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lauriel816 · a day ago
Erik, watching Peter and Nina playing around: These children fill my heart with some sort of new emotion I've never felt before. They make me feel warm and want to smile!
Charles: We humans call it happiness.
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frag-nightcrawler · 2 days ago
How have I never found this blog???Kurt has been an obsession of mine since I was young,I even got a one of a kind sketch at comic con,with him with his evo hair but curlier with his original costume
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aww that sketch sounds SO cute, i had to give it a whirl too :D
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star-fettish17 · 2 days ago
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Olivia Munn
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ptsdpolaris · 2 days ago
2/3 marvel male speedsters are not straight
C’mon Pietro, get with the program
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hellfre · 2 days ago
So, I put some James McAvoy characters into the Hunger Games simulator and here are some highlights
First, of course, our contestants, including Jimmy who against all odds won last time, and some characters who weren't there the last time I made it.
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Yes, I'll still stand by my saying that Charles Xavier and Bald Charles Xavier are two different people (and I also needed more characters) and also James McAvoy and Bake-Off James McAvoy are not the same here, thank you.
Here are the highlights with no explanation of what happened, I'll leave it for your imagination (I'll also put the kills at the end so everyone can read it lmao):
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I'll reblog with the rest of them.
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Hypothetical set-up for Deadpool 3:
General plot summary:
While out on a mission, Deadpool is literally blasted into another universe (the MCU) by the supervillain Madcap. Stranded, Deadpool has to find a way back to his own universe while making sure not to mess up the one he’s currently in. To help him, Deadpool seeks out the only one who can understand his plight; himself. Or at least, his MCU counterpart. 
Of course, the movie ends with Deadpool deciding to stay in the MCU. It’d probably be for something silly, like avoiding a warrant for his arrest in the X-Men universe. 
New Characters (assume that the regular Deadpool series actors reprise their roles): 
1) Andy Samberg as Wade Wilson / Deadpool (MCU timeline)
Tumblr media
2) Jim Carrey as Madcap, the main antagonist 
Tumblr media
3) Evan Peters reprises his role as Ralph Bohner (the main joke with him is that X-Men timeline Wade keeps mistaking him as Pietro Maximoff)
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magneatio · 2 days ago
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i hold the fate of the universe in my hands
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lauriel816 · 2 days ago
Charles: Where’s Peter? I’ve just been away for merely one second and the kid’s gone! I can’t find him anywhere!
Logan: Relax, I'm sure everything's fine. He’s probably with Erik.
Charles: Those two sentences do not go together.
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Scott: What should I be for Halloween?
Logan: My boyfriend.
Scott: You're right, that would be terrifying.
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frag-nightcrawler · 2 days ago
fragnightcrawler --> frag-nightcrawler
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I guess tumblr updated the servers or something, but the old frag-nightcrawler has now gone the way of all things mortal and i was able to change the URL of this blog! Thankfully I had the presence of mind to back-up all my posts to this new blog before it was permanently deleted, so all of my banger posts still exist!
So, welcome to the new and improved and now only frag-nightcrawler, a Nightcrawler ask-blog that will definitely not get accidentally deleted like that other stupid one! And since I now definitely permanently lost access to my old postbox, I’d really love some new asks to liven this new place up a little! :D
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reading x-men human aus is so funny. they say "Raven's blonde" and I'm over here like "NO, she is BLUE with SCALES and RED HAIR, get it right". you literally cannot make me picture Beast as nicholas holt. He is a blue furry and I will not be silenced.
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leyla-xavier · 2 days ago
Erik & Charles: <Both lay in bed>
Erik: What a long day.
Charles: I’m exhausted.
Erik: You and me both.
Charles: Well enough chit chat, let’s take advantage of these 8 hours that we have with the kids asleep.
Erik: Oh? I like where this is going-
Peter: <Opens the door> Dads, I had a nightmare that a giant dinosaur stepped on me and now I can’t sleep.
Erik: <Looks over at Charles> Well that ended fast.
Charles: Peter honey come here, you can sleep with me and your father tonight.
Peter: Yes! <Shuts the door and runs over to get in bed>
Charles: <Turns off the bedside lamp> Goodnight you three.
Erik: Goodnight.
Peter: Goodnight!
<Peace and quiet for 30 minutes>
Wanda: <Opens the door>
Charles: <Turns on the lamp> Hmh?
Wanda: Fathers, I can’t sleep.
Erik, groaning: You could join us too Wanda.
Wanda: Alright! <Closes the door and hops in bed with the three of them>
Charles: <Once again turns off the light>
<5 minutes pass by>
David: <Opens the door while holding Lorna’s hand> You guys..
Erik: Let me guess, you two can’t sleep either?
David and Lorna: <Nodding>
Erik: Alright, get in.
David and Lorna: <Looks at each other, smiles, shuts the door and then jumps in bed with the others>
<12 minutes later>
Nina: <Opens the door>
Charles: <Switches the light on> You can sleep with us too Nina.
Nina: <Giggles then gets in bed>
Charles: That’s the last of them.
Erik: <Groans> Mhm..
Charles: Alright, sleep well my loves. <Turns the lamp off>
Erik: Goodnight.
Peter, Wanda, David, Lorna & Nina: Night night!
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