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#xmas calendar
palatinewolfsblog · 9 months ago
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What’s it gonna be tonight? Which lovable singer? Male or female? 
Well:  On day 28 of my special calendar i simply choose a great jazz duet. 
Friends, Followers and Guests: 
Here they are: Idina Menzel and Michael Bublé. With their evergreen: Baby it’s cold outside. 
Simply heartwarming. ;)
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kokeethornton · 10 months ago
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Have a nice day :) Ausruhzeit. Moin!
Ich hab übrigens Tage an dieser kleinen Animation gemalt. Sie besteht aus acht Bildern. Alle einzeln per Hand gezeichnet und coloriert. Wenn ihr Interesse an einem der Bilder habt, schreibt mich an:
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angiebear333 · 10 months ago
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levantindesign · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Friends, chin-chin 🥂 Thank you for being with us!
2020 was a record year: 2100000 people saw us, 46000 were on the site, 340 orders, produced 810 items; also this year in numbers, are 1080 renderings, 162 Uni chairs, 1820 3D downloads, 1275 m2 of packing cardboard...
Our clients are satisfied as one customer from Kharkov who wrote us: "Quality and service at mega level. The guys really know how to do quality things. Beautiful packaging with the business card added a nice touch. Would definitely recommend to friends. Thank you very much, keep it up!
Let's move on, like bulls, through the roof. See you next year! 🐮
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adam-tas · 11 months ago
Christmas is coming, it may be a decent time to watch and subscribe our channels on YouTube:
#FamilyPopTV (family entertainment),
#SebastianPopTV (kids entertainment)
Full “Christmas ABC” song here:
If you already subscribed our channels then thank you.
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palatinewolfsblog · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Hello, dear friends, followers and guests. 
It’s the 31th of December. Hard to believe but it’s the the end of the year. And what a year! 
And i think, many of us sit and wonder - what comes next? 
So let’s look for some comfort. Some peace of mind. Confidence, there is somebody who watches over us. 
Here i present to you Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s famous poem “von guten Mächten” (“by gentle powers”) in the musical version by Siegfried Fietz. 
English translation by Ulrich Schaffer.
God bless you! 
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kokeethornton · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Happy 1. Advent :) 
Meine liebe Künstlerfreundin Linamanati und ich haben uns etwas ausgedacht um euch die kommenden Advents-Sonntage zu verschönern. Wir haben uns das Thema `gemütlich zusammen sein´ künstlerisch vorgenommen. Einen kleinen Vorteil hat die Corona verseuchte Adventszeit 2020:                                  Wir können es uns ausnahmsweise mal ganz beruhigt gemütlich machen. Zuhause alleine oder im ganz kleinen Kreis zusammen sein, ist nämlich das Sinnvollste was wir gerade tun können, damit alle gesund durch den Winter kommen. Klar fehlen uns die anderen, die schönen Dinge der Weihnachtszeit, die Familie, das Lachen und beisammen sein. Tut weh im Herzen. Mir jedenfalls. Daran lässt sich nun aber gerade nichts ändern. Es ist wie es ist. Da müssen wir gemeinsam durch. Warum also nicht wenigstens versuchen zu genießen, dass man mal entspannen darf? Sobald es wieder möglich ist, und das dürfte in absehbarer Zeit sein, fahren alle wieder ihr Business hoch, sind die gesellschaftlichen Verpflichtungen zurück, startet auch der Weihnachtstrouble wieder voll durch. Darum, zieht das Beste aus der Pandemie Pause, macht es euch gemütlich :) Und besucht Lina und mich doch auch auf Instagram:
Einen schönen ersten Advent wünsche ich euch <3 
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avashop · 11 months ago
About Society6 Face Masks
Our multiuse, machine-washable face masks feature designs from our talented community of independent artists. The pleated front expands to snugly cover your mouth while the adjustable Nylon-spandex loops comfortably fit behind your ears. Dual layer construction allows for an easily accessible inner pocket to insert your own disposable filters. Plus, a portion of all proceeds will be donated to World Central Kitchen to help the COVID-19 recovery effort.
