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#xiao ce’an
root08 · 5 months ago
OMG OMG Qiang Jin Jiu will be adapted to a drama..OMG I’m screaming!!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe it!!!
Tumblr media
I love the novel and the characters. It has a very heavy Storyline ( if you do not like Empires/politics/wars/ or power schemes , you probably won’t like this book.) Personally when I started reading, i was bored and confused but by chapter 20 i was suck in it, i couldn’t let go; it’s so good (for me anyway)!
The plot is amazing with many twists and mysteries. And the main characters are *the cerises on top of the cream *! They are so complex and NOT your loving loving usual BL couple. They were ennemies at first , As a matter of fact, they were always trying to put little traps for each other and sometimes the way they communicate is so funny, they back stabbing each other with words🤣 ( reminds me of that couple in Peerless which i love by the way as well). But they protect each other as well and are cute in their own way ❤️
Protagonist: Shen Zechuan also called Lanzhou
Tumblr media
Yooo he is a piece of work okay? He is soo ruthless, cunning, scheming and almost indecipherable. Sometimes he is killing and you will be: “like what???like how can he do that? no wait did he just do that?”🤣🤣like damn I love him. In the beginning everyone is seeing him like a beauty (which he is, he’s the most prettiest man described in the whole novel and he got the Gong/Seme so much in love with him) incapable of doing nothing even to a fly and then he turns around and BOOM he kills hahahaha. OMG i love him so much, he fits right in the bill of my favorite type of protagonists which is scheming and strong Ukes.
ML: Xiao Chiye (Ce’an)
Tumblr media
How can you not like Xiao Chiye? He is badass, wild and ALWAYS horny/ in heat (estrus whatever, i mean who bangs on a horse?tsk tsk anyway..)! He is so intelligent and moves like no other. In the beginning, he acts as a fool or more a wasteful rich young master BUT he is just as scheming as Shen Zechuan if not more. Everything he does has a reason and he understands and see through mostly every schemes around him except understanding sometimes what Shen does ( even i as a reader i have a hard time to decipher Shen’ moves).anyway....
I can’t wait to see the cast especially of the main characters cause they’re so complex, i wonder who will fits the bell! I’m so excited already.!!!!
If you’re interested and would like to read it. Here is the link:
Artist of the arts/illustrations: @夏之杪 (weibo) ; however she also has an account on GRACG with many beautiful arts. here is link to her profile
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dangermousie · 4 months ago
Xiao Chiye gazed at Shen Zechuan and thought in the silence that reigned.
Although he had also previously found Shen Zechuan thin back in Qudu, it was still much better than now. Shen Zechuan’s bout of illness after Qi Huilian’s death came and went quickly, but he had still yet to be fed back to health. There was nothing the entire journey here. Xiao Chiye held him, watched him, protecting his growing reliance on him every way he could.
Shen Wei and Bai Cha did not matter.
Xiao Chiye lowered his head and pressed up against Shen Zechuan’s cheek as he stared, with deep hostility, at the sunlight which was attempting to cloak Shen Zechuan.
Shen Lanzhou was his—Xiao Ce’an’s.  
And then a little later...
“Lanzhou has lived in Zhongbo for a long time, and it’s inevitable that there will be someone bringing up old affairs. But, he, Shen Zechuan…” Xiao Chiye raised the horsewhip and pointed in the direction of Qudu, “… is the student of Qi Huilian, the Grand Mentor of the Crown Prince in the Eastern Palace; the last disciple of Ji Gang of Duanzhou; the former Northern Judge-cum-Vice Commander of the Imperial Bodyguards; and the head of household of my – Xiao Ce’an’s – future residence. He has nothing to do with any other names.”
Your OTP could never!
I am hyperventilating here.
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vierran45 · 22 days ago
“Regardless of who my parents are,” Shen Zechuan turned his head to the side and whispered into his ear, “I am Shen Zechuan. Whether your word is the truth or a lie is of no significance to me at all. I am my own nightmare.”
The land under his feet?
Zhongbo could not tie down Shen Zechuan at all. He was not as attached to his native land as Xiao Chiye was. On the day he fell into the Chashi Sinkhole, he became a man without a hometown. Ever since then, he severed all attachment he held towards the land. He could never gallop in the grasslands; his wings were born out of the darkness of the night. If Xiao Chiye was Hongyan Mountains, then Shen Zechuan was the frigid wind coursing through the territories of Zhongbo.
Shen Wei, Bai Cha.
He did not care for them at all.
This chapter once again showed how cold and ruthless SZC can be in pursuit of his goal, and also how his past has severed his attachment to the land. His only attachments are to the few people he cares about, like Xiao Chiye, his husband. And yes, he did call Ce’an ”husband” earlier. His parents aren’t important to him and can’t be used to affect his actions.
