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Since everything's a little weird right now & most seem to be bored I thought we could play a quarantine game 馃挊 answer the following! 1. how has your day been? 2. what is the last thing that made you smile? 3. what's keeping you entertained these days? 4. if you are in some kind of quarantine/self isolation: is there anything you'd like to achieve in this time? 5. post a selfie! (if you're comfortable with that) 6. last but not least: send this to some mutuals to keep the game going 馃挏

Hey Kim, thank you <3 Also thanks to Emma @brokenheartsgoupthere who tagged me on her ask.

1. My day was okay, like a sunday, I did some seedlings and tried to make bread (not a success)

2. I’m not sure, I think it was a puppy picture that @honestlytrulycompletelylarrie reblogged

3. I’m back at work since last thursdayand I don’t do much usually outside of work, so same as always : tumblr, fics, tv etc…

4. As I said I’m back at work, and before that I was on “holiday” that I took to go see Louis… I of course spent these days in lockdown in my house and tried watercolour painting ! I should have clean my room and tidy my dressing room, but I didn’t xd

5. Sorry I’m on my laptop, so no selfie !

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Tell us how you feel about Adam, Firecracker >:3 (Yes I am putting you through this cause im on mobile hehe)

admit your feelings

*** THIS PERTAINS TO @destinywills ADAM ONLY ***


“He took everything from me, once. My arm, my ‘fire’, my family and friends.” Yang looked away, these were memories and wounds that she really didn’t want to re-open. 

“He broke me, so much so, that I thought I would never recover.” She shut her eyes painfully hard and made a fist with yellowed steel. “I hated Adam, not only for what he put Blake through and how he treated her– but for what he did to me. He took a piece of me, I’ll never get back,”


She sighed, reopening crimson red eyes. “When we met again after Blake went after him, we thought we’d killed him. But, turns out that he’s more resilient than she or I ever even thought.” Yang shook her head. “I cannot begin to even tell you how he’s me plagued since his blade slashed through my flesh. I had repeated nightmares, I still do. I feared him beyond compare, thinking he was still out there– and I was right.”

“Broken, bloody and bruised I found him on Atlas’ streets. I thought he had come to finish what he’d once started, but the wolf had– changed it seemed. After a run in with Salem even he had learned to put aside his differences. I’ll admit, that night, I wanted to finish it– for me. I wanted peace, but he was the one that laid his sword at my feet. Just like he’d broken me, something within him had broken too. He wasn’t the same Adam I once remembered.”


“We’ve had our moments, and there is still a lot of.. pent up aggression that we both share. But now, instead of an enemy, I look to Adam as.. an ally. We’re seeing eye to eye instead of blade and fist. Even I hate to admit that he’s made me stronger and that because of him, I’ve become even more fierce than what I once was. The more time we spend together– the more he’s growing on me, I’m starting to see the Adam that Blake once saw and..” 

She paused, the words getting the better of her as she shook her head. “It’s.. complicated, but I think I’m beginning to trust him, slowly but surely. I didn’t think it was possible, but with the looming threat we all have to deal with, we’re going to need every ally– Adam included. I just wish, that everyone else could see what I see within him.”

“He’s not a monster, by any means– not anymore.”

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Chaos between reaper, geno, blue, and error.


I have to do it.

It’s the first thing that popped in my head when facing this prompt and I’m gonna do it.

Inspired by one of Thomas Sanders’ vines (I’ve been looking for HOURS and I can’t find it *sobs*)

Hope you enjoy!


The day had come.

The day of their debate.

“They won’t see it coming.” Blue said into the phone as he turned a corner.

“We’ll show them!” Error cheered as he walked over.

“They won’t know what hit them.” Reaper said as he fingered his scythe, grinning.

“They’ll regret ever messing with us.” Geno said at last as they all met up, his eye light flashing dual tones. They stared at each other for several moments, and then without prompt Reaper grabbed his lovers hand at the same time Blue wrapped his arm around his own boyfriend.

“WE’RE THE CUTER COUPLE!” Error sceeched, waving his and Reaper’s hands in the air.


“NO! WE ARE!” Error pulled Reaper close and pressed a quick kiss to his cheek, and then pointed to the resulting blush. “YOU SEE THAT?! CUTEST FACE EVER, RIGHT THERE!”

“Not again~!” Dream bemoaned from where Ink had dragged him to watch the spectacle.

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Same anon that started RTTE here! Uhh from the episode 1 to episode 6, was there an episode where they set up Dragons Edge? They’re just magically at the edge in episode 6 (gone Gustav gone). I’m very confused

Hey!!! Great to hear from you again!

With a more limited budget in a tv show, I always figured they didn’t show the construction process of the Edge for that reason. I figured it was fine to connect the dots between characters finding the island and talking about building their outpost… and then seeing it finished-built in the following episode.

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Victor! ;D

admit your feelings


She knew this one was coming, she just had a feeling. Placing her arms behind her head as she glanced at the sky, yang smiled. “Victor is.. kinda crazy, have ya met the guy?” Yang grinned, and smiled again. 

“It’s.. well.” Why was this so hard to say? She loved the guy, he was great. “I never knew him that well, at least not until recently. But even in the little time that we’ve known one another, he’s taught me so very much. He’s a pretty dangerous person, I know that– but I can’t help– wanting to help him you know? Almost thanking him, in a way, for all he’s done for me.” She paused dropping her arms. 

“We have this weird dynamic, but it works and I’ve gotten so used to having him around, it’d be so strange to have him leave. I’m so very thankful he saved me that day in Atlas, and it wouldn’t be the same without him in my life.”

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I want to hold your hand with all of my hands. Legs. Eight hand legs. All the hand-holding. I'm saying I want to sensuously hold your hand. A lot. I want to intertwine our fingers and rub my thumb over the back of your hand and maybe kiss your knuckles but mostly I'd just really like to press my palm to yours and give your hand a squeeze with mine.

Trailcutter chuckles, trying to heave himself in a position where he can at least halfway sit up and look at his visitor.
But he has enough strength to hold out a servo himself.
“I would love to. Come here. Give me your servo, Dandylegs.”

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esame: Due Mar 30, 8:59 AM CEST
io: ah, ok ho tempo
io: ... ma marted矛 non fa 30, fa 31...
esame: Due Mar 30, 8:59 AM CEST
io: marzo, marzo porca zozza!!
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“A dozen of muffins will often have more calories than two muffins”

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