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juanjovillalba · 44 minutes ago
ICON - “Muchas víctimas no hablan por vergüenza”: el perturbador caso del hombre que sedujo y estafó a más de cincuenta mujeres
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Francisco Gómez recorrió España cometiendo todo tipo de estafas. Un personaje tóxico que robó millones de euros utilizando su poder de seducción y abre el debate sobre cómo juzga la sociedad este tipo de delitos. Hablamos con el autor del libro que cuenta su historia.
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igeekphone · 7 hours ago
Huawei Mate X2 4G Version Start to Sell Online
Huawei Mate X2 4G Version Start to Sell Online
In February this year, Huawei held a press conference to announce the new generation of folding-screen flagship phones, with the Huawei Mate X2 folding-screen phone priced from 17,999 yuan. In addition to the 5G version of Mate X2, a new 4G version of Mate X2 has also been put on the shelves, according to Huawei’s consumer business website today. However, the new version is only available for…
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fuzzybunnysocks · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
Once again, stuck wondering how Logan and Peter met more specifically how Logan knew Peter. Like don't give me the boring answer like "Oh probably just knew eachother through mutual friends". I am dramtic, so I want dramatic. So personal favorite head canon of mine is that Peter is dead in the 2023 timeline which prompted Magneto to help with the whole time travel fiasco. Anyways-that still leaves a little grey area like where on Earth was Peter in the 2000's x-men movies. Was he part of the brotherhood? Is he married to Crystal and raising Luna? But still how does he know Logan!!! I've read fics where they met at some bar or just randomly and I love them all. This is just constantly on my mind, so now it can constantly be on all of your minds as well.
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rithmeres · 13 hours ago
So I’ve never seen an episode of fmab (it’s on my watchlist) but I watched the bloopers bc of the post u reblogged and that Armstrong part KILLED me and so did the Kermit part like I was inconsolable
girl this is your sign to watch fmab i promise it will change your life
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thedancefloorsilly · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
That previous ask was supposed to have this
how could u forget the most important part 😩
but,,, he looks so comfy in there
he just hops around all day
I long to be lampika
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blthiers · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
daydreams at tags.
「 to dream is to have freedom & freedom costs too much. 」    /     vii. ( see here )
「 a pirate will never know his worth under the crushing weight of politics. 」    /     viii. ( balthier is a sorceress knight to fran  /  or someone else’s muse if plotted )
「 the sky knows its limits but he does not. 」    /     x : x2. ( not really a verse so much as a blending of xii and x/x2 with balthier still doing piracy but maybe a former guardian or future guardian depending on timing )
「 pray be to almighty serpent o` seas. 」    /     xv. ( like x, blends ivalice into xv as a far off continent or smth ; balthier worships leviathan even if he flies more than he sails )
「 the helmet of power suits well. 」    /     before. ( for pre-xii threads up to balthier's appearance in dalmasca )
「 no empire can contain one such as he. 」    /     piracy. ( canon events of xii up to vayne’s defeat )
「 to his protégé he leaves the greatest treasure. 」    /     vanish. ( can lead up to revenant wings if accepted canon / covers the point where he vanishes at the end of xii and leaves ashelia a note : open for development )
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jann-the-bean · 22 hours ago
🍃🌺🌙If you receive this you make somebody happy. Go and send this to ten of your followers who make you happy or somebody you think needs cheering up. If you get it back even better 🌙🌺🍃
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Omg you guys!!!
That’s so sweet! Thank you so much!
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carbonated-fenwater · a day ago
Me looking at my calendar that says I was supposed to update my fics by tomorrow and then looking at my back to back zoology exams, chemistry lab and lecture finals, research paper thats due, and moving out: Looks away
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godexy · a day ago
Xiaomi Poco X2
Xiaomi Poco X2 Price in Bangladesh & Release Date Name / Model Xiaomi Poco X2 Price TK. 20,990 BDT (Official) Released Available. Released 2020 RAM 6/8 GB ROM 64/128/256 GB Colors Available Atlantis Blue, Matrix Purple, Phoenix Red Xiaomi Poco X2 Full Specifications General 2G GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 – SIM 1 & SIM 2 CDMA 800 & TD-SCDMA 3G HSDPA 850 / 900 / 2100 CDMA2000…
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marshmellowtea · a day ago
think i came off too aggressive in that last post ahflkjasdlkfsdf 
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holyfinch · a day ago
This has been on my mind all day for some reason, but this is Zeke and @ask-bolthead-crew character Noe- messy sketches bc I'm drained from work wobble wobble//
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Zeke is nosy so I feel like he’d just run into Noe being Noe- also I have no idea how tall he is or I would've done accurate sizing. (As Zeke is now made to be 8’5 due to the request of my friends).//
Now- *runs away*//
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Tumblr media
so there’s nothing left to do, but miss you
until i don’t anymore 
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Tumblr media
if jet had instagram

thanks to @nanunanu22 for the suggestion! and sorry for forgetting about him. ok, jet is past the tea shop incident and even makes fun of it now. he and zuko became really close friends and all that teenage-drama was quickly left behind.
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pourquoiyyy · a day ago
This episode was so good wtf
Like I know it was 1 hour and 27 minutes so they had time, but still, something I don’t like with dramas is that very often an issue drags on for a whole episode or several episodes or a season, but in lovely writer so many things happen in each episode and in this one damn
So much happened???? And it’s very often sadly easy to see where the plot of a drama is going but I keep getting surprised by lovely writer, like they don’t take the easy BL route
This got quite long so…
First, Aey is trying to mess with Gene and Nubsib’s relationships ? Well, yeah, but actually he’s in love with Gene and I really have to watch the episodes again because I really didn’t see that coming, I was so convinced he liked Nubsib??? What clues did I miss?
