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#xmen apocalypse
inmate-marmalade4 hours ago
Part One of The Speed of Light broke 100 notes today!!
Thanks to everyone who read it and the following parts! I'm super passionate about the X-Men and how the movies should've been imo and im so happy that others feel the same 馃槉 After Part 4 drops tomorrow I might have a schedule for the following parts soon. Also still plan on an in-universe list of things to know.
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blueskyandpudding2 days ago
I want to edit for every ship that i鈥檓 into with Taylor鈥檚 song tbh i鈥檓 obsessed at this point ahah聽
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just-some-lesbian2 days ago
Tumblr media
A/N: KUUUURT FLUFFF for anon :3
Summary: Reader is cold and Kurt warms her up
type: drabble (kinda short lmao)
pairing: Kurt Wagner x reader
Warnings: None, a huge amount of fluff
It was a cold winter in New York. VERY cold winter. December has passed, January of 1984 has begun, everything was calm and silent, as for a school full of teenage mutants. Everyone was having fun differently. Some people, like Peter, are starting snowball fights and rubbing snow in anyone's face who dared to come closer than 7 feet to them. Other's like Jean and Jubilee are building snowmen or igloos and sledding on the closest hill. And there are people like me, who are always freezing and refusing to go away from the fireplace.
Even hot cocoa didn't help. I was just sitting under a few blankets, not having something or someone to hug. My boyfriend - Kurt - was out on a mission with Erik and Warren. They said it'll be easy and that they will be back soon, but they were gone for three hours now. I was just sitting here, cold and worried. Suddenly, someone stepped into the room. it was Kurt. Covered in snow, with a glove on the tip of his tail. "Babyyyy!" I reached my hands out to him with a puppy face. "Did you miss me, Liebling?" He smirks as he takes off his jacket and scarf. You just grunt, wanting him to finally cuddle with you.
The blue boy decided to play with me and tidy up the room, wanting me to tell him what I wanted. "Kuuurt, come here and hug mee!" I complained and pouted in irritation. "Awww, meine Prinzessin." He said with a caring voice walking towards me. Kurt throws the blankets off me and picked me up gently in a bridal way, showering my face with kisses and pressing me against his chest. "Ich Liebe Dich, Y/N" Kurt muttered, teleporting us to his dorm. I just nuzzled into him, enjoying his warmth.
He placed me on his bed and laid next to me. I immediately hugged him tightly as he wrapped his arms around me and kissed my forehead. Kurt's body was so soft and cozy, his fur was tickling my face, the tip of his tail softly caressing my thigh. Kurt purrs like he always does when we cuddle. "So, Y/N, are varm now?" He said with a smirk on his face. I giggled and gave him a quick smooch on the nose. "with you? always"
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tatesweaterweather3 days ago
Tumblr media
Befriending Peter in junior high - gender-neutral!reader <3
(鈿狅笍 warnings!: none)
You sighed in annoyance as you walked through the chaotic hallway that was your junior high. You finally pushed through to your locker and couldn鈥檛 help but let out a breath of relief.
鈥淗ey, new kid. Watch where you鈥檙e going.鈥 You heard behind you. You turned to see a kid your age getting shoved to the ground. He had fluffy, silvery coloured hair that immediately caught your eye.
He looked up to the boy who had shoved him and huffed. He fixed his shirt before attempting to get back up, only to be shoved back down. You watched in silence as the boy鈥檚 book bag was now being emptied in front of him. The entire hallway had gone silent.
The boys taunting him sneered obnoxiously before walking off. You looked at the boy once more in sympathy and this time he looked back at you. Without thinking about it too much, you walked over to him and bent down to help him pick up his papers.
鈥淚鈥檓 sorry that happened to you.鈥 You handed him the last of his papers. 鈥淎re you okay?鈥
He smiled slightly. 鈥淵eah, I鈥檓 fine. It could have been a lot worse, I guess.鈥
You sent him a small smile back. 鈥淪o, you鈥檙e new? What鈥檚 your next class?鈥
鈥淥h, Ms. Dove.鈥 He searched for his schedule in his pocket. 鈥淢ath, I鈥檓 pretty sure?鈥
鈥淎h, yikes.鈥 You teased. 鈥淒espite the name, she鈥檚 the worst.鈥
鈥淭hanks for the heads up.鈥 He laughed.