It was here Shen Zechuan stood, yet he remembered the abyss in his dream. He had always stood at the brink of the abyss without taking that one step forward, because he did not know what kind of change that one step would usher in. But then, he heard the sound of horses’ hooves.
That was the wind that came from Libei.
Shen Zechuan released his hand. At that very instant the eaves collapsed, Shen Zechuan strode a step out. His white robe went fluttering in the wind as he plunged down like a bird with its wings folded. The wind swept past his ears. He felt as if he had experienced a dream.
Still, stagnant waters lay at the bottom of the abyss, and it was here Shen Zechuan fell and stirred up waves of ripples. But the breathing in his ear was so, so intense. A vibrant life force brimming with vitality dispelled the darkness as strong arms held Shen Zechuan tight. In that split second, the lifeless waters seemed to have brushed off its extraneous dust to metamorphose into Xiao Chiye’s chest.
Xiao Chiye had caught hold of him.
Insert obligatory moment of swooning at these two…
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w-arch-cvensouls · 10 months ago
𝐢𝐭 𝐰𝐚𝐬 𝐩𝐨𝐞𝐭𝐫𝐲 , 𝘩𝑜𝑤 𝑤𝑒 𝑔𝑎𝑣𝑒 𝑎𝑙𝑙 𝑤𝑒 𝘩𝑎𝑑 𝑙𝑒𝑓𝑡 𝑖𝑛 𝑏𝑒𝑡𝑤𝑒𝑒𝑛 𝑡𝘩𝑜𝑠𝑒 𝑠𝘩𝑒𝑒𝑡𝑠 .
          under the dim moonlight that peeked through the soft curtains of the viceroy’s private chambers, two bodies laid bare and tangled in the same bed. shen zechuan’s skin was covered in sweat from the passionate and intense lovemaking as he struggled to catch and control his breath, hair sticking to his forehead and the nape of his neck in all its mess. xiao chiye’s body pressed against his back was scalding hot like the very sun itself, putting the younger man into an even more feverish and frenzier state than he already was and giving him no space to recover — even with the soft wind gusts that got into the room from the partially open window, he still felt overwhelmingly hot.
          those intimate moments between the two, albeit still somewhat rare due to busy schedules, were becoming more and more common whenever they found themselves in the same room — both of their subordinates already knew better than to interrupt whenever shen lanzhou walked into his room, not needing to see anything to know what went on between the two. xiao chiye also never allowed for the other to be quiet, always pressing at the sweet spots and prying his mouth open with his fingers until he would hear shen zechuan crying out his name. however, something else was also becoming more natural between the two of them.
          even after everything was done between them and both were more than satisfied for the evening, neither shen zechuan or xiao chiye made any movements to leave the bed. in fact, things had grown increasingly more affectionate, with soft and tender kisses being pressed to lanzhou’s shoulders as he was held close against the other, legs tangled together as if they could not bear even a single inch of space between the two.
          however, if one were to ask how he felt for the young master, shen zechuan would deny any deeper feelings — their relationship was ( and should be ) strictly business, a temporary alliance against common enemies and a way to let off some steam, no strings attached. yet, why did he feel more and more tangled into knots everytime they fell into bed together?
          xiao ce’an was someone easy to read. his lust and his desires were written all over his features and he was not afraid to go after he wanted — but just for what purposes did he want shen lanzhou for? in a way, while he was seemingly easy to read on the surface, he was impossible to decipher. what did the young wolf of libei truly wanted? what did he seek above all, other than his freedom? sometimes, shen zechuan couldn’t help but notice how he seemed to know so much and yet so little of this man. his innermost thoughts and desires were always deeply hidden and he felt as if he had only scratched the surface.
          not that he was much better, covering up all of his intentions and thoughts under layers and layers of deceit — but if there was anyone that could read through his act and plans, it was none other than xiao chiye. being in his presence both comforted and terrified shen zechuan in a way he had never experienced before. while a part of him wanted nothing more than to stay in the bed by his side, another part felt the overwhelming urge to flee to protect himself, before he bared himself too much in front of him.
          however, at the slightest of movements from shen zechuan’s sore muscles, xiao chiye’s arms around him tightened more. they still held him gently, as if they were holding one of the most precious things in the world, but they left no room for escape. with a pleased sigh, ce’an nuzzled his face into the crook of the other’s neck, swollen lips pressed by his ear as he spoke. “ you always do that. pull away when i get close. ” he whispered quietly, but his voice did not lack in intensity in the slightest. after placing a single kiss behind his ear, xiao chiye raised his head to look at him as he turned the other around in bed so he would lay on his back, deep and dark eyes staring at shen zechuan as if they were looking at one of the universe’s greatest mysteries. “ what are you afraid of, lanzhou? ” 
          such a question should have been responded with nothing more than a scoff and denial -- after all, shen zechuan had nothing to lose; what was there in this world for him to be afraid of? however, at this particular moment of weakness and intimacy, his own heart seemed to finally show itself to him. as he stared into xiao chiye’s eyes, shen zechuan realized just what an effect the other had on him. 
