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#xiao x reader
abyssheart · a day ago
falling in love [genshin impact x gn!reader]
pairings: albedo, childe, diluc, gorou, kaeya, scaramouche, thoma, xiao, zhongli x gn!reader tw/cw: brief descriptions of gore in childe's, alcohol consumption in kaeya's, and tooth-rotting fluff <3 word count: 1.6k
Tumblr media
Within Albedo’s lab, nothing but the way of scientific thinking existed. His understanding of its philosophy was flawless, nary a trace of bias, his data always pristine, and his emotions erased. That was, until his new lab assistant arrived.
To him, you were like a newborn calf, crying out for him every time you needed his opinion on something, instructions, or even help with particularly difficult problems. He’d always reach out to give you the attention you needed, with a bit of extra fueled by love on the side.
Of course, you were oblivious to the love part, and so was he.
Within his lab now is the light, rosy scent of love, his work now tainted by his feelings for you. His data is stained pink with the liking he has taken to you, and the color of methyl orange indicator in his titrations now seem…pinker, strangely. But of course, none of these anomalies are even scientifically possible, and so he sets out to investigate.
He squints for the last time at the conical flask containing this coral shade, and then looked back at you, who is busy with work. Gently, he places the glass container down behind him without so much as a clink, and gazes upon your form.
Perhaps, he thought, perhaps you are the cause of the recent anomalies I have documented.
Tumblr media
Within Childe’s adrenaline-seeking heart, a warm love blossoms, and within it lies your sleeping figure.
He remembers monsters charging at him, growling and roaring, the sound of flesh being ripped apart by blade. And he looks at your sleeping visage, bearing not a trace of tension. His hand extends towards you, calloused fingertips making contact with the soft skin of your cheek, the silence of the room not obtuse, but filled with your soft breathing, and his own in sync with it.
Under the moonlight, just like now, he had fought beasts beyond what man could fathom, barely escaping with his life. But now, before him lies the one he loves, sleeping, instead of defeated monsters, dead.
What was once trivial to him, paling in comparison to world domination, has now become important.
His heart, once purely seeking action, now seeks your love as well.
Tumblr media
Mondstadt’s very own vigilante, Diluc, had previously believed that he would have to face the trials and tribulations of life alone. Of course, when he met you, he still believed the same. You weren’t particularly special to him—he thought of you as yet another stranger who wouldn’t be able to help him.
He was dead wrong.
You blossomed into what he could only consider to be the perfect companion, and though it took years for the both of you to come to this stage of friendship, to be able to sit on his roof and watch the sunset in comfortable silence, to be able to share your problems with him and him you, he has to admit, he’s the one who’s the cause of it all taking so long.
As he gazes into the swirling depths of your eyes, he thinks, if only he’d let his walls down quicker. Because for the first time in his life, he wants more. More, more, more. He can’t hold back any longer, so he presses his lips to yours.
Tumblr media
Everyone but you knows that Gorou has taken a great liking to you, as evidenced by his tail wagging furiously every time he talks to you. He also talks way too much to you, a mere sergeant in the resistance corps.
“Hey, Y/N, take a look at this please?”
“…General Gorou, I don’t even understand what I’m looking at.”
“Rationing plans!”
When seen running across Watatsumi island, tail wagging and stack of documents in hand, one knows exactly what Gorou is about to do—find you and ask for your opinion on the resistance’s operations, but really, it’s just an excuse to see you. And, really, his excuses to talk to you are just so poor, he can’t possibly do worse.
Now, though, he stands before the door to your barracks, tail rapidly moving left and right, a bouquet of flowers behind his back. No more poor excuses. No more hiding his feelings from you.
He steels his will, and walks towards you.
Tumblr media
The burn of alcohol down his throat is a sensation Kaeya has come to associate very closely with your company in Angel’s Share. Knights, criminals, civilians alike—all within his reach, should he choose to simply extend a glass. He is an affable man, to the extent that truths, secrets, and personal weaknesses slip from the mouths of his drinking buddies.
Mondstadt has been whipped into order following the advent of your presence within the City of Freedom. But when Death After Noon is in stock, crime rate goes up a significant amount, and that social order wavers just a little, for Kaeya is a greedy man who covets both the pleasure of drink and your company.
Under the dim, warm lighting of the tavern, he waits, fingernails tapping against the surface of the counter. The sound of the tavern’s door opening cuts through the fluff of the static, background noise of the room that he barely registers. A smile tugs at his lips, and as he turns to face you, he feels himself losing his tight grip on himself, his deliberateness, his calculatedness. This time, instead of maintaining a poor, loose hold on himself, he voluntarily lets go. If he is to pursue your heart, he will leave his own open to you.
Tumblr media
Scaramouche can remember being angry with a person, but not without a person. That person, of course, is you.
Your presence infuriates him. But your absence? It fuels the veritable inferno blazing in his heart. His patience has a shorter fuse; he snaps easily without you. You are akin to his reinforcement cable, for all it takes from you is your presence and a gentle smile at him for him to calm down.
“Kuni,” you start gently, but do not have to continue.
“…Tch. You’re lucky I like you.”
And when your smile widens, his heartbeat speeds up just a little, and his face heats up just a little. With a flourish, he turns his back to you, and walks off in silence.
And he wonders if you’ll ever notice that he does not like you just as a companion, but as a partner, because he doesn’t know if he could ever swallow his pride to tell you that.
Tumblr media
Thoma can’t believe it when he sees you on Inazuman streets. The child with whom he’d played tag with countless times has grown up to be such a beautiful young person. Though his memory of you is old, the person looking back at him with what is probably the same expression as his is most definitely, most unmistakably you.
“Thoma? That’ll be 3500 Mora.”
He hurriedly pays, collects the goods, and looks back. But you’re gone. It’s only the second time he sees you that he gets to exchange words with you.
It is most definitely, most unmistakably you. Just as he did when you were children, he links his arm through yours, roaming the streets of Inazuma. He doesn’t know it right now, but this’ll be a classic case of reunited childhood friends becoming lovers. Be patient, Thoma, soon they’ll return the affections you always had for them.
Tumblr media
Xiao swears he hasn’t seen something so pretty since he’d discovered crystalflies.
Stray strands of your hair shining in the sunlight, or your features illuminated in the moonlight—how he wishes he could get closer to you so he can have a better look. And during the fifth time (he’s counted) he sees you, he feels his heartbeat speed up and his face heats up.
For now, though, you’re something of a crystalfly to him. He can’t get too close to you, or you’ll fly away.
That is, until you finally catch on that someone’s been watching. “Come on out,” you command, and Xiao finds that he does not resist your order, almost immediately appearing before you. Before he even realizes what he’s done, he feels something in his chest bloom. The look in your eyes, up close, stirs something within him.
To you right now, however, he is just a strange boy who appeared out of thin air. One day, that boy will learn of what exactly it is he feels for you, and you will grow to reciprocate this affection.
Tumblr media
The stone-cold heart within the god’s chest finally stirs as you walk past him for the first time. Who is this beautiful person with such an alluring scent, dressed in such sophistication?
“Who is that?” Zhongli murmurs softly to himself.
“That? That’s Y/N,” a passer-by who happens to hear him informs, also gazing at your form as you walk away from them. “Beautiful, aren’t they?”
“…Yes,” Zhongli finds himself agreeing. “Yes, they are.”
Steadily, the thrum of his Gnosis guides him to you, whom he so desires.
Your speech is gentle, your words mild and your tone unremarkable. You do not stand out from the crowd of personalities he has memorized. But to him, you are all he can see within the sea of faces.
His Gnosis calls out your name.
And so he pursues you, his attempts pure and eloquently conveying his affections for you. But be careful, lest you fall completely senseless for him.
Tumblr media
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chichikoi · 2 days ago
More Random headcanons :D
Part 1 here -> [ x ]
Tumblr media
DILUC loves giving you massages. Self indulgent, but true! If he finds you trying to press your neck and try to relieve some pain, he will come to you and help you feel better <33
Bubble baths, XIAO loves them. Demon slaying takes a lot out of him, and all he wants to come back home and do is soak in a warm bath and unwind with you in his arms <3 (sfw, take your head out the gutter smh)
Cliche, but GOROU wraps his tail around you. You could be cooking, working, and he just walks up to you, puts his arm on your shoulder and his tail “accidentally” finds his way around your waist… (“accidentally.” sure.)
THOMA is very lazy at home. Yes, he is the Chief Retainer of the Kamisato clan, but at home, all he wants to do is sit on the couch and cuddle with you while reading a book. Don’t make him cook or clean, although he won’t mind, that’s the last thing he wants to do with his lover. But if you cook for him, he would take your food and… he won’t share with you </3 and he would chump it down so fast, you can’t get one bite!? But that’s okay, he makes up for it by covering your face in apologetic kisses <3
KAZUHA does not write you haikus! You might think he sits there on the crow’s nest and writes away for you, but no. He can’t put his feelings into words, how much he loves you, how much he thinks you deserve. What a pity, hmm? A poet, lost for words. But the times he does write haikus, you are his muse, his inspiration. He can’t write a poem without thinking of you. Rolling waves? Your smile. Dew on leaves? The glint in your eyes. He can’t not think of you at any given point in time </3
Tumblr media
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genshinarchives · a day ago
You tend to hold your breath when you're crying so that nobody can hear you, and he tries to get you to stop.
The reader is gender-neutral.
Tumblr media
Featuring: Xiao, Zhongli, Gorou, Itto, Thoma
Tumblr media
Xiao released a sharp sigh and ran his fingers through his hair, unsure of how to deal with the situation he’s currently facing. His eyes darted downwards to your figure that was curled up in a ball with your face on your knees beside him on the roof of Wangshu Inn. It was obvious to him that you were crying, even though you were being as silent as a mouse about it.
Allowing his jade spear to disperse into a myriad of lights, he wordlessly approached you.
“Hey,” he began quietly. When he didn’t get an answer from you, one of his eyebrows quirked up. “(Y/n)?” No reply. “Did something happen while I was gone?” Crouching down to your level, he tried to make you lift your head, and his eyes then widened. “Oi, are you even breathing?”
Your only response was an incoherent mumble.
With a frown, he reached down and lightly pinched your side, making you yelp in surprise as your head shot up to reveal your face that was streaked with tears.
“X-Xiao,” you breathlessly said, having not expected him to do that. Letting out a muted sigh, the yaksha sat down next to you and petted your head awkwardly.
“It’s okay to cry around me,” he muttered, “I won’t make fun of you.”
Tumblr media
"Breathe, (y/n),” Zhongli told you softly. He gently took your face into his hands and wiped your tears away as he rubbed the pads of his thumbs on your cheeks. “Take deep breaths and try to calm yourself, darling.” You quickly shook your head, making him sigh quietly.
He was surprised to find you in your current state, but what surprised him even more was that you were holding your breath as you wept. He knew that you didn’t want to appear weak in front of other people, but was it absolutely necessary for you to take it this far? If you really needed a moment of vulnerability, he would gladly allow you to seek shelter in his arms; he’ll embrace every side of you so that you may leave to face the day with your tears dried.
“Let it out. Don't hold yourself back like this, it's only us here,” he said in an attempt to convince you to stop your bad habit. You responded with silence, glossy eyes averted to avoid his pleading gaze. Zhongli pursed his lips but he's not about to give up. “(Y/n), please look at me. Let me see your eyes.”
Hesitantly complying to his request, a surprised gasp then escaped your throat when a pair of warm lips landed on your forehead. You felt him smile against you as a blush crept over your cheeks. Pulling away, he slowly tilted your head up, his amber hues gazing into your own (e/c) pair tenderly.
“That’s much better,” he remarked, hearing you breathe again.
Tumblr media
Gorou turned his head when he heard odd noises coming from you. Putting down the book he was reading, he quietly crawled over to your futon and peered at your sleeping face. His eyes widened in surprise upon seeing tears silently running down your cheeks, and slight panic settled in when he couldn’t hear any sounds of you breathing.
“(Y/n)!” he exclaimed, shaking your shoulders roughly, “Wake up!”
You awoke almost immediately as your eyelids snapped open, and you quickly sat up while gulping mouthfuls of air. When your brain finally registered that Gorou was gazing at you worriedly, you turned away from him, holding your breath to silence your sobs.
“What’s wrong? Were you having a nightmare?” he carefully asked, scooting closer to you so he can loosely wrap his arms around your waist, “You know that you can talk to me, right?” When you didn’t respond, Gorou rested his cheek on your nape as he waited for you to calm down, his tail occasionally flicking against the blanket.
“‘m sorry...” you mumbled, making him lift his head.
“Hmm? What for?” he asked, watching you turn around in his arms. You simply shook your head, confusing him further, and let out a choked sob before holding your breath again. His eyebrows furrowed, and he then cupped your chin as he sealed your lips with his. You clung to his shoulders in surprise when he blew air into your mouth, and after pulling away from the kiss, he grinned cheekily.
“G-Gorou, what was that for?” you stammered, embarrassed.
“I was just helping you breathe again. Come on, let’s go back to sleep,” he said, pulling you down on the futon with him.
Tumblr media
Itto flopped over your smaller figure as he pushed some of his weight on you, and wrapped his arms around you from behind.
"My little kachimushi, speak to me!" he exclaimed, using the affectionate nickname he had come up with for you. Pursing your lips, you stubbornly shook your head, refusing to let his eyes meet with your teary ones. The half-oni let out a long, drawn-out sigh before tightening his hug, nearly squeezing the life out of you. You gasped softly at his action but quickly caught yourself and held your breath once more as tears continued to silently roll down your cheeks.
"But you're sad! Tell me what's wrong!" he implored, raising a hand to incessantly poke your cheek, but you remained unresponsive, “(Y/n)... Come on, look at me, will you?”
Knowing that Itto was as equally stubborn as you and won’t leave you alone until you do as he asks, you reluctantly turned your head only to have his white hair occupy your field of vision before a pair of lips were pressed against yours. Eyes widening, you pushed him away from you with a high-pitched squeak.
“Itto-kun!” you exclaimed, flustered. Itto let out a booming laugh and winked at you while you rubbed your eyes with the back of your hand.
“So~ Did I manage to steal your breath away~?” he asked in a sing-song voice. You immediately punched his stomach, causing him to double over in pain.
Tumblr media
"... (Y/n)? Why are you crying?” Thoma asked, immediately abandoning his cleaning duties to rush over to your side. He wore a worried look on his face as he scanned you from head to toe to make sure that you weren’t seriously injured. You tend to be reckless when doing your commissions, and he wanted to make sure that you weren’t hurt anywhere.
You didn’t answer your boyfriend when he began to fuss over you; instead, your gaze remained downcast as you avoided any eye contact with him. He seemed to deflate when you gave him no response.
“(Y/n)...?” he called you softly, hearing your choked sniffles, “Why won’t you answer me? Did something happen to make you so upset?” He was very much aware of your bad habit that involved holding your breath whenever you’re crying, and he honestly didn’t like it. He wanted you to stop doing that to yourself because it's okay to be weak sometimes.
When your stubborn silence persisted, he crossed his arms over his chest and nodded to himself. "Alright, you leave me with no choice."
You quickly looked up with wide eyes, knowing what entails those words. Before you could run away, he tackled you to the floor and pinned you down with his legs. He then raised his hands, a playful smirk appearing on his lips.
Thoma began to tickle your sides relentlessly.
You immediately burst out laughing, your tears of laughter mixing with your tears of sadness. The blond laughed along with you and eventually stopped as he retracted his hands. Rolling to your side, you wheezed, trying to catch your breath after the unwarranted tickle session.
"That's better," he said with a beam, "Now won't you give me a smile? You look the cutest when you're smiling."
"You didn't have to add the last part," you murmured, your lips curving upwards slightly.
Chuckling, Thoma stood up before helping you to your feet. Leaning into you, he then kissed your remaining tears away. "Don't forget to breathe next time, okay? You'll scare me otherwise."
Tumblr media
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chilumi-shipper · 2 days ago
Double Whammy
Xiao x Fem!Reader x Alatus (Red Xiao)
Warnings: Dubcon to Con, Smut, NSFW, Voyeurism, Teasing, Semi-Public Sex.
Summary: Xiao went out for the night, came back the next morning with a fella that looks exactly like him, but not like him at all. And that's when you found yourself tied to your own bed, this "Xiao", with red streaks in his hair instead of mint green, playing with your body as the Xiao you know sits on the floor, weak and flustered, watching as his other self defiles you.
Shorter Summary: Red Xiao "Alatus" fucks you and Xiao can feel all the sensation as he watches you get fucked.
"AHHHH!" You screamed as Alatus, the name you decided to give him, drilled into your wet pussy once again, grabbing your hips as he thrusts ruthlessly into you. Your arms feel tired from supporting your body from hours on hours of him doing nothing but fucking the life out of you.
He didn't even try to at least do it with you on a bed, just the balcony floor of Wangshu Inn at the dead of night, with the guy that looks exactly like your friend bending you into every position that he wants to fuck you in.
You hear his grunts as he forces your hips to sync with his brutal pounding, gripping them harder when you uncontrollably squeeze around him.
"S-stop..." You hear the weak voice of Xiao, the real one, whimpering as he said the word. With his wrists and ankles tied by some magic that he can't seem to subdue, Xiao was forced to watch as Alatus had his way with you, watching breathlessly as his other self force orgasms out of you, whilst giving you his own cum in return.
"X-Xiao, ahhh... please..." You whimpered, trying to reach out for him despite the long distance between you two. You don't know what to do, you're being violated, fucked against your will, by a man that looks exactly like someone you... like.
"Desperate little slut. You're begging for me to stop, but your pussy keeps on cumming for me." With that, he forces another one out of you. "See? Your cock-hungry body knows exactly what it wants." Alatus purred, slowing down, but going harder on your soaking cunt.
"Do you know what my cock wants, princess?" He whispered in your ear, his red eyes looking at the breathless and vulnerable man in front of both of you. "It wants to breed your sweet little cunt until it's full of my cum." He groaned, his cock going all the way in as another round of his seed shoot inside you.
"Ughh..." You heard Xiao groan, looking back at him, you saw his front wet, his cheeks seem to turn pink as the bulge on his pants felt every single stimulation that his other half is feeling.
Alatus scoffed, pulling out of you and letting you fall onto the ground in exhaustion, pussy dripping with your mixed cum. You should be relieved, happy that he has finally stopped his assault, but remembering how he fucked your cunt, his degrading words as you squeeze his cock with your walls, giving you the most intense feeling of pleasure that you've ever had.