鈥淲ell, I have English next but I could walk you to your next class if you want.鈥 You offered.
鈥淵eah, that would be cool.鈥 The boy smiled. You nodded and began to walk down the chaotic hallway yet again.
鈥淥h, I never caught your name.鈥 You turned to him.
鈥淧eter.鈥 He answered.
鈥淣ice to meet you, Peter. I鈥檓 Y/N.鈥
(a/n: chile.. i鈥檓 so sorry that this was EXTREMELY short, i am having severe writers/editors block rn and my creativity is running on mf fumes i swear-)
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secret-keeper183 days ago
Professor X in the rebooted Xmen movies is a fuckin rollercoaster
In First Class, taking place in 1962, he鈥檚 soft uwu boy like no we can鈥檛 kill people 馃ズ馃憠馃徏馃憟馃徏 Erik you鈥檙e not alone 鉁煉 We need to adopt all of these children and teach them how to use their powers while becoming a family on the process
Then in Days of Future Past in 1973, he is at his MOST FERAL. He is doped out of his goddamn mind for at least 80% of the film and I appeeciate it so much. That is the ONLY WAY Wolverine was able to convince him to break out his ex from the fuckin Pentagon bc if he were sober and thinking logically there鈥檚 absolutely no goddamn way he would go for it. He only ahreed bc he thought, oh i get to see Erik again? And I鈥檒l get to PUNCH HIS STUPID FUCKIN FACE.
Charles in Apocalypse in 1983 is closest to First Class, I think. He didnt revert completely, but we can def see he has become comfortable being a professor again and being responsible for all his kids. He is peak dad in this and i was so here for it. Then he sees Erik again and he鈥檚 like. Oh he needs a hug
I havent seen Dark Phoenix yet but holy shit i鈥檓 just saying his characterization gave me WHIPLASH
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xxspqcebunsxx3 days ago
when you鈥檙e bored and procrastinating on your spanish project so you make your bitmoji wear peter鈥檚 outfit from apocalypse
Tumblr media
it鈥檚 not perfect ik
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black-widow1344 days ago
Peter maximoff wears band shirts like Rush and Pink Floyd, but I鈥檓 more than certain that Wanda Maximoff has a Joy Division shirt somewhere
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deepend-swimmer4 days ago
the greatest thing about xmen apocalypse are the hairstyles
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bxckbexk4 days ago
Quicksilver Express | p.m
pairing: Peter Maximoff x F!Reader
summary: Early mornings and golden suns. Family and friends. Love and jokes.
a/n: I was supposed to be doing my presentation for a class cause it's due this week, but I ended saying I'll do it tomorrow and wrote this instead.
words: 1.13k
warnings: one little swear
Tumblr media
It was later than usual when the golden rays of the sunrise decided peeked through your blinds. Yet, it looked beautiful as ever, lighting up your room as if it were gold.
Each block of light shone on your bed like strips, whilst the last landed perfectly of your eyes. They both opened in sync, trying to adjust to the honeycomb light.
Checking the clock beside you, you read it was late in the morning; You hadn't noticed you were asleep for a while that you had only woken up at that moment.
As you were about to stand from your bed, there was a soft knock at your door. Even as you were slightly annoyed that someone was disturbing you, they acknowledged it was early.
You rubbed your eyes before standing up fully and walking towards the door.
As you opened it, you were surprised to see your speedster of a boyfriend stood at the other side.
"Good morning, Pete," you grinned. You greeted him with a wave that even you couldn't see.
"Morning," he returned. You could hear the sound of students in the corridors as Peter looked behind you into your room. You sensed he was dumbstruck, so you grabbed his opposite hand and held it.
"Would you like to visit my mother?" He asked, almost stuttering on each word.
The question hit you like a bus. You couldn't remember the last time Peter visited his family, but he wanted to bring you along this time.