          to shen zechuan, he was like the brightest of suns on a summer day, warming up every little inch of his body, sending away the coldness that had seeped into his bones ever since he had climbed out the chashi sinkhole. he always did that, he always warmed him up. to shen zechuan, xiao chiye was like a drug -- something he could not get enough, that he needed in ways that he could not even describe. when he was around him, he couldn’t think. 
           however, how was he supposed to say such things out loud? his life was much too precious and he had fought too hard for his right to live it in freedom to willingly place it into another person’s hands. xiao chiye was a dangerous man; what was shen lanzhou to him? what were they to each other? neither of both men dared to speak of it clearly, but actions truly spoke louder than words.
           the arm that was placed around shen zechuan’s waist was both protective and gentle, keeping him in place as xiao chiye looked down on, nothing more than a few mere inches left between their faces. xiao ce’an always showed his desires so clearly in his gaze and, upon looking at him at that moment, shen lanzhou could see nothing more than himself. that gaze that said ‘i will never let you go’ -- at that moment, it was as if nothing else mattered, as if time had stopped and they were the only people alive in this world. many seconds had passed since xiao chiye last spoke and he still had not received a response, but none of them seemed to mind the silence hanging in the air.
          for those few moments, shen zechuan had been exposed, but such a thing would never last long with someone like him. with a hint of mischievousness in his eyes, the younger man let out a soft laugh. “ you think too highly of yourself, second young master. ” he hummed, pink and swollen lips parting in a way he knew the other would find nothing but enticing. as if to distract them both from such a line of questioning, shen zechuan leaned up to allow his mouth to gently brush against the other’s, gaze still kept on his as he continued. “ what is there for me to be afraid of, mm? ” he teased, using diversion to conceal the one frightening thought that had suddenly popped into his mind. whether shen zechuan said it or not, he knew.
            he was the best thing that had ever happened to him.
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t110n · 2 months ago
Love that scene where Xiao Chiye says he yelled for half a day since he got locked out of the city and then somersaulted to get in while still leaving his horse outside omg
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t110n · 2 months ago
The letter 💗
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t110n · 2 months ago
Don’t sleep while bathing again, Xiao Chiye.
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dangermousie · 4 months ago
“I have given up enduring it all.” Shen Zechuan rested his fan on his knee and turned slightly sideways to gaze at Xiao Chiye. “I’m going to choose another way to fight. I want to remain in Zhongbo. You once said to Tantai Hu, ‘the humiliation of our nation has yet to be redressed, and the feuds of our families have yet to be avenged’. That’s right, Ce’an, the humiliation Zhongbo has suffered should be redressed in Zhongbo itself. This is what I want to do. One day, we will gallop under the skies of Libei, and that will be when I am strong and powerful enough. Two million isn’t enough to marry the wolf pup of the Prince of Libei. Such a betrothal gift is not worthy of my Xiao Ce’an. If I’m in Zhongbo, however, I will one day go on to be your indestructible shield.”
The water bag hurriedly fell to the ground, splashing water all over the ground and onto the corner of Xiao Chiye’s robe, wetting it. Under the soft veil of moonlight, Xiao Chiye suddenly grasped hold of Shen Zechuan’s hand and hugged him.
After a long time, Xiao Chiye’s hoarse voice rang out beside Shen Zechuan’s ear, clinging close to it, “I’ll leave my back to you, and you’ll leave your chest to me. We cannot do without the other. I’ll choose the best horse for you in Libei. We’ll build a house on the Zhongbo-Libei demarcation line and meet there every month—it’s a must. To marry me, two million isn’t enough; I want Lanzhou’s priceless smile that even a thousand gold cannot buy.”
Tumblr media
I can’t with these two!
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dangermousie · 4 months ago
Xiao Chiye’s eyes were calm and serene as he said, “Libei has my eldest brother, and the Libei Armored Cavalry has my father. Horse-racing is the only thing that suits me.”
Shen Zechuan lifted Xiao Chiye’s chin and gazed at him. He said, “Natural talents are bound to have their own uses; it’s just that the time has yet to come. Ce’an, Ce’an—All of Libei’s hope lies in these two words.”
Xiao Chiye laughed in a deep voice and suddenly rolled over to pin Shen Zechuan down. Pressing his forehead against Shen Zechuan’s forehead, he said, “Do you want me or not?”
Shen Zechuan’s waist was sore, and his back was aching. As he recovered his strength and eased up his muscles, he squeezed the back of Xiao Chiye’s neck and said in a husky voice, “Are you giving me or not?”
Xiao Chiye lowered his head to kiss him and pulled up the blanket over them.
Tumblr media
I am going to use up all my swoon gifs on this novel!
Also, Xiao Chiye wants to take him to Libei!!! Which is the one thing he loves and longs for!
Well, one of two now.
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