(also Aey has a very very bad problem with his own self-image and self-worth, he did some very bad things this episode, but this scene of him watching his reflection in his phone, boyyyyyyy, Bruce is a good actor. And like it was a long scene, but it didn’t feel like it, it didn’t feel like time wasted in the episode)
Nubsib is angry at Gene ? Nope, just worried
Aey drugged Nubsib and Gene is trying to find a way to get out this night pUrE? No, my boy Gene is just worried about having sex with Sib for the first time AND actually Sib is somehow just feeling hot and not under any influence, he was just really really into Gene that night
Also so much kissing in this episode?? Like Sib and Gene are in the honeymoon phase of their relationship and they can finally admit to each other how much they love one another. I’m not saying kissing is essential to show in a drama btw, but it sometimes feels in BL dramas that the characters are allowed a quota of kisses per season or episode and once they’ve reached it, it’s DONE, you’ll get a cheek/forehead/hair kiss or a hug, or a high five, but that’s it, and again, it’s not that I absolutely want the characters to kiss, but I can’t help but think sometimes that would it be reality, these people would be kissing right now. So like before Sib’s mum arrived when they were on the couch, the situation they were in really called for a kiss, they were just gazing at each other, excited about this new development in their relationship, but I was in my usual BL mindset of « well, they’ve already kissed enough in this ep » and then they went and surprised me with an another kiss? And not just like a small peck like I’m used to in BL (which again, these aren’t bad, but realistically speaking, this really wasn’t what Gene and Nubsib wanted at that moment) It shouldn’t be surprising, but still it was
AND BAM! The coming out to your parents plot (that is sometimes THE WHOLE ISSUE OF A SEASON, I’m looking at you Korn and Knock) that I didn’t expect in an episode where so much had happened already. So I thought, yeah, they might just pretend they’re not together, we’ll hear some not too good comments from the parents about BL because Gene writes BL novels and Nubsib is acting in one, but nope, they wanted to prove my assumptions wrong again and Gene said he didn’t want to lie to their parents anymore! So yeah, we did hear some homophobia, interesting comments about BL fangirls and how much of a trend BL is right now and it almost seemed like Sib and Gene had changed their minds, but then Gene surprised me AGAIN and they revealed the fact that they’re dating to their parents.
And usually coming out plots drag on which I can understand because coming out to your family isn’t easy, but in lovely writer, in 30 minutes they did so much! Also, in the preview they showed only some parts of this plot carrying on, but I’m pretty sure that like usual with this series, it won’t take the whole episode, maybe the first half of it. And if it does take the whole episode, I won’t be disappointed because I quite like what they’ve done with it already
The double standard of the mothers finding BL cute, but maybe not if it’s their sons. They were saying it would be nice if their sons were actually together, that two grooms in suits would be adorable and that their families would be even closer, but really when Gene and Nubsib admitted they were really together, they went quiet, they cried, they didn’t defend their sons’ relationship to their husbands.
Aaah, the fathers! I expected them to have the worst reactions to Gene’s and Sib’s coming out and also sadly the most « typical »  that we see in series. And they did but not in the usual way it goes. It was really interesting to look at them and see how completely different their reactions were. Nubsib’s father was more about: be careful about my reputation, the reputation of my company and the reputation of this family, and treated his son’s love for Gene like a child’s infatuation that’s gone too far. The authoritative father that won’t even let his son speak and explain, Nubsib could only follow his orders.
While for Gene’s father, it was completely different. He was really really quiet and seemed really suspicious of their relationship before they revealed it and after they did, he just didn’t say a word while his wife kept throwing him worried glances. Then, when it was just their family left, he refused to talk to Gene, just telling him to go to his room until Gene got angry (and again surprised me) saying he was gay (an actual character saying he is gay in a thai bl series, it shouldn’t feel like victory but it does) and loved Nubsib and wouldn’t stop so why couldn’t his dad accept it? Before, AGAIN, dropping a big ass bomb, Gene’s father dated men (or a man) before marrying his mother. As much as this episode surprised me, this shocked me the most lol, I really didn’t expect THAT, but it’d explain Gene’s father’s reaction
Homophobia of course still exists today, but it was even worse when he was young and he never came out and probably chose to leave his partner and lead a « normal » straight life. Seeing your son at around the same age in the same situation but making completely differents choices, choosing to embrace his homosexuality and his love for Nubsib, well, I can understand that he needs a little time to accept this situation and talk to his son
This has become very long and I didn’t think I had that much to say about this episode, but boy I have even more, I loved so much about it. But first:
I HATED that Aey pretended to have drugged Nubsib, especially since he actually wanted to drug Gene and what, rape him??? And then laughing about it? Uh uh boy. Still, I really love Aey’s character, he keeps surprising me and I’m looking forward to his character development.
Otherwise, loved this episode. Gene in particular was really interesting: his conversations with Aey, the way his first time with Sib went (and wow, Sib’s innuendos in this episode, I still can’t get this image of him with his toothbrush in his mouth out of my mind), his bravery coming out to his parents and saying he was gay and forcing his dad to have this conversation and not avoid it.
Loved how supportive the brothers were, trying to tell their parents that society was much more open and accepting nowadays, helping their brothers as well as they could.
On a same note, Gene’s brother getting angry at their father on Gene’s behalf. I loved how their dialogue went about expectations and disappointment in a parent-child relationship, love me some family drama.
Gene and Nubsib holding hands under the table while facing their family’s disapproval
I’m going to stop here because this post is way too long for something probably only me is going to read, but I needed to write my thoughts to get them out of my head
Very raw thoughts btw, I need to reflect on this episode A LOT and rewatch it probably
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