"Sure," you commented, chewing on the inside of your cheek. You had never met his family before, and you were sure he had never mentioned you before.
"Great," Peter grinned, his dimples deepening. "I'll be back." He sped away, the awkward shouting of a teacher telling him to walk to his room.
You laughed silently to yourself before stepping into your room.
Around an hour later, you had finished your routine for the morning. Dressed up in your clothes and your room tidier than before.
When you left your room, you didn't find as many people as before. Some of them were hanging outside, and you guessed the rest were in their dorms. You weren't able to reach the bottom of the stairs without Peter meeting you halfway. You smiled before looking up at him.
"You ready?" He asked, holding out his hand.
You knew what he was proposing, but you had another idea.
"We are not doing that again, Maximoff. Not when I have these," you replied, bringing out metal keys from your pocket and swinging them around your fingers.
"You stole the professor's car keys? That's so cool," he questioned.
"I didn't steal them, I asked." You answered.
"So, you're going to drive a car? It would be much safer and quicker if you took the Quicksilver express," Peter explained with hands.
"I don't think you can call the Quicksilver express safe." You stated, walking towards the said car.
"Can you even drive this?" He asked, squinting in the aureate sun.
"I can. Now, get in," you instructed, tapping the car before getting in.
As Peter told you the directions, you were silently getting anxious. He had also informed you that he had a younger sister, so the pressure started to build up. You didn't want to leave a negative impression, so you were trying to muster up some courage.
"Y/N? Babe? You alright?" Peter asked you, glancing at the road at the odd moment.
"I'm good. Why?" You asked, loosening your harsh grip on the steering.
"You looked like you wanted to shit yourself," he stated, chewing on his bottom lip.
You raised your eyebrows, turning your head to face him.
"Eyes on the road, sweets," he told you, pointing to your eyes. "I don't want you to crash."
"I will if you don't stop," you joked, looking back at the road.
In less than 2 minutes, you found yourself parking in front of Peter's home. Well, his previous home. As soon as you stepped out, it seemed like the sun caused you to drench in more sweat. It was an understatement saying you were scared. To add to that, you could hear Peter muttering something about getting here faster on the 'Quicksilver Express'. He wasn't giving up on the idea anytime soon.
He then walked towards the clear glass door before knocking on it. Behind him, you were contemplating if you could run away or not. A woman walked up to the door, opening it to fully see who was there.
"Peter, you're h-wow," she exclaimed, looking at you. "Come in."
Peter led you into the house before taking in air from the room.
"Peter, I got a new doormat, so try not to ruin it." His mother informed him. "Now, I don't want to dig into your personal life, but who's this," she smiled at you.
"I'm Y/N. Nice to meet you," you greeted, your voice trailing off at the end.
"Are you Peter's-" she asked.
"Yeah, she's my girlfriend." Peter cut in.
You slightly gaped your mouth, but he just winked at you.
"Great," his mother clapped, "take her into the living room. I'll be there."
Peter started to lead you into the room before she pulled you back.
"Please don't take her into the basement," his mother whispered, pleading with him. He gave her a nod before following you into the allocated room. Before you could sit down, you, fortunately, found a doll that was placed on the chair. The dangerous part was that it had a needle pricking through its threaded skin.
"I'm so sorry about that. It's Peter's sister," she told you, rubbing her head. You placed it in her hands before she walked away towards her daughter's room.
Carefully sitting next to your boyfriend, you tucked yourself into his arms.
"See, I told you she'd like you," he whispered, resting his chin on your head.
"You never said that, you cute liar," you laughed, holding his hand.
"Pretend I did," he persuaded you.
His mother walked back into the room, raking her fingers through her hair.
She sat in the opposing chair from you and Peter before starting the conversation.
"So, how did you guys meet?"
After a wave of questions here and there, you decided to call it a night and go back to the mansion. You and Peter had budded farewell to his mother before walking out into the sun-lit street. The yellows and oranges painted the dark blue sky.
"Would you like to take the Quicksilver express now?" He asked, holding out his hand once again.