So when Alatus was walking closer to Xiao, seemingly mocking the Adeptus for cumming whilst watching his friend get violated, all you can think about was how... How nice would it be if Alatus just bends you over the balcony railings and fuck you for everyone to see.
"Please..." Both men looked at you, "Please... f-fuck me..." Alatus chuckled while Xiao looked at you mortified.
"Aww, what a good little slut. Begging for master's cock." The red fellow said as he walked back to you, your mouth watering as he grabs his cock and started pumping it whilst walking up to you. You were still on the ground, cheek against the floor and ass slightly elevated, the position of a true cock slut.
You don't realize what happened, one minute you were on the floor, the next... you're bouncing on Xiao's cock (in favor of Alatus' command) while sucking on Alatus' cock like it was the best thing you've ever had in your mouth.
Xiao managed to subdue the magic tying his wrists together, or more likely, Alatus had let him do it. Instead of pushing you off of him, he grabbed your hips, helped you bounce your cute little ass, moaning at the feeling of your cunt rubbing against his cock.
You felt so happy being used, being a toy for their cocks.
That truly was the best day.
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wispycecilia · 19 hours ago
hey , pretty stranger !
genshin characters as strangers you’ve met
various! genshin impact x reader. (albedo, childe, diluc, fischl, gorou, hu tao, itto, kaeya, kazuha, scaramouche, thoma, venti, xiangling, xiao, yanfei, zhongli.) - 5037 words.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
synopsis: genshin characters as people you’ve encountered, and have remained in your heart ever since then.
notes: modern! AU. long headcanons. british english used. lowercase. some cliche romance tropes used. edited. semi-proofread. gn!reader. mother used in albedo’s one. father used in diluc’s one. slight cursing used. arranged in alphabetical order.
a/n: this was meant to be released way earlier but then word deleted all my work are u srs.. but anywayysss most of these are happy, i promise :) key word is ‘most’ tho. and holy moly these are long asdffghhjkl new record for me!!
Tumblr media
• the person who let you have the last carton of eggs. you were rushing to the supermarket in an absolute frenzy; your mother wanted to make desserts, but you used up the last eggs in the house to complete a stupid ‘rubber egg’ science project of yours.
• it was already late, and the chances of the supermarket actually having anything there at all was very slim, but luck seemed to be in your favour??? lo and behold, right there in the poultry aisle, sits the last box of eggs. you could literally hear angels singing.
• well, your glorious moment was interrupted by a third party picking it up before you could. he was observing them with a critical gaze, and in a slight moment of panic, you were debating whether or not you could win against him in a fist fight.
• but as he gave you a quizzical look at your defeated expression, you opted for the second option: begging.
• it was a pitiful sight, really. you were about to get on your knees and plead at the poor guy just for the eggs. you knew your mother would be angry if you came home with nothing, and you weren’t about to risk a scolding, not today!!
• but instead, he just wordlessly handed the carton to you. no small talk, no need for you to throw your dignity to the side, nothing. it was like he could read your mind. you stood there in awe.
• you swear you could see a hint of a smirk on his face, though.
• the attractive person who was taking care of their sibling at the park. he was helping teucer climb up one of those spider web playground equipment things, and then his shirt rised up a bit and. oh. oh my god. ohhhhhh my god?!?!?
• turns out, he was your neighbour… the hot neighbour that you never noticed until now. you’ve interacted with his little siblings before, but never saw him?? and as you were having a mini crisis on a park bench, his little brother noticed you!
• you were invited to join them with a warm smile from both boys, and your heart almost skipped a beat imagining a domestic scene with the two: childe cooking a meal, while you and teucer sit at a table expectantly. ohh you hopeless romantic... imagining all these scenarios with a boy you’ve just met..
• you got attached way too quickly. you thought that childe believed the same: that you two hit it off, but apparently he didn’t. he gave you his number, but only ever initiated conversation if teucer wanted to meet up with you in the park. (the little boy had grown attached to you!) but it was never for anything else. childe never interacted with your ‘how was your day?’ texts at all.
• next thing you knew, the texts eventually faded into nothingness. you heard from a mutual friend of yours that childe started to date a new girl that moved into town, and that the two can be seen in the nearby park, acting like a sickenly sweet couple as they play tag with childe’s siblings.
• you occasionally walk by the park sometimes, and watch in envy as the girl took up the spot that you once had with the boys. it seemed as if teucer completely forgot about you; he liked the new girl more. and childe… he never once looked your way; he never saw you anything beyond a friend to begin with. childe may have never been yours, but a part of your heart still considered him to be a traitor.
• the person who helped pick your stuff up when you bumped into them. with you being the upcoming successor of a highly esteemed business company, the sight of you rushing to a meeting after sleeping in was embarrassingly undutiful.
• as if your day couldn’t get any worse, you bumped into a stranger along the way, all your files and documents spreading across the pavement like a snowstorm. he initially seemed to carry an impassive look, one that screamed ‘i hate idle chit-chat’, but once diluc saw your face fully?? you swear his eyes perked up in a slight amount of interest.
• one quick apology from both ends later, he helped to pick up all your folders off the ground. and after the situation was all said and done, diluc asked you for your number, his face staying ever-so impassive. and this… just left you shellshocked. him?? the one to initiate romantic advances?? he totally seemed like the unapproachable type. maybe out of your league. but he even called you cute!?!? how even??
• …although, you might’ve gotten your hopes too high up. later that night when you scrambled for the business card diluc scrawled his number on, the dreaded message of ‘number not in use’ popped up on your screen while you sent a quick hi.
• your heart sunk in an instant. one google search of the company written on the business card later, and you found out he was the son of crepus ragvindr, the man who your father left high and dry on a company deal several years ago.
• you seriously thought you had a chance with someone who wouldn’t judge you for your upbringing for once. but, this time round, it looks like you were the one who had gotten fooled once again. why were you involved in your father’s mess?
• the worker at a super suspicious shop you visited. fischl was there, dressed up in a half-magician half-princess get-up, with… somber music in the back. you entered the shop on an absolute whim, just trying to find a present for a friend, and instead? you get a girl trying to predict your death.
• it was oddly captivating, though, and soon enough, you were a regular visitor in this weird shop. you even managed to stick around long enough to meet the second owner, mona!
• fischl would go off on tangents about myths. in particular, shadow familiars. she claimed she had a pet eagle called ‘oz’ that would take form of a vengeful shadow, and would also do anything she asked.
• fischl dropped the act around you soon enough, and even told you her real name. she poured out secrets about her past that not even mona was aware about. fischl’s past was shrouded in more mystery than the mirror ball on her desk, and yet, she described all her tribulations with the crystal clear intent of getting you to understand her.
• as you two got closer, you realised she was just a sheltered girl that needed a friend. that all of this? this store that she set up with her one childhood friend that she had? was a form of escapism. this coping strategy was one that might be looked down upon by many, but was held in such high regard by you. fischl appreciated your presence more than you could ever know.
• and in your point of view? she was initially a stranger you met by pure accident. but now? she was more than that; fischl was someone you hold dear.
• fischl told you once that she lacked the capability to be loved by others. but, as you clutched the crystal bracelet you made for her against your chest, you hoped that fischl would understand that she was loved and cherished.
• the stranger who dropped popcorn all over you in the cinema. you two were in a movie premiere for an adaptation of the saddest novel of all time, and to say the least, you were in absolute shambles.
• sad films nowadays were filled with cliches that weren’t enough to make you cry at all. but this one? this one hit straight in the feels. a refreshing feeling, but crushed your ‘stone-faced bitch that refuses to cry during sad films’ title.
• and??? the hypothetical waterfall coming out of your eyes seemed to be so strong that it came into real life. a wave of pure salt and buttered popcorn came pouring out from behind you.
• the tearful moment you had was no longer, and turning around, you came face-to-face with a brown haired boy giving you a sheepish smile, holding an empty popcorn box. the white-haired friend next to him, panicked beyond belief, apologised on his behalf, but the damage has already been done.
• the cinema workers seemed to go heavy-handed with the butter machine today, as you were covered in the thing. great. you looked like an absolute mess; how were you going to recover from this moment socially?
• gorou came down to your row and gave a brief introduction, before offering you some tissues and wrapping his jacket around you. he escorted you to the toilets to clean yourself up, making playful jokes here and there.
• it would’ve been the highlight of your day, but it quickly became sour as he spoiled a pivotal part of the movie to you, only further adding to the pain.
• it’s okay though. gorou was cute; you forgave him. and on the condition that you two go out to watch the movie once more - just you two, alone - this encounter was later forgotten.
hu tao
• the person who was your escape. you were at the countryside temporarily to visit your grandparents for the summer holidays, and you liked to take escapades at nighttime to bask in the chirps of the cicadas.
• you first met hu tao while she was stuffing ‘help me’ and ‘come here at 3am’ notes underneath rocks at the riverbank the kids would stay at. the shock on her face as you caught her in the act is something that still makes you laugh to this day.
• after that, you two kept your nighttime meetings consistent. it would always be during a luminescent moonlight, besides the run-down convenience store that stood just above the river you first met at.
• you never caught each other’s name, but it didn’t matter. all that mattered was the picturesque memories you’d make together: climbing on top of a playground to look at the stars, watching the fish at the river, and you entertaining hu tao’s pranks by acting surprised whenever she snuck up on you.
• though, of course, good things always come to an end. you were just visiting the countryside, so you had no choice but to leave hu tao behind. you keep those memories in your heart, feeling melancholic every time you reminisce on the best summer you’ve ever had.
• hu tao gave you a ghost plushie before you left, telling you to call it ‘boo tao’. and yet, still, as you asked her for her name or any form of contact, she just gave you a smile, one that was unusually sad for her joyful self.
• ‘mysteries make the moment more special, don’t you think?’
• you hoped that the next time you came to visit, hu tao would be sitting there where you first met, welcoming you back with a tight hug and the cheerful smile you loved so much.
• the stranger who got you a stuffed toy from a festival stall. it was one of those absolutely infuriating strength games. you know, the one where you’d have to smack a table super hard with a hammer? yeah. those ones. the neon sign saying ‘strong striker’ was literally mocking you. you were neither strong or a striker from the looks of things. the game absolutely was rigged.
• although you’d probably neglect the toy after the adrenaline from winning it wears off, who cares? whatever! it would fit perfectly in the depths of your closet with the rest of your carnival winnings!
• you were going broke and wasted literal hours on this one game.. you hadn’t even had the chance to try out the cotton candy stall from the other end of the carnival yet! any rational person would’ve stopped right now, but who said you had self control?
• as you were about to hand over your last coins, an unmistakably attractive and muscular stranger stops your hand. he gives you a reassuring smile, before proceeding to look at the game with a challenging glare.
• ‘leave it to me, stranger!’
• …and just like that, the stranger hit the table so hard with the toy hammer that the meter just. went off the scale. the vendor, who was once looking at you with a look of maliciousness due to literally robbing you of all your money, was now awestruck at the sheer power the man holds.
• you felt your heart drop as he claimed the stuffed toy you were so obviously eyeing, but as he looked at you with a satisfied smirk (maybe even a little cocky), he handed it over to you with little-to-no reluctance, before proceeding to return back to the group of friends who were mocking him for showing off so much.
• before he left, though, he asked you to name the stuffed toy ‘itto’, after his name. you did comply to itto’s wish, and instead of rotting in the back of your closet, the toy sits on your bed, reminding you of the both kind (and a little terrifying) stranger who you met on a not-so average saturday night.
• the worker at an arcade you were visiting. you went to the arcade to blow off some steam after a relatively rough day, and decided to give their bowling venue a shot.
• what you didn’t expect, however, was how absolutely shit you’d be at it. a worker took pity on you and decided to put up the side railings so there would be no way you could miss a shot, and somehow?? It still never hit??
• after the 2nd set and an endless amount of disappointment, a worker, clad in the tacky uniform he had to wear, walked up to your station and just... laughed in your face. way to make the day worse, asshole.
• he then proceeded to ask you needed a ramp because of how bad you were at bowling and?? come on?? he knew you were bad; you knew you were bad. but, he could’ve at least tried to be discreet with your lack of bowling abilities??
• the stranger was at least perceptive enough to realise that you weren’t in the mood to entertain his friendly bantering, and even offered to play with you after his shift ended. just to teach you the proper ropes of bowling, of course.
• your day may have had a rough start, but kaeya, as the stranger claimed was his name, was here to pick you back up.
• the library crush. you first saw him while cramming a project of yours; you needed more stable wifi - the mcdonald’s one just wouldn’t cut it anymore - and had to renew your library card to be able to get in.
• and… shit?? since when did librarians get so hot??? you’ve only ever encountered the stereotypical ones. the old, cranky men that would yell at you if you were ever caught speaking a bit too loud.
• soon, these visits of yours became more and more regular. you’d pretend to act like you’re studying, but in reality, you were admiring the librarian that sat so beautifully on the front desk. you often daydreamed, wondering what he would look like if the afternoon glow cascaded against his face.
• you’d constantly sit at the table adjacent to the desk so you could get the best view of him as possible. maybe even occasionally freak out whenever he would smile at the book he was reading because.. he was just so cute??
• you thought you were being slick with your admiration, but apparently not. because one day, as you were ‘reading’ one of the books you just borrowed from him for ‘research’, kazuha approached you with a cheeky remark.
• ’the book is upside-down, you know.’
• that knowing, cunning (and dare you assume, a little flirtatious?) look on his face said it all. he knew your ulterior motive this whole time, and this slip-up of yours just gave you away completely.
• but it didn’t matter, because in the end, you received a kiss on your forehead, a reminder to take care of yourself, and a number scrawled on a sticky note on the book you borrowed.
• you may have just landed yourself a prince in the kingdom of literature <3
• the stranger who you dubbed as the ‘vending machine rager’. you know those compilations of those 12 yr olds screaming at their xbox on youtube? yeah. that was scaramouche, but with a can of cola instead.
• you’ve never seen someone take canned drinks so… seriously before??? it was. questionable. from afar, it looked like a child baby-raging at a vending machine for not giving them their soft drink.
• this thought of yours only intensified when you went closer, and saw that yes, he was kicking the vending machine out of anger. all you wanted was a strawberry calpis from the machine, but instead, you get a boy blocking everyone else from accessing it. poor you.
• eventually, the guy’s rage was no longer humorous to you, and you just felt bad that he was going this far. usually, people would’ve left it alone already and tried a different machine?? but he was still here??
• you purchased the drink directly above his stuck one, and it knocked it down instantly… scaramouche’s 2 hours of suffering was solved within 2 minutes of your presence. boss moment.
• you handed his drink to him with a smile; he gave you a disgruntled expression. not even a thank you in return. how rude. but this is a story you tell your friends often, just to lighten the mood. after all, what's funnier than an xbox kid personified in the flesh?
• the stranger who re-enacted a drama scene with you. there was a venue opened up for a drama that was trending at the time, and the workers were handing out props and other merchandise that was featured in the show.
• you were out of money, but there was still this trinket that you wanted to buy. the friend who you came with offered to get it for you, on the condition that you shout out one of the most famous lines, all in an attempt to embarrass you, of course.
• with absolutely no shame, you yelled, ‘why do you look at me like that?’
• what you didn't expect was someone from the other side of the shop to join in with you too, completing the iconic line of the well-known show, ‘how else should i look at you?’
• you two locked eyes, and you were convinced you found your soulmate. after all, no one had looked at you with such a warm expression like that before. the boyish laugh he gave, paired with your faint laughs of amusement, captivated the entire shop.
• from an outsider looking in, you and him looked like you knew each other all your life; like you were destined to be together. you later approached thoma, making light conversation to get to know this enigmatic stranger a bit more.
• but he revealed to you that he was enlisted in the army, and was due to resume training in a week or so. any opportunities for a relationship, let alone a friendship, were completely eliminated.
• thoma settled on taking a picture together, where you and him were holding hands, backs facing towards the camera. it remains as your lockscreen to this day. you’d visit the spot once every full moon, in hopes for looking for the boy of ‘what could have been’, called thoma.
• the busker who everyone was ignoring. the city was crowded and bustling in a way it never had before, but for some reason, even in the sea of people, venti managed to shine and stand out from the crowd.
• that day, you were in a rush to chase up a replacement for a kettle you owned, but as soon as you saw him pouring his heart and soul out into his performances, only for people to not even bat an eye in his direction?? what??
• you had placed to be, but you guess they could wait. and, the smile venti gave you as he noticed you watching his performance attentively, made it all worth it. the conversation you two had afterwards is one that you hold dearly, and you swore to yourself you would help him in any way you could.
• he would be there every tuesdays and wednesdays, always at the same time too: 2pm. and so without fail, you’d show up, 5 minutes early, watching him set up his instruments and the speakers so skillfully.
• venti loved having you around. little did you know, he would’ve given up had you not noticed him and supported him since that day.
• you knew diamond in a rough when you see it, and turns out, a man working in a scouting agency thought so too. you saw him giving venti a card one day, and the next, venti was no longer on the designated spot where he would play his songs.
• he was a shimmering star in the sea of talents, and you were there to watch him grow, right from the beginning. a star is nothing without the support from you, his fuel and fire, to shine.
• you smile in absolute glee whenever you see venti and his recent albums being advertised on the billboards across your city. you hoped he still remembered who you were; his first fan, the first person to see his potential to hit it big.
• but it was okay if he didn’t. you’d support him anyways.
• the stranger who kept going for free food samples at the food stall you worked at. she’d appear like, 10 minutes apart from each visit, each time with a half-assed disguise. even the little kid who refused to leave you alone noticed her after a while??
• you weren’t allowed to give out more than 3 portions at once of the sliced chili steak you were handing out, but she was on her 15th sample… oh goodness. you’re getting in trouble, alright.
• you knew you had to stop xiangling’s madness soon, or else you’re getting fired, but as she comes up to you with a fake moustache from the $2 dollar store, an obviously fake deep voice, paired up with an equally cute laugh at the end that gave away her disguise? who were you to decline?
• she kept coming until the end of your shift, using obviously fake names such as ‘bartholomew’ or ‘margaret’... it honestly impressed you on how much costumes and disguises she owned. she probably prepared this in advance.
• after that incident, you were never placed in the food station again. a co-worker ratted you out for having favouritism between customers, but who could blame you? she was so cute.
• chances are, she found another food place to harass for free samples. good on her. who knows? maybe you’ll encounter her again during one of your mall adventures. who knows. <3
• the airport crush. it was a dull morning, and you were preparing yourself for the jet-lag that was undoubtedly going to occur. and then, in the sunlight, you see the prettiest stranger you’ve ever seen in your life.
