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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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☁ [ The Untamed Social Media AU: Part 4/? ] 🌸

Drinks (Part 1/1)
  • Every new character that is introduced will get a google search for some information
  • Yes, they have a group chat, you can’t change my mind and wwx totally named the group
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Guys, I’ve unfollowed a lot of blogs recently, so I need more blogs to follow.  So, if you post:

  • The Sleuth of Ming Dynasty
  • FanZhou/SuiTang
  • RongZhi
  • S.C.I.: Journal of Mysterious Cases
  • YaoYutong
  • The Untamed
  • WangXian
  • XiCheng
  • XueXiao
  • Cdramas
  • Kdramas
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  • Guardian
  • WeiLan
  • ChuGuo
  • History 3: Trapped
  • TangFei
  • JackZi
  • Writing prompts

Then please reblog/like so that I can follow you! 

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not to be petty on side, but I don’t see nearly enough xicheng arranged marriage au. but even when I’ll finally be able to stumble on one I will require JC to do the self reflection for once and come to terms with his anger issues before/in order to cherish and dote on LXC. bc Lan boy has suffered enough and he doesn’t have to take care of someone else’s trauma and do all the comfort when the hurt-comfort business should be mutual, n’est-ce-fucking-pas?

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So, I wanted to practice drawing animals and, for some reason, that lead my brain down a ‘favourite Mo Dao Zu Shi ships as cats’ rabbit hole. Currently rewatching the Untamed with my brother and reading the novel probably had something to do with it.

Anyway, this took me forever, because I’m still getting used to digital, but overall I think I did a decent job. Need to work on my colouring skills, but still. Let me know if there are specifics that could have been done better, I’m looking to improve! Also, first time posting art on this account, but I do have an Instagram under the same username, if you feel curious.

And in case anyone wants to know the cat breeds:

Lan bros: Norwegian Forest Cat

Wei Ying: Bombay Cat

Jiang Cheng: Russian Blue Cat

Xiao Xingchen: Siamese Cat

Song Lan: Korat Cat

Xue Yang: American Longhair/Tabby Cat Mix

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(modified from this post!)

send me a pairing & a number, and i will draw the two smooching (romantically or platonically; please see tags). 

  1. a shy kiss.
  2. a forehead kiss.
  3. a cheek kiss.
  4. a neck kiss.
  5. a hand kiss.
  6. a dying kiss.
  7. a bleeding / bloody kiss.
  8. an assertive kiss.
  9. a nonchalant / casual kiss.
  10. a blown kiss.
  11. a sad / crying kiss.
  12. a quick kiss.
  13. a happy kiss.
  14. a teasing / sensual kiss.
  15. a clumsy kiss
  16. a kiss of your choosing! ( requested by the sender! )

UPDATE: requests are now CLOSED! apologies in advance if i don’t get to yours… there are too many for me to do all of them 😭

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A Loving Touch

by carrotcouple

T, 2k, xicheng

Summary:  Lan Huan tries to lace his fingers together with Jiang WanYin’s before they go into a conference but the other pulls his hand away.

“Don’t do that,” Jiang WanYin mutters, eyebrows furrowed together in a scowl, but not the familiar flustered one that Lan Huan has gotten used to. This one is just…a scowl, something Jiang WanYin wears to hide other emotions.

My comments:  Ouch. I’m a sucker for touch-starved, because it hurts. Happy ending, though!

angst, hurt/comfort, skin hunger, touch starved, protective jin ling, misunderstandings, established relationship, touching, patient lan xichen, scared jiang cheng, @carrotcouple

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Hey @newyearknwwme , only you are gonna read this, so I'mma rant here like I do when we text.

Top three ships:

1. XiCheng!!!!!

I’m super obsessed with this ship. Can you feel the love and angst pouring outta this? Our virgin, black listed by matchmakers, fifth in the list of top cultivators bagging the First Jade! Lxc being all sly and teasing Jc is my jam, jc getting flustered and being the only one who knows how shameless lxc is, he is like hawwwww are all Lans like this? This doesn’t even cover 2% of my love for this ship but then this would get extremely long, so I'mma stop.

2. SangCheng

I don’t even know when this happened, honestly. I was more XiSang then SangCheng but then I came across this one fic that changed the whole dynamic between NHS and JC for me. They studied together, I totally headcanon that they fell in love. Then they both had to face their demons, cuz canon. But they are always there for each other? Jc is so much like nmj, he brings the same kind of warmth and protection, but a different kind of love. They both lost their elder brothers, so they know that there is somebody who understands them. JC sitting down with nhs so he could learn to paint from nhs, giving up in between and just staring at nhs who has ink all over his face and hands, JC has this dopey smile that nobody else gets to see. It’s the innocent, sweet love that started when they were teenagers and when they get married, hawtdamn! they are gonna be such a power couple.

3. ZhuiYi

Their seniors had to fight a war to give these children a chance to be children, to not have responsibilities (aka war) thrown at them. So this ship is like a new beginning for the mdzs world, they are pure and kind. It’s not that they were untouched by war, but even then they were loved. So, it’s easier for them to love too. Also, just imagine them both being the Sect Leaders of Gusu Lan. They would be unstoppable. They would lead with kindness and empathy, and they would do it together. All their uncles and fathers would just be like, yes this is what we fought for, for you to love without constant pain and fear hovering around you.

Honourable mentions: WangXian, cuz I’m not dumb, I love these boys! XiSang, SongXiao, MingXiCheng, NieLan (is this nmj and lxc, that’s what I mean), Jingyi and Jin Ling too. ZHUILINGYI as well.

Last Song:

Only The Young by Taylor Swift, it’s so catchy and it’s playing on a loop. I’m too laaaazy to go change it.

