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#x men days of future past
justsomedutchgirl · 12 hours ago
Erik Lehnsherr is the kind of person that will tell everybody that he hates Charles Xavier but immediately after that talks for 15 minutes about how blue Charles' eyes are
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fiished · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
uhhhhh hi erik simps i made some food
(idk how to draw shirtless people xd)
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lag1995-fics · 14 hours ago
Fortunate Son
warning: language mostly
Pairing: past Magda/Erik, eventual Cherik though this story focuses on Erik and his relationship with his children
Words: 1806
See Chapter one for summary
Link for if you want to read on AO3
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
That’s Illegal Ya Know?
Peter was restless but that wasn’t unusual, he had been restless since his powers first manifested. So he sat in his basement playing Pong when he heard his mom talking to some cops. Interest peaked, he dashed out of the basement before they could see him and rifled through their car. He spent some time going through their suitcases making a face at a hideous paisley shirt before he made it to the glove compartment and found what he wanted. Cops wouldn’t be driving a rental car, whoever these guys were they weren’t cops.
He made it back to his game of pong just as the men opened the basement door. He schooled a bored expression on his face. He was curious as to what these cop impersonators wanted with a fifteen year old klepto. He didn’t think information had gotten out too far about his mutation but he could be wrong. He hoped he wasn’t wrong.
He began playing ping pong with himself at top speed, he wanted to make sure they knew that they couldn’t fuck with him easily. He also wouldn’t allow anyone to intimidate his mama. His dad had gotten framed and wasn’t there to do it so Peter and Wanda had taken it upon themselves to take care of their mama. Magda Maximoff had been through enough shit in her life. He may drive her crazy with his stealing and hyperactive behavior but nobody else was allowed to do that.
They also had to be careful that little Lorna’s powers weren’t discovered. She had inherited Erik’s magnetism and he was a well known mutant. Who knows what his enemies would do if they found out he had a family.
“I didn’t do anything, I've been here all day” he spouted to the men before dashing to the sofa.
“Relax Peter were not cops” the dude with the mutton chops barked and Peter took in the other two men. It looked like a biker, a druggy, and a big old nerd. Obviously not cops he thought to himself. That was either a very good thing or a very very bad thing.
“Oh I know you’re not cops, cops don’t drive rental cars” He smirked and the one who looked like he was on drugs started rambling.
“How did you know we are driving a rental car?” He asked, sounding spaced out.
“Oh I checked your rental agreement as you were walking through the door. I also had some time to kill and went through your rental agreement and saw you were from out of town. What are you FBI?” He rambled before dashing over to the druggy and snatching his wallet. His name was apparently Charles Xavier, who owned a gifted youngster school.
“What’s this Gifted Youngsters place? You guys are definitely not cops,” he asked before allowing Charles, apparently, to snatch his wallet back. He ran back to the pong machine and pretended to be disinterested.
“Well he’s fascinating” the nerdy one said causing Peter's lip to curl downward. He had been taught by his Vati from a young age to be Leary of doctors and scientists. Erik had seen what was done not only to himself in the camps but to twins in general. Doctors wouldn’t hesitate to use you for their own ends if they thought you were special.
“Fascinating? He’s a pain in the arse,” Charles muttered shoving his wallet back into his pocket, this made Peter smirk.
“Is he a teleporter?” Nerdy guy asked chops and Peter smiled proudly, he liked being so fast people thought he was teleporting.
“No, just fast but when I knew him he wasn’t so…..young” Mutton chops explained. Peter didn’t like the sound of that, they were definitely here because of his powers. He shot a look at the old frame holding a picture of his Vati holding both him and Wanda. He wished now more than ever that his Vati wasn’t locked away. His dad always knew what to do in bad situations.
“Young? You're just old,” he smiled, hiding his fear and apprehension.
“So you're not afraid to show your powers?” Nerdy guy asked again. Chops seemed to know him which was bothersome since Peter didn’t know him from Adam.
“Powers? What Powers? You see something strange here? Nothing nobody would believe anyway,” he smirked, taking a bite of his popsicle.
“So who are you? What do you want?” He has an edge to his voice now, he wouldn’t let anyone exploit his family.
“We need your help Peter, to break into a highly secure facility and break someone out” Mutton Chops said and Peter could help a glance at his frame. His mind became a whirlwind of hope. Maybe if he did this they might help him get his Vati out. His dad didn’t deserve to rot under the pentagon for a crime he didn’t commit. He hadn’t even gotten to meet his youngest daughter Lorna.
“Prison break huh? That’s illegal you know,” He asked, his smirk growing. He was fully aware that they could see all of his stolen goods in the basement. Not that petty theft was anywhere close to a prison break but it certainly showed he held no fond love for society’s rules and regulations.
