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The Goblin Queen Madelyne Pryor By Joseph Michael Linsner

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sigh not sure if i nailed anyone’s characterization in that last post but whatever. comics characterization is so inconsistent that i can find an issue to support any characterization i come up with. just kind of frustrating because i think… things are so inconsistent that i’m attached to multiple characterizations of people? that can’t always be reconciled? so like, i love forceful righteous scott who’s a dumbass who refuses to see he’s ever wrong but i also love aching imperfect scott who never trusts his own decisions. emma and jean should be people who support him and help him look at his choices from an outside perspective (giving him valuable feedback and helping him be more confident) but also they should be a little selfish and never willing to admit they’re wrong. jean should be a kind and just leader who it comes naturally to and only feels that Hunger because of the influence of the phoenix force but also jean should constantly have to pay attention to that Hunger which has always existed inside of her and is the REASON why the phoenix force sought her out. there’s just So Much potential and i want it ALL but it means anything i read or write is gonna feel inconsistent and that frustrates me

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also it’s midnight thirty and i’m done caring about whether anyone will agree with my opinions so i’m here to say that emma/scott is a REALLY GOOD SHIP actually but i haven’t seen a SINGLE thing that explores the interesting parts of their dynamic, which is the fact that scott is a paladin who would die for the xmen without hesitation while emma would never die for a cause. emma would die to save a single mutant child, but she’s fundamentally a pragmatist and scott wants SO BADLY to be an idealist and it’s gotta be HARD for him to realize that he connects with that pragmatic part of emma (which is also the part of her that means she’s living in a SCHOOL and TEACHING instead of pursuing her totally-real goal of world domination).

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i was infodumping to lesbean about jean/scott again last night and got halfway through the dark phoenix saga before i realized that like… almost all of their Iconically Romantic Scenes™ are SUPER TRAGIC. scott freaking out after jean sacrifices herself to get the jet safely to earth? the entire dark phoenix saga, featuring that time she DIES IN FRONT OF HIM? that time she sacrificed herself to save the team in the movies? that time she killed him in the movies? jean coming back to life and living a completely normal-looking in the phoenix-egg-thing and scott STILL BEING THERE? when she left the phoenix-egg-thing and the phoenix brought scott back to life to convince her to stay alive and she killed him AGAIN? it just all hurts. like i know they have fluffy moments but also apparently i have a ship type and it’s Ships With High Tragedy Potential

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wanda in wandavision looks, un-whitewashed ❤️

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The Black King /Queen. Emma Frost . In Storms costume . Art used Terry Dodson

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a little charles and erik sketch i drew yesterday <3

it’s from the scene in first class where they’re playing chess on the steps of the lincoln monument btw

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concept: the x-men universe where everything is the same for charles and erik EXCEPT that they have mcavoy’s and fassbender’s respective scottish and irish-german accents

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I recently saw someone say they don’t think Shinobi Shaw is straight, and let me assure you—  Shinobi has NEVER been straight.

He was shown as bisexual in his second issue, The Uncanny X-men #281, in the 90s. He’s shown surrounded by scantily clad men AND women who are all touching him, and his butler asks if he’ll be having oysters or snails tonight (which is an old-timey way of saying women or men) to which Shin says “dinner first I think” which makes it clear that it was a sex metaphor and not about food. He’s likewise shown lounging about in another issue with, again, lots of hot people of BOTH sexes, all in bathrobes or undies, with the implication they’re all having offscreen sex.

He’s one of the earliest mutants to be TEXTUALLY bisexual, even if they never say the actual word, rather than subtextual. And while he plays the “evil hedonist bi” stereotype to the hilt (alas a product of his time) he should be remembered for it.

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