Every product is made just for you
Crafted with a poly fabric and adjustable Nylon-spandex ear loops
Silicone bead for size adjustment
Pleated, dual layer construction for snug fit
Includes an inner "pocket" for disposable filters
Mask measurements: 7" x 3.5"
Not medical grade
Filters not included
A portion of all proceeds will be donated to help the COVID-19 recovery effort
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mediazink · a year ago
Tumblr media
You can nominate your favorite tattoo artist and make her or him the best of the best! Are you wondering how it works? It’s simple. Send us your nomination! We are waiting for messages on Facebook and Instagram. You have time until October 30th.
More information on:
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sons-of-sirens · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
It’s time to open Honeypants’ HUG advent calendar!
He is allowed to open a few doors per day, since it’s late in December.
So let’s go!
Honey opened Door’s @venelona!
Honey and his brother Glam are opening Gyftmas presents by the tree. Glam has his best seasonal sweater on, with matching seasonal pants. Honey is wearing the tshirt and boxers he slept in, because he was JUST too excited to open gifts!
He woke up at 7:30 am for this. A remarkable feat.
“I THINK SANTA BROUGHT YOU EVERYTHING ON YOUR LIST!” Glam says, and Honey has to agree! He now has honey-scented bath gel, a pile of candy, another giant stuffed animal to add to his already overflowing stuffed animal mountain/bed, a cute shirt with a bee on it, and yellow striped socks.
But something is missing...
“WHAT’S THAT BIG BOX OVER THERE?” Glam hints. Honey didn’t see that giant gift in the corner! He eagerly unwraps it and tears the lid off.
There’s a gift card for Amazon lying at the bottom of the box.
Confused, Honey brings his gifts to his room, throwing his new stuffed animal on his bed, putting his new shirt and socks in his dresser and hiding the candy in his sweets stash. Later, Honey, Glam and Mr. Bear watch a holiday movie and eat turkey sandwiches. Honey takes a shower with his new scented gel, crawls into a clean shirt and boxers and digs his way into his stuffed animal pile to sleep.
A stuffed animal behind him stirs and grabs him in a hug and Honey shrieks in fear.
“THE BOX WAS TOO PREDICTABLE!” Venelona yells, tearing off their stuffed animal disguise! “I was the stuffed animal present all along!!”
Honey is IMPRESSED. He did not see that coming! He hugs Stuffed Animal Venelona happily.
Honey opened Door’s @splynter!
Honey is on super high alert in his surroundings after that last surprise hug. HE’S supposed to be the one doing the surprise hugging! He won’t be caught unawares again!
All day, everything seems normal. Honey looks around corners, in his closet, and even checks all his stuffed animals. Nothing!
While looking under the couch, there’s a knock at the door. Honey throws the front door open, only to find a delivery man. He hands Honey a small Amazon box.
Honey goes back to the living room. The box is way too small to conceal a human. Honey tears it open anyway. It’s a replacement electric toothbrush that Glam ordered.
Honey is losing his MIND. Where is the human hiding?? He knows there’s a human hiding here somewhere! He can prove it!!
Later on, Glam and a guest arrive home.
“I’M SO GLAD YOU CAME TO VISIT,” Glam says to Splynter, unlocking the front door and letting them in ahead of him. “MY BROTHER WILL BE” They both stare at the state of Glam and Honey’s apartment, which has been torn apart. In the middle of a mess on the living room floor, Honey is staring into a cookie jar.
“I KNOW YOU’RE IN THERE!” he shouts into it.
“HE’S GOING THROUGH HUG WITHDRAWAL! HUMAN, QUICKLY!” Glam picks up Splynter and runs over, draping the human over his little brother. Honey drops the cookie jar and hugs Splynter tightly in relief.
“i totally lost it,” he sobs into Splynter’s shirt. “i thought you were hiding!”
Splynter promises not to hide hugs from Honey. Honey promises to clean up the apartment. Glam promises to ground Honey for this nonsense.
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