“Only if you get caught” mutton chops said.
“What’s in it for me?” He asked fully ready to bargain to get his dad out of the joint.
“You, you little kleptomaniac, get to break into the pentagon,” his eyes went wide. These guys had to know his dad and were probably his friends. He definitely needed to keep that under wraps , his dad would not be happy if he found out he was doing illegal stuff and drawing attention to himself at only fifteen. Hell he kind of felt sorry for them because they would have to listen to an Erik Lehnsherr lecture. He needs to test them first before he agreed though.
“How do I know I can trust you?” Peter asked with narrowed eyes.
“Because we're just like you” mutton chops said and Peter felt a bit of relief. He needed to see that they were mutants first especially since it would be hard to verify them through his aunt Raven.
“Show him” Charles said and he watched in disgusted fascination as bone claws shot through his knuckles. They were definitely legit, they were too raggedy to be part of a government team.
“That’s cool... but that’s disgusting” He said pulling a face and mutton chops sent him a deadpan look.
“So when do we leave and who are we breaking out?” he asked, crossing the room to eat a Twinkie. He knew in his heart it was his dad but he needed to hear it for themselves.
“He is a mutant who can control metal. We need his help to save my sister Raven.” Peter couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows. If his aunt Ray was in trouble he would be helping even if it wasn’t his Vati they were busting out.
“When do we leave?” He was pumped to do what they needed him to do.
Later on in the car seated beside The nerdy guy he knew was called Hank, he was going stir crazy. The guy Charles was a super slow driver, he insisted on going the speed limit no matter how many times Peter asked him to step on it. Which was super lame if you asked him.
Hank was also starting to become annoyed with the silver speedster. He was looking less and less fascinating as the car ride went on. Peter was getting nervous on top of his restless as they started to get closer and closer to the pentagon. He began running senarios through his mind.
What would his dad think of him? Would he be proud of Peter, probably not. He wanted to impress his father but how do you do that as a rebellious teenager who stresses his mom out too much. Five year olds are easy to be proud of, fifteen year olds are harder. His mother always made sure to tell them how much their father would be proud of them.
He had been excited when Lorna was born with a little tuft of green hair on the top of her head. He thought maybe his parents were going to be getting back together. His mom was quick to dispel this idea though. She had told the twins that her and Vati had wanted another baby and they already knew each other. He was grossed out now thinking about his divorced parents just hooking up. Lorna was a great baby sister though and totally worth the intrusive thoughts.
“How much longer” he decided to whine and a collective groan went around the car. He was surprised it had surely been like 20 minutes since he last asked.
“Bloody hell, we're exactly one minute closer than we were the last time you asked” Charles grunted, sounding exasperated. Peter had the decency to look sheepish, time moved a lot slower for Peter than the rest of the world. It’s why he was able to graduate school already, it wasn’t that he was some kid genius like everyone thought. Peter could do an entire years worth of assignments in a day with no issues. School was torture that’s why he had tried to get out of it as soon as possible. His mother, sister, and teachers alike had been incredibly disappointed that he had no interest in going to college.
“Sorry time moves slower for me?” He mumbled and fought to sit still. He just wanted to see his Vati; he was both nervous and excited.
“Lay off the kid Charles” Logan grunted and Peter felt thankful for the support. Vati had always been able to calm him down he would tell him stories of the adventures he went on until Peter would be lured to sleep as a child. Mama had tried but her stories weren’t as good, vati’s were better because they were true.
Peter had cried for days after aunt Raven had showed up to tell them what happened. He had been sick, he had always thought that his father would be there. Peter wailed like a banshee and Wanda had withdrawn into herself the exact opposite of him. Then they had gotten better for a while until it came time for their first Hanukkah without Vati and then the first Seder. The only light was that they would soon have a new sibiling. A sibiling that Vati wouldn’t be able to love like he had loved the twins.
Peter hadn’t noticed that he was slipping into sleep until he was shaken awake by Hank. They were there parked by the pentagon. It was go time and he was ready to see his Vati again.
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redcarnati0n · 21 hours ago
I finally figured out what was going on with the X-Men timeline; my life makes so much more sense now. XD
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i-ll-be-the-moon · a day ago
erik: well charles you’re a PSYCHIC and i’m not wearing my HELMET it’s like you can do ANYTHING you want
me, watching these movies for the tenth time this week: whore... slutty slutty whore...
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tatesweaterweather · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Befriending Peter in junior high - gender-neutral!reader <3
(⚠️ warnings!: none)
You sighed in annoyance as you walked through the chaotic hallway that was your junior high. You finally pushed through to your locker and couldn’t help but let out a breath of relief.
“Hey, new kid. Watch where you’re going.” You heard behind you. You turned to see a kid your age getting shoved to the ground. He had fluffy, silvery coloured hair that immediately caught your eye.
