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I’m so glad! But I always encourage people to follow the official accounts, I’m just a reminder of them ^^ Since these are in english too you don’t really need me xD

I don’t like her but not because she’s a mean hero, it’s because I’ve always disliked influencers like her. If we get to see more of her ‘evil’ manipulating side I might like her more.

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I was tagged by the wonderful amazing beautiful @johnnyshellby, thank u sweetheart!!! :D 💖💖💖💖💖

  1. Nickname: Matt, Math(s), berry
  2. Gender: Male
  3. Star sign: Pieces 
  4. Height: 5′4 or 5′5 can’t remember
  5. Time: 5:05 PM
  6. Birthday: March 4th
  7. Favorite Bands: Glass Animals, Saint Motel, Bilderbuch
  8. Favorite Solo artists: Sleeping at Last, Mystery Skulls, Breakbot, Florence + The Machine, Dodie Clark
  9. Song stuck in my head: It’s been Say So for like 5 moths now please help me lmao
  10. Last movie: Howl’s Moving Castle
  11. Last Show: Peaky Blinders
  12. When did I create this blog: Jan. 2017
  13. What do I post: Some bullshit, seriously why y’all here???
  14. Last thing googled: IS AFFLECTION A WORD
  15. Other blogs: Bold of you to assume I could handle more than one
  16. Do I get asks: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  17. Why I chose my url: My sense of humour is Bad
  18. Following: 653, otherwise known as “I Follow People After Seeing One Cool Post Only To Unfollow Them 3 Days Later Because Oh No They’re A Terrible Awful Person or They Just Annoy Me”
  19. Followers: 565
  20. Average hours of sleep: No.
  21. Lucky number: 3 (because it’s like an M on its side and baby Matt thought that was very cool because his name starts with M)
  22. Instruments: Piano and violin.
  23. What am I wearing: Trackie pants and 3 layers of shirts. Why is it still cold it’s almost November wack
  24. Dream job: *insert panic attack here*
  25. Dream trip: To visit my frens and boyfren all over globe
  26. Favorite food: 🍕🍕🍕
  27. Nationality: ‘Strayan mate
  28. Favorite song: Holocene by Bon Iver
  29. Last book read: Exit Strategy by Martha Wells (PLEASE READ MURDERBOT PL-
  30. Top three fictional universes I’d like to live in: At this point any universe where I can delude myself into thinking the characters would actually Care About + Hold me lmao

I tag @supervalcsi, @biscottibitch, @faiery, @fairylightsandthings, @tiannawashere, @philthepegacorn and anyone else who would like to do this!! :D 

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Liam: *desesperado quitándose los insectos dando algunos gritos de miedo x,d*

Te pasas:‘v x,D

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Liam: *inserte grito de mujercita x’D* AH¡ QUITENMELAAAA¡ *Sacudiéndose(? tratando de quitársela de encima mientras estaba asqueado, asustado y alterado*

Nmms x’d

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Biting down on her bottom lip as she heard him whisper in her ear, the young woman could swear it was all that needed in order to get her in a certain mood. The kind that left them both partially if not completely undressed and bent over his desk. Despite this, she turns to face him and smiles as cool as a cucumber. “It’s nice to see you after such a long time too, Mr. Hamilton.” Pretending that they weren’t alone in his office and that his secretary or passersby were close enough to hear them she greets him. Even if it had only been a week since they’d last seen each other she had missed him dearly. Texts and phone calls simply weren’t enough. It was why she’d decided to show up unexpectedly in his office. Maria hadn’t realized he’d stepped into the room and was looking at one of his bookshelves when he’d dropped such a sexy statement out in the air. Wrapping her arms around his neck she suddenly offers him a small smirk. “Tell me, what’s the number one way in which you’d fuck me and would you be able to perform it right here, right now in your office?” 

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“Hey… Charaaaaah.” He drew the vowel at the end out in a weirdly hobbling way and slowly shifted away from their lying body.

“Looked like it… did you fall dooown… that is too~ bad.” His eyes swiftly caught the spot, where they had to have been perched before.
“What were you DOING up there anyways..”

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Day 20. FAMILY

There was absolutely nothing wrong with Gaz. Ever since her miraculous recovery she was a picture-perfect child, happy, social, obedient. Not the alienated, completely dependent on different games for stimulation, hitting everything that came too close that wasn’t her dad, child. If there was one thing that could be worrying, and that professor Membrane took a significant notice of actually, was her lowered focus and reaction times. But he couldn’t test it further at the time since he had promised to finally take the kids home and his assistant was adamant that they both need a break. That meant no lab and no tests until further notice.

So he was forced to accept for the time, that the lack of physical problems have had to simply make his daughter be able to focus on different things which resulted in a chain reaction and that’s why her scores were lower for the moment. Especially since he couldn’t accept his son’s explanation that Gazlene had been apparently healed by faeries. Not by a long shot.

Ever since she recovered, Dib in turn became more and more delusional. He had always liked all the fantastical and paranormal stuff that he could come across, but it then became borderline obsessive. He wanted answers, but he didn’t accept the cold-hard science that his father would give him.

He thought there was absolutely something wrong with Gaz. He desperately wanted to contact mothman, who apparently also knew the faeries. He became completely convinced in his delusions and wouldn’t back down. And the longer this went on, the more Membrane would become convinced that his son was actually insane.

Even with how perfectly he had been created…

But that was the risk of making a child. There hadn’t been anything wrong with Dib before but growing up can mess someone up in the most unexpected moments. And while Gaz had most troubled conception…

“Dad, listen to me!”

Something pulled at professor Membrane’s hair violently, and stopped his train of thought. His eyes finally focused beyond his goggles as he heard small footsteps moving from behind him to the front.

“Son. What are you doing?”

“Finally! We need to get back to the lab. To the forest! Come on dad, give me a chance to prove it to you,” Dib was visibly shaken. “What if I made a mistake? I was reading more about faeries and—”

“Son,” Membrane interrupted. “We will come back to the lab.”

“Really?!” the boy almost fell over with excitement.

“It’s high time, there are a lot of things to check before you have to go to skool… but you can’t go to the forest. It’s already broken you enough.”

At this Dib swayed a bit, with eyes open wide, and took a few steps back. “What…? But—”

“No buts son. We’ll go tomorrow. Go play with your sister.”

“But she's—!”

“—your younger sister and you have to take care of her.”

“…what about you?”

“I have work to do.”

Dib stayed silent for a moment before turning around and walking away from his father, dejected. What Membrane didn’t care to see was that the submission on his son’s face was soon replaced by determination.

“I’ll show you one day dad… you’ll be proud of me yet.”

[What happened to Gaz]

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“Save me a Boo-guette for Halloween, will ya?”

“This is like obligatory dances all over again, my migraine is dancing polka on the dance floor and I am scared and waiting for a date that will never come.”

“Stop being so perverted!”

“Green Tea. The only way to relieve a migraine for me. Hit the pain where it happens.” *ponders about dousing the tea over her head*

“With the amount of arm usage in the last week alone, I’ll run around like Tina Belcher for the rest of my life.”

“Hey kids, it’s murder time!”

“Your mask needs two straps, if you want to buy a pretzel here, hun.”

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“Oh,” Flip sagged a little, glad to take a foot off of her proverbial soap box. “That’s… that’s good. Not that it’s a bad thing to change, but a full body makeover is a BIG change, so you need to be sure. Ah, a day or two is much easier. You could achieve that with a glamor potion with little risk of any side effect.”

The Fairy hopped up to flit in a circle around him, curiously mulling over the logistics of alterations.

“The additional senses and eyesight changes would take some getting used to, but you could adapt fairly quickly.” She switched from speaking to Xalroc to wondering aloud to herself. “Male cats have sharp barbs on their wieners. I wonder if felinoids do as well. I’m going to have to look that up. If it’s anything like a lion wiener, that would scare the living daylights… hm. Food for thought.”

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