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berg3mann · a day ago
i do think its sweet and compelling when people write mystique as regretting giving kurt up, but personally i just can't see it cause every time theyve interacted in kurt's adult life it has been just like
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herochan · a day ago
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Series by Denis Medri || IG
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justaduo · 22 hours ago
Kiss me hard before you go.
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mcu-fietro · 2 days ago
the fact that we didn’t get a Peter slo mo scene in wandavision with him running/dancing to some early 2000s music like Backstreet Boys or “pocketful of sunshine” or something emo..... rude
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lauriel816 · a day ago
Erik: Where did it go? The helmet was just here! No one has been in here but you, me, Mr. Dibbles, and Pe—
Erik: PETER! Get in here!
Charles: Erik, you're jumping to conclusions. Why do you always blame—
Charles: PETER!!!
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ptsdpolaris · a day ago
So I made a fairly expansive x-men character quiz, please take it for a spin
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crazyquicksilvertrash · 2 days ago
Wanda: Can you do that thing?
Peter: What thing?
Pietro: You know, the thing that makes us happy
Peter: Oh! *smiles*
Wanda and Pietro: Thanks
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leyla-xavier · 2 days ago
Marvel making X-Men First Class:
Charles: You’re not alone.
*Gay Cherik chess scene*
Erik: *gets lost in Charles’ eyes after he moves the huge satellite*
*Another gay Cherik chess scene*
Erik: *Refuses to have sex with Raven*
Erik: *Holds Charles after he got shot* Stay by my side.
The X-Men Fandom: That’s gay.
The X-Men Fandom:
Marvel making Apocalypse as a rebuttal:
Charles: *sees Moira* Let’s go check her out- I mEaN
Erik: *StArTs a FaMiLy*
Marvel: See, they’re not gay.
The X-Men Fandom: Okay, now that was just forced.
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ranaraeuchle · a day ago
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I was trying something with watercolor and ink today.
I’ll leave it to you guys to decide if it was successful or not.
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garoniousxmen · 2 days ago
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It’s surprising to me that Kurt is not part of the Marauders - we all know that Kurt graved and enjoyed the life of a pirate . Him and Kate great dynamics . My Marauders . #KatePryde #NightCrawler #EmmaFrost #Bishop #Iceman #Pyro #Marvel #Xmen
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lauriel816 · 15 hours ago
Erik, to Charles: I got us matching wedding rings!
Peter: These are handcuffs.
Erik: Ja cause we're partners in crime!
Charles: *flashbacks to the pentagon prison break*
Charles: It’s not like he’s wrong about it.
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trashplanetsakaar · 2 days ago
i can tell you with absolute certainty that steve rogers is the love of my life whereas i adore bucky barnes and would murder anyone who hurt him yet don’t want him in my bed
i can tell you that charles xavier is 100% husband material and i would walk to the ends of the earth to get a hug from erik lehnsherr 
but can i tell if my feelings for the pretty girl on the bus the other day are platonic or otherwise? no no i cant 
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celestial-ringleader · 11 hours ago
I see your Gambit boob window and raise you matching boyfriend boob windows. Thoughts and opinions?
M a n y
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At this point y'all are giving me an excuse to draw more thirsty art and tbh I'm here for it (don't tag as xm*cu Pietro)
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crazyquicksilvertrash · 2 days ago
With my luck, I will probably die the day after I get my shit together
Statement by Peter maximoff
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