise weren’t until 8 PM, they had three hours until then. 
“I could go for some food,” (Y/N) nodded.
“Brilliant,” Charles glanced back at the couple once again, mentally cursing himself. It seemed as though he would never get the courage to ask for (Y/N)’s hand in marriage.
Time seemed to fly by once Charles and (Y/N) had eaten. Charles made sure they only had a small bite to eat because he didn’t want them to ruin their appetites. After all, the River cruise wasn’t exactly cheap. Not that he would have minded of course. He just really wanted things to be perfect. Now if only he could utter the words he has been trying to say that whole day. 
The couple was now seated at a table near the window so they could enjoy the view as the cruise traveled along the Seine River. It was quite beautiful at night, the lights were shining and the river was flowing peacefully. Charles had just ordered an expensive wine for them to share and they were waiting on appetizers. (Y/N) and Charles shared a look, (Y/N)’s eyes shining in the dim lights of the restaurant. This was truly a romantic spot.
“And what’s occupying your mind now?” (Y/N) couldn’t help but ask. Charles had been distracted all day and frankly, (Y/N) wanted to get to the bottom of it. 
“Nothing, just… you look extremely beautiful tonight,” Charles quirked his lips into a smile.
“Just tonight? Well, if that’s your way of telling me to put more of an effort-”
“No! No, that’s not what I was saying at all,” Charles’s eyes lit up in a panic. It seemed he couldn’t say anything right.
(Y/N) threw her head back in a laugh, “Calm down, love, I was only teasing,” She sipped at her wine. 
“Right, I knew that,” Charles reached for his glass, knocking it over in his rush to hide his embarrassment, “Oh fuck.” 
(Y/N) and Charles quickly grabbed their napkins to stop the wine from trickling off the table. 
“Are you sure you’re alright?” (Y/N) looked at him in concern. He wasn’t himself tonight and it was starting to make her a bit nervous if she was being honest with herself.
“Yes, I’m fine, I just,” He sighed and apologized to their waiter when they stopped by to clean the mess Charles had made. Once they were alone again, Charles reached for (Y/N)’s hand, “I’m nervous.”
(Y/N) furrowed her brows, “Nervous? What for?”
Charles cleared his throat and released her hand. He reached into his jacket and pulled out a velvet black box, “(Y/N-”
“Oh my god,” (Y/N) gasped when she realized what he was holding.
Charles huffed a small laugh at her reaction, “(Y/F/N), I have been dying to ask you this for a long time now, and I had planned to do so on the Eiffel Tower but-” “But someone else proposed,” (Y/N) sat astonished. How had she not known? He was clearly nervous and she was too daft to realize why.
“Precisely. But that doesn’t matter now. All that matters is that you’re here with me now. We have been through so much together and I can’t explain how much you mean to me. Everything I’ve done, and everything I will do has always been for you. Will you marry me?”
With tears in her eyes, (Y/N) nodded eagerly, “Yes, Yes I will marry you, Charles.”  She wiped her eyes as he slipped the ring on her finger. Everything they had been through had led to this moment, while they had lost people they loved along the way, neither could imagine their lives without the other.
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A/N: let me know if you'd like me to add you to all fics for Charles Xavier 😊
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thewritetofight · 6 days ago
Okay okay okay okay okay.
X-Men: The Dark Phoenix.
At the end, I can’t remember if it was the end credits or a scene right before the credits started, but that does. not. matter.
Erik told Charles that; “‘A long time ago, you saved my life, and you offered me a home, I’d like to do the same thing for you.’”
Tumblr media
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jeremy-the-guy · 8 days ago
You know, if they decide in the end not to include the X-Men into the MCU, there’s always the opportunity for them to go for the likes of an animated series instead. They’ve been good with them before, so I’ve no doubt they can be good with them again 😊
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i-ll-be-the-moon · 9 days ago
living with erik... in a little commune... lots of space for gardening... and playing in the dirt... is actually the ideal life... untapped potential
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simpleredqueen · 9 days ago
Also maybe it's the glasses, but I hate Scott Summers
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simpleredqueen · 9 days ago
Jean did nothing wrong in Dark Phoenix, Charles needs fucking boundaries. I know he's super smart and all but that doesnt give him permission to invade peoples minds
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jean-the-80s-queen · 9 days ago
Now I know what you all are wondering (I am a telepath after all), Jean, how the fuck did you get a tumblr account in 1983? And the answer to that question is simple. Fucking Peter Maximoff. This bitch really traveled through the goddamn multiverse to get held hostage by some random-ass lady with the same last name as him. And guess who’s the unlucky little shit who has to go get him? Me! I had to travel through the goddamn multiverse myself to get this bitch! Charles is too busy picking cheese from his toes to actually do shit about one of our most important members fucking disappearing on us! I’ve lost it! So now I’m on tumblr trying to find out where Speedy Gonzalez is so I can go home! This will also be a first-hand account of my journey to figure this out, as well as vent and share my thoughts. But enough about me, if any of you have any idea where Peter is, please contact me. I have had it up to the peak of Mt. Everest with this universes bullshit.
Love, Jean Grey xxx
(P.S, the phoenix wanted me to add a message from it,
Fuck you phoenix.)  
[posts on this account will be OOC as Jean is very annoyed. If any of you want to role play with a in character Jean, or a OOC Jean, DM this account]
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