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luwha · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Finished commission for @ToxiTerror of the sweetheart Nightcrawler 😌✨🙌
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young-avengers-shitposts · 4 months ago
erik: ahahaha ive attacked this random abandoned building
charles: *shows up* stop right there erik
erik: ...should we make out?
charles: fuck yeah
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le-flou-rouge · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
This is too cute
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maxmarvel12345 · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hasbro’s Marvel Legends - X-Men: Age of Apocalypse Wave 1 (2020)
a package box art for Hasbro’s 2020 Marvel Legends Series 6-Inch X-Men: Age of Apocalypse wave and a stand-alone AOA Apocalypse action figures.
Artist by: David Nakayama
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adoreromanxff · 4 months ago
What I’ll write
I mostly will write fluff, Angst and happy stuff. I might write smut here and there I won’t write smut if it’s Peter though because he’s only 16 and a minor sorry.
~ Information to request ~
If you want me to write a specific story the you’ll have too:
Tell me the characters name, tell me the if you want a specific reader ( It can be male, Neutral), a plot or what it should be like headcannons or imagines, If you want it to be fluff, Smut (I’ll probably say no depending on the characters age so make sure there not minors) angst etc. Then I’ll read through the request and I’ll tell you if it’s fine and If you want I’ll tell you when it’s done
[ Again please don’t request smut and there minors, I’m not going to do smut on Peter Parker he’s a minor. please check the age of the character that you request before requesting me to do it ]
Fandoms I will write
~ Marvel ~
Peter Parker { Spider man }
Tony stark { Iron man }
Pepper Potts
Thor Odinson { God of thunder }
Loki Laufeyson {God of Mischief }
Steve Rogers { Captain American }
Buck Barnes { Winter solider or white wolf }
Wanda maximoff { Scarlet Witch }
Pietro maximoff { Quicksilver}
Carol Danvers { Captain marvel }
Stephen strange { Doctor Strange }
Bruce banner { Hulk }
Sam Wilson { The falcon }
Clint Barton { Hawkeye }
And many more
Teen Wolf
Stiles Stilinski
Scott McCall
Derek Hale
Lydia Martin
Malia Tate
Liam Dunbar
Allison Argent
Peter Hale
Kira Yukimura
Melissa McCall
And many more
The Originals
Niklaus Mikaelson
Elijah Mikaelson
Hayley Marshall
Marcel Gerard
Rebekah Mikaelson
Freya Mikaelson
Caroline Forbes
And many more
Hope Mikaelson
Josie Saltzman
Lizzie Saltzman
Many more
Vampire Diaries
Damon Salvatore { Sometimes }
Katherine Pierce
Elena Gilbert
Stefan Salvatore
Caroline Forbes
Bonnie Bennett
Kai Parker
Davina Claire
And many more
Bella Swan
Jacob Black
Edward Cullen
Many more
Some other fandoms I’m going to add
The flash { The series}
Super woman { The series}
Black lightning
Riverdale { Sometimes }
Grey's Anatomy
{ There will be more just message me who you want me to add and I’ll watch the movie or show and we’re I can watch it and I’ll think about it :)) }
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drunkbedsheetghost · a month ago
My theory is that in every media there is at least one canon catboy.
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amazing-ameba · a year ago
Tumblr media
Day 17 - storm
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ynscrazylife · a year ago
Can I request a Bucky Barnes x reader fic where you’re a mutant who works with the X-men and one day the Professor and Nick Fury put together a team of both the Avengers and the X-men. You and Bucky hate each other at first but then slowly fall in love? (If you write smut please and thank you, but you don’t have to)
2 Times Bucky & Y/N Didn’t Get Along & 2 Times They Did
Summary: Bucky and Y/N are apart of a team made up of a mix of Avengers and X-Men. Bucky an Avenger and Y/N a Mutant with powers connected to nature. They instantly clash with each other, but slowly find that their clash is resulting in romantic feelings . . .
Tumblr media
(Ik this is a comic reader insert but I couldn’t not choose this GIF)
“Can I ask why she’s even on the team?” Bucky said to Director Fury and Professor X, who both stood in front of the Winter Soldier. He gestured to Y/N, who leaned against the wall, arms crossed.
“Are you serious?” Y/N said, pointing her finger at his face and glaring at him.
“Yes, I’m serious. You’re the reason this mission failed!”
“HEY! I fought like hell, jackass. I can’t really do much when I’m kidnapped and away from nature, which is the source of my power!”
“There was nothing that you could have connected to nature?”
“As a matter of fact, no!”
“Well you weren’t there and the plan didn’t go according to . . . Plan and Steve was hurt because of your absense!”
“Take it up with the enemy, Barnes! It’s not my fault Captain America - or you - couldn’t protect himself.”
With that, Bucky grunted and stormed off, and Y/N went off in the opposite direction.
“Well, that was splendid,” Directory Fury said sarcastically, turning to Professor X.
“We are not doing this,” Y/N said, grabbing the plan’s Bucky drew out for the team. “We’re heroes - we do not kill.”
“We don’t have a choice, Y/L/N! Sometimes we need to do what we don’t want to. We’ve tried to get through to these guys and they won’t respond - we’ve tried to help,” Bucky replied.
“Have we, really? I for one think we can try a little harder,” Y/N argued.
“You don’t think I tried? What, are you giving them special treatment because you’re also a Mutant?” Bucky retorted.
“Oh, come on!” Y/N got cut off.
“You need to stop letting your soft spot for mutants cloud your judgement,” Bucky hissed.