He looked up to the boy who had shoved him and huffed. He fixed his shirt before attempting to get back up, only to be shoved back down. You watched in silence as the boy’s book bag was now being emptied in front of him. The entire hallway had gone silent.
The boys taunting him sneered obnoxiously before walking off. You looked at the boy once more in sympathy and this time he looked back at you. Without thinking about it too much, you walked over to him and bent down to help him pick up his papers.
“I’m sorry that happened to you.” You handed him the last of his papers. “Are you okay?”
He smiled slightly. “Yeah, I’m fine. It could have been a lot worse, I guess.”
You sent him a small smile back. “So, you’re new? What’s your next class?”
“Oh, Ms. Dove.” He searched for his schedule in his pocket. “Math, I’m pretty sure?”
“Ah, yikes.” You teased. “Despite the name, she’s the worst.”
“Thanks for the heads up.” He laughed.
“Well, I have English next but I could walk you to your next class if you want.” You offered.
“Yeah, that would be cool.” The boy smiled. You nodded and began to walk down the chaotic hallway yet again.
“Oh, I never caught your name.” You turned to him.
“Peter.” He answered.
“Nice to meet you, Peter. I’m Y/N.”
(a/n: chile.. i’m so sorry that this was EXTREMELY short, i am having severe writers/editors block rn and my creativity is running on mf fumes i swear-)
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euphoricdumpsterfire · 5 days ago
It Was Enchanting To Meet You (Edmund Pevensie x Mutant! Fem Reader)
Chapter VI: Winter Strikes
Tumblr media
Summary: Agatha Harkness reveals more about Y/N's past, and snow starts falling in the middle of summer which brings a huge concern for the Narnians.
Word Count: 1323
Warnings: I don’t think there’s any real warnings except for maybe an animal turning into an inanimate object. However if I’m forgetting anything, feel free to let me know.
A/N: I’m sorry I couldn’t upload last week, I had a bunch of school work to do and I still do lol. This will be the only chapter for this week, and the next one will be uploaded next week. Enjoy! :)
Tumblr media
"Wha- How?!"
"I'll explain everything once you and your prince charming come in." Agatha said, moving out of the doorway to make room.
"It's king." Edmund said,
"I'm sorry?" Agatha raised an eyebrow,
"I'm not a prince. I'm a king." He replied,
Agatha cackled once more, "My apologies... Your highness. But please do come in, I have a lot of explaining to do." She said. Edmund turned his head to look at Y/N, she nods as a go sign and the both of them went inside.
The cottage was dark, the purple wallpaper was worn out and pieces of it were sticking out. Then there was a small table with a purple tablecloth over it and what sat on top was a crystal ball. “So how exactly do you know me?” Y/N asked,
“Well," Agatha grabbed two teacups and poured hot tea, "I had always looked after you ever since you were a young child. I even had to pretend to be a babysitter so I can watch you up close until you were three years old!" She chuckled as she served the tea to Y/N and Edmund.
“Then how come I don’t remember you?” Y/N asked, not accepting the tea,
“Your parents grew suspicious of me so I had to do a little spell to make them forget everything, including you. Now drink up, you two must’ve been exhausted fighting off those mermaids.” Agatha gestured her hand towards the tea, Edmund hesitantly took a sip however Y/N still refused and continued to ask her more questions.
“Why did you do all of that in the first place?” She asked. Agatha sighed and sat down on a purple velvet chair that matched her dress.
“Aslan isn’t the only one who knows all of the prophecies.” She said, she flicked her wrist and a purple light lingered across the room and summoned a book.
“How’d you know about Aslan?” Edmund asked,
“I know every single magical person across the multiverse. Thanks to this book.” Agatha replied and pointed at the book that seemed to glow with orange light. “This…” She paused to open up the book, “Is the Darkhold. It contains every spell, charm, and prophecy beyond every normal witch or wizard’s knowledge.” She explained as she flipped through the pages. “One prophecy stated that a young witch capable of great power will travel across different worlds to take down an evil witch.”
“The White Witch..” Y/N muttered, her eyebrows furrowed and looked back at Agatha, “Great power sounds like it’s over exaggerated.” She said,
“Oh, but it’s not,” Agatha stood up and walked towards Y/N, “You are a nexus being Y/N.”
"What's that?" Y/N asked
"A being capable of seeing and traveling into other realities. Each world has their own nexus being, and if there's two in one world," Agatha scoffed, "Well that's a problem."
"Then who's the nexus being in our world?" Edmund asked,
"Look at you prince charming! Asking the right questions,"
"It's king." Edmund repeated, but Agatha simply rolled her eyes.