"No, thank you. I have a car to drive," you told him.
You walked off towards the car with a groaning Peter behind you and with the golden sun in the distance.
Taglist: @ineffablebean @amnaaca @poppinisperfection
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ze-veemonator4 days ago
Kurt: i'm a nice person, but i'm about to start throwing rocks at people
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poppinisperfection5 days ago
Congrats on 100! Could I request peter maximoff x reader where the reader does the typical 9-5 along with being an x-man and they're super stressed so peter comforts them?
Thank you! 馃挐 I'll write this as a sort of hybrid headcannon, imagine, text kind of thing since I'm quite busy hehe.
(N/n): nickname, but if you would rather your actual name then just imagine it says (Y/n) hehe
Working 9-5 as an X-Man // Peter Maximoff x Reader:
Tumblr media
When you're on the job, you're completely fine. You thrive when you've got a task to complete.
But as soon as you come home - you're exhausted to the max.
You don't mean to, but you ignore everyone around you when you finish work. All you want is some fluffy socks and a nap.
Peter always means well, but his enthusiasm to hang out can become a lot when you're exhausted.
You flung off your shoes, slumped onto your bed, and let out a prolonged sigh, soaking up the moment of rest. Your thoughts drifted away as you felt your breath become calm. That was, until you heard a knock on your bedroom door.
"Come in." you groaned slightly, hoisting yourself up and turning to face the door. You had a feeling you knew who it was, and your suspicions were confirmed when a blur of silver appeared in front of you.
"Hey there (N/n)," Peter grinned and stood at the foot of your bed, "You should've told me you were home, I was thinking we could go see a movie, or check out that new Walmart that opened up in town-" he started to ramble, and unbeknownst to you, your smile began to fade at the thought of going out right now. He paused mid-sentence, noticing your lack-luster response.
"Oooorrrr..." Peter trailed off, trying to think of something else, "Maybe you could just get some sleep?" he suggested, causing you to give him a soft smile. He was always eager to spend time with you, but you loved it when he would know just what to say.
"I'm sorry Peter, we can check out the Walmart some other time." you stood up and gave him a peck on the cheek. The speedster held your hand and started fiddling with your fingers absentmindedly while he chatted.
"Nah, it's ok. You definitely need your rest for the mission tonight anyway." he added, causing your face to flush and your head to lighten.
"The mission..." you breathed out, suddenly remembering.
You're mostly able to mentally prepare yourself for missions, but sometimes your schedule is so busy that you forget they're even happening.
Peter was always a ball of energy, even when he was being lazy, he was being lazy energetically - so he had to learn how to respond when you were simply to tired for things.
"That sounds like you forgot..." he grimaced slightly, as he saw the stress contort your features. You gave him a slight nod, placing a hand over your face in annoyance. You sat down on the end of your bed heavily and sighed. He sat down beside you and just allowed you to think for a moment.
"Ok. I just have to get as much sleep as I can and then I'll get ready for the mission." you decided, grabbing a pillow and preparing yourself for the speediest nap of the century.
Peter would always try and make things go your way as much as mutantly (get it? humanly? mutantly?...) possible. This means telling lots of white lies and making excuses while you sit things out to rest.
Sometimes you object, since you're not always knocked out tired from work. But sometimes you do enjoy the opportunity to sit out a mission or two.
"You know what? No you're not." Peter protested, causing you to furrow your brows in confusion. "You're sick tonight." he stated casually.
"But I'm not 'sick'..." you tilted your head, unsure of what he was talking about.
"Yeah you are, I'm gonna tell the professor you are and you're gonna stay here and chill out - and that's that." he ordered, standing up and placing a blanket over your knees.
"But the mission, I can't just miss it - and Xavier will know if you're lying, it's kind of his thing." you argued back, despite your desire to just cuddle up and sleep for the evening.
"It's just some stupid 'protect political figure incase they're assassinated' mission, you won't miss much." Peter explained, "Plus I can bring you some raw chicken or something, give you food poisoning so you're sick for real." he added, half joking, but knowing Peter, he probably would be up for that.
He would always want to hear about how your day went as well, as soon as you were willing to talk about it. If you were too tired to chat, he'd just always say "don't forget to remember to tell me about all your work stuff." and then leave a snack beside your bed, before letting you rest.
"Oh, and don't forget to remember to tell all about your work stuff, (N/n)." Peter placed a cookie (that he stole from a student's home economics class) on your bedside table. You nodded from beneath the covers and gave him a sweet smile, before taking his hand in yours.
"You're a babe, Maximoff." you teased, half asleep.
"The babiest of them all." he quipped back, "Now go asleep." Peter added before zooming out of the room and switching the light off.
He truly is the babiest of them all, and he's your babe.
I hope you liked this! I'm sorry if it wasn't what you wanted, but I had fun writing it either way 馃挐馃挐
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stop calling jubilee short, she's literally taller than me and yall are hurting my feelings
Tumblr media
she's canonically 5'5 and i'm 5'4
this whole time i thought she was shorter than me but no im just microscopically small
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sadstonewrites7 days ago
Top 5 characters who secretly have a sweet tooth, and each's sweet of choice?
Ty so much for asking!! I鈥檓 going off of X-Men/Marvel characters that I don鈥檛 write a lot for, but that I think are super cool
1) Erik Lensherr/Magneto - He has a soft spot for baked goods, especially babka and hamantaschen. They remind him of his mother and his childhood celebrations of Passover and Purim, and make him think of happier times.聽
2) James/Logan Howlett/Wolverine - He loves those maple sugar candies. They鈥檙e simple and sweet, and have been around almost as long as he has. He hides them behind the beer in the fridge, and can absolutely smell it is anyone鈥檚 been snooping around looking for one.
3) Emma Frost/The White Queen - She has a sweet tooth, but it is a luxury sweet tooth. She鈥檚 The White Queen after all, and isn鈥檛 a queen entitled to luxury? Dark chocolate mousse topped with 24k gold flakes, sorbets made out of the rarest fruits and served in a baccarat goblet, crepes covered in edible diamonds. If it isn鈥檛 exorbitantly expensive or over the top, she won鈥檛 even entertain the motion of eating it.聽
4) En Sabah Nur/Apocalypse - He鈥檒l deny having a sweet tooth, he technically doesn鈥檛 even need to eat, but he absolutely has one.聽 He hates the modern processed sugar in candies and sweets, so he makes his own from recipes he remembers from his childhood (that he also totally looked up on Pinterest because he forgot). Tiger Nut Sweets, or Honey Cakes, or Date Loaves shaped like crocodiles - the ancient Egyptian symbol for good luck - are his favorites
5) Kyle Gibney/Wild Child - He鈥檚 not supposed to have sweets, as feral and hyperactive as he is, but...that doesn鈥檛 stop him from sneaking a piece of whatever sweet stuff has been hidden in the cabinets. He鈥檒l eat pretty much anything, but loves the little variety packs of tiny candy bars; he鈥檚 stealthy about it, never takes more than one piece at a time, and takes little measured bites to make it last as long as possible. 聽Will growl if you try to take it away from him.
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Peter Maximoff swearing in other languages
ok but Peter would definitely ask all his friends who come from other countries to teach him swear words
"Hey, Ororo, how do you say 'fuck' in arabic?"
She would most definitely teach him all the curse words, they're absolutely best bros and say egyptian swear words together.
He'd try to ask Kurt but my sweet catholic boy is too innocent and only knows schei脽e but he's too pure to even say that one out loud unless he's absolutely had enough.
"Blue boy?"
"Yes, Peter?"
"How do you say 'bitch' in german?"
"I have no clue, look it up."
Peter quickly learns to never ask Kurt for that again cause he's genuinely clueless and way too pure.
Charles being completely fed up with Peter's bullshit cause he thinks Charles doesn't know he's swearing except he forgot he's a fucking telepath
"Peter, you know I can read your mind, right?"
i accept this as completely canon and they only didn't show Peter and Ororo being bros who swear together cause they wanted to be PG-13
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