“Guess what? We’re all human! We’re not perfect soldiers,” Y/N said, gesturing to her teammate.
“1. I’m not perfect and 2. You’re not a human!” Bucky roared, before snatching the plans and leaving the room.
“Can anyone copy?” Y/N said into her comms as she frantically ran through the city. They were in the middle of a fight against rouge inhumans - and after a run-in with an inhuman who was able to take Y/N’s powers, she knew she needed to find her teammates.
No response.
Y/N growled and continued to search, however a scream caught her attention. She looked over and the sight shocked her. Bucky was chained to a wall and an Inhuman was pointing a device at him. Y/N inched closer.
“This isn’t ready yet. While it won’t kill Mutants, one click and it’ll kill a human,” Y/N overheard, and she blinked, trying to think quickly.
If it couldn’t kill Mutants . . . Well, Y/N and Bucky didn’t exactly get along, however she was not going to let him die.
Before she could think of a plan, the inhuman got his device ready and then . . . Clicked.
Bucky watched it. Watched a flare emit from the weapon and come at him . . . Until a figure ran in front.
The connection of the flare to the Mutant created an explosion both ways, knocking the Inhuman unconscious and breaking Bucky’s chains.
Immediately, the Winter Soldier ran over the woman, helping her turn on her back. “Y/N? What the hell?” He said.
Y/N coughed, shaking a bit from the pain. “It could kill you and not kill me. I guess I let my ‘human’ show even if I’m a mutant,” she joked.
Bucky’s eyebrows furrowed. “Like I said, I’m not a perfect soldier. If you letting your feelings show saves my life, then I can’t complain,” he replied, looking around for anyone to help.
“Are you implying that I have feelings for you?” Y/N asked, chuckling weakly.
Bucky cracked a smile. “If you do it has to be something other than hate - cause if you hated me I can’t imagine why you’d save my life,” he said.
Y/N smiled.
“Don’t close your-” Bucky began to say, and then cursed. Y/N slipped into unconsciousness.
Bucky gathered Y/N into his arms, lifting her up. “Thank you for saving me,” he said softly to her unconcious form.
Y/N sat restrained to the chair she had sat in for the past couple of days, coming in and out of conciousness. She had just used the little strength she had to send a signal to her team, telling her where she was. When it rained just hours ago, Y/N was able to connect to that rain and just about managed to use that strength to get her phone that was in her pocket, texting the team.
Now, she desperately waited. Waited for someone in her team to come crashing down that door and-
Well, there we go.
The door crumbled and in its place stood Bucky Barnes, an angry expression.
He walked forward and immediately pulled the ropes off of her. “Are you okay?” He asked.
“I’m useless,” Y/N answered, weakly falling into Bucky’s arms.
“Well, that’s a blatant lie. You got captured because you got information for us, and I don’t know how we would have found you without the text,” he responded, letting Y/N lean on him as he supported her.
“Yeah, well, I needed you to save me,” she replied.
“No one’s invincible,” he pointed out, helping her move get out. “Y/N, I . . . No. I’m sorry, I can’t. I’ll tell you when you get medical aid.”
Y/N thought for a moment. “You know, one of the mutants on the team can detect feelings,” she said.
Bucky paled.
Y/N looked up at him.
“I like you, too,” Y/N said.
Bucky smiled. “Enemies to lovers. The press will have a field day with this one,” he joked, making Y/N roll her eyes.
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shipper88 · 9 months ago
After today I lost my hope with the Family reunion. I'm not going to see Michael Fassbender as Magneto anymore as they screwed up Evan Peters Quicksilver. All wrong you do Disney all wrong
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young-avengers-shitposts · 4 months ago
I'm a filthy Scott summers fan :(
i know hes so boring but i love him <3
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extraordinary-heroes · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
Cable Vol 1 157 (Cover art by Daniel Warren Johnson)
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ayman-eckford · 8 months ago
“Senator Kelly : However it fails to address the issue which is the focus of this hearing. Three words: are mutants dangerous.
Dr. Jean Grey : That's an unfair question, Senator Kelly. After all, the wrong person behind the wheel of a car can be dangerous.
Senator Kelly : Well, we do license people to drive.
Dr. Jean Grey : But not to live.”
X-men movie.
So, dear, there is the thing. Everyone who bothered to spend at least an hour and googled info about Dissociative identity “disorder”/OSDD1B would find that - surprise-surprise! - the vast majority of people with such conditions are not dangerous. Moreover we are more likely to become victims of crimes then criminals. And singlets (people who have one personality in their body, “normal” people) are much more dangerous then we.
The same with Autism. And other neurological and mental conditions. We are more likely victims. “Normal” people are more likely criminals.
Yes, some Systems could be dangerous. Some Systems could be aggressive. Just like everyone else.
But society asks only one question: “Are systems dangerous?”
And despite the answer being “no, no more than singlets”, society wants to destroy us.
When a Multiple criminal like Billy Milligan is persecuted, shrinks try to destroy his personalities, to force them to fusion. As far as I know, there is a norm for Multiple criminals in majority of countries: if you commit crime, your personality needs to be destroyed. You need to disappear. To become something in the middle of you and other alters.
And almost everyone thinks that this is fine.
But when prison guards tried to change a singler criminal even at the lowest level (for example “change” their religion or “cure” sexual orientation) almost everyone understood that this is deeply wrong.
And this means that society doesn’t value Systems life, our lifes at all. Alters are subhuman for the majority of people.
And this is disgusting!
-Eric & Rumpel.
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dropsofshun · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
nobody does like her. the most stylish character in the comics but you ain't ready for this conversation.
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