• you thought that would be it. that after the quick, fleeting eye contact you two made, that you’d never see the man again. it did put a slight ache in your heart.
• then?? he was literally on the same flight and everything?? this is your chance?? but you were wayyy too shy and couldn’t gather up enough gall to approach him and ask for his number. the guy had a certain air about him, one that seemed unapproachable, as if he was a deity that you could do nothing besides stare upon.
• you tried every method beside approaching him, though. you got so desperate that you even tried to airdrop people, asking if they know (or are) the guy in seat 365. however, it was all futile. you were unaware that the guy didn’t even own an iphone.
• and finally, as you two, by some miracle, end up leaving at the same terminal once more, you mustered up enough courage to approach him.
• but with his response of a quick ‘i’m in a rush; you’re wasting my time’, all your fantasies of ever seeing the fleeting airport crush once more were crushed beyond comprehension.
• nowadays, whenever you see a similar shade of green hair, you hide and revert your gaze as quick as possible. that nauseating feeling whenever you think of that day was too much for you to handle.
• your stupid friend’s legal advisor who they were crushing on massively. your friend got into some massive legal trouble after knocking down an entire aisle of precious antiques at a pawn shop, and now here you two are.
• you initially refused to play any part in this, but they did absolutely everything to persuade you to come with them because, in verbatim, ‘my lawyer is the prettiest person ever!!’
• they even sent you the whole ‘ohh lawrd im goin to jail my lawyers hot’ when they first met up with yanfei. put a leash on your friend so they don’t go and jump on her please <3
• they did end up convincing you to go, eventually. it was on the condition that they’ll go out and take you out to a restaurant you’ve always been wanting to try.
• but as soon as you saw the lawyer in question, sitting on her desk with a sense of maturity that you could never imagine having, even though you were most likely the same age??
• oops. looks like you fell for the legal advisor too. good luck to you :)
• that fluttering in your chest only seemed to increase as she sent you a warm smile, obviously well aware that you were forced here. yanfei even offered you her candy jar to keep yourself entertained as she talks business with your friend.
• you two wouldn’t be just strangers for long, and you both knew it.
• the coffee shop stranger. you’ve imagined this scenario plenty of times before, actually. it’ll be a cute moment: you’ll forget your wallet at home, and the cute guy behind you will offer to pay for it in full, asking for nothing besides your number in exchange.
• ohhhh nope!! how wrong you were!!! as the man in front of you, clad in a crisp suit, sheepishly turns around, (all the while a disgruntled worker who was definitely not getting paid enough for this sighs in the back) asks if you had any spare change??
• you wanted to curse the universe for this. what have you done wrong to deserve such a thing? the opportunity was right there, the stars were all aligned, so what have you done? you thought you’ve been a relatively good person all your life.
• seriously. why were you the one paying for him?? it was meant to be the other way around. what made it even worse was that he ordered the most expensive thing on the menu. the bashful smile that he gave you made your anger dissipate for a second. just a second, though. annddd then you were back to staring holes into the back of head.
• as he hands you his business card, thanking you for your kindness before promptly walking off, you stare in absolute awe. you weren't shocked because of how rushed his thank you was - the only thing in your mind was that he didn’t even give you his number after all that. the fantasy in your head was completely crushed now.
• but as you flipped the card around, your shock increased tenfold. morax co. was scribed perfectly onto the black card??? even a child would know that name. it was one of the most well-known companies around.
• maybe this encounter wasn’t too bad after all.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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almondoufu · a day ago
포기하고싶어, one last time before i give up
pairing gn!reader x childe, xiao, diluc, thoma, scaramouche
genre angst and definitely no comfort
warnings sfw kiss scene
a/n inspired by "how can i love the heartbreak, you're the one i love" by akmu, diluc's part inspired by aeri's "in the rain, i was yours" i miss her :(
Tumblr media
childe is on his knees again, and to any outsider it would look just like the day he dramatically asked to be your boyfriend in front of the entirety of liyue harbour. but this time his eyes glimmer and his voice cracks for a different reason. "what about finally being able to go home together?"
his eyes quickly spill over when he realises that no matter what he says, the you he once loved so much was already gone. your head whips around, but you still don't lift your eyes from the ground. "home was you, but what's the point if you're never there for me to return to?"
"i'd tear down the world for you! please!"
a piercing gaze, so achingly familiar, finally locks with his waterfalls of blue.
"i don't need anything more from you."
you're pulled forwards with a jolt, his lips crashing feverishly against yours in a desperate, impulse decision. the familiar sensation of tender affection is conveyed perfectly through his kiss, tears staining your cheeks. you can feel every shaky inhale and exhale, and you would never admit that it's almost heartbreaking to feel his lips quivering, even as they're pressed against yours with such passion. childe is out of breath, but he doesn't pull away, not when his lungs are about to collapse, not when you tug on his collar like you always have to let him know it's time to break away. your hands leave their place on his shoulders and he slackens his fist full of your shirt.
childe knows he could force you into love again, but he chooses to loosen his grip. maybe one day he'll regret being too weak to make you stay, but love is the one game he's willing to lose if it means he can see you happy. even if it's with someone else.
"그때 알게 되었어 난 널 떠날 수 없단 걸 우리 사이에 그 어떤 힘든 일도 이별보단 버틸 수 있는 것들이었죠"
"i knew just then that i couldn't leave you no matter how many problems we face they're easier to withstand than breaking up"
xiao stays silent throughout your outburst, but he can't seem to control the hand that reaches out to grab your wrist as you walk away. there's surprise written all over your expression when you turn to face him, and he wonders why you're so shocked that he doesn't want you to leave. did he always make you feel this unwanted? this unloved? maybe you are better off without the burden of his companionship, but there's a stupid stubborn human emotion engulfing his logical senses, and he doesn't understand.
never in his immortal lifetime would he imagine himself clinging to a mortal in such a pathetic, worthless way. he should be disappointed in himself, yet xiao can't bring himself to release his grip on you. he doesn't know why he's so desperate, and he doesn't know why you aren't pushing him away yet.
he doesn't even want to say he loves you. there's no reason to, he thinks, especially when you aren't going to say it first. but the words slip from his tongue anyways, because there are screams that reverberate in his mind, loud voices that taunt him for allowing another loved one leave- mocking him for ever believing fate would be kind enough to let him trust another, that a pure human being like you would ever fall in love with a corrupted, tainted soul like him.
in the distance, there echoes melancholic sigh of the dihua flute. the wind carries the same tune as all those eons ago, and as he closes his eyes, xiao relives the foolish hope of his old friends' dreams, their dreams of a sweeter life, of escaping a yaksha's karmic nightmare. and then he thinks of you, but his mind doesn't drift to your wishes; it tugs at his own selfish desires instead.
he prays to rex lapis that you'll call his name once more before your life comes to an end. and before xiao lets you go, he murmurs a broken "i love you" to seemingly no one, his voice so low it could almost be mistaken for the wind.
"그때 알게 되었어 난 더 갈 수 없단 걸 한 발 한 발 이별에 가까워질수록 너와 맞잡은 손이 사라지는 것 같죠"
"i realised just then i can no longer go on every step brings us closer to our breakup your hand i used to hold seems to vanish"
diluc doesn't meet your eyes. it's out of respect, he tells himself. but if he's being honest, he knows it'd be impossible to keep up his composure any other way.
he looks at the box cradled in your arms. he notices everything- from how you have to readjust your position every few seconds, to the white of your knuckles from a tightening grip. he wants to reach out and help you like he always has- he wants to open the door, to lift the weight off your shoulders, to take all your troubles into his own hands.
"let me."
trembling hands reach out and clasp your palms. he searches your eyes for any remaining trace of empathy, but there is none. you're standing here, skin on skin, hand in hand, but you're already gone. you left long ago; from the bed at night, from the kitchen in the mornings, from the dinner table, from the tavern in the evenings to pay him a visit and plant a kiss on his cheek. what a fool he was for not noticing earlier.
"i'm fine."
diluc watches as your eyes wander to a place beyond the horizon. you look hopeful, and maybe he won't argue back for once... because this time, you genuinely look happier without him. perhaps he was only holding you back all this time.
your silhouette dissolves into just another shadow that coats the dawn landscape. sunlight dapples across the foliage of dawn winery, and diluc knows this will be one of the two most stunning memories he'll ever have of you.
he wonders if you planned your departure on purpose. it seems that you've forgotten; it was under the first light of dawn that you asked him to be yours and only yours.
"일부러 몇 발자국 물러나 내가 없이 혼자 걷는 널 바라본다 옆자리 허전한 너의 풍경"
"i purposefully take a few steps back i look at you walking without me there is a void beside you"
thoma is shameless, and has always been. you've never once seen him angry, and he won't let his aching heart change that- his eyes stay kind, but his smile doesn't reach his eyes, and he knows. there's a little part of him that hopes his no doubt crestfallen face would be enough to convince you to stay. you'd called that expression cute before, endearing, even- yet now even as his eyes brim with unshed tears, there's no trace of compassion or affection in your voice.
"please? y/n?" he sounds desperate, needy, clingy, even, but he has absolutely nothing to lose; there is nothing in this world more precious to thoma than you. he reaches out to clasp your hands in his, squeezing tightly as if that will convey all the words that are now stuck in his throat.
"i can fix this, please, let me."
the sun is setting behind you on ritou, the glimmer of the ocean reflecting in your captivating eyes, and he's reminded of the first day on which he met you. the gentle breeze, the way your hair ruffles with each gust and your gaze, trained on the sunset, staring into the horizon. rosy cheeks turn into a flustered smile, and thoma mirrors the action by rubbing the back of his neck shyly.
if he could, he'd go back and capture you all over again. except he'd do better this time. he'd fix himself and try to fix you, too. because after all this time, he knows you're lying when you say you will be happier like this, better off alone.
"i love you too", thoma whispers, before feeling his heart shatter at the realisation that there is no "too", there is only "i love you", and that is how it will always be.
"어떻게 내가 어떻게 너를 이후에 우리 바다처럼 깊은 사랑이 다 마를 때까지 기다리는 게 이별일 텐데"
"how could i love you as deep as the ocean waiting until it dries would be our farewell"
scaramouche isn’t used to being unable to get what he wants, or not having his desires in arm's reach. he can't recall a day on which you aren't attached at the hip, despite the grumbles and scoffs that just can't push you away. he's always had you wrapped around his finger; a hand on the small of your back, his fingers circling your wrist, an arm snaking around your waist.
yet now, even as you stand a few meters apart, there's never been this much distance between the two of you. the deafening silence stretches out for miles on either end, an expanse of regret, quicksand that threatens to pull you both under if there is even an attempt to struggle against the strings of fate.
"i didn't love you anyways."
it's pathetic, the way you believed the words he now tries to convince himself were lies. you turn around with a pitiful smile, and it sparks an inexplicable anger in him- he doesn't want your pity.
so what does he want?
his words are sharp and unforgiving, glinting maliciously as he threatens you. scaramouche hates you, he really does. he hates you for turning him into someone even close to human. he hates you for making him experience emotions like pain- like heartbreak, heartache, and worst of all, love.
and he hates you for leaving. because even if he says he doesn't need anyone, even if he's long convinced himself he's above all these mundane feelings- there's a still sliver of hope that yearns for companionship, for someone to truly want him for who he was before he was thrown away.
어떻게 이별까지 사랑하겠어 널 사랑하는 거지 사랑이라는 이유로 서로를 포기하고
"how can i love the heartbreak when you're the one i love i can't give up on us"
Tumblr media
taglist (open): @chichikoi, @noirkkat, @starglitterz, @urujiako, @abyssheart, @keokomi, @zierx, @mikachuchu, @shxnosuke, @stupidbirdcentral, @icecappa, @ayra2452008, @luceyluce, @masterofbrioches, @upsetpotatoo, @ariesreii, @yeetmeoffjueyunkarst, @alberivh, @rganvindr @mayple, @bookuya, @venti-le-bard, @melkxsh, @oh-well-then, @mityas-temptation, @tsubaki3192, @ventirain, @severedftaes, @simplyxsinned, @liqhtiny, @booksandhoneymilktea, @hushyouu, @solar-shatter, @nyctophilia108, @mc-park, @hellokittykuroo, @xoxovictoriaa
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hahaimnotdeadyet · a day ago
Waking up next to you with a boner Genshin HC (Venti, Xiao, Gorou)
Warnings and tags English is not my native! NSFW NO MINORS PLEASE, mention of BoNer ofc and sex
(Diluc, Zhongli, Kazuha) (Kaeya, Tartaglia, Tohma)
- will be this one little brat who wakes you up
- yeah, he is a type of person which if wants something - gets it right after
- so when he opens his eyes and finds you both in almost pornograthic position - his body is between your legs so your hips are next to his waist - even if he hasn't got a boner - he would right now
- starts pecking your skin where he can reach - your neck, jawline, collarbones, lips, while his fingers dances on your leg
- "Oh, Barbatos" you curse, not putting any specific sence, slowly waking up only to see your lover smiling slyly
- "Ready to partake of your prayers" he giggles as his head disappears under the blanket
- he immediately finds his way to suck on your nipples, while his hand caresses on your clothed sex
- happens really rarely. Firstly he is a light sleeper, secondly - he barely need sleep
- so usually he stays with you till you fall asleep and leaves
- if it happens he is /paralyzed/. He is not a virgin ofc and this isn't new for him, BUT
- early morning, sun is just starts to rise on Liyue, it's warm orange light on your face and bare shoulders. Sweet, a little cool air from the open window
- Xiao moans in delight, pressing his hips onto you. He screw up his eyes, squeezing you in his arms. Yeah, tomorrow he will be grumpy if you tries to ruffle his hair, but right now he can be a little softer, a little more mortal
- because of his hybrid nature has higher sex drive than most of the human. The second reason - it's not a common thing to wake up together, sadly
- so probably will wake up in the middle of wet dream and find himself being extremely close to you. Like, really close, right behind you. Uncertainly checks if he left marks on you. Ears are pressed to the head.
- feels conflicted. His instincts wants to wake you up and show how he misses you, on the other side - you need rest
- so most likely to hide his face between your shoulder blades and almost cry. He is a good boy, but wants you so bad and you two have to wake up and leave each other again soon
- gonna stay like that, without doing anything till you wake up what happens shortly after
- will suggest to mate with him by pushing himself closer to you and caressing your thighs almost touching your privy parts
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rainbowbeidou · 2 days ago
I always dream about fucking Xiao slow and sensual, whispering praises near of his ears while i only hear is whimpers and cries, begging me for make him cum and how much he loves me <33
Tumblr media
♡ — when the adeptus cries.
sub xiao x soft dom gn reader
♡ — content: sub! xiao x soft dom! gn! reader
♡ — genre: smut <3
♡ — date written: 10.21.21
♡ — warning: dacryphilia, anal penetration (xiao receiving)/pegging, praise, slight dumbification, sub xiao what omg…
♡ — nsfw under the cut!
Tumblr media
xiao was your good boy.
laying on the bed, taking your cock so nicely. you could hear him whimpering beneath you, head stuffed into the pillows, body radiating heat below you.
what a beautiful sight, hm?
you could tell how humiliated he felt, but the feeling of him being stuffed with your dick was so euphoric, he couldn’t really speak up about it. it felt good. real good. he wanted more.
“xiao,” you cooed out his name, halting your movement. xiao peeked his head up, in which you could see tears painting his reddened cheeks. “you’re my good boy, right?” you asked, awaiting an answer. xiao nodded eagerly, panting and wiping at his face. “yes. i am. i’m— i’m your good boy. please fuck me, please?” xiao whined, his voice being interrupted by vocal cracks every so often.
“well, since you asked so nicely,” you shrugged, pounding into him once more, milking a loud moan from xiao. his face burned crimson at the sound of such a humiliating noise.. he didn’t even know he could moan that loud, oh, how embarrassing.
but once you started moving, his brain completely forgot about it. “oh, haah— more, more— please, please—!” xiao sighed, gripping at the sheets so hard his knuckles went numb. never had he felt so good before.. so good, it felt so good! “you’re so good, y/n—nnn.. you’re the only one who—who—“
“who what, baby? tell me.” you leaned down near his face, bending him at his waist even lower. xiao moaned, trying to find words to tell you, but he simply couldn’t. “you— mmh.. you—“
“xiao, i can’t understand you.” you said, grabbing his face and aiming it towards you. “talk to me, darling.”
“you’re— the—the only one who makes me— f-feel this go-good!” xiao groaned out, tears sliding down his face even faster than last time. you thrusted in and out of his hole, every movement sending xiao even closer to the edge.
“aw, really? i’m flattered.” you flashed an innocent smile, watching xiao whimper into your hand. god, he was so close. so, so close.
“y/n— y/n—! wanna come, please?” the adeptus begged, lurching forward with every pounding he received. “hm? you want to cum?” you asked, acting blind to his pleas.
“yes! yes, wanna cum, ‘m gonna cum!” xiao sobbed impatiently. he was at his limit. you were being so slow and careful, it was so unbearable. he tried fucking himself onto your strap even more, hitting his prostate, letting out a gasp. his eyes watered even more violently as his grip on the sheets nearly tore the silk apart.
“xiao, relax baby, you can cum.” you shushed him.
and that was all the assurance he needed.
Tumblr media
♡ — author’s note: GOD THIS WAS SO FUN TO WRITE!!! i hope u liked it, i didn’t take too much time to proofread lol. also i changed the layout of my fics!!! lmk if u like em! uhh i think that’s all. kay bye!!!
♡ — rainbowbeidou has logged off.
Tumblr media
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witch-hazels-musings · 13 hours ago
Warning: comfort (blood mention like right away (Ch), slight angsty feels??)
Character X GN Reader | Anthology 
Includes: Childe, Diluc, Scaramouche, Xiao 
Tumblr media
Happy birthday to my friend @fuwon​ <3!!
Blood coated his hands, darkness hid in the shadow he could never part from, past and future acts he would accomplish in his duties would linger on his skin as scars usually do. He could hate them, learn from them, ignore them but no matter what he accepted they were a part of him. Truths and lies mingled together until they made sense in his mind but when he looked in the mirror he found eyes clouded with confusion. He could wipe away the steam that fogged his vision but no matter how many times he pushed the droplets of water to the edge of the reflective glass, he didn’t understand the image it showed him. 
That was until he found you. 
