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wangsw1ftie · a day ago
someone said : "people be like "why would you ship xicheng when jin guangyao and nie mingjue are right THERE" BTIXH they're dead and fighting inside a weird ass coffin trying to make it to heaven" AND I'M-😭👊
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i won’t lie one of my main reasons for shipping zhuiling and xicheng is the sheer perfection of the collections they make 
pre-sunshot (xuanli, wangxian, xicheng): yunmeng trio snatching up the top 3 cultivators of their generation and thereby claiming the top 5 spots and being quietly smug about their besotted husbands; the most desired men in the cultivation world.
post-canon (zhuiling, wangxian, xicheng): bratty bottom yunmeng boys collecting lan qiren’s nephews and grand-nephew like pokemon cards and flouncing around cloud recess destroying tranquility while their indulgent smitten husbands keep enabling them and unfailingly ignoring lqr having hacking up blood in the background because let it be known that lotus pier’s boys + besotted lans = shameless.
basically yunmeng children have a way of getting husbands who don’t just love them no; they get ultra devoted, loyal, gorgeous fighters who are also massive simps who watch them with heart eyes.
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wanyinchen · 27 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
XichengStorm DAY 2: De-aging (and Misunderstanding on Lan Huan’s part) “Hua Penjie, send word to Grandmaster Lan about the situation!” 
Lan Xichen was out with the YMJ juniors in a nighthunt. One of the accompanying seniors was joking around, running around and hitting distant leaves with pebbles. He then mistakenly hit a huge rotting tree and angered the slumbering yao into a fit of rage. The Yao was very powerful and though they managed to subdue it, LXC was hit with a vicious curse. His powerful core immediately worked overdrive to minimize the effects and thus, we got little Huan-didi. (Thank gods that his clothes also shrank!!) Everyone was panicking. Jiang-zongzhu was coming because they had sent a signal flare to ask for reinforcements in the fight but—!!! Oh gods. They are so dead.  Originally LXC had de-aged to be 8 years old. But one of the seniors quickly noticed that the more they tell xiao-Lan-zongzhu of his supposed future, the further he de-ages. He is now 4 years old. (Oh gods, they were SO dead) Thus they stopped telling LXC and starts calling him ‘’Xiao-Lan-gongzi’’. And they all did this while being overridden with terrible anxiety. They intimately KNOW how much Jiang-zongzhu can overreact when it comes to his beloved ones. Oh gods, they can already feel the imminent 50 laps around the whole Lotus Pier. When JC arrived in a flash of purple lightning, they immediately told him of the situation. To their surprise, JC only gave them the stink-eye and picked up his de-aged fiancé. JC took in charge of the situation, directing disciples in securing the area and suppressing the yao more securely. 
They immediately went back to Lotus Pier and rushed LXC to the healers. To everyone’s relief, the healer said that the curse is not permanent and will be neutralized in a week or so.  JC: Don’t think you lot are off the fucking hook. YMJ Disciples: It was Gui-shixiong’s fault!!!😠😭 Gui-shixiong: 😭😭😭😭😭 I’m so sorry, zongzhu!! I will never be careless ever again!😭😭😭 JC: I should prescribe a more rigorous training program and more difficult classes for all of you😤😤 YMJ Disciples, sobbing: Ok, zongzhu!! We’re sorry, zongzhu!!! Please forgive us! We’ll train and study more!😢😭😭😭😭 LXC: UWU 🥰🥰😍😍
And little Huan-didi fell in love at first sight! Cue the Huan’er shenanigans.
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sugartz · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
He’s in a good mood
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demiace-wen-ning · 3 months ago
What your favourite MDZS ship says about you?
So I basically saw a bunch of these around Tumblr and decided to make one of my own. This is just a joke and I don't even agree with half the opinions in this post so please don't come after me.
WangXian: You either are super invested in the plot or don't give a fuck about the plot and are only here for the gay. There is no in between.
XuanLi: You just want nice things for JZX and JYL and honestly who wouldn't?
XiCheng: You're a firm believer in the inherent eroticism of brothers dating brothers and you want nice things for Jiang Cheng.
ZhanCheng: You're a firm believer of the inherent eroticism of having a fuckton of hatesex as an unhealthy coping mechanism
NingXian: Your ideal relationship dynamic is besties who also kiss and hold hands. Normal besties stuff
WangNingXian: You think Wei Wuxian should have two strong, devoted boyfriends.
SangCheng: You noticed how they always double-dated with WangXian and decided that they're canon
ChengNing: Your ideal relationship dynamic is enemies to friends to lovers
ChengQing: You honestly don't understand why people dislike the CQL changes
MianQing: What do you mean WQ died? She's literally right there with her wife and daughter, living her best life. Good for her
NieLan: Your ideal relationship dynamic is childhood friends to lovers and believe that everything was fine until JGY came along
XiYao: You only wanted nice things for JGY and honestly who wouldn't?
NieYao: You're a firm believer in the inherent eroticism of bringing out the worst in each other (Also you're super bitter we didn't get a glimpse of the epic hatesex they're definitely going to have for the next 100 years)
3zun: You're a firm believer in the inherent eroticism of 'maybe we could have worked, in another lifetime, but not this one'
XueYao: Same as NingXian but in a 100% more fucked up way
SangYao: You're a firm believer in the inherent eroticism of 'the best way to hurt someone is through their heart'
YanQing: You got tired of the gay and wanted some lesbian action and decided to pair up the only two female characters who had any relevance to the plot or you just want nice things for JYL
ChengYao: Your ideal relationship dynamic is raising a child together
XiSang: Your ideal post canon dynamic is characters healing from their trauma and learning to mend fences or never getting over that trauma and becoming shells of their former selves
SongXiao: You're always a slut for 'Yin/Yang' pairings
XueXiao: You either want good things for Xue Yang or don't want good things for Xue Yang. There is no in between
SongXue: Same as ZhanCheng but even more unhealthier
SongXueXiao: Your ideal relationship dynamic is roadtrip from hell and think A-Qing deserves three dads (not that she'd ever acknowledge XY as a dad)
ZhuiLing: You're always a slut for tsunderes
ZhenLing: You want nice things for OYZZ and honestly who wouldn't?
ZhuiYi: Your ideal relationship dynamic is functional gay/disaster gay
Junior Trio: You are a firm believer in the inherent eroticism of sharing a braincell
Junior Quartet: Same as Junior Trio except you think LSZ should get a break from having the braincell and go apeshit as a treat
(I might make a part two depending on how well this post fares idk)
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owltaills · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
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