Last Movie:

Half of it. It’s a good movie man, I like the colors and the location. It’s so pretty. Oh and the voices of the two girls, they sound so heavenly. I’d watch it just for their voices again, but there are many more reasons why you should watch it.

What I’m currently reading:

Oh boy, my brain has given up on novels, years ago. I will pick them up again, hopefully, when I stop being stupid. I only read fics these days and only from the mdzs fandom, I can’t get enough of it. I have subscribed to so many wips, like my life depends on them.

Foods I’m craving:

Nothing at the moment, cuz I’m home and my mom makes amazing food. I’m just dreading the day I have to go back to college, how am I supposed to cope after eating my mom’s brilliant food for two months straight??

My favorite crack ships:

Yeah, I’m adding my own question, sue me.

Jiang Cheng/Lan Jingyi.

Lan Qiren/Wen Ruohan

Jiang Cheng/Jin Zixuan (oh that one post on tumblr about this ship and Yanli supporting it, I laughed/cried so bad)

Lol I’m not tagging anybody cuz uh I don’t know anybody on tumblr, hehe. People who do see this post, you should all do this man. It’s fun!

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I have this idea that Lan Xichen, the great Zewu-Jun, is just really sexually aggressive and completely opposite of his brother in that way.

Like, he looked at Meng Yao and was like, “dibs,” and then seduced him in all of two seconds by *checks notes* admiring his teapot (not a euphemism).

He looked at Nie Mingjue and said, “finally someone who can top me.”

Nie Mingjue: 😯😳😏

Then there’s Jiang Cheng who starts out hopeful and free and alive and the goes through the absolute worst situations, loses everything and is betrayed by his sworn brother and becomes this little ball of rage and Xichen goes through the absolute worst situations and is betrayed by his sworn brother and goes through all of this despair and tries to hide away until one day it occurs to him that they have a lot in common, so Lan Xichen decides to offer up some sexual healing.

So sure, their first few rounds are probably hate sex that involves #improper use of Lan headband, but then eventually it works, and then they both work it out of each other until it feels less like hate and more like something else, and Xichen is ready to pursue Jiang Cheng to the ends of the earth to keep it. So he does.

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Where is the fic where Lan Xichen is thirsting over Jiang Cheng’s thighs, preferably clad in jeans. Where is the fic where Lan Xichen can’t concentrate at all because all he can think of is being pounded into the mattress by these thick, powerful thighs. Where is the fic where Jiang Cheng knows exactly what’s happening and wears only his best fitting jeans and always sits with his legs slightly splayed.

Where is it.

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Ahaha sorry for the lack of art rn for all my new MDZS followers and all my followers and supporters from before who stuck with me. 

I proooomise I have more art and ideas coming soon I’ve got so damn many but i draw slow and my current Xicheng fic is consuming my life in the best way. I promise I will draw and I probably should draw between chapters but my hands be like nah write more. Two chapters are up atm and its finna be a l o n g one. Bless MDZS for actually getting me writing again though its wack to be back ngl

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Jiang Cheng x Lan Xichen: You’re a sucker for the opposites attract/fire and ice trope, and think these guys could have a lot of potentially funny moments. Also you think JC’s got some healing to do and you think LXC would be a good influence on him.

Jiang Yanli x Lan Xichen: You think the hets can have SOME rights, like, as a treat, but only if they’ve earned it. You also really like JYL’s and WWX’s sibling bond, and you think his happily ever after includes him living right next door to his big sister. I don’t really think you can do this one tho just because you’d be herding all the brain cells in the MDZSverse in one place and the rest of the cultivation world would quickly go up in flames. They’re cute though!

Jiang Cheng x Wen Qing: You’ve mostly stuck to the CQL adaptation, and you really want JC to get a little bit of happiness. You may ALSO be really into political marriages??? Like yes MAYBE WQ would love JC, but I really think you just saw her, and you saw her LOOKING at the chance to have political power in this fucked up world, AND YOU IMAGINED ALL THE THINGS SHE COULD DO WITH THAT. SHE DOESN’T NEED A MAN, SHE NEEDS A THRONE.

Jiang Yanli x Wen Qing: You looked MXTX dead in the eyes and said, “ALL THESE MLMS??? ALL THESE MLMS???? AND NONE OF THESE WOMEN COULD EVEN GIVE EACH OTHER A LONGING GLANCE??? FUCK YOU.” You also REALLY love a good Lesbian Power Couple, and maybe wanna beef up the WWX Protection Squad. And form the Wen Ning Protection Squad! But just like JYLxLXC, imma need you to be careful with this one because you’re hoarding all the brain cells in one place again.

MianMian with anybody other than her husband: Bi Rights, Baby!

Ouyang Zizhen x A-Qing: Crybaby rights. Also you mostly stick with CQL. You’re also a basic bitch who’s a sucker for a starcrossed lovers trope, which isn’t a bad thing, trust me! You’re probably really cute! You may also be playing around with the idea of what A-Qing’s life could have been like had she survived the Yi City arc, despite her injuries. You’re crossing into really angsty territory with that one, which I respect.

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Follow the tag below for the previous parts, or you can read it all here on AO3 if you prefer.

Jiang Cheng would have been pacing if his leg wasn’t currently splinted up. Instead, all he could do was sit and stare at the door of the dungeon, tensing whenever he heard a noise outside. They had taken Lan Xichen away some time ago. He didn’t even know how long it had been.

Needless to say his welfare was foremost in Jiang Cheng’s mind.

Mo Xuanyu had drifted off into a troubled sleep, his head resting in Jiang Cheng’s lap, who continued to stroke his hair soothingly, and hum snippets of the lullabies he could remember A-Jie singing to him when he was a child.

Keep reading

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