He knew his purpose, he knew what he was but, in the years he crafted himself into a being who battled fate itself, there were pieces of who he was that drifted away. Each bit of his person he watched break apart held a fragment of his true self but, at this point in his life, he wasn’t sure if those could ever be reclaimed; or, and this thought floated around in the darkness of his mind, would he even want what was lost to be returned. 
That was until you showed him. 
“Goodmorning, Childe.” You whispered against his skin. The gentleness of your kiss on his cheek caused him to stir into the air that you breathed. He relished every fleck of energy you shared with him. Like a fish out at sea, you caught him in your net. In the past he might have found his way to slip free, to find the open spot that he could use as an escape but there was this undeniable attraction the two of you shared that kept him circling. 
Was it your encouragement; the strands that supported him and kept him steady, moving, focused? 
Was it your perspective; the way you saw the world in such a unique light but never strayed from the values you cherished? 
Was it the way you acted; the adorable pouted lips that begged him to stay, the bright eyes and addictive smile that welcomed him home, the interesting way you took on the world? 
Or was it, above everything else. 
The way that you loved him. 
No questions, no regrets, no worries or fears. You shared with him every single day a love that he never thought possible. A richness that outweighs the mora he’s seen. A devotion that would make the Tsaritsa jealous. A patience that would wait a thousand years for him. He’d never known about it, but he didn’t dare let it leave his grip now that’s he’s tasted it. 
He gazed at you while you got ready. Your hands, your arms, your legs helping you along without any support from him. You were sturdy on your own, independent, and secure. You never asked much of him and he wasn’t sure if he loved or hated that. 
Slowly, he removed himself from the bed, the floor cool against his bare feet, the morning air from the open window igniting the energy in his lungs. You didn’t expect him but when he wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you in for a deep embrace, you didn’t push him away either. 
“Hello.” You giggled, molding against him as if it were the most natural thing in the world. 
“I’m a pretty lucky guy.” Childe hummed into your hair. 
“To be with me? Yeah, I think so too.” He laughed and loved the way the sound of it mixed with yours. He adjusted just enough so he could kiss your shoulder and take in the way your body reacted to the affection. 
“Keep getting ready.” 
“And just how am I supposed to do that with you holding onto me, hmm?” 
“I know what you’re capable of, show me.” 
“Fine, just don’t get mad if you get hit on accident.” 
“I’m ready.” He assured you, arms pulling you closer so every sense he had could take you in. 
The weight of his past never failed to put a strain on his shoulders. The work of his present never failed to cause his eyes to droop heavy, to grind against his already worn bones, or charge him with duties he felt were his alone to bear. Diluc’s burdens were meant to repent of the mistakes he once made. To apologize and grow from the emotions he wished never settled in the darkness of his nightmares. He only wanted to take the next step but his future remained dark. He couldn’t imagine there would be something to shift his stumbling, that a hand would find him and lead him free from the shackles of his responsibilities. 
That was until you called his name.
Diluc didn’t shy away from what he was asked to do. If the job needed to be done, it was better for a man of competence to complete them; and, no matter how far the years pull him from the memories of his past, he could never escape the fire his father cultivated in him. 
“You will face many trials in this life,” The gentle tone of his father’s voice echoed in his mind, a sturdy hand resting on his shoulder while a reassuring face gazed at his. “As long as you stick to what is right and dutiful, it won’t matter what get’s thrown at you. You are my son and no storm can break you.” The earnest expression on his father’s face chiseled the words into his heart and seeped into the unform he was finally able to put on. 
The only barrier to this philosophy was Diluc no longer knew if he was worthy to accept words like that, to accept love like that. He had failed. He couldn’t save the lives of those around him so, to put someone else, someone who didn’t mind taking those steps in the darkness with him, someone who looked at him and saw who he was, how could be put someone else in the position to suffer?
That was until you made it all change.
“Diluc, are you busy?” You asked, fingers resting on the wooden door as you peered into the study. He gazed up at you from the pile of documents and breathed like someone had opened the window in the stuffy room. 
“I can spare a moment.” He stood and met you halfway, his hands finding your arm long before you stopped before him. 
“What are you working on?” You looked down at the desk but for a moment he simply took in the sight of you before answering your question. 
“Correspondence letters, price negotiations, requests, and repair plans for the cellar.” 
“Mm, so the standard it seems.” The gentle expression on your face caused him to sigh, the colors shining in your eyes were inviting, and the smile you gave him caused one to appear on his lips. “What?” You scanned his face, searched in his eyes with your question and the action made all his thoughts spill into the palm of your hands. 
Carefully, he scooped your fingers into his, pulling them to his lips. “You make me feel worthy, do you know that?” 
“Dilu… Where did this come from?” Your tone was airy; understandable since he caught you off guard but when you reacted like this how was he supposed to stop himself. 
“It’s an expression of my feelings for you.” He explained, pressing another kiss to your now-shaking fingers. 
“Well, if you don't stop, you’re going to make me cry.” 
“Good tears, I hope.” 
“Of course they are,” He watched you wipe away a tear from your cheek. The level of honest you showed him each and every day continued to reassure him how much you felt for him but it was the three little words you expressed on those extraordinary days that made him feel like he could fly. “I love you, ya know.” 
“I am honored to receive such love.” 
His future was dark but, as he held you in his arms, it was like someone finally turned on the sun, and at the end of the path you stood with hands stretched out to guide him home.   
What is a being like him meant to accomplish? Is it to be a vessel, a tool, a weapon, a guide. Was his whole purpose in life to forge onward blindly until the door finally bursts open? Where will he be when that day comes? Left in the aftermath of his destruction or on the other side of it as the new world bursts with possibilities. 
For a long time, Scaramouche didn’t care to know. He wandered with no goals, no aspirations, no understanding of who or what he was, and before the notion could fully solidify in his mind a new identity was given to him. Power, order, laws meant to assist and define him worked their way into his hollow shell and he relished in it all - he became what was asked of him without question. He stood at the top of the pillar and gazed at those below him but, while those who bowed to him followed him, not a single one of them accepted him. 
That was until you. 
The day you stumbled into his life was the first day he finally understood the word, ‘fate.’ Things did and didn't happen to him and he never once felt impacted by it. Of all the things he experienced, there was nothing that prepared him for the day you looked at him. Not through him, not in fear or fury of him, but honestly, truly looked at him. It was the day he knew you were the missing piece to his existence.  
He needed you and he was over the moon that you needed him too. 
Scara couldn’t help but watch you. The way you moved around the room, how you interacted with anyone and everyone who came into contact with you. The smiles you gave them, the sweet nicknames you let slip from the lips he knew spelled his name. It all made his skin itch and tingle and no matter how much you told him that you were his, there was this feeling he couldn't shake that you’d walk out of his life and never come back. He hated it, loathed it, and on days that it became far too strong he had to make sure his uncertainties were baseless. 
“Y/N.” He called out to you before you could leave his workspace. The office in Inazuma was lavish enough to satisfy him but it only felt complete when you were there and, since you tried to keep yourself busy, there were times he didn’t see you at all. 
“Yes?” Your fingers slid away from the teacup while your eyes fell onto him. How he loved to be the center of your attention. 
“How do I make you feel?” He asked so directly that it startled even him. He had planned all day how to ask you this question but when the time came the words that fell out of his mouth were not what he wanted. 
“What … uh, well.” 
“Nevermind, just leave.” He dismissed you with a wave but you parried his gesture with your determination to answer his question. 
“Hold on, I-I want to answer. I was just caught off guard.” You chuckled and the irritation in his veins began to fade. He looked at you impatiently but did his best to wait for your reply. 
“You make me feel special like I’m someone important. Mmm, you make me feel happy, you make me laugh --”
“How so?” 
“Wa-- well you’re just silly sometimes, I don’t know how to explain it.” You laughed again, hand moving to cover your lips slightly and he turned his head to hide the color of his cheeks. 
“That’s … okay you can-” 
“OH! One more thing.” He gazed at you sideways, his eyes locked on your excited expression with intensity. “You make me feel worthy, worthy to be at your side, to talk to you, to l-love you …” 
Whatever he had expected you to say it wasn’t this but now that his heart began to pound and the floodgates of his investment in your answer couldn’t be closed, he needed so desperately to hear more. “Come here.” He beckoned, pushing back his chair so he could coax you between him and his desk. His hands took the tray from yours and let it rest against the sturdy wood. “Tell me,” Scara’s hand wrapped around your wrist and pulled your arm to his lips, “What else do I make you feel. Be honest, I can tell if you lie to me.” His finger pushed against the pounding vein in your wrist as if to emphasize his words and for the next hour or so he took in every response you gave him.  
Born from the wishes of desperate voices he forged his way through life. Captured, manipulated, dangled like a puppet from strings to enact the wills of a corrupted heart showed him a world of red and black. It was all he knew and all he breathed until finally, someone cut the strings that would bring him freedom. A contract formed of trust and respect was the first day he used the name Xiao and since those bonds were forged he never looked back. He knew what he was, knew what his duties were and he surrendered himself to live a life as far away from the world he was meant to protect. 
That was until you saved him. 
The debts he accrued would never be repaid but it never meant he would stop trying. The hatred that mingled with the ground would perpetually rise and if he didn’t take his blade to their malice the commitments made all those years ago would shatter. This life was a lonely one, a painful one that often left him to suffer in the shade of the trees or hidden in the high rocks most don’t dare climb. 
That was until you found him.
The soft melody of your song called him to your side like a crystal fly drifting toward the energy of its favorite element. The soothing cadence carved a path in the world like a beacon to guide him home and no matter how many times he told himself he wouldn’t return, he found himself at your door yet again. 
“Hello there, my little wind.” You hummed, stalling your movements and letting the pestle roll along the edge of your plant-stained mortar. 
His feet settled onto the ground of your hut, his spear rested against the edge of the house for he was far too nervous to bring something stained with darkness into your space. Of course, you never did seem to mind. There wasn't a memory he had of you withdrawing your hands from him, and he was darker and more clouded than anything his weapon may come into contact with. 
“You kept us safe again.” You smiled at him from your seat, the burning incense and dry flowers curled around you to create a comforting scent he’d never forget. The sun that poked through the windows you never closed, that reflected off the countless glass containers which held all sorts of specimens and concoctions, cast bright shadows over your face as if you were the embodiment of a star itself. 
He moved unable to find any logical reason to avoid you and, when he settled next to you, let his head rest on the pillow you always had ready for him. Everywhere he ever went he was Xiao, the vigilant and protecting yaksha but, in this cottage against the side of the mountain, he felt like Xiao, nothing more, nothing less. 
“You know,” You began with that voice he loved to listen to, “I’m not sure what I have done to earn your trust.” His eyes opened at the feeling of your fingers brushing across his brow, the feeling of your gaze against his skin. “But, you make me feel very worthy, Xiao.” 
You smiled at him; your eyes, your lips, your heart all at the same time smiled at him and he felt every single second of it. “I … I will always protect you, understand?” 
“Haha, I know.”
Before long, you went back to your work. The sound of stone pushing against leaves and oil, grinding and gentle scraping of a well-worked compound before filling a far meant for someone’s cough filled his ears. He felt the warmth of the sun against his skin, the smell and sensation of you at his side and the gentle humming from your throat crafted energy so healing he felt the grey fall off his skin. 
He let himself exist near you and you did the same and, while the birds drifted past the window you began to sing a song about never-ending love. 
tag list (50/50): 
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bunn1loid · 2 days ago
(tw for sh and suicide? i read the rules, please dont feel forced to do it, only if you want to and are comfortable with it!!, sorry if its too specific im just in a really bad place rn and theyre my comfort characters NXSJXN /g) i hope youve been doing well, i was wondering if i could request venti, xiao, and diluc comforting their bestfriend (gn please!) thats been secretly struggling with severe depression, sh and suicidal thoughts? thank you :D have a nice day/night, remember to hydrate! <3
❝ 𝔂𝓸𝓾'𝓻𝓮 𝓷𝓸𝓽 𝓪𝓵𝓸𝓷𝓮 ❞
➝ venti, xiao, diluc
     comforting you when you’re depressed
➝ pronouns: they/them
➝ warnings: depression, self-harm, suicidal thoughts
➝  a/n: hello anon! i'm sorry you have to suffer so much, and i hope this will bring you some comfort. if you ever need to talk, i'll be there, okay? i wish you the best, you deserve it. pls stay safe, and have a good day/night too ♡
Tumblr media
🍂 𝓿𝓮𝓷𝓽𝓲:
• when you befriend venti, he quickly notices that something about you is... off.
• you don’t radiate the same happiness as most of the inhabitants of mondstadt, and while he knows he shouldn’t press you for answers, he worries for you greatly.
• still, he struggles to find the reason why your smile rarely reaches your eyes, even though you wake up every morning, dress up and go outside -- and he’s always pleased to see you.
• it’s during one of those mornings that he notices a faint, red stain on your shirt. he stays silent about it until you’re both out of the city, he knows better than to question the blood on your clothes in front of the knights and... everyone else.
• he brings you to windrise, his usually cheerful behavior disappearing as you two approach the large tree. he holds your hand gently, and when he turns around to face you, you find yourself in front of barbatos.
• his physical appearance stays the same, but his eyes hold the wisdom of a god and the kindness of a friend. you can't help but shiver as you feel a lukewarm wind embracing you.
• venti carefully unbuttons the sleeve of your shirt and pulls it up to your elbow, letting out a quiet sigh when he sees the injuries.
• “ y/n, you do not need to hide from me. “ he murmurs as he stares into your eyes. they remind him of a land he once knew; cold, filled with pain and utterly devastated. “ i know you’re not feeling well. would you please tell me what pains you so much ? “
• your heart aches in your chest when he takes you in his arms. venti kisses your eyelids, wanting to take away your tears.
• you try to explain your feelings, but it’s so... confusing, even to you. you just want it to end, all of this, and it hurts. you cry harder in venti’s arms, craving his touch and wanting him to hug you tighter.
• " this world is beautiful, y/n. " he says as he stares at the horizon.
• you rest your head on his chest and follow his gaze with your own eyes. with your blurred vision, you see leaves are floating in the wind and birds are singing around you. crystalflies glow in the sunlight and drop sparkling dust on your shoulders when they pass by.
• " you may not be able to realise it on your worst days, but you're still young, and you have so much to experience. " his arms leave your body, much to your dismay, and the sound of his fingers softly grazing against a lyre's strings fills the air. " i want you to listen to all the songs i play. only then i will allow you to rest. "
• he closes his eyes with a somewhat malicious smile on his lips. he knows he will never run out of songs to play and tales to tell.
Tumblr media
• he can sense when you are in danger.
• and he knows something is wrong: how come everytime he comes to defend you against any potential threat, he finds you alone with an obviously forced smile on your lips ?
• you can’t hide your troubles from him for long. after some time, he decides to spend the night right outside your window, on the balcony of your home. he wants to be near you to know what is going on, he’s desperate to understand.
• he runs to you as soon as he hears you whimper, and is horrified when he sees you sitting on the edge of your bed, an item in hand and wounds on your body.
• xiao tries to ignore the feeling of his heart crumbling as he grips your wrist, preventing you from harming yourself any more. the realisation that your biggest threat is yourself leaves a bitter taste in his mouth.
• “ do not hurt yourself. “ he says, and you roll your eyes. these four words are so painful to you, almost more than your injuries. they sound so simple when they come out of his mouth, and yet... it’s almost impossible for you to stop. xiao notices your expression. “ your body is fragile, y/n. time itself is enough to damage it -- you will wither away before you know it. be gentle with your body, while it still supports you. you do not deserve pain. “
• sitting in front of you, he gestures you to place your hands in his. the tip of your fingers feel warmer when they come in contact with his skin. “ i know it’s easy to lose hope when you’re seemingly all alone and lost. i feel your pain. but you must remember that there will always be someone by your side. “
• xiao feels powerless; as your friend, he should protect you against any danger. and yet, when he tries to find his way in the maze that is your heart, he sees no way to repair it.
• nonetheless, he promises to stay with you no matter what.
• “ even if the world leaves you to perish, that someone by your side will be me. “
• you can expect him to keep you company when you come home from work. he doesn’t mind admiring the landscapes of Liyue from your balcony if it means you’re safe and sound near him.
• when the sun finally sets and you open the door of your home, you can regularly see qingxin flowers or shining crystals on your doorsteps.
Tumblr media
🍂 𝓭𝓲𝓵𝓾𝓬:
• he might not make it obvious most of the time, but diluc loves you very much and cares for you.
• he regularly glances at you while working in the tavern, especially when you seem to be down. it’s a little routine for the two of you, to meet in front of his workplace in the evening. you keep him company while drinking and you two talk when he’s not too busy.
• when you don’t show up one night, he decides to wait for you a little longer, your favourite drink already on the counter.
• but you’re not planning to join him. you’re exhausted, in all the ways possible. your body is heavy as you drag yourself to your bed, tears silently falling from your eyes as you wonder, is it really worth it ?
• you unconsciously start scratching your hand, then your forearm. your nails touch your scars, your bruises. they hurt, but deep inside... you’re relieved, you feel warm.
• that warmth instantly disappears when you hear knocks on your door.
• you don’t want to walk all the way to the door, risk tripping on the mess that is your bedroom and have any social interaction..
• but a familiar voice comes from outside. “ y/n, are you in there ? “ diluc stops knocking, but you can’t hear his footsteps either, meaning he’s planning to stay in front of your apartment.
• you slowly make your way to your door, not wanting to keep your friend waiting; but stumble on a pile of clothes and nearly fall. you grow ashamed of the dirty clothes and dishes in your apartment, and fear diluc’s judgement.
• when you finally open the door to greet him, his eyes widen.
• he takes a look at your disheveled state, his heart twisting when he sees your hands, covered in red scratches. “ you look... “ you lower your head, waiting for him to comment on your appearance. all sorts of unkind words fill your head as you wait: dirty. messy. awful. “... tired. is everything alright ? “
• you can barely believe what he just asked you. how long has it been since someone cared so much about you ?
• you can’t control the tremors in your body as you let out a whimper and a few tears.
• diluc’s eyes immediately soften. he puts a warm hand on your shoulder and guides you in your own apartment, closing the door behind him. to your surprise, he doesn’t look disgusted by the mess in your home.
• “ y/n... “ he begins with an uncharastically soft tone in his voice. he's starting to understand what is going on as he looks at his surroundings, his eyes not missing the blood-stained tissues on the ground. " come here, please. "
• he sounds like he needs to have you close to him, and his body language only confirms it as he practically hides you in his coat. it's heavy on your back, giving you a feeling of safety.
• " i'm here now. you don't have to carry this burden on your own, okay ? " he sways back and forth, rocking you in his arms.
• just the thought of losing you is enough to make him sick, and he tries to hold you even closer to himself to ensure that you won't disappear.
• " i know the situation seems hopeless... but we will find a solution together. you can lean on me if your feelings are too heavy. " his words drip with sincerity as he speaks. you melt in his touch, feeling a little more secure.
Tumblr media
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alberivh · 2 days ago
genshin men and their first date experience ( rest assured, you’re safe in my arm )
A full on headcannons and rating of genshin men and their first date experience with you.
kaeya, childe, xiao x reader
fluff, crack i guess? I have a bad humor anw, affectionate cursings, kaeya is totally in love with you, childe is so fucking confusing to write, xiao. Just xiao.
a/n ; currently thinking about kaeya alberich as i wrote this (comments and reblogs are appreciated)
Tumblr media
Kaeya Alberich, “please don’t make me fall hard for you”
Date Place : ★★★★★/★★★☆☆
Kaeya is so clueless at first dates, indeed he wants it to be memorable and perfect at the same time, he just wants the best out of the best for you. Yet, even after all of the options that has been suggested by the other knights…he still pick diluc’s tavern, Angel Share; as both of your date and well…hang-out place. He though it was quiet romantic to seek his partner enjoyment at a sincerity he shared with ‘death after noon’. Though he realized it later than the due. It’s too late now and he can’t help but feel kind of anxious. theres no fucking romantic in a tavern full of drunkards and people in declines..oh god, i should’ve take that other place instead.
Memories : ★★★★★/★★★ ★★
the first time you spot him flustered was at your first date. No, he’s malfunctioning whenever you compliment him. He knows the date place was horrendous, so when you comfort him that it’s alright to have a date on some crowded tavern…he feels better and out of his mind. How come someone is grateful enough for this choice if it’s not you? So, at the whole night, he kinda just stare at you and smiling over your words. He listens to your rambles, he even talk shit about the co-workers that were jealous of you and your achievements. Kaeya didn’t forget to compliment every each of you in any seconds, Not letting your words meant for him only. “you’re also very beautiful tonight, i must be lucky to have a date with a partner like you…no?”
goodbye kisses : ★★★★★/★★★★★
as soon as kaeya saw you almost fall asleep in his shoulder, he decided to take you home, well not your house…but his house. It’s been an interesting day, after you both spend so much time together. so shouldn’t it be proper enough to call it a day? So he carried you to his back, making sure you’re protected with his full-on support. And before he dropped you out to his couch, he tucked you on a nice blanket and a big plushies inside of it. So you could feel comfortable enough to call this couch a bedroom of yours. Kaeya is fast enough to took some chance of your consciousness to him, so he did, he kisses you right up in your cheeks, melting the cold which turn into a flustering mess. “as a boyfriend, i should comfort my dear before sleep, yes? So here, the first and last kiss before the night end”
BONUS : this bitch dies in mess when you replied his kisses with whispers of i love you. You broke him and don’t repair it, it’ll be better to leave kaeya like a foolish love-bird he is.
Tartaglia , “what would i do without you?”
Date Place : ★★★★★/★★★★★
Childe intended to watch the sunset with you after his little sparring matches with the traveler; So, He invited you to go on a date at the shore of liyue harbor by a suspicious letters he made for the 30th time today. (this man is too busy and too nervous to even talk to you the day before the date came by, and yeah, please ignore his ‘strange’ behavior)
Memories : ★★★★★/★★★★★
It’s a very ordinary (and anxious) date, yet you couldn’t help but mesmerize the glance of his dead eyes that slowly shining at sorrow of the setting-sun. He looks so beautiful when he was peaceful and it makes you feel butterflies. Though, childe realized how’d you look at him with an endearing affection he couldn’t count. It makes him so…embarrassed? Because no one, theres no one who could ever see him as one to worth for. Thus, seeing the way you look at him makes him feel..special? And because of that, this ungrateful little shit decided to pick on you.
“Hm? Am i really that special that even the sun couldn’t make your eyes get off from my sight?” “Ajax you shit, i—“ “you wanna kiss me so bad, don’t you, dear?” “your lips already look glossy enough to be kiss, i’m going now” “h-hey!”
sleepy kisses : ★★★★★/★★★★★
as a busy man he is, the exhaustion from his work would keep him off in certain points. Though you never expect him to fall off unconscious on your shoulder, he kinda just did out of your expectation…? Childe fall asleep so comfortably at your shoulder and snuggle the part of his arm to your waist. Just making sure he is holding you tight so he could feel your warmth that accompanied him behind. The wind blew the space within both of you and it makes the air more worth-full to approach, so as the moon shine, you take your opportunity to steal a kiss at his flawless cheeks..leaving marks of red on his cheeks. You were too good to make him adore you, don’t you know that, readers?
Xiao , “did i just fall in love?”
Date Place : ★★★★★/★★★★☆
this yaksha just invited you to a date, would you accept it??? Obviously yes you dumb fuck, accept that opportunity. theres no room for refusal. *cough* To continue, Xiao invited you to go to the rooftop of wangshu inn next evening to meet him (it’s actually very cold in there so sometimes you avoid that place), no it’s not a normal meet and greet with a vigilant yaksha like him. He invited you, of course thats not normal. Theres no way, not even diluc’s dad return to the world that would shock you more than an invitation from him. He used a special accustomed excuse For the date he arranged, for ex; “i’m going to collect some crystalflies do you want to help?” and you couldn’t help but realized, he acts ‘off’ when he was asking for your company.
Memories : ★★★★★/★★★★★
he brought you another portion of almond tofu to share, while you both spend the rest of the night together. (Please don’t decline his offer, he made it by himself. He was trying his best alright), but why you may ask? Xiao thinks giving gifts as a love language and a form of gratitude. So he gave you things that meant a lot or just simply made him feel surrounded. He even give you some qingxin to decorate your hair, so use it! He’s very happy when you actually put the petals as your hair braid or just general hair decoration, he loves the sight of you adoring his gifts. It makes him feel undeserved yet also loved for the feeling he owe.
a delighted approach : ★★★★★/★★★★★
mortals would always fall to their dreamless sleep, then…how about the immortals? Would they fall asleep? Would they dream? Would they imagine the sincere world they drawn? So you thought of xiao…as always. You always though of him. what would he be thinking of, did he even have a time to—, oh? What just happened? A warm figure fall to their consciousness to your shoulder..who are they and why is it xiao. Eyes close and his body seemingly peaceful. Hair whisked to your bare skin, heart-beat leaving humms of lullaby to your ears. He was beautiful, he always been. His peaceful pace makes it hard for you to even left a chuckle as it all went to a deep long-lasting embrace. To keep each other safe in the others company. After a millenia, xiao finally found a comfort in his now..home.
Tumblr media
TAGLIST : @mikachuchu , @zierx, @luvajax @urujiako , @chichikoi , @noirkkat , @aphrodicts-imagination , @icecappa , @abyssheart , @yeetmeoffjueyunkarst @almondoufu @shxnosuke , @aweebstuff , @cozykaii
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sohcah-toa · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
someone requested me a temporary pt 2 of genshin high (i hope you see this anon) thank you for the support! i already made it but i accidentally deleted it after posting (im dumb af, made me cri). i'm just going to write it again lmao i really worked hard on that one too TT
cw: NSFW (18+), [mean] childe, scaramouche, xiao, thoma x you (not separate), group sex, zhongli x you (xtra; no penetration), degradation, dacryphilia, name calling, overstim (receiving), slight urophilia, anal, creampie, unprotected sex, full on filth, minors dni
wordcount: 5,092 (the main story; not proofread)
Tumblr media
if you want more context, here's the link! genshin high masterlist
— ꕥ
"Scaramouche" Childe pulled him inside the locker's room
Scaramouche was just about to go to the cafeteria towards you.
"Hey!!" Scaramouche exclaimed as he got dragged in inside the room. He saw Xiao and Thoma there too.
"We need to talk"
It was lunch time. Since the four are your groupmates, you always eat together at lunch. This time nobody came, you were alone. Lunch time was almost over too.
"What the hell?" You muttered to yourself, this has never happened before so you got worried and immediately messaged your group chat
You see Albedo, Sucrose and Timaeus walking so you stop them and ask "Have you seen Childe and the others?" it was obvious who you were talking about. Ever since the group project started you five were inseparable.
"Sorry y/n, I haven't seen them" Sucrose answered shyly while Timaeus shakes his head no.
"I actu—" before Albedo could finish, someone interrupted, Signora and Dottore.
Not suprisingly, Dottore was a year below you, he's been held back.
"They're in the men's locker room" Signora said "Missing your lackeys?"
"They probably got sick of you" Dottore snorted and Signora laughed with him. You paid them no attention, they're always like this.
"Alright, thanks" You answer, you really have no time for them. Atleast you weren't worried anymore knowing they're safe.
Mr. Zhongli, what a dream. It was his subject after lunch and after his subject, it's the end of the school. Surprisingly, the boys aren't here in this class.
You were having perverted thoughts about Mr. Zhongli again but it felt different not having Childe smack you on the back of your head.
While daydreaming, your phone vibrated. It was a private message from Scaramouche saying to meet them at Childe's house.
"They cut school?" You mutter under your breath "Bastards didn't even invite me"
"Ms. y/n, have something to share?" Zhongli stared at you intensely while walking towards you. You quickly hide your phone. While you're sitting down, he stared down at you.
"N-Nothing" for some reason you felt super nervous, the way he's staring at you was so intense you feel like melting. Everybody was busy with their own little worlds so Zhongli had all the time to look down on you.
"Meet me after class" He said. After weeks of hinting at you, he finally said it himself. It's going to happen again.
Surely the boys won't mind if you were to be late for a little bit. This IS Mr. Zhongli, you have to go.
You've been knocking and waiting in front of Zhongli's door for the past five minutes but nobody is answering. There are faint noises but you can't quite make something out of it.
You felt so giddy and excited that you fix yourself up and made sure you smelled good. But it was taking too long for you, just when you decide to leave, the door opened.
A girl from the other class came out, ignoring you as she runs down the hallway with a red face.
"Um, good afternoon Mr. Zhongli" You bowed a little bit, your head turning towards the girl that just ran out.
"Please, come in" Zhongli opened the door widely for you. You walk in and you hear the door get immediately locked. You gulp, feeling excited, but the girl from earlier bothered you a little.
Zhongli went towards his desk and grabbed something; his phone. You walk carefully towards him, bowing on the right angle so he could see your cleavage.
In the most seductive way possible you said "Mr. Zhongli, are you having other girls here?"
"How is that your business?" He was paying no attention to you or to your flirtiness towards him. Instead, he was doing something on his phone.
You clear your throat, maybe you had the wrong idea, maybe he didn't invite you in his office to do something sexual "Mr. Zhongli, why did you call for me?" you said this in a serious tone, unlike before which felt embarrassing for you.
He showed his phone to you and played a video "Can you tell me what this is?"
Your eyes widen, you moved back a little. All your excitement from earlier turned into nervousness and fear "H-How did you—?"
Then it hit you. You saw Mr. Zhongli in the hallway that day. Was he there because he took a video of you?
"You and Mr. Albedo, in the laboratory, can you tell me what you two were doing?" Zhongli's face was serious. You know Zhongli is strict, he might play with you in his office but who know what he'll do with this video.
"Mr. Zhongli, I— me and Albedo were —" You were so nervous you couldn't talk. The video was of you and Albedo fucking in the laboratory. You wondered how he got that video, everything was closed.
Or — did the thick curtains slightly move creating a small hole where people can see through? Based from the video, that must be it.
"Whatever you're thinking about, it doesn't matter" He turned the phone off and put it inside of his pocket "I already got the video didn't I?"
You were dumbfounded in front of him. He walked near you, making you sit on the sofa which you did. He sat in front of you.
"It would be troublesome if this got out, especially when graduation is just around the corner" Zhongli sighed stressfully "Most especially to Mr. Albedo here which is a top student"
You furrow your eyebrows. It was a big deal for you too if that got out, not just Albedo.
"Mr. Zhongli, I'm sorry. Please— is there anything I could do?" You were worried, not just about yourself of course, Albedo too "He just asked for help and I—"
You continued to talk non-stop explaining yourself to Mr. Zhongli who remained silent.
He held a finger up "I'll forget about the video if you do what I say"
You gulp. Maybe you were right all along. What Mr. Zhongli doesn't know is that you're completely horny for him. He thought using the video would get you to do what he wants. For you, this was your win, you would do what he wants even if there wasn't any motive.
You can't help but smirk a little "I will"
"Good girl" He said, smiling slightly "Hmm"
You felt lightheaded, thinking of all the things that he might make you do turned you on.
"Strip, right here, right now" He said, pointing from your head to your toe "Everything, take it off"
It was still kind of embarrassing. You did it slowly. You covered yourself before sitting down on the couch again.
"Don't cover" He muttered, pushing his pants just below his buttocks while sitting down. You felt excited, you've never seen his cock before, you hoped that he will make you sit on his lap.
You stop covering yourself, you feel so wet already as you stick your legs together, you feel your slick on your thighs. Zhongli positioned his hand on his dick, holding it but not doing anything yet.
"Spread your legs and touch yourself" He said nonchalantly. You were taken back a bit, you wanted to sit on him but instead he requests this. "What's taking so long?"
"S-Sorry" You slowly touch your own clit, it was awkward at first but eventually you went faster. You started groping your own breasts and playing with your nipples.
You had your eyes closed as you moan. You put a finger inside you and it made you moan even louder. You look at Zhongli and he's pumping on his own dick, pleasuring himself. You bite your lower lip and thought how unfair this situation was. You wanted him so bad but not even your knees are touching.
You hear Zhongli's low grunts as he touch himself while watching you. You try to be more seductive.
"M-Mr. Zhongli.." you moan out his name "P-please Mr. Zhongli— ngh"
"Silence, you whore" He grunted as he went on a faster pace "F-fuck.. come here"
You immediately went over there to sit on his lap but he stopped you "Kneel"
"B-but—" like a little child, you pouted "Please fuck me Mr. Zhongli"
"Only speak when I say you speak" Zhongli said, pushing your head, forcing you to kneel down on the floor while he sits on the couch.
You nodded and held onto his thighs. He grabbed a handful of your hair and pulled your head closer to his dick, he slapped his dick on your face multiple times "You're everybody's slut huh? Even the top student? That's how much of a whore you are"
You start licking his massive cock "Y-Yes, Mr. Zhongli, I'm your slut" you grab his dick and start pumping it while it goes in and out of your mouth. He grunts lowly, his grip on your hair tightening.
"H-how about that little group of yours?" He had a hard time talking with you sucking him off "Did you f-fuck them too?"
You don't answer. You close your eyes while you suck the tip of his dick like a lollipop. Zhongli removed his slacks fully, after that you quickly started sucking him off again.
Both his hands were gripping your hair tightly. It hurt on your head as he pushes your head deeply on his cock. You're gagging so much that you already have tears falling from your face.
Zhongli looked at you. Looking down at you with tears on your face turned him on so much more. He stood up and started thrusting in your mouth faster.
"M-Mr— Zhong—" You were crying because of how big his dick was in your mouth. You tried to stop his thrusts by pushing on his thighs but he doesn't stop. Instead, he goes faster.
"Whore, don't do anything until I tell you to" he kept his dick in your mouth, you feel it in your throat. He grunts everytime he thrusts, it was a signal that he was about to cum "Ngh"
You felt like vomiting after he thrusted his cock deep in your mouth then removed it. He positioned his dick on your face then came. His cum and your tears mixing together in your red face. He let your hair go, letting you fall on the floor.
You were a mess because of him and he liked seeing that. He pulled his pants up "No pleasuring for you, you little slut"
You were breathing so heavily that you couldn't even move. He looked down at you, just like he always does then smiled.
After fixing yourself up completely in the girl's bathroom, you walked towards Childe's house. You felt annoyed that you didn't even felt pleasure aside from you touching yourself which was a different story. Mr. Zhongli is a monster.
It was unfair, now you want to feel pleasured. You hope he keeps his word about the video though. In the end, it wasn't your win at all.
"Late as usual" Scaramouche sighed as you walk inside Childe's room. Childe, Xiao and Thoma looked at you, surprised.
They were all drinking together.
"What is she doing here?" Xiao said as he takes a shot, not even batting an eye on you
"Scaramouche, did you invite her?" Thoma said with a very serious face
The scene you were seeing felt surreal. Xiao drinking at his own will, Thoma not smiling at you and Childe, who was silent as he drinks.
"Didn't I tell you guys?" Scaramouche raised an eyebrow "My bad then"
"We were still discussing about it" Xiao rolled his eyes
"What's happening? Why did you cut classes?" You asked them all the questions you had before meeting with Mr. Zhongli earlier "I had to eat alone at lunch you know, Signora and Dottore made fun of me" you joked but nobody dared to answer you.
They were ignoring you, except for Scaramouche which was surprising.
"You see, these losers were drinking because you played us all" Scaramouche told you with a laugh "You're a whore but I knew that, they didn't"
"What do you mean?" You said with a nervous laugh, you were confused, there was no way they could've found out but then again, you were always so risky in places.
"Don't fool with us" Xiao stood up and walked near you making you back up "You know what we're talking about" he slammed his fist on the wall beside you. You were pinned on the wall.
You shrugged a little, this was unlike the timid Xiao you knew. Childe finally stood up and talked.
"Didn't know you loved banging so much that you had to do it with four guys" he said with a smirk. You gulp at his words, unable to move because of Xiao.
"We're doing this now?" Thoma looked at all of you who were standing.
"I proposed something to them you know" Scaramouche laughed, you were almost scared by this "A punishment and everybody agreed"
"Yeah" Thoma said, looking down "We're in"
"G-Guys?" You call out as they go near you, you feel nervous while they all walk closer and closer to you "Can someone explain? Sacaramouche?"
"Like I said, a punishment, what more do you want?" He smirked taking his shirt off, he fixed his hair after which made him look hot.
From what Zhongli did to you earlier, this situation was making you feel excited.
"You're a slut, you must be enjoying this" Scaramouche snorted pulling you from Xiao. He started groping your breasts "Does it excite you?"
You release low moans "S-stop—" you say that but your down there says otherwise. You feel extremely wet being cornered by four hot men. You were longing for something. Something that Zhongli never gave to you and this might be it.