"As I was about to explain... Jadis or the White Witch is the nexus being of this world,and the moment she rises again she’ll come back stronger than ever so you must prepare.” Agatha warned,
“But how? I literally don’t know magic or spells! I just know how to move things with my mind and attack without touching a person!” Y/N exclaimed, now realizing how much bigger this prophecy was.
“That’s why I’m here dear!” Agatha said as she tucked a loose hair behind Y/N’s ear, “I’m here to help you hone this great power you’re destined to have.” She smiled, Y/N smiled back now convinced that Agatha seemed to have good intentions. The moment was interrupted by a gust of cold wind that came from the window. Edmund stood up and went to the window as he stuck his hand out, snow fell to his fingertips and his face shriveled in worry.
He looked up at the two ladies and said, “It’s snowing…”
“Wait, I thought it was currently summer?” Y/N questioned, Agatha’s face was now covered in fear.
“She’s almost here.” Agatha said.
Y/N’s eyes widened, Agatha’s statement shook her to the core. The White Witch was coming, and soon enough, she’ll have to face her biggest nightmare.
“We need to go back to the castle and inform everyone.” Edmund said, Y/N stood up and was ready to leave.
“Agatha you should come with us.” She said, Agatha slightly shook her head,
“I can’t. The White Witch must not find out about me.” She answered,
“But I thought you’re supposed to help me? She could be looking for me now and I’m still not prepared!” Y/N’s voice was shaking in fear, she wished this was only a dream, another terrible nightmare.
“I might not be physically with you to help but,” Agatha grabbed a book from the bookshelf and handed it to her, “This grimoire will help you learn everything that you need to learn.” Y/N ran her fingers across the cover and looked back up to Agatha,
“Will I ever see you again?” She asked,
“Only time will tell, now go.” Agatha said. Edmund and Y/N made their way out of the cottage, but before she could leave, Y/N looked back and mouthed ‘thank you’. The two of them ran quickly to find their horses and rode back to the castle as Agatha’s cottage slowly faded away into purple dust.
Once they had arrived at the castle, the two ran to the throne room and saw Susan having a conversation with Mr. and Mrs. Beaver.
“Ed, Y/N, any news about the cottage?” She asked,
“Forget the cottage, it started snowing.” Edmund replied, still panting and trying to catch his breath. Susan stood up, confused with what her brother had said, she looked at Y/N.
“It’s true, she’s coming.” Y/N said. Mr. and Mrs. Beaver gasped, seconds later Mrs. Beaver fainted due to shock and fear. Susan immediately ordered someone to aid Mrs. Beaver, and asked another guard to spread an announcement for the people of Narnia.
“Tell the people to stock up on food and resources, after that, tell them to not get out of their homes until the winter is gone for good.” The guard immediately did Susan’s orders while Lucy eventually caught up with everything that had happened so far.
“We should all rest right now, tomorrow we start preparing.” Susan said and everyone went to their own chambers to get rest.
Later that night, Y/N sat on her bed flipping through the grimoire and practicing spells. While she was reading, a ladybug crawling on the canopy curtain caught her eye. She looked back on the page and then back again at the ladybug that was now staying still. With a twirl of her fingers, blue light swirled around the air as it approached the ladybug. Suddenly, it turned into a red feather, with black spots resembling the ladybug. Y/N let it fall to the ground as she continued to learn more spells.
Time passed by, and Y/N’s eyes felt heavier and heavier. She yawned and read through one more paragraph before she closed the book and wrapped herself up in her blanket and closed her eyes. She then heard a faint voice humming the lullaby that she always sung, a smile formed on her lips knowing who it was and eventually fell into a deep sleep.
Meanwhile, deep into the forest, everything was already covered in snow. A mist of cold air danced into the night sky and formed a large castle made of ice. Inside, by the throne made of ice, there stood a woman dressed in white fur and flurries of snow formed into a crown on her head. The white witch was finally back.
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rafehogwarts · 6 days ago
i swear to god or whatever when they recast xmen i better not be disappointed bc this could go so horribly for me and everyone who knows me
Tumblr media
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moth-of-a-man · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
petition for an x men remake where everything is exactly the same except wolverine is wearing this absolute Fit from hugh jackman’s live show a few years ago. none of the other characters realize or care enough to make a comment.
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fiished · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
cue intense death stares
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lesbianchidi · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
He looks like James McAvoy in Days of Future Past
Tumblr media
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milky-beans · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
it's the man who goes fast and stuff :]]
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i-ll-be-the-moon · 10 days ago
‘all those years fighting each other, only to have so few of them back’ DON’T LOOK AT ME DON’T TOUCH ME
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rage-serenity · 10 days ago
Charles: Sorry, I’m not very good with violence
*5 seconds later*
Charles: *punches Erik*
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