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i LuFf U @lunadelrat , HoWp U enJoYed UnbOxiNg YoUr PetCharm. I iz PaintEd u Lyk One of Dem FreNz GurlZ. ✨💛💜
Pre-Order your 🅷🅰🅽🅳 🅿🅰🅸🅽🆃🅴🅳 🅿🅴🆃 🅲🅷🅰🆁🅼 now!
❣️ handpainted with love by @jonah.pearl
❣️ two color wood base choices
❣️ 25mm base (middle base, size of a 5 peso coin)
❣️ price/samples in link on bio
Can be used:
❣️ for dog tag
❣️ for hooman’s keychain or memento for petchild who passed the rainbow bridge
❣️ for hooman’s necklace charm

📌first and second pictured is raw base: not yet coated, third pic is coated.

this base is SOLD OUT.
Best seller ThickRimmed bases are available.
Happy Monday everyone!
#jonahpearl #jonahpearlart #lartistepearl

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Go, 2019

Guache sobre linho 

100 x 80 cm

Exposição “Sem eira nem beira” para a inauguração do espaço colaborativo Borda.


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7:35 In the dead of may I was born

And on that day the world shook, split, and spit out hellfire

A voodoo child fated to live a life ridiculed by demons

And lead a life plagued by the keeping of the gates

Tethered by rustic chain attached to crystallized stone

And on this day I watched the sky

And prayed to sing

The air held spirits and the vibrations filed me with hope

But I’m chained

And my father chained me

So I watch and I keep the gates so that my hellfire does not destroy those closest to be

But if I am the devil cast from home

Then I should open my doors

As fire is creation

And with no hell there is no mercy

This crystallized stone is so shiny and black I can see My reflection

My bloodshot eyes

And my fire spill through open gates

I am oblivious

Just me and my tears

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