Scaramouche gripped your face, making you turn to him, he kissed you roughly. He quickly inserted his tongue while he strips you off of your clothing.
The other three were just watching as Scaramouche makes you moan loudly. Childe was already erect but Thoma and Xiao are still grasping the situation.
"Fuck!" Childe exclaimed as he walked behind you, he played with your breasts while Scaramouche takes your clothes off "We're going to break you" he whispered this into your ear
"C-Childe" You muttered, feeling embarrassed. He twisted your nipples, rubbing it in circles from behind you. You feel his erect dick on your butt. You are now fully naked because of Scaramouche.
While Childe plays with your tits, Scaramouche held your other leg up, showing everybody your wet pussy.
"So wet already?" Scaramouche smirked while kneeling down. He started touching your clit "You're so wet.. Did something happen earlier?"
You were breathing heavily so you couldn't answer. Scaramouche immediately stick two finger in you which made you scream loudly.
"Answer me" Scaramouche ordered. Thoma and Xiao were blushing, not acknowledging the fact they're already erect.
You whimpered "N-N-no.." you clenched your teeth to prevent yourself from moaning any louder than you did earlier
"She's lying" Thoma said as he grabs your underwear, your slick from earlier was there but some part of it was already dry "You dare mess with us again" Thoma sighed walking close to you.
Your mouth was open as Scaramouche stick his two fingers up and down in you. "Liar"
Thoma grabbed your chin then kissed you. You moaned from under his lips. His let his tongue wonder inside your mouth. Thoma started unbuckling his belt, not containing his feelings anymore as he lowly grunts.
Xiao was too shy to get in the action but he wanted to. Instead, he took his pants and shirt off and started touching himself while watching the other three men make you dumb because of their touches.
"You lied?" Childe whispered, you feel his heavy breaths on your ear as he grinds himself from behind, he gripped your neck while doing so "Don't lie"
You gag as he choked you making your head bend on his shoulders. His grope on your chest tightened.
"I said answer us" Scaramouche sighed as he sticked another finger in your pussy hole. Your eyes widen and you scream, making Thoma back away from the kiss
"S-stop Scaramo—uche" You gagged. Three fingers was too much, he was going at a fast pace too
"Not answering?" Scaramouche smirked "Come here, Xiao"
While Xiao walk towards all of you, your breasts and neck felt empty. Childe backed away a little to strip naked while Thoma did the same, stroking their own dicks in the process.
"Get behind her" Scaramouche ordered Xiao and he did exactly what was told to him "Insert your finger on her asshole, if she doesn't answer again, add another"
Xiao was quite hesitant at first but Scaramouche widened his eyes, he got a little bit scared so you feel your asshole being penetrated.
You scream, this was the first time someone touched that part of you "X-Xiao— please no"
Childe started rubbing his dick on the side of your hips "Just answer so we could get started for real" his eyes were full of lust. You feel your side get slightly wet because of his pre cum.
Scaramouche never stopped moving his hands, this time Xiao did the same. You feel so full with just their fingers, you couldn't help but moan, your face was undescribable at this point. You were going crazy.
"We're asking again, alright?" Thoma asked, trying to be as sweet as possible as he kiss your lips softly from time to time while he gropes your other breast "Be honest, okay?"
You clenched both your holes down there as you collect your energy to nod
"Why were you late?" Scaramouche turned the question into a different one
"M-Mr.—" You were nearly out of energy. You felt like falling but Childe and Thoma held you up so Scaramouche and Xiao could continue what they were doing "Mr. Zhongli—" you moaned because Childe just started to rub your clit.
"What about him?" Xiao asked, he added another finger in your hole. Scaramouche smirked after realizing what Xiao had done
"You're not such a loser after all" Scaramouche snorted
Without anything wet to prepare your asshole earlier, you were feeling sore
"M-Mr. Zhongli asked for me" You grunted, preventing yourself to moan again so you could speak "H-He did — something..."
"Just say everything" Childe leaned in your ears to whisper. He started nibbling and biting.
"He made me — suck his cock" You said, everybody seemed to shrug and had their brows furrowed. Suddenly, everyone got even rougher with you. Xiao inserted another finger which means there was three fingers in your dry asshole and three fingers in your pussy, your slick flowing down on your thighs and on Scaramouche's arm. Childe still had his cock on your side hip, pinching your nipples at the same time. Thoma put two fingers in your mouth, making you suck it as he stroke and rub his own dick "S—stop please.. 's t'much"
You were gagging and screaming on Thoma's fingers "I'm cumming! Cumming!!! Ngh" you squirmed but they held you tightly in place as they continue. Because it was becoming too much, instead of feeling like cumming, you felt like peeing "S-stop!! Please stop!! I-I'm! I'm—!!!"
You screamed and released your pee, along with your slick, it flowed down on your thighs, floor and on Scaramouche's arm, even Xiao's. Everybody stopped and backed away from you.
Your knees were as soft as jelly so you fall from the ground; sitting down with legs spread, you had no energy to move. All your slick trickled on the ground and to your thighs. It was all over you. You were breathing hard as saliva drips from your mouth. You felt your pee ooze on your legs as your vagina lets out drips of pee.
"You ARE a slut" Xiao muttered, pointing at your weak body beneath him, with his cock standing up.
Scaramouche licked his fingers "Yeah, she's a nympho"
"Obviously, we're not done yet" Childe said, waving his erect dick around so you could see that he still wasn't done with your body
"I need more" Thoma whispered, he carried you and tossed you to the bed slightly, crawling on top of you
"Hey hey! You don't do things around here" Scaramouche jogged towards the bed and positioned himself from above your mouth
"Fuck off" Thoma's face was serious, he was so horny that he couldn't take it anymore. He spread your legs and inserted his dick in your pussy, not even bothering to pause, he moved at a fast pace "Why are you still tight? I'm sorry y/n— I just can't .. ngh"
Childe and Xiao followed. They positioned themselves from beside you. You used both hands to rub their dicks.
"Fuck yes" Childe muttered, he held your hand on his cock and moved it faster while Xiao moans on the other side.
"I-I want all of it" you were beginning to lose your mind, succumbing to the deep lust inside of you "Please give t-them all to me"
"Hussy" Scaramouche said before inserting his dick in your mouth, he immediately thrusted it deep, you feel the tip of his dick on your throat, making your saliva flow out of your mouth. He didn't move yet but tears fell from your eyes. You were kind of moving because of Thoma who continued to thrust his dick in your pussy so Scaramouche let out low grunts feeling vibrations from your mouth.
"Y/N!" Thoma let his moans out, arching his back with every thrust he makes "I-I love fucking you"
Childe and Xiao played with your tits as you stroke their dicks, you feel their pre cum leak on your arms
Scaramouche started moving in and out of your mouth, closing his eyes. He grabbed a spoonful of your hair which made your body bend upwards a little. He moved your head so forcefully. With every thrust he makes, a tear falls from your eyes. Scaramouche tried his hardest to keep his eyes open just to see your face while he's fucking your tiny little mouth. Making you dumb on his dick.
"Move" Xiao muttered as he positioned his dick on the side of your mouth, clearly making Scaramouche leave
"Fuck — off" Scaramouche said with a grunt, still thrusting in your mouth
You stop rubbing Childe's dick. Instead, you grab both Scaramouche's and Xiao's cock, licking their tips.
Scaramouche was against this idea, he was just starting to have fun. But your licks on his peehole made him crazy that he froze.
"Fuck" Thoma muttered, getting rougher by the second "I'm going to cum inside you"
"Not fair" Childe said, not getting anything out of all this so he moved from the other side
"Cock—" you've officially lost it, you want all of them, their cocks on your body; wherever "More.. ngh"
Scaramouche stroked your hair gently, also wiping the sweat on your forehead. Xiao was the weakest out of everyone, the first time he had sex was with you so he didn't have enough experience.
Xiao wanted you to feel good with his touch so he groped your breasts, doing his best to make you feel good.
"Thoma get the fuck out" Childe said stroking himself
"I-I'm close so fuck off" Thoma grunted, he was balls deep inside you, stretching your pussy as much as he can.
You suck both Xiao's and Scaramouche's dick, one after the other, licking it. Your saliva was everywhere. You licked and groped their balls.
"Fuck it!" Childe said, he held your body and flipped your body. Everybody stopped what they were doing "I'm going to fuck you"
Childe made you kneel on all fours, he positioned himself from underneath you while Thoma positioned himself from behind you, ready to go again.
"I'll take her pussy this time" Childe said as he licks your mouth "I got you this time" he inserted his dick inside you whil Thoma licks your butthole to prepare you for his dick.
While Thoma licks your asshole, Scaramouche pushed him from the side.
"My turn, get lost" Scaramouche said, positioning himself in front of your ass "Here I go" your eyes widen, two dicks inside of you was a first. Even though Xiao put three fingers there earlier, it wasn't comparable to the size of Scaramouche.
"Shit" You whimpered, nobody moved yet as if being considerate. Xiao was completely contented with you sucking him off, for him it felt heavenly. Just hearing the sounds almost made him cum.
Thoma slapped your face with his dick as you suck Xiao off. It was his signal that he wanted you to suck his dick too.
Childe started moving and so did Scaramouche. You feel Childe sucking on your tits as he thrust himself from underneath, muttering a series of cusses.
Scaramouche smacked your ass as he thrusts deeper in your ass "So tight— fuck, you slut"
"C-cummin— ngh" For a moment you stop sucking Thoma and Xiao to talk but Xiao forced his dick in your mouth
"Can't hold it any longer" Xiao whispered as Thoma froze, surprised about Xiao's sudden action "Mm Cumming"
He didn't even bother pulling out of your mouth, he came, his cum dripped on the bed as it flowed on your chin. Childe was sucking your breasts so he wasn't affected by any of the drips.
Xiao pulled his dick out and plopped on the bed, breathing heavily "I-I'll make sure next time — you'll beg for me"
Thoma didn't hesitate to put his dick in your mouth too. You started squirming all around, the pleasure from both your holes is becoming unbearable. You wanted to cum so bad but you still need a little bit more push.
"Stop squirming you bitch" Scaramouche smacked you again as he inserted his dick, it fell off from all the squirming you're making. Childe held both your arms to stop you as he was having the same problem.
"You feel so good" Childe kept thrusting, not thinking about Scaramouche's dick almost touching his. All he ever thought of was how good the insides of your walls felt and how warm it is on his cock. He grunts a little bit louder when you intentionally clench your walls to make it feel tighter. Childe felt like his cock was being swallowed, the amount of pleasure was heavenly that he couldn't even continue sucking your tits anymore.
Your ass was red from all of Scaramouche's smacking "Bitch, you let Mr. Zhongli play with you huh?"
"If that happens again, I'll fuck your brains out in school in front of everybody" Childe whispered, you feel his breath on your skin "I'll let them know"
"Big talk plucky " Thoma grunted, grabbing a handful of your hair "Except she's not yours"
Your eyes were red from all the gagging, you never even had the chance to swallow Xiao's cum.
"She's — mine" Thoma grunted and thrusted one last time, you feel his balls on your chin, before he could cum, he pulled out then came on your face "She's been marked"
You lick the top of your lips and wiped the cum on your eyes "T-Thoma.." you showed him your tongue that was full of cum and then you swallowed it "Thank y-you"
You were shivering, you had no energy left to kneel on all fours so you let your body fall on top of Childe's, their cock still inside of you.
"You nympho, I thought you never get tired" Scaramouche continued to fuck your ass, it was red and sore but he doesn't stop. He gripped your ass so tight that it hurt
Childe still kissed you despite the cum on your face, his hands are in between your bodies, still groping your tits a little bit.
"Fuck you whore" Scaramouche grunted, he went so deep, you felt his balls on your skin, you moaned while kissing Childe. Childe was not moving at all letting Scaramouche cum before having all of you.
You feel something warm inside of you, Scaramouche just came inside of your asshole, when he pulled his huge dick out, the shape of it was distinguishable enough. His cum flowed out of your ass as he strethes it out even further from outside using his hands. Observing the shape he just made "You've been marked as well" Scaramouche glared at Thoma
After Scaramouche, Childe started moving with a smile on his face "Save the best for last"
You don't move as Childe thrusts himself inside of you
"C-Childe— I—" Childe covered your mouth
"Don't talk, I'll do the work for you" Childe embraced your waists as he move his hips at a fast pace "Feels so good to see you like this" he muttered, staring at your moaning face, not minding the other guys that was panting.
All Childe could hear was his dick slapping in your pussy and your body colliding with one another while moaning each other's names.
"You're my slut" Childe said as he thrusted one last time, you screamed and came first. This made Childe smirk "Hah"
With one last thrust he came too. He was just waiting for you to go first, he's been holding it in all this time.
He slowly sat up, laying you down gently. Both your holes were sore and overflowed with both your cum and the other's. Your body felt so tired that all you could do was close your eyes and pant.
All the guys looked at your lifeless body.
"W-was that too much?" Xiao showed concern for the first time after everything
"Are you okay?" Thoma asked, all the hostile energy from them earlier was gone
All you could do was breathe heavily
"We'll take care of you" Childe said, rubbing your thighs, letting you know he's got you
Scaramouche on the other hand smirked, he felt satisfied seeing you like this "That's what you get for being a slut. Don't think it's over"
A few weeks later.
Graduation was just a week away. You were at Childe's again. What happened then became a habit for the five of you. Nobody complained about it so you continued doing it with each other.
Sometimes it gets crazy even at school, in the men's locker room or in the men's bathroom, the guys are beginning to get more and more creative. The guys can't get enough of you and you can't get enough of them
With graduation just around the corner, you hope to all the gods that nobody finds out about this.
— END ꕥ
Tumblr media
note: this was my first time making a story like this and i worked really hard on it! i hope you guys like it! sorry if its not as good but i really did try my best TT i enjoyed making the whole genshin series, i hoped you all enjoyed it as much as i did. im so grateful for all the support (reblogs and comments, even reqs!) love u guys! ♡
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tartaglify · a day ago
Tumblr media
Genshin Impact Men College Au
I don't mind at all!! ♡ I wasn't sure which of them you wanted so I just chose a couple but lmk if you wanted any other ones :)) @teadorokiii
He's the top of the class, and a business major. His apartment, a couple minutes from campus is quite cozy actually. Though traces of you are all over it with your clothes tossed onto chairs and your things in different rooms, the couch and decorations all radiate his energy.
However, you two go out frequently to one of the cafes to study. This studying consists mostly of you getting tutored, but you don't mind because he looks cute in glasses. Plus his teaching voice!!!
"Diluc, I got you your black coffee," you eyed him suspiciously as you set the drink down on your table. He didn't glance up from your textbook, and merely murmured a 'thank you, love', which didn't ease your worries at all.
"Diluc, are you sure you wanted this? Do you feel sick?" you raised a brow. "You don't even like coffee like this. I can get you the usual latte or hot chocolate if you want-"
He shoved a scone into your mouth, muffling your voice as a light pink dusted his cheeks. You didn't miss the way his eyes flashed to the table behind you two, where a group of other business majors sat with their black coffees and blueberry scones. "Focus."
You couldn't help but stifle a snicker.
He's your usual fratboy.
So when you first meet him, you have a different impression to after you start going out with him.
He's actually very clean. He's basically the maid of his house because he used to live in a huge family house that he helped clean up. Of course, sometimes he makes messes here and there, but he's mostly decent.
His grades though, are mediocre.
Not because he's not great at certain subject---he's a genius at almost all of them, but he literally refuses to do homework because he'd rather "challenge someone" than waste his time. You don't want to ask what that means. He's forced to take tests though, and his competitive nature makes him do extremely well on those.
So often, you resort to dragging him to his duties.
"Childe, are you done with those pages yet?-" you start, glancing to the library seat beside you. Instead of his dejected blue eyes, you're met with them closed, with his cheek pressed against the neglected papers.
You sighed, placing your own things down and shifting to wake him up. But the sight of his peaceful face makes you shrink back. In moments like these you remember how pretty he is, and you end up just tracing features of his face with your finger.
"I guess homework can wait."
History or psychology major probably.
He spends most of his time bothering any of his professors about random knowledge he for some reason needs.
He works quite a lot of part time jobs though, so his time is often cut short. You first meet him at one of these jobs, working at a bookstore, and he gives you an essay of why history books need to be in the front of the store. You find it cute.
Now he's your personal dictionary for when you read books that require more knowledge of difficult words.
"Zhongli, what does beauteous mean again?"
He watched you flip a page and look up at him expectantly, to which he replied. "Beautiful."
"I know," you shrugged. "Just wanted to hear you say that."
He gave you that smile that never failed to make your heart stutter. "You could've just asked."
Maybe something related to sports? Maybe criminal justice, it's up to you.
Either way, he lives in a dorm and absolutely hates it. He hates his loud roommate so he either camps out at your place or lives at the gym.
Your campuses are pretty far away from one another and he ends up going to pick you up everyday as a result.
"Xiao!" you rushed up to him, far before your just released colleague's behind you. "You're early."
He nodded. "How was class?"
"Boring, obviously. Oh, what's that?"
He lifted his tattooed arm to let the scent of the plastic bag waft over to you, to which you almost drooled. "I got us almond tofu. You said you were hungry."
"Oh my god you're the best," you groaned, tilting your head to peck him on the cheek. His shoulders immediately went tense, his face crumpling embarrassment you knew all too well. When he noticed your cheeky grin, he just took your hand and dragged you back home.
"Just shut up and follow me." The way he turned his head to hide his face told you all you needed to know and your smile only grew.
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teyvatdreams · 8 hours ago
hi! can i request xiao, childe, and kazuha taking care of reader while they're sick? not like. anything horrible maybe just a fever and they're super tired ^^; thank you!
them taking care of you while you’re sick
includes: xiao, childe, and kazuha
Tumblr media
tbh you didn’t expect xiao to make such a big deal out of you being sick
but once you told him
he did not leave you alone
he swiftly tucked you into bed and told you to rest up, staying by your bed so he was right there if you needed anything
he’d bring you water whenever you ran out and gently put the back of his hand against your forehead while you slept to make sure you weren’t burning up too badly
“hmm, xiao… i’m not that sick, i should probably get up,” you say sleepily, beginning to sit up
but xiao will gently grab your shoulders and set you back down on your pillow
“no. you aren’t feeling well, so you should rest. it’ll only be worse if you get up.”
at some point you’ll start to worry about him, it’s been a whole day and he hasn’t slept because he was so focused on taking care of you
it takes a few promises to convince him that you really did feel better, so he finally becomes okay with letting you go on with your day
Tumblr media
listen. childe knows how to take care of people
he’s a family man what can i say
he probably knows you’re sick before you do
“hey, you feeling okay? you look a bit… sick.”
you’ll playfully hit him at first bc how dare he point out the obvious
but after some time the overwhelming exhaustion and typical fever symptoms become too much to handle and suddenly you’re bedridden, childe by your side
he’ll get a cool rag on your forehead to cool your fever down, he’ll get medicine for you to take, he’ll make you some soup and you will be staying in that bed to rest, no if’s, and’s, or but’s about it.
he’ll stay by your side for the whole day, and will insist that it’s okay to cuddle you because “he’s probably immune” and “you’re like a personal heater”
but your fever makes it impossible for you to get comfortable
and you don’t need to be getting him sick so he just sulks next to your bed (while asking you if you’re okay every 10 minutes)
Tumblr media
he could tell you weren’t feeling the best when he noticed you were trailing behind him, eyes filled with sleepiness
“are you feeling okay, darling?”
“yeah… i’m just tired.”
meanwhile you were trying to telepathically tell him you quite honestly felt absolutely horrible
but he already knew your response was a coverup
so he looked for a place where you could rest comfortably for the remainder of the day
“are you sure?” you’d ask, not wanting to set kazuha back on his travels
he nods. “health comes first. there’s no point in traveling if you’re feeling unwell.”
he’ll help you get as comfortable as possible and then sets out to find some ingredients to make you some medicine
he stays by your side and checks on your temperature regularly, giving you more water you were still hot
and as the sun sets, he’ll softly play his zither to try and lure you to sleep so you can get some needed rest
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alatusxiaoo · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
SEASONS. (a youthful otome game with the genshin boys)
love blossoms in all seasons.
Tumblr media
“an…otome game?”
a snort escapes your lips in disbelief, as you send a perplexed glare over to your chagrined friend. “oh, what are you looking at me for…you wanted a recommendation!”
“yeah. not this cheesy shit.” you cringed at the mere thought of it, begrudgingly inserting the video game’s dvd in the television’s slot. “i was expecting…i don’t know, something more interesting?”
the humdrum remark earns a playful slap on your shoulder from her, as you wince at the impact of her offended smack. “gods, just trust me already! it’s going to be life-changing.” she dreamily muses with a fanciful smile, however you’re not even the least bit convinced by her starry-eyed demeanor.
your eyes carefully scrutinize the displayed monitor, watching the game agonizingly load inside the box. dread crept up and sent chills down your spine as the screen slowly lit up, and your wandering eyes catch the sight of messily stuffed packages poorly concealed behind ajar closet doors. “actually you know what, i do have some unfinished monster hunter quests in the — ow! excuse me? what the hell was that for?!”
“come on y/n! you promised you’d play this time.” she childishly huffs in dismay, crossing her arms as she leans back on the edge of the bed in evident betrayal. “it won’t be that bad, i swear. let’s just finish one chapter today, and then i’ll let you decide after if we play a bit more…or you burn the damn game into smithereens.”
the latter option made quite the tempting offer, though you personally would have favored a third alternative where you could just burn the dvd now. “whatever.” you quietly grumble while snatching the plugged controller from the space on the wooden boards beside you. “fine, lets do it. but i’ll hold you to your word of that second choice.”
Tumblr media
SEASONS is a youthful otome game, where love blossoms in all seasons. Depending on the choices you make, you may encounter different characters, and unlock various special (and even secret) routes within certain chapters. There are a total of four major episodes — each contain storylines that require your decision on the choices you wish to make in pursuit of your love interest.
Tumblr media
chapter one, spring. (when the flowers bloom.)
route/s: ??
Tumblr media
chapter two, summer. (the warmer half of the year.)
route/s: ??
Tumblr media
chapter three, autumn. (when the leaves fall from trees.)
route/s: ??
chapter four, winter. (the colder half of the year.)
route/s: ??
Tumblr media
note: for the upcoming 600 milestone <3 this short series’ lovely concept is heavily inspired by seasons of blossom. if you haven’t read the webtoon, please do because i legitimately swear ;-; genuinely the most beautiful story i’ve read,, not to mention the build-up — the fucking build up!! literally the top-tier kind of writing and talent i aspire to achieve in this lifetime >;(( i laughed, shed tears and blushed a whole lot from the plot :””> so im sincerely hoping my own rendition will do greatly deserved justice to it ٩(˘◡˘)۶
warning: will contain webtoon spoilers, so i’d suggest you avoid reading if you’re interested in seeing the original first!
status: masterlist’s style is a work in progress, and speculated characters may be subject to change.
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nickels-library · a day ago
raiting: smut
warnings: none
pairing: xiao x gn!traveler!listener
Tumblr media
this one is for @krysphycookiez ! guys… the whimpering i’m going insane. no scenario again. :p
i have so many drafts i need to finish and post.
Tumblr media
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genshinarchives · 19 hours ago
The opposing team is known for their foul and underhanded play, and becomes the cause of (y/n)’s injuries during her basketball match. Venti and Xiao obviously do not react well to this.
The reader is female.
Tumblr media
Venti would have jumped down from the bleachers and tackled the player that had pushed (y/n) if it wasn’t for the combined efforts of Zhongli and Ei holding him back.
“Venti, please calm down!” Ei implored as she did her best to restrain him. Venti gritted his teeth; for once in his life, he was furious.
Just how the hell did the referee not see that dirty move? Surely someone else saw it too?
“Let go of me! My girlfriend got hurt because of that damn player and you expect me to stay quiet about this?” he yelled. Shocked by his angry outburst, his friends subconsciously loosened their grips, allowing Venti to slip right out of their grasps. He quickly went down to the court and literally walked in when the match was still ongoing.
(Y/n)’s captain, Sara was surprised when the third-year stormed onto the court, but didn’t question his intentions and even let him lift (y/n)’s injured form into his arms so he could carry her over to the benches on her team’s side. With the loss of their main point guard, Sara requested for (y/n)’s substitute, Fischl to take her place on the court.
“Teyvat, member change!”
As Fischl went in, Venti carefully set (y/n) on the bench before he began fussing over her.
“Venti,” she started, feeling overwhelmed, “calm down-”
“But she pushed you!” Venti cried, surprising her, “I even saw her elbow you multiple times - look!” Without warning, he yanked her shirt up to reveal the nasty black bruises that littered the skin of her stomach. Tears formed in the corners of his eyes as his hands shook at the sight of her injuries. “See how much that player had hurt you? I can’t believe the referee didn’t notice...”
(Y/n) had never seen her boyfriend so upset before. With a quiet sigh, she gently held his wrist and made him crouch down in front of her. He immediately relaxed at her touch as the tension left his shoulders, and she then kissed his cheek, making his eyes widen by a fraction.
“It’s okay, Venti,” she said, wrapping her arms around his shoulders comfortingly, “Knowing that you care about me has made me feel better."
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Xiao’s eyes widened when he noticed the opposing team’s captain give the sign to injure (y/n) to the centre.
She’s going to foul (y/n), who had risked herself to protect her teammates from the underhanded plays, out.
He watched in shock as the centre forced (y/n) to fall on the floor as another opposing player landed her elbow to (y/n)’s forehead, leaving her bleeding on the court. Sara saw what happened and immediately accused the scheming captain for injuring (y/n), but the captain insisted that it was a regular accident, infuriating Sara. Much to everyone’s surprise however, (y/n) got up despite her bleeding head, signifying that the opposing captain’s plan to break Teyvat’s skilled point guard had failed.
“Xiao, where are you going?” Ganyu exclaimed, seeing her friend stand up from his seat on the bleachers, “You can’t go down there, the game is still-”
“Shut up,” Xiao snapped, clenching his fists by his sides, “You saw what happened, didn’t you?” Without waiting to hear Ganyu’s answer, he jumped down from the bleachers and approached (y/n)’s coach, Beidou to ask her to sub (y/n) out. Beidou agreed and quickly requested for a member change.
“Teyvat, member change!”
Fischl was called forward to take (y/n)’s place as the team’s point guard, and Sara glanced at her injured teammate, who was pressing a hand against the wound on her head.
“Looks like you’ll have to rest for now, (y/n),” she said, giving her minuscule smile, “Leave the final act to us.” (Y/n) faced her captain with wide eyes.
“B-but- I can’t let anyone else get hurt! I have to stay on the court and protect you all!” she exclaimed.
“You don’t have to act like a martyr for Teyvat High,” Xiao interjected, suddenly appearing behind (y/n). Without warning, he swept his girlfriend off her feet before carrying her away from the court. After making her sit on the bench, he picked up the roll of fresh gauze he had prepared beforehand and immediately got down to taping her head.
(Y/n) glared at him, knowing full well that he was the one who had requested to sub her out. “Xiao! What were you thinking? I can still play- Ow!” She cut herself off with a wince when Xiao lightly hit the side of her head to silence her.
“Idiot. You think I’ll allow you to get injured further? That girl is playing dirty, and I won’t let her or any of her teammates lay another finger on you,” he said, knitting his eyebrows together. Huffing, she crossed her arms over her chest and averted her gaze. Once he was done taping her head, he raised a hand and gingerly cupped her cheek, forcing her to look into his amber hues. “I just can’t bear to watch you get hurt.”
Tumblr media
Taglist: @coco-goat-milk​ @m3gitsune​ @love-letters-4-u​ @melkxsh​ @thomathehousekeeper​
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hahaimnotdeadyet · a day ago
Poly with Genshin characters NSFW moments (Beidou and Kazuha, Aether and Xiao)
Warning and tags: English is not my native! NSFW, NO MINORS, threesome
Next - Tartaglia and Zhongli, Gorou and Kazuha ig? You can suggest yours 🤧
Beidou and Kazuha
- Bei is a mommy, you have to except it. Kazuha is used to it and himself enjoys being under her command
- when you are whiny Beidou loves to "play". She won't touch you, barely even glance at you, asking Kazuha to help you
- he is on top of you, he gasps. His hands, covered with light perspiration, tremble with tension. He is tired, but so sweetly tired
- he bare looks at you, riveting his eyes on her, while she praises him for doing so well
- "Kazuha" she looks at both of you hungrily, with delight "you are such a good boy. My favourite good little boy. Now, kiss. "
- his high pitched moan answers Bei and and he lets out a quiet half laugh half sob lowering himself to steal your kiss
- head falls on your shoulder so you can burrow your fingers in his matted hair. Run your hads over his sweaty nape and temples
- she finally comes closer to you both and leaves two kisses, rather purring. On Kazuha's forehead and your lips
Aether and Xiao
- they both have too different types of libido
- sometimes you don't cross with Xiao for weeks and after that fuck for a couple of days at a stretch
- Aether needs more affection, but usually in a platonic way
- so this moments when Xiao has some free time for you and Aether is in the mood not for you to braid his hair, but to go nasty - get ready to use all of the stamina you have
- Xiao takes you laying on the side, his hands are caged on your middle section. He is sadistically harsh and rhythmic. He does not moan, but rather howls, lowly, dangerously, right next to your ear.
- Aether sits next to your front and his hads are everywhere. Really, everywhere
- holds your leg to let adepti more access to you, caresses your stomach with his free hand, run it higher, to your chest, only to vulgarly pinch you nipple, make you squeak
- Xiao's reaction for your movement is only to press into you harder, digging his teeth in your shoulder
- one more cry of yours and Aether is right here to occupy your sweet mouth. Firstly with his fingers, after that - with himself
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clemmywrites · a day ago
Taking A Sick Day 
Characters: Venti, Kazuha, Xiao 
Summary: You’re not feeling well, but good thing you have the best care from your favorite person :) [Day 22 of Axia’s :fall festivities collaborative event!!]
Tumblr media
So, I do not think he would care that you’re sick and ask for kisses
It would get him sick too, obviously
Which is exactly why you don’t wanna do it!
But he has ways of persuasion and before you know it, both of you are laying in bed and suffering
But the good thing is that you’re together, even if you’d already told him that he would get sick but
Snuggles, snuggles and did I say snuggles? You guys don’t have to worry about getting the other sick, so you can cuddle and smooch all you want, just please don’t get carried away
But the bad thing is now, that both of you are like this who si gonna take are of you guys? Things become a lot harder, but one of the sisters probably drops some medicine at the very least
You would most likely end up recovering first and end up caring for him, but it’s okay
Cause you love him <3
“I told you, you would get sick if you kissed me,” You shoot a look at Venti who replies with a playful giggle. “Last time I give into you so easily.”
“So what I’m hearing is, it’ll take even more next time?”
You try to ignore the cheeky smile he gives you before turning away in a fit of coughs. You really can’t deny that you would do anything for him, as he would do anything for you, but sometimes you wish you could resist. Even just a little.
You plant a kiss on his cheek, noticing how his expression deflates when you neglect his lips. 
“But, windblume-”
“Nu-uh! Not until you’re better, then you don’t even have to ask, sweetie.” You won’t lie, the nights when you shared a cold, clinging to each other for warmth, getting close as possible under the covers were comfy but nothing could replace the feeling of cuddling under the tree at windrise when you both are well. You put the thought aside, promising to yourself that as soon as Venti is better, you would do just that. But first, you had to get him to take another dose of medicine, which both of you hate.
Tumblr media
It probably happens when you guys were in the rain together, and of course you probably forgot to properly dry your clothes
He would know immediately, nature told him after all 
especially because it’s you
His normally soft voice, has grown even softer if possible and so sweet you swear you might get cavities
The flowery words and poems dedicated just for you would make your heart soar! He wants you to know you’re loved, in sickness and in health
Probably wouldn’t sleep in fear you might get worse
He would snuggle you regardless of you being sick, you of all people deserve all of the warmth and affection, especially in these times
Probably wouldn’t give you actual kisses, like on your lips, but scattered kisses elsewhere
forehead kiss pls
Okay but imagine: Kazuha rubbing the goosebumps on your arms, soft confessions of love present even in the haze of your sickness.
“No, Kazu, you’ll get sick,” your pleas come out hoarse, yet your persistent boyfriend approaches you anyway. Your fingers were cold against the cool air of the room when you pulled the comforter to your face.
Gentle and warm fingertips brushed along on your own and out of curiosity you looked  up from the mass of comfort you’d created for yourself. Vermillion eyes looked into your own and your eyes instinctively watered. Kazuha brought his hands to your face, settling on your cheekbones. You lean into the touch, how could you not.
“I don’t care if I’ll get sick, let me be here for you, my dove.”
And with a look like that, how could you deny him? You sigh constantly and lift the comforter, an invitation. Kazuha finds his spot next to you, his favorite spot. You scoot down to make room for him. His arms encircle around your waist, pull you closer. You were pulled flush against him. His heartbeat was soft in your ears, a peaceful tune to drift off to.
He plants brushed hair away from your temple and kisses the skin there.
And then, for the first time in days you felt like you might be able to breathe peacefully in your sleep.
Tumblr media
When you get sick I can’t see him understanding at first. Like, has he even heard of the common cold or fevers?
When he finds you later, curled under a million blankets and still shaking, his heart would sink to his stomach-
Were you dying?
So he might assume you’re dying and run to Zhongli and explain and all of that. But then Zhongli is like “Xiao, they’re just sick”
Furthermore, Zhongli might have to aid the clueless bby Xiao on where to go from here
Once Xiao knows what you need, he might have went overboard trying to make you comfortable, and since he doesn’t sleep, he would watch over you at all times
He would be able to get you anything you want in a heartbeat, and if you need him his name wouldn’t even leave your lips before he is there
But to be honest, if all you want is snuggles with him, and since he is so smitten for you, he would give them, since he doesn’t need to worry about getting sick
He would fall asleep with you too~
“Xiao, why aren’t you sleeping?” Your voice is morphed into something quiet and hoarse, it makes his heart ache. 
He sighs, “It’s easier for me to watch over you this way, besides, adepti-”
“Don’t need sleep,” You pause to cough. “I know. But couldn’t you, just for a little while, snuggle here with me? It could be relaxing.”
“Love, I-”
“Please?” Your eyes looked up from your spot on your pillow, and you struggled to try to sit up and reach out for him. Xiao put a hand up, to stop you from moving any further, but in truth he never could deny you, not even if he tried.
He finds a spot next to you, never getting used to how plush the mattress is and how warm the blankets are against his skin. He brings the blanket to the edge of your shoulders. When you glance at him, he knew you wanted him to come closer but he still was nervous, heat rose to his cheeks. 
“You really are a strange creature, but...I do not mind..” 
When Xiao moves closer, or snuggles as you would say, you take his hands and bring his arms around you, and interlocked his fingers with yours. After a few moments like this you stopped shivering, and in your sleep quiet content sighs left your lips. 
Xiao couldn’t help the smile that fell to his lips, he was glad he could do something for you when you needed him.
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reilliane · a day ago
Blooming | 4NEMO
B l o o m i n g
Tumblr media
A/N: The amount of time I took to draw that (^) banner just to have it for 4nemo ficlets— a-ah, I love how it turned out anyway soOOO- anyway! This is sort of 4nemo’s... origin story? At least my take in how the group was built. 
There will be three parts to this, Blooming, Falling, and Loving! (And a bonus angst because it won’t be me without angst, Withering)
Words: 4.1k
≿————- ❈ ————-≾
A dream is a wish your heart makes—isn’t that a saying from a fairytale? 
You aren’t too fond of it, actually. There are dreams that do remain as mere wishes, but you are not the type to let it remain as a blooming desire in your head. Because-
“Why fantasize when you can grant it yourself?”
For the first time in your life, you are a witness to your friend’s bewilderment. A rare sight to come across, so you milk it with a smug yet determined grin. 
It isn’t everyday one gets to see the usually charismatic Venti to be the one stunned into silence, his teal and aquamarine pools blinking in what seems to be an attempt to process what he’s heard. 
He appears just as lost and disordered as his papers that lay on the floor. 
At the center of it all stands you, eyeing the sheets inked with black. Sheets that contain discarded and incomplete musical notes arranged by a passionate yet reluctant mind. 
“I said what I said,” you pick up one of the musical sheets, eying the title that read ‘Zephyr’. “You have what it takes, Ven. Are you really satisfied with just being in the music club?”
Said friend pouts, leaning forward to snatch the paper away from your hands with a rosy flush to his cheeks. 
“Of course I am, what do you take me for?” 
“A liar.”
He dramatically falls to his paper-blessed floor at this retort, whining about how you’ve wounded his poor little heart. Still, he voices nothing regarding your description of him—which can only mean one thing. 
You sigh. This guy, I swear.
“I’ve known you ever since we were in kindergarten and I stole all your crayons except for the brown one—”
“So you did steal them! You thief, I didn’t get my gold star sticker because all I had was a measly stickman doodle of our teacher! She said she looked like a broomstick!” 
“—Because you lied about not stealing my [c] crayon!” you exclaim, huffing when he guiltily chuckles. “So to put it short, I’ve known you for a long time. It is impossible not to know whether you’re really happy with something or not.”
You sit back down on the floor, careful not to slip on any of the musical sheets where your dear friend poured his heart and soul into writing. 
“That face of yours may fool others but not me.” 
Venti gazes at you with a look of resignation, but there is a trace of gratitude if one peers close enough. His slacking grip on the papers he has collected lets loose and he falls back onto the side of his bed. 
Enveloped with quietude, the room makes no noise other than the faint sound of the air conditioner and the faint pattering of the rain against his window. You contribute to the silence, not saying anything as you lose yourself in the recollections of your mind. 
The sudden poiesis of his love for creating music comes barreling when you were both fourteen—and unsurprisingly, you only became aware of it when you caught his incomplete sheets stuffed in his violin bag. Getting the answer with the said sheet as evidence came easier afterward, and so you accompanied him in his passionate rambling about a dream that remains as a faraway wish. 
Students alike have praised his talent and he’s all the more hyped and thankful, but underneath that countenance laid an unsatisfied person who sought for more. 
Of course, despite his ongoing mask in front of others, there is a tacit understanding between the two of you. 
You’re proud to say that you hold some kind of power over others because of this, but heavens, you just wish that Venti would allow you to help sometimes. 
“Do you really think I can make it?” his whisper—so small and so wishful—has you glancing at him, his stare still pointed to his ceiling. 
The pitter patter of raindrops become harsher as if mirroring itself to the raging storm in your friend’s head. The gentle bob of his adam’s apple is a dead giveaway. 
With an incentive to drill in him the fact that ‘yes, I’ve been saying it so many times already!’ , you jump onto the bed chest down, humming when he tilts his head to meet your eyes. 
Receiving the eye contact, you say, “Of course you can. I’ll help you, Ven. Just let me.” 
Venti swallows at this and heaves a sigh, tearing his eyes away. 
One can practically feel his reluctance oozing out from his aura, but you reach your hand down to squeeze his own. It may not help much but the message of ‘I am with you’ does wonders in giving your childhood friend the encouragement he needs.
You know you have won when he looks back at you with a surprisingly sheepish yet eager smile on his face. 
“So where do we start, [Nickname]?” 
≿————- ❈ ————-≾
“This wasn’t part of the plan!” Venti cries as he is almost sent tumbling into other sleep-deprived students thanks to his wrist being pulled. 
To his chagrin, he does tumble when you stop all of a sudden, his front slamming into your back. “You just said how you’re not against forming a team. So, we’re going to get you a team! Don’t worry, I know the perfect candidates!” 
You’re speaking as if you’ve stalked them. He thinks. 
“I’ve stalked a couple of people, see, so I already had my eye on them from the start.”
Venti splutters. 
“You what!?” 
He gets a few odd stares but zero complaints. Either the other students are too sleepy to care that he screamed in the middle of the school courtyard or they just can’t be bothered by the daily ruckus.
You laugh in jest, shaking your head as you pull the songwriter onto one of the stone benches, breathing in the crisp air of the early morning. Way too early for your childhood friend to be screaming in protest, but people could care less. 
“Kidding. I have things to do other than stare at men who are drop dead gorgeous.” 
Venti pouts, crossing his arms. “Why look for drop dead gorgeous men when you already have me?” 
You look at him, flabbergasted. Look at this smug lil’-
“I mean drop dead gorgeous men who will be willing to kiss good old me.”
He gapes openly at this, seemingly forgetting the reason why the two of you are out here in the first place as he switches subjects. “Is that it!? You could’ve just asked, silly!”
“Look over there—that guy with the cool cyan headset, I heard he—VeNTI DON’T KISS ME, WAIT- I WAS JOKING-”
“Were you really though- [Name] get back here!”
The person you have just referred to stops abruptly when you halt in front of him, beady golden eyes narrowing at the mere sight of an unfamiliar girl. Suddenly, everything feels chilly. 
Or maybe it’s because you lack a jacket. 
You still. Oh wow. 
You’ve always thought that his voice will be smooth, but this is heaven- maybe not as lovely as Professor Zhongli’s, but that grit though—ahhh, get in the game, [Name]! Simping later!
“Aren’t you a part of the dance club?” his stare furrows to a mild, simmering glare as if asking how you came to that fact when you’re both strangers, yet you are unperturbed. 
“I’d like to ask if you’re interested in teaming with a few people for a video—”
He interjects before you can finish, his hands already adjusting his headset back onto his ears and blasting his music so loud to the point that it’s a direct message that says ‘back off’. Oh you would’ve backed off alright.
If not for your strong belief that he will fit right in the group, that is.
Discreetly, you slip a folded paper into the pocket of his bag, tapping his shoulder and feigning concern afterwards. “Your backpack’s open, thought I should tell you at least.” 
He doesn’t stop to fix the zipper of his bag, only slinging it to his front with a grunt as he walks away, lost in his music. Venti passes him with a glance, shuddering before grasping your arms. 
“Xiao is your definition of drop dead gorgeous?” you do not understand his panic as he resumes shaking you back and forth, “I won’t question your taste in men, but what will he contribute? Won’t he onlycriticizeme-”
“Yah- first of all, oh, so that’s his name. Second, I could be lesbian for all you know—”
“Nooooo! The universe will rip us apart-”
“But I’m not. Also, he’s hot, you’re not,” your dramatic friend drops to his knees and you snort, “I won’t give you up for the world, though. You’re stuck with me, so stop sulking, Ven! Third, you will work in a group that will excel not only in singing, but dancing! And perhaps rapping? Isn’t that the craze nowadays—anyway, I’ve seen him dance and oh my go-”
Venti jumps back to his feet, fiery eyes twitching. “I’ll dance tango with you!” 
You flinch, eyeing him as if he’s grown another head. What the heck is this guy talking about? Tango? That will be an honor, but you have already promised your dancing skills to a senior student who will seek vengeance if you ever decide to turn her down. 
Opting not to mention that to the hyperbolic violinist, you shake your head. 
“Tut-tut, this is a learning lesson. Naturally, all of you in the group will be benefiting from each other since one will specialize on a certain aspect. Teamwork makes the dream work!” 
Venti drawls a whine at your vigor but doesn’t lose himself to the tempting prompt to back down. He considers asking the contents of the paper you slipped into his classmate’s bag, but instead humors your other ‘candidates’. 
He’s gone this far, no use in backing down. 
Besides... the feeling of having someone at his beck and call is nice, he knows he can rely on you. 
“Ehe, okay, then. How about you let me see the rest of your ‘chosen’ ones?”
“That’s the spirit!” 
≿————- ❈ ————-≾
You have a good feeling about this one. It is like hitting two birds with a single stone! For the next two candidates, they’re both in a couple of your classes. 
Another invitation has been extended to one of them, the blond transferee who accepted the paper without trouble during History period. 
You don’t have similar major courses, but everything else is shared with them—unfortunately, Venti has no joint classes with you. To his dismay. 
Oh well, good thing you both are roommates! 
Oh goodness, and you are roommates- 
”The only issue with this guy is if he’s interested in actually joining the group, not working behind the scenes.” you mutter, waiting out at the corridor as your classmates file out after the ringing of the bell that indicates the arrival of a long-awaited lunch. 
Ah, the nerves are getting to you. 
And it’s definitely because you are going to invite one of the.. oh you can’t explain it, perhaps the anxiousness stems from the fact that you are going face-to-face with a perfect man. No, you definitely didn’t have your eyes on him from the start because you planned to ask him with or without Venti’s consent- 
No, really. No. 
“Care to enlighten me on what has captured your mind for you to space out in the middle of the hallway?” benevolent eyes of carmine meet [c]s and you jump, spooked. 
In your panic, you answered with an idiotic, “You.”
His eyebrows rise, his lips tugging up in a manner so faint yet you are able to see his bemused smile. 
“Well to be specific, you write really well. I’m wondering if you’re interested in joining a group,” your elaboration comes with you pulling out the same sheet of paper prepared beforehand. 
Much like the transfer student, the silverette takes it with a delighted bob of his head. Nothing much is written on the paper except for a logo of what he assumes are wings, a text that read ‘4nemo’, and a subtext at the bottom that read ‘music room’. 
“What’s this for?” 
“[Name], [Name]! There you are! Come on, hurry- they’re going to run out of apple pies!” 
The simultaneous chorus befuddles both you and your classmate, and you chuckle -albeit awkwardly- as Venti latches onto your side in desperation. Waving a hand in apology and shame, you are dragged away. 
“It’s after class, Kazuha, I hope to see you there!” 
Uncertainty is on his expression as if he’s about to say something more, but your figure is already disappearing around the corner before he can add anything else.
It takes you a complete minute to realize that Venti is not dragging you towards the cafeteria at all, instead, towards the said room you’ve penned down on the bunch of papers you have given out. Upon reaching a rather secluded hall, the violinist heaves a sigh of relief before turning to face you.
“So.. Xiao saw the paper,” he starts with a light tone.
In spite of his attempt to sound unbothered, however, the existence of nervousness is as clear as day to you. 
“And he may or may not have thrown it away..” 
Disappointed but expectant of it being the outcome given the dancer’s rather frigid persona, you assure your friend that it will be fine. You can always search for someone else... though you think that no one else will fit the slot as perfectly as Xiao does. 
Venti’s smile is blue as he listens to you. 
What are the odds that the other two you gave those papers to will even come later? He chews over in his mind and doesn’t vocalize it out loud, not wanting to dampen your mood with his once-in-a-lifetime pessimism. 
“We can’t stop now, [Nickname]!” he beams, his hand already sliding the door to the music room open. The small crack provided by the door allows you to see a couple of instruments already set up along with his idle laptop. 
“You.. said you’ll help me, right?” Venti chuckles. 
He may be dubious about the arrival of the two remaining people after class, but that doesn’t mean that he’s willing to back out entirely. Appreciating and making the most of the help someone who believes in him is giving is his top priority.
“Of course! Ooooh, will you finally let me listen to that Zephyr track?”
Venti’s smile turns fond as he turns his head away and walks inside the room. You’ve always liked listening to my songs regardless of whether or not they’re finished... 
”Well, that’s what you’re here for! Ehe.”
≿————- ❈ ————-≾
It isn’t very long until you find yourself walking back to the room you agreed to meet in after the bell that calls for the end of today’s classes. 
Languidly slow in your pace to check if there are any signs of a certain blond and silverette making their way towards the music room, the dismay begins to seep in when you notice that there are zero sightings.   
At least.. zero until you went inside said room only to find Venti already conversing with the blond transfer student. 
“Aether, you came.. !” 
The mentioned person swivels to find your surprised figure standing by the threshold of the room, blinking as if you can’t believe that someone did come. 
Venti himself looks stoked. 
Aether chuckles sheepishly. “Well, I’m not in any clubs yet.. I was wondering if this was an opportunity for me to enter one.” 
His reason makes your eyes meet your childhood friend’s, unsure on how to reveal that... well, it isn’t exactly a club.
I told you you should’ve put more information! Venti’s eyes scream and you blink in defense. Well, too much info would’ve bored them out! 
Clearing your throat, you start to explain to Aether that this isn’t quite the chance he is looking for before going off to a tangent on the real reason why you’ve asked him to meet with you. 
The knock on the door, however, interrupts your small little tangent, leaving Venti to bear witness the slow, unreadable morphing of the blond’s visage. 
The very other person you are looking for enters the room with his tiny smile still present as ever, though anyone can see the small ounce of confusion in his optics. It is clear that he came here not out of interest, but for answers. 
“This is quite the mix.” Kazuha denotes, nodding towards Aether and Venti whilst introducing himself to the latter. 
He’s in a few of Aether’s classes, too, so there is no need for him to extend his introduction when they already know each other. With the exception of the other person, of course. 
After he takes a seat on one of the chairs, he becomes silent, being the usual listener. 
This urges Aether to finally ask you to continue your earlier sentences, ones that still is incomprehensible to ears until he has heard it over and over again. 
“What about forming a musical group again?”
Kazuha is immediately out of his usual behavior, bewildered. “Musical group?” he echoes, as stunned as his classmate. “Like.. idols?”
No lights are on in the room but the setting sun filtering through the curtained windows and from the door slightly ajar is sufficient enough in alighting the wonder in both of their faces. Such a confrontation and reveal sizzles your nerves, but you push through. 
Laying a hand on the unusually silent Venti, you form one of your most welcoming smile. Time to spill, then. 
”I personally went to you because I know that you all will fit well together, enhancing each other’s skill to make the best of you as a group. A-and it’s not like this will take up all of your time! Only for one song, please?” 
Second thoughts are visible on their faces, so you’re listing off their skills in an endeavor for them to realize how well they all mix. 
“Kazuha, I’ve seen the haikus you’ve written in Literature class. You’re a perfect lyricist, no one can tell me otherwise.”
A flush of faint rogue decorates the silverette’s cheeks, the tint gradually becoming similar to the streak of ruby in his tresses. His smile is grateful, albeit reluctant, still. 
“And Aether!” said blond jumps at your stare, “I’ve heard from Lumine that you like to sing. Plus, that face of yours is to die for!” 
“Uh- I- ah..” he swallows with a nervous smile, like he isn’t expecting you to know of his hobby. He swears he catches your friend perk up at the mention of singing. 
You inhale deeply, collecting your thoughts. 
“So.. please help me make someone’s wish come true!” 
The moment you bow is the moment Venti shoots up from his seat, both touched and flustered that you are going miles just to give him a taste of the dream he knows will never be reality.
Having the others’ eyes on his profile doesn’t even faze him anymore as he tries to get you to stand upright once more. 
You are only budging out of the position when Aether stands, the look on his face loud enough for you to identify his unsaid sentences. “Listen, I’m thankful that you think so highly of me, but I don’t think I’m cut out for this..” 
He collects his things with a despondent smile, politely pushing the chair back to its rightful place as Kazuha follows suit. 
You don’t see Venti’s expression but by his flaccid hold on your shoulders, you can basically feel his melancholia exuding off. 
Thus, in a desperate attempt to convince the two, you hurry to the open laptop, exclaiming, “Wait—at least hear what he created!”
Venti stammers as he races along, trying to get you to stop because ‘there’s no use forcing someone if they’ve already decided’, but you get to it first. 
Switching tabs to the lone playlist Venti has exclusively made for his tracks, you press the play button, thankful that the device is already connected to the speaker at the side. 
The interlude of the song plays immediately, synths harmonizing and creating a build-up before launching straight into the main melody. Its low bass somehow fits especially well with the faint grit of an electric guitar, hidden under the layers of synth that set the mood in tandem with the kicks and snares. 
It is far- so far from what Venti usually creates that it has you looking at him in complete awe. 
“To hell with ballads, Ven, this is amazing!” 
The feeling brought by the lyric-less song is still wondrous—like an upbeat start to an adventure. Despite the fullness it seems to convey as your friend’s music resonates in the room, you find it somewhat.. lacking. 
It is as if Venti has purposely removed a key element to present the idea that this song will never be completed at all. 
Oh, how you ache for him to realize that he is worth it—that the rest too, are, worth it. 
But you know—you know that he is right. 
There is no use in forcing someone when they have already finalized on a decision, so even as the song carries through the verses and the choruses, you  don’t look back. Knowing that no one will greet you when you turn, both your eyes are fixated on the screen of the laptop. 
A faint click implies the shutting of the door and you swear you see Venti’s hands shake, like he failed himself. 
His momentary display of weakness has you rubbing his back, a simple sign that you’re still there and he sighs. The faint mumble of gratitude is almost unheard if not for the dying reverbs of the song’s last notes. 
A moment of silence.
At least, until you break it. 
“That sounds wonderful, Venti.. I’m surprised I didn’t hear your violin.” he smiles at you, aquamarine pools gleaming before he gently closes his laptop, biting back the rueful sigh. 
“I wanted something new for a change.”
His sluggish movements prompt you to clean up as well, your movement as slow as his, various thoughts weighing heavily in both of your minds. 
The extra piece of paper -a spare- is seen in your bag just as you are about to tuck away the small speaker. Tealish lines that curve like the swirls of drawn wind mimic a pair of wings that stare back at you. It is the very logo you spent your free time in creating. 
Flight.. wings, freedom. 
The freedom Venti himself is afraid of grasping. 
You sigh. 
“The title of the song... what is it?”
“Soaring.” comes Venti’s monotonous response as he’s in the middle of zipping up his own bag, having placed his things inside. 
You nod your head, “That sounds fitting—wait a minute.”
When it has struck that the question didn’t originate from you, you are turning to Venti, who is already looking at you like a fish out of water. He is just as spooked as you are. 
In a flash of a second, the two of you are whipping back because—oh my go- 
It isn’t what you expected, but it is greatly welcomed. 
“You’re.. still here.” 
It is Venti who speaks this time around, his voice faltering as realization comes to dawn slowly upon him. 
It is only one out of the three people you invited in the room, but it’s more than enough for you to kneel by his feet and kiss the ground he stands on. Venti is already seizing you by the arms before you can do anything, though. 
Kazuha smiles, in his hands a couple of blank papers.
“You are in need of a lyricist, no?”
“Unrelated, but I am in need of a husband, too-”
≿————- ❈ ————-≾
The cheerful bouts from within the music room are loud enough for it to be heard outside. As if anyone will be able to hear it, anyway. Everyone has gone to their dormitories. 
Well, for the exclusion of the three in the room—and one outside. 
“Kazuha, you’re such a godsend, have I ever told you that?”
“Suddenly I do not know who you are.”
“Hush, Venti.”
With a roll of his golden eyes and a click of his tongue, the dance major sets his headset back onto his ears, having removed it a while ago to (eavesdrop) listen. 
The only evidence of his lingering presence outside, albeit fleeting, is his echoing footsteps that eventually fade. 
He is gone by the time the group of two, now three, exits the room.
≿————- ❈ ————-≾
a/n: aww, kazu bb! unfortunately, the other two are still mia. but they will come around! we still have two (not counting the angst